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Bro Code #1

Flirting with the Frenemy

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Mission: Survive my best friend's wedding, where I must play nice with my ex and his perfect new girlfriend.

Strategy: Bring the hottest fake boyfriend on the planet.

Target: Grady Rock. Master Baker. Dimples. Muscles. The unicorn of fake boyfriends.

Complication: Wyatt Morgan. My brother's best friend. My sworn enemy. Military man. Sexy as hell single dad. The man I let into my panties for one night of hot hate sex after my ex dumped me.

And the man who just scared off that perfect fake boyfriend.

By pretending to be my real boyfriend.

I can roll with this though. What’s the harm in Flirting with the Frenemy if it helps me get the job done?

Complete my mission and move on.

Or so I thought.

Until Wyatt kisses me again and I start feeling things I shouldn't.

The thing about weddings...nothing ever goes as planned.

Flirting with the Frenemy is a rollicking fun romantic comedy featuring a single dad military man, an irritatingly attractive blast from his past, pirates, cursing parrots, and a wedding gone wild. It stands alone with no cheating or cliffhangers.

272 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 1, 2019

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About the author

Pippa Grant

53 books7,414 followers
Pippa Grant is a USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling author who writes romantic comedies that will make tears run down your leg. When she's not reading, writing or sleeping, she's being crowned employee of the month as a stay-at-home mom and housewife trying to prepare her adorable demon spawn to be productive members of society, all the while fantasizing about long walks on the beach with hot chocolate chip cookies.

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2,309 reviews24.7k followers
February 26, 2019
Flirting with the Frenemy is book one in the brand new series, Bro Code by Pippa Grant. I would call this a cross between the enemies to lovers trope, the brother’s best friend trope, and the single dad trope.

Ellie Ryder thought she knew what she wanted in life. She had the career she wanted. And the man she’s been dating for the past two years checked off all the boxes. Until he dumped her on Christmas Eve. Not wanting to be alone at her own place, she goes to her parents home and who does she find in the basement but her arch nemesis, her brother’s best friend, the man who has given her a hard time her entire life, goaded her at every turn, made her life miserable, and maybe made her work harder, strive harder, do better! He is also hurting for reasons of his own. Maybe they both just wanted to forget their pain for just a few minutes, or maybe this thing was there all along and they never realized it. In a moment of weakness, they give in. Only this is the last night that Ellie will be the Ellie she knows herself to be. This is the night her world turned upside down and everything changed.

Wyatt Morgan is Ellie’s brother Beck’s best friend. Beck was more like a brother to Wyatt and his parents practically adopted him. He and Ellie have always irritated each other. Everything was always a competition between them. Wyatt is divorced. His ex moved back to Copper Valley with their son, Tucker. But Wyatt is in the military and he is stationed in Georgia, five hundred miles away. There is nothing he can do.

It’s been six months since that night, since he last saw Ellie. Wyatt has his son for the summer and they are spending a week at Beck’s house in Shipwreck, Virginia for the pirate festival. Only it seems like Beck has an ulterior motive for offering up his house because when they arrive, the house most definitely is not empty. Ellie is there.

pirate gif

Ellie’s best friend is getting married and she is the maid of honor. It’s going to be a pirate wedding during the pirate festival in Shipwreck and she’s staying at her brother’s house. She certainly didn’t expect Wyatt and his little boy to arrive. Her brother most definitely had something to do with this. Ellie’s ex boyfriend is also in the wedding so to escape embarrassment; her friend is going to pose as her date for the week. Only as soon as Wyatt finds out, he steps in and ruins everything, making everyone believes he is her real boyfriend.

“I haven’t laughed this much in ages. And all it took was learning not to hate Wyatt. Who knew?”

Ellie and Wyatt are once again faced with that thing, that chemistry, that pull. Only every time they give in to it, something awful happens. Is the universe against them? Are they cursed? Or is she just afraid?

you're my everything

This was so much fun. The wedding alone was hilarious. It sounds like so much fun. Wyatt was the swooniest! Hot military guy with adorable son who swoops in to save the day on several occasions! I say yes! Ellie was adorable as well. She faced so much and was so brave. I loved watching her finally give in to Wyatt.

This was sweet and fun and sexy. I enjoyed it so much. This new series has so much promise. The next book will be about Beck and already promises to be hilarious. It is called America’s Geekheart. I can’t wait.

“I didn’t believe in forever until I believed in you.”

For more about this book and so many more, come and join me at Carol's Crazy Bookish World.

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1,543 reviews1,361 followers
September 4, 2020
Unbearable for me...

He is just out of a nasty divorce.
She is just dumped by her boyfriend.
He is her brother's best friend who always annoyed her.

They are at her parents' house - alone.
She takes of her clothes and basically attacks him.
He tells her to stop but she doesn't. So he can't stop himself.
And they have sex.
Then he says they shouldn't have done that.
She runs out of the house, pissed at him and has a car accident.

6 months later, she is going to a wedding and he will fake as her boyfriend because her ex will be there.
Oh my... too stupid for me to bear...

And I can't feel any chemistry between the characters. They are borderline annoying.

The writing is not even "meh"...

And I'm out!
Profile Image for Pippa Grant.
Author 53 books7,414 followers
March 1, 2019
Author's Note, Release Day!!!!:
It's here!! It's HERE!!! And now the world can see Wyatt and his #bookboyfriendgoals, and Ellie and her vulnerability and strength, and the Long Beak Silver and his foul mouth, and have I mentioned the pirate-obsessed best friend/bride? Because if she hadn't demanded a pirate-themed wedding, Shipwreck wouldn't exist, and I kinda love Shipwreck more than I probably should... (and yes, the characters totally boss me around, even though I know I shouldn't let them, but they're smarter than I am most of the time.)

Author's Note, 1 week from release day:
AAAHHH!!! They're almost here!! I ADORE Ellie and Wyatt, and Tucker, and Shipwreck, and the parrot, and the wedding... THE WEDDING!! Gah!!! Isn't it March 1 yet?!?!

