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I’m J.D. Wilder, and it takes a lot to shame me, but we’re about to see where you draw the line.

Gabrielle Duval once belonged to me.
And like it or not, she'll be mine again.
In a world where money, power and corruption rule, I'm prepared to do whatever it takes.
Although nothing with that woman is ever easy.
But believe me when I tell you, I'll enjoy every minute of the fight.

Those who are sensitive to dark storylines, please proceed cautiously!


First published February 21, 2019

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Eva Charles

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Want to read
July 5, 2019


Book 1 of 2.
I’m J.D. Wilder, and it takes a lot to shame me, but we’re about to see where you draw the line.
Gabrielle Duval once belonged to me.
And like it or not, she'll be mine again.
In a world where money, power and corruption rule, I'm prepared to do whatever it takes.
Although nothing with that woman is ever easy.
But believe me when I tell you, I'll enjoy every minute of the fight.

Books in The Devils Duet should be read in order:
Book 1: Depraved
Book 2: Delivered
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July 10, 2019
This was just an ok read for me. I felt like not much of anything really happened through out the majority of the book. I also didn’t get a dark vibe with the hero. At times he was an alpha-hole but I have definitely seen worse!!! I do know that this was the author’s first dive into darkness so maybe for someone like me who has read very dark books.. I have higher expectations for the darker themes? I don’t know?! I just felt this all felt a little flat to me.

Of course the story ended on a cliffhanger... although it literally stopped abruptly; which I didn’t care for... but, I am intrigued enough that I may down the road read the next half of the duet. I am not in a rush though... so we will see!
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February 12, 2019

Eva Charles is a new to me author, and since I am doing a challenge where I try to read at least two (or more) "new" or "new to me" authors a month, this book fit the bill perfectly. It also turned out to be a good book for my "stepping out challenge" as well. Two birds...one stone..as they say. (lol)


And I enjoyed it quite a lot. The writing was fantastic. It was well paced. The plot was engaging and well developed. There is a nice little mystery storyline that weaves its way throughout the story. It is also a second chance romance, which can be iffy for me at times. Luckily both the hero and heroine had moved on during the fifteen years apart. Nothing that bugs me more than a heroine that sits around pining. (lol) I didn't find it particularly angsty or dark. However, if you know me then you know that I read some super dark books, so your mileage may vary in that regard.

There wasn't any OW or OM drama. There were some interesting secondary characters especially the hero's brothers and Smith. The two main characters were intriguing, to say the least. J.D...what can I say. The guy was a douche. He honestly was. However, I think his douchiness is a facade. At least when it comes to Gabrielle. As for the heroine...theoretically, I would have preferred Gabrielle kicked the hero in the balls and told him to go f-ck himself, but that would have made for a very short book indeed. I still enjoyed her as a heroine despite that. Last, it all wraps up on a whopper of a cliffhanger.


There was just one thing that stopped this from being a 5-Star book. The fact that the hero I am guessing there is more to that incident than was hinted at in this book, but is a tricky issue for me, and I found myself bothered by it here. Perhaps when the reason is fully revealed in the next book, I will feel differently. The other TINY issue I had was with the sexual experiences that these two were supposed to have had when she was 15/16 (and a virgin), and he was 19 (I believe). They seemed a bit far fetched for a couple of teenagers. But that was more of an eye-rolling niggle than anything that affected my rating or enjoyment of the story.

So yea, nothing more to say about this one. I enjoyed it a lot and I am looking forward to the second book.



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February 21, 2019
Gah!! The minute I started this story I was hooked with JD and Gabrielle's story. Depraved was sinfully sexy and delicious and JD and Gabrielle's chemistry was so intense and hot and the suspenseful drama and political intrigue was so addicting. I could not get enough! 

