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Beautiful Men Collection #1

Beautiful Stepbrother

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Look, but don't touch​...

Thriving land developer Zander King lives to work and works to win. He’s tightly wound, in complete control, and by the book. That makes him a great CEO... at a cost.

He could have his pick of the many beautiful women who throw themselves at him. But there’s no room in his life for a girlfriend, let alone love. For him, relationships are physical and fleeting.

That is, until a shared tragedy reunites him with landscape photographer Savannah Morrissette. She’s different. Gorgeous? Check. Sexy? Check. But she’s got a sassy edge to her super laid-back vibe. And that makes her so damned irresistible.

When Zander learns Savannah is blocking the biggest deal of his career, he’s determined to make her see things his way. But she’s no pushover. He must find a way to work with her as their attraction—and temptation—escalate to a feverish pitch.

They say mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea. But how can it be wrong if it feels so right?

182 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 21, 2019

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About the author

Stoni Alexander

12 books115 followers
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Stoni Alexander writes sexy romantic suspense and contemporary romance about tortured alpha males and independent, strong-willed females.

Her passion is creating love stories where the hero and heroine help each other through a crisis so that, in the end, they're equal partners in more ways than love alone.

The heat level is high, the romance is forever, and the suspense keeps readers guessing until the very end.

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1,220 reviews29 followers
February 14, 2019
Since my first Stoni Alexander book, The Mitus Touch, I have grown to appreciate this author. Interestingly enough, Beautiful Stepbrother has light connections to the former book. The story follows Savannah and Zander. Zander is the CEO of his land development company, and his life is controlled. It is all about work and very little fun. Any romantic encounters are one-night stands that end quickly as his life is all about his business. One day, Zander rescues Savannah when her car battery dies, and she is everything that Zander is not —- a free-spirited photographer. Unbeknownest to them, at their meeting, Savannah and Zander are step-siblings who haven’t seen each other in many years. This becomes known to them when, a short time later, Zander is notified that his father has died. At the will reading, Zander and Savannah realize their connection. Zander is envious of Savannah’s attachment to his father who failed to give Zander the affection he needed in his youth. They are thrown together when Zander’s father splits his estate between them. Zander’s business is in jeopardy, and his father’s estate will remedy the problem. However, Savannah stands in his way, along with his seemingly forbidden attraction to her. This is only the beginning of the story...

I have read a few romances that entail the forbidden step-sibling trope. Usually, they are more about a physical connection than anything else. What I liked about Alexander’s story is the emotional connection that she creates between Zander and Savannah. There is an undeniable physical attraction between the two; however, Zander and Savannah are completed by each other. Zander becomes changed by Savannah in all the best ways.

As is the case with any step-brother/step-sister story, there is the worry over the forbidden. This is seemingly an issue, but, to be honest, I never thought it should be. It seemed as though it was made to be an issue when it shouldn’t have since the characters didn’t even recognize each other initially. I know that was Alexander’s intent towards strife, but I think this could have been achieved simply through their differences of personality. That would be my biggest criticism of the book. I personally like true angst, not one that is manufactured.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. Zander and Savannah are interesting characters, and they have a strong chemistry that lights the pages on fire.
February 5, 2019
To Read the whole review: https://wickedcoolflight.net/2019/01/...

Stoni has brought her amazing story telling to us once again. However this story is not part of her Touch Series.

This is a departure from the group of friends’ story she tells in the Touch series. This one is a hot of late sub-genre about family love stories. Those between step siblings. I like that in this one, there is not connecting family left, ie: the father/stepfather. It makes the story less complicated and purely about Zander and Savannah. I also like the environmental approach she took to the land project. In the end she handles that beautifully where both sides win. She also uses Savannah to change Zander’s way of thinking with regards to big business and how being environmentally sound could be done even in big business.

To the love story though, because that is what all of you guys are here for. Zander and Savannah believe their romance and attraction is taboo because they once lived under the same roof. Albeit that was over 10 years prior. They try very hard not to want each other, but realize in order to resolve the mess their father/stepfather left them they must spend an inordinate amount of time together. The close proximity and the feelings Savannah still harbors from her teenage years are what drives the two of them together. When they discover they can count on one another when the chips are down or in a crisis, they realize maybe they have more than a fleeting attraction for one another. The sex as usual is very hot in this one and the angst is at a high level because both is saying, “we shouldn’t” while they “are”.

