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Love Sugar Magic #3

A Mixture of Mischief

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The third book in the acclaimed, delightful, character-driven middle grade series about a family of Mexican American bakers who also happen to be brujas—witches!
Leo Logroño may have discovered the true nature of her magical abilities, but her education in how to use them in her family’s magical bakery has only just begun. And that isn’t the only bit of trouble in her life: her family’s baking heirlooms have begun to go missing, and a new bakery called Honeybees has opened across the street, threatening to run Amor y Azúcar right out of business.

With two of her sisters on a special spirit-hunting spring-break trip with her tía Paloma, and with Mamá busy guarding the bakery to keep away any more bad luck, Leo must work with her best friend, Caroline, and her sister Isabel to uncover who is stealing from the bakery and find way a way to save the business.

And that’s when a long-lost relative arrives at the door, mischief right behind him. . . .

Anna Meriano’s unforgettable family of brujas returns for one more course of amor, azúcar, and magia.

320 pages, ebook

First published February 4, 2020

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Anna Meriano

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511 reviews299 followers
July 12, 2020
Review posted on Fafa's Book Corner!

Beware spoilers ahead!

Trigger Warning(s): Kidnapping.

Reading Challenge(s): Book 5 for the #Pondathon. Book 5 for #StartOnYourShelfathon.

Rep: Leo’s family is Mexican. Caroline is half-Columbian and half-White.

My Thoughts Before Reading: I was so excited to read this book! Especially after that brutal cliffhanger in the previous installment.

I am happy to say that it lived up to my expectations!

What I Liked: As usual I loved the family and friendship aspect! It’s been my favourite part of the series. Leo’s cousin JP makes an appearance in this book. JP and Leo have a great relationship. It was nice to read about someone from Leo’s family.

Isabel and Marisol’s arc is finally resolved. Wherein Marisol is finally ready to accept Isabel’s decision to study magic. And Marisol decides to pick up the slack around the bakery. I was so happy! I’ve been wanting their arc to get resolved since A Sprinkle of Spirits.

I liked that Leo’s parents aren’t flawless. They do mess up sometimes and admit to their mistakes. And work together as a family to improve themselves.

I loved Leo’s development! She’s come such a long way from A Dash of Trouble! While she did have a mean moment, she learnt from that and apologizes to Caroline, Brent, and JP.

Another thing that I really love is the magic system! Leo has now developed her own power and spends most of A Mixture of Mischief trying to control it. I really liked reading about her power! It’s so cool that she can become invisible and much more.

There are also some new magical creatures that are introduced. The history behind Leo’s Abuela’s family is revealed. Specifically how they used magic and developed there method. In comparison to how Leo’s Abuelo practices magic. Which I found to be very insightful and cool!

As per the ending of A Sprinkle of Spirits, Leo’s Abuelo makes an appearance. I actually thought her Abuelo was her Abuela’s husband, but I was mistaken. Leo’s Abuelo is from her fathers side. Which was really shocking because, Leo’s father has previously claimed to not be from a magic family. Her Abuelo is the main antagonist.

The second antagonist is Leo’s mother’s former best friend Belinda. She has just opened up a bakery with the exact same menu as Amor y Azúcar. Her bakery could possibly run Leo’s family out of business.

While I did see where the Abuelo story line was going (of course they defeat him), I didn’t predict the direction of the rival bakery. I was pleasantly surprised when Belinda apologized for everything and asked Leo’s mother if they could work together!

My Criticism(s): Absolutely nothing!

What I’m Looking Forward To: More books from this author!

Conclusion: Overall I loved a Mixture of Mischief! I highly recommend this series.
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418 reviews69 followers
April 14, 2022
Един прекрасен финал, на една прекрасна история. Ще ми липсват героите и техните приключения-мъчения, хихи.
Profile Image for Enne.
718 reviews113 followers
September 8, 2020
4 stars

This was such a nice conclusion to this series! I’m definitely going to miss the Logroño family and all of the shenanigans that Leo and her friends got up to, but I think this book did a really great job of tying up this series!

