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Lords of Wildwood #1

Boys That Tease

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𝑾𝒆'𝒓𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒈. 𝑷𝒓𝒊𝒗𝒊𝒍𝒆𝒈𝒆𝒅. 𝑫𝒊𝒓𝒕𝒚. 𝑨𝒏𝒅 𝒘𝒆 𝒓𝒖𝒊𝒏 𝒍𝒊𝒗𝒆𝒔 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒇𝒖𝒏.

She knew being the new girl at Wildwood would never be easy, considering who she is. But nobody warned Tinsley Sullivan we'd be doing everything in our power to make her high school experience one of the most horrible times of her life.

They say my name like I'm their king. 𝐶𝑟𝑖𝑠𝑝𝑖𝑛 𝐷𝑎𝑙𝑡𝑜𝑛. Teachers and students worship the ground I walk on. They all follow my lead... Except for ℎ𝑒𝑟.

I didn't think she'd have it in her to fight back. It's kind of adorable that she won't budge, refusing to break for me, to submit to my cruel desires. Except I'll never stop pushing for more. I'm ready to make her life so miserable, she'll be begging me to stop hurting her.

There's just one thing that's messing it all up.

Tinsley is off-f*cking-limits.

And I need to keep that in mind when I kiss my girlfriend... her best friend.


First published May 31, 2019

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About the author

Betti Rosewood

12 books700 followers
Betti Rosewood is a romance junkie and cat enthusiast in her late twenties. She lives in a picturesque European country with her partner, 2 rowdy cats and a friendly Lab Retriever. When not writing damaged alphas, she can most likely be found binging TV shows and movies, and always jotting down new book ideas.

Betti's upcoming release, A Hurt So Sweet Volume Two, is coming out in September 2019!







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2,417 reviews13.9k followers
Want to read
June 3, 2019


Book 1 of 4, stand-alone.
Pre-order: | AMZ US | AMZ UK |
He's young. Dirty. Rich. And all he cares about is ruining her life.
She knew being the new girl at Wildwood would never be easy, considering who she is.
But nobody warned Tinsley Sullivan I'm not her friend anymore. I'm the enemy, and I can't wait to bully her until she does as I say.
They say my name like I'm their king. Crispin Dalton. Lacrosse god. Insta-famous. Drop dead gorgeous, and only eighteen.
Teachers and students worship the ground I walk on. They all follow my lead... Except for her.
Teen actress. Pop star sensation. Broken beyond belief. She's as beautiful as she is damaged, and I can't help but push those buttons.
I didn't think Tinsley would have it in her to fight back. It's kind of adorable that she won't budge, refusing to break for me, to submit to my cruel desires.
Except I'll never stop pushing for more. I'm ready to make her life so miserable, she'll be begging me to stop hurting her.
There's just one thing that's messing it all up. My crush on Tinsley is still just as intense as it was before everything went to hell.
But Tinsley is off limits.
Not just because of the scandal that ruined her acting career.
But also because I'm kind of, sort of, dating her best friend...
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855 reviews
May 8, 2020
A cute flop...

What's the best way to describe this novel in one sentence?

It's a lot of inane twaddle, with mind numbingly boring and juvenile former child star MC's.

The H spent the majority of the novel, being butthurt over something that the heroine had zero control. Her mom had banged his married dad, precipitating his parents' divorce. He blames her, because he's a small minded, silly little boy pretending to be a teenaged alpha.

The irony is that his parents were going to get divorced, even before her mother dropped her drawers for the H's dad. I dislike cheaters, but I also don't believe in blaming someone for wrecking a marriage that was already wrecked, with zero chance of resuscitation. The H's mom was a total, neurotic and selfish mess and it would take a saintly, patient husband to put up with her. But, the H's dad should've divorced her first, before moving on.

The story could've been salvaged if the bullying trope hadn’t been a total washout. This H couldn't decide if he was going to bully her or protect her or flirt with her or feel sorry for her. Plus he allowed his neurotic, insecure mom to persuade him into dating the heroine's best friend.

And don't get me started on the heroine's best friend ! She's so @#$&_%g fake and toxic, yet the delusional heroine was the only one who couldn't see it. The fake, toxic bff was the one who put the dumbshitty idea, in the H's head, that he needed to bully the heroine, in order to get her to like him more 🙄🙄🙄. And the H isn't smart enough to see that it's her ( heroine's BFF ) way of getting him for herself.

These MC's are so vapid, that they both couldn't see how the toxic bff was manipulating both of them. Usually, teenaged MC's in these types of novels, seem like they're older and smarter - especially the heroes. In this novel, however, it was painfully obvious that both MC's were teenagers. And that wasn't exactly a plus.

I was thankful that the H didn't sleep with the toxic bff, while he was dating her. But it still couldn't salvage this novel. It felt as if the author failed to edit the completed manuscript properly. There were far too many irrelevant bits and pieces that were thrown into the storyline and left undeveloped. Maybe it's a set up for a next book. But it just seemed like chaotic planning.

