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A failed human prototype. That’s all she is…

Born and raised as an experiment, Selena’s life has been filled with torture, betrayal, and distrust... but one night changes everything.

Sold, attacked, and on the run, Selena is picked up by a colony ship. Struggling to find her place on this ship and trying to understand the draw she feels toward two alien males, her already uncertain life becomes downright unimaginable when she learns new life is growing inside her.

Terrified her captors will find her and take her and her children back to a life of horror and captivity, she must learn to trust her saviors, and herself.

With the help of her two mates, Selena will fight for her freedom—or die trying.

396 pages, Kindle Edition

Published February 28, 2019

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About the author

Jade Waltz

74 books290 followers
USA Today Bestselling author, Jade Waltz lives in Illinois with her husband, two sons, and her three crazy cats.

She writes sweet-n-steamy, character-driven romances within detailed universes, where happily-ever-afters happen for those who dare to love the paranormal.

Jade enjoys knitting, playing video games, watching Esports, green tea and writing all the stories that live in her imagination.

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1,251 reviews44 followers
March 24, 2019
A very interesting story line,but parts never rang true.

Gotta love a strong adaptable heroin...
And I do.
I thought Selena was amazing . And even more soo,a writer who can make men who sound either part plant or part octopus sound sexy... but then again I’d ready fallen in love with a series involving Kracken soo I was already good with tentacles...
What go me though was how deeply inconsistent Selena and her lead male protagonist seem to be....
I just don’t get how this being,this creature who some how finds you supposedly not long after your creation in a dream state and then supposedly spends a) Nine,count’em NINE years getting to know you and searching for you and helping you survive the monstrous and down right hellish existence that is your life and yet tells you little about himself,yourself or his plans for the future with you.
⚠️ might show spoilers ⚠️
Supposedly ( sorry but I might be using that word a lot) he’s a big deal and can’t risk too many details getting out.
Ok,ok, that makes sense but that isn’t an “end all, be all that” that explains everything. Heck it barely covers anything at all really. He might have to hide who and what he is but not telling her he loves or cares about her deeply, or that she’s his “fated mate”, that he plans to take her virginity via an auction, that obviously he’s a very poor lover because even after supposedly getting to know her for n I n e long years he can’t care enough or isn’t capable of making her first time good.
Though he IS able to carry though w/getting her pregnant through the awful experience w/out consulting or warning her about this or giving her a choice.
I mean WTF?!?! How can you treat the female you supposedly love like this ?
Geez , Supposedly she has very strong psychic shields and abilities and he knows this because he’s trained her and yet he treats her like she’s too stupid to know anything.
That doesn’t sound like a “fated mate” who has spent almost a decade searching for you and supposedly getting to know and care for you.
But Selena is just as bad in her own way. Later when she finds out all the BS her deeply dumb/stupid dream lover pulled ( I mean come on you pay to sleep w/the evil aliens pet project,monstrous creatures you live to make “test” subjects of everyone and anyone. Somehow even though you’ve made it your life mission to rescue ppl from them you foolishly and stupidly thug knocking her up will ensure the guarantee of getting her from them? Just how incredibly dumb are you?) she tells him to just F off for the next two weeks to think.
Ok,I get being angry,and definitely betrayed. Because he did. And he’s not treating you too much better than your masters did but.. but silence isn’t gonna get your questions answered,and it’s the exact opposite to how you deal with everyone you meet on board ship.
Everyone Selena meets on the ship and she becomes involved with she make sure they sit down and talk everything out openly and honestly, which is something she doesn’t do with her fated mate... With her mysterious mate,who honestly feels more like another master or owner than anything else,she just lets things slide and seems to prefer to remain in the dark and in ignorance, than show the intelligence she seems to show w/everyone else...
I understood the distance between the main protagonist physically but the mental and emotional distance made no sense compared to how she treated everyone else...
Especially with the lives of three unborn children at stake in all of this as well...
I felt this story was highly imaginative and creative and I really liked all the thought and work that I could see went into this but the very odd disconnection between Selena and her “dream love/fated mate” really threw me off from the rest of the story ..
I will continue to read,just hope it makes more sense...
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Author 1 book33 followers
July 25, 2020
I was pleasantly surprised by this RH book. This was a great first book in the start of a sci-fi series that seems like the premise is good.

