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Alphas' Homestead #5

Be My Sanctuary

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After an emotional visit to New York, Caleb and Thaddeus return to find a newcomer on the homestead. Samuel claims to know Caleb but the Alpha’s memories of wartime acquaintances are too hazy for him to be certain. At least, that’s what Caleb tells him.

All Samuel wants is a quiet, safe place to rest—something he hasn’t experienced for a long time. Finding the homestead of the man who saved his life as a child seems like a blessing, a change in his luck that's too good to be true. That is until a quiet young man starts coming around.

Thaddeus’s world is far from uncomplicated. As a man, and as the heir to his father’s fortune, he knows he must leave the homestead; that his future lies elsewhere with responsibilities and duties he has no choice but to fulfill. But as he gets to know Samuel, the idea of a simpler life seems possible and he starts to question the future that was carved in stone.

As the Alphas struggle to deal with their family flying the nest and all that means, what starts out as a simple declaration of love ends in a tragedy. A tragedy that could mean the end of the Alphas’ Homestead for good. 

When I have nowhere left to go, you will be my sanctuary.

The Alpha's Homestead Series - Book Five

54k words


First published January 19, 2019

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About the author

Alex Jane

28 books163 followers
After spending years creating stories in her head, Alex started writing them down and then found she couldn’t stop.
Despite the late start, she now writes m/m romance about found families, sometimes with a historical feel—and the occasional werewolf.
Free from aspirations of literary greatness, Alex simply hopes to spin a good yarn of love and life, wrapped up with a happy ending. And if her characters have to go through Hell to get there, she’s a-okay with that.
Alex writes and walks on the South Coast of England—even when her heart and spellcheck are in New York.

You can now find her dark m/m romance under Alexis Jane if you like love…but darker.

Blog and Newsletter available on my website - www.alexjane.info

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2,083 reviews313 followers
January 26, 2019
The next episode in the Alpha's Homestead should have been a welcome trip home for this reader but ended up too much "you can't go home again" instead. So, I didn't really like the turn this book took but that doesn't mean I didn't like the book. Somehow, I feel like the author lost her connection to Caleb and Jacob but my dissatisfaction in that still doesn't change that this was a well written book.

Nobody is perfect and this book definitely makes that clear in the lives of Caleb and Jacob and their family but this went in a bit of a direction that was a little hard to swallow for those of us that are here for the Caleb and Jacob devotion. The last little part with the hesitation from Caleb was just heartbreaking and not at all believable. Additionally, I think that Thaddeus is too immature to take on the important role he has been thrust into by Caleb's abdication of his own duty and that is backed up by Tad's reaction to the mistake Jacob makes and his refusal to find out why.

As if that chink in the Caleb & Jacob love affair wasn't enough, I feel somewhat robbed of a lot of the life that these guys lived without us. This skips a lot of time and feeds us a lot of important information about the years that were skipped in what felt like stingy scraps of thoughtless food to starving readers. The things that were skipped were things that we as readers were invested in knowing about.

I love visiting the homestead but I'm disappointed with my visit this time. I hope that the handling of the tragic accident in the final book helps to undo some of the character damage all the way around.

Profile Image for Chappy.
1,765 reviews78 followers
December 6, 2022
There's quite a time jump in this installment and Tad is now 21 years old and preparing to take over the New York pack. Samuel comes out of nowhere and it takes a while for us to get all the details about his mysterious past.
I wanted a bit more romance and sexy details.

Jacob really disappointed me and I hope Tad can forgive him.
I'll continue on to see how everything with Ephraim and Joshua works out.
Profile Image for BevS.
2,689 reviews2 followers
January 22, 2019
Not my favourite instalment of the series to be honest, sorry. I was under the impression that this was Thaddeus's story, but to my mind Caleb and Jacob seemed to have far more page time than the young baby Alpha.

Thaddeus finds a mate...someone from Caleb's war torn past, and Jacob does something unforgivable, driving a wedge between himself and Tad. We have a little catch up with Seth and Mal, Peter and Patience, and Ephraim and Joshua...yes, the same Joshua who treated Ephraim so poorly in Home in your Heart 😕.

An incident towards the end of the story brings home to Tad how much his life will change if he does go to New York to be the pack alpha. Martha makes an appearance at this stage, and her services have been sorely missed.