There's even the dramatic, but pointless re-entry of the heroine's deadbeat dad. He turned up to beg for money and I couldn’t understand the purpose of it. Was the author running out of ideas to fill page space and just threw this in there ? It definitely added nothing to the storyline. Or, maybe it was used as a plot device for the hero to behave as a knight in sneakers ?

These MC's and this storyline, were all over the place. The heroine drove me up the wall, with her inconsistent behaviour and single-minded dedication to martyrdom. Even the minor characters, except for a brooding James Dean rebel guy, left much to be desired. That guy, who was the heroine's temporary/decoy *love interest*, was in love with someone else. But he'd have been more awesome as the H.

The fact that I ( who's normally very diligent at recording characters' names ) can't remember this guy's name, says a lot about this forgettable novel.

Safety: The H has a girlfriend for the major part of the story but he never slept with her. I think he kissed her a few times though. The heroine dated another guy, as a fake boyfriend, so she never even kissed him.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,695 reviews325 followers
June 10, 2019
Although the blurb and the plot of this book showed true promise, the actual story just didn’t work for me. I think that there are plenty of people who will enjoy Boys That Tease, but I sadly do not fit into that group of people.

It’s bully romance at a prep school. The heroine is a teen actress that fell from the spotlight, because of some behind the scenes drama. The hero is a boy who has always had a crush on her, but based on some advice and the behind the scenes drama decides that being mean to her will make her notice him. Like I said the plot has some promise, but I feel like I would have enjoyed this book more with a HEAVY edit. It reads with a young voice which makes sense, because it’s set in high school, but for me it didn’t work.

All that said these are JUST my opinions. If you want to read this book, then give it a chance. I think there are definitely people who will enjoy this one, despite the issues I personally had with it.

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June 4, 2019
No rating because...yep, you guessed it, I didn’t finish it. I actually gave up after the first chapter. I had been warned that this one was a bit of a shambles, but as I’ve read other books under this authors previous pen names (and enjoyed them) I thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt.
Well, I learned a valuable lesson...I need to start listening to my friends who clearly know me better than I know myself. *rolls eyes*
Needless to say, I won’t be continuing on with this series.
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522 reviews127 followers
June 7, 2019
Hot, steaming mess

Oooh, lawd...this was...well, this was not good, is what this was. As in bad to the nth degree. There was so much wrong with the book it's kind of overwhelming.

The plot was poorly executed and choppy. There is no cohesion. Things that hadn't been mentioned - not even hinted at - and should have been, just appeared over halfway through the book like they teleported in and suddenly became A VERY BIG DEAL. Annoying to f*ck.
Character development was atrocious. Characters, too. Nobody was consistent or actually defined well at all. Inexplicable choices were made. Reactions to situations and the actions of others made no logical sense. People do. not behave that way, not even entitled, bratty high schoolers who are by nature illogical.

But the heroine, Tinsley. Oh, my fucking life...what an utter eejit. I slate a lot of heroines - and with good reason - but this one takes the TSTL biscuit and runs with it. Girl legit needs those letters tattooed on her face to warn people. Christ almighty, she was stupid. A bloody turnip has more intelligence and ability to reason.

The sex was cringey and full of florid, graphic prose. Oh, aye. Like I believe high school kids are going to think and emote so during sex.
As frickin' if.
They are trying to bust a nut, just like most folks during 75% of sexual encounters.

The repetitition was...well, repetitive. Things were often repeated almost verbatim, sometimes in the same paragraph or section of dialogue.
The latter was stilted and unnatural, much of the time.
Tonnes of editing mistakes, too - and omg someone needs to explain to the writer that it's 'navel,' not 'naval,' and that a navEl and a belly button are the same. damn. thing.
Also, a stomach is NOT a navel!
Jfc, people.

So yeah, anyway, the writer is apparently from Slovenia.
I have no words to express how little I care. Not being a native speaker of English or coming from another culture is not a good excuse. The book is marketed on a US site.
Hire a bloody editor who knows proper English. Get a translator. Something.

Why did I read this? I don't know. Masochistic, I reckon. Mostly I was just curious how bad this shite show was going to get.
I can say most definitively that my curiosity was rewarded. Trust me, was baaad.

No fluidity to the plot. Character personalities changed with a turn of the page. They not only behaved irrationally but literally did not make sense, as previously stated.
The 'hero' is a wannabe bully who in reality is a weak, mama-sucking coward. And I really had issues with his name. 'Crispin' makes me think of Crispin Glover and so every time I read the name I heard, "Hell-ooo McFly!!" in my head 😝😂.
Perhaps it wasn't all that much of a stretch at all, because
come to think of it, Crispin was about as chickenshit and ineffectual as Mr. McFly. Everyone pushed him around. The God of Wildwood 🤣.
Yeah, whatevs, mate 🙄.
He and the thick-as-a-post heroine are well-suited.