Stoni brings it once more with this book and I can’t wait for her next book to arrive on e-readers everywhere. Pick this one up if this is your trope and enjoy to your hearts content. You truly won’t be disappointed. So I’m giving this a 4.5 of 5 rating. Happy Reading my passengers.
Profile Image for Sandra Lopez.
Author 3 books317 followers
February 12, 2019
Zander King was the “love-em & leave-em” playboy working through a rough patch in his land developing company. With no business deals coming through and a monthly loan looming in the not-so-far distance, Zander was up against a wall. When he discovers that one of his floundering business deals had to do with his detached father, his focus comes to a stand-still.

“Starry Cove had the potential of becoming a vacationer’s paradise.” (11)

Then his father dies, sending him back home to Starry Cove.

Cash-strapped Savannah was saddened by the loss of her stepdad, whom she was close to. At the will reading, she runs into her stepbrother, Zander, whom she hadn’t seen since he left for college. Man, did she have a crush on him back then, and the boy only got hotter with time. Amidst the sexual tension, Zander and Savannah realize that the will had granted both of them shared rights to the Starry Cove property. The dilemma: he wanted to renovate the land, and she was instructed to vote down his dream project. The goal: he’d do anything to get her to give in with his “down-and-dirty” game plan.

“You and I couldn’t be more different. You’re all about land development. I’m about preserving the environment. You want to build a glitzy stop-n-shop and I want to honor Kyle’s wishes. You’re an uptight suit and I’m a carefree spirit. But we are in agreement on one thing. Hooking up would be wrong. Very, very wrong.” (42)

The two battle with pent-up passion boiling inside them, until…it explodes.

I thought this was pretty good. Story was well-outlined and the characters had good sexual chemistry. The business schematics were a bit dry and, at times, slowed the pace down. Still, this was a good love story of the wickedly sinful kind.
796 reviews8 followers
January 2, 2021
Stilted, unnatural dichotomy between step-siblings forced together by a shared parent.

Boring storyline - Zander's dad, once married to Savannah's mother, dies, leaving his considerable assets (house, a hundred acres of prime, undeveloped property, a trust fund) in joint ownership to both Zander and Savannah. In the first place, it's extremely unlikely such events (a stepchild remaining close beyond divorce, or equally inheriting with the natural child, as well as given power over a biological son)would occur.

It's too perfectly set up and resolved: Zander's controversy with his dad over his development company; Savannah's childhood crush on Zander rekindling after over a decade; Zander falling in love suddenly with Savannah despite resisting/remaining immune to ANY woman, no matter how beautiful, sexy, intelligent or charming she was. Let's not leave out how each is irresistible to the other, and (gaspl) are shining, gorgeous examples of male and female perfection, who just happen to also be each other's type. Wow. Just...no.

I cringed at them calling each other "babe" and obviously delighted at the moniker. I have read a few steamy, engaging, even funny accounts of step-siblings hooking up and ending up with an HEA, but those writers knew how to SHOW rather than just TELLING the reader what was happening, and what the characters thought and felt. That was the most significant rule of great writing taught in literature interpretation, especially recognizing what's good over mediocre: the best writers brought scenes to life, creating pictures for their readers.

One and a half stars, for decent formatting and editing.
Profile Image for Abby .
1,785 reviews38 followers
January 24, 2019
Stoni knows how to grab the reader and bring them ALL.THE.FEELS. I was very quickly lost in Zander's and Savannah's plight. Zander and Savannah haven't seen each other in years. While they aren't related and have no current family ties, they once knew each other when they did. Something like that was hard to overcome. They have both grown up and had difficult childhoods, for various reasons, but they don't know the adult version of who they have become. So while there is a history, they learn new things about each other. And while the circumstances that brought them together may have originally lead to a preconceived notion, they have to spend time together. And I enjoyed this necessary evil they had to endure ;) The chemistry between this couple was hard for them to ignore, but they knew it could lead to disaster. Time was of the essences and a task was at hand. Mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea. Right?? This is a standalone book and I definitely recommend this read!
Profile Image for Judy Miracle.
1,199 reviews7 followers
February 2, 2019
As always Stoni Alexander knows how to hook you from the beginning. Beautiful Stepbrother is a very well written book that draws you in and makes you not want to put the book down until the very end. Stoni has a way of bringing her characters and the surroundings to life. They infinite ways she describes everything makes you feel as if you are in the story with these characters. But she also knows how to do it without boring you with mundane details.

The tension between Savannah and Zander is palpable from the first time they meet and only gets stronger as the story goes on.

