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I was content with being a bachelor, never planned on settling down. Why would I, when every woman in my life, starting with my own mother, always walked out and never looked back.

I liked my strict Army life—all I needed after my deployment was a vacation and time with my dad.

Then it all changed…

One beautiful songwriter.

One chance meeting.

One last first kiss.

One smile.

Her smile.

That was all it took to captivate me and send my world spinning on its axis. After that, I knew I’d never be the same.


First published April 16, 2019

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Samantha Lind

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Samantha Lind is a USA TODAY Bestselling contemporary romance author. Having spent the first 27 years of her life in Alaska, she now calls the mid-West home, where she lives with her husband and two sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, watching hockey (Go Knights Go!), and listening to country music. You can connect with Samantha on her website, www.samanthalind.com.

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2,049 reviews121 followers
August 17, 2019
This short read was so painfully lacklustre, it may be a book in the spin-off series based in the world of Aurora Rose Reynolds, but it lacked the energy and charm of the earlier books found in Reynolds' work.

Nothing really happens in this read, and I honestly didn’t feel any chemistry between songwriter Stacey and soldier Peyton. The writing was somewhat stilted, and the dialogue between the main characters just felt off.

Acquired via KU.
Profile Image for Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog.
3,647 reviews111 followers
April 3, 2019
5 Stars!

Samantha Lind is pretty new to me (though she's come highly recommended by my blog partner) so I was excited to see she was writing a brand new book in the Happily Ever Alpha World and y'all, what a book this was.

Until Her Smile was a sexy, sweet, fun, fast-paced, whirlwind kind of romance that had me on the edge of myself seat for most of the journey and racing through the pages, looking for their happy ending (plus a glimpse at those brilliant Until characters!).

He's in town temporarily, on reprieve from the military and just trying to enjoy a night out with friends. And from the very moment he sees her, he knows she is different and makes him for one of the first times ever... crave more. But he has hang ups and she lives here. Is it that complicated or maybe it isn't?

Peyton and Stacey lit up my kindle and had me hooked from the moment they locked eyes, that smile lit up, and they met. Sizzling chemistry that simmers at the surface. An undeniable attraction that neither can deny. An unforgettable connection that they both don't want to end. He's career military, only here for a short time with his dad. She's a semi-famous song writer with a busy schedule. Can they find a balance and forever?

Fall head over in heels in love as they take a chance on their very own once on a lifetime kind of BOOM and find forever can happen in just one moment.

Aurora Rose Reynolds has created a whole new BOOM spin off world book where authors of her choosing write stories that link and swerve into her series. ARR has seriously started a dream by creating this new Happily Ever Alpha world and I'm so so so freaking excited to see what we get in every single book... and even meet some new to me authors and characters.

I highly recommend this fantastic standalone book.

Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog
Profile Image for Book Snob Sue.
1,250 reviews97 followers
April 20, 2022
Adorable, these two were total relationship goals. I am a huge fan of the Until world, and was excited to read this one as well, and it did not disappoint. Peyton just got done with a military tour, and his back seeing his dad. When he meets up with friends, Staci is also there…and they hit it right off. I love that these two spent the whole week together, and knew right away they wanted something more with each other. No denying it, or fighting it, just the acknowledgment they had something, and made it work.

Absolutely adorable, with an equally adorable hea. Oh, and Peyton was such a great guy, kinda like a mythical male, because he was so thoughtful and respectful. Definitely put me in my happy place.
Profile Image for Jami.
616 reviews14 followers
May 5, 2019
Until Her Smile

Sweet Romance!!!
Peyton was never the settling down type but also not a mh. Every woman in his life so far has left him with scars. All that changes the moment he walks into the bar and meets Stacey. Now he can’t picture his life without her.

-safe read
-neither were virgins and have been celibate for a while.
-no om/ow drama
-epilogue 1 year out.
Profile Image for Andrea Fleury.
923 reviews70 followers
April 17, 2022
Stacey and peyton

Peyton is on leave from the military. He decides to go out to meet some friends. One look at Stacey and he is a goner. Peyton had sworn off woman since he had been hurt. But Stacey smiled and he's falling
Profile Image for Island Girl Romance Reads.
508 reviews41 followers
April 12, 2019
Sweet and light. Love Peyton and Stacy’s story.
Peyton doesn’t do relationships. He’s on leave from the Military and on a night out with friends meets Stacy.
Love Stacy. She was fun and willing to show Peyton what a great man he is.
Good storyline and love the chemistry between the main characters.
It was great seeing the characters from the other books and also the characters from Aurora Rose Reynolds Until series.

