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Listful Living: List and Journal Your Way to Balance, Self-Discovery, and Self-Care

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What do Sir Richard Branson, Martha Stewart, Sheryl Sandberg, Ellen DeGeneres and Madonna have in common? Each is a list maker and history shows us that change creators make their to-do lists and check them often. A recent survey by the career website LinkedIn.com found that 63% of all professionals frequently create to-do lists. If you're part of the 37% and feel like you're chasing your own tail, author Paula Rizzo (ListProducer.com), a top national TV producer, delivers the solution. You can still find time to relax, read a good book, enjoy your hobby and do the things you love. Listful Living shares secrets, stress-busting self-care ideas, time-saving tips and the fine art of getting it done. Learn how to: -Save time -Be more organized -Become more productive -Save money -Reduce stress

208 pages, Paperback

First published September 15, 2019

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About the author

Paula Rizzo

7 books54 followers
Paula Rizzo is an Emmy-award winning television producer, best-selling author and a media trainer and LinkedIn Learning Instructor. She coaches authors, experts and executives to perform better on camera and produce their own videos.

She's the founder of ListProducer.com and author of Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed, as well as Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Less Stressed You.

Paula is a contributor to MindBodyGreen.com, Entrepreneur.com and Thrive Global. She’s a frequent speaker and media contributor - see more at PaulaRizzo.com

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Profile Image for Laura.
3 reviews4 followers
August 12, 2019
I've always considered myself an organized, productive person and lists have been a part of my daily life for years. But now thanks to the latest book from the how-to-be-productive guru Paula Rizzo (ListProducer.com), I'm taking my get-things-done capabilities to an entirely new level!

Listful Living is not just a book to help you cross things off your to-do list. It's an actual workbook to help you be less stressed and find solutions to simply your life so you can do the things you really want - you know, the big picture "stuff" you've put on the back burner for far too long.

As a healthy lifestyle blogger, I constantly write about ways to feel our best despite all the demands of everyday life. That goes beyond following a healthy diet and getting the right amount of exercise and sleep. It's also important to find tools to help with self-discovery and identify where we want to go next in life. That's where Listful Living comes in. If you're looking to get more organized or be a better planner, I highly recommend you pre-order your copy on Amazon now. The book will be out at the start of the new academic year. Talk about the perfect time for students of all ages in this school of life to learn new ways to be our most productive selves.

Profile Image for Darcie Rowan.
19 reviews2 followers
August 12, 2019
Many people know that my job requires a lot of juggling of people, dates & actions with a ton of daily and weekly deadlines. I use list-making techniques to keep myself & my staff on target. In addition, I use lists for many other parts of my life, such as planning vacations, keeping a list of restaurants I want to try or the calendar of events for my family.

I knew Fox NewsHealth producer, Paula Rizzo Berman from a women’s networking group in NYC but it was her Lists & Libations Meet-Up group where I learned ways to become more organized through list apps and better list processes. Paula is super connected to the process of making life easier through list making — her tips have kept me organized and much happier. Plus, I met other list-making individuals at her meetups and workshops.

Paula’s first book "Listful Thinking" explained the need for lists and ways to ramp productivity and organization. I bought several books for friends.

Her much awaited second book, "Listful Living" focuses on relieving stress in many aspects of our lives with a journal list-making workbook. I was thrilled to read an advanced copy. This new book reminds me of all our discussions in the original meetup group but this time it gives me an opportunity to write and organize lists that are important to me. It’s pretty cool.

Since I love indie bookstores, I’m going to recommend that you go to your local bookstore and pre-order a copy of Listful Living. I intend to purchase several copies for friends, family and clients. #listfulliving
Profile Image for Jessica.
Author 1 book13 followers
August 12, 2019
I love lists. In fact, sometimes I have more than one list going at a time. I have lists of things to do, things I did, people I've interviewed, books I've read... You get the idea. Maybe that's why Paula Rizzo and I clicked so well when we worked together at FOX News. We both love lists, but she took her love of lists and made it into an internationally known brand (see: ListProducer.com)!