Once again, I really loved the character of Leo and how much we saw her develop in this book. I feel like we really got to see her come into her own in this installment and she’s very messy throughout the course of the story, which I really appreciated. I feel like Meriano really explored the darker side of Leo’s personality in this book, to the extent that the middle grade category allows, and I really loved seeing that. And, of course, the friendships and family relationships in this series are still my absolute favorite and my love for them only grows with each installment. I particularly loved the direction Leo’s relationship with her mother took in this novel. I thought that the exploration of the Logroño extended family in this installment.

I also really loved how Meriano builds upon the magic system that was developed earlier in the series! We finally get to explore and understand more of what Leo’s birth order power is and I really loved the way that was explored. I love the way family is tied into the magic system in this entire series, but I especially loved the way the two were incorporated in this book.

There were some things that I wish were a bit better developed. I thought the pacing of the plot could have used a little more work and I would have loved to see a more thorough exploration of the antagonist and his motivation.

But overall, this was a really solid conclusion to a series that’s quickly become one of my favorites of all time.
Profile Image for Cande.
1,030 reviews179 followers
February 9, 2021
When people ask for cozy stories that feel like a warm hug, these are the books I think about. Great characterization, wonderful relationships, and the perfect ending. We got to see an expansion of the world-building that was fascinating. I really appreciate how this book lets its characters have conflicted emotions, make bad choices but always with the biggest of the hearts. Seeing Leo coming to her powers, growing confident in the love her family and friends have for her, and feeling so proud of her heritage was amazing. One of my favorite middle-grade series!
Profile Image for Priya.
1,377 reviews33 followers
November 10, 2021
I loved this series and this is a very fitting last book(if it has to end!).

There was a progression in the characters, situations and story in each book which made them really interesting in addition to being adorable. In this one, Leo and her friends and family confront the darker side of magic practiced by one of their own.
Problems begin to plague the bakery with special heirlooms disappearing, rent increasing and the imminent opening of a new bakery that promises all of the same goodies but in a more upscale way.

I like how concepts like family loyalty, friendship and even the need to accept mistakes and apologize have been woven in. Considering the target audience, this is a very cool way of getting those ideas across.

It's been fun going on those adventures with Leo and her loved ones. They will be missed!
Profile Image for Joanna.
1,689 reviews35 followers
September 6, 2021
Kennt ihr das, wenn ihr realisiert, dass ihr eine Reihe beendet habt, obwohl ich das gar nicht wollt? So ging es mir. Ich war so davon überzeugt, dass es noch einen vierten und fünften Band gibt, dass ich richtig baff war, als ich erfuhr, dass mit Teil drei Ende ist.

Dafür wollte ich mich gar nicht von Leo und ihren Freunden und ihrer Familie verabschieden... Aber gut, besser aufhören, solange es noch gut ist, anstatt alles zu Tode zu schreiben. Und gut aufhören, das gelingt Meriano ganz gewiss.

Es ist ein schönes Ende und der Weg dorthin unterhaltsam, kurzweilig, berührend, aufwühlend, süss. Wie man es aus den anderen Büchern kennt, mit gelungener Entwicklung der Figuren, neuen Einsichten und Entwicklungen.

Aber natürlich hätte ich auch nichts gegen eine weitere Geschichte, wenn die Autorin ihr Niveau halten kann.
Profile Image for Katie.
269 reviews30 followers
June 4, 2020
This was the perfect ending to a wonderful trilogy and exactly what I needed. I've had such a lovely time reading this over the last few months.

I won't give a summary as this is the last book in the trilogy, but as with the other books, I really loved the themes of family and friendship and all of the baking magic. And this book was no different.

The writing of this one felt the most solid of the three. I've liked it in all of the books, but in this book it felt the strongest. The pacing really worked and the overall atmosphere. I just really liked it a lot in this installment.