I found Selena to be a good main female MC. She wasn't scary, or whiny. After everything that she went through, she wasn't bitter or angry.

I love that she attached herself to the outcasts and gave them a chance at happiness. I like both of her mates, they are sweethearts.

I can't figure out Kaede but I am intrigued to find out.
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37 reviews
March 12, 2019
I loved this book! It is a truly original story with awesome original alien heroes! This book is on the level of Venomous! I can't wait to see where this series goes and how the heroine evolves as she gains more confidence. The story builds and shows both the evolution of our heroine and the relationships she builds with her men. If you love alien romances that are RH and you love aliens that actually look like aliens, this is a book you HAVE to read! This author is gifted and know how to write a great story!
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34 reviews
April 8, 2020
An interesting concept brought down by inconsistent behavior and an overall juvenile feel.

Selena (formerly 5313-3F) honestly baffled me. For a woman who spent her entire life in captivity as the subject of brutal experiments, she was remarkably well-adjusted. She was quick to trust, quick to form bonds and fall in love, quick to come to grips with her situation. Too quick, to me. I’d expect her to be deeply suspicious, especially given that her one trusted “companion” (never seen by her outside of dreams) not only supposedly abandoned her, but also impregnated her without her knowledge or consent (which is an entirely different issue). Yet she bonded one of her mates (I hate that word, which doesn’t help) almost immediately, quickly moved past her upset at him not giving her timely notice of her pregnancy, and almost immediately became codependent with him.

She really seemed to have no backbone, despite her posturing. She rolled with everything without much concern and was remarkably accepting with little thought or contemplation. When she did stand up for herself, it was jarring to the point of seeming out of character and gratuitous.

Her love interests were no more consistent.

The nameless father of her cubs (cubs) makes noises about her being his Nova–his fated mate, basically–yet he’s down with her having a harem of other men, as long as none of them are of his own race. For a male as manipulative as he is otherwise, he’s remarkably chill about the whole thing. Xylo and Odelm were interestingly alien, and Kaede intrigued me… until he drove me nuts. For a super-soldier with 250,000+ kills to his name, he’s awfully lackadaisical with his protection of Selena. He searched for her for years only to have her slip through his fingers–you’d think he’d be a little more paranoid when it came to her protection. Instead, he lets her wander around basically unsupervised (the mentions of his drones come and go so they basically seem useless) and get herself into trouble. His attitude was so hot and cold that I wanted to smack him half the time.

I’m not a fan of mate bonds–it’s just not my thing–so the relationship between Selena, Xylo, and Odelm was more or less unappealing to me. While I liked Xylo and Odelm on their own, as soon as they were around Selena, they were too interchangeable. I did appreciate that they were actually alien and not basically humans with a different skin color and some horns or something added, though I don’t think I’d have chosen plants and squid as my best option. Still… whoo, tentacle sex.

Said tentacle sex was interesting, though I don’t necessarily know that I’d call it hot given it was so, well, alien. It was more like an anthropological study, appealing for the mechanics rather than how many times they made Selena come with different clinging appendages.