Paula's latest book, Listful Living takes lists to a whole new level. The reader not only gets tips on how to make the most of lists and how they'll get you to where you want to be, but let's you journal your thoughts, which will lead to more productive lists and getting things done. Who doesn't want to be more productive?

If you are a planner, or just want to become more organized, I strongly suggest you head on over to Amazon and pre-order your copy of Listful Living (out in ONE MONTH)! This is a book for stay at home moms, professionals, retirees and even a high school student! You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to become a better you.
Profile Image for Brian Harrington.
2 reviews11 followers
August 9, 2019
I'm a list guy, I live in the notepad on my phone. Paula's framework of being organized helps me a ton by helping me stay focused on the simple important things.
Profile Image for Melissa Smith.
Author 1 book
August 19, 2019
A journaling book of Listful Living written by a journalist...what a "novel" idea! This book is different it's BETTER than the rest. "Rest Is The New Hustle"... truer words have never been spoken! As someone with an assistant background and still very much involved in the field of administrative assistants I am highly skeptical of journaling books, anything with to-do lists, and those who teach on the topic of productivity. It's like preaching to the choir. I find most of the tips short-term hacks, nothing that gives me any more time in the day to devote to what matters, and certainly nothing that concentrates on lists as the key to destressing. I thought I would like this book. I didn't know I would love it!
Profile Image for Garette Johnson.
Author 1 book4 followers
September 11, 2019
Paula Rizzo's first book "Listful Thinking" was timely five years ago when it helped me optimize my million-a-second ideas into lists to get things done. Five years later she takes the approach of lifestyle to list-making. Yeah, I get you, girl! The hustle that got you here won't get you there. Her lifestyle approach is phase two of the productivity hustle and Paula just wrote the book on it.

I highly recommend you grab a Pre-order if you're reading this before Sept. 15, 2019. Otherwise, support your LOCAL bookstore and ask them to order it for you. It's also available on Audible, read by the author, which is always awesome.
Profile Image for Linda DeCarlo.
1 review8 followers
August 16, 2019

I first learned list-making from my mother, then graduated to my Collegiate Day Book and in the mid-1970's ( yes, really!) I took my very first list-making workshop. Needless to say, I was hooked and my studying, training and coaching over the years has always included some form of productivity. After all, list-making, like exercise and brushing our teeth, is not something we can do once and for all. Which is why I love Productivity Queen Paula Rizzo's book Listful Living. The journal format ensures that the lists we make come from self -awareness. We first learn more about who we are, what we want and why we want what we want. Our lists will then help us not just get things done, but get the right things done for the right reasons, that is, in alignment with what is most meaningful to us. In today's fast forward world, taking the time to step back a bit is invaluable to allow us to then step forward with clarity, focus, purpose and joy. Highly recommended.
Profile Image for Bronwyn Leroux.
Author 14 books33 followers
August 20, 2019
Love that you are encouraged to write in this book - and you should! As you do, you (1) become mindful of where you're at (2) become aware of stressors and (3) find ways to deal with those things that you make you a crazy person:-) The journaling part of this book is genius and really customizes the book to YOU and where you're at and what your needs are. A perfect journey to becoming a "less stressed you!"
Profile Image for Erica (The Literary Apothecary).
277 reviews6 followers
August 2, 2019

List makers are indeed change creators!

In her newest book, Paula delivers a workable solution unlike any I've seen.

In the vein of Laura Vanderkam's 168 hours, Paula empowers you, in her genuinely conversational tone, with tools and tips to help reach your goals and do the very things you love in the 8,736 hours we are all given.

Armed with her secret weapon (um...you know...to do lists!), she takes on a journey featuring 3 distinct phases and teaches you the sacred art of getting things done.

This is an excellent book for readers who love not only lists, but also working those lists in order to reach their goals.