The book was pretty much a joke to me until 3/4 through, when the writer tossed in another random and Tinsley was revealed to be a cutter.
Sweet mercy, shoot me now 🔫.
I have my own feelings on that subject, but regardless, using it as a plot device as it is done here is irresponsible. It really pissed me off.
Self-harm is not a subject to be taken lightly, not to mention the fact that there is no reason for this girl to be doing it other than as an attention-seeking device. The pathology behind her behaviour was incorrectly represented, and the writer basically glorified the act here. That's not on, and a romance novel is not the place for it - ESPECIALLY one aimed at teens and young adults. If there was a trigger warning, I did not see it.

This book is virtual bird-cage liner. I wouldn't recommend it if someone paid me...although I might pay a friend to NOT read it. Friends don't let friends read bad books.

One star. Not because it was deserved, but because I had to give one as I wrote this on my Kindle.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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947 reviews71 followers
August 5, 2019
3.75stars for the epilogue.

I'm thinking and thinking at what my gut is telling me how to rate this book. But first, and before I do, my reason for it will be based on the characters Tinsley, Crispin, Estella, Andie and Baby *eye roll* and the ”Lords of Wildwood” where were they and secondly the bullying, it was so dumb and then I don't know, Tinsley became innocently naive to the point where she was blinded by her own stupidity that I felt sad for her, and I hated her friendship with Estella and how dumb was Crispin, 🤦🏽‍♀️ and what was worse the pet names or whatever, but then everything just jumped from one reason to another that I got confused the more I read aaand the secret, yes the SECRET, like what was it and where the heck was Pandora. I just felt like it was going one way and then the next.

Although I kind of think the epilogue won me over, I'm still confused as ever so whatever. Am I looking forward to Estella’s story no not really.
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627 reviews19 followers
August 5, 2019

Not sure how to even begin with this book. I had a lot of mixed feelings while reading this. The storyline wasn't bad and had great potential but parts just didn't add up for me. The FMC was nicknamed Crybaby and for a very good reason. She lives up to that name very well and man I was hoping she would get over herself pity and stand up for herself but no such luck. Every time I thought she would she just resorted back to the whinny crying mess that she was. Yes she was dealt a crappy hand but c'mon! As for Crispin, I despise d him in the beginning. Yes he had some redeeming qualities towards the end but I feel he never truly got what he deserved. To me this book just didn't quite hot the spot but at the same time I wanted to see what would happen as well. It's not that it was a bad book but because it wasn't which is why I'm having some torn thoughts about this. Something was just off and was missing. It was almost like the author wanted to go one route but then changed her mind and went another without making everything add up. That being said read this and see if you have the same thoughts as me. Some parts made sense while others did not.
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383 reviews36 followers
May 29, 2019
Wow! What an engrossing read! Boys That Tease is an angst filled, young adult romance that was a phenomenal start to the new Lords of Wildwood series. From the well developed characters, the hot and cold interactions/relationships to the enthralling story-line. I absolutely loved all of it!

Our heroine, Tinsley Sullivan, is a former childhood star who is determined to get some real life experience now that her days on the set are over. After years of fame and private tutors, she starts at a public school for her senior year of high school. When a public scandal disrupts her life, she turns to her best friend, only to find out that she's not really much of a friend.

Crispin Dalton is the golden boy at Wildwood High with both the students and the staff under his thumb. Except for Tinsley who won't follow his commands. He teases her mercilessly and tries to make her life hell. But there's just one problem... The two share a past and the feelings are still there, but she is off-limits because he's currently with her best friend.

I absolutely loved these two characters together. Their chemistry instant and the burn, oh so satisfying. I couldn't help but to root for these two to find their way. The road to happily ever after for Tinsley and Crispin wasn't an easy one. It was one filled with bumps and bruises along the way. Where secrets from the past hold more weight than you’d except. Where lies add up and destroy everything. But, if there is one thing that we learn from this love story, it’s that these strong characters can take whatever is thrown at them.

Boys That Tease is a fantastic book from beginning to end. It is a story of overcoming the past and not giving it the power to consume your life anymore. It's a story of finding yourself again and taking chances. It's a story of being brave and fighting for love. This story swept me off my feet, gave me all the feels and kept me yearning for more. It was unforgettable, raw, sexy and just EVERYTHING!

