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At twenty-eight, Jamie Gray has realized his dream of becoming a traveling nurse. After years of moving from place to place, he’s met so many new people but hasn’t formed any true connections. Jamie knows it’s time to stop avoiding his life, like he’s been doing since the death of his mother; his only family. Moving to the big city of Powell’s Point to share an apartment with his best friend is exactly what he needs. It feels like the best time to set down some roots and get into a routine...and maybe, just maybe find love.

Ronan Kincaid comes from a long line of doctors. Not being one to conform to the desires of his parents or society, his small practice focuses on the people in the BDSM community of Powell’s Point. Often misunderstood, the community needs someone who knows and lives their lifestyle...someone who will take care of them the way they deserve.

With his well-respected practice and exceptional bedside manner—coupled with afterhours scenes and kinky house calls—the nickname Dr. Kink takes hold, much to his dismay. Needing to replace his long-time nurse, he hires the best candidate for his growing practice, figuring his mild attraction is of no consequence. But as time passes, he finds it harder and harder to keep his thoughts and hands away from his new nurse. If only Jamie wasn’t so captivating, drawing Ronan to touch.

As their mounting attraction becomes impossible to ignore, their secrets are revealed, changing everything between them. Heated glances turn into heated touches, and they find themselves wondering: Is what they have a passing phase of pleasure and kink, or can they both open their minds to the possibility of a forever love?

Author’s Note: For those of you that prefer warnings use the “Look Inside” feature to find them within the first several pages. For those of you that prefer to be surprised, ignore them. . . Happy reading!

269 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 25, 2019

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About the author

Luna David

21 books600 followers
Luna David is a true romantic at heart who was fortunate enough to find and marry her soul mate. Most of the time she considers herself lucky to have been blessed with having g/b twins, but they're giving her a run for her money. She's a stay at home mom and an author, so when she's not begging her little monsters to behave, you'll most likely find her writing.

She loves anything book, coffee or dark chocolate related and can't think of a better way to pass the time than to combine all three. She reads romance novels voraciously and while she prefers contemporary romance with strong Alpha males finding their soul mates, she's a sucker for any well written, romantic story regardless of genre.

She created the Custos Securities Series because she loves to write what she loves to read. Her books feature strong dominant males and the men they would die protecting. Toss in some BDSM and kink and you've got her Catharsis Novel Series, The Boys Club Series, and Kink Chronicles Series. She loves nothing more than making her readers feel a wide range of emotions with her words. And she hopes you enjoy reading her books as much as she loved writing them. Happy Reading!

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Shelved as 'dnr-dnf-not-4-me'
January 27, 2019
Jamie tried to talk, his mouth opening and closing. He stammered out a, “I… I…” before Dr. Kincaid stepped back. It was slow, like he was tearing himself away from Jamie. His hand was still on Jamie’s shoulder, the heat of it coursing down his arm, making his hand twitch with the need to do… something, anything. But then that was gone too. Jamie stood there, eyes still locked with Dr. Kincaid’s, feeling the emptiness around him, feeling the need to step toward Ronan again.

I can’t. DNF at 13%.
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February 3, 2019
** 3.6 starts **

I mostly enjoyed reading this book. I liked both MCs - they were lovable, very sweet and adorable. I loved Ronan's practice and the way he treated people with respect. I loved Jamie's wonder when he discovered something new about himself. I loved the beginning of the story, how it all started between two men and up until the point where Jamie started exploring his own kinks. From then on the book had that sedate tempo that made it a tad boring to read and I had to force read through some chapters. There were plenty of intimate moments but the particular kinks explored in this book I didn't care for which were voyeurism (this I was ok with), puppy play (do not know much yet so on the fence about it), open relationship (not a favorite) and humiliation (a big no-no for me) but it was well-written so I still continued out of sheer curiosity. There was a bit of angst in the very end so that was nice. I wish there was more intensity and more angst between characters. It read very cute and vanilla if not for all the kink. I liked the secondary characters though so I am curious how it's going to go with Brad and Andy, so I will continue with the series.
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February 14, 2019
This warnings in this book checked so many of my boxes it should have been a big hit. I loved the setup of the story and Ronan's practice specializing in those within the BDSM community, as well as his after-hours clients. The kink was done very well and introduced some interesting characters (likely as a set up for future stories), but the story between the two MCs outside of those scenes was lacking for me to the point where I was bored a lot of times while reading.