Author's Note, ~2 weeks before release day:
Ellie. And. Wyatt.
These two. They're like peanut butter and bacon, which are both delicious, and also delicious together, even though you don't see it coming, and they didn't either, but once you try it, you're like, "OMG, I GET IT NOW!" Plus, there's the little town of Shipwreck where their accidental (and I do mean *accidental* in more ways than one) romance blossoms, plus the parrot, plus Ellie's brother, aka Wyatt's best friend, and Ellie's best friend, and Ellie's ex-boyfriend, and Ellie's ex-boyfriend's new perfect girlfriend, and really, I'm just SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS BOOK!!!
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373 reviews
March 7, 2021
2.5 stars. This feels harsh but I skimmed the book from 50% because I just didn't really feel invested in this romance but was nosy enough to need to know how it ended.

I think the first issue is that these two hook up at 7% and honestly as a slow burn lover this was crazy and it wasn't even a hot hook up. The H stops half way through and does the whole "this is a mistake" speech and the h runs off and gets in a huge car accident.

It jumps 6 months and the ol "both turn up to the same holiday house without knowing the other will be there" trope happens and honestly I still didn't feel any connection. I feel like a flash back to them as kids would have helped or some other interaction between them before that hook up would have helped because they are just pretty much together for the whole book and there's no tension or build up and it just didn't make any sense to me, I was told about how they both found each other attractive as teens but that is it.

Also there was a whole cast of characters that I guess I was meant to love but again I just didn't feel invested in any of the relationships and there was a lot of extra characters and sometimes I was left wondering if this was the 2nd or 3rd book in this series and not the first because a lot of stuff was written like you should know these people and their connections.

The sex was bland and there seemed to be an issue every time they fooled around. The h sneezes every time she orgasms and like...yah it's as sexy as it sounds, complete with snot.

I just can't do insta love books and this was too sugary for my tastes.
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1,342 reviews79 followers
March 4, 2019
Sigh. As of this writing, I'm the first 1-star review of this new series. 😞But I just have to be honest. I can't honestly give a book a 2-star rating (which means, per GR, that the book was "okay"), when I actually didn't really like it.

Pippa Grant is one of those author's that I have a hit-or-miss relationship with. I either like the craziness of the characters/story or I think the humor is too OTT. Sadly, this one was a miss for me. I didn't laugh at scenes that were supposed to be funny. And I found myself getting more annoyed by the shenanigans than I was entertained by them. Sorry.
Profile Image for Starr (AKA Starrfish) Rivers.
908 reviews267 followers
May 18, 2019
I'm shocked I finished this one. Well, I skipped plenty, skimmed really. But still read most of it.

It's just SILLY!

MCs have been friends since childhood. Always upped one on each other, teased each other. Then they grew up and grew hot. Finally, after her breakup and his divorce, they have a shot at each other.

The rest of it is just plain SILLY!!!! This is where I'm reminded of DNF'ing the first book I attempted to read by this author America's Geekheart (Bro Code Book 2) by Pippa Grant , the highest rated of all her books thus far. And I couldn't get past the first 2 chapters! It just gets sillier and sillier the more she writes! Or the more I read of her writing.

Really don't know if I can do another one by this author. Think I need to chill from her books for a good long while.
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2,899 reviews1,503 followers
Shelved as 'unfinished'
April 16, 2020
I made it halfway before I just couldn't continue. And the reason is because I like the characters so much. I like how Ellie sees her world, that she doesn't make excuses, and that she unapologetically takes on things she cares about. Being so engaged with her, it took me a bit to warm to Wyatt, but that happened, too. I like that protective, capable guy thing and his loyalty in friendship and care for his son are deeply attractive.

But Grant gives us that irrational thing some writers saddle their heroes with and it broke me when it manifest at the midway point. He believes that he can't "be a good partner to anyone" and that flies in the face of everything we know about him. He's loyal, kind, loving, strong, and determined. He had some rough times in childhood without any direct father-type role model (though that's a lie because he identifies his friends' fathers as great role models, but distances them as "not direct" for some unexplained reason) and he is divorced. But we don't get any hint of what happened in that divorce to shape such a view. He isn't thinking about ways he screwed up or didn't do the right thing or wasn't there for his family. We're in his head so we need more than the patently idiotic "I'm bad" that flies in the face of literally everything we experience/know about him.

The two main characters, who I like a lot, are obviously falling for each other and I really like them together. Only now we're signaled this source of conflict that makes no sense and has no support. It needs to have support to feel like more than the author needing a longer story. Although, frankly, as I think about it, even if the author had sprinkled more support for that nonsense, she also created a hero who tries to do better, examines his mistakes and is emotionally engaged with those he cares about. So even if he's a terrible partner for anyone right now, leaving it at that just doesn't fit, either. So it's an ill-supported conflict that wouldn't work, even if it were true...
Profile Image for Bookgasms Book Blog.
2,731 reviews1,296 followers
March 1, 2019
OMG! I absolutely loved this fun, flirty, smart, snarky, sexy enemies to lovers romance!

Ellie and Wyatt have a crazy history. They practically grew up together, and have consistently annoyed the heck out of each other for years. Their relationship has been to goad and cajole and generally find fault with whatever the other is doing. And that worked for them for years. Until it didn't.

Until they finally realized what they were feeling for each other wasn't annoyance at all, it was actually something much more. And neither was quite ready for it.

I loved Ellie and Wyatt's romance. Loved their crazy banter. Loved their love of friends and family.

And speaking of family and friends. I loved Beck, Monica and Jason. And holy moly the whole Shipwreck Festival was hilarious—sword fights, pirate costumes, digging for treasure, and so much more. And I cannot wait for Beck's story next! ~ Missy, 5 stars
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982 reviews781 followers
May 7, 2021
This book is the perfect example of " NOT FOR ME ".
The characterization of both MCs was a miss.
The humor was a miss and also OTT.
The chemistry between MCs was a miss.
The sex was a miss.
The plot was a miss.

I couldn't finish this one. 73% is when I finally registered my eye sockets hurting from too much eye-rolling. DNF

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1,447 reviews1,158 followers
July 2, 2020
Finding the right time to be together...