If you have read 168 hours by Laura Vanderkam, along with her other books, adding Listful Living to your productivity and mindset mastery arsenal will indeed set you apart.

Further, if you have read Listful Thinking, this book is a must have companion.

Profile Image for Brian Harrington.
2 reviews11 followers
August 9, 2019
I'm a list guy, I live in the notepad on my phone. Paula's framework of being organized helps me a ton by helping me stay focused on the simple important things.
1 review
August 16, 2019
Listful Living is a treat for those that value and appreciate having an organized life. As a self-professed list maker, I was intrigued with Paula Rizzo’s depth of expertise laid out in this workbook and yes this is one of those books, where you’re going to have to get multiple copies for everyone on your list (no pun intended) there’s really no sharing as you would want to personalize as you write in it. Yes, you do have permission to write in it.

As a career strategist that works with busy professional women on finding work life integration, I’m constantly on the lookout for new systems that can help in keeping my clients organized, so getting an advanced copy of this book has been of great value as I’m able to confidently recommend this to my clients.

If you are a planner, or just want to become more organized, I strongly suggest you head on over to Amazon and pre-order your copy of Listful Living (out SEPTEMBER 15th) or ask for it at your local bookstore! This is a book for stay at home moms, busy professionals, retirees, high school and college student! You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to become a better you.
Profile Image for Kent Sisco.
1 review
September 10, 2019
It's one thing to have a knowledge of how to make lists. It's another to purposefully live by them. Paula's book, "Listful Living," helps you internalize list making for living—living your life the way you imagine yourself living it. It's a wonderful workbook! Each section of the workbook takes you through the steps that encourage you to develop a resolute lifestyle of your own making.

List making may not be your thing. You may be wondering just how creating lists for life as prescribed in "Listful Living" could possibly make a difference. Well, I wouldn't call myself a list maker either, but this was fun! I thoughtfully went through each page of the workbook writing down my entries in a separate digital app as I went. Some entries I added were very short and others received much more detail. The key to getting into it and then venturing out in living it might be to simply determine to enjoy the process at the outset. Have fun!
Profile Image for Victoria Klein.
Author 6 books14 followers
August 9, 2019
If you're like me, you adore lists ... or maybe you don't. Maybe you've heard all about how keeping different lists can be helpful, but you're not quite sure how it works.

Well, this is the book for you! More like a book/workbook hybrid, Paula does a great job of including exercises that are fun, insightful, and by the end of the book, can help you structure your days, weeks, and months to focus on what really matters to you (instead of all the clutter).

I'm already a list nerd, but working through this book gave me extra help with choosing what is most important for my days, along with realizing that I'd let some extra (definitely not vital) tasks creep in and waste my time.

This is the kind of book that would be helpful to complete at least once a year to make sure that your calendar matches your true priorities in life (because it's so easy to let all the busywork slip in!).
2 reviews
August 13, 2019
This book is about so much more than lists and productivity: It takes deep introspective work and translates it from something esoteric into something very actionable and super fun! This workbook is for anyone who is ready to do an inventory on what's working and not working in their life, and is ready to create a life that is idiosyncratic and perfectly tailored to their own desires. It's the perfect balance of dreamy right brained and hyper organized left brain. It's basically Marie Kondo for your soul.
3 reviews
September 15, 2019
Ok, I admit it - I’m so into lists and charts to keep on track, analyze, make decisions and reach goals, this book is a natural for me. But I’ve never really been a journal person. Until this book came along, that is! “Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Leas-Stressed You” is just the ticket!

Author Paula Rizzo makes it easy and fun to figure out how to assess your style (how and when you work well, what creates stress in your life, how and with whom you want to spend your time). Then she guides you through identifying your most important goals and priorities. With her easy approach, humor and encouragement, she helps you create strategies, structure and tools to make those big goals and dreams reachable.

