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The Rogue Files #6

The Virgin and the Rogue

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Continuing her bestselling Rogue Files series, Sophie Jordan brews up a scintillating romance about a timid wallflower who discovers a love potion and ends up falling for a dashing rogue.

A love potion…

Charlotte Langley has always been the prudent middle sister, so her family is not surprised when she makes the safe choice and agrees to wed her childhood sweetheart. But when she finds herself under the weather and drinks a “healing” tonic, the potion provokes the most maddening desire... for someone other than her betrothed.

With the power…

Kingston’s rakehell ways are going to destroy him, and he’s vowed to change. His stepbrother’s remote estate is just the place for a reformed rogue to hide. The last thing he wants is to be surrounded by society, but when he gets stuck alone with a wallflower who is already betrothed... and she astonishes him with a fiery kiss, he forgets all about hiding.

To alter two destinies.

Although Charlotte appears meek, Kingston soon discovers there’s a vixen inside, yearning to break free. Unable to forget their illicit moment of passion, Kingston vows to relive the encounter, but Charlotte has sworn it will never happen again—no matter how earth-shattering it was. But will a devilish rogue tempt her to risk everything for a chance at true love?

351 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published April 28, 2020

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About the author

Sophie Jordan

71 books8,021 followers
Sharie Kohler

Sophie Jordan took her adolescent daydreaming one step further and penned her first historical romance in the back of her high school Spanish class. This passion led her to pursue a degree in English and History.

A brief stint in law school taught her that case law was not nearly as interesting as literature - teaching English seemed the natural recourse. After several years teaching high school students to love Antigone, Sophie resigned with the birth of her first child and decided it was time to pursue the long-held dream of writing.

In less than three years, her first book, Once Upon A Wedding Night, a 2006 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Nominee for Best First Historical, hit book shelves. Her second novel, Too Wicked To Tame, released in March 2007 with a bang, landing on the USA Today Bestseller's List.

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1,270 reviews517 followers
May 15, 2022
1.5 stars

The first 40% of this wasn't for me. The heroine gets awful cramps and her sister makes concoctions to help with the cramps, except this time her tweaking of it creates an aphrodisiac which causes the heroine to get horny af. She's the quiet sister and has been engaged to a childhood neighbor, who I thought she was kind of friends with but later in the story they don't seem to have that relationship at all. At the same time this aphrodisiac hits her, our hero shows up to stay at his step-brother's house, even though they don't really have a relationship but he's a lost soul right now. At night they meet up in the hallway and the heroine jumps the hero's bones and grinds on him to completion. The first 40% is pretty much the heroine in heat and the hero benefiting?/enduring? it.

There was about 10% in the middle that I enjoyed, because our heroine and hero actually talk and show some development of feelings. I love how historical romance can show the heat and emotions in the subtleties and I'm a sucker for innocuous scenes like this:
She moistened her lips and pressed, “What is your name?”
He sent her a small smile. “You know my name.”
“Kingston is a surname.”
“It’s all anyone ever calls me.”
She frowned. “I’d like to call you by your name. Your true name.”
“You’d be the only one to use it.”
The only one. At that, she hesitated. She knew she should let the matter drop. It would be far too intimate to be the only person using his Christian name. She didn’t want that intimacy to exist between them. Still, she heard herself saying, “I don’t mind that.”
After several beats of silence, he answered. Over the chirping of birds and wind rustling in the branches, he said, “It’s Samuel. Sam.”

When they call each other by their first names, gah, I love it because of the closeness/intimacy it shows.

Anyway, after that middle, the second half has the heroine still dealing with her childhood betrothal, she begins to question it around 65% and then breaks it off 75%, which is too late in the story for me; it doesn't leave enough time to give me what I want from my mains. The heroine and hero don't spend enough time together in the second half to develop the emotion I wanted between them and then when the hero comes back after leaving and puts his heart out there to ask her to marry him, she brushes him off until an extremely hurried scene of the hero, kind of stupidly, risks his life and “Oh! I just realized I love him!”. MEH.

I feel like this tried to meld erotic and historical romance but the beginning was goofy, am I supposed to be laughing at her being in heat? instead of hot, steamy, she's horny and then absurdly their penetrative sex scene was almost blink and you miss it. If I want erotic, I read erotic, this wasn't hot enough to me for that, when I want historical romance, I read historical romance but this didn't have near enough the character development for me to enjoy it in that aspect (Jess Michaels does a better job of melding hot historical). So, yeah, this was a fail for me but I see a lot enjoyed it and thought it was steamy hot, so ymmv!


How do I feel about the title, can't really answer that. But broke a nail clicking on the cover to enlarge.

To be polite about it, I'm a cover looky-lou and this is on my to-read list for that alone.
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291 reviews1,460 followers
March 17, 2020
So before we begin, please know I am a Sophie Jordan fangirl and the whole premise of this --- LOVE POTION, really harkens back to the kind of old school romance plots that I really love. That being said, I am sure people will worry about consent issues, and I will only say that it really worked for me because .