The minute the story started I was intrigued right away. JD's proposition/ultimatum was shocking as it set the bar where Eva Charles jumped straight into the story and didn't let up once. Overall, I think I equally loved and hated JD as I had so many unanswered questions about the past and why he did what he did to Gabrielle. As a result, like Gabrielle I was frustrated and did not really trust him nor his intentions, but became more and more addicted to him. I loved the honest pull they had with one another and the dominant/controlling sexual pull he had over her. They were each other's weakness and it was beautiful to see. Their fiery connection added an electric spark to the story. All in all, this story was fantastic and I look forward to the conclusion. 4.5 stars! ~Ratula 


From the very first words of Depraved I was hooked on Gabrielle and JD’s story. And, oh my, what an opening!

I’m a big fan of second-chance romances, but Depraved is more than that—it’s dark and dirty and a bit twisted. And suspenseful. And drop dead sexy AF.

There’s a ton of back story and back history between Gabrielle and JD. A whole bunch of unresolved actions—and a whole bunch of lingering love and resentment too. A lot we learn about as their story unfolds, but there’s still much to be revealed in Delivered, the second book of The Devil’s Duet.

I don’t want to spoil a thing. Ready yourself to sit for a few, uninterrupted hours because you’re not going to want to put it down! Just be prepared for the cliffy ending! ~ Missy, 4 stars
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February 23, 2019
Arc provided in exchange for an honest review

Review contains spoilers!!!!!!

3.5 stars!!!

Okay so I have a lot of mix feelings towards Depraved. Writing was excellent buuuut . That’s a personal preference.

Gabrielle’s (32) parents worked for Julian’s (34) family when she was younger and they became childhood lovers. Julian taught her the act of dirty sinful sex in the back of his stable. They were both addicted and couldn’t stop. Until Julian broke her heart. Now fifteen years later, Julian comes back into Gabrielle’s life with a proposition...

”Skillful hands that probed and teased, wakening my flesh with a practiced touch. Luring me into dark dreamy corners where there was only pleasure—until there wasn’t.”

And they were separated for fifteen years?!? And when they finally meet, I feel like she didn’t make him grovel enough. She so easily gave in. I just hated that. I wanted him to beg for forgiveness. And I hate how the hero mentions the many woman he slept with during the separation but he saw the heroine’s face with every one.. really now?!? 🙄
The author was right though, you will either love him, or hate him, but he will not leave you untouched. JD was a flawed character. And I’m definitely sure I have a love/hate relationship with JD. Depraved’s suspenseful ending did make me eager to read the next book..

Hero rating: 3.5 stars?? Not sure 🙈
Heroine rating: 3 stars
Writing/plot/creativity: 3 stars
Sex scenes: 4 stars
Ending: 4 stars
Overall: 3.5 stars
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February 15, 2019
Depraved is my first Eva Charles book and WOW - Eva, you won me over with this one!!

I picked this one completely on the blurb alone - that's all I was given in the email - no author name, just the blurb and the title. I was all in based on that. And I am so glad that I took the chance on this one.

Depraved is a well written second chance romance with added suspense. Eva does a great job of giving us the background on Gabrielle and JD but leaves a mystery to parts of their past and what caused them to go different ways.

JD is a tricky character. He's a bit of dick but I think that's all a front, at least when it comes to Gabrielle. There's definitely some things going on in his life that we are trying to work but he's got this hard-on for Gabrielle that he can't let go. He has these moments where he just lets go and the man behind this façade is a total 180 of what he allows everyone else to see.

Gabrielle definitely holds her own, but at times gets a little too soft with JD. Don't get me wrong, she has no problems calling him out on his shit, but she lets him get away with too much and allows their past to muddle the present. I love that she didn't allow the past to swallow her up and become this willowy flower; she flourished and knows her worth.

Overall, I loved this book and the start of this of what I am assuming is a duet (forgive me if I am wrong). The writing flowed beautifully and Eva does a magnificent job of blending the suspense with the romance. I love the secondary characters as they add more to the story without taking anything away at the same time.