Some may consider stepbrother books to be taboo, but this is anything but. Yes, their parents were married at one point in their lives but they aren't anymore and years have gone by since these two have seen one another.

Absolutely loved this book and the characters. Cannot wait to see what Stoni releases next, she has a reader for life in me!!
Profile Image for Kali McQuillen.
1,705 reviews32 followers
January 24, 2019
This isn't the same old stepbrother trope. It's more. Zander and Savannah's parents married years ago but then divorced. Her mother is something else and I didn't care much for her at all. It's hard to believe that Savannah came from that woman.

When Zander and Savannah get to know each other as adults they're at different ends of the spectrum about the will of Zander's father. Zander's upbringing was different than Savannah's and my heart hurt for him.

Will one of them get what they want and will it push the other way or will they somehow find a way so that they both get what they want?

I loved the way the story flowed, how I got involved right from the very start and hoping that these two would see what was right in front of them. I have loved this author from the very first book that I have read and it hasn't changed.
3,081 reviews
February 5, 2019
I am volunteering to leave a review of this ARC book. Step brother and sister, but they haven't seen each other in so long, they don't even recognize one another when he helps her with his car. Zander's father put a road block in Zander's real estate development plans, when he was alive, and now via Savannah, the step sister. They have more than one problem, each on their own, and now together. They're wildly attracted to one another. Will they act on the attraction? What about their businesses? It was so much fun watching Zander resisting his attraction. I loved Savannah teasing, teasing, teasing Zander. If you want a fun, quick, with just enough steaminess read; this will satisfy them all!
Profile Image for Anne Baker.
756 reviews4 followers
January 24, 2019
Life Can Be Real and Complicated

A perfect read by my all time favourite author Stoni Alexander who puts a different, and superbly written spin on a ‘stepbrother’ trope. Stoni puts the magic of finding the middle ground in this complicated relationship around Zander and Savannah’s story and of how opposites can and do attract, with a white hot, slow burn of an oh so romantic, beautiful, taboo storyline magnificently. A book I loved from start to finish cuddled up in my soft winter blanket, who needs movies and TV when you can cosy down with a Stoni Alexander book, one I can highly recommend?
I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving a free copy.
1,328 reviews4 followers
February 10, 2019
Compelling and much more than a simple romance!
Ms. Alexander has managed putting together a story that reflects not only the attraction between Savannah and Zander but also the consideration and respect they share. Never having known each other growing up, they meet when they go for the reading of their father/stepfather’s will. It’s fascinating to watch how effortlessly she combines their opposite viewpoints into one that mutually reflects their ideas. Terrific characters and storyline are brought together by her very talented writing skills.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
Profile Image for Kelly  DeMarco.
1,548 reviews3 followers
January 24, 2019
Compelling and so very steamy

Beautiful Stepbrother by Stoni Alexander is a very well written book. This book captured my heart and mind with its wonderful characters and intriguing storyline. I loved the range of emotions Savannah and Zander go through. Between that and the setting descriptions, Stoni brought these characters, the smoking hot chemistry, their lives and circumstances to life creating an awesome page turner.
I read an ARC of this book and voluntarily share my review.
Profile Image for Gerry.
1,470 reviews4 followers
January 27, 2019
Very sweet romance with nice erotica but not overly much. Zander is a beautiful man who is a workaholic who is obsessed with his business. Savannah is his ex-stepsister whom he hasn't seen for seventeen years. They have been named co-owners of his father's properties in his will. They are quite attached to each other but fear their relationship would be somewhat incestuous. The story is lovely with some graphic loving sex scenes. I really enjoyed this book as well as Ms Alexander's other books and highly recommend them.
Profile Image for Terry Hammoutene.
1,393 reviews9 followers
February 2, 2019
Savannah is not the same girl she was when she her mom was married to Zander's father. Heck he doesn't even cross her mind anymore. That is until his dad dies and she is called to the reading of the will. She never guesses what the will says or how this affects Zander.
Zander is going to lose it all if something doesn't happen quick. He does not need any distractions. He just needs to focus on his business.
He dad however puts the biggest distraction in his way Savannah.

This was a fun fast read.

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review**
224 reviews3 followers
January 31, 2019
I was hooked on Stoni Alexander books from the very first one, and this book is no different. The story draws you in from the very first page. I started
the book and could not put it down until I was done. The sexual tension between Savannah and Zander burns the pages. Some people might consider this a
taboo romance; it is not. No blood relations were used in the writing of this book. It is steamy fun without the guilt.
2,616 reviews10 followers
February 24, 2019
Beautiful Stepbrother is a really sweet, passion filled romance about former steps that reconnect and fall in love. Zander and Savannah are likable characters who try to fight their feelings for each other but they just make each other so darn happy they can't resist! I loved them. This is my first read by this author and I look forward to reading more. I enjoyed this story very much.