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65 reviews4 followers
June 5, 2019
Review: This book is all over the place. It's like the author didn't want to bother explaining things, she just expected us to get it. Like what exactly happened on the last day of the show? What was Tinsleys downfall? What made her a problem child? EVERYONE would notice cuts on her arms, children who continuously wears long sleeves on a tv show? when has that ever happened.
Also, Crispin an 18 year old, blindly follows the advice of a 16 year old???
Why does Tinsely have no friends her own age? Like not a lot of mention of peers in their own age group.
The author also chose to not explain the big secret but then gave us a epilogue into the future? that makes no sense!
The most irrating problem with this book is Estella and Tinsley's friendship. There were a number of times where Estella was done with Tinsley, in fact Tinsley often thought "fuck her, fuck her" and "this friendship is over" but then after that brief lapse of sanity (yes... sanity) she goes back to chasing after a person who's clearly dumped her.
That bit with baby.. wtf was that.
I'd like to reiterate that 'crybaby' is not a cute or lovely or romantic nickname to give the girl you love.
The author could have done so much, she had a attractive synopsis, just wished she had followed through. :(

Rant at 50%[Wait.. WTF is Tinsley motherfucken high? She knows Estella isn't her friend! She doesn't hang out with her but yet expects Estella to come to her when her bf dumps her? WAS SHE SMOKING CRACK?
This book is riddled with so many flaws! Crybaby is not a cute nickname!!!!!!! Tinsley making moves on a guy with a gf? This so does not feel like a bully romance. Still going to push through and see if the author can redeem ANY of the characters.]

Outcome:HARD PASS!
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758 reviews187 followers
July 16, 2019

Boys that Tease was one of my anticipated reads this year and for some reason it just didn’t live up to my expectations. Don’t get me wrong it was a good book and I still urge you to read it if you love high school romances.

I think the reason behind me not enjoying the book so much was because Crispin was so hot and cold that I just couldn’t relate and bond with his character.

Also the start of the story really confused me and I had trouble figuring out what was happening and keeping up.

The things I did like- angst, drama, sweet romance and a lot of back and forth between Crispin and Tinsley.

Even though I’ve rated it 3.5 stars I’m intrigued to read the next book and see what happens
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1,328 reviews242 followers
May 27, 2019
"𝑪𝒂𝒓𝒆𝒇𝒖𝒍, 𝑪𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒑𝒊𝒏. 𝑩𝒐𝒚𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒕𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒆 𝒂𝒍𝒘𝒂𝒚𝒔 𝒑𝒂𝒚 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒊𝒕."

We all know that I love bully romances. Like, love them! So When I saw this was coming out I knew I wanted it. I mean, look at that cover! However, it didn’t live up to all my expectations. I did have some issues with the characters and with this being a character based book, my rating had to drop.

I loved the setting of the super fancy prep school. Because let's be honest, teenagers with too much money are the worst and make the best characters to read about lol!! I love that there are secrets that we don't know about yet. Mysteries and missing people are making me so anxious for the next book.

Moving on to the characters. Let’s start with Tinsley. I really did like her, but MAN was this girl naive! She refused to see peoples true colors and that's so aggravating. It’s like I wanted the best for her but she wasn’t making it easy. Crispin was hard to like in the beginning, I can’t lie about that. However, this guy grew on me. If we didn’t have dual POV, I would probably still not like him honestly. I’m glad we got to see his thoughts and see how that bully brain was working.

Estella, our villain. I know we are supposed to dislike her, and I do. Don’t get me wrong about that. However, I feel like she was a bland one-dimensional villain. She fell flat and was a typical villain. (how many times can I say villain?) Her book is next and I’m curious to see how the author makes us cheer for her.

The romance between Tinsley and Crispin was full of angst and steam. I enjoyed reading about the push and pull between these two. That is my favorite part about a bully romance and I feel like the author did a really good job at that.

All in all, I did enjoy this even though I had issues with it. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series and If you enjoy bully romances I would give this a try.

I received an ARC via the author for an honest review.
Quotes were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.

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2,232 reviews1,803 followers
June 3, 2021
This read like cira 2000 era twilight where the guy is so obsessed with her that he tells her to stop it. And shes like i didnt do anything. And hes like you dont understand but IN REALITY SHE LITERALLY IS JUST EXISITING AND HES SO OBSESSED AND BOTHERED THAT HE IS ATTRACTED TO HER THAT HE WANTS HER TO STOP EXISITING. Anyways what a cheese fest. I cringed at ALL the characters and the mean female bullies were jokes.
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136 reviews6 followers
May 29, 2019
✔️Enemies to lovers
✔️Spoiled rich kids
✔️High School
✔️Young Actress
✔️Virgin heroine/hero
✔️Town Mysteries

This story had many interesting characters, my favorites were Inca and Finn aka “Drifter” 🖤 I did enjoy Tinsley and Crispin’s love story, even if at times they sort of infuriated me a bit. I really love bully romances but this one seemed to leave me on the fence a bit...the story has parts with a bit of mystery, which pulled me in, but answers to those mysteries are not currently being explored in this story (I’m guessing they will be elaborated on more fully in future book sequels) so that sort of frustrated me a bit, also there were parts of the book where you sense the story is going to dwell a bit on something important or stay in the scene longer, but it abruptly cuts to the next day or just ends...I felt like at times the story came off as having a very choppy narrative flow... it would’ve been nice to experience certain moments for a bit more to fully appreciate what was happening in the story or flesh out the atmosphere and events a bit more at length...

