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Civil War
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Civil War (Civil War: A Marvel Comics Event)

4.05  ·  Rating details ·  28,793 Ratings  ·  1,631 Reviews
Whose side are you on?

The Marvel Universe is changing. In the wake of a tragedy, Capitol Hill proposes the Superhero Registration Act, requiring all costumed heroes to unmask themselves before the government. Divided, the nation's greatest champions must each decide how to react - a decision that will alter the course of their lives forever!

Collecting Civil War #1-7, Marve
Hardcover, 512 pages
Published November 26th 2008 by Marvel (first published 2006)
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Tom Brennan Marvel has compiled a reading list/order for their Civil War event. I've read them in that order and loved the whole series. You may end up wanting to…moreMarvel has compiled a reading list/order for their Civil War event. I've read them in that order and loved the whole series. You may end up wanting to pursue some of the offshoot storylines as well.(less)
Laura Well, I think you could read "The Death of Captain America", "Civil War: The Initiative", all the other Civil War Marvel Series that kind of fill in…moreWell, I think you could read "The Death of Captain America", "Civil War: The Initiative", all the other Civil War Marvel Series that kind of fill in the gaps (this question was answered earlier and the person wrote a list so you can check that comment also - for example I've read those of Ms. Marvel).(less)

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Jan 05, 2010 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition

I think Millar did an excellent job of showing both sides of this 'Civil War'. At first, I was sure I would hate Tony, but when I looked at things from his point of view, it was almost impossible not to understand why he thought he was right. That's not to say that I wasn't rooting for Cap the rebels the entire time. I can't imagine a comic book fan being for Registration Act! After all, at the heart of all of us, is a geek who is paranoid of anything Big Brother-like.


It starts with public outc
Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
Jun 02, 2016 rated it really liked it
Recommended to Shelby *trains flying monkeys* by: Carmen
Interesting. A reality type show with super heroes puts the real super heroes in a bad place in the public eye.
Leading to politics getting involved.
Boo hiss! I'm tired of political shit right now.

You have one side led by Tony Stark and Reid Richards wanting to support the public's opinion that superheroes should go on the payroll, with no secret identities. Then Captain America steps up for the other side. Hmm.. I kinda always thought he was kinda bland until now.
Palm Springs commercial photography

Not a bad read at all. I'm #
Marvel’s Masterpiece!

This TPB edition collects “Civil War” #1-7.

Creative Team:

Writer: Mark Millar

Illustrator: Steven McNiven


When I found out (back then, in 2006) the chosen creative team for Civil War I wasn’t surprised. Then, I already knew Mark Millar’s writing through his time on The Ultimates, so I knew that he was the right man to write it, and I knew Steven McNiven’s artwork through his tenure in Marvel Knights: 4 (the Fantastic Four title published under the label of Ma
May 29, 2015 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I don't feel like writing a long review, so here are some Civil War memes to brighten your day:

If you subscribe to Marvel Unlimited and look up the Civil War event on the app it tells you that there are 103 individual comics involved. 103!

This collection consists of the 7 core issues that tell the main part of the story. A group a C-list superheroes botch the capture of some bad guys and essentially nuke a school full of kids. That’s the last straw for the American public who has had enough of costumed crusaders running around with no accountability. A law is passed that states anyone wit
Jan Philipzig
I guess the idea behind a superhero crossover event is to bring a wide range of characters together in a single story—characters that usually feature in their own, individual titles. What superheroes do best is fight, of course, so a good crossover event must provide them with a convincing reason to fight side by side or against each other or both. For Marvel’s popular 2006-07 crossover event Civil War, writer Mark Millar came up with the following premise (quoted from an interview reprinted in ...more
Oct 13, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comix, buddy-reads
This is a brand-spanking new edition released in conjunction with the Captain America: Civil War movie. You can see that Robert Downey and Chris Evans are prominently featured on the cover. It’s a hard bound book with a glossy, plastic covering - convenient for wiping up drool with a towel or napkin. It’s designed as a gateway for those people, like my wife, who liked the movie and want to explore the storyline that originated in the comics.

The question for those who want to take the plunge: Is
So, like, uh, the superheroes split 'cause the government (read as "damn government") wants them to register and get paid to do what they do. Then, like, the one side fights the other side. People get pissy. More people get pissy. Then it kinda ends and nothing has changed.

The art is decent.
May 30, 2016 rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: Anyone
So beautiful, and so sad.