Depraved leaves dangling by a thread at the end with so many unanswered questions and honestly, I love that. Eva has my mind going in so many directions, I cannot wait to see where this story goes and what new secrets are revealed.
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Author 21 books1,365 followers
February 18, 2020
Author's Note I am just floored by all the early love Depraved has received!!! The best part of releasing a book is having the opportunity to meet and chat with new readers. Thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed, and reached out to me about the duet, including the reader who threatened to make a voodoo doll in my likeness and stick it with pins until I give her the next book. She was just kidding, I think. My hope is for you to experience JD’s reemergence in much the same way Gabrielle does: mostly in the dark! It’s hard, isn’t it? And frustrating, too. I have left you, and Gabrielle with so many unanswered questions, but I promise you’ll have all of them answered soon! While my lips are mostly sealed, there are a few of your questions I can answer now: 1) Is Zack’s situation as it appears? Yes, I’m afraid it is. 2) Is there a happy ending? For some characters. I hope they’re your favorites. 3) Did the sitting US president or his predecessor influence DW's character? No, and no! Although I do use a favorite word/phrase from both 44 and 45. DW is a composite character, born in the darker side of my imagination. For those of you who adore history, I often imagine him as the evil twin of a former presidential candidate who never went on to win office. 4) Where did JD get that deliciously evil paint brush? I don’t know, I’ve been looking for one myself. Happy reading!! xoxo Eva
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January 3, 2021

Lawdy... this book is hot. But holy mother, these poor people had to endure a 15 year (FIFTEEN!!) separation. I hate long separations with The Heat of a Thousand Suns. What a waste of time. It’s all I can think about when I’m reading, even if it’s a good story. FIFTEEN MFing Years. Where they’ve been off sleeping with other people and living their lives without each other. It doesn’t matter how OTT j/p the H is when they get back together or the heartbreaking reason why they were apart ... I just side eye the hell out of him. 😒😐🤬

- I lost interest
March 28, 2019
3.5* STARS!

My first impression about this book is based on the covers. Both covers really intrigued me. Kudos to the author. Also this is my first read from Eva Charles. Let's just say... the story is not how I imagined. Deeper. Darker. Sexier.


Gabrielle Duval is totally not expected J.D. Wilder to march inside her office and offer indecent proposal. More like blackmail. Her old flame did not make anything easy with his non-stop demands. Gabrielle realize not to trust him easily like fifteen years ago. In other way, JD is trying to gain her trust also protect her from the evil. Even from himself.

Let's start with Gabrielle. Do I like her? Still conflicted. Gabrielle is like a generic female heroine. A hardworking, sassy and feisty person. Gabrielle only have one friend because she went aboard for years. And now she came back to her hometown and owned a hotel. Nothing more. There's a few times Gabrielle raised the biracial issue in her family and shove it in JD's face. Bitter much? However, Gabrielle easily fall for JD like a melted marshmallow even she vowed never to swoon again.


JD has a magnetic a-hole aura. Not like Gabrielle, JD is not generic anti-hero. He's more complex and difficult to process. JD has a lot of going on and responsibility and that makes him stubborn as hell. I feel more connect to JD than Gabrielle. Maybe, because the story line is more about to expose Wilder's family? Otherwise, he's sexy AF and bossy in bedroom. No wonder Gabrielle couldn't resist.

The story told from dual POVs between JD and Gabrielle. This is not a lovey-dovey romance story. A (supposed to be)second chance with some unfinished business. But the main problem is not the focus in this book because it only appears in the end with some crumbs. The story is more to exposed JD and Gabrielle love-hate relationship. They're fucking like rabbits but the foreplay is nicer. They have kink experience even it's really tame; not the freaky kind. A nice touch.


I have several issues like Gabrielle (see above), lack of characters description and there's a loop when Gabrielle suddenly wants to get back with JD meanwhile in previous chapters she kinda hate him. Anyway, the story managed to capture my attention until the end. It flowed quite nicely with pretty detailed background. I think this kind of plot is still popular until now. Of course, I still enjoyed it as long as it is well-written and Ms. Ava Charles succeed it.

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February 21, 2019
Sweet baby Jesus this book is something amazing and then some! I absolutely loved it and I loved the main characters JD and Gabrielle. The chemistry they share is amazing and something you don't see often. This is one of those stories that will draw you in and keep you reading until the end and the ending oh man that ending has me wanting no needing book two to this duet.