I started reading Flirting with the Frenemy a little hesitantly. I have read one Pippa Grant story before and while I didn't hate it, I did have some problems with it. I think you have to be in the right mood for stories like this one, and I obviously was in the perfect mood today. I read it in one day and I haven't done that in donkey's years. I was sucked into the dynamics of this couple, the storyline kept me entertained from beginning to end, and the additional characters made the story come alive. I was left satisfied...well mostly satisfied. I'm hoping we get to see more of this little family in future instalments.

I actually liked the flow of this one. While in other reads I've hated the ... *that was a mistake* ... when the character gets intimate the first time, in this case, I knew instantly that it wasn't the right time for Ellie and Wyatt. It was a little sad what happens straight after, but again, the growth that happened because of it, made them both stronger. When they finally get together, you know they're finally in a place to work through their problems.

Horrible of me to say, but I knew that Wyatt's career was going to cause troubles. Not everyone can be married successfully to a serviceperson. The moving, separations, and stress that comes with the job are not easy. With one unsuccessful marriage under his belt, I understood his hesitancy to go back for more. What he eventually comes to realise is that he just needs to find the right person for it all to work. In Ellie, he realised that they were both willing to make sacrifices to successfully navigate their relationship.

I admit the humour can at times be a little OTT, but for some reason, it didn't bother me today. I had a good laugh in between the eye-rolls so it wasn't all bad.

I'm glad I gave Pippa Grant another go and I loved that this story distracted me from the trials and tribulations in our world today. I am definitely going on in this series, and I've already locked and loaded America's Geekheart.

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1,291 reviews67 followers
September 20, 2019
This book seems to have it all……..Brother’s best friend, enemies to lovers and single dad all rolled into one funny and sweet book.

There are too many funny scenarios in this book from the bubble bath scene to the wedding. Wyatt’s son is too funny and of course as a kid doesn’t even realize it.

Ellie was wonderful. She went through so much but yet she was a fighter.

“I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of times I’ve heard someone say Ellie’s annoying, or god knows, the number of times I’ve thought it myself in my lifetime, but at Christmas, and again now, I’m getting pissed thinking about it. She is smart. She is brave. She is strong. She is determined. Why does that have to translate to annoying? Why does she have to be disparaged for wanting something and going after it? She’s not power-hungry. She doesn’t tear people down. She just wants her own bar set higher, and she doesn’t apologize for it.”

I love that Wyatt recognizes this about Ellie!! Not only is he observant but he is a sexy military man with a very sweet side!!

I’m looking forward to reading about Ellie’s brother Beck!!!!
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281 reviews230 followers
March 23, 2019
There were some good one-liners in here and I'm all for hate-to-love stories with verbal sparring. That's my jam.

Other than that, the characters and story are meh. It's the execution here more than anything that takes a standard trope that people love and makes it into something unenjoyable for me. The female lead is OTT clumsy, the people in Shipwreck are OTT ridiculous, and the male lead is OTT as well. Everyone feels like caricatures, not people, and that makes it hard to relate to them or actually immerse yourself in the story.

I'm also getting tired of the casual misogyny in some of these books. The whole "I have big tits and ass because I'm built like a REAL woman" line was so unnecessary. One throwaway line that could have been omitted and the story entirely preserved instead had me setting the book down wondering if I even wanted to continue if there was going to be more of that in here.

It's one thing to have your characters be confident - we need more of that. But the whole "real woman" thing is so unnecessary. We don't need to put down other body types to feel confident.

Also in here was a scene where the OTT clumsiness resulted in both the leads getting banged up and bruised pretty bad in the bedroom. Then they go out and about and every single person who looks at them with black eyes and bruised faces immediately smirks and insists on padded headboards. In what world do you see people bruised in the face and immediately think it was rough sex? That is not the defacto assumption to anyone.

The tension between the characters is also pretty weak. The whole "universe is cursing us" thing is so OOC for the characters and it's obvious it was put in there just to create some tension, even though the only tension it creates was in my head after the strain of rolling my eyes so much.
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2,050 reviews122 followers
April 1, 2019
Ellie and Wyatt have a long history, they practically grew up together and have over the years constantly annoyed the heck out one another, that is until the attraction that has simmered beneath the surface finally erupts, and no matter how much they try to put a lid back on it, faith and Beck (Ellie's brother and Wyatt's best-friend) won’t let them run away.

This book is a meld between a enemies to lovers, brother’s best-friend and single dad tropes. It was a cute standalone read, and there were some funny moments such as the bubble bath scene, but I didn’t find myself grinning like a loon or laughing until my belly hurt – both of which I was hoping for.

There was also some nice banter between Ellie and Wyatt that at times had me smiling, but I couldn’t sink into this book fully.

Acquired via KU.
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772 reviews88 followers
April 17, 2020
FLIRTING WITH THE FRENEMY is book 1 in the BRO CODE series and is a fairly quick, but fun brothers best friend romance. I enjoyed it for the most part, it did find myself rolling my eyes at the ridiculousness more than a couple of times.
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191 reviews57 followers
February 22, 2019
I thought there could never be a book that Pippa Grant could publish that would surpass what I feels for Ares and Beauty and the Beefcake

Ares, I love you boo, I always will, but this book has pirates. PIRATES!!!!!!!


Black Sails ,
Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time ,
Pirates of the Caribbean , just give. Me. PIRATES!!!!! Talk Like a Pirate Day is one of my favourite things. I used to make a joke about answering the phone at work with my growly "Arrrrrrrrrr" in place in the company name and… Well, you get the idea! So Flirting with the Frenemy has pirates and LOTS of them, but it also has some of my favourite tropes and the quirkiness of Ellie Ryder who has become one of my favourite heroines to date!

What happens when your enemy isn't your enemy? What if they're what you always wanted, only you never knew it?

Ellie Ryder grew up around all her older brother Beck's buddies. That almost all of them grew up to form the boy band Bro Code didn't mean a thing to her - they were just the guys she grew up with. Totally normal, nothing special here. There were guys that could be counted on for fun, laughs, and to have your back (by extension because she was Beck's annoying little sister) whenever the chips were down - or you wipe your brother's stupid high score off his precious Frogger game but whatever! Wyatt Morgan was always more than just her brother's best friend. Wyatt Morgan was antagonizing and pushy. Wyatt Morgan was her enemy. But what if he wasn't her enemy and instead was so much more?