This deluxe tricked-out edition offers you so much. Not only the collected comics, but interviews with the creators, a bunch of "newspapers" that would have run in the Marvel Universe as Civil War was going down, sketches, scripts, ideal casting choices (before Marvel was a movie hound, obviously - for instance, they suggest Brad Pitt as Cap and Johnny Depp as Tony Stark).

Tons of good stuff in here.

This is inherently depressing, I mean, of course we want to see our hero
Sam Quixote
Oct 16, 2011 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
This one has been due a re-read for a while and, now that it’s been announced the next Captain America movie will be subtitled Civil War, the timing seems right to re-visit it. I read Civil War many years ago, long before I started really thinking/writing about what I read, which is the only excuse I can give for why I thought this tripe was any good at all. I was wrong - very wrong! The politest way of describing Civil War is a dumb mess, the comics version of a Transformers movie.

Normally I s
Sep 21, 2015 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comic
The book is good. Don't misunderstand me. But two stars for the ending. I HATED IT !

Okay, I gotta read this one again as the movie will be out next week in my country. So excited ! There're many different spots as I can see through the book. Firstly, this book is not about Bucky and there's no Thor in the movie. So let me hope that the ending is not the same. LET ME HOPE. Because I haven't prepared for a catastrophic conclusion like the comic. I trust MARVEL, they won't do that to me rig
Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣
3.5 stars


I bought the Romanian edition for my son, so I read that one. Surprisingly, I didn't mind that it was not in English, that's how good the translation is.


So, there's Tony all full of remorse, backing up a legislative act that compels all superheroes to reveal their identity, and work as state employees. Cap is obviously against it, and they go to war because of that. We have injured, we have deaths, we have pretty much everything.

But the storyline is different from the movie one: no Win
James DeSantis
I always thought Civil War was a let down. I still think that years later. I actually re-read this because been playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and the story in there is pretty bad, the comic version isn't much better.

So if you don't know what Civil War is about, where the fuck you've been? Tony wants superheroes to register in the united states. Basically be super agents for Shield. Cap says no, we need out secret identities otherwise we can be in trouble. Tus, the war begins, and our heroe
Scarlet Cameo
May 05, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: civil-war
Actualización abr/2016

Encontre este largisimo gif que muestra a todos los Avenger y queda como una tipo canción o yo estoy loca y la cantaba en mi cabeza y quise dejarla aquí

Dejó el link porque por alguna razón ¡¡¡GR no carga la imagen!!!


Unos jóvenes superhéroes se adentran en una batalla que ocasiona la muerte de más de 600 personas en Stamford, entre ellos 60 niños. Esto lleva a la creación del "Acta

Loved this book. It captured the feelings and emotions of all the parties involved in this civil war, making even a reader choose sides. Naturally (because I'm a rebel at heart), Captain America's side was the one I found myself routing for in this battle of wills, but Millar did an excellent job of making me understand why Iron Man and his cohorts decided to back the government's initiative. Action, emotions, fights, moral decisions, and grief. This one had it all!

As for the art, I liked it, wh
Jun 01, 2018 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Decided to go back and read this again while going through all of New Avengers again. It's a very interesting argument. If police officers and firemen have to be trained to do their job, why shouldn't super heroes too? The New Warriors screw up while filming a reality show and Nitro blows up a school. Average people are outraged and the Superhuman Registration Act is pushed through. Iron Man is pushing for the bill while Captain America is totally against it. Millar characterizes the pro-registr ...more
aria [dear darling reader]
This series has so much relevance to society today. It clearly shows us how much stubbornness and unwillingness to cooperate could cause so much destruction.

I'm the type of person who likes to look for deeper meanings in anything I read, so I was reading this, I couldn't help but feel that somehow we are all experiencing this right now. We don't have superheroes fighting left and right for what they believe in, but we do have groups of people doing the same thing and also causing similar damages
After a super villain blew up a school, sweeping reform hit the nation. This reform forced super powered individuals to either register with the government or face imprisonment. Not everyone agreed what to do which lead to a super hero... Civil War.

I really dislike this story. Everyone is so myopic it's insane. To put such time and effort to fight other super heroes is about the dumbest thing ever. No one's complaining about too many heroes when Galactus, Apocalypse, Doctor Doom, or any other n
Nov 29, 2011 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comics, superhumans
I'll give them credit for trying. The intention was to create a very serious and divisive issue that fans and characters alike could debate. the problem was the issue they picked: super hero registration. Yes, Marvel Comics, the company that has given us approximately 7893893840 X-Men stories about how registration is the first step on the road to genocide wants us, the fans who have read those stories, to be unsure about whether or not registration acts are a good idea. Not exactly the best sta ...more
Aug 27, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
As hard as it was for me to see most of my favourite marvel characters fighting each other, this was a pretty great read!