Profile Image for Sarah_Loves_Reading_Romance.
273 reviews6 followers
April 17, 2019
Another sweet, sexy romance from the wonderful Samantha Lind. The characters are real and engaging, the storyline fresh and new, a great addition to the Happily Ever Alpha Kindle world.

Peyton is the typical commitmentphobe, he’s been burned in the past and has sworn off any type of commitment more than one night... until he is home on leave from the army and heads to a bar to meet up with his friends and comes across Stacy. We met Stacy in Austin and Reece’s book, she’s a songwriter along with her partner, Lee.

After some heated flirting, the pair end up exchanging numbers and spending the rest of Peyton’s leave together, changing his mind about his ‘no commitment’ rule and turning his world on its head.
Profile Image for Lori.
289 reviews1 follower
April 21, 2019
This book was amazing! I couldn't put it down! Peyton who doesn't do relationships, is home on leave from the Army. He meets Stacey, who is a song writer at a bar where a few mutual friends get together to celebrate. They start talking and everything clicks and they want to spend more time with getting to know each other. Their story was a little fast paced but in a good way. I would love to read more books by Samantha, she is a fantastic writer and knows how to keep a reader interested.
Profile Image for Jamie  Leigh.
5,974 reviews26 followers
September 4, 2020
Great read

I loved this sweet story. The characters were incredible! He wanted nothing to do with relationships until she came into his life! Loved these writing!
Profile Image for Renee Entress.
4,972 reviews69 followers
April 15, 2019
5 star

I was pulled right into this super short story. The story has naughty fun, passion, and hot steamy love.

If you have not read the below I would recommend reading them first if you want the full stories of the Until series by Aurora Rose Reynolds as these novellas take place in the same series:
Until November (Until, #1)
Until Trevor (Until, #2)
Until Lilly (Until, #3)
Until Nico (Until, #4)
Until July (Until Her/Him, #1)
Until Jax (Until Her/Him, #2)
Until June (Until Her/Him, #3)
Until Ashlyn (Until Her/Him, #4)
Until Sage (Until Her/Him, #5)
Until Harmony (Until Her/Him, #6)
Until Cobi (Until Her/Him, #7)

This is Stacey and Peyton’s story. Peyton has experienced all the woman in his life walking away. He does not trust woman and is not looking for a relationship. But while on leave and visiting his dad he goes out to meet friends and meets Stacey. She has a pull on him and makes him want to spend all his free time with her. But can he trust her? His heart wants to believe but how does he make his head believe? Stacey knows she loves Peyton, but she also knows about his issues can she convince him that she is in it for the long haul. Also, that she would never leave him.

I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read.

I highly recommend this book
Profile Image for Fiona Fog.
1,304 reviews69 followers
April 23, 2019
Finding the one

Back on home soil after a deployment in Afghanistan, Peyton’s only thought is catching up with his dad and friends. What he doesn’t expect is her.

His mistrust of woman is a well known fact. It started with his mother walking out on him and his father when he was younger. And from there the girl who he thought he’d spend his life with cheated on him while he was deployed. After that he’s sworn off anything resembling commitment.

Stacey is a successful song writer based in Nashville. Catching up with friends at a local bar when one of them arrives with Peyton in tow. She can’t help the instant attraction she feels to him but it’s not just that, after spending the majority of the night talking the attraction goes both ways.

I enjoyed the development of the story, the characters left you wanting more. The leads made you feel invested in them as a couple. Made you want to see the HEA that Payton thought he’d never get.

A great epilogue at the end that I loved.
Profile Image for Susan Homan.
298 reviews3 followers
June 21, 2019
Until Her Smile

Until Her Smile is about Peyton and Stacey. Stacey writes country music, and has recently had a few big hits with a big singer. Peyton is in the Army, and has just returned from a deployment. He takes his R&R by going home to spend time with his dad and catch up with friends. His first night home, he meets one of his buddies and some other friends out at a bar. He is very intrigued with Stacey from the moment they meet, and she with him. The chemistry between these two is something else. Peyton has pretty much sworn off relationships due to past experiences, but will he be willing to put that behind him and pursue one with Stacey? He's only in Nashvilled for 10 days, can they work this out once he is back on base about an hour or so away? Can she relocate if he gets stationed elsewhere? You should read to find out. It read really fast for me, and I loved the characters and the story,
Profile Image for Leslee.
2,146 reviews52 followers
April 6, 2019
Peyton doesn't do relationships. They just aren't worth the pain. Until he walked into a bar and saw her. Her smile gets to the heart of him and he is mesmerized. Can he walk away, throwing away the chance that this is love?