I had emotional whiplash in the first chapter. First I was commiserating, then I was laughing, then it was smoking hot, and holy hell at the end of it I was sobbing because while I've never had a night quite like Ellie did I have had moments that made me feel like I wasn't enough and so I know that feeling all too well. I didn't know how this was going to turn around and they were going to wind up together but I knew because this is Pippa Grant we're talking about that it was going to amazing and hilarious.

Welcome to Shipwreck, home of the Pirate Festival … and the Pirate themed destination wedding of a LIFETIME! It's also the backdrop of the wackiest, quirkiest love story I have ever had the pleasure of reading (at least, until Pippa publishes another one)! This town is home to some incredible pirate lore, banana pudding, pudding donuts (I'm drooling right now), pizza, a treasure hunt, and a salty parrot who knows how to walk the plank.

No, not that kind of parrot…

Yep, that's more like Long Beak Silver! Man that bird has a mouth on him and it's HILARIOUS!!!

How do you navigate forced cohabitation, a fake relationship, your ex and his new flame, and being in your best friend's wedding party with style? You do it up pirate style!

I want to LIVE THERE!!!!!!! (And I want to crawl inside this story and just stay there because OMG Wyatt and his tortured soul and Ellie being so tortured herself it just… BAH!!!!!!)

Favourite Lines

When I rule the world, peppermint crunch ice cream will be available all year long, because assholes who break people's hearts don't restrict their assholery and heart-breaking to Christmas.

Who taught you to hold a pool cue, a blind monkey?

I don't run without a heavy duty sports bra and my ass could squash a supermodel, but I won't apologize for being built like a woman.

Wyatt and Ellie, sitting in a tree. A-W-K-W-aaaarrr-ding!

… a corsage? A coriander? A makes-a-man speechless?

"You better be good to her, or I'll slice your nuts off with my pirate sword and tie a cannonball to your ankles and shoot you over the mountains."

"Can you take out the screen and shake it and make it work again?" she says desperately.

"It's not a fucking Etch-a-Sketch."


The men are dressed as pirates, but the women are a dog, a monkey, and a parrot.

"Do you think that one uses bad words?" Tucker asks me while he points.

"No, that's a random kid he kidnapped with candy and donuts yesterday, but he's cute, so we're making him an official pirate with us."

This morning, I woke up to a message from him that he couldn't ask for a better boyfriend for his sister, except maybe Levi, because his ass is nice than mine.

"Have you met your brother? He licks his players for luck."

A Beck Ryder huh can mean anything from you're in my seat to clogged the toilet again to oh, good, meatloaf leftovers.

"I thought of you while I masturbated last week and then I ran over a squirrel."

You need to read Wyatt and Ellie's story. YOU NEED IT! You have no idea how much until you understand some of my lingering questions…

Lingering Questions -

Are we going to get more than just one baseball player's romance because the potential with the Fireballs is well… like some serious buried treasure?

Are we ever going to see the Unicorn Festival in Sarcasm because you know pirates are awesome but UNICORNS ARE UNICORNS?!?!!!

What the hell did Beck do because even that teaser gave me nothing????

One Click this baby now - and then you can anxiously wait for America's Geekheart with me!!
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1,581 reviews148 followers
March 5, 2019
Wyatt and Ellie 4-Ever

Before I picked up this book I heard rumors that other readers were saying that Wyatt was replacing Ares as their favorite Pippa Grant Hero. My immediate reaction was NO WAY!! Well, I just finished this book and it sort of pains me to admit that it might just be true for me too!

I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS love Ares but, man, Pippa really brought it when she wrote Wyatt.

Sexy military man ✔️
Single, AMAZING dad ✔️
Great friend ✔️

I mean, what’s not to like?

However, it’s the banter, chemistry, history and lifelong hostility between Ellie and Wyatt that really sealed the deal for me on this story. I LOVE a good brother’s best friend/little sister romance and this one was executed pretty perfectly. Despite the name of the series, the reasons for Ellie and Wyatt trying to avoid their feelings for each other went beyond the typical bro code reasons and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

Pippa Grant is quite easily my favorite rom-com author because of her ability to combine over-the-top humor, ridiculous situations (usually involving farm animals or exotic pets)with the perfect amount of emotion and romance that has me falling in love with her books over and over again!
Profile Image for Ashleyjo.
826 reviews403 followers
August 8, 2021
” I let Wyatt take his time looking at me, because I know I look good. I hit the gym for weights four mornings a week. I run marathons. I still have curves. I don’t run without a heavy-duty sports bra and my ass could squash a supermodel, but I won’t apologize for being built like a woman.”

^ Go, girl. Confident FMC. She has a hiccup, or rather sneeze, after an accident, but she’s a character that’s respectable and easy to root for a HEA.

MMC is such a great dad. Not a swoon-y type of character, but it works for her.

Great cast of characters and setting, but I’m finding a similar issue with all of this author’s books - the first 20% and last 20% are strong, but the middle 60% is as tiring as a treadmill. The premise here and with all the other Pippa books I’ve read are great. It’s kinda like a 75k badass Jeep with all the cool toys attached… but it gets stuck in a mud pit, leaving one to just watch its tires spin uselessly for hours before it zips across a finish line. I digress.

Yet, lines like this one make watching those tires spin worth it ;) …

“I thought of you while I masturbated last week and then I ran over a squirrel.”

2 1/2 stars.
March 1, 2019
4.5 Stars!

The title says is all. It is as promised, a Frenemies to lovers book. Add in Best Friend's little sister and there is bound to be some tension. Loved the whole thing!

Wyatt and Ellie have a long history having grown up together. They have always bickered and tried to one up each other. Apparently, everyone but them say it for what it was---foreplay. The chemistry is off the charts with these two. They know each other so well, I really think that is what finally sealed the deal for Ellie. Wyatt was willing to take the good, the bad and the ugly with her.

