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Shadows and Silk #3

Her Midnight Sin

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Like a vengeful Norse God, Captain John Nylander has come from the sea to steal the only home that Callie has ever known. And that might not be all he's after.

Can a Viking . . .

Orphaned as a child, Nylander has never known a real home. Now he is ready to leave the dangers of his past behind and put down the roots he has always longed for. The only thing standing in his way is a lanky aristocratic lady who is more at home on the farm than in the ballroom. And she has secrets . . .

And a Viscountess . . .

Callie, the Dowager Viscountess St. Alban, has poured all her energy into making Wyldcombe Grange her home. Managing an estate is not what she dreamed of, but her late husband's rejection made it clear that love and a family would never be hers. Now she may lose even that to the sinfully handsome Captain. But Nylander is making her dream again . . .

Turn passion into love?

Nylander inspires a recklessness in Callie that she can't control. Soon she finds herself conspiring with pirates and contemplating midnight trysts with the very Viking who has turned her life upside down. For Nylander, being with Callie embodies everything he's always wanted--home. As midnight strikes, will all their secret, sinful dreams come true?

298 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 17, 2019

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About the author

Sofie Darling

19 books1,073 followers
USA Today bestselling author Sofie Darling’s passion for historical romance began in middle school the moment she cracked open Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. An instant and enduring love affair was born.

Sofie spent much of her twenties raising two boys and reading every romance she could get her hands on. Once she realized she simply must write the books she loved, she finished her English degree and set pencil to paper. (Ticonderoga #2 is her quill of choice.)

When she’s not writing heroes who make her swoon, Sofie enjoys a nice weekend hike, a visit to a crumbling medieval castle whenever she gets the chance, and a slightly codependent relationship with her beagle, Bosco.

You can keep up with her latest and future releases by joining her newsletter here:


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1,463 reviews137 followers
April 14, 2019
Series: Shadows and silk #3
Publication Date: 4/17/19
Number of Pages: 296

3.7 stars rounded up to 4

This was an interesting read with lovely characters from disparate backgrounds finding love and acceptance. The supporting characters such as Kip, Pierre and Jane were funny and interesting, but the villain left me scratching my head. Yes, he was a villain, but he thought he was doing right – well – right by villain standards anyway. I think that, in the end, I had more questions than answers – but I am a curious person so maybe that is why.

Lady Calpurnia Radclyffe, the Viscountess St. Alban knows she is not attractive nor desirable – after all, she’s been told that often enough throughout her life. Everybody seemed to get what they wanted from her marriage except her and now she is a widow and has been for the last two years. She remained at Wyldcombe Grange because she was determined to see it prosperous. She wants to live there and manage the estate forever. She seemed to have been dismissed and forgotten by the new Viscount – until she was summoned to London.

Captain John Nylander, of dubious parentage, was raised with Jake, the new Viscount St. Alban and they are still best friends. Jake knows of Nylander’s longing to have land of his own rather than constantly being at sea, so he plans to sell an unentailed property to John if he wants it. Nylander, because of his parentage, never feels he is good enough for any but the lowliest of individuals and he certainly doesn’t feel worthy of praise or love. So, although he has the looks of a god, he doesn’t feel that any woman could ever want him for himself.

When Nylander falls to the floor (before he can hear Jake’s offer), unconscious due to malaria, Jake orders Calpurnia to take Nylander to the Grange with her so he can heal. She decides to conceal Jake’s offer from Nylander because she wants to buy the Grange herself – even though she can’t afford it – it is £100,000, which is in the tens of millions in today’s £’s. Then, she makes a deal with the devil and the race is on!

The more time Calpurnia and Nylander spend together, the more they come to respect each other – and – even though neither recognizes or admits it – care for each other. Can they get past Calpurnia’s deceit and find their HEA? You’ll need to read the book to see all of the twists and turns they find on their journey.

The story had the full potential to be a 5-star read, but it just didn’t live up to that. First, I had to wonder how the pampered daughter of a merchant learned so much about running an estate AND performing all of the tasks on that estate even though they were very varied. She was raised to marry into the peerage and be a lady by all of the ton standards, so when, where and how did she learn all of that – it just isn’t probable. Nor was her manner of dress, speech, etc. Just not believable. Then – how did she contact the pirate so quickly after returning to the Grange – and then why did she have to ask how to contact him again? Confusing. Then, I had to wonder about women not being able to own property in that period – how was she going to own the Grange – and why wasn’t the new Viscount making arrangements for her care since he would now be responsible for her – and he was an honorable man.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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7,511 reviews16 followers
April 16, 2019
Her Midnight Sin by Sofie Darling is book Three in the A Shadows and Silk Series. This is the story of Callie, the Dowager Viscountess St. Alban and Captain John Nylander. I haven't yet read the previous books, so for me this is a standalone book.
John was an orphan who took to a dangerous life now in the present day he is looking to make a home...something he has never had. John heads to his friend / 'brother' Jake, where he ends up getting sick. Callie was summons to Jake's house where she learns that he wants to sell Wyldcombe Grange to John. Callie is very upset since her dead husband had no feelings for her and she turned her care to the home. When John falls sick she is now expected to care for him and show him the home that she so desperately wants to keep. Can these two who are really looking for the same thing find out that information? Enjoyed their story.
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1,888 reviews18 followers
April 3, 2019
4.25 stars

