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Oz in Space #1

Lost Horizon

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A magical planet torn apart by war. A defiant space pilot cadet determined to save the ones she loves. The adventure of a lifetime.

Oz like you have never seen before.

Space Academy prodigy Dorothy Hanson doesn’t have time for love nonsense. She has one goal, complete the mission her parents started before their untimely death.

When a cosmic disturbance hits the Kansas Space Station, Dorothy seizes that opportunity to go on her first space voyage. She didn’t expect to be sucked into a vortex nor land on a strange planet ravaged by war.

Stranded, she must embark on a perilous mission to the Land of Oz, the only nation that possesses the technology to send her home. Three strangers join Dorothy in her quest, all carrying reasons of their own for reaching Emerald City. A man without memories marked with a strange symbol on his face. A cyborg with a chip on his shoulder and a mysterious past. And a scarred hellioncat plagued by nightmares in the dark.

Dorothy doesn’t know if she can trust them, but as their journey progresses, their bond becomes stronger and Dorothy’s feelings evolve from suspicion to caring too much. Torn between contradicting emotions, she must find the strength to fight the evil forces that stack up against them along the way. Surviving the trip on the yellow road is priority number one, but can she survive losing her heart?

Disclaimer: Lost Horizon is space fantasy slow burn reverse harem romance. It's not a standalone novel.

309 pages, Paperback

First published June 14, 2019

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Michelle Hercules

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Profile Image for Michelle Hercules.
Author 57 books1,155 followers
June 2, 2019
I can't wait to share Lost Horizon with you. So, what can you expect from this new take on Oz, you ask?

Space travel, obviously.





Fierce heroine.


Heroes needing some rescuing.


Cute mascot.


Can't forget the evil witch.


You can read the first chapter now: http://ozinspace.com/lost-horizon-cha...
Profile Image for Ola Adamska.
2,664 reviews19 followers
December 7, 2019
OZ... OZ in Space! Like Wizard of Oz, but in SPACE - you read it right! It will be epic. I'm not a fan of original Oz tale, but who says I can't love the retelling?
The plot will suck you in as Dorothy is complety different from the original one - a strong-willed girl, that's going the way she thinks is right. And she's NOT perfect, which made me love her even more, and that means something I vouch for it!
This story is a slow burn YA reverse harem, so don't expect any moments, thou I was like I need MORE while reading as I generally read a lot steamier books - but I also LOVE good YA as variety is always on my plate!
As it's RH there are guys, but who are they? As the story is going you will be growing for each of guys at a different pace, for something different. I have my hopes, but as an slow burn, we will have to wait, but it will be well prepared!
This book has lots of twists that I hadn't expected at all, and they left me gasping from the shock! Especially the last one - I need next book RIGHT NOW!
Profile Image for Irma *Irma The Book Whisperer*.
1,455 reviews113 followers
July 25, 2019
“Dorothy’s wrists are still bound. Do you have anything that can cut through the bindings?” the sorcerer pipes in.
“Right.” The cyborg approaches, stopping only one step away from invading my personal space.
Involuntarily, tension spreads through my body, and I clutch Toto tighter.
“Relax,” he continues. “I’m not going to hurt you.”
“Are you implying I’m afraid of you?”

I had so much fun reading Lost Horizon! It has it all: space travel, adventure, fierce heroine, unique heroes running alongside Dorothy, cute little dog and evil witch(es).

It's an uniqe re-telling of a Wizard of Oz, but in space. Captivating! I can not wait to see how the story continues.
Profile Image for Tara West.
Author 67 books1,018 followers
July 14, 2019
First-rate editing, fast-paced and fun. This is a slow burn RH, but the story-line is so unique and fun, that I'm not missing the steam. Love, love, love the characters. Impossible to pick a favorite, but possibly Reo, because I love a bad boy with a dark past. Such a creative take on Oz set in space. I highly recommend. Half-way through the second book and just know I'll be anxiously awaiting the third.
May 30, 2019
This story isn’t anything like what you may be thinking but it’s everything you’re missing unless you read it! Dorothy is on a mission to save not only her life but that of someone dear to her heart! Unbeknownst to her fate has other plans and she finds herself on a mission to only save lives but possibly a whole planet! With new friends by her side Dorothy has to navigate being young as well as adapting in this new world! Add to the mix unknown feelings and Dorothy is in for the adventure of a lifetime!

A definite must read for anyone who loves an epic fantasy! I love how Soars took this amazing world we all love and spiced it up into something new!
Profile Image for Caitlin Farley.
Author 2 books17 followers
September 16, 2019
A sci-fi Wizard of Oz retelling that twists the original tale in all the right ways.