Anyways, here's the thing I loved, the love potion plot is really just a big old mirror that allows Charlotte and Kingston both to see themselves in a new light---it's just FEELINGS and that always works for me. One of my favorite things about Sophie Jordan books is that there is always this kind of madcap plotting, but the people involved are never foolish or silly. They're just out there trying to do their best despite love potions, and that's the kind of romance I'm here for. It was a romp and I loved it.

ARC provided in exchange for a fair review.
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2,005 reviews9,923 followers
May 18, 2020
It’s been a hot minute since I last read a Sophie Jordan historical romance. I’m more familiar with her contemporaries, but I have enjoyed her historicals in the past. The Virgin and the Rogue was my very first read in The Rogue Files series but it holds perfect well as a standalone, which I appreciated. I ended up enjoying it so much! It was a lovely, light-hearted, and easy read that already has me itching to go back and catch myself up on the rest of the series.

The book starts off with a love potion. Well, the heroine getting cramps from her period AND a love potion. Quite the start to a story, if I do say so myself. Charlotte drinks a “healing” potion given by her herbalist younger sister and all of a sudden, it’s made her very lusty. So when she runs into Samuel Kingston, she pounces on him.

This is honestly such a fun premise. Yes, you might have to suspend your beliefs to get into it, but I still enjoyed it all the same. When Charlotte and Kingston meet, they know they are the most unlikely of pairs. She’s a quiet, respectable, demure lady who is betrothed, while he is a former rogue and rakehell. He’s been celibate and clean for over a year and the last person he expects to break him of this is the proper Charlotte. But she shows him just how improper she is after she drinks her potion, and now he can’t get her out of his mind.

I adored Charlotte and Kingston! I loved how he called her Charlie and she called him Samuel, his first name. I always love when main characters get to call each other names no one else can. Theirs isn’t the easiest of romances, with Charlotte being engaged to another man and believing her wanting him is due to the potion, but I truly enjoyed the way the story played out. Charlotte is as endearing as she is frustrating, and I liked her character, faults and all. Kingston is the perfect match for her, the only one capable of bringing out her true character. He was so sweet but also knew when and how to push her. They made a fantastic couple!

The Virgin and the Rogue was a total hit, and now I’m kicking myself for not having read this series sooner. Charlotte’s older sister already has her book, and the next one is about the youngest sister, who I am SO excited for!
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2,044 reviews13k followers
September 26, 2021
3.5 stars

This was cute, but it felt like pure fluff. I thought the beginning was cute how Charlotte was given this tonic that was really an aphrodisiac and made her basically throw herself at our hero. They definitely had intense chemistry, which I loved. But I really didn't feel like the romance went beyond that. Charlotte just went back and forth between wanting to make it work with her fiancé and her intense attraction to Kingston. There was a little depth to him and his mom situation, but that wasn't really that big of a part of the plot. It was just their physical relationship and that was really it. It left me wanting a lot more!
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863 reviews196 followers
February 17, 2020
ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Rating 2.75

Review to come.

This was borderline Erotic. Not much character development and storyline.
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745 reviews945 followers
September 30, 2022
✨I bet this book will make you go👌🏼to gauge a measurement . . . for science of course.✨

**Re-Read Update: Her family sucks, Billy’s family sucks, the Earl and countess suck. The narrator sucks. Fuck the haters ie nearly every damn person in this book I’ll leave the rounded up rating bc I’m feeling generous and I did reread it after all and the ending was very cute.**

This was good! Pretty light and relatively fluffy for Sophie Jordan. Charlotte definitely found her voice too late and was very wishy-washy and complacent. Kingston did a good job acting as her foil and I definitely want more of him. Looking back on it, I definitely feel like we got more parts from her narration. Kingston was just so good. I also want more of the two after it all; the ending was abrupt. The epilogue could have done more as well. Go ahead, give Kingston some ol tonic.

In terms of Charlotte, she really needed to verbally put that wench of a future mother in law in her PLACE. She did it with Kingston’s family, but not her future one. I mean I get that that probably means something but spare me. Further, somebody rescue that poor elderly Mrs. Pembroke. At one point, Kingston asks Charlotte why she is even considering marrying Billy and she can’t answer. Right there should have been her answer but her indecision and complacency lasted just too long to be enjoyable.

I definitely thought it would be hotter, but don’t get me wrong. Like it was hot but not hot at the level I wanted and expected since Sarah MacLean said it scorched her eyeballs. The heat definitely started out early and followed throughout the whole story but it still lacked that final something. The first sex scene was the hottest and I think I wanted that title to go to the last one, since that seemed to be where our efforts were leading, you know? It lost steam along the way I suppose. Again, Sophie knows how to write sex scenes so they weren’t bad but could have done more. Also him calling her Charlie was just so good.

I definitely think this book would have been handled a bit differently written in 2021, as our standards are only improving in regards to blurred lines and such. However, Kingston was always getting consent and it was just so hot. Where I’m more meaning is Charlotte jumping him initially. Like I think it handled most aspects of love potion as a trope well but I can’t help but read into it a little.

This book didn’t make me all too sad that I didn’t read the previous book. Marianne and her husband (whose name escapes me) pissed me off and idk I feel like I’d have been sad if I’d liked them already. Also I wanted a little more growth between said husband and Kingston. That being said, I’m excited for Nora to secure that good bag in the next book.

⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/5 🌶🌶🌶.5/5

P.S. she never actually addressed his milksop comments did she? Odd. Obviously he didn’t mean them but like . . . ? I love a good fight/misunderstanding turned romantic tryst or confession.

P.P.S. From the first page, I definitely thought there was gonna be some hot period sex too. No such luck, just an FYI. I don’t think I’ve seen that in an HR yet.
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1,328 reviews242 followers
April 11, 2020
I must say, this is one of the steamiest historical romances I’ve read! I knew our main character was going to be under a tonic but goodness! The results were very hot! I haven’t read this series before but this book reads easily as a standalone.

While I did think this was pretty steamy, I did have some issues with our main character Charlotte. She hid her feelings and wants behind the concoction that Nora gave her. I wanted her to own up to her feelings for Kingston and her doubts about her betrothal to William. She wanted to blame everyone except herself. I didn’t like that about her. Her and Kingston were good for each other. It just took forever for HER to realize it. Yes, he was rogue but he was more than that.

Overall, I did enjoy this for the most part. I really hope that a story for Nora is next! I can’t wait to see who her love is and what he will think about our scientist.

I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review.

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688 reviews388 followers
March 21, 2020
The Virgin and the Rogue by Sophie Jordan
The Rogue Riles #6

I know the cover has been mentioned many times but I just love it! It's so damn sexy. I feel like the hero's pose and those back muscles, just wow. I saw this originally on John Paul's facebook page and was like I NEED IT!!!! When I saw it was Sophie Jordan's book, I was a little hesitant because she's been so hit or miss for me. I have read the first 3 books from this series and I strongly disliked books 1 and 3. But I overall liked book 2. This is book 6 but reads fine as a standalone. The heroine, Charlotte, lives with her sister and her husband, who are the hero and heroine from book 5, so it might be pleasant to read that story at least beforehand but not necessary. (At least that's how I feel with not having read book 5 :)

Now, I'm not going to lie, this book is a little ridiculous. It begins with Charlotte suffering from horrible menstrual cramps and her sister making her a tonic. It sounds like this is a frequent occurrence, but this time her sister experiments a bit with her herbs and makes her an aphrodisiac that turns Charlotte into a sex monster.

What follows is VERY SEXY. Two very hot, explicit scenes (no penetration) all before 40%. I was quite surprised. And while I usually don't love too much of that right away in the story, it worked here. This was a book I wanted to see what happened and I was eager to pick it back up again.

Kingston is a bastard, but is well known by the ladies and even the matchmaking mamas. He's had his fun but something has totally stolen the joy of women from him. He has a long celibate period before the heroine, I always love when that happens with a hero. Kingston is so damn sexy. And I really did like him. But, something happened with the character development in the book for me that I was left with only slightly knowing and caring about both characters. He has pain and we get to witness some of it but something just didn't quite grab my heart about him that it should have.

Charlotte I was left feeling similarly. I enjoyed her overall, but nothing extreme. I was still left feeling I only knew the basics about her, which made me sad because she was discussed so much as being this dowdy, boring lump and I didn't want to leave the book still feeling like she was a dowdy, boring lump. Lol. And she came out a little bit (I mean she came out A LOT sexually, but I wanted more than that.) I loved the sexual side of her finding her confidence but I wanted to see more of this fiery personality underneath.

So the sex was great. The story was overall good. The characters were okay. The emotional side was okay. Overall I really liked it but could have really loved it with a few tweaks. This has turned my opinion of Sophie Jordan to the better though. I have been liking the books from her less and less and this one is probably my second favorite by her.

Thank you net galley for the complimentary ARC. All opinions are my own regarding the story.
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1,131 reviews437 followers
October 20, 2021
I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via Edelweiss. This in no way impacted on my view.

I have heard so much about this author since I started blogging, but only recently fell in love with reading Regency romances, and when I had the chance to review Sophie's latest book, I couldn't stop myself from requesting it. The Virgin and the Rogue follows middle sister Charlotte, as she's planning her wedding to family friend, William. His parents are quite overbearing, and she's not really doing much planning, per se, but after her family nearly lost everything when her father died, and only recovered with her sister, Marian's, marriage to the Duke of Warrington, she needs to find some security, and Billy seems the best option. Younger sister Nora, who had always had an interest in medicine, makes up Charlotte's monthly cordial to combat her PMS and cramps. However, something was a bit different this time, and she finds herself overcome with desire and the only person who can relieve it happens to be Warrington's step brother, Kingston, who has just arrived at Haverton Hall. Kingston, after having quite the reputation himself, has sworn off his previous life, and was not expecting anything to happen with the seemingly straitlaced Miss Langley. But, after their encounter, he can't stop himself from wanting to bring Charlotte out of her timid shell, and show her that a marriage to Billy, and being near his parents, would suffocate her.