But then there was the birth scene. The erotic birth scene. There were so many things wrong about the whole scene that I was nearly flailing trying to explain it as I was reading it. My biggest issue, though, was with the whole “semen will make her cervix dilate, so someone has to ejaculate into her!” concept. It was established that the Circuli (the confluence of the plant-based and squid-based races) were unable to biologically ejaculate outside of the initial mate-bond or when their nestqueen (…) was in heat (!!!), so they were out. The remaining option was Kaede, who was an unknown race. Even if he was able to successfully have sex with Selena, why would they assume that his semen would have the hormone necessary to help her cervix dilate? We’ve established that these aliens are truly alien, so for them to assume that one of them ejaculating into her would work was eye-rollingly convenient. (Naturally, Kaede had magical cervix-dilating ejaculate, so it worked out. I still rolled my eyes a lot.)

Beyond the characters and their relationships, not a lot happened. Really. For most of the book, they’re on the same colony ship, so the setting is very limited and the story ends up very character-driven by default. There are hints of conflict with the Yaarkin, but after Selena’s dramatic escape, they’re nothing more than that: hints.

The writing itself struck me as kind of muddled and almost sterile, too fraught with over-thinking to really carry me along. A few things struck me wrong (such as how opinions jive, not jibe) and dragged my attention away. There were also some inconsistencies that should have been caught in editing (vis à vis how the Circuli feel or don’t feel love, for one). I kind of felt like the author had so many great ideas to include that some were shoehorned in.

In the end, it kind of hit the spot for alien sex, but still kind of left me wanting. My on-again-off-again intrigue in Kaede isn’t quite enough to drag me into book two, especially as we finally meet the father of Selena’s cubs (ugh). Is he as much of a jerk as he’s come across in book one? Who knows? It won’t be me.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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545 reviews40 followers
August 1, 2020
I really liked this one. It's hard to find a well-written sci-fi romance, what more reverse harem. The world-building and descriptions were clear and consistent, and I didn't see much info-dumping. The reverse harem situation was built in as a part of the alien culture the Selena finds herself a part of, which made it believable, especially when it's explained to her. And she doesn't jump into the multiple mates thing straight off.

I liked the strength in Selena and the fact that she's not TSTL. I appreciated that all the males around her have distinct personalities and varied abilities or skills (I don't even mean in the bedroom lol). And I liked that the author didn't go the usual smutty way and use the RH plot as an excuse for threesomes or more. You won't get that in this book; she's with each man individually.

I didn't realise that Book 2 would be a continuation of this book. It doesn't really end on a cliffhanger, in the sense that it does feel like a complete story and it doesn't end in the middle of a plot arc just as things are getting interesting. But there are some things as yet unsettled; for example: who is the mysterious man who met her in her dreams for nine years? Why can't he tell her his name? So I'd have to read the next book to find out more, and I think I will!
March 17, 2021
3.5-4. This started out weakly for me, just couldn’t find my groove with this story, but where the author captured me is once Selena escaped her alien captors.

This story definitely deals with alien-aliens—no “dragons in space” or “humans in space” or whatever. Selena, though more/less humanoid in appearance, falls in love with what equates to a houseplant and a squid with abs, so if tentacles and plant vines make you feel weird, steer clear. I had a hard time picturing the characters, not for lack of trying by the author, who described in painstaking detail the color of the character’s fins, tentacles, fronds, etc...okay. Phew. It was a lot to keep track of and honestly, I got a little bit lost in all the description and just made up my own characters in my mind.

The *romance* was insta, which was my biggest gripe. Selena was basically grown in a test tube and experimented on her entire life, rejected by other humans and abused, and we are meant to believe she is suddenly trusting of the aliens she encountered mere minutes after waking up in a strange place? She berates herself for wanting to kiss the character who ends up being her first Mate (ahoy!)...but truth be told...My eyes rolled, HARD. I wanted her to be more of a badass and less “oh finally someone accepts me!” (Runs into stranger’s arms).

I wish this book had been more of a slow burn. The pregnancy cut down the time the characters could get to know one another into weeks instead of giving them time to form trusting relationships before hand. But that is just my preference.