Also, while there was some small introductions to certain other supporting characters, like Finn and Inca, I really wanted more from them, there is a side plot sort of explored wherein Finn agrees to something with Tinsley, but we get hardly nothing from them after that and I really enjoyed him and Tinsley’s interactions, the sideplot is used in a way to further the story, but nothing ever comes of it, and we’re left to our own devices to finish up what’s happening in our head because it’s pretty much never brought up again... also several times in the book we are led to believe some major reveal is coming yet it never really does, there’s definitely a Riverdale vibe to this entire story (albeit not as dark...not yet at least lol) but it’s a decent bully romance to lose yourself in for the day. I do agree with some other reviewers which stated that it read sort of in a juvenile way...there were some areas of the book that seemed a bit silly at times. However this is still a decent story to read and escape! Especially if you love drama, rich kids, spoiled high schoolers and any and all bully romance 💞💜
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367 reviews77 followers
June 1, 2019
I’ve been waiting for this book for a very long time... and now I have no words. This book took me a while to get into, I was finding it hard to relate to the characters in the beginning. But once I got into it, I could not put this book down! The plot alone is fantastic. But the execution at the start of the book was a bit lacking for me. (The dialogue between the characters was a bit immature). Nevertheless I still enjoyed BWT as the rest of the book had me intrigued.

After an infamous scandal and now wanting a real-life experience of a normal high school, child star Tinsley (17) starts Wildwood Academy where the rich and elite attend. Also where her ex-co star Crispin Dalton (18) is attending. Crispin is the Lord of Wildwood, everyone including the teachers obey and follow him. He wants Tinsley to follow his commands but she refuses. Which results in Crispin making her life miserable. Crispin was too hot and cold for me. One second he was extremely mean, the next he was her knight-in-shining-armor. I would of preferred if he was a complete asshole in true bully form.

The chemistry between them is explosive though! He couldn’t control the insane attraction he had towards her. This book is filled with angsty drama, forbidden romance and a lot of unsaid secrets that left me wanting the second book!! This book is way more than just the blurb, you have to read it to get the full experience. Overall a great debut!
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3,104 reviews1,332 followers
June 4, 2019
So for Smutathon i picked up this book and its New author and Bad boy/Bad girl trope..now I was ehh about this book since the blurb said he had a gf already and the gf was the best friend.. so i already dreading it lol but i did push on and read the wholeeeeeee book.. also i forgot to mention this is a bully romance.. well a lighterish bully romance..

This has alottttt of teen angst.. High school drama and alot of jealously.. i dislike high school drama.. so much cuz its just not for me, i also disliked the whip lash of Crispin like are you a bully or not? he went back and forth with this and i find it funny he would get mad at anyone who bullied Tin but himself.. like?? if you really "hated" Tinsley why would you be mad at your own gf for treating her like that? but then again he wanted Tins he just acted like a dick and dated her best friend cuz he couldn't have Tin.. I hattte this.. also it had grey area in cheating in my eyes.. Lets talk about Tinley.. i enjoyed her alot she was so sweet loyal and saw the best in everyone.. even when they were assholes.. just a good girl.. but was so naïve as fk... like grow a pair of woman balls and take those claws out baby!!

also the nickname "Crybaby" Crispin gives Tins.. i swearrrrrr can't they stick with baby.. babe? those nicknames? the only good thing about this book to me is the smut and the cover LOL.

i don't think ill read book two since its the ex gf Estella.. she was just a nasty piece of work and honestly she doesn't deserve her own "happy" ending in my mind.. I don't think I can even forgive her.

Angst, ow drama slight om drama just drama, sorta cheating, secondary charas, sexy time, Drama, both virgins


Enemies to lovers
No condom
Mentions triggers of cutting/scars
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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729 reviews108 followers
Want to read
June 7, 2019
Sorry... Tried for 25% but this is just not for me. :( it sounds promising, but I'm disappointed. Had to stop reading. No rating from me at this point.
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422 reviews84 followers
June 13, 2019


Betti Rosewood is a new author to me, and I am always greed to find new authors and discover their stories.
In my opinion, 2019 has been full of high school romance and drama, high school bully romance and reverse harem novels. And the year isn't finished yet.
This is a new trend and style, and to be honest, I personally enjoy this very much. There wasn't at least one book, that I didn't enjoy. All of them were very good. Although the idea, the essence, is the same, they are not the same. Each and every one of them was/are different because each one has his own unique story.