The whole love potion aspect of this book was a new one for me, and one I definitely enjoyed. It was a little ridiculous at first, but definitely was a device to break the ice between Charlotte and Kingston. Their chemistry was steamy, and after they had gotten over the initial anxiety - well, at least Charlotte needed to get over it - it was inevitable that they would give in to their feelings and desires. Charlotte kept using the excuse of the cordial being the only reason she had any feelings for Kingston, but it was clear to everyone that that was a lie, and that her and Billy just weren't suited to each other. Once she realised that she was only going through with the marriage because of her need for security, we really saw the true Charlotte. Kingston's character grew too, and it was definitely poignant the reason he was trying to reform his rogue-ish ways. Initially, he was trying to get under Charlotte's skin, but we saw that change to him wanting to get to know Charlotte, and really caring about her, and wanting whatever was best for her, even if that wasn't him. Though this was my first of Sophie's books, it definitely won't be my last!
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2,692 reviews701 followers
April 25, 2020
3.5 stars

I’ve read the other books in this series and had no plans on skipping this one, but was even more intrigued when the title and cover came out.

I liked Charlotte and Kingston. They’re both really good people who are looking for something of their own. The chemistry was instant and it was fun reading their interactions. Of course I loved seeing Marian and I’m already beside myself at Nora getting a book.

Plot wise, it was just okay. The “love potion” is the catalyst for Charlotte figuring out her feelings about her betrothed, but I wish it wouldn’t have taken her so long. As much as I loved the goading and button pushing, I wanted actual conversations between the two main characters and more of a showing of the attachment.

Overall, it was a quick read with characters who were easy to root for and I can’t wait for the next book.

**Huge thanks to Avon for providing the arc free of charge**
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1,055 reviews452 followers
March 6, 2023
I received an ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 stars

And the best romance cover of 2020 goes to The Virgin and The Rogue. I'm not even kidding when I say that I downloaded the ARC solely because of the cover. I might even need to get myself a physical copy lol. The book is not perfect, but I think overall, I did like it. I've read a lot of Sophie Jordan's books, but this was my first book from The Rogue Files series and luckily, it worked well as a standalone.

Charlotte Langley prefers to lead a quiet life and she's betrothed to her childhood sweetheart who matches her in temperament. But when Charlotte takes a herbal concoction to ease her menstrual cramps, the tonic actually ends up being an aphrodisiac. It brings out her passionate nature, leading her to hook up with Samuel Kingston, her brother-in-law's stepbrother.

You must suspend disbelief before starting this book. Certain parts of The Virgin and The Rogue were ADDICTING, to the point where I couldn't bring myself to put the book down. The whole aphrodisiac portion of the book was a lot of fun to read. And it was sexy. It was basically the equivalent of a fevered sex dream. Mind you, the heroine is betrothed to another man when that happens, so it is a bit frustrating. But her superb chemistry with Kingston makes up for it. There are also other factors at play, like her betrothed's atrocious parents. And not to mention, the actual tonic itself. I would say that the tonic acts as a trigger that pushes Charlotte out of her comfort zone and forces her to realize important things about herself.

The blistering chemistry worked really well for me and I liked the hero and heroine for the most part. There is some emotional development, but there is not a lot of room for it to really grow as much as it could have, mostly because the emotional intimacy only comes into play in the last 30%ish of the book. As engaging as the tonic storyline was, I wish that the book was longer, or at least, had a less tight timeline for deeper emotional development.

Another thing that didn't quite work well for me is the repetitiveness — the same background information being repeated over and over again. The hero also keeps telling us multiple times that he's not a cad or a rapist, as if he's expecting the reader to applaud him for his basic human decency. The author was trying way too hard here. We are shown that yes, he's not a horrible human being, despite his history of rakish behaviour. But there is no need for the constant telling and re-telling. Showing is a lot more effective than telling. And the author has already shown us that the hero isn't an ass. You don't need to tell me over and over again, especially if you've already done a good job of showing me. There were also a few continuity errors related to the story and the characters, but I'm sure that will be resolved in the final copy.

Overall, The Virgin and The Rogue is a fun and engaging read, but the execution is not the strongest. Regardless, I liked the fun aphrodisiac portion of the story and how it pushed the heroine to learn important things about herself. I also liked the hero's own journey, especially in relation to his father. I just think that the execution of the emotional intimacy could have been stronger.
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750 reviews991 followers
October 17, 2020
I'm so confused by this book. First of all, the description: "But when she finds herself under the weather and drinks a "healing" tonic, the potion provokes the most maddening desire..." By 'under the weather' they mean she's getting her period. This is a book by a woman, for women (predominantly for women, I should say) - can we not call it her period, or menses? (Also, plot hole? Because she talks about how she's about to get her period but then she and the hero keep hooking up and she... never gets it?) And the "healing tonic" is her sister drugging her with what amounts to 1800s female viagra.

I'm not shelving this on "don't recommend" because I'm clearly the minority on this one - all my Goodreads friends liked this book and I got a bunch of messages saying it was awesome. I don't know if it was any one thing that made me dislike it, because I was definitely having fun in the beginning of the book, but once I got to the 75% mark I was kind of like... is this it?