There was enough left open that I want to know what happens next with Kaede and her secret lover/baby-daddy, who I think is likely the bad guy. He’s never been described as being a good or nice guy, more of a “daddy” character, which ...okay, eeewww. Kaede’s actions at the end... phew. Kind of felt like a fabricated conflict but okaaaay, yeah, let’s try to cram some sex in with childbirth in the last 5% of the story and see what happens. (This is not really a spoiler, because, come ON, a character named “Kaede” is definitely going to be in the harem).

I’d say this was one of the better alien romances I’ve read: definitely in the top third, but not particularly amazing. The fated mate trope was light and I respected the world-building and thought given by the author with regard to Selena’s DNA, testing, and where that might lead.
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229 reviews20 followers
January 3, 2020
Selena and Her Clan

4 Stars for this bwwm reverse harem fantasy sci fi romance. There is some loving between an engineered human, who was once enslaved and used up like a lab rat, and actual aliens. So although I enjoyed the read not for everyone. I am onto to 2nd book in series which is available so no worries!✌🏽
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1,834 reviews79 followers
August 7, 2021
I loved reading about Selena and her difficult journey. Once she finally escapes, she is recued and brought onto a ship where she meets Xylo and Odelm. These aliens are super cool with plant and fish attributes...tentacles and vines :D

Selena starts building her clan...reverse harem potential and we're left with some answers but there is still much unfinished business.

On to the next
April 6, 2019
Debut novel by this author.

Filled with an array of different aliens and cultures. This is the story about a genetically modified human hybrid, Selena, that escapes captivity to be found by a group of plant and fish aliens searching for a new home world.

What can I say but... dayum... this is a book that doesn’t just create an alien world but CREATES an whole, complete and vast world filled with sights and smells and sounds.
Conceptually this book was a unique and intriguing read and I have so many questions that are still unanswered, which I’m not actually mad about🤣🤣

I think the revelations that will come with following books in this series will be fantastic and as such I’m happy mulling things over till that next book drops 🙌🏻💯

The book was both satisfying and enjoyable. I really enjoyed the unique fish and plant aliens... I can’t pronounce the names of aforementioned aliens....but The amount of creativity that went into this book was fantastic and I’m happy that the author didn’t hold back.

I adored the 3 main charachters, they made a believable trio. But I already know..from the moment we ‘meet’ him that Kaede is my favourite...’wounded, defensive with a smidge of an asshat’♥️ He’s a total bad boy with a whole lotta mystery that needs to be unwrapped alongside the mysterious ( and king of the buttholes ) the oh so clandestine HIM!!
Im looking forward to seeing how this story progresses.
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652 reviews2 followers
February 3, 2020
Too wordy.

Long monologues and narratives that was just boring. The story itself is interesting but dislike how the main character is

Plus there's a lack of chemistry between the characters. All the guys are outcast and she sympathizes with them. The main character would impulsively kissed them... without any buildup. It feels like she's just picking up strays.

I did enjoy how they're outcast and all but without chemistry it's just not working for me.

No rating. I skimmed through it.

P.S Her "fated" lover is just awful.

Why was this necessary...
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Author 22 books114 followers
March 2, 2019
Holy cannoli!!! I have been looking forward to reading this book and the author didn't disappoint me. It was well written and had me glued to my seat the whole night. I couldn't let go of it. I can't wait until I get my grubby little hands on the next book. 

If you love sci-fi romance, then you should definitely one click this book. You won't be disappointed.
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41 reviews1 follower
June 8, 2019
It's hard enough to find #whychoose series done as space odyssies, but to find one with unique alien characters that while humanoid are very differently not is refreshing! For a first time Author I'm extremely impressed with both the world building and the complexity to the story line.

If you're looking for a unique take on the 'alien abduction' type stories this is definitely the book to pick up! I look forward to seeing where this story takes us as it evolves ❤️

I very much enjoyed this book, and hope that the Author continues to write this series and quickly! Her overall editing was extremely clean, and I found very few oopsies to address (as in very negligible).
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1,874 reviews144 followers
September 21, 2021

I had low expectations, this is not necessarily a book I would normally read. Surprisingly, it was a good story with an interesting world, A tight plot & excellent character development. I’ll continue the series.

