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The Heirloom Anthology #1

The Forgotten Timepiece: A timeless tale of love, hope and betrayal.

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SeRina, an adopted, beautiful, rebellious and assumingly white teenager goes on the quest to find her biological family after tragedy strikes. On her journey, she is shocked to find out her true heritage. After an encounter with her eccentric newly-discovered grandmother, she is mysteriously transported from the year 2009 to the antebellum South in 1859 where she finds herself chained to an ancestral past that she never knew. There she runs into familiar faces from home, but she is remembered by no one. In 2009, she had seen but dismissed the struggle of blacks and thought the slavery narratives were almost a bit comical and over exaggerated with their rehearsed agony. But to be an arm's length away from the horror, to smell the fear and see the sweat dripping from his brow, to watch the strong rigid body of a man she had drawn so close to go limp from submission, devastated her in ways that she could not explain.
Torn between times, love survival, conformity, and resistance, SeRina is determined to return home, but how? Lodged in 1859 living the life of a slave instead of her life of luxury, "Freedom", the once insignificant, simple and presupposed word now held a new value in her mind, and she wondered if she would ever taste it again.

323 pages, Kindle Edition

Published January 21, 2019

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Joyce Licorish

22 books21 followers

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Profile Image for Dez.
44 reviews1 follower
May 17, 2019
Really enjoyed this story! This definitely didn’t read like a debut novel....Ms. Licorish penned this like a seasoned author. I’ll be on the lookout for more books from her for sure!
Profile Image for Vicky Peplow.
Author 19 books34 followers
January 23, 2021
A great read

I was hooked to this book as soon as I started reading it. If a book has history, time-travel, and a great storyline, then you have my attention. I wish I had written this book as it is greatly put together with some amazing characters and it means more to me when the characters are based around or named after actual real life people. This twist at the end really pulls the book together and gives it an ending well worth waiting for. Highly recommend.
Profile Image for Joi Chanél.
8 reviews1 follower
January 19, 2019
The Forgotten Timepiece is an absolute page turner! I wanted to know what was going to happen next and didn't want to put it down. I was both annoyed and empathetic for SeRina, the seemingly spoiled self centered rich white girl who ended up going for the ride of her life. Her journey took me from wanting to slap her to rooting for her. The story includes time travel, family history and twists and turns of the American slave era. It was a great read and I can envision seeing the story played out on film. I look forward to hearing more from this author.
Profile Image for Arthur Lee.
1 review2 followers
February 23, 2019
I have a few Facebook friends who have written books and I have supported them. Some of them were bad, some were good, but this time, I have a friend who has written something GREAT! The story sucked me in and I had no choice but to continue to turn the pages. Great characters, great writing, great book. You did your thing with this one, Joyce. Can’t wait for the movie and to read more work from you.
March 6, 2019
Loved this book!

This book gives an enlightening perspective of racism, ignorance, forgiveness, white privilege story that takes you back in time. Mostly this book reminds all people of any color, gender or status the importance of love.
Profile Image for Nancy.
Author 3 books1 follower
June 16, 2019
Best book

This is the best book I've read so far this year. I hope the author will continue writing because I will continue reading. Highly recommend this book to everyone of all races.
Profile Image for njeri.
48 reviews1 follower
March 22, 2019

This book was absolutely amazing!!!! I could not put this book down. You told every character story well. I felt as I was there.
Profile Image for Margie Clark.
16 reviews
March 29, 2019
I truly loved reading this book! Wish it hadn't ended... Would love to see where things went in the end with "Ivory".. A sequel maybe?
46 reviews
September 2, 2020
Great read

This was the first book I have read by this author, but it won't be the last. Couldn't wait to finish it. Very surprising ending.
Profile Image for Madoverbooks.
21 reviews
April 16, 2019
A little bumpy in the beginning but otherwise a good read! 3.5 Stars
A much-needed and hard learned lesson by a spoiled rich girl about her heritage. The book sends an important message as to no matter how much they try; one cannot hide from who they really are and can only find true happiness once they accept their true self.
The first few chapters of the book felt a little awkward as there were quite some inconsistencies. I mean the doctors only kept the patient on life support for 3 months? Seems kind of short doesn’t it? Serina being considered black just because she has curly hair and her unexplained hatred for black people also seemed far-fetched and I couldn’t understand why would one tell their long-lost granddaughter about her great aunt and great grandfather first instead of her mother?
But once I got to the heart of the story, it was hard to put the book down. I finished reading the book in one sitting!
The characters are rich and the readers can easily relate to them.
The vile behavior of white people towards black people, considering them animals and that too in the literal sense. Their ability to do unthinkable evil…some of the incidents will shock the readers to the core.
The language, the vocabulary, slangs, and enunciations give the book certain depth and let the reader feel like they are right there in 1859 with the unfortunate slaves.
I even learned some slangs and vocabulary of the mid-19th century.
The epiphany of Serina about God wasn’t very convincing and her return to her original timeline didn’t really feel smooth. Having said that, I really liked the sweet ending with not a happily ever after for that is a thing of fairy tales but a strong possibility of future full of happiness for Serina and reunited family.
The Forgotten Timepiece is a fine read, and the writer has been able to do a fine job, especially, given that its Joyce’s debut novel.