- The questionable scene of Charlotte riding Kingston in the hallway. I don't know if this is a consent issue because it's from his POV after and he talks about enjoying it / being enthralled by her, but later he does call it an attack (jokingly).
- The ridiculous nature of the tonic. It's never described and I think it's meant to be cute/funny but I just don't get it.
- The insta-love. The first half of the book takes place over I think 24-48 hours... the rest is a few days, a week tops? I'm like... are you in love, or are you just horny? It's fine if you're just horny but lets call a spade a spade.
- The plot was weak for me. It was just her being horny from the potion, her being horny without the potion, her literally cheating on her childhood sweetheart, and questioning getting married.
- See above - literal cheating.
- There were so many points where we as the reader know her engagement to her childhood sweetheart is a bad idea. They barely talk, his parents are terrible, he has no spine, she's never kissed him, she doesn't want to kiss him, she isn't planning her wedding (her dragon mother in law is), - oh and she has a full on Carrie Bradshaw panic attack in a wedding dress and needs to be ripped out of it because she can't breath. Like, did any of those ring a bell? Or, when she finally comes to the realization, does she think through any of these things or her complex emotions towards her childhood sweetheart - who she does remember fondly as being exactly what she needed after her mother passed? No, she just is like, "boom, done." No thinking through it... no fall out... no discussion.

This one just didn't work for me. I think there were parts that were cute and fun and I liked the idea of a girl who's horny and can't control it because it was kind of hilarious in the beginning where she was swimming nude and he was like "wanna go again?" and she's like "NO!!! but ok yes" - but it didn't really play out for me.
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1,292 reviews264 followers
November 27, 2020
The Virgin and the Rogue was a fantastic read featuring a romance that uses the love potion trope wonderfully.

Charlotte Langley has always been one to make the safe choice, so no one is surprised when she agrees to marry her childhood sweetheart. But when her herbalist sister accidentally gives her an aphrodisiac instead of her usual pain relieving tonic, Charlotte finds herself desiring a man who is not her fiancé. Kingston has grown tired of his roguish lifestyle and decides that his stepbrother's country estate is the perfect place to hide out. The last thing he expected to find at the remote location was a passionate encounter with a wallflower.

Charlotte has never been one with grand plans and has always desired a simple life where she will start a family and live in her childhood home. In accepting her childhood sweetheart's proposal, Charlotte believes she is now on the path to having the life she wants. As the least outspoken of the Langley sisters, Charlotte is often overlooked and her desire to be first in someone's life is not an outlandish wish. Charlotte's sisters had a tendency to discount Charlotte's thoughts and feelings, albeit unintentionally, which I didn't love.

Kingston is the bastard son of an earl and has spent his life drifting from place to place, never having a real home. In the last year, Kingston has grown tired of his lifestyle and finds he wants more out of life. And despite being someone who's company is sought after, he's actually very lonely. Kingston is very much at a crossroads when we meet him in this book and I enjoyed watching him try and figure out what he wants out of life.

Charlotte and Kingston's first meeting doesn't go well and the two form a lot of assumptions about each other. Late that night is when Charlotte feels the effects of the aphrodisiac she was given and encounters Kingston in the hallway leading to a very steamy scene between the pair. The chemistry between the two is instantaneous and the scene was fantastically done. From there Charlotte tries to avoid what happened whereas Kingston won't let her as he feels she clearly wants more from life than a passionless marriage. I really enjoyed the push-pull between these two although I will say I wish Charlotte had come around sooner regarding her engagement. There are a few more steamy scenes which were just as fantastic as the first one.

Overall I really enjoyed The Virgin and the Rogue and I will definitely be checking out the other books I haven't read yet in the series.

**I received an advance copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**
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2,754 reviews793 followers
January 3, 2021
This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance

The Virgin and the Rogue is a book that I have been meaning to get to ALL the year long and I finally got the courage to pick this one up. This newer series by this author has been a bit of a hit or miss for me and I can tell you I am beyond grateful I chose to read this one in audio format, because it did start out a bit slower than I would have liked if I had started it out in physical form. And oh boy, the crazy stuff that happens in this book was just laugh out loud fun at times and other times it provoked such swoony feels and even though the flow of the story wasn't quite as smooth as I would have wanted, it was still a solid romance to enjoy.

Our story begins with our heroine, Charlotte Langley. She is betrothed to be married to a man she grew up with. She is comfortable with him but he doesn't stir emotions like what she sees with her sister and her new husband. While having a dinner with her in laws and the family, she meets the brother of her brother in law...Kingston. Kingston has been known to many as a rogue, although Kingston is tired of the city life and the demands and misconceptions about his character. But when her sister gives her a potion to aid in her monthly' pains but only to have something worse given to her ...a aphrodisiac, one that provoked her into practically attacking Kingston in the library without realizing what was happening to her. Even though Charlotte believes she has been drugged by her sister, she knows that Kingston has awakened something inside her she doesn't want to give up but will she choose her own happiness over duty and obligation?

The Virgin and the Rogue was such a interesting take and I don't think I have read a book where the heroine is overcome by a aphrodisiac before, and it was pretty entertaining and HOT to see that scene unfold. Because I think that might be one the steamiest scenes that this author has ever written, although I could be wrong, she does do many well written sensual scenes within her books. And I will say as we are talking about this scene, side not....the SISTER I am NOT a fan of and she is the heroine in the next book *sigh* it might be a while before I read her book to be honest. Because I so didn't like her lack of remorse or care for her sister and the way she manipulated her in this one.