Don’t waste another minute! Order this book ASAP and get on the road to achieving what’s important to you in your life, health, relationships and work. And while you’re at it, pick out some nice pens and markers to use as you journal your way to less stress and more fulfillment! You’ll enjoy the process and the results!
Profile Image for Garette Johnson.
Author 1 book4 followers
August 13, 2019
Listful Living: List and Journal Your Way to Balance, Self-Discovery, and Self-Care

Paula Rizzo's first book "Listful Thinking" was timely five years ago when it helped me optimize my million-a-second ideas into lists to get things done. Five years later she takes the approach of lifestyle to list-making. Yeah, I get you, girl! The hustle that got you here won't get you there. Her lifestyle approach is phase two of the productivity hustle and Paula just wrote the book on it.

I highly recommend you grab a Pre-order if you're reading this before Sept. 15, 2019. Otherwise, support your LOCAL bookstore and ask them to order it for you. It's also available on Audible, read by the author, which is always awesome. Paula RizzoPaula RizzoPaula Rizzo
Profile Image for Suzanne Kingsbury.
4 reviews27 followers
August 6, 2019
So much about time management feels complicated and ineffectual. But really success boils down to how we organize the bits and pieces of our lives. Once that is mastered? We can do anything. Enter Paula Rizzo. Who knew that someone could teach me (slightly challenged in the exec functioning dept and a total Do-er) the genius behind lists. Less stressed? Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, thank you Paula for teaching us the genius of this lost art.
Profile Image for Paula Conway.
Author 6 books2 followers
September 18, 2019
I'm an organizational failure. When I was introduced to Paula Rizzo's first book, Listful Thinking, in 2015 I was at first skeptical. My life, however, was transformed once I adopted some of Paula's very simple list-making rules. Her instruction is simple, practical, and straight-forward. I use her template every day, it never fails me. When I heard she was coming out with Listful Living I was admittedly, again, skeptical. Now she's going to organize my life? Good luck with that! But alas, I am pouring through the pages and realizing how each segment of my living impacts my overall anxiety. Paula asks you to take a more granular view on seemingly simple things that impact your daily success, from the lighting in the room to the textures you enjoy most. It’s both mindful teaching (who you spend time with, what colors, sounds, textures and lighting make you happy) and journal exercises that help you make the right edits. Lisftul Living is about making the right choices to alleviate the stress and anxiety from the cluttered optics. Once you become aware, on and off the grid, you will master the art of living listfully.
190 reviews
March 15, 2021
This book is a quick read. I love lists and had high hopes for this book but I was already familiar with a lot of the content that Paula covers. Paula promotes introspection as to our priorities and recommends that we align our time with those priorities. Tools and techniques such as as determining your productivity style, calendar blocking, essentialism and the pomodoro technique, are briefly outlined.

One thing that was new to me is the idea that when we're tired we can be more creative. Paula quotes Suzanne Kingsbury's research on this in the book. A related Fast Company article explains this concept in greater detail (https://www.fastcompany.com/3018084/w...).

I did like the inclusion of App recommendations in the Listful Living book, such as Tripscout.

This book is a workbook and calls you to take action with specific prompts, but it didn't really inspire or motivate me. Paula does provide a resource hub (https://listproducer.com/listful-livi...) on her website which features alot of the content from the book, so I may well revert back to that when I feel like upping my list game in the future.
1 review2 followers
September 7, 2019
I am - and have always been - a "To-Do List Maker." If there was an actual title available, I'd like to think that I'd be named as a, "VP of Lists," the one who typically prides herself on plowing through a list each day/week/month (both at work and at home) and then collapsing onto the couch at night, exhausted. What made me stop and think the most when I read #ListfulLiving is how @ListProducer, Paula Rizzo, re-focused each of her easy-to-follow productivity tips on how I FELT along the way.
Did what I just wrote down inside of my new book (such a Rebel, I am!) make me happy? Even more drained and frustrated? For the first time, I was focusing my list making on more than just getting things done and instead put an emphasis on what the task really meant to me in the grand scheme of things. Paula's calm, realistic, true-to-herself demeanor as a Writer shone through in this new book and really helped to guide me as a Reader through a different - and more productive - way of thinking.
Profile Image for Terri Trespicio.
11 reviews13 followers
September 11, 2019
There are lots of people out who lay claim to the title of "productivity expert." But when it comes to really gaining control of your life and where it's going, what you need is a specialist.