“Her Midnight Sin” by Sophie Darling is the third book in the ‘A Shadows and Silk novel’ series and centers around Lady Calpurnia (Callie) Radclyffe, the atypical Dowager Viscountess St. Alban, who is fighting to retain control of the estate that she has worked so hard to revive. Nylander, a sea captain who has overcome his harsh past but has not quite realized his dreams, as nebulous as they might be, becomes her unwitting nemesis. He is fascinated by Callie, but each of them faces difficult decisions and hold secrets that will undoubtedly destroy any chance at a relationship unless they learn to trust one another.

This sensual historical romance has compelling characters who keep the reader rooting for them and anxiously hoping that things work out. The artful revelation of key turning points in each person’s background, the beautiful lyrical descriptions, and the surprising facets that are gradually revealed made this such an enjoyable read for me. Who can resist a woman who has the courage to exercise the way she wants to and dress for comfort, and what a swoonworthy hero who evokes images of Vikings and Thor. I love passages such as “It wouldn’t do to take those words inside. They might fill him with boundless joy.” or sun that “had a scant allotment of light and heat that it must portion out like a miser.” The combination of the beautiful word portraits and the delightfully romantic situations that arise kept me enthralled and invested in the story. There were a couple of elements that I had a few quibbles with, but nothing major. This is part of a series but the story can stand alone with no problem. I think this book will appeal to fans of historical romance and undoubtedly garner new fans for this talented author.

A copy of this title was provided to me for review
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2,292 reviews21 followers
February 5, 2019
Like a vengeful Norse god, Captain John Nylander has come from the sea to steal the only home that Callie has ever known. And that might not be all he’s after.

Orphaned as a child, Nylander has never known a real home. Now he is ready to leave the dangers of his past behind and put down the roots he has always longed for. The only thing standing in his way is a lanky aristocratic lady who is more at home in breeches and on the farm than in the ballroom.

Never considered a beauty Callie, the Dowager Viscountess St. Alban, has poured all her energy into making Wyldcombe Grange her home. Managing an estate is not what she dreamed of, but her late husband’s rejection made it clear that love and a family would never be hers.

Both of these people have secrets and wishes that coincide. Can they each get past their secrets or will they be the only stumbling block to their future together.

This convoluted tale takes the reader on an impossible journey. Both people want Wyldcombe Grange but only one can win or can they share this impossible dream?

This is the third book in this series. I missed out on book #1 but I did read and enjoy book #2. It isn't necessary to read these books in order as they seem to all stand on their own. That is at least true with books 2 & 3.

I gave this book 4.45 of 5.0 stars for storyline and character development. It just barely missed a higher rating for me but there were points that I just couldn't get past.

This is a passionate tale with many physical encounters so be prepared for a great deal of intimacy.

I received a complimentary copy of this book to read. This in no way affected my opinion of this title which I read and reviewed voluntarily.
14 reviews1 follower
March 1, 2019
Ever since he strode across the deck of a ship in the first Shadows and Silk book, I’ve been hankering for Nylander’s story. And Sofie Darling doesn’t disappoint!

Nylander’s counterpart Callie, who commits that delicious midnight sin—of course with the godlike, golden-haired captain—is a worthy opponent in the struggle over Wyldcombe Grange.

This book is a satisfying read on so many levels. Pirates! Intrigue! Irresistible attraction! As the secrets Callie and Nylander hold are revealed, their similarities and complementary differences set them on the path from enemies to friends. With serious benefits.

And the wit! I laughed out loud more than once. “No good could come from calling a viscount a nodcock. Even if he was one.” Little moments like that pepper the story. Not only that, issues of the day are treated with the gravitas they deserve.

Well done, Darling!