Instead of a tornado, Dorothy is sucked into a white hole while pursuing Mirus, a mystical being that feeds on the remains of stars. It’s believed that the substance Mirus is composed of contains healing properties, and this may be the only chance to save Dorothy’s cousin, Adrian, from deteriorating further due to the genetic condition he and Dorothy share.

I never would’ve thought Oz in space was something I needed in my life until I encountered this book. Hercules has done an amazing job of reimagining Oz as a war-torn planet and Kansas as a space station but it’s the depth she brings to these characters that make this novel stand out.

We’re all familiar with the cowardly lion, the brainless scarecrow, and the heartless tin man. Hercules retains the defining characteristics of these characters in Reo, Darius, and Kevvan, but adds a level of depth that makes them come to life in a way that puts the movie originals (I’ve only seen the movie) to shame. Instead of relying on characterisation based on physical features, such as Reo being a cyborg and Kevvan a hellioncat, Hercules has built a convincing psychological element into the characters to elucidate their cowardice, heartlessness, etc. Toto also happens to be adorable as a robot dog.

I adore a reverse harem romance and the development of emotional and physical attraction between Dorothy and her boys is so good, like, guilty pleasure fan fiction level good.

I really would’ve liked to find out more about Dorothy’s medical condition but not knowing didn’t detract at all from my enjoyment of this book. Although the end provides a satisfying conclusion to the main plot it does leave off with a tantalising cliff-hanger that’ll make it tough to wait for the next Oz in Space book.

Book received through Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review
Profile Image for Summer.
324 reviews7 followers
December 15, 2019
I watched a TV show remake of the Wizard of Oz a couple years ago and loved it but not as much as this book! There are dozens of remakes of Pride and Prejudice and Alice in Wonderland but I rarely read them. I randomly saw this and was Wizard of Oz, check. Then, space, check. THEN, slow burn reverse harem... SOLD.
Profile Image for Karli Coventry.
62 reviews1 follower
August 20, 2019
Okay so this book is The Wizard of Oz in SPACE! I mean, need I say more?

This book was UNBELIEVABLE!!! Seriously! I LOVED it!!! There was action, drama, adventure, angst, romance, and of course a few moments where I was scared to death of what was going to happen next! I've never really read any sci-fi books nor have I really thought about reading them, but this book caught my eye and I knew I had to read it!

Every time they introduced a well known character in the Wizard of Oz universe, I was practically squealing with excitement!

Dorothy, a misunderstood girl who has a time limit on her life and is one pretty awesome fighter! I felt like I was in her shoes as she faced down her enemies both at home on the space station and on OZ. This girl is sassy, sarcastic, and hilarious! I hope we get to finally find out what caused her disease in the next book! Plus, Toto, a robotic dog was the perfect choice for this book!

Darius (aka Scarecrow) is absolutely precious! He's so sweet and caring it makes me smile every time he's around. An alchemist who has memory issues sounds like a pretty interesting twist. I really want to see what happens next for him!

Reo (aka Tin Man and MY FAVORITE), I can't get enough of his sarcastic and heartless attitude. I should hate him for all the bad stuff he's done, but I always find myself laughing and smiling whenever he gets into sassing battles with the characters, especially Dorothy. Plus, that sexual tension really makes him even more lovable. My heart breaks whenever his past is mentioned. That guy has really been through the ringer!

And then there's Kevvan, (aka the lion). Can somebody please just hug that poor guy?! I was nearly crying whenever they explored his backstory of slavery! He's been through enough!!! Leave the poor Hellion cat alone!!! I love watching him interact with the characters, but I really wanted more interactions with Dorothy. Maybe we'll see more of them conversing and getting to know one another in book two.

Overall, the entire universe of this story was astounding! Munchkin criminal lords in gambling rings, space gladiator fights, creepy cyborgs who have lost all humanity, star ship flying, and of course OZ in all of it emerald green goodness! I LOVED THIS BOOK! I actually finished this book so fast that I surprised myself (like staying up till 2 am to read more and then being tired at work the next day fast haha). Also, as soon as I finished this book, I went ahead and bought book two. Well, there goes the next few days of my life. ;)
191 reviews1 follower
June 10, 2019
Interesting futuristic story of the Wizard of Oz. Lots of twist and surprises especially at the end can't wait to read the next book in the series. The characters are well developed and I am glad you get to see their point of view as they work together and their stories of the past.
Profile Image for Nerdy Housewifey.
433 reviews2 followers
June 19, 2019
Great start!