The plot was also really strong and it had really high stakes (in some ways moreso than the previous two). Once again the plot involved family, friendship and baking magic, but it also involved a new type of magic and the upheaval that brought as well as competition in all kinds of respects. I also loved the causal integration of a character with diabetes and a mention of someone with Celiac's. It was done in such a lovely way and I absolutely loved it.

The world is still pretty much the same, but I did really like the extra aspects we learned about the culture and ancestral history of the Logrono family and the new magic. All of that made everything about this trilogy just extra delightful and interesting.

Finally, the characters. I loved watching Leo's growth and seeing how far she's come from the first book. I always love her dynamic with her friends and family and it was no different here. We also met some new characters who really added an extra layer to all of that which I also really liked.

All in all, I really really enjoyed this book and it might be my favorite of the three, but that's hard to say. Definitely read this trilogy if you haven't. It's so delightful and fluffy with high stakes and a great pick me up.
Profile Image for Eileen.
1,864 reviews72 followers
November 24, 2022
4.5 stars

A wonderful addition to this series! I've really enjoyed watching Leo grow and mature over the past year (this third book takes place about a year after the first), as she comes both into her magic and figures out her place in the family. But the rest of the characters are also well-developed and I like that they can become upset with each other but still love each other enough to work through their conflicts. Leo definitely made some mistakes in jumping to conclusions in this one, but she also made some excellent points and I like that her mom was able to admit her own mistakes. Overall, I love this family and her group of friends and I really liked where this story took them. It was also interesting learning about her father's side of the family, and I really liked the introduction of her cousin. This story ended in such a way that I felt completely satisfied if the author decides to end it here, but I would love to read more stories about this family if Anna decides to continue with it!
Profile Image for Maddie.
499 reviews7 followers
February 25, 2020
It's spring break in Rose hill and Leo has a lot of work to do before she can officially become a full fledged bruja like all the other women in her family. She's still memorizing what herbs and spices do what, and she's still trying to find out what her birth order magic is. In addition all of her magical family heirlooms go missing and a new bakery called Honeybees has opened up across town, with a suspiciously similar menu to Amor y Azucar (Leo's family bakery). Everyone's hiding secrets, but the biggest secret of all comes to Leo in the form of her long-lost Abuelo Logrono who promises to answer some of her questions. But Leo isn't sure he can be trusted. With the help of her family and their magic Leo will figure out how to save her families bakery and figure out the truth about Abuelo Logrono.

THIS WAS PERFECT. I loved the addition of Leo's cousin JP and the causal way he had type 1 diabetes. I loved Isabelle getting a bit of her own story line and the new magic this book included. Such a heart warming story and this one fits great with the other two.
Profile Image for Shannon (That's So Poe).
953 reviews104 followers
June 7, 2020
What a beautiful ending to this trilogy! Just like in the previous two books, this story follows Leo as she pushes to develop her bruja skills while also dealing with some magical trouble around her. Her family's bakery is facing difficult times as many of their special magical baking equipment goes missing and a rival bakery is about to open up in town. At the same time, Leo has been approached by her paternal grandfather who is offering to teach her about his style of magic where she can become much more powerful much more quickly, but there's something worrying about the way he uses his magic. I love how this story explores themes of communication, uses of power, and how we deal with histories of oppression. I especially enjoyed how it addressed even bigger societal issues like colonialism, exploitation of indigenous people, and sexism! All around such a wonderful read with so much heart.
Profile Image for Ana.
368 reviews6 followers
October 23, 2021
Lovely continuation of the cozy, warm, Love Sugar Magic series. This one added a male relative with a chronic illness (diabetes), and a more mature plot that tackled issues related to family abandonment, toxic parents, colonialism, imperialism, and misogyny in really age-appropriate and skillful. It is really impressive how the author pulls this off. The weight of these topics is appropriately honored, and it's clear how kids Leo's age are already affected by opression and have the capacity to handle discussion about it, but the subjects were also treated with a light touch and the narrative overall continues to be comforting and heartwarming.