The voyeurism scenes were incredibly hot. In fact, they were the best parts of the story for me. What I missed was seeing the relationship between Jamie and Ronan grow outside of that, since most of it was covered by telling us what happened instead of showing it. We are eventually told about how the two men had scenes where the previously vanilla Jamie discovered what he liked and didn't like, where Jamie had conversations with other subs about questions he had, and that Ronan had been worrying about things - something that seemingly came out of nowhere towards the end to set up drama revolving around lack of communication. There were some getting to know you conversations, but they were a bit like an info dump as opposed to the two MCs bonding and learning about each other. There were also some time jumps covered with just a sentence or two. I think all of that stopped me from really connecting with the relationship.

Both authors were new to me and I could easily tell where the writing switched between the two. I really wanted to like this story more than I did. The potential was there and if the next book is about one of the particularly interesting secondary characters that were introduced, I'd still give it a try.
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Shelved as 'dnf'
February 1, 2019
DNF @44%

Oops... another one bites the dust today. Yikes!

It wasn’t bad per se. Just...I got bored and the conversations felt stilted and things were just moving soooo slow. Some conversations felt like information dumping sessions. The last one I read was about how Jamie met his best friend and roommate, Andy. The moment I realised I dreaded reading their conversations, I realised it’s time to cut my losses.

Can’t. Take. It. No. More.... 🙈
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November 3, 2022
Ronan es feliz con su vida como medico en su practica privada, donde atiendo mayormente a los miembros de la comunidad BDSM. Pero cuando una de sus enfermeras se retira para volverse "mama en casa", la decision de contratar a un nuevo enfermero lo descoloca de la mejor manera, sobre todo porque la atraccion que siente por el hombre es muy fuerte, asi que tendra que luchar por mantenerse alejado del hombre o esperar a que el sienta lo mismo y puedan tener alguna relacion fuera del trabajo.
Jamie ha estado considerando asentarse por un tiempo, asi que cuando llega a la ciudad de Powel Point y consigue un trabajo enseguida como enfermero en una clinica privada, no puede creer lo bien que se siente. Ademas de poder seguir ayudando a los pacientes de la clinica, tambien tiene a un gran jefe, por el que se siente fuertemente atraido. Pero sus miedos a perder su trabajo evitan que de el primer paso, y mas cuando se da cuenta que su jefe no solo atiende a la comunidad BDSM, sino que tambien es miembro de ella.
Pero cuando una noche Jamie regresa a la clinica para buscar algo que se le perdio, se da cuenta que quizas una relacion con su jefe si pudiera ser posible, si este le ayuda a aprender sobre el mundo del BDSM y si el logra sentirse comodo con su nuevo descubriemiento.
Ahora solo queda que Ronan y Jamie aprendan uno del otro, y acepten que una relacion entre ellos solo puede estar basada en la comunicacion y la verdad, que solo si ambos estan dispuestos a entregarlo todo pueden convertirse en una pareja estable y feliz.

Me gusto mucho con se desarrollo la trama, fue atraccion a primera vista, y sexo al primer descuido, pero la forma como los protas hablan de comunicacion, de entendimiento y aceptacion, y al final logran aceptar que eso es lo unico que puede ayudarlos, me parecio muy bien llevado.
Pero hay como muchas escenas eroticas, que no se si ayudaban o estorbaban con la trama, hubo momentos en que el libro se me hizo demasiado largo y tedioso, solo cuando te acercas al final es que te das cuenta que el autor queria hacernos sentir las emociones de los protas en la ruptura, y que verdaderamente empatizaras con ellos, fue que acepte ese intermedio.
Ahora, me gustaron varios de los secundarios, quiero ver a cuales de ellos vamos a ver en los proximos libros, me gusto la idea del Dr. Kinky (jejejejeje) y sus escenas "fuera de horario", me gusto mucho la personalidad de la Gina y la secretaria, asi como de algunos de los subs ya emparejados, pero lo que mas me gusto fue saber que va a haber una relacion Andy-Brad, porque realmente el personaje de Andy es demasiado lindo y tierno para dejarlo solo mucho tiempo.
En fin, voy a seguir con la serie, esperando que los libros siguientes sean iguales o mejores que este.
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2,115 reviews1 follower
February 2, 2019
3.5 - 4 stars
Jamie and Ronan

A lovely story... funny at times... serious at times... and kinky at times

Jamie will start his new job as nurse at the practices of doctor Ronan Kink ehhh Kincaid... doctor Ronan Kincaid. The practice is specialized at working with patients from the bdsm scene, to give them a save place.