Pet peeve Pregnancy & pregnancy without consent (NOT Rape)


Spoiler👇 below

Spoiler ⬇️ below

it’s not Rape bc sex was consensual. It’s pregnancy without consent bc the Alien did not seek consent & the species has the ability to impregnate their mates.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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197 reviews1 follower
April 3, 2022
Consent is sexy.

One of her mates gets her pregnant without her knowledge or consent. He doesn’t understand or care about her feelings but it’s fine because it’s her mate.
There was a lot of info dumping, very basic world building, no real relationship building.
There were no grammar or spelling issues but there were some continuity issues and issues where she mixed up her own terms which made reading confusing.
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6 reviews1 follower
July 22, 2021
An intensely plotted introduction to the series

Summary: Selena is a lab-created human, born from an artificial womb and genetically altered through various procedures forced on her by her captors. When she finally escapes, she finds herself on another alien ship, bound for the mysterious man who visits her in her dreams and has claimed her as his own. Despite knowing that she is already claimed, Selena can't fight her attraction to three alien males onboard the ship, and she finds herself torn between following her heart and pursuing her own independence.

Short Review: A medium-length sci-fi novel with a mild cliffhanger. The heroine is feisty and independent, and the alien love interests are sexy! Recommended for adventurous readers!

Detailed Review: This is an excellent start to the series, which appears to be shaping up as a sci-fi reverse harem romp. The world-building here is intensive and detailed, and the characters themselves all have fascinating appearances and backstories. This is not fluff- clearly the author has taken great pains to create a universe unlike any other, with unique species and cultures to round it out. The pacing is also excellent, with very little downtime. The ending is satisfying, with a mild cliffhanger. I will be reading the next book in the series.
I highly recommend this book for anyone searching for a refreshingly original sci-fi romance. You won't be disappointed.
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1,551 reviews51 followers
June 3, 2019
This. Was. Incredible! Delicious! Inspiring! Beautiful!! The character developments and the story line was exquisite! I felt so many emotions, both anger and tears, and more. I love Selena and I'm worried what's in store for her. Her life has been filled with pain and anguish, she finally felt pleasure and peace, even if fleeting. I want her to experience so much more with the love of her men. So much more!
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121 reviews4 followers
January 6, 2020
I loved this book. Selena is so badass, I laughed so hard when she was giving birth and K left her hanging. She wanted to strangle him.
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1,193 reviews23 followers
March 15, 2019
A girl has a name

Selena was born with a code instead of given a name. A series of numbers and letters. Science experiments don't need a name. Her life had been one of endurance and pain before they finally decided she was a failure. Deciding to get their money's worth and fund a new experiment, they do as they have with the others and sell her. The buyer is someone she knows, though. She's no Princess Aurora even though she knows him from her dreams. Her mysterious friend who has taught her the common language, comforted her, but even then won't show his true form and face. All she knows is a deep voice, amethyst eyes and a swirl of smoke. Name and species remain unknown. The story starts off after these events took place, when the aliens that have been torturing her are under attack. Selena manages to get to a pod and escape. But when then her luck runs out and her pod malfunctions. She's rescued by a vessel of wandering refugees looking for a new home. Two species, with a common ancestor, but no longer exactly the same even though their societies are structured the same. These aliens study, yes, but respect sentience. They also have a matriarchal society. So being female? It's definitely a bonus. Waking up somewhere strange is scary enough, waking up pregnant and among a new society is terrifying. Hesitant to trust, she tentatively puts her faith in a male called Xylo, a Wurdox scholar who is intrigued by her. As she recovers and moves about the ship she encounters Odelm, an Ulax musician, who is wary and standoffish. Neither of the 3 look anything like their respective races, coloring wise. Selena has silver spots and hair, Xylo is much darker than any other of his kind and Odelm is pale and almost feminine in his coloration. Each of them belittled by their species, they find comfort in their building friendships. But this pregnancy is special, and the mysterious sire has sent a mercenary to keep her safe until she's brought back to CEG HQ, to him. Why would she need a guard? The aliens that held her probably want her back but after their base was destroyed could they possibly have enough forces to try to take her back? Or is it because the mystery baby's daddy is someone very important?