Peyton has two very good reasons for feeling the way he does about relationships. What he has gone through would cause anyone to avoid something so painful. Luckily, though, the pain of the past hasn't hardened him to the point that he would ignore the feelings he gets the moment he meets Stacey. The moment these two meet feels exactly like fate and watching them build a life together was perfect. Stacey is an awesome girl who sees Peyton for the amazing man he is and shows him how much she values him. This is a lovely story that will definitely put a smile on your face. 4.5 stars for Until Her Smile.
Profile Image for MJ's Book Blog and Reviews.
2,318 reviews45 followers
April 14, 2019
Review by: Jennifer
(4 stars)

When Peyton returns from a deployment, he takes his R&R and goes the hour home so that he can see his father and catch up with some friends. It's at one of those drinks with friends that he meets Stacey, and gets hit with the boom. Luckily for him, Stacey agrees to getting something to eat after the drinks and then for a date the next day. From there the two spend the majority of his R&R together. But what happens when its time for Peyton to return back to post? Will being with a soldier be too much of a strain for Stacey? Is the hour distance apart too much for the two to handle?

This was a cute read for me. Peyton and Stacey had very little drama, and a whole lot of chemistry. Couple of things about the Army were off, but non-military affiliated people won't pick up on that. I give this 4 stars.
Profile Image for Sharon Moritz-rosenthal.
1,890 reviews17 followers
April 16, 2019
I received a review copy of the book before release for an honest review.

This is the story of Peyton and Stacey who meet one night in Nashville. He is friends of friends and is visiting his dad and friends for one week during his military leave. Stacey is a song writer who is hanging out with her friends.

They really hit it off that night and they see a lot of each other that one week and they both fall in love. But what happens when Peyton has to go back home? I loved how this story shows us them dating and falling for each other. I loved Peyton’s dad. Then I am glad we got to see how this couple makes love work for them.

It was a fun, well written story that is a novella but didn’t fell like one. It is a great addition to the UNTIL series and we get to see former characters from the authors own series as well as some characters from the Until Him series.
Profile Image for Bibliophile  Chloe .
1,103 reviews97 followers
March 27, 2019
With every book that Ms. Lind puts out, you can see her writing style get better and better!

Until Her Smile is a fast paced, swoony, sweet and smexy story!

Peyton and Stacey are a fantastic couple.  Their chemistry is on fire.

Peyton has some scars from his past that have molded him to the person he is.  He is slow to trust and it takes an amazing gal like Stacey to make him see hope for the future.

I loved the military element.  I am a veteran and married to a retired veteran so I could relate to the theme in the story.  I also enjoyed seeing past characters in this story, it was like a mini reunion! It was fun to see what everyone was up to.

You cannot go wrong with a Samantha Lind story and Until Her Smile is another jewel in her writing career crown!
Profile Image for Paulette.
575 reviews13 followers
March 28, 2019
This is such a sweet story that you will smile while reading it. This author takes the normal things in life and makes them seem so special . She makes you see the beautiful in every day life. You may even question yourself in your belief of fate and destiny.

I love thinking that people really do exists like Peyton and Stacey.
Another plus is that we get to be reacquainted with characters from past stories. However, this is a standalone book. You don’t have to read the other stories but I think once you read this book you’ll find you want to read them.
Even though I said it’s sweet you will get all the spice and heat you’re looking for.
It’s a fast read. I read it in one sitting. To the author I say well done!
730 reviews5 followers
April 4, 2019
I absolutely love Peyton and Stacey!! He was a serious serviceman who was commitment shy and she was a beautiful songwriter who met one night in lively Nashville. Their connection was instant; their feelings overwhelming. He was only home for a short time and he needed to see Stacey as often as he could. Stacey was very special and now was the time for him to man up and take a chance on happiness. He is thrilled that Stacey and his Dad got along so well, because his Dad was very important to him.

Stacey knew she was interested in Peyton when she heard his deep, sexy voice and when she turned and looked up at him, she wasn’t disappointed. He was handsome, funny and she loved his sexy stubble. She enjoyed listening to him talk about his Army career, and she was impressed with his bravery. Even though they had just met, she desperately needed to see him again before he returned to the Army base. She wrote country songs for a living, and the love at first sight she felt for Peyton would make for a beautiful and romantic new song.

Can Peyton and Stacey blend his Army career with her busy songwriting life?
Can you really fall in love that quickly when the right one comes alon
Profile Image for Jennifer.
807 reviews15 followers
April 8, 2019
This book is a total Swoon! Right from the start, my heart just couldn't help but beat a little faster! This is a novella, set in Aurora Rose Reynold's Happily Ever Alpha World (and there is a small connection to Samantha Lind's series, but I'll let you figure that out!) This is a total feel good story that would put a smile on any reader's face!