JD has always wanted Gabrielle and he had her once but pushed her away. Then things change years later when he sees her again. He knows he wants her and she belongs to him and he will soon make her realize that. But it is no easy task as Gabrielle is guarded and she doesn't really trust JD so she makes him work for her love and trust again.

JD is up for the challenge because he knows JD is for him no matter what his family says and oh man I think his father is up to something. He is an evil evil man but I hope I find out more in book two. This is a must read duet so go out and one click it!
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November 28, 2019
What a damn cliffhanger!

I honestly didn't think Depraved was that dark.. but the ending was a damn mystery. I have a feeling that someone close to her is working for his father.. but I'm not quite there yet. Need more evidence. Other than that, the romance between the two main characters, JD and Gabrielle, was pretty cute. Of course these two had history but then things went wrong. It didn't hurt that he cheated on her.. but I have a feeling that there was something more and mysterious going around that time.

JD has always been protective of her so it wasn't a real surprise that it was all still there. Again, they were cute but I kind of wished that Gabrielle was a little more protective of her heart this time around. I totally get that these two have feelings for one another still.. but ugh, something is missing. Or at least going on and I really want to figure this all out on my own.

Ugh, overall I definitely need the next book to see how this whole thing is going to end! I also need to know that Georgie and Gabrielle are safe and who the hell caused the fire! So many freaking unanswered questions!

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February 21, 2019
This is a new to me author. After reading Depraved I’ll certainly be looking to read more from this author in the future.

The two main characters JD and Gabrielle are fabulous. The chemistry between them is oh so hot.

This is a well written second chance romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. I couldn’t resist reading in one sitting. I can’t wait to read book two.
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March 21, 2019
I liked this book although there was some unbelievable/uncomfortable elements...i do not want to read about 15 year olds having kinky sex. That's just ewwwwww.
Once you bypass that, and focus in the present, we have the anti-hero, who actually doesn't per se do anything anti-hero-ish to the heroine..."i am paying for your mother's life saving treatment, so you have to do anything i say" - reality: she finds out pretty quickly it's paid for upfront in some sort of no going back trust fund. "You have to have sex with me" - reality: she jumps him even before he can initiate anything.
There's some mysterious going-ons and someone is out to ruin the heroine's business
So although this isn't a dark book (more grey-ish) i still enjoyed it.
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February 18, 2019
Depraved is a romantic suspense story with a touch of dark. I’d like to say that it had just the right amount of suspense, mystery and sexy but that would be wrong. Depraved is sooo hot and so much more!

“Nothing good happens when he’s anywhere near you.”

Julian Wilder is the three A’s: alpha, anti-hero, and arrogant. He can also be calculating and manipulative. One thing is certain, he must always have control. He is walking a fine line as he attempts to balance certain situations. He is so arrogant in the beginning of the story. I love that I hated him at first! There are secrets and sorrow that he carries. He has a lot on the line so he is willing to manipulate and deceive to get what he needs.

I’m stuck in his trap. Snared without a single hope of freeing myself.

And then there is Gabrielle Duval! Gabby is the common girl with humble roots. I loved her character! Strong, confident, loyal and beautiful. Eva Charles paints a beautiful picture of her using words and descriptions. Julian and Gabby share a past that is filled with love and pain, hurt and betrayal. Although she has not seen Julian in 15 years, the passion and chemistry is still hotter than ever! There are several off-the-charts erotic scenes - a few with a touch of kink.

Southern women don’t leave home looking like they haven’t bothered. It’s not about vanity, it’s just impolite.

The story starts out strong and intriguing. The writing flows from page to page. There are southern traditions, interesting twists, unresolved issues and lies! All wrapped up in with emotional angst. So many questions! So many twists! And that ending…. I am left asking WHY? And WHEN IS BOOK 2 COMING!

Eva Charles is a new-to-me author. I understand that Depraved is different from her other stories. There are several secondary characters who I would love to read about (Hint- Gray and Chase)! I am glad to have found it and I look forward to reading Delivered!