Jamie is astonished by what the BDSM community is all about. His respect for Ronan is growing. The mutual attraction is getting more and more irresistible.
When Jamie finds out, by accident, about Ronan’s ‘visitors’ on Friday evening... he is impressed and can’t stop thinking about it.
After Ronan finds out what Jamie has seen Ronan knows they have to talk.

Jamie is a sweet, caring guy and Ronan is the perfect dominant... by trusting Ronan he can express and experience his own kink.

At some point the past is colliding with the future... and not in a good way.

The kink in this read was quite diverse but mild. The whole story was captivating and all the main and secondary characters were well put down... I have some preferences for book #2 Andy and Brad...??
In my opinion there was a bit too much explaining... I’d rather see the emotion happen directly on paper than that it already happened and only explained afterwards. The results was a lack of emotions.
At the end I finally got my feelings I was waiting for. And I wasn’t disappointed!

Read and Reviewed for LesCourt ARC Team
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2,160 reviews37 followers
February 7, 2019
Let me start this review with a fact....I love Luna David's books. I wait for them, I devour them, I love them. That said, this one not so much. It was, dare I say it, boring. A book about BDSM, puppy play, voyeurism and humiliation was boring. I know! It was shocking to me also. The best parts of this one were when other people were involved in the sex. By themselves I just didn't care. I don't know why and I'm so sad about it but there it is.
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65 reviews19 followers
February 27, 2019
Possible mild spoilers ahead.

This was an ok book. Not exactly a ringing endorsement I know but hey ho. Now what about those MC’s, Ronan and Jamie? Well, in case it’s an issue be aware that Ronan does have sex with other people on page. Some of it to feed Jamie’s voyeurism kink, some before they officially get together. Jamie begins working as a nurse in Ronan’s medical practice and accidentally discovers he likes to watch Ronan with other people- and by extension is also happy to share him in a consensual non-monogamous relationship to indulge said kink later on. Apart from a couple of scenes the MC’s have sex off page which I thought was an odd thing for the authors to do. Especially given the subject of the book. Surely it would have been better to have Ronan and Jamie as the main focus? So, with lots going on off page, exploration of Jamie’s newly discovered kink and introduction into a BDSM community is not shown. It’s really only mentioned, or discussed in passing and certainly after the fact. Ok, I could have coped with all of that better if there had been something to fill the gap. More of a sense of place for instance. Much of what I would consider to be the important stuff- like early relationship building- is ignored all together. I also struggled with the overuse of personal pronouns instead of names which made some parts of this book confusing for my pea-like brain. There are a lot of secondary characters, as this is a series(?) I assume they are being introduced and foundations laid because they will be getting their own books. Although I couldn’t help feeling the authors tried to introduce too many at once and with little to differentiate between these characters other than names and kinks it made things busy and cluttered. Less is more as the saying goes. The crunch came with Jamie’s roommate and best friend, Andy, I won’t spoiler but he did something that was possibly meant to be funny, endearing, or provide insight into his character, but ended up being plain ridiculous. My snort of derision woke the dog... He’s deaf. At 68% I was fighting the temptation to skim because the general lack of, well, everything didn’t have me invested. At 75% I was ready to bail. By the end I had the general impression that the authors didn’t really have much of a cohesive idea about where this book should go. Now I’m no expert but I found the kink/BDSM (aka. good bits) lacklustre and bland. In fact the plot in general is a bit non existent. Probably not helped by my initial thoughts that the main focus perhaps wasn’t where it should have been. You might disagree but that’s the impression I got. Suffice to say a nice cover wasn’t enough and the book lacked that special something we all look for in a read. Sadly this was a big miss for me.

*2.5 Stars* rounded down
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2,066 reviews
February 2, 2019
3.5 stars ... this was a pretty good read. I enjoyed these characters and their kinky friends ! I found the pace pretty constant and there was no real high or low in regards to events or dramas. Low angst, some interesting kink and nice people 😊
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1,849 reviews34 followers
September 22, 2022
DNF @ 45%.

I honestly was surprised when I checked and saw how far into this I was. Because outside of the scenes, I don't feel like much has happened. I don't feel like I know either MC, other than superficial info dumps about them. I have zero emotional investment in these two.

I can't help but think how irresponsible it is to a) use your medical clinic for scenes and b) not ensuring that someone isn't going to accidentally walk in on you and you partners, especially when they may be in vulnerable states, especially since Ronan is so well-respected in the community.