I received an advance copy of this book, which in no way influences my review.
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1,731 reviews44 followers
April 12, 2019
John Nylander, captain of the Fortuyn is back in London and set on attending a dinner at the home of his foster brother and friend Jakob Radclyffe, the Viscount St. Alban. He has a lot on his mind, including the fact that his ship was trailed by the infamous pirate ship the Free Reaver - he wishes he didn't have to go to the dinner as he is not feeling well, but would never miss a chance to see Jake.

Calpurnia "Callie" Radclyffe has been summoned to London by Jake, she can't imagine what he wants, she has been widowed for two years and has been living and running a St. Alban property known as Wyldcombe Grange since her marriage to the previous Viscount. When she arrives she is stunned to learn that Jake wants to sell the Grange to Nylander - she is furious and asks if she can purchase the property - for the staggering price of 100,000£! She doesn't have the money, but has an idea and askes Jake to give her time to get the money. At this point, Nylander arrives and it is clear that Jake wants to sell to him, but he agrees to her terms. When a ruckus breaks out in the foyer, their meeting is cut short. When Callie and Nylander investigate, Nylander succumbs to his illness and passes out. Turns out it is a malaria flare up and he needs to be taken care of. Jake asks Callie to take him to the Grange to recuperate and to show him the property. She really has no choice but she has no intention of showing him anything.

His fever rages and she checks on him, he is awake and talking, she gets him a drink and helps him take off his shirt to bathes and fascinated by his tattoos, she returns later while he is sleeping for a closer look - he wakes and one thing leads to another. The next morning his fever has returned and she prays that he doesn't remember their night together. They return to the Grange and she discovers he doesn't know that Jake planned to sell him the land - she doesn't enlighten him. She instead makes a deal with the devil that she immediately regrets to gain the monies needed to purchase the land herself. But as the days pass, it gets harder and harder to keep Nylander out of her life, she likes him and feels guilty, but the Grange is her hearts desire - the only place she has ever felt valued, she can't give it up.

Nylander knows Callie is hiding something and when accidents start befalling the Grange - he has a pretty good idea who is responsible. When he learns that Jake intended to sell to him, he is hurt that Callie wasn't honest with him, but understands in a way too - he too has insecurities and longs for a place of his own - is it possible they could both gets their hearts desire? Or will insecurities, miscommunication, betrayal tear them apart?

This was a good story, I haven't read the previous books and did feel a little lost at the very beginning, but once they leave London (and the previous characters) behind, the story becomes easier to follow. It is a bit repetitious at times, with some title errors, inconsistencies and there are some moments where the story drags, but overall it is a good book with flawed characters, some twists/turns, a bit of angst, some amusing moments and some spicy love scenes. It is the third book in the series, but once Callie and Nylander's story truly began, I didn't have any problem following the story without having read the previous books.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review of an eARC that was provided to me.*
Profile Image for Becky.
2,939 reviews122 followers
April 21, 2019
Reviewed on my blog, Becky on Books, on 4/21/19.

My first read from Ms. Darling, but definitely not my last!

It's apparently my weekend to read about unconventional heroines--I absolutely adored Callie. Though she grew up in a family that never went without and supposedly married "well" her history did everything it could to mess the poor woman up. She had every right to be proud of what she'd accomplished out at Wyldcombe Grange (and she was!) pretty much everything that had come before--especially her father and her husband--had done all they could to make her doubt herself and her worth. At the Grange, though, she could be her own woman--wearing trousers more often than gowns and running late at night to clear her head, she came close to having it all...except that the Grange wasn't hers, her relationship with the townspeople and her servants wasn't quite what it should be, and the children she'd been promised would come with her marriage didn't.

So, everything except for those tiny details.

And then there's John--his mental flogging might be even more robust than Callie's; and that's really saying something. He's sure he's less-than, unworthy of love--furthermore, he's a man of the sea who has always longed for life on the shore. The Grange could offer him everything he's ever wanted...or could it?

Oh, the conflicts in this story! Even as I watched Callie dig herself deeper into trouble, it was hard to blame her, because we knew exactly what she wanted and how she thought she could get it (though even she knew her plan was doomed to failure--hope and denial working together are a dangerous duo). John's misconception of Callie's attitude toward him was heartbreaking, even as you understood why he'd think the way he did and why she was acting the way she was and it seemed as if they couldn't possibly fix everything between them. Ms. Darling did a decent job of pulling them together in the end, though, giving us an HEA that was both believable and heartwarming.

(Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be adding books 1 and 2 to my TBR...)

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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Author 0 books113 followers
April 17, 2019
Her Midnight Sin is a Regency romance. Callie is a widow, who currently runs Wyldcombe Grange in Devon. It’s part of Viscount St. Alban’s estate, and one he wishes to sell off. But it’s Callie’s home and she’s poured her heart into making it turn a profit; she can’t stand the thought of losing it all. In her haste to raise the funds to buy the property herself, Callie strikes a deal with a notorious pirate.