4.5 stars

#AuthorEvaCharles #JulianAndGabrielle #Depraved #Delivered #Dark #Sexy #ATouchOfKink #Suspense #Mystery #HOT #SouthernTraditions #emotional #angst
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February 14, 2019
This author was new for me, but I was intrigued by the duet so I thought why not, I’ll give it a shot. And I wasn’t disappointed, I loved the first instalment, Depraved.
The suspenseful plot takes a hold right from the start. JD shows he will do anything to protect Gabrielle, at any cost for her safety. It’s a dark, intense and sexual, but is Gabby strong enough to let JD get close again. There’s questions to be answered and evil to be vanquished, and how deeply is JD truly invested in their relationship, will he stay for the long haul? or break her heart once again?
JD’s devilishly handsome with charismatic alpha male qualities, but he’s also a guy with many hidden sides to his personality that can’t be brushed aside, and Gabrielle showed she was a woman with strengths, she knew what needed to be done and just went for it. The writing was excellent, the story kept me enthralled with the angst and drama and the characters were engaging too with their hot, second time around romance. An exciting read, very enjoyable.
I highly recommend it!
February 15, 2019
Eva Charles was a new author for me. I signed up to review this duet on a whim. When I saw the covers, I was like holy shiiiiiit! They are so hot! I enjoyed this read quite a bit. It’s not as dark as I anticipated, at least not yet. It’s mysterious and sexy, frustrating and angsty. I’ll be looking forward to the second book!
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February 8, 2019
Thoroughly captivating...although not as Depraved as i was hoping for.
The last chapter had me on the edge of my seat and very eagerly awaiting book 2!

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March 11, 2019
The thing about reading can compare to going on a trail we never went before. Wanna know why I'm saying this? It's because when you grab a new book you now that it will be a surprise but if it's a book by a new author the surprise will be even bigger.
Eva Charles is a new author to me and the blurb of this book sold me the idea of taking a chance on her writing. A writing that is raw, wild and dark surrounded by so much more than we could predict.
Depraved is her latest release and it's the first book from The Devil's Duet.
This book tells the stories of JD and Gabrielle.
JD is a control freak. He likes to own every situation and act accordingly to it. He's used to do things his way but when Gabrielle enters the picture he can't be that way with her...
Gabrielle is a strong woman that knows what she wants. Life hadn't been easy with her and when she saw her heart broken she thought to leave her past in the past but life has other ideas.
It was a great book and I need the next one.
Great plot, engaging, intense and surrounded by darkness.
It was a cat and mouse game. She would push and he would pull. Both are very stubborn and there were parts of the book that I wanted to slap someone. Jeez.
Let me just say that I didn't like JD in the first place, he's super cocky and a real arse but Gabrielle balanced it all.
Now I need to read book 2 because there are a few things that I want to know...
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book
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February 21, 2019

Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KindleFriendsForever

The devil’s spawn is how he sees himself. A simple blunt object ready to accomplish his task, digging deeper into the murky water that is the world he lives in. Within the first chapter there is a revelation that puts JD in a cruel light. A role that the further I read, the more it seemed impossibly unthinkable. JD had spent his entire adult life playing a game that had the highest stakes. A long game better than any I have witnessed. Coming into a world so vastly under-explained, I felt like I was often listening to people talking an unknown language. And in certain aspects, I guess I was. JD knows more of the back story than Gabrielle and he’s so truly torn between right, wrong and her.

‘“Such a good girl. You remembered what I told you. I need you to remember everything I tell you. I need you to obey me--always. Will you do that?”

She lowers her eyes and nods. And more than anything, I want it to be the truth. It’s the only real hope I have for keeping her safe.’

The daughter of a staff member and the Gentlemen’s son, very much an age-old trope, only in this book it’s so very different. From the very beginning of their relationship years ago; JD had promised Gabrielle that he would always keep her safe and in my mind, this has never ever changed. Sure, he certainly does the wrong things; but most assuredly he does them for the rightest of reasons.