Ephraim's story is next, the last one in the series. He deserves to have someone who will love him for who he is...hope Joshua comes around to that way of thinking and realises what a catch he has...
Profile Image for Kathleen.
1,372 reviews119 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
August 6, 2019
DNF 37%

This simply seems as if the author wants to add in some stories about the rest of crew at the homestead without the benefit of a bigger, more exciting story. I loved the first three, skipped the fourth as it wasn't MM. I just couldn't find much to like about this fifth book in the series and finally set it aside.
Profile Image for Jess A Jaye.
462 reviews17 followers
January 28, 2019
I can not tell you how much I love the Alphas' Homestead series. It's definitely one of my all time favourite MM reads and more people need to read it. I'm not gonna say much about the plot here because you need to read them from the start. I know people don't always want to start an established continuing series but these books are quick reads and oh so good, you'll be hooked I promise. Be My Sanctuary was everything I hoped it would be. In this book little Tad is all grown up and finally meets his mate. I've loved Tad from the start and I've been anticipating his book for so long. Though I won't lie it was kinda bittersweet - he was so cute and adorable as a little pup and miss seeing him as little boy. I feel a bit like a protective parent, a bit like how Jacob and Caleb must feel. His his mate would need to be someone special, someone who really deserved to be with him. Samuel was definitely that. He has darkness in his past and is running from his demons but in Tad he has finally found his home. At first their love had to be kept hidden and the angst hit me in the feels in the best way.
The book ended up with a bit of a cliffhanger so I'm desperate to see how the series concludes for the whole Homestead finally.
Profile Image for Chris.
2,066 reviews
March 9, 2019
I really enjoyed this - Thad is such a special one ❤️ and Samuel was perfect for him. I would have like more time with them developing as a pair, but so much was going on with other characters and issues. Let’s hope there’s a bit more follow up in the next book
Profile Image for Jenn (not Lily).
3,622 reviews16 followers
April 5, 2020
Rough, but still wonderful. I need to keep going to see what happens with Ephriam and Joshua, right now.
Profile Image for JR.
866 reviews29 followers
April 12, 2019
Another Good Read

This time , Thaddeus gets his story . And finally the author gives us more of Caleb's background in the war. It's heart breaking and heart warming. It's a winning series, that's difficult to see it coming to an end.
Profile Image for Ami.
5,749 reviews501 followers
January 21, 2019
I think I was rather thrown off with the timeline -- I knew that Ephraim's story will be the last book, but at first I thought that it meant Ephraim and Joshua wouldn't be together until then.

So to read that in this book Thad is grown up, ready to take his place as Alpha in New York -- after Caleb's father died and Caleb himself doesn't want the job -- also Ephraim and Joshua already together... well, it influenced my reading experience. Like everything was out of place, out of order.

It didn't help that Samuel came to the homestead with secrets...

However, the things that happened approaching the end were intense enough, and I couldn't stop reading it! I hope that the last book will tie up everything...

It's not my favorite of the series, which is quite a downer because Thad himself such an interesting character.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Mary Mary.
985 reviews46 followers
January 24, 2019
* I was gifted an ARC copy of this wonderful book in exchange for an honest review *

I absolutely LOVE this series and this book is no exception!
This is 5th book in this series and even though it is possible to read it as a standalone I strongly recommend to read them all (or at least first two starring Caleb and Jacob).

This story is wonderfully written, it flows, envelopes You in the world of Alphas and homestead and makes You forget about the reality. The chemistry between Tad and Sam is absolutely brilliant Even though there is not MUCH sex scenes, those little touches, soft spoken words and some innocent cuddling is wonderful. It shows how much they care for each other. There is a huge age difference but it wasn't a problem for me.
It is a very fast, enjoyable and very relaxing read. It is written in a way that makes it almost impossible to stop reading. I just wish there was a real happy ending because it was heartbreaking to see Joshua and Eph hurting :( On the other hand, this is not the end, they'll be back!
2,775 reviews18 followers
January 23, 2019
🐺Shifter romance challenged and family drama in spades🌾🐎
January 21, 2019
👍4.5🌟stars 🐺👬🐺
A really good read about MM shifter 💙romance in the late 1800's. Samuel and Thaddeus are the main protagonists, but there are lots of loving couples to go around as troubled wanderer Samuel turns up at former acquaintance Caleb's 🐎ranch and sets new romance and tragedy in action. I had not read the previous books in the series and, though it would have been helpful as background for the ranch extended family, I had no problem understanding and enjoying the plot.