Loved the whole set up of the story. I mean, how can you not want to read what crazy adventure awaits with a wedding week surrounded by a pirate theme. The secondary characters are all well fleshed out. Sweet little boy topping everything off. Just really great rom com writing.

*Complimentary copy provided for an honest review.
Profile Image for Carly.
301 reviews
April 28, 2020
I have yet to find a Pippa Grant book that I don't like, and this one is no exception. It was fun, exactly what I needed. This one had its funny moments that made me laugh, but wasn't over the top ridiculous, which I like, but would have felt out of place here. I read a little out of order, so I liked seeing more of Shipwreck, and of course the Rock family. I really liked Ellie and Wyatt, but they aren't my favorite couple. But either way, I'm looking forward to diving farther into the Bro Code side of things, especially after seeing so many other characters fangirl over them. I'm excited to see where it goes.

"Pirate parade! Pirate parade!"
"Tucker, you forgot your…" I trail off, because he's gone, running past the basement bar and up the stairs. So I grab the little scrap of a security blanket he still carries with him and trail after him, also grabbing three dirty glasses from beside a glittery notebook on the high bar counter as I pass, though those aren't our mess. I get to the top of the stairs just a few steps behind Tucker, who's staring again.
And when I look up, I realize why.
"Not. One. Word," Ellis says.
"Daddy, a pirate girl came out of the bathtub," Tucker whispers.
Ellie's eyes go soft as her dimple pops out when she smiles at Tucker. She's in a pirate wench dress, with a fluffy white blouse hanging off her shoulders and covered with one of those leather-looking thingies that tie up from her waist to her chest and gives her good cleavage - a corsage? A coriander? A makes-a-man-speechless? - and a flowing gauzy maroon skirt with black stiletto heels coming up to her knees.
I swallow hard and remind my dick that we're here for my son to go to the Pirate Festival, not for me to lose my head. Again.
Or one of my best friends.
"You may call me Calamity Ellie, captain of the Golden Albatross," she says to Tucker, ending on a fancy bow that has her wincing when she stands back up.
I start to ask if those boots are a good idea - she looked like she was hurting earlier, and I know she busted her leg and hip bad in the accident - but then I remember who I'm talking to, and I clamp my mouth shut and move past her to put the glasses in the kitchen.
Especially since she's in full makeup with her hair curled special and hanging down to the tops of her bare shoulders.
She doesn't look like she's meeting friends.
She looks like she's headed for a pirate battle that will be followed with a dance.
Not a care in the world.
Just time to party with the pirates.
"Girls can't be captains," Tucker announces as I step out of the kitchen.
I wince and angle back to put my hand on his shoulder. "Never, ever tell a woman she can't be something. Especially Miss-Captain-Ellie."
"But boys are pirate captains."
Ellie gives me a look that suggests this is my fault - of course she does - while she puts her fists to her hips. "Is that so, you scurvy dog? You keep talkin', you'll be swabbing the poop deck!"
Tucker giggles. "Ew, I don't want to swap poop on the deck!"
"Then don't be sayin' there ain't girl pirates, sonny boy."
Ellie winks at him, then sashays past us.
With a limp that puts a rock in my gut.
I've never wanted to protect someone so badly while simultaneously being so irritated with her that I want to tie her to a chair and make her promise she'll quit-quit-fuck.
I don't know what I want her to quit, but I know it's none of my fucking business.
Tucker falls in line behind her and also limps all the way out the door.
Fucking hell.
Does it still hurt? Beck said they weren't sure she'd walk again right after it happened.
But I can't ask.
I don't have the right.
Not with our history. All of our history.
"Set the alarm, please, powder monkey," Ellie calls to me as though we're kids again and she's just trying to get my goat.
Like our relationship isn't way more complicated than that.
Like we didn't screw on her parents' basement floor. Like she didn't tear off out of the house right afterward. Like she didn't ignore every last fucking attempt I made to apologize.


The game room's open. Ellie's on a stool, muttering enough fucks to make a pirate blush while she bangs on the controller on Beck's Frogger arcade game.
The pink in her cheeks and that stubborn set to her jaw make my dick twitch.
Kissing her in December wasn't a fluke.
Is she obnoxious? Yes. Short-tempered? Sometimes. Determined and smart and driven and fucking unstoppable?
Fuck, my pants are getting tight. Because there's nothing hotter than a woman taking charge and going after what she wants, and that's what Ellie Ryder has done every day of her life.
While thumbing her nose at me.
"Work work work, you son of a bitch," she growls.
"Donut?" I ask.
She throws a wild-eyed look over her shoulder. "Frogger is broken."
I almost drop the bag, which would be a catastrophe, and not only because they smell delicious, but also because I'd have to clean it up. "What? No, it's not."
I growl while I cross past the ping-pong table, pool table, and foosball table to the far wall. "I'm not-what the hell is-dammit Ellie, this is called denial, because Beck's gonna-oh, fuck."
The screen on the arcade console is one big squiggly mess of greens and blues. Ellie hits the buttons, and nothing happens. "I can't unplug it myself," she grumbles. "I can't fucking bend that way."
I toss the donuts on the ping-pong table behind me and shift behind the machine.
"Wait!" she shrieks.
"Beck's high score. He'll kill you if his high score is gone."
I freeze.
She's right.
He hit seven hundred thousand something points over a weekend about two years ago. It was one of those rare times we were all around - Beck, me, the Wilson brothers, the Rivers kids, Davis, Ellie - and the whole weekend turned into one big party of watching Frogger and drinking beer and eating pizza and shooting hoops under the stars and just having fun again.
No worries, no responsibilities. Only fun.
Like when we were kids.
The whole crew will have a fit if that score's lost.
It would be like losing the weekend.
It's all we did that weekend.
"Can't you take out the screen and shake it and make it work?" she says desperately.
"It's not a fucking Etch-a-Sketch."
"But maybe it's the video card. Maybe if we get the video card out, we don't have to reset the whole system."
"Dad? Can I have a donut now?"
We both whip our heads around to look at Tucker, who's wearing a milk mustache and a yellow streak that I expect is egg down his Fireballs T-shirt, which isn't what he was wearing five minutes ago.
Also, did he just hear me say fuck?
Shit. I need to remember he can hear me. Bachelor life on base isn't good for a kid-friendly vocabulary.
"Yeah, bud. Help yourself."
Ellie's watching me with wide eyes, like she has an idea.
Like she's thinking nobody would say a word if Tucker spilled milk on the video game.
He's just a kid.
And it could be our secret.
She breaks eye contact, shaking her head with a high laugh. "We are terrible people," she whispers.