‘...this lacks human decency in a way that our dirtiest sex never did. And what scares me the most isn’t that I’ll hate every second of his touch, but that I’ll enjoy it. Begin to crave it, like I craved it before. The signs are all pointing to the fact that no matter how much I lash out at him, no matter how much I want to hate him, my body--and my heart--remember. They miss him.’

Gabrielle is a marionette pulled this way and that by not only JD but other characters and the strings they pull. A woman trying to build her business and live a peaceful life, well, that is until JD stomps back into her life making outlandish demands. Demands, I myself would probably flay him alive for making.

Because of the nature of their relationship, there are huge amounts of angst. Gabrielle fear is having her heart broken again and JD fears he will never be able to keep her truly safe. If only he told her everything I have a feeling she’d still not make her own safety a priority but for him, she’d do something. What I really love about a second chance romance is how emotions are rawer, edgier, even darker. There’s an unwritten subtext that enthralls me as the reader. Paragraphs of text deepen the emotion and tension of the story simply by walking down memory lane.

‘The woman in the mirror isn’t a fool. She’s strong and smart. She knows what she wants. And the man standing behind her? The one she’s loved all her life? She wants him. With all his broken pieces. The nicked and dented fragments, and the twisted shards, beyond repair. Every one of them.’

JD is not an only child. The eldest of four boys, and with Gabrielle growing up at their home it meant that she knew all of them. For all, she was special in one or another. From my point of view, it always reminded me of Wendy with the Lost Boys in Neverland.

“I miss you. Miss you so much it hurts. I live with the pain every day. It’s crushing.”

‘I’m willing to live out my life alone, or with someone else. While no relationship will ever compare to the unrestrained passion I have with him, or the depth of connection we share, I can still have a full and loving relationship with someone else. I’ll learn to be content without the flames. They always seem to singe me anyway.’

Depraved is chock full of questions. Questions that even I didn’t think of until the character brought them up. JD’s father is the route to all evil and without saying much; he does remind me of someone very powerful but also very egocentric. Author's idea or just me?

Thank goodness the second book releases so soon because I have zero patience and the cliffhanger at the end of Depraved was horrendous. It has been quite a while since I read a dark romance like this. I so relish when the timeline of a story is embedded in the past as well as the present. Thank you Ms. Charles, and well done.
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1,027 reviews48 followers
February 10, 2019
This book is a solid 4.5 stars. I did not know what to expect from the beginning to the end. I will say that this book definitely had me on the edge of my seat and I can not wait for the second book to be released. There are so many questions left unanswered that I just need the answers tooo. The main one being what exactly is JD's endgame with Gabrielle. I mean I know what I want it to be, but if I have learned anything authors do not always do what you want them to.

JD or Julian to Gabrielle is our (anti) hero who wears that crown proudly. He was born into one of the country's most prominent families. Julian and Gabrielle were young lovers who broke up, because of something that JD did. I won't spoil it for you by saying what, but now he wants something from her so we get to see the love hate relationship begin all over for these two. He meets up with Gabrielle 15 or so years later after breaking her heart with a proposition she can not refuse. He is a very flawed man that has built walls around himself that very few can get behind. He does not let the real him show very often, but when he does you can not help but to love him.

Gabrielle is our heroine who is strong, sassy, and strong. Gabrielle is a devoted daughter and business woman. She had her heart broken by JD and really doesn't want anything to do with him. Now if only she can get her body to follow suit. I love the fact that she goes head to head with JD and refuses to be a doormat.

The characters are strongly written and the story flows. The interaction between Julian and Gabrielle will have you not only fanning yourself, but will have you flipping through the pages just to see what is going to happen next. As you know this is part of a duet so yes that means you will be left hanging on just what is going to happen. So now I sit here patiently for the next book to see what is going to happen.
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February 15, 2019
Eva Charles is a new author to me and I have to say that she will soon be a favorite of mine as I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in this duet. Brilliant story line that captures your attention and does not let go until you face plant into that cliffie brick wall. Yea, there is that. But don't let that take away from this book at all because I am sure that what will come in the second book will set a lot of things straight and answer quite a few questions that were left unanswered.