As far as Ronan & Jamie's relationship, the ball was just starting to roll on that one. For as often as Ronan talks about Jamie exploring his kink and BDSM, I feel like he was doing an awful lot of telling Jamie what he was going to like. I would have liked to actually see them exploring that before Ronan goes all, "you may not feel submission, but I know your submission and that you are going to crave me telling you want to do so you can shut that pretty little brain of yours off blah blah blah blah". It feels very "Dom knows best".

And in regards to the blurbs:

Author’s Note: For those of you that prefer warnings use the “Look Inside” feature to find them within the first several pages

That "Look Inside" warning contains four sentences.

Intended for an adult audience. Includes explicit sexual content. Briefly mentions off-page past physical abuse. Contains BDSM/Kink, open relationships, voyeruism, humiliation/forced feminization, role play, puppy play, and medical kink.

Why not just include them in the blurb? And for that matter, they really should be included at the start of the audiobook if you're going to forego putting them in the blurb. Just saying. I'm also confused at the choice of bolding. Is open relationships deemed to be on the same level as past physical abuse?
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1,033 reviews12 followers
February 8, 2019
4.5 von 5*

Dr. Ronan Kincaid wird nicht ohne Grund Dr. Kink genannt. Das findet auch sein neuer Mitarbeiter Jamie Gray heraus. Dieser ist die Jahre auf Wanderschaft und Arbeiten an verschiedenen Plätzen müde geworden und arbeitet nun in der Arztpraxis von Ronan. Und sie arbeiten sehr gut zusammen, denn Jamie ist ein sehr guter und einfühlsamer Pfleger und Ronan ein beliebter und angsehener Arzt, der auch seine Mitarbeiter sehr gut und mit Respekt behandelt.

Zwischen Ronan und seinem Mitarbeiter Jamie beginnt es zu knistern, doch Ronan ist zu reserviert und diszipliniert um darauf einzugehen. Zudem ist sein Kink doch etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig und schon eine Beziehung ist daran zugrunde gegangen. Jamie macht sich so seine Gedanken, doch dann wird er eher zufällig Zeuge eines sehr aufregenden und vor allem anregenden Spiel, das sich nach Praxisschluß in der Arztpraxis abspielt. Jamie ist fasziniert, erstaunt und verwirrt zugleich. Aber er ist auch fürchterlich neugierig und hat mit dieser Beobachtung Blut geleckt.

Mit Luna David habe ich bisher keine so guten Erfahrungen gemacht. Doch irgendwie hat mich die Story dann doch interessiert und das Cover ist ja wirklich ein Eyecatcher. Ich liebe es und würde mir das Buch sofort ins Regal stellen.

Die Geschichte selbst wird sehr flüssig und schlüssig erzählt. Es macht Spass zu lesen wie Jamie seinen eigenen Kink entdeckt und von Ronan geduldig und doch nachdrücklich angeleitet wird. Doch Ronan ist auch sehr bedacht Jamie nicht zu überfordern und zu verschrecken. Dabei kommt es natürlich zu einigen Mißverständnissen. Allerdings schafft es das Autorenduo diese gut aus der Welt zu schaffen und keine Endlosschleife daraus zu konstruieren, die am Ende nur langweilen würde.

Insgesamt hat mir das Buch sehr gut gefallen. Die Helden waren wirklich sehr überzeugend und sympathisch. Doch auch die Freunde und Kollegen rund um Jamie und Ronan waren sehr gut beschrieben. Vor allem Jamies Freund macht Lust auf mehr und man darf gespannt sein, was da noch kommen mag. Die Sex- und Kinkrate war zwar hoch, aber die Szenen sehr gut und anregend geschrieben.
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1,432 reviews128 followers
June 18, 2020
Audio reviewed through Hoopla on June 18, 2020 -
Narrated by Kale Williams

Ebook reviewed through KU on Feb 12, 2019

Unusual read

Overall: 3.5 stars
Performance: 5 stars
Story: 3 stars

You must , unquestionably, have an Open Mind and to certain extent, an open willing heart, to enjoy this adventurous read.

Now days, it seems to me, many romance novels follow a certain cookie cutter approach and don't dare to step away a certain path; and if there is even a hint of cheating and/or an open relationship , those books are harshly criticized and categorized as non romantic.