I should go check my phone to see if it's working yet, but I want to sit for a little bit longer first. Not for the company, I tell myself, but for the rest.
The game comes back on, and he shifts. "Before I forget…"
He holds out my phone.
A shiver rolls through me, because was the man reading my mind?
"It works, and I didn't prank call anyone."
I stare at the device stupidly for longer than I should before taking it. Our fingers brush like they did at Christmas. I remember the feel of his hips against mine, and a flush heats my entire body. "Thank you."
He frowns. "You okay?"
And there's more stupid staring going on as I blink blankly at him, because there's something in his tone that's not quite normal.
"You didn't yell at me for not letting you do it yourself," he clarifies.
"Twenty-something years of yelling at you hasn't worked, so maybe it's time I give it up."
He shifts to lean over and touch the back of his hand to my forehead. Tucker grumbles in his sleep, but doesn't wake up.
"Yep, definitely warm," he says. "You should probably strip."
"Excuse you?" I gasp.
He grins. "Ah, there she is. Just checking."
"You're trying to annoy me?"
He looks down at Tucker, glances at the game and winces as Pittsburgh gets a double off what should've been a single, then looks back at me. "You remember we used to play basketball at the Rivers house?"
"I remember you used to think I couldn't keep up."
"You couldn't, but that's not the point."
My breathing is coming easier as we slip back into old habits. "You are so lucky that innocent child is sleeping on you right now, or you'd be dead."
"I used to wait until you'd sink the perfect shot, and then I'd tell you that you could've done it better, just to watch the steam roll out your ears. And it's still that easy."
I gape at him, because he does it on purpose?
And what does it say about me that I still take the bait?
"You-you're-you're-an ass," I gasp.
Tucker stirs, and I slap a hand over my mouth.
Wyatt just shrugs, but not the shoulder that would disturb Tucker. "I have to have some flaws. Otherwise I'd be insufferable."


The sound of the house alarm buttons being pushed wakes me from a dead sleep at 4:30.
Someone's breaking in.
I fly out of the bed and land on soft feet, and I don't bother pulling on a shirt, because it's not going to be any protection against an intruder. I hit the bottom of the stairs when the lights flicker on, blinding me.
"Freeze, asshole!" Ellie barks. Something whizzes past me and thuds against the door.
The dark figure next to the alarm panel sighs. "A guy drives all night to answer a distress call, and what does he get? He gets a dildo launched at his face. Nice, Ellie. Real nice."
"Davis?" she shrieks
The slender, man-bun-wearing, bearded intruder bends over and grabs the massive purple thing from the floor. It's longer than his tatted-up arm. "Fucking hell, does that even fit? Put your fists down, Wyatt, it's not about her honor. You see the size of this thing?"
Ellie snatches it back, but once she has it, she grabs it by the base with her other hand and wipes the first one on her shirt.
"Go put pants on," I hiss at her.
"It's like a swimsuit, Morgan," she snaps back. "And this isn't mine. It was in the drawer in the guest bedroom."
All three of us momentarily stare at the two-foot-long, six-inch-thick dildo dangling from her fingers. I try not to look at the mangled, leathery scar on her thigh, but my stomach still dips thinking about what she's been through.
"You should mount it," Davis says, nodding to the dildo.
Ellie goes stiff like she's going to beat him with it, and I'm about to slug him when his lips twist into a familiar smirk.
"On Beck's bedroom wall," he finishes.
His dark eyes flit between us. "And you two should be more careful when you're having sex. Looks like you had a threesome with a boxer."
Ellie's eyes bug out.
"We weren't-" I start, yanking my hand away from where it instinctively went to test the tender skin around my eye, but Davis pops a rare full grin and turns to the door to the basement.
"What'd you do to fuck up Frogger? And where's the coffee? If I'm gonna fix this I need fuel."
"Screen went out, so we pulled the plug to reboot." I jerk my head back at Ellie. "Please go put pants on before Tucker comes down here and sees you walking around like that, because he'll tell his mother and I'll never hear the end of it."
I can deal with the guilt of seeing her scars.
But I really don't want Tucker thinking about women in underwear any younger than hormones finally make him.
"And don't forget my coffee, wench," Davis calls.
"Oh, go cut your hair," she replies good-naturedly with a smile.
She heads into the kitchen, swinging the dildo of indeterminate source, and I'm pretty sure she's going to at least wrap it in a garbage bag, if not take it all the way out to the trash herself.
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August 23, 2021
Pippa Grant is a new to me author and she has some strong points. She does snappy dialogue pretty well, I love the quirky small town she created and the colorful side characters, this book felt full of characters without being stuffed and bogging down the romance.

I will say, the summary for this one (and book 2 in the series, which I’ve started) is a little off. Based on the summary I assumed Wyatt, her brothers best friend and her sort of enemy, sort of frenemy, was pining for her in some capacity and was the one to step in as her fake boyfriend over who she had planned. Instead, it’s a series of misunderstandings on both part and she latches onto him as a fake BF.

Either way, I do love a fake relationship… I love brothers best friend… I love frenemies… I love single dad.