I am voluntarily reviewing an advance reader copy of this book.
Profile Image for Mallory Lopez.
43 reviews1 follower
March 6, 2019
Three and a half stars

I like this taboo trope but this book could've been better. He characters were a little inconsistent. The book description is not at all what the book is about. I thought they'd be new adult but they were in their mid 30s so if you like the taboo romance this doesn't really pack a punch at all. They hadn't seen each other in 17 years so it was just like a regular erotic novel.
Profile Image for Rae Latte.
935 reviews13 followers
April 20, 2019
Beautiful Stepbrother by Stoni Alexander is a story of overcoming expectations, confronting desires, and unexpected discoveries. What happens when you fall for the one person you’re not supposed to? This story deals with the unexpected desires that unfold when you fall for your stepbrother. While this trope isn’t one I typically read, I’m glad I read it. I was impressed at how Stoni navigated around the sensitivity aspect of the attraction, desire, and romance in this trope.
Profile Image for Emily Dickson.
1,059 reviews4 followers
January 23, 2019
Zander and Savannah were fantastic characters and were really interesting as they both had different outlooks on life. Being step siblings a relationship is taboo. Lots of chemistry and I loved how each ends up being who and what the other needs. This was a wonderful story and had such great characters. I loved it!! I am voluntarily reviewing an arc.
Profile Image for Kelly_Reads_Books.
1,711 reviews90 followers
February 10, 2019
Stoni Alexander is a new to me author and I loved this book. She writes great characters and weaves realism into her stories.
Zander and Savannah's story begins in the most unusual ways, a car broke down and a hero offering a boost and the story evolves perfectly from there. And builds honestly and with truth from there.
I will definitely be reading more from this author!
923 reviews3 followers
February 14, 2019
Great read. When a writer can grab my attention and keep it from the first page particularly important in short books, I consider this author damn great. Which is exactly what this book did. I loved this book with an original storyline, great characters and steamy hot sex scenes. Read it in one sitting!
867 reviews
January 24, 2019
Little departure

This is a little departure from author's other touch series, less erotic and more uplifting. Simple but we'll written small romance with plenty of steam but mostly positive throughout. Lots of happy and nice moments.
313 reviews1 follower
February 13, 2019
This was a cute read. There was a very slight taboo feel to it but when you read it there isn't anything taboo about it. There are some steamy moments. This book is just about going after what you want.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Profile Image for No Dammit.
88 reviews
February 14, 2019

The story is very sweet with very little drama or action. It's not exactly my kind of book, but it is good none the less. The author did an amazing job with the characters and story line and the book flowed together beautifully. Great job!
3,945 reviews17 followers
February 14, 2019
Strong attraction, but slow seduction
3,5 I found this romance too cute and tender for my taste, and a little predictable. The bare scenes are very well described, but it's the rest that seemed to me lacking rhythm.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book
Profile Image for Tammy.
8,861 reviews34 followers
February 14, 2019
I really liked this steamy step sibling read. The story is fast-paced with plenty of drama and lots of steam. Zander has plans for a land development but learns he must get his stepsister to agree. As they spend time together, sparks fly. Fun and entertaining. A good read.
Profile Image for Mary Addison.
172 reviews
January 27, 2022
Stoni Alexander does it again

This was slightly different from my previous visits to this author’s work, but what a lovely fresh feeling it brought. Mix in the chemistry between the couple and fireworks. Not a book to miss.
1,270 reviews2 followers
February 3, 2019
Swoon worthy story

This is such a beautiful story! I loved how these two made each other stronger and more willing to take leaps os faith.
Profile Image for Nate.
16.3k reviews19 followers
February 15, 2019
Really enjoyed Zander & Savannah's story. I really got into it & loved the characters. I'm voluntarily leaving an honest review for a copy of the book via hidden gems.
Profile Image for Pat .
18.3k reviews3 followers
February 17, 2019
I was totally captivated with the well written storyline and well detailed characters that I couldn't put this book down until I finished reading the very last page!
Profile Image for Elaine Sturgill.
130 reviews
March 4, 2019
Heartwarming story

From the very beginning this story captures your heart. Filled with love, warmth, and adventure. Sander and Savannah s love evolves and grows
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