I adored seeing how Leonora has learned from the experiences she had in the previous books and has grown enough not to make the exact same mistakes, but some of her core traits of eagerness and impulsivity still manifest in her actions!

The adults also continue to have to grow and learn right alongside the kid MC, which is a joy to see.
Profile Image for Julianne.
42 reviews
September 4, 2020
I love this series so much. It is fun and the characters have great adventures. The way the author talks about Mexican baked goods, will make your mouth water and make you crave a concha. This book was particularly great about representing diabetes, Leo finds her self unraveling the mystery of her grandfather with her cousin JP, who happens to be a type 1 diabetic. Cudos to Meriano for a sweet magical mystery.
Profile Image for Reija.
365 reviews78 followers
May 27, 2020
:Rating: 3.5 stars (Rounded down for Goodreads)

A jawdropping amount of new worldbuilding details that left me craving more and also wished for some more fleshing out. This was still a wonderful, heartfelt read.
137 reviews
September 29, 2021
a wholesome, delightful and hunger-inducing series. Thoroughly enjoyed all of the books but a mixture of mischief was quite special. I’ll miss the logrono family . Wish we could have had more magical creatures
Profile Image for Marika.
239 reviews11 followers
January 23, 2021
I liked this book because it had good solutions to problems that i would not have guessed of thought of (not super predictable — which I liked.)

I liked how there were duendes that you learn about early in the book and actually meet them later in the book.

I also liked how they went from thinking that different people were the accomplices. They got you hooked on who you thought it was, but you later learn it wasn’t them working by themselves.

I liked how you could make connections with the characters and they felt like they could be real people.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for The Librarian's Granddaughter.
361 reviews29 followers
February 23, 2023
This is the third book in the sweet series by Anna Meriano. I read it in one day, I loved it so much. At the end of the second part, Leo has a mysterious visitor, and in this one we meet him more. Leo is trying to figure out what her magic is, juggling the bakery, friends, and her bruja training, and this someone is trying to make everyone's life harder. A new bakery appears in the town and the family business is threatened. Again, the cover is very cute and the layout beautiful.

I was really, really impressed by Leo's magic. I've always wanted a superpower like that and it was very interesting. I was interested in how she reveals it and tries to control it. I like family relationships very much. Everyone has their quirks, but together they are like a well-oiled machine. Of course, there were a lot of secrets. In my opinion, in many cases it was the lack of good communication that was the main problem between the characters. I'm happy with the ending of the story, but I'm sad that there aren't more parts.

We meet old and familiar characters, but new ones also appear in the story, and my favorite were the little creatures. The cousin was super cool and fit the in the plot perfectly. Maybe I missed Alma and Belen a little because they are my favorites, but I'm still glad that they were also involved. The books in the series are great for kids and adults alike. The lessons are many, but one of the most important ones for me was not to judge too hastily. I recommend the book.
Profile Image for Carisa.
33 reviews1 follower
September 19, 2020
What a great trio. I’m impressed by the author’s ability to bring a variety of characters to life. I hope to see more from her.
Profile Image for Alison Rose.
744 reviews70 followers
September 15, 2021
As soon as I read the phrase "spice magic" in here, I couldn't stop imagining the Spice Girls meets The Craft and I kind of need someone to make that movie.

Putting aside all of my wow-I'm-really-dating-myself-here pop-culture references, this was a really fun conclusion to this trilogy, and I'm kind of sad the series is over. I'd love to see a spin-off maybe with Leo as an adult running the bakery with her own daughters learning their way around the kitchen and discovering their birth-order powers. I adore the family in these books, how much they all care for each other and support each other (even Marisol, when she wants to), and how everyone is seen as equally valued no matter their age or abilities. Leo's parents have trust and confidence in her, but they're also very present and prudent when it comes to teaching her things and letting her try stuff out.