The writing is good, the characters distinctive, the romance angstful and moving. Some of the storyline remains unresolved for the next volume, but the main romance has a satisfying HFN. I may have spotted an anachronism or two but it did not detract from a good, emotion-filled story with a smidgen of 🔥steam.😊

I read a complimentary advance copy of the book; this is my voluntary and honest review.
Profile Image for Carmina.
12 reviews
July 15, 2019
I've totally loved this book. The Homestead series is my favorite and this new addition is really wonderful. It's very interesting to see all the characters growing up and getting older, and most of all, Alex Janes' writing is unique and beautiful as usual, and this story touches your heart once again.

This time, we see Thaddeus, who has become a young alpha having to face to his destiny as the heir in New York and, at the same time, we also meet Samuel, a new character who will complicate things at the Homestead. Both characters are fantastic and they make this story very special.

At the same time, we see more of the relationship between Caleb and Jacob and the rest of the characters living at the homestead and I loved to read about them too.

In conclusion, this new book is as good as I expected and I can't wait to start #6!
Profile Image for Alison Edmunds.
167 reviews
January 23, 2019
I have not read the first 4 books of this series but, as I was lucky enough to snag a copy through ProlificWorks, I jumped straight inti Book 5. I loved it.

Although a short book, the relationship between Samuel and Thaddeus evolves at just the right pace. The heat level is quite low, yet appropriate for their characters.

The relationships between a father and son, and to a lesser extent Jacob and Caleb, are strained and leave scope for further development in a future book. The exciting writing also ensured that I became invested in the additional story of Ephraim and Joshua.

So...I will definitely be looking out for the next (last?) book in the series. In the meantime, I can go back to the first four to keep me satisfied.
Profile Image for Bronwyn.
1,040 reviews3 followers
December 14, 2019
2.5 stars reluctantly rounded up to 3 - I liked most of this story, but it felt incomplete. The ending was so abrupt and left everything (and I do mean everything) up in the air with such uncertainty. Not one thread of this book felt complete. The next book is even shorter than this one, so I don’t have much hope that things will get addressed properly. It feels like the author gave up on this family and did them a disservice by cutting their stories short. I will say this this book has the least amount of errors in it so far. But the author still insists on using the word “gambling” instead of “gamboling.” I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for horses at the craps table next time I’m at the casino. 😉
Profile Image for Gwen.
1,106 reviews2 followers
January 25, 2019
I am new to this series but it’s a very interesting concept to have a romance back in the 1800s with werewolves and packs. Thaddeus is a young Alpha about to take over the Fletchers pack since his grandpa died and his parents don’t want the responsibility. Tad goes to the homestead to enjoy his family before taking on his pack. He finds Samuel, a drifter who came to visit Caleb. Samuel is older and Caleb’s friend but he is also his mate. Tad is new to the love thing and he has never been interested in anyone until Samuel comes into the picture. It’s a simmering romance with lots of family drama. I enjoyed this story.
Profile Image for Mary.
128 reviews
April 20, 2019
I can’t tell you how much I love these books. The ups and downs downs of love and family have sunk into my heart with every story. I devoured it so quickly, couldn’t stop reading needing to know what happens next. I have put off reading this book because I really didn’t want it to end. But I am so glad I finally did because it’s a wonderful ending and hopefully a start of something new.
166 reviews
February 16, 2019
Strong read

This is not a happy read but one that is about connection. Past traumas and new beginnings. And last but not least sad consequences.

I shed a tear.
Profile Image for Yvonne.
207 reviews2 followers
October 17, 2019
I loved the first two homestead books, then got really frustrated with timeline/age discrepansies in book three and in this book I'm really dissapointed in and pissed off with Jacob.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Li Taylor.
1,466 reviews
October 2, 2021

Excellent book in an excellent series. I love this shifter series and I can’t wait for more. Highly recommended too
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