Tinsley and Crispin fell in love with each other since they were kids. They were the golden kids of America, of Hollywood. They met on set, and it was love at first sight. Only they never got the chance to be more then friends.
Something terrible happened. In the blink of an eye, Tinsley career became like the dust, and Crispin family split. Overnight, Tinsley had become from the golden daughter of America, the home wrecker of America. And the best part was, that she actually was innocent. Crispin became a god and he had everyone's sympathy.
Their roads collide again, and Crispin wants revenge.

Boys that Tease was a little hard for me, and I mean hard in the unclear/weird slow way. In the first 50% of the book, I struggled with the decision to DNF it or not. I usually don't like to quit and to give up. But with this one, I struggled a little bit. And I am very happy that I kept going and didn't DNF it.
The main story, the base of it was very good and it has great potential. It was a little bit slow, and what bothered me the most, were the characters. Their development, it was confusing and infuriating. For me.

It was supposed that Crispin was a bully. He was a bully only with Tinsley, because, with Estella, he was weak. a total pussy, coward. It's like he had his brainwashed.

Tinsley ....her, I hated her the most. Brainwashed as well. I hated her because I saw ME in her. Always trying to see the good part in people, always giving second chances, hoping that all will be ok, that people are good, and that your best friend is your half soul. Only in the end to see that actually, your half soul hated you the most, betraying and hurting you.

Estella ...she was a spoiled bitch from the start to the end, and I'm so curious in the next book, how Betti Rosewood is going to make me love her.

The second 50% of the book, was good because it became entertaining. Action, drama, secrets...I like it a lot. 

Trust me, you don't want to miss this story.
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May 30, 2019
“Careful, Crispin. Boys that tease always pay for it.”



Can I just start this review by saying LOOK AT THAT COVER!? It's something else that's for sure! Fans self.

Boys That Tease is book 1 in the Lord's Of WildWood series and the debut novel for Betti Rosewood. It's the story of Tinsley Sullivan and Crispin Dalton.

The two worked together as co-stars from a very young age on a hit TV show. There's not much I can say without giving away spoilers so I'm going to keep this review as vague but straight to the point as possible.

There is A LOT of angst in this book. A lot is going on. Affairs, relationships, mental health, bullying, just so much. Tinsley starts school at Wildwood academy where Crispin already attends and rules. The two hate each other for a brief period of time. Not without reason though. Then Crispin begins to date Tinsleys' best friend Estella Hawthorne. More because he knows it will keep his mom happy and appeased.

Tensions run high and low, morals are pushed and relationships of all nature's are put to the test in this super angsty book.

My love for Tinsley who is suffering more than any one would notice at first glance is immense. She was a very admirable heroine. She had her weak moments as we all do which is understandable given her circumstances and just made her all the more real, if you ask me.

Crispin is a fucking sex God I want like, yesterday. Seriously, the dude is pure 🔥🔥🔥 with a hint of make-you-swoon sweetness. You can't help but love him even when he's being a jerk.

With a hint of underlying mystery and intrigue that will leave you biting your nails at the edge of your seat, Boys That Tease is an absolute must-read!

Reviewed by Ali at Fallen For Books.
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June 3, 2019
Boys That Tease is an angsty, love/lust-fueled, and emotionally charged bully romance. Set in an elite, upper-crusted, prep school, this drama inducing atmosphere was the perfect setting for this YA/NA love story. Not having read this trope in a really, really, long time, it was refreshing to go into this story with my eyes wide open.

The book introduces you to Tinsley and Crispin, both teenage actors working on a TV show together. Their cute and flirty friendship started out like any typical teenage romance does...Girl like boy, boy likes girl. But after a shocking scandal rocks both their lives, they find themselves on opposite ends of a controversial battlefield with little hope of saving what they almost had.

This story had a lot going on…teen angst, HS drama, family issues, jealous classmates, a secret society, a mysterious disappearance, and much more. I love a good book that keeps me guessing as to what would happen next, and to what secrets will finally be revealed. This book does not lack in story. But while the progression of the story line flowed great, it didn’t seem to match up with the development of the characters. I felt that Tinsley and Crispin played the same back-and -forth animosity card throughout most of the book. And although the book was dual POV (which I loved!), the feelings of hostility and the actions of tenderness and compassion gave me too much whiplash. Granted, this story is about teenagers in high school. But I was hoping for a little bit more respective maturity growth in their characters. By the end, I felt like they finally DID reach that point, but it came to that conclusion a little too quickly and a little too late in the story line, in my opinion.

Overall, Boys That Tease was a good read. The story line established in this book built the potential to expand in the next books to come in the series. For a debut novel, Betti Rosewood did a great job.

*ARC provided for a voluntary honest review.* ~Kelly
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June 10, 2019
Betti weaves a tale of lies, deceit, deception and betrayal in Boys that Tease! It's filled with wealth, teen angst, back stabbing and debauchery. 