The characters were well written and quite well defined. JD..well you will want to either bed him or castrate him..your choice. But I think that when everything comes out into the light, some of our ill thoughts of him may just vanish. Gabrielle is a strong woman and was made so by the things of her past (namely the boarding school she was sent to). Now, she is running her own business and has done it all on her own. She didn't sit and pine away for the boy who turned her world upside down then ripped her heart out. She became stronger because of it and in spite of him. But now the man is back and has her backed into a corner that she wishes she would have been able to get out of. But when her mother's life is on the line, she reluctantly agrees to his terms.

There are a few interesting supporting characters that are quite enjoyable to read, especially his brothers. As far as his father..he needs to be impeached and beheaded!

I absolutely loved this book and can't wait to read the next one. I highly recommend this book!

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February 15, 2019
Can I take a moment to scream? This book ends on one helluva cliffhanger! GAH!!!!

As teenagers, Julian (JD) and Gabrielle had a searing and passionate romance. Not to mention a once in a lifetime love. All that comes to a halt when Julian turns her world upside down and then, she is sent away.

Years later Julian shows up at her workplace and threatens to turn her world upside down yet again.

With her walls crumbling and glimpses of the Julian she once knew, will she be willing to give Julian a second chance at rekindling their once in a lifetime love? Or, will it all go up in smoke..

Depraved is a sexy and steamy read with an intriguing mystery weaved in but it wasn’t as dark as I thought it would be.

The mystery, for me, was the best part of this book. It had me at the edge of my seat.

The pace at times was a little slow but there was tons of sensuality to keep me company.

I wanted to believe in Julian and Gabrielle’s reuniting but for me, it seemed a little rushed. For what she had been through, her capitulation to Julian and his demands was a little too quick to be believable. I would have loved to see more “fight” in her character.

JD, was sexy and demanding but also shrouded in mystery. His motives are unclear. I have a feeling he’s hiding his true character.

I’m excited and on edge to see what happens next.

I received an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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1,598 reviews73 followers
February 19, 2019
4.5 Stars

Fair warning: this is a duet and Depraved will leave you on a massive cliffhanger.

Before reading DEPRAVED, I hadn’t heard of Eva Charles. From what I gather this is her venture into anti-hero/ dark themed romance and it was quite good. I’ve read my fair share of dark romance and I’d consider this more of a “light gray.”

The writing was really good and the characters, Julian and Gabrielle, were strong. It was easy to like and connect with them and they shared a very hot and heavy connection that steamed off the pages.

Occasionally I felt it moved a bit slow at times, but the story managed to keep me engaged and invested in what would become of the characters. By the time I reached those last couple of pages, I was on the edge of my seat and biting my nails in anticipation of what will come next.

I’m looking forward to the next part on their story.
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1,002 reviews77 followers
February 11, 2019
5 super sexy stars!!

This is book one in the “Devil’s Duet”. I need book TWO right now!! Damn this ends in one hell of a cliffhanger!!!

Ok so going into this I thought it was like some 50 shades shit. I mean yea that book was ok but it is played out. I WAS WRONG!!! Nothing like that at all!! This book is about past mistakes, current mistakes, secrets, love, hope, pain and so much more. These two (JD and Gabrielle) have a past. A BIG one! There is so much unresolved issues. I am in love with this book! There is sooo much more I need to know.

I also am totally in love with Chase and Gray as well. Like these three brothers need their own books!! JD and Gabrielle are sexy and the perfect combination. They light each other’s fires, they push each other’s buttons and they protect each other loyally. This isn’t an contract this is so much more.

I think the beginning of this book is deceiving. Give it a minute and you will not be able to put it down!! I went through the whole list of emotions. I fell hard for these two, I got angry for these two, I wanted to smack these two and more then anything I want to protect these two. I trust no one!! This book is intriguing, sexy, heartbreaking and just damn good! March can not come fast enough!! This is a definite MUST read!!