John Nylander is a law-abiding captain of The Fortuyn. An orphan, he was raised by Viscount St. Alban’s sea-faring family. Chance circumstances and a bout of malaria have him sent to Wyldcombe Grange to convalesce. Once recovered, he admires the way Callie runs the estate; it would be just the place he would like to have for himself. See here for full review https://wp.me/p2Eu3u-dvS
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3,460 reviews86 followers
April 18, 2019
London, 1825 "If you're goin' to have a wife, you might as well tup her right." Wisdom courtesy of a father long lost to John Nylander but the essence of the sentiment had somehow stuck with him (paraphrased). Captain of his ship, the Fotuyn, he had worked his way up the line and even though he may no longer love his work, he did it well and put in his all.
His life was about to change, although he had no idea, and it would involve one Lady Calpurnia (love that name!) Radclyffe.

Will finish in am
Profile Image for Janet.
170 reviews69 followers
April 23, 2019
Her Midnight Sin by Sofie Darling is well-deserving of 5 stars! This book is truly impeccable, Darling' weaves such a beautiful tale of deep passion, love and lots of steam! The characters are just wonderful and Nylander would capture the heart of any woman! I truly loved this book and would highly recommend to all!
Profile Image for Leah.
175 reviews
April 3, 2020
I received a free ARC of this novel via Hidden Gems in exchange for a honest review. My opinion is my own.

This is the third book in a series but it stood really well on its own. The storyline kept me interested the whole way through. The main characters were sweet and I really liked how they found each other. I enjoyed this story so much i think I'm going to go back and read the previous books.
Profile Image for Teddy Cat Hester.
Author 11 books21 followers
June 11, 2019
I love all three of Sofie's books and the Regency world she's created! Smart, passionate, romantic, beautifully written. :-)
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773 reviews1 follower
November 26, 2020
Captain John Nylander has never known a real home. Now he is ready to leave the dangers of his past behind and put down the roots he has always wanted. The only thing standing in his way is a lanky aristocratic lady who is more at home on the farm than in the ballroom. And she has secrets. . .

And a Viscountess . . .Callie, the Dowager Viscountess St. Alban, has taken care of her Wyldcombe Grange Estate that she was responsible for since her husband rejected her. Though she may lose the estate because it's not making enough money. Her solicitor and relative who holds the deed inform her he will be selling the farm to his best friend.
Callie wants a chance to make a profit on the farm. Jake will let her stay on the property but Captain Nylander is coming from the sea and wanting to put roots down.
Callie will not let him take her home, the staff who became her family. Unfortunately, she goes to dangerous pirates to borrow funds. Now there are dangerous accidents happening on the farm. That is destroying the farm profit.
Callie is required to have the Captain stay at the farm per the agreement from Jake. Callie is no nurse but is required to take care of his wounds. Well, she is finding her attraction to this gorgeous tattooed man hard to keep her mind and body on track. During the body bath, they have a night of ecstasy.
Conflict for Callie since he is the enemy trying to take her farm.
Well, Captain John doesn't want to take the farm he wants to be a part of it. A part of Callie forever.
Can Captain John prove himself worthy of Lady Callie, can he figure out why there are accidents happening on the farm. Knowing they are not accidents.
Read the novel of their love & desire. See how they lives to entwine into soulmates
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Author 2 books24 followers
April 17, 2020
Her Midnight Sin (Shadows and Silk, book 3) by Solfie Darling is the third book in this series. Set in the early 1820s in London and Somerset we meet two distinct characters from dissimilar backgrounds. The female lead, Callie is a young widow, the Dowager Viscountess of St. Alban knows a lot about disappointment. She is a strong character and does not fit the stereotype of a docile Regency woman. It is her dream to own manor, Wyldecombe Granger. She has managed it for the last five years and moved it from the red to the black. She learns that the current Viscount plans to sell it. Desperate she offers a plan to raise the money in a short time. Enter Captain John Nylander, a friend of the new Viscount. Captain John works hard at distancing himself from his nefarious father, a pirate. Estranged from his father he carved out a new life for himself as a sea captain. St. Alban, the new viscount, and Captain John grew up together and became remarkably close friends, so close that they are like brothers. But Captain John suffers a relapse of malaria and is sent with Callie to Wyldecombe Grange to recover. The rest of the story is how these two strong and independent characters get along. Will Callie get possession of Grange? Will the two of them get together? Does Captain John get together with his father?
I enjoyed this book tremendously. I admire Ms. Darling’s use of rich dialog. The banter between the characters are witty. I got caught up in the story line that I found myself laughing out loud. Her characters are multi-layered and we observe them coping with emotions lie betrayal, hurt, disappointment but they get past these emotions and stay the course.
Profile Image for Cyle.
956 reviews129 followers
February 9, 2021
My first introduction to this author, the romance, characters and world building was exciting and the romance off the charts. The two lead character both had solid backgrounds and I rooted for them to have a happy ending. Nylander was easy to fall for the big "viking" he has a big heart and obvious love for the family who took him in as a boy. Callie is strong willed and will do anything for the home she comes to love, even though her stubbornness gets in the way of seeing what's right in front of her. This can be read as a stand alone, however getting a small glimpse of the past character I'm intrigued to go back and read the past stories.
Profile Image for Kiley.
989 reviews4 followers
May 16, 2021
Did Not Read...Didn't care for Book 1 of the series and then, after reading the blurbs from the remaining 4 books in the series, chose to not read Books 2-5. When I read a romance book, that's what I want to read...not a spy novel that disguises itself as a romance. While spy novels are well and good, and they sometimes do have romance in them, my preference is to read such a book that is well written. In this series, there are two (sometimes more) separate stories going on at the same time. You have a spy novel running/working inside a romance, and vice versa...and not done well. While some people might enjoy that...well it's just not my cup of tea.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,130 reviews12 followers
February 26, 2021
Captain John Nylander's wish is to live on the land. Lady Calpurnia, Viscountess of St. Alban, wants to keep the land she's worked hard to develop. She needs money to buy Wyldcomb Grange. Nylander has first dibs, but he doesn't know it. What a tangled web when Callie makes a bargain with a pirate to sell the Grange apple brandy for a quick profit. Then the trouble really begins and only one man can protect her. It takes a strong man to love a strong lady. Laughter and tears with a lot of interesting characters.
30 reviews
May 28, 2021
Poorly written