She, dull and proper Charlotte Langley, had a liaison with a renowned rogue, and he was still hanging about, complicating her life with public proposals.

The romance that builds within this story is so beautiful and I really liked seeing these two together. The sensuality is what kicks off their romance with a bang, but we go from the library to the mermaid in the lake scene to seeing them discover what is between them while all at the same time Charlotte is debating her engagement. You see how she wrestles with the expectations of her getting married, to actually realizing she has no fierce love for her fiancee and she wants more out of her life. Seeing these two journey towards each other in their own realization and expectations of what they desire in life was actually very heartwarming in many respects. Sophie Jordan is so talented in writing the balance of smexy and heart within her books and I found myself charmed within every chapter seeing their love blossoms so beautifully.

“You,” he answered thickly, his voice hoarse as he collapsed against a tree. “I was thinking of you. Only you. I only ever think of you. Your peace. Your happiness. You . . . you are everything to me, Charlie.”

Overall I found The Virgin and the Rogue to be a romance that offers a unique take that readers will find refreshing in most unexpected ways.

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May 9, 2020
What a surprise this book was! My least favorite trope is the virgin and the rake so I didn’t have high hopes going into this, but this book totally surprised me! It was completely different from the usual. The hero is a good guy and the heroine is a bit of a bad girl in the beginning. The hero was especially likable and sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and stayed up till 3 am to finish it. I’m looking forward to the last book in the series.
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April 18, 2021
This was SO BAD!!!

As a reader of historical romance, I don't expect accuracy. At the same time, I don't expect women to behave like they're in the 21st century!!
❌ The heroine - who's engaged to another dude - jumps on the hero after ingesting a supposed aphrodisiac. She then goes to swim in the nude and later indulges in a bout of mutual oral sex with the hero. She barely feels any guilt about the situation and doesn't even consider that she has cheated on her boyfriend and that she should either come clean or break up with him?

❌ She's SO BORING!! She lets the fiance's mother plan the wedding and accepts all her insults without batting an eye. Besides her jumping on the hero (which was instigated by the aphrodisiac and didn't really come her) there was nothing noteworthy about her, so not sure exactly how the hero felt in love with her.
❌ He's not interesting either. He wasn't smart or witty or charming (they SAID he was charming but I didn't see it.)
❌ At one point, she goes to live by herself and drives a carriage - not a curricle - A CARRIAGE!! That's not a skill that women in those days just had!!

The premise of the last book sounds more interesting but not sure I'll read it.
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February 26, 2021
This had me laughing out loud. I’m not sure how to review it so here goes. Sophie Jordan’s book #6 in The Rogue Files, has to do with a love potion storyline. Our heroine Charlotte is having monthly cramps, so her quirky sister Nora, who’s a semi-doctor/healer, uses herbs to make a healing tonic for Charlotte’s cramps that’s ends up being an aphrodisiac. While under the herbal tonic she appears to be in heat. Yes, you heard that right. She comes across Kingston in the middle of the night, who’s her brother-in-laws half-brother, and so begins strange and inappropriate ‘things’ happening between the two of them in the hallway (seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing.) What then grows into a romance stems from that. The romance wasn’t key in this story, it was the potion that took center stage. You have to suspend belief and just read it. I haven’t come across anything like it before. It’s different, sets itself apart from other HR which is probably why I enjoyed it so much.
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June 18, 2020
To be totally honest, 2 stars feels too high, but I don't think I would go as far as to say I didn't like it? It just felt so bland! And this has been my issue with this series overall, but I really felt it this time around. The aphrodisiac plot could have been SO GOOD but instead it (along with everything else) was so insipid. Even the ending, when trying to be Dramatic And Daring! was just like oh yeah okay cool.
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June 10, 2020
I think this is the book that made me realize: Sophie Jordan's historical romances are not for me.
I never had much luck in the past (I can't pinpoint why, but just no??), and this one solidified it. :(
(It's technically a 1.5 star - the extra 0.5 star is because the writing is fine, but the story? Well...)

There were a couple of things that were a turn-off for me, even before reading.

1. The blurb sounded so nonsensical... a healing "tonic" that made Charlotte horny for this man? Um....... el oh el. Throughout the first half of the book she was like, "No! I only jumped on you because of this tonic!" Ehhh........ Anyway, some reviewers were like "You definitely have to suspend belief but it's good otherwise!!" And I was like, okay I'll bite.

2. I HATE the word virgin in the title. LMAOO this is such a ridiculous pet peeve but in general I immensely dislike the social concept of "virginity" in the first place (I have lots of Ideas) and seeing Charlotte's virginity highlighted in the title in juxtaposition with the hero's rogue status is just *retch* are we in the 1990's *rETCH* she's more than just a virgin *RETCH* I can't even imagine recommending this to friends bc, come on, the words "virgin" and "rogue" are in the title. I feel like the people who are attracted to those words in titles are very niche.

ANYWAY, I read it because the cover was pretty, there were pretty good reviews, and my library happened to have it as a new release. So I was like, ehh why not?

And I just... so many reasons to not.