Spoilers ahead!
I have held all RH space romances to the high standards of Venomous, by Penelope Fletcher. She wrote an amazing universe with interesting aliens and an amusingly (and eventually) brave heroine. I have found an author to rival her. Jade Waltz has created the beginnings of an awesome world. The Ulax- who are aquatic, the Wurdox- who have flora characteristics (but not like Groot, whew), the Aldwani- who are feline like, and others. There's bioluminescence, fins, claws, fur, moss, fangs, horns, ... a little bit of everything. Selena is tough but not brittle. Her dreamscape male kept her grounded the last 9 years which allows her the ability to trust and form bonds. Her pregnancy may scare her but she doesn't let it slow her down. She wants to learn, she wants to embrace her new life and shed her past. Xylo is so sweet, he's very much the studious scholar but no pushover. He is her rock. Odelm is sensitive from a severing. Relationships are a unit, a Nestqueen and multiple Nestmates. Female births are rare, so relationships reflect that. Court bonds are offered to males to test compatibility, think of more like fiancee than getting-to-know-you dating. Severing is when those bonds are cut and the males rejected. After being burned, Odelm is understandably shy and wary. When a human(ish) female approaches him for friendship he puts up walls. The medicals are too funny. They have no idea how to treat a human. Obviously, physiology is different, so their medicines don't work. And her being pregnant means they can't do trial and error testing. So, that whole labor and delivery thing is not looking so fun without drugs. Not even a Tylenol. And apparently the fact that her DNA has been altered to absorb other genetics means that the end of her pregnancy is coming up fast since his species gestates in @50 days. Yay! Whew, there was a lot packed into this book. I haven't touched on all of it, I've left plenty of surprises yet to be found out. It's very much worth a read through.
22 reviews
March 1, 2019
Worth the wait

~First let me fangirl a bit,as well as spoilers~
Yeesss!🙌🙌🙌 That was an awesome journey. I really want Kaede to be with her so much. Been shipping them since he first took off his helmet. 😊😍. Umm...the Princes sorta mentioned who her baby sire is yet she didn't realize it?😧 I guess baby-brain is at fault for that; I agree she should kick him in his baby maker for not only a painful first time, but for impregnating her without discussing as well as for that horrible labor. I cannot wait until the second book comes out.
~Enough Fangirling Spoilers~
Anywho, this book showcases a female lead who doesn't let her horrid past define her as a sad, naive victim but instead owns it and steps head on into her new found freedom and companionship with interesting species. It's a book that's worth reading and worth the wait it will take for the next to unravel. 👏👏👏😆
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253 reviews1 follower
June 7, 2022
Interesting premise. It was a recommendation for me. It had some pros. It was an interesting plot. The aliens were very alien.
It does have some cons though. Mostly with the fmc. Some things don't always add up with her. She says she doesn't remember things but then really does. She doesn't act like she was a test subject in isolation. In fact, at times she comes off as haughty and somewhat bitchy and entitled. Then she cries and they feel sorry for her. She is essentially forced into non-con in the beginning of the book and she references it quite a bit but seems somewhat forgiving to him on the subject for the most part after spending much of the beginning of the book upset about it.
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909 reviews23 followers
March 8, 2019
An intriguing new world!
I’ve very much enjoyed reading about Selena and her ever-growing harem of misfits. She, herself, is fascinating. Having escaped the endless (‘failed,’ they think) experiments by the Yaarkins, she’s learning about the world around her. Very creative storytelling! This is a well-developed world, with a daring variety of male harem-mates including an ‘unknown’ entity who shares dreamworld encounters with her. Captivating! It will not be easy to wait for the next book in the series.
Profile Image for Lauren.
66 reviews
March 8, 2019