That's Paula. She has elevated listmaking to an art and a discipline. And a science!

Paula teaches us that lists aren't just a tool for getting organized and they're not just about tasks; they are a way of life. And by that I mean, a way of thinking about the things you do and why you do them.

If your life, like your body, is the manifestation of choices you make, then the list is the spine. And Paula is like a list chiropractor; she will help you align all the pieces so that you can move more purposefully and easily toward the things you want most.

With her trademark sharpness, quickness, and wit, Paula has given us a simple, beautiful, accessible guide for plotting out the next big steps of your life. And she walks fast, so try to keep up!
1 review1 follower
August 26, 2019
As a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, I highly recommend this journal as a must have companion guide to the wellness journey. It’s a fantastic consciousness raising tool that helps the reader identify what’s working and what’s not working in the current state, re-imagine the ideal state and then create a step by step roadmap to shoot the gap. Rizzo challenges readers to prioritize rest, supportive relationships and activities that help us be both present in the current moment and closer to the ideal version of ourselves. Staying true to her style, Rizzo sprinkles in refreshing advice from other experts and shares tools, apps and technology to save time.
Profile Image for Kate Hanley.
Author 9 books47 followers
November 1, 2019
Paula really got me to see some stuff I was doing--or not doing--with fresh eyes so I can make better decisions about how I spend my time. It never occurred to me, for example, to time how long it takes me to do the things I do every day so I would know for sure how long to budget for them. And I always wondered why I was bad at estimating how long something would take, ha. Also Paula's voice makes planning, prioritizing and goal-setting (all things I admit I'm a bit allergic to) fun and interesting, and not all like eating lima beans (which is how I tend to think of it).
2 reviews
October 7, 2019
I had interviewed Paula when she wrote her first book "Listful Thinking" and ways to organize the 'doing doing doing.' "Listful Living" Paula's follow up book is a manual on how to engage in 'less doing' This is a workbook that engages you to participate in the creation of your ideal life, and how to put you and your Big Hairy Audacious Goal first. We hope to build a women's retreat in Italy out of the principles taught in this book with my women's movement.
Profile Image for Nicki Kendall.
617 reviews8 followers
January 10, 2021
⭐⭐⭐A helpful book with practical and useful tips on how to make effective lists to help you achieve better productivity, be more organised, meet deadlines, stop forgetting things that need doing and be happier with yourself. #listfulliving #paularizzo #tea_sipping_bookworm #amazonkindle #goodreads #litsy #bookqueen #bookstagram
Profile Image for Claire.
154 reviews13 followers
March 10, 2021
Rizzo is my kindred spirit. I loved her book "Listful Thinking", and this quick audible read was another gem. She guides readers to identify their best method of productivity through different lists and exercises. I love how she incorporates essentialism and mindfulness. As an added bonus, she dropped several of my favorite quotes and applied them to her points.
Profile Image for Tina.
954 reviews48 followers
March 18, 2021
Heard myself chuckle a few times listening to this book!
Lists and mind maps are wonderful tools. Not sure they always make me more efficient, though that would depend on how I’m using them. Will be interesting trying out these exercises and seeing where they take me.
Profile Image for Annie.
791 reviews846 followers
May 9, 2021
There isn't anything insightful in this book. For people who enjoy making lists, there might be a few new tips or the stories might inspire you to identify a few priorities for the day or block out time when you expect to be most productive or creative.
Profile Image for Jude.
368 reviews6 followers
March 20, 2022
A quick, easy read about prioritizing yourself and your goals. I like this book because it stresses the importance of focusing on you first. If you don't focus on you and your well-being, it's harder to add value to others in a meaningful way.
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