I really really loved this! A space wizard of oz? Yes please! This was very well written and I loved the world and all the characters. They are all so different and have such detailed backgrounds. Dorothy is a pretty amazing fmc too. Honesty cannot wait for book 2!
Profile Image for Rhiannon Chillingworth.
696 reviews149 followers
July 19, 2019
DNF at 56%.

The premise and the cover drew me in, but it just isn't holding my interest. The relationship development seema to be nonextistant at this point, yet they all really like Dorothy, but I couldn't tell you why.
Profile Image for OneDayI'll.
1,087 reviews22 followers
February 22, 2020
Somewhere over the rainbow

Dorothy is terminally ill. As is her small cousin. So, when whispers of matter from a strange star eater that may have healing properties starts up, she has a new focus. As an excellent pilot she should be allowed a flyer. Only, she isn't. But defying orders to save her cousin isn't going to stop her. When she gets close, though, she's pulled through somewhere else. The people are human...and yet not. And no one else knows how to get off the planet.

Spoilers ahead.
I read through this twice and still barely remember much of it. She crashes, but shoots the witch instead of landing on her. Not sure what's up with the crystals, or why she can purify them.
*How did people get there but have no ships? How long ago was it? Did they cannibalize them for parts elsewhere?
*Was it magic or medical that created these species?
*Hell-Ion seems like it's named that way for a reason, but it's never explained.
*What were cyborgs created for?
*How did they discover magic?
*Why haven't the "good guys" stopped the slavery for the mines? If for no other reason than to keep crystals from the "bad guys"?
*Why does only the Emerald City have a protective dome?
As a rewrite it's ok. It didn't suck me in and the romance seems rather forced. I also don't like that she's kissed one, is infatuated with another, friend zoned another and has some weird kind of electrical zap with yet another. And hasn't said boo to anyone about anything. No idea what this mystery disease is that's killing her, and I know she wants to feel normal, but should consider they're in a war zone. Maybe she should tell someone? You know, in case she drops suddenly? Also, new planet, so why isn't she asking if their doctors know anything about it? Sure, she mentioned all known medical staff is clueless where she is, but this world is a lot different. And she's not utilizing her resources. But, mostly, I don't like her secretiveness. RH only works with open communication, something not being practiced here. Everyone is being sneaky and secretive.
119 reviews1 follower
June 1, 2019
This was one of those books that once you started reading, you could not stop. It is action packed and also a fun read. At the beginning, Dorothy seems like a spoiled, rich, smart girl who thinks that everything should always go just the way she expects it to. As things don't, she matures fast. Dorothy is a fighter. She has attended a space academy with the idea that since she graduated at the top of the class, she will enter the space force. No one believes her when she sees the Mirus's signature. She decides to follow it on her own and ends up in Oz. She believes that the Mirus is the secrete to saving her young cousin's life. Each character is unique and the author does a great job on their development. I look forward to the next book.
Profile Image for Michelle Reopel.
100 reviews2 followers
June 18, 2019
I saw an ad for this on Facebook and at a glance I thought, a cyborg...wouldn't that make a cool tin man? Then I read the blurb and realized that it really was an Oz based story! This was my first Michelle Hercules book, but I had high hopes. I was delighted when she exceeded my expectations! The plot is similar to original story elements, but different enough that it truly is its own tale. And the characters are fantastic! Far better developed than the original story, Michelle Hercules' characters are imperfect, lie, keep secrets, have medical conditions, and more. These are not archetypes - these are people! I feel deeply vested in knowing what happens next. I look forward to the next book!
Profile Image for Jenn Lockwood Editing.
161 reviews6 followers
May 22, 2019
Lost Horizon (Oz in Space, Book #1) is incredible! It’s a retelling of Wizard of Oz but in space (obviously) and with MUCH better characters and an amazing storyline!! I loved it!

I’m not a huge sci-fi reader, but I was completely hooked on this book! The characters are so vivid and refreshingly engaging. Each one has a really intriguing back-story that draws you right in. And the futuristic world Michelle Hercules has created is so fascinating and impressive. Her writing is superb!

And the twists! This story is FULL of surprises! You will not be able to read and turn those pages fast enough!