Charlotte was... interesting. The book surrounds her being boring and plain but - surprise to no one - she's actually super passionate and not boring. My problem with this is that you never saw her being as unassuming as people said?? She was just... there. It was a lot of telling, not showing. Because of that, I never really saw her as overlooked and her "progression" of becoming plain to passionate was "?????" Truly. The stakes were so low for her in the story, so I don't understand why she's engaged for more than half the book to a side character who speaks like one sentence in the entire story. Her refusal to end the engagement beforehand didn't sit well with me, and the stuff at the end TRULY made me frustrated (until I reached the point of apathy). Which I will add in spoilers below. Overall, she was okay though. I just vacillated between liking and disliking her, and even when I actively disliked her, I couldn't follow her justification for her actions. So. Eh.

Samuel was like, okay. I don't understand why he brought up his dying mother other than to blame his father on his negligence. Is he going to visit his mother?? Is he going to help her with treatments to make the process easier on her? Probably not, since he did all the things he did in my spoilers section. So no, I don't think he's a good love interest, nor a good human being, and was a waste of time to read about. The only thing that made him interesting was that he used to be a rogue, but now he doesn't feel attraction to anything! He's so listless in life! He's experiencing ennui, omg, and doesn't know what to do with himself! And this is solved by falling in love?????????????????????????? Okay, LMAO, I know this is a romance book but I'mma need better than that. Do you get a passion, or a job, or literally just a hobby? You don't even work estates or anything because you don't own property (at least, I believe). What are you doing with your life sir????????????? WHO FINDS THIS ATTRACTIVE? I don't.

TW: dying parent, sexy times
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January 5, 2022
⬆️Hot cover alert! ⬆️

Another enjoyable, sexy, fun, spicy, simply satisfying, page-turning Sophie Jordan read. A heroine that ends up taking the scrumptious rogue of a Hero... (and her life)... into her own hands= (yes please! 😋 )
Charming suspend disbelief story with a good balance of angst.
Entirely pleasurable!!!
Sweet HEA.
...I happily recommend!
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February 9, 2020

The whole forbidden romance aspect of “The Virgin and the Rogue” really did it for me with this one. I was expecting something overly cheesy, overused, and played out yet I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Charlie and Samuel’s relationship and intense connection they shared alongside the oh so hot steamy moments they had throughout the entire series.

Like typical romances, of course drama ensues when Charlotte tries to fight off her attraction with the rake when it’s revealed she betrothed to a childhood friend but that all changes in an instant when she takes a elixir created by her sister that will forever change the course of their relationship forever. This is the perfect combination for any reader looking for romance, steamy moments, opposites attract forbidden historical romance.

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April 23, 2020
Firstly, how gorgeous is that cover?

Secondly, how hot are those sexytimes?🔥 Naughty Sophie. 😉

This bananas book had me smiling throughout and admiring Sophie for making this crazy-sauce plot work.

An accidental love potion was the device that brought milksop Charlotte and reformed rake Kingston together. It was also the means by which Charlotte found herself and lent her the push to make life-changing decisions. Consequently, the aphrodisiac also helped Kingston realize what he wanted in life after wandering from place to place: someone to belong to.

There’s a lot of family involvement, both supportive (Charlotte’s sisters) and heinous (Kingston and Nathaniel’s parents, the Pembrokes). The best is Nora, who almost stole the show. I can’t wait to find out who Sophie will pair her with.
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February 1, 2020
One of the best historical romance covers so far of 2020 hides an equally steamy tale featuring a love potion, a virgin engaged to another man, and the rogue who claims he'll never fall in love.

What an entirely madcap adventure, one confined within the stuffy walls of a mansion that can barely contain the simmering heat between Charlotte and Kingston.

I don't want to give away much more of the plot as it is best consumed in one sitting while you feverishly read through it with an icy beverage on hand to rub on your cheeks.

For readers concerned with the love potion and consent, I recommended reading the spoiler on Jenreadsromance's excellent review here.

Charlotte's journey into her own power was a great way to spend an evening.

Thank you to the publisher for the ARC.
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August 10, 2020
This is an entertaining, well-written, very steamy, historical romance novel. It has likable, engaging characters, a love potion, a hot hero, a heart-warming romance, and a happily ever after ending.
It is an excellent addition to Ms. Jordan's outstanding "Rogue Files" series. Each novel can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone.
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April 28, 2020
Well! This is an unusual Regency romance!