Welcome to the world of Crispin Dalton and Tinsley Sullivan. Once very close, now things are all messed up. All Tinsley wants to do is start over. Hideaway from the sins of others and hope everyone forgets about the scandal but Crispin has vowed to make her life at Wildwood a living hell and he'll use any means he feels necessary. Humiliation......pranks, maybe even dating her best friend and throwing it in her face? 

Boys That Tease has all the bones for an amazing, drama filled, teen bully book but for me the heart and soul wasn't there. I personally didn't connect with any of the main characters, I found them to be shallow, flighty and not completely fleshed out. And although they are teens and it is to be expected there was too much indecisiveness and back and forth for me, however I did love a secondary character named Andromeda and her story line definitely has more to be told. There's something very mysterious and intriguing about her and her family so I hope that's explored. 

If you like this particular trope you won't be sorry you read it but unfortunately for me I just didn't love it.
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May 26, 2019
Mind. Fucking. Blown.
That's what I am right now.
When I come across authors such as Betti, it blows my mind just how they can write such complex and compelling characters,
This book was unique in so many ways. as were the characters. The two main characters Crispin Dalton and Tinsley Sullivan bounced off each other perfectly. These two had chemistry and a bond developed between the two throughout the book that you could not help but invest in. It wasn't your typical YA high school reads, Betti added in more, more than just your typical bad boy high school bully. So many more elements to this story that just kept me turning page after page, fascinated on where the plot was taking me. It was a slow burn. A delicious slow burn, with a bit of angst, a lot of drama, romance, sweetness topped off with a push and pull relationship that had my heart and emotions out of whack. It was perfect. In every sense of the word. I think we are in for one hell of a ride with this author and this series and I can not wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.

5 Stars!!

June 10, 2019

“Careful, Crispin. Boys that tease always pay for it.”

Bully romances have been a thing for me as of lately. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with bully / dark romances (no surprise) Also, let’s add enemies to lovers to the mix and we have something sort of perfect cooking!

So when I found out that Boys That Tease fits in this category, I was so game! Hyped! Excited for this book! Betti Rosewood did amazing teasing for BTT! The cover had me hooked and I was drawn to the characters names’ for some reason! They were unique.

But honestly, I’m left on the fence about this book! While there were things I did certainly enjoyed, there were things that kept me wondering and leaving too much to imagination. I struggled a little with getting into this book and while it did hold my interest in some form, I’m not sure if it’s because I was waiting for something good to happen or if it’s because of how much I wanted to know more about Tinsley and Crispin’s connection and how it would grow.

But what did intrigue me the most was how it was set a prestigious prep school, no idea why, but it drew me in completely! The whole rich, prestigious kids gave me that whole bully vibe!

Tinsley is a heroine that I enjoyed! Although she frustrated me a bit with how naive she was, I did enjoy her character nonetheless!

Crispin was a hero that threw me in a for a loop and gave me multiple whiplashes. A lot of it made me question his true feelings and motives, although the second half of the book proved otherwise!

“I hated him for taking our last shred of friendship away.”

Estella was the type of villain that you love to hate. But I felt like I wanted more from her, like she needed layers. I personally felt like she is just those type of high school bullies that are out to get you, but nothing major or extreme. She just did it out of jealously or fun for laughs, and I felt she was just one-dimensional. I wished for more of her character because I felt like she really was a mean girl, bully!

Although, I am curious to see how her story goes as I know the next book will focus primarily on her. So, that’s exciting! And maybe the “more” I’m asking for lies there!

I also did enjoy the fact that there was a underlining of secrets and mysteries. At times it did make me wonder: ‘was that really necessary?’ To open something up... I do wish we explored more about it in this book because I felt like maybe it would help in some way with the development of the story itself. Although yes, I am fully aware that there are books to follow.

“She knows my secret, I panicked. Everyone will know. There’s no where else to run.”

All in all a, I do wish that there was more for Tinsley and Crispin and that it was more clear in the beginning of their connection. At times, it felt forced. I could feel the attraction, don’t get me wrong, but I just didn’t feel a spark between the two. It felt a little all over the place at first, in which is why, I had a hard time connecting to them! One minute they’re at each other’s throats, then the next they’re fine and having lunch. Then Estella was in the picture, it just made everything more confusing and left me questioning a lot.

The Lord of the Wildwood Series does have potential, I do believe that! Although I had a couple of issues with Boys That Tease, I am intrigued to see what Betti Rosewood comes out with next for this series! There is a lot of room for growth for her characters and the secrets that are harbored. Even though book one didn’t hit all the marks for me, there’s no denying that I enjoyed a little more than a few things in the book!

Book two is Boys That Read, I definitely have to say, I’m loving the titles of these books! I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Two and a half / three CRY BABY dreamy stars: 💫💫💫
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June 2, 2019
⭐️ 3 "Crybaby" Stars ⭐️
Enemies to lovers and bully romances are in my favorite tropes. Needless to say I was really anticipating the release of Boys That Tease when it was announced. Unfortunately for me, this read was good but nothing to rave about. I struggled with connecting with the story for the first 20% of the book, but eventually found some interesting aspects to grab my attention.