Well, this book clearly proof that open relationships stories , between two consenting, loving adults can be , moving and romantic , as is the case in Open Mind.
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677 reviews142 followers
January 29, 2019
A kink smorgasbord

What a great book. The characters were lovable, the chemistry was insane, and the kink was awesome. Not only was there medical kink (sadly underrepresented in gay romance), there was a lot of other fun stuff that might be considered spoilers, though you can read the list of some of them on the look-inside. I look forward to the next one!
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3,374 reviews
July 17, 2021
This book did not disappoint. It hit a lot of the taboo, hot, spicy, and just plain fun parts of a sexual relationship while still telling an amazing story. I adored Ronan and Jamie’s story. So if you love the May/December trope with some BDSM thrown in - read this book.
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726 reviews25 followers
January 25, 2019
Perfect start of series.

When Jamie starts working for Dr Kincaid, or Dr. Kink in the BDSM community, he is pretty clueless about BDSM, and has no idea he has a kinky side. Not until he leaves his phone at work one Friday night, and witnesses for himself how Ronan spends his Friday nights.

After he decides to spend another Friday night as a Peeping Tom, it’s undeniable that his main kink is voyuerism. When Ronan finds out, he is more than ready to explore kink with his naughty nurse, particularly since he’s tired of fighting his attraction to the younger man.

This is the perfect introduction to kink and BDSM. Through Jamie’s kink, he and the reader are introduced to a variety of kinks, including puppy play, humiliation, feminization, and the daddy/boy dynamic. Some of which I hope is explored more in future books.

I really loved this, Ronan is the perfect teacher and partner. Though he is the reason for the minor drama that hits towards the end of the book. Luckily, while Jamie is happy to submit in the bedroom, he is not afraid to take charge in other areas of his life. These two really are a great couple.

This book has already set up 2 or 3 other books I want to read. A possible daddy/boy, and a couple who may have found their third. I also really want to read about the pup and his handler who recently acquired a second pup.

*ARC provided by LesCourt services

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924 reviews119 followers
February 23, 2021

I'm being kind of lazy so I'll just say this was ... fine? Kale Williams's narration is aces.

Jamie becomes a nurse for Ronan's medical practice. Ronan is a doctor who caters to members of the BDSM community, particularly gay men, and he's a member of both groups. On some Friday afternoons, after office hours he entertains and plays with friends, usually indulging in some medical kink. One day Jamie accidentally discovers these activities, later returns on purpose and confirms that he in fact has a voyeuristic kink and perhaps others. Ronan is glad to help him explore them.

Ronan and Jamie embark on a relationship with Jamie having questions but being very clear on the fact that he only wishes to be submissive in the bedroom and that made me like him immensely. Ronan is ... a very SSC kind of Dom , the kind who always says and does the right thing and it was, I said, fine. I just wasn't excited about him. He has the usual blah, blah, back story but Jamie seems to love him so I'll be happy for them.

Will I continue with the series? Maybe. As audios. I'm not in a rush.
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693 reviews22 followers
February 3, 2019
Ronan is a Doctor specialising in the kink (BDSM) community. He's looking for a nurse as his current one is about to leave to start a family. Jamie applies for the job.
Dr Kinky sure comes by his nickname honestly..
I enjoyed Jamie's curiosity. The growing attraction and slow burn between them was interesting to watch.
If you can read it with an open mind you are should enjoy it.
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834 reviews14 followers
December 11, 2022
*Second read - December 2022:
Still enamored with the connection between Ronan and Jamie, the variety of kink that is worked into this story and their friends/kink community.

*First read- May 2021:
Entertaining and kinky it was. Nice variation on the more erotic romance novels I've read and listened to lately.
Kale Williams did a great job with the accent of Ronan.
529 reviews
February 4, 2019
This was just okay. Great set up, but by 60% I felt like the story was over. Not much plot going on outside of the characters' relationship.
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88 reviews30 followers
October 31, 2019
Very good till 54% then becomes all saccharine & silly miscommunication. Secondary characters completely underexploited.
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1,237 reviews13 followers
June 4, 2021
2.5-3 stars

There were times in the book where I just sat there and was like “hmm probably shouldn’t be reading this during work” lol but eh gotta live on the edge I guess.

Overall this book was eye opening, you definitely have to go in with an “open mind” if you are new to reading BDSM like I am. There were scenes the characters did that I just sat there thinking “umm yes that is not for me” aka the actual puppy play situation, I don’t think I could read a book on that...but I said I wouldn’t read mpreg and I read the whole Forbidden Desires series last week lol. So pretty much Kaity never say never.