The whole book takes place over a week in a small town, where the heroine Ellie’s best friend is getting married (to her ex-boyfriend’s brother). It’s a super quirky small town that’s having a Pirate Festival Week, and so the wedding (and all the wedding festivities leading up to the wedding) are… of course… pirate themed. Wyatt is there with his son and, one thing leads to another…

This was a solid 3 stars for me. Good but not great, but a book I’d recommend to other people because I think others could enjoy it.
1,326 reviews19 followers
March 3, 2019
3 Stars
At this point after having read all the books from Mr. McHottie to Charming as Puck I thought I knew what to expect from Pippa Grant. But Flirting with the Frenemy surprised me. And Not always in a good way. This book starts out a little darker than all the other books of her’s I’ve read. Ellie our heroine has been dumped by her long time boyfriend two days before Christmas. Wyatt her older brother Beck’s best friend has just received his divorce papers and has had to accept the fact that because he’s in the Air Force stationed in Georgia and his now ex-wife lives in Copper Valley Virginia with their seven year old son Tucker, he won’t be able to spend much real time with him until he’s released from his Air Force commitment which is a year or so away. So there’s not much light and happiness there t begin this story.
Now before I go any further if you’ve read Pippa’s earlier books you’ll recognize that Copper Valley is the same place that many of the later books in that series took place. And Beck was part of the boy band Bro Code which was often mentioned in the earlier book series as some of the characters played in an all girls band that played eighties boy band music and love Bro Code. Those are the only two connections to the previous series. None of the girls in the band nor the Berger twins show up in this story.
Wyatt and Ellie have always had a strange relationship since they were children. Ellie is three years younger and as Wyatt’s BFF Beck’s little sister has always been off limits to him. Once Ellie hits puberty she too has feelings for Wyatt but knows she’s too young for him and has to watch him date girls of a more appropriate age. So to compensate for feelings they can’t express they’ve always annoyed one another to the point they actually convince themselves they don’t really like each other. Sort of. The years go bye and I’m assuming both are in their late twenties or early thirties as the book begins.
Right after Ellie’s boyfriend dumps her for another woman she comes to her parents house and finds Wyatt in the basement rec. room trying to drink his troubles away. She’s hurting after her sudden break up and needing to feel wanted and attractive. So she seduces Wyatt. They have angry sex. Wyatt immediately regrets what he’s done fearing he could ruin his relationship with the only people he has left he considers family. Ellie misinterprets his regret as another rejection of her and then she runs out of the house and gets into an accident with a drunk driver that causes serious injuries that take months to recover from. Still not finding any humor? This, they have sex or even just make out and then something bad happens is a reoccurring major theme in this book. So fast forward six months and Ryan is planning a weeks vacation with his son at Beck’s vacation home in the vacation town of Shipwreck Virginia that is having its annual Pirates Festival, at Beck’s invitation. Ellie is also there to be M.O.H. at her BFF’s Monica’s crazy pirate wedding. She’s engaged a good hearted good looking local guy to be her fake boyfriend because her BFF is marrying her ex’s younger brother (whom she introduced) and her ex will be his Best Man and of course the woman he dumped her for will be accompanying him. But her plans go awry when Wyatt can’t help running off the guy she had hoped would be her fake boyfriend and inserts himself in this role. Because even though they’re still snarling and snapping at each other Wyatt can’t stand the idea of another man being close to Ellie. This forces them to spend time together both back at Beck’s house and in the town of Shipwreck. Which forces them to talk and eventually allow their real feelings to come out. But of course there are complications to overcome before they have their H.E.A.
And it’s that H.E.A. or the epilogue that is causing me to downgrade this book from 4 or 5 stars to 3. Because this book ends with a definite cliffhanger. And I hate books that leave you hanging. Yeah, I know Ms. Grant always offers multiple epilogues to readers you can download from her newsletter. But one, I don’t mind doing this to get more of the characters and their H.E.A. but I do mind it just to find out what happened. And two I have a Kindle Paper White e-reader which I love but which doesn’t lend itself very well to using Bookfunnel to download this extra material so I’ve literally been unable to enjoy all the extra epilogues from her stories I would dearly have loved to read. So I’m really not very happy that Ms. Grant left me hanging here not knowing what happened at the end of the book to cause Wyatt and Ellie to have to run off in the middle of the night to support Beck. Or does Wyatt eventually leave the Air Force and what does he do for a living if he does? Also even though this book (as all Pippa Grant books do) had many laughable moments because of the Pirate Festival and the pirate themed wedding and even because of some of the unfortunate things that seem to happen every time Wyatt and Ellie get physical, one of the constructs in the book meant to be funny is a foul mouthed parrot. And really for me a parrot that regularly drops f-bombs and other inappropriate language wasn’t all that funny. Sort of a one trick pony that was funny once but not again and again. Not nearly as funny as the monkey Loki was in her other books. So while I really enjoyed so much of this story with plenty of laughs and a few tears, the ending just left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
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1,238 reviews265 followers
Shelved as 'life-is-too-short'
December 26, 2020
I half-heatedly read this over a few days, set it aside & suddenly it's been a while and I don't care. I don't even know their names. I deserve better.
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910 reviews535 followers
January 12, 2020
1, DNF at 60%, Star

I saw a snippet of this book and thought it looked good enough to try it since I was in the mood for something lighthearted, also not realizing I have read this author before, and I have the same problems with this book that I've had with her other ones. The slapstick, not funny humor, pretty much.

The blurb sounded decent, but that's pretty much the only good thing about the book. The humor was cheesy and trying too hard, making it more annoying than being close to funny. The reactions were definitely overdramatic and over the top too. Then there are some details that bothered me a bit, such as in the beginning when she was in the tub and kept slipping and going under, and he had to "help" her so she wouldn't drown all the the sake for comedy. I'm sorry but how are you constantly slipping in the tub when you're laying down that youre having trouble sticking your head out of the water? And yet you're able to get inside and outside of it no problem all the other times you're taking a bath? That is what i mean when useless situations are created just to be added for humor, when it wasn't funny at all.

Another detail that bothered me were her boobs, weird I know. Before her accident she had perky D cups, and 6 months later, she magically went up 2 cup sizes, but kind of bragged about how much fuller her boobs were. Im sorry, but what would she be at now? An E cup? And still be a small person with perky boobs? Ya no, that's not how it works unless you have a boob job, and she would have had to gain a decent amount of weight to have gone up 2 cups in that short of time, and this is all coming from a bigger boob person, TMI I know. Also how tf were his hands so big they completely covered her E cup boobs?