I also appreciate how well the author takes on some heavy topics like sexism and colonialism in ways that are appropriate for the target age group. I thought the new characters who pop up late in this book and are very relevant to the central plot were very interesting, especially the issues they bring to the forefront.

We must also applaud Leo's cousin JP for carrying menstrual pads in his insulin bag, just in case anyone needs one. That's a good young man right there.

I liked seeing Leo's development here, too. She does still throw some tantrums, but she very quickly reins herself in and realizes that she acted poorly, and offers up meaningful apologies for her behavior. She does some things she shouldn't but you understand why, and she believes in herself and her capabilities.

Just a thoroughly fun and whimsical series with some depth to it, and a lot of descriptions of baked goods, if you're into that sort of thing!
Profile Image for literarybutterfly.
225 reviews3 followers
September 26, 2021
A Mixture of Mischief was satisfying conclusion to the Love Sugar Magic series, although the second book, A Sprinkle of Spirits, remains my favorite. This book had a much more serious tone in the sense that the stakes were much higher than the previous two which dealt with a lot more lighthearted shenanigans. What really fell flat for me was the fact that so many of their family members were missing, including Leo’s aunt, twin sisters, and abuela. While it’s understandable that Leo’s abuela is no longer in the story based on the ending of the previous book, her character really elevated the family dynamic. While their presence is generally small, I would argue the same for Leo’s twin sisters. Another thing that was disappointing was the lack of Spanish used throughout the this book. The previous two had just enough sprinkled throughout the story that it felt super relatable to my own experience growing up with the two languages being used interchangeably. Despite these qualms, I do still find this book much better paced with more character development than the the first book, A Dash of Trouble. Overall, I think this was a good middle grade series with great representation.
3.5/5 ⭐️
Profile Image for Lilana Vassileff.
121 reviews20 followers
February 22, 2023
В последната част от сагата Лио отново забърква бърканица от бели, но всичко това е с цел да помогне на семейството си. Компания ѝ правят приятелите ѝ Керълайн и Брент, братовчед ѝ Джей Пи, който е на гости за ваканцията, чудесно се вписва в групичката пакостници. И тук основният фокус е върху Лио, която е доста пораснала, зряла и отговорна в сравнение с първите две книги. Допадна ми как авторката съвсем фино и загадъчно разглежда една по-тъмна страна от характера на героинята, показвайки, че всяко човешко същество може да бъде изкушено по един или друг начин. Най-накрая Лио разбира каква е рождената ѝ сила и постъпва изключително зряло, канализирайки я за по-добри дела и цели от тези, към които дядо ѝ я насочва.

Ако не сте чели все още книгите от „Любов, захар и магия“, поправете тази грешка и си подарете едно наистина вкусно и вълнуващо приключение, което га��антирано носи привкус на щипка пакости, глазура от духове и една огромна бърканица от бели.

Цялото ревю е тук: https://booksguidebg.wordpress.com/20...
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476 reviews17 followers
May 18, 2020
Returning to the Amor y Azucar Panaderia, even through paper pages, is a bit like returning home. It's full of sweetness, and spice, and magic...

A fantastic third book in the "Love Sugar Magic" series, we see Leo learn more of what it means to be a bruja and what her powers are, as well as solve some mysteries, save her family's bakery, and discover even more family secrets. This time, from her father's side of the family...

Also, I really enjoyed an underlying theme of the book, which is Leo and her family being proud of their Latinx/Hispanic heritage while also reconciling with the fact that they do have conquistador ancestors through the men and women who came to the Americas from Spain. Meriano presents an interesting view of colonization, decolonization, and Latinx/Hispanic identity that allows for readers of all ages to further discuss and understand these topics, the history behind them, and the cultures that have come from them.

As always, I can't wait to get my hands on the next book and Leo's next (mis)adventure in becoming the best baking bruja ever!
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