I can’t wait for Book 2!!!
682 reviews10 followers
June 14, 2019
A great story retold of Oz with Dorothy. This is one if the fairytales that I watched alot of because my family really loves it. A great retelling of it the Author did a great job at bringing the Characters out and the scenery around. If your a lover of fairytales this is a must read.
Shauna Joesten
Profile Image for Linda.
346 reviews
May 25, 2019
A fast paced, fun read with lots of drama and great characters.
The Wizard Of Oz in space with a smart, strong willed and rebellious Dorothy trying to save Adrian.
She still has her group of four with her but with a twist on ever one of them.
Profile Image for Lacey.
187 reviews
June 15, 2019
This book is a new twist on the wizard of Oz. It was slow for me at first and took me a little bit to get into the book. But I honestly fell in love with it and the characters. The author’s interpretation of each of the classic characters was quite interesting. I really can’t wait to see what happens next for them!
Profile Image for Izzybear.
754 reviews
June 15, 2019
Lost Horizon is a great retailing of this classic story. I loved Mrs. Hercules creativity and vivid detail. Her writing style really brings the story to life.
I like Dorothy. She has a good heart and strong mind. The fact that her days are numbered doesn’t hold her back.
I can’t wait to continue her journey with her in the next book.
Profile Image for Becky.
128 reviews
August 4, 2019
Fun popcorn book! Easy read, and neat to read a scifi take on Wizard of Oz.
Profile Image for Nia Dragin.
Author 6 books50 followers
December 11, 2019
Originally published on Cyn's Workshop

Lost Horizon takes readers far away from Kansas and into space as it decides to retell the classic Wizard of Oz. In this iteration Dorothy is a space cadet who is living on borrowed time and then she goes after and this star eater that could hold the cure to her disease when she sucked into a wormhole with her robotic dog Toto. This is where she crash-lands on a planet where science fiction meets fantasy. As far as opening go, it does take some time to build up, focusing on some brief backstory and world-building to orient the reader in the world as well as building a strong base for Dorothy’s characterization.

Michelle Hercules brings the characters to life in terrific ways. Dorothy is a strong-willed character, she is fierce, but she needs some help as well. She is not perfect, she is flawed, and that serves to make her more relatable. As for the other characters, they are also flawed, but that is what has always been true for this band of misfits, someone needed a brain, a heart, and courage. The way Hercules adapts the original story to make it her own and brings the characters to life is both ingenious and unique. It makes the story so worthwhile and gives it this breath of life that makes it unique. The readers can connect to the characters and their vibrant personalities. They all balance each other out perfectly and considering this story is a reverse harem romance as well, the dynamics work out in a way to make the romances fit in the story without feeling forced and out of place.

The story has the perfect balance of science fiction and fantasy. The non-stop action and adventure keeps the story moving at a steady and addicting pace. The story is invigorating and entertaining, and the characters only make the story even more entertaining.

See more reviews at Cyn's Workshop and follow me on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | | Goodreads+ | LinkedIn
Profile Image for Cynthia  Wiley.
74 reviews2 followers
August 4, 2019
This was so much fun to read! I already bought book 2 and will start it later. Most likely if it's like book 1 I'll finish tomorrow. A pretty good spin off of the original Wizard of Oz story. This story sorta reminded me of anime and manga in actual book form. The storyline fits into that especially with all the complicated relationships going on. But I believe that's one of the reasons we all loved this book.
Profile Image for Helle Gade.
Author 20 books114 followers
October 3, 2019
I saw the cover and instantly had to own that book. Luckily the book was a good as the cover.

Well this is definitely a different version of the Wizard of Oz. I really enjoyed this high paced adventure in space. We slowly learned about the characters in small amounts inbetween all the action.

I highly recommend that you pick up this slow burn sci-fi romance.
Profile Image for Lindsey Medina.
12 reviews2 followers
June 16, 2019

I was waiting for this book to come out for a few months and it did not disappoint!! I loved the characters and the little tie ins from the wizard of oz. I loved the futuristic take on it. I just really enjoyed the book and am excited to see how it progresses.
June 22, 2019
Can't wait.

Can't wait for the next book in the series. I need to know what happens. I preordered the next book. Lol I am so impatient.
Profile Image for Siri.
1,185 reviews45 followers
December 2, 2019
i was picking it up cuz of the cover, it was not like i was expecting when i started reading this book. It was more slow burn than i thought. it´s not bad, it´s just kind of a unique read i guess. I will continue reading the second book and see what will happen
Profile Image for Danielle.
62 reviews28 followers
April 10, 2021
Personal rating: 3.5 stars

A fun read and a neat take on The Wizard of Oz .

The reveal at the end tho! I can't wait to continue this series.
19 reviews
April 11, 2021
It was a good read the only thing that angered me is that Dorothy had a crush on everyone in the book
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