I enjoyed Crispin and Tinsley’s push and pull relationship. There is really a great connection between them and it was my favorite facet of this story. I didn’t understand all of their actions that sometimes appeared immature though. Why Crispin is acting so cold and start a relationship with Estella when it’s clear he’s in love with Tins? Tinsley being so naïve, always giving a chance to her backstabbing “friend”. Those behaviors kind of made me cringe, but I guess for high school kids it can be explainable.

There was intriguing secrets and revelations scattered throughout the book, but maybe too much making this novel a little overdramatic.

The second half of the story work out best for me. When Tinsley and Crispin finally let their hearts speaks, their relationship is truly beautiful and sweet. The passion that ignite between them is mesmerizing and intense for sure.

The Lords of Wildwood Series has potential and I’m intrigued about the upcoming novels. Boys That Tease wasn’t completely to my liking, but it had good things and made my reading pleasant.

** ARC received in exchange for an honest review **
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June 10, 2019
Give me a bully romance with high school drama and I’ll be happy. And that’s what Betti Rosewood brought in Boys That Tease. But aside of that this book shows us how difficult life can be when you’re living in the spotlight. It explains also what impact on our daily life can have the behaviour of our relatives. This book has a very important message- if you want to be happy, just follow your heart. Forget about public opinion and expectations of others- they won’t live your life. If you won’t listen to your heart, you’ll be the one standing in the way to your own happiness.

I really liked general message this book carried. I also like the storyline. But I think that the author didn’t exploit the whole potential of this story. I expected a little bit more. Boys That Tease was very mild in bully category and I couldn’t connect with the characters. Crispin was supposed to be this mean bad boy, but for me he was a pushover. Same goes to Tinsley. I couldn’t understand how this girl could be so naive and silly when it came to her ‘friendship’ with Estella. I liked the connection between Crispin and Tins, but how they were acting on it was getting on my nerves. I expected dirty ploys and intense bantering. What I got was immature bunch of kids who don’t know yet how to adult.

Don’t get me wrong- this book wasn’t bad. It just could be better.

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 16 books130 followers
June 2, 2019
This is probably more a 2.5 star book, but I’ll give it 3 because I did finish it.
Mature YA is my jam. I love it. And I was excited to read this one. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to my expectations.
I hated Crispin. He flip flopped between nice and mean at the flick of a switch. For a true bully romance he really needed to be mean 100% of the time. His flipping and flopping really didn’t suit the character role he was playing. He was also a hypocrite. He hated Estella for being horrible to Tinsley when he was doing the exact same thing!
Tinsley got on my nerves. She was so naive, which I get was kind of the point, but it grated on me really badly. She’s also really dense.
Both Tinsley and Crispin were completely clueless about Estella when it was so transparent what she was about.
And the Baby thing? I have no idea what the point of that was. I didn’t feel like it was remotely related to, or added to the story.
This book also read REALLY young and quite often the language choices were immature and a little bit unsophisticated. These are supposed to be privileged, highly educated kids and nothing they were saying particularly matched up with that.
This book had a lot of promise for me, but did not live up to it. I won’t be continuing on with the series, sorry!
Shelved as 'i-tried'
June 6, 2019
This is really not my thing.

The h stars in a tv show directed by the H’s father. The H likes the h and vice versa. But then the unnecessary drama which was not at all interesting. Ow drama.
The prologue itself is Boring.
Just not my thing.

Plus the names were so funny.
Crispin ....?
It felt like some advertisement...
Crispy wings or wafers...

Sorry if anyone has this name. It’s just that I have never heard such name. Lol.
June 1, 2019
Yes! Finally one of my most anticipated reads is here! And for me, this author did not disappoint me at all! This is the debut novel for this author and I could not put it down! I was up until 3am finishing this beauty, I just could not get enough of it.

Crispin is such a sweetheart! Yes, ok... he is the bully but we catch glimpses of his beautiful heart and I fell...Hook...line...and sinker! And I know he blew a little hot and cold at times, but that’s part of the teenage hormones, part of what he thought he needed to fit into. I just love him!

Now I saw a lot of myself in Tinsley. And I really don’t want to say too much about her because I don’t want to give her story away, but she is just a beautiful girl. She made my heart hurt for her.

I will say I did not have great feelings for E but I think she will redeem herself. I loved Andie and Finn as well. I will admit, I did tear up a couple of times while reading this book. I just really felt the words in my heart. This author’s writing sucked me in and I was a just enthralled. I was so sad to see it end, but that means we are one step closer to the next book Boys That Read, and I will wait for this book with baited breath!

Arc received in exchange for an honest review.
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