I literally devoured this book! It was basically non stop action from start to finish and pretty much every issue ended on a cliff hanger that made me nEED to read on!

It was hard for me to pick a 'side' to be on as I kind of agreed with both sides, making the story even more gripping as I needed to see how it would conclude! I felt like the ending was a little rushed and that
Jan 03, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
So there was a civil war, and that's that. The story started out somewhat plausible, but along the way, it got lost in the shuffle. Battle. Whatever.

I'm not a big fan of Marvel comics, but this one was on sale at Amazon so, why not? The artwork was good, and aside from not knowing all of the characters, I was able to follow along pretty well. The moral and ethical questions developed seemed to be left on the sidelines, and that disappointed me. Maybe these questions were covered more in-depth in
Apr 25, 2016 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Auto regalo día del libro y cumpleaños.

Por si no lo sabéis un evento como civil wars afecta a la mayoría de franquicias de marvel, y claro aquí solo veremos los comics principales de civil wars y para una mayor comprensión posiblemente tendríamos que leer: civil wars spiderman, civil war ironman, civil war capitana marvel, etc etc.

Al faltarnos estas partes nos encontraremos que a veces no sabemos como se a llegado a algunas situaciones, como por ejemplo cuando capitán américa se une a la resiste
Jan 04, 2009 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comics, marvel
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jonathan Terrington
If I had to name what I believe is the greatest graphic novel story arc in the history of all the comic-verses I would name Civil War among them. Perhaps this story arc may indeed end up right near the very top. However because this story is part of an arc narrative it fails to stand strong alone. Without the other novels, there is a lack of full continuity and resolution. Therefore, this book just feels a little flat, containing a great introduction and body but a weak conclusion. I personally ...more
David - proud Gleeman in Branwen's adventuring party
Very poorly written. The overall premise had potential, but Millar completely wastes it and gives us the literary version of one of Michael Bay's Transformers sequels instead! Compelling drama is thrown out the window to be replaced with mindless fight sequences. The history and personalities of the characters is completely ignored and Millar resorts to pathetic shock value instead (really...Spider-Man...the guy who's always been so afraid to reveal his identity in order to protect his family... ...more
Most people are familiar with this major story event after the successful Captain America movie. It's a compelling excuse for showing an epic conflict between our greatest Marvel superheroes. It's also a thought-provoking look at the nature of super heroism and vigilatism and the responsibility that super-powered heroes should have to the general public. Although it's suitably action packed, I actually found it less interesting than the loose movie adaptation. While the strength in the story sho ...more
Kate (GirlReading)
Seeing my favourites fight never fails to break my heart. 😭 this was a fun read, especially after having seen the civil war movie a million times. It was interesting to be able to compare the two and their differences. I enjoyed having the vast, combined cast of characters but I did feel as though that meant the personality of each individual didn't shine through as much. The dialogue was also a little cheesy at times (but who doesn't love some superhero cheesiness?) It wasn't my favourite marve ...more
Holden Johnson
Dec 23, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comics, marvel
Great series. ending left me bummed though.

Civil War has become something of a main-stream comic series, if only because of the movies that have come out around it. The comic series itself did not disappoint (Though I'll admit I have a few more spin-off ones to read).

I was team Captain since the beginning. Perhaps it's because I'm a huge star wars nerd and Rebel, or perhaps it's because I don't believe in giving up freedom for the sake of security. Though this series does an excellent job of por
MINI REVIEW: I've read a fair number of crossovers, including Spider-Man, but this is the first time I covered the main scope of the Civil War. There are some good arguments to both sides (and for those who don't know the regular people are demanding all superheroes be registered, revealed and tagged) with Iron Man on one side (in support of registration) and Captain America on the other (superheroes keep their secrets).

On a basic level it's also an excuse to see which superhero could beat the
Yi Ly
Apr 26, 2016 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Pronto les contaré la historia detrás de este puntaje.
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Mark Millar is the New York Times best-selling writer of Wanted, the Kick-Ass series, The Secret Service, Jupiter’s Legacy, Jupiter’s Circle, Nemesis, Superior, Super Crooks, American Jesus, MPH, Starlight, and Chrononauts. Wanted, Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2, and The Secret Service (as Kingsman: The Secret Service) have been adapted into feature films, and Nemesis, Superior, Starlight, War Heroes, Jupit ...more
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