Other reviewers commented that this book was slow and they lost interest. I think it wasn’t so much slow as very poorly written. I’ve read the previous 2 books in this series. The first was the strongest, the second was a bit weaker, with some plot lines not well developed. But this one was a real disappointment. No real character development, thin plot, lots of cliches, lazy writing. Not going to read the last in the series.
Profile Image for Mary.
2,689 reviews18 followers
November 6, 2022
This is romantic, funny and dramatic. Two people yearn for the same thing, but one doesn't have the funds, and the other doesn't think he deserves it. Callie and Nyland have more in common than they think they do, like being stubborn. I loved Nyland, he's such a confused and tortured soul, and a real gentleman. Callie is bold and sure, and a little devious. Their story made me laugh and cry, and want to hug them both.
I highly recommend this book for an enjoyable read.
Profile Image for Pauline.
475 reviews
April 11, 2022
Her Midnight Sin

Another fantastic read from the Shadows and Silk Series,book three.Had twists and turns and sexual attraction too the main two characters.But denial in Callie to that attraction until it ignites between her and the Captain.It evolves with a few mysterious happenings.That the captain puts down to a pirate.Wonderful and a must read for this whole series.
December 23, 2019

I need a Captain Nylander in my life. Callie was such a wonderful heroine. Her strength and forthrightness was illuminating. So happy they found each other. First time reading a Sofie Darling book. She did not disappoint.
Profile Image for Cherie Melbourne.
816 reviews8 followers
April 17, 2020
Her Midnight Sin

Not a bad read, I enjoyed the characters, although Callie drove me a little nuts at times. The suspense part of the story wasn't hard to work out, so there was no real intrigue for me.
This is a first Sofie Darling read for me and I'll try another story.
Profile Image for Marjorie.
1,598 reviews2 followers
April 18, 2020
Beautiful love story

I really loved this book as it had sort of a mystery to it, after being married to a US Navy sailor I know that love of the sea they had. The end came out good.
1,015 reviews2 followers
July 11, 2020
The Captain!

Having run the Estate since her husband had died and made a profit and then to be summoned to London to be told it was to be offered to his friend was adding insult to injury. She wanted the Estate herself but how!
Profile Image for Dee Jay Blaylock.
238 reviews3 followers
August 16, 2020
Secrets, the undoing of any relationship.
Whether the secrets are the ones the Dowager Viscountess holds close or the ones that Nylander does, they do not bode well for the growing attraction that is between them.
Good resolution to the way the secrets are revealed and resolved.
Profile Image for Carla.
11 reviews
December 8, 2021
Loved this book

My favorite so far of the Shadows and Silk books. Great story and characters. Loved the way the hero made his future after his humble beginnings. Couldn’t put it down. It had fun, romance, mystery.
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