Although there are so many things that bothered me about this book, the last one I will add are the dildos. I feel as if this author is CONSTANTLY adding dildos in situations to make it funny. She has already done this in a couple other books, and newsflash, they aren't funny. Also, she grabs a random, most likely used dildo, to throw at the "intruder" which is seriously a bit gross.

Overall, not a book worth my time, and I will try to actively stay away from this authors books.
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2,144 reviews276 followers
March 19, 2019

It was cute. It's what I expect from Pippa Grant, though it's more middle of the road for me than some of her other books. It was cute, though the humor will not work for everyone. It's set in the same 'verse as her other books, so you'll recognize some characters if you've read her books, but you won't need to read them. It's got some of the standard flaws as well, so it's cute but it's not a standout. But I think if you usually like Pippa Grant's writing, you'll probably enjoy this.

For more reviews, visit

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1,525 reviews83 followers
February 27, 2019
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is the brilliant beginning of a series by this author and it is told by Ellie and by Wyatt as they navigate the waters six months after having one night together, before Ellie got into a massive car crash that has changed her life around.

Wyatt is one of her brothers best friends and also the man that Ellie has been fighting with for as long as she can remember. With her best friend getting married in a crazy town called Shipwreck and a pirate themed wedding, all kinds of crazy happens and it starts when Wyatt and his son Tucker go to spend a holiday in his best friends house, only to find Ellie there in the bath.

This book has so much crazy (in the good way), that you seriously cannot help but turn the page and wonder what on earth is going to happen next. Seriously, this author has some crazy writing skills, along with an awesome crazy mind.

I really look forward to reading more from this author and am glad that another favourite author put me onto her when they did a collaboration with Hosed.

I really recommend this book.
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110 reviews23 followers
August 20, 2021
3.5 stars

it was a light and quick read (just like all pippa's books). I was literally in tears at one point because I couldn't stop laughing 😭✋️

the only thing that was missing was a little more of wyatt's past, there were only brief mentions and to me it was very superficial. I wish we could've known a little more of him and what made him have some decisions 🤔 but overall it was sweet and funny.
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1,068 reviews138 followers
May 23, 2019
I've read some other stuff by Pippa Grant, but something about the Bro Code series is just a major hit for me. I love a good brother's best friend trope, and a great enemies to lovers romance. I'm not really a fan of the single dad trope, but it really works for me here. (Tucker is just too cute!) Pippa Grant has this sort of manic, super weird, crazy-person writing style, and sometimes it's way too over the top but I think she leashed it and directed it really well in this book. I found myself grinning like an idiot several times while reading Flirting with the Frenemy, and also shot Diet Coke out my nose at one point (that has to do with Frogger and Etch-a-Sketch...). I think Pippa would've been proud of my Diet Coke nose antics. ;)

The dynamic between Ellie and Wyatt is amazing. I love their snark and banter, and love how they push each other to be better - even if it is just to piss the other one off. Their banter is hilarious, while at the same time they're both dealing with some really heavy emotional stuff, both in regards to their relationship with each other as well as Wyatt dealing with his job, his divorce, and being a single dad that is forced by his job (in the military) to live hours away from his son and then Ellie with her own sense of self-worth and capability in the aftermath of her bad breakup and devastating car accident.

The town of Shipwreck is adorable, and I love everyone in it. ALL OF THEM, even the parrot with the potty mouth. Also, now I need Grady's book. *grabby hands* And Cooper's. GIMME.

Flirting with the Frenemy is the first book in the Bro Code series, and can be read as a standalone. (But you're REALLY gonna want to read the next book in the series, America's Geekheart - trust me on this one!)
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367 reviews77 followers
February 20, 2019
“Ellie Ryder and me?
We mix as well as water and lava.”

The books get crazier and crazier and I love every minute of it. Flirting with the Frenemy is so hilarious and addictive that there was never a dull moment. After all the heavy books that I have been reading, this was the perfect remedy. It made me feel light and free. It was exhilarating.

Ellie and Wyatt have never gotten along from the time they met. He was her brother’s best friend from childhood. Fast forward many years and they still don’t mix...... until one night that they were both hurting so bad and needing a distraction. But things don’t go as planned afterwards and Ellie’s life is forever altered. Wyatt feels guilty when he sees Ellie again. They are both in the same small town, him a small vacation with his seven year old son and her to attend her best friend’s wedding. Wyatt throws a wretch in Ellie’s plan of parading a gorgeous hunk in front of her ex, who is also attending the wedding, so Ellie monopolizes on that opportunity by pretending that Wyatt is her man. But the attraction and chemistry is real although they try so hard to disguise it with their quips. They always try to one up each other. They are dangerous together.

Wyatt was so sweet and protective over Ellie. Even though he didn’t initially understand what he felt towards her. Their arguing was foreplay spanning decades.

I will never get tired of Pippa Grant’s books. They bring joy to my life. This book had the perfect blend of romance, drama and comedy including all things pirate. This story was unique and once again, as I mentioned before, crazy!
161 reviews1 follower
February 21, 2019
The term frenemy has been re-defined in this larger-than-life tale of love and hate. Ellie always had a fiery relationship her brother’s best friend, Wyatt. But her feelings take on a whole new level of mixed up emotion when her entire world was rocked in an instant. She and Wyatt are a recipe for disaster and she is convinced that the universe is out to make sure that they keep their distance. When one tub of “loser ice-cream” ignites their fiery relationship, a disaster strikes. Now they are facing-off with each other again. However, hate is akin to love and they realize that their feelings are worth risking the disasters that universe might have in store for them.
Pippa Grant achieves perfection with this hilariously funny, super heartwarming, and overall delightful-to-read book. Flirting with the Frenemy will cure your blues and make your face hurt from smiling.
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628 reviews19 followers
March 6, 2019
Fun read!

This was such a great read! It was a light and hilarious book with some ama,ing characters. The bad luck these two had was epic and so crazy but it's what made This book what is was. The ending wasn't quite a cliffhanger but it was just a tease and now I have to read becks story to see what the heck is going on!
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