I did get bored half way through the book that I almost DNF��ed and it was during a steamy scene... soo that should tell you the enjoyment of the book lol. I did think the premise was interesting and I wanted more from the main characters, everything was so surface level that I felt I didn’t know them at all, so I couldn’t feel their emotions if they had any...

I would say it was an okay read, I am glad I read it but I don’t think I will continue since I felt like there was more telling than showing which is for me what makes or breaks the book. There is a fine line and this one didn’t hit it.

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1,979 reviews
April 21, 2019
4.25 stars

I hope these two write together again. I would love Andy and Brad's also Quinn and his two Dominants.
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591 reviews121 followers
November 15, 2019
I went into this book with high hopes. The premise sounded very good. At first I really liked Ronan and Jamie and was waiting for them to get together. After that happened, I got very bored with both characters and their relationship fast. Too much happened off the pages for me. The minor characters to me were very interesting and I was left wanting more of them. I hope we get to see more of them in the rest of the series. As far as the BDSM scenes I thought they were done nicely and for that, the set up of the beginning of the romance, and the creation of the minor characters, I give the book a 3.5.
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2,215 reviews63 followers
April 8, 2019
I really enjoyed this book. It’s a sweet slow read with very little angst and a nice amount of kink. Both of the main characters are likable.
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3,395 reviews90 followers
February 5, 2020
OPEN MIND is the first book in the Kink Chronicles and we meet Jamie and Ronan. Jamie is 28 and has been a travelling nurse for the past couple of years but is now ready to settle down. Ronan has settled down but is in need of a new nurse for his specialised practice!

This story is an interesting mix of being sweet and full of kink! Different kinds of kink so if kink is your thing, there is probably at least one scene in here you will like. As for Jamie and Ronan, I kind of thought they were the perfect pair - once Ronan pulled his head out of his backside! Not every relationship is destined to be monogamous and so long as everyone agrees to that BEFORE anything happens, I'm okay with it.

This was an enjoyable book that moved along at a fair pace. I enjoyed the characters and look forward to reading more in this series.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
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697 reviews135 followers
October 27, 2022
2 Stars

Plot was not that realistic and the pacing of the story was off. Story felt more focused on all of the side characters (I literally lost track of who everyone was) and the kink actually came more from the side characters as well. Ronan and Jamie's relationship and shared kink felt more like a bullet point that was only featured twice and never brought up again. I did think they were sweet together, but overall the pacing and lack of focus lowered my enjoyment a lot.

Standalone - Other books within series:
Book 1: Open Mind → 2 Stars
Book 2: Open Encounters → did not read
Book 3: Open Play → did not read
Profile Image for Carol.
2,252 reviews71 followers
February 1, 2022
bookcover:Open Mind|43704500]
Open Mind, Open Encounters, Open Play - Luna David
Kink Chronicles series - Books 1,2,& 3
4★ for all 3

The books are diffidently NOT for everyone. I've read books that dealt with the BDSM community, but I have never read any that bondage play was nearly the entire story. I did like the interaction between the Doms and the Subs. They did love each other a lot and the care and trust that was exhibited was over the top. I'm certainly not criticizing the lifestyle or the choices that anyone makes...but be very sure you know what the world is that you are entering before picking up these books. I put them all together for the review because they were so similar, just different main characters.
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451 reviews12 followers
May 5, 2021
I'm not a fan of erotica but this definitely made me rethink my options. I really love how the story unfolds for both MC. Jamie was a nurse employed by Dr Kincaid. Dr Kincaid was active in the BDSM lifestyle and has well-earned respect and trust in the community. Jamie on the other hand was very new to the whole BDSM lifestyle. I love the part where Dr Kincaid was more "experienced" it wasn't expected that he would be in control of the relationship. I can feel how both MCs are in equal standing and it's really enviable. They were too perfect in the first 80% of the book and the last 20% was the perfect thing I need to close the story. It brought their relationship to another level and I'm so happy for them. Recommended for readers who look for a low angst high steam with nice story plots. Note the triggers though.
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1,722 reviews12 followers
January 25, 2019
This was one hell of a fascinating, fantastic, wicked, naughty, intriguing, kinky, mind blowing, keep-you-glued-to-your-ereader, explosive, and totally awesome walk on the wild side. I was hooked from the very first page, and read it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. One click this scorcher ASAP!!!
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