Profile Image for Angi Naerebout.
1,511 reviews10 followers
April 11, 2019
Important themes and ideas

It was a good story and the idea was brilliant, but the execution was just a bit lacking. I had a hard time with the style of the story. The way it was told made it difficult for me to really get into. It would be a great play.
Profile Image for Tandi Landes.
8 reviews
May 3, 2019
Page turner

The Forgotten Timepiece is.full of turns and excitement. It's an easy read that keeps you wondering what is coming next.
13 reviews
May 3, 2020
Loved this book very good at time traveling and finding yourself in the past, and accepting who you are both inside and out.
Profile Image for Samantha Evans.
Author 7 books67 followers
February 13, 2021
Time travel has always gotten me interested! It was such a good read, and I loved it! Knowing that there are more books after this one I am very excited to read more! The main character goes on such an empowering journey that it had me interested and I loved the journey all until the end! Reminded me of outlander on how the main character came from one century, and in this case, traveled back like three centuries! It had me at the edge of my seat! How when she went back in time how she saw how hard it was for people that were bound to slavery during such a hard time. I will not say much because I do not want to spoil the end. I cannot wait to read the next book!
Profile Image for Joyce Licorish.
3 reviews4 followers
February 23, 2019
I love to read and this book checks all the boxes for me. Struggles, triumph, love... The tragic undercurrent of racism plaguing our country is artfully woven into the fabric of this novel. With a unique sci-fi twist, and a startling finale, this book will keep you up past your usual bedtime. The echoes of the characters will stay with you long after you read the last page.

By T. Hignite
See Amazon for more reviews.
106 reviews
October 18, 2020
A Great Debut

I was taken in by the synopsis of this book. It was intriguing as I had not seen too many time travel historical fiction dealing with this subject matter. It’s hard to say if this was fiction, or a bit of realism with fiction thrown in. How did most slaves live? Were they
all treated horribly or were some better off than others. The author penned an interesting narrative, bringing you into the situation of the day.
Profile Image for Rochell Williams.
Author 6 books4 followers
August 25, 2021

This is a book that stays with you long after you read it. I read it in one day and it lingered in my thoughts well after the book ended because my mind was fixated in the next, what would happen next and what should happen next. This story had me enthralled throughout and I loved every minute of it.
11 reviews
January 4, 2022
This story will pull you in and hold you to the end

I was so emotional invested in this story. The imagery is so strong and the story telling is rich with details that make it come alive. I truly enjoyed the way this story unfolded. Joyce is an amazing story teller that will have you enveloped in this fictional tale with very real history. I highly recommend this book
Profile Image for Shelly Echols.
2 reviews
November 20, 2020
A good book to read

All I can say is, Wow! It was a good read from start to finish. The end was especially good.
Profile Image for Sheila Ames.
3 reviews2 followers
March 10, 2023
History and Love

As a white woman, I know I cannot fully grasp what it’s like to live in black skin. I didn’t grow up with generational trauma from the horrors that took place in this country and still do today. Reading this book, helped me to see and feel a portion of that in a fictional setting Based on the truths of our history. It was a story of love and of coming to truth of who she is, how to love herself with her new discovery. I was captured early on and kept sneeking away to read more! Can’t wait to read more of her books. Keep writing Joyce! I’m your newest fan!
Profile Image for Joyce Licorish.
3 reviews4 followers
September 23, 2019
The Forgotten Timepiece it's a sci-fi/time travel/historical romance that pulls back the curtain on racism when a racially ambiguous adopted girl goes on a quest to find her heritage. On her journey, she meets her quirky grandmother who gifts her a family heirloom which causes her to time travel to 1859 where she lives the life of her great great grandmother as a slave. Appropriate for ages 14+ an epic ride and unique twist.

It has been well received, and hit #1 on Amazon Kindle for African American Sci-Fi the spring of 2019.

JLThe Forgotten Timepiece
Profile Image for Joyce Licorish.
Author 22 books21 followers
October 2, 2020
A unique prospective on racism and interracial romance in the antebellum South in 1859. Time travel is my fave genre, and this was a wild and thrilling ride.
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