A young engaged woman, Charlotte Langley, takes a concoction to treat the onset of her menses, made up by her herbalist / pharmacutical inclined sister, Nora. After feeling strangely like her skins on fire, she then 'jumps the bones' of her brother-in-law's visiting illegitimate step brother, the rakish, handsome Kingston.
My head was reeling and this was just the opening salvo! After deciding she had obviously been under the influence of an aphrodisiac mixture, Charlotte does it again...and again. Like a cat on heat really when she's around the gorgeous Kingston. And this is the quiet, boring, middle sister.
It was so ludicrous, verging on the comic, that I found I had to keep reading even as I mentally winced...continually!
All this whilst Charlotte is betrothed to a childhood friend, Billy, whose mother is a social climbing tyrant.
I'm in two minds about this novel. It's either a five star brilliant parody playing with the rake and innocent young miss genre, or it's a one star trite historical romance relieved by heaps of panting sexuality.
I've decided to settle for somewhere in between. The plot calls for suspension of belief of any preconceived notions of how a Regency miss should or would behave. I felt like I'd wandered into an Alice in Wonderland plot, where the innocent Alice (Charlotte) goes down a rabbit hole and comes out at the Fanny Hill end. I kept reading to see what was going to happen! Charlotte overcome by the force of attraction for Kingston keeps succumbing to her feelings, even when the excuse of having unknowingly drunk an elixir that stimulates her hormones runs out.
The story is littered with surprisingly insightful cameos, even as the storyline made my head spin. Like Charlotte catching a glimpse of Billy's grandmother peering out from a window, seemingly trapped within the walls of the house, looking out at the world, and never being able to partake. In that moment Charlotte makes the connection of how her future with Billy and his pernickety, bossy mother would be. Hauntingly realistic.
I was annoyed when Charlotte kept failing to find her voice. The moments never seemed right for her to exert herself. Someone else's need is always paramount. When Charlotte did find her voice it came as a complete shock to all. Now that was a wonderful show stopper!
Kingston the misunderstood rogue is at heart a man who we just know can grow into a better person when given the chance, and of course I kept hoping that Charlotte will be that catalyst.
So for this regency reader, this is a winner if somewhat astonishing.
I'm now contemplating what the series has in store for Nora, our pharmacy whizz. When she comes into her own I except her story to be equally as strange and complicated.

A HarperCollins ARC via NetGalley
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May 26, 2020
Review posted on Got Fiction? book blog


That cover! Heart eyes. All the heart eyes!

Charlotte Langley is the boring daughter in her family. Or so she says. And she’s been engaged since forever to her neighbor, an also boring person. She feels they’ll be perfect for each other in their boringness. The only problem is his mother. She’s awful. She’s pushy and demanding, and her son doesn’t seem to care. Charlotte just assumes that when they get married, there will be some distance between them, but he’s a mama’s boy and he definitely doesn’t share that plan. Although she doesn’t realize that right away.

Kingston is stopping by his stepbrother’s house for a couple of days while he figures out what he’s going to do with his life. However he and his stepbrother never really got along. But his stepbrother is married now (to Charlotte’s sister), and seems to have changed. Maybe it’s not too late for the two of them…

Charlotte’s sister Nora has been experimenting with herbs to help with Charlotte’s debilitating cramps each month. This month she’s tweaked it a bit. Unfortunately, she basically dosed Charlotte with an aphrodisiac. Luckily Kingston is in the hallway at the same time as Charlotte. He’s just trying to help her back to her room but she winds up writhing on him in lust. She doesn’t realize what’s happening, doesn’t even knowing what she wants. but he does, and he allows her use of his, er person 😉

I think Kingston fell in love with her instantly but Charlotte blamed their attraction on her sister’s love potion. She was still planning her passionless marriage, and although Kingston couldn’t admit why, he knew he had to prove to her why this was a terrible idea. Meanwhile, Charlotte still felt she was under the effects of her sister’s tincture, not realizing she was just really really attracted to Kingston.

This book was so much fun. I really enjoyed it, and I Kingston did a couple of things that made me love him so much. He stood up for Charlotte. I think it was handled well and I wish we saw that more often. I think that scene was my favorite. He knew her better after a couple of weeks than her fiance did after a lifetime. I think that Charlotte knew that too, she just didn’t know what to do about it. And when Charlotte finally broke off her engagement, I was actually left a bit unsatisfied. Remember how awful her fiance William’s mother was? Well, she was just extra cruel. And (this is my personal nitpick, so don’t let it bug you) it honestly bugged me that she never got her comeuppance. I like to think that Charlotte living happily ever after is enough. William’s ending, however, was satisfying and surprising.

Charlotte and Kingston absolutely get their happy ending and I loved it. This is Sophie Jordan at her best. Fun, witty, sexy, and so romantic.

You can read this as a standalone book.

***Review copy courtesy of Avon Books

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April 28, 2020
THE VIRGIN AND THE ROGUE is the book I needed in these uncertain times. It's fast-paced, burn-the-sheets sexy, heart-tugging, and, yep, a whole lot of bananas crazy. The perfect escape from reality. And, you know what? I LOVED EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT! Read the entire thing in one sitting. Couldn't put it down. Grinned from beginning to end. (Okay, there may have been a few tears near the end but they were HAPPY tears!) And, as soon as I turned the final page? All I wanted to do was go back to the beginning and jump on the crazy train all over again. Kudos to Sophie Jordan for immersing me in her fictional world and making me forget every single fear and worry lurking in ours.

*ARC received from publisher
*All thoughts and opinions are unbiased and my own
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May 8, 2020
This was fine! I read it for the aphrodisiac part (I imprinted on Secret Fire young okay) and that part was good, minus the fake second drugging that turned me off the sequel bait sister, but I never felt passionately connected to the hero and heroine as an actual couple? I read an entire book about them and still don't think I know anything about them really or have reason to think that they'll make a good marriage besides being horny for each other. Like, really, at the end of the book, what do they actually know about each other besides that the hero's mom has the pox? Maybe this book needed more talking. Idk.
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