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**

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868 reviews29 followers
February 27, 2019
Wow, yes that's how I'm going to start this review. Full disclosure before I continue, I was asked to BETA read just 20K of this book to see if JD was the right amount of asshole without pissing readers off. I told the author he was the right amount of asshole. I'm glad I made that statement and stand by it.

JD and Gabrielle have a longgggggggggg history. He was her first and he taught her lots of dirty wicked things, until he messed things up and she caught him with another woman and she was sent away to boarding school. Move 15 years later, and JD stops by her new hotel, during his father's election night.

There's so much more than the hot steamy sex. There's so much secrecy, heartache, twists and turns that made the story flow. JD was an asshole in the beginning but he's much more than that and you will see it when you continue reading. Gabrielle is no wilting flower for sure, but she can't deny her love for JD.

That cliffhanger! When you think you know, you really don't. I cannot wait for the second book.
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February 28, 2019
Depraved (The Devil's Duet Book 1)
By: Eva Charles
4 Stars

Popping my Eva Charles cherry with this book, Depraved book one of The Devil’s Duet. Written very well, with a story that flowed good…but with all books in a duet/series… this book just sets up the scene and we must wait for book 2 to be released to get the actual punch. Thank goodness the wait for book 2 is not too long as the ending of this one is a cliff that I felt myself trying to flip the pages on my kindle to see if there was a preview of book 2 nestled perfectly in the back. Just a tiny tiny look at what was to come…But nope nothing there.

JD and Gabrielle have history.

Many years ago, she was sent away from her family, friends, town. Only to be enrolled in a private school, then off to college, and now she is back in town running a successful hotel. Her dream has come true!

It’s been years, many years and now JD is standing in her office. She’s always and will always be in love with the man who was her first. But she vowed after that one day, what she saw, she would never forgive him.

JD is a man who gets what he wants. Right now, what he wants is Gabrielle. He’s taken all the proper steps to ensure she will say yes. Because even though he can’t say it right now, he’s been in love with Gabrielle all these years. Every woman he’s been with, it’s been Gabrielle.

The chemistry between these two is off the charts hot!

The foundation has been set, now the building starts. We’ve found out who the workers are…now let’s bring on book 2 asap so we can put the roof on and have a Party.


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March 1, 2019
Jess ~
This is my first time reading this author so I wasn't sure what to expect going in. All I knew is that blurb called to me and I love romantic-suspense with a darker edge.

It wasn't so much dark as it was intense. At the very beginning, the stage is set. JD propositions Gabrielle in exchange for taking care of her mother. You know that there is history between these two and you know there is some ulterior motive, but you don't get those details only that there is a hint to something more.

Gabrielle ran from JD years ago and with good reason. Her life is in a good place right now and then the one person with the power to ruin her comes barging in. Along with some ill-timed misfortunes. I really liked Gabrielle, she is strong and did her best to move on but never was really able to get past how JD left things or why.

JD is a hard nut to crack. He has been making his chess moves and putting everything into place for his plans. He needs Gabrielle for those plans but we aren't really sure as to why. We know he hurt her and we know how, but there is more to that story. JD is hard and rough around the edges. He barely shows any hints of someone he had once been but if you look close enough it's in there.

This story is suspenseful and leaves with a hell of a cliffhanger. The attraction and chemistry that still exists between JD and Gabrielle is intense and left me breathless. I can't wait for more because there is a lot more story to be told and a whole lot of things that need to be explained.
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March 14, 2019
New to me author. This was hard for me to review. I liked it don’t get me wrong however there were a few things I found far fetched. JD and Gabrielle were together when they were younger, circumstances (his jack hole father) tore them apart now they’re older he wants her back to be honest I’m not entirely sure why. He blackmail or misleads her whatever words you want to use. Second chance love and kinky sex. I thought this was a good start and I am curious for the next book.
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Author 94 books2,143 followers
February 22, 2019
JD and Gabrielle were a lot of fun. Sex and romantic tension filled the pages. This was a steamy second chance romance that explored submission and domination. I loved it and plan to preorder the next book, due to a tiny tiny cliffhanger.
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