I think this book has earned a spot on my top five alien reads. It has creative alien species like what is seen in Amanda Milo's work, while also exploring the cultural and political world of aliens, like Cecilia Randell's books. It's truly a great balance of both. I will say that the back half of the book was a bit rougher editing wise, but it wasn't ever bad enough to detract from the story. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more works from this debut author!
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87 reviews40 followers
March 10, 2019
This book was amazing. Completely and totally amazing. The end of this book left me spinning. I literally forced myself to stay up far too late but I had to keep reading. It was just so good!! Jade Waltz found a way to make a girl terrified of aliens (me) fall in love with her aliens. & not just aliens that look like men but are green or blue. ALIENS THAT LOOK LIKE ALIENS!! Plus now I NEED the next book. Like right now. I am so in love with these viney, tentacley, alien males ❤
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16 reviews
March 1, 2019

This was such a mind blowing book. All the different characters and how she came up with all these different species was something different. I really enjoyed reading this book and can not wait to read the next one.
210 reviews2 followers
March 2, 2019

The best rh Sci fi to come out since venomous by p. Fletcher. Seriously. This is what the book world was lacking and it's everything I hoped for. Jade Waltz hit it out of the park with this one. I will be one clicking from now on.
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897 reviews28 followers
April 20, 2019
Alien reverse harem

I don't usually like alien or space themed books but this one drew me in immediately. Selena is easy to like and root for along with the men in her life. There is a little mystery surrounding one of her men. I definitely can't wait to read book 2.
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48.4k reviews4 followers
Want to read
July 23, 2021
🎁 Books 1 & 2 in the Series are FREE on Amazon today (7/23/2021)! 🎁
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1,055 reviews10 followers
January 15, 2022
Interesting concept. I mean, the idea of Selena being a result of an experimental tube baby, grown in artificial tomb to be made adaptable to any species. However, my problem was with how she actually adapted. One would think that her body not only adapted to be compatible to reproduce with anybody she have sex with, but would also take on useful traits. Her adapting by taking on a glow and control of it or a mating habit of biting does not seem useful at all. On contrary, those traits are completely useless. Here, one may also think that taking on traits that helps her protect herself or her progeny would be logical, but author disagreed. Oh, well, the Yaarkins did deem her a failure.
I also have a problem of how author tackeld Selenas personality. She had been enslaved, used and abused all her life, then betrayed by the single person she trusted. She should have been suspicious at least of anyone around. Not trusting and loving straight from the start. That reaction is not normal, it made me question Selenas mental capacity of thought.
The whole book is driven by conversations and characters developing relationships. Not mutch really happens and some scenes were just there to fill the pages.
Aliens are truly alien in this book. They look different, they act differently and their culture and beliefs are really different. There was a potential of so many cultural clashes and misunderstands that could have been interesting to read. But, Selena have no culture, so she accepts everything from the bat and don't question anything at all. Missed opportunities in my opinion.
The birth scene.Gag. I just , I can't. The medics and Scholar refers to very sparse information about human biology from Earth. Now, why would they think anything of that applies to Selena, I have no clue. She is an unknown generation of genetically altered humans, where genomes have been scrambled and mixed and nanobots have been added, she is so far removed from being a human, that nothing should apply to her anyway. So why in hell the whole sex and sperms properties to aid the dilation was needed , I don't know, unless it was authors way of getting Selena and Kaede become intimate. In a really, really weird and uncomfortable way. And the same time making Kaede look like jerk with zero regard for his sexual partner. Yeah, it added nothing to the story except cringe.
In this book there is also heavy obsession with anal. I don't think there is even one sex scene without someone getting something up their arse.Including Selena fingering Kaede without any reason.

Now. I did enjoy reading the story, but it also wasn't well thought out or well written. The writing tends to get juveline in places, to the point where it was hard to read, then leveling out again only to become stilted and nearly legal standard oficial in other parts. There is no one flow or consistent writing style. It is confusing and not very relaxing.

It was interesting enough for me to pick up the next book though.
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November 9, 2020
My rating: 4.5 Stars

So – I am a huge RH fan. Have been for quite some time now. But I was getting a little bit over the same thing over and over again. Therefor it was time to branch out.

This was my first alien RH where the male characters where a little (let’s face it – ALOT) more than a normal blue / green humanoid man. I LOVED it. Like every second of it. Top 10?

Selena is BAD ASS. She has been experimented on literally her ENTIRE life. She was bred and grown in a test tube. Once released from the tube they cut into her, beat her, injected her with all sorts and that is just what my imagination could come up with. To add insult to injury, when she was deemed a failure they decided to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder. Through all this she is still so hardcore and just keeps going. Punch after punch and this poor human just keeps getting up and carrying on.
I always love a bit of insta-love. There is plenty of this here. With psychic connections forming at the touch of lips this made for an interesting way to develop the story line.
This might be a bit much – and is definitely NSFW. But there are these really interesting appendages. Even one that is basically made up of 3.
I was a really big fan of the fact that the pleasure was really all about Selena. Made even more so by the fact that her mates literally cannot get it up (Or out in their cases) unless our lovely Selena was on heat. Which means the rest of the time the guys can only get her off. Bonus right.
Really creative world building. I got lost in the story reading about the space ships, space stations etc.
I loved learning about the different species – even if they were all made up. The author must have spent a boat load of time to create all the little details that made it seem so crazy realistic for a sci-fi.
I love the kind of unrequited love between her and Kade. It makes for an interesting read.
She is pregnant. With babies of another species. How cool is that?
It’s really pretty cool how the further into the book you get the more self confident Selena gets. She grows into the kind of character that pretty much any woman out there wants to be.
And she isn’t perfect. At times she can be a bit of a whiner and a rather big b!tch. She is unreasonable and quite a bit hormonal at times. But even with that – she knows when she is at fault and knows how to apologize.
This was a really cool read and I believe an excellent way to introduce myself to a whole new sub genre.
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May 11, 2023
Selena was made by using DNA of humans but the aliens who made her did something to her and made her something different. The aliens did a lot of experiments to finally make someone like her when the other experiments didn't live. They also experimented on her for years after she was born so when the ship she was on had an emergency she took the opportunity to escape in an escape pod. Only she didn't realize that the person who was attacking the ship was actually the alien male she had been sold to for a night and was now trying to rescue her.

Her escape pod is found by another ship full of all kinds of aliens who treat her better than she's even known before and it takes her a little while to get used to it. Right away though she makes a kind of mating bond with one of the male aliens on the ship without knowing what she was doing and he takes care of her. They get incredibly close really fast and everyone on board can see she's a really nice person even after everything she's been though.

When she finds out that she's pregnant by the other alien who had bought her for a night, she's naturally shocked but the aliens on board assure her that she'll be alright. When yet another alien comes aboard the ship sent from baby daddy to make sure she is kept safe, there are a lot of male aliens that seem to start having feelings for her.

These aliens are actual aliens in looks and customs. They have tentacles, vine like appendages, can read minds and talk telepathically. It was refreshing to find an alien romance that had actual alien looking love interests in a book. There was a bit of a cliffhanger but only in that baby daddy who no one knows the name of or who he is has not made an appearance as of yet. They are still on their way in the ship to where he is going to meet them so this is part of the story and I was ok with that. I'm interested in seeing what will happen next with her and getting to know the aliens on board the ship she's on.
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