Stacey is on top of the world. She has a happy life, and her career as a songwriter is taking off at warp speed. She just hasn't had any luck (or interest, really) in finding the person she wants to share her amazing life with. Peyton is active duty military, and was raised by his father, who was also military. After his mother left him as a child, he doesn't have much faith in women, or relationships. But it only took one look at Stacey, and he was feeling and doing things out of character. BOOM!

This book was sweet, quick read. The instant connection between the characters put a smile on my face and a good feeling in my heart. I couldn't help but fall in love with them! It's a definite must read, whether you are a fan of Samantha Lind's writing, or this is your first introduction through the ARR Happily Ever Alpha World books!

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Profile Image for Kimberly Anne.
3,167 reviews177 followers
April 15, 2019
I enjoyed reading Until Her Smile by Samantha Lind. It was a sexy and charming read. The characters will captivate you. Payton never does relationships. His history will make you understand why. His past was not an easy one. Yet Stacey blows everything he believes right out of the water. The sparks fly between them as soon as they meet. Stacey’s career is taking off and meeting Peyton was unexpected.

Peyton and Stacey have great chemistry and they feel it from the very first time they met. As they spend more time together, they are drawn to each other. But can their separate lives find a way to mesh together? Until Her Smile by Samantha Lind was a quick read that was sweet and charming!

~ Liz
Profile Image for AnneKR.
862 reviews22 followers
April 17, 2019
Stacey is carefree, happy, and busy with work. If she is lonely she can call one of her many friends to hang out with. She never really thought about dating until she meets Peyton, who is friends with her friends.

Peyton’s stance on relationships is to never be in one. With a mother who abandoned him as a child, he’s content with the occasional one night stand. Until he’s at the bar to meet friends when he sees her smile.

This was a very sweet story about a man willing to give a relationship a try with a woman who has captivated him with her smile. Love the side characters, especially when any of the Mayson men makes an appearance!
717 reviews4 followers
April 20, 2019
Hmm a sweet simple love story. To be honest not much really happens in the book. They meet, they fall in love. That's it. No drama, no angst. It's ok but no real meat on the bones of a good story. I also felt at times the dialogue between Peyton and Stacey was quite stiff, almost formal and didn't flow like a natural conversation would.
This book may be part of the happily ever alpha series connected to Aurora Rose Reynolds Until series but if you are hoping for a glimpse of some old favourite characters this doesn't provide that. Cash is briefly in it for about two sentences and maybe mentioned twice more than that in passing.
All in all a very quick simple read that doesn't take long.
Profile Image for Julie.
502 reviews3 followers
March 27, 2019
A wonderful book about a chance meeting that leads to them falling head over heels in love. This book had all the warm fuzzy feels I love in a romance book. Peyton and Stacey are the perfect couple and you just want them to make it together from the moment you meet them. I loved gettin glimpses of other characters from previous books as well as mentions of characters from the crossover book. As usual, Samantha Lind has delivered an awesome read!

I received a free copy of this and am voluntarily leaving this review.
Profile Image for Jenn the Readaholic.
1,503 reviews37 followers
April 1, 2019
This was a short(ish), sweet story with no drama. It was just a nice way to spend a Monday afternoon. Peyton is sure that he’s not cut out for a relationship, but then he meets Stacey. They immediately click and find a way to make their very different careers and lives work together. I enjoyed taking a break from the mean mean Monday blues to ride along with Peyton and Stacey on their ride from meeting to HEA. If you’re looking for something to read while waiting for the next big BOOM book from Aurora Rose Reynolds, this is a great pick for low angst and high feel-good vibes.
Profile Image for Shelly Reynolds.
667 reviews15 followers
April 15, 2019
"I've never wanted anything serious with anyone, but the thought of leaving here without knowing that I'll get to see you and talk to you tears my heart out. I don't know what it is about you, but you have me wanting something I've never wanted before."

What a cute story!! The confirmed bachelor meets the one that will change his mind about everything!!

Peyton is the most anti-romance man on the planet. Don't get me wrong, he loves women, but only temporarily. Love, marriage, kids - definitely not his deal. Not anymore at least. Burned once, blame it on his ex. Burned twice? Not gonna happen. But, a chance meeting through mutual friends will put his stance to the test. One thing he knows for sure, he only has two weeks before he has to return to base. He's going to spend as much time with her as he can. And at the end of his leave, she'll be his.

Stacey Evans just met the man that makes her insides turn to mush. She wasn't looking for him, he was just.....there. The attraction was clear, strong, and instantaneous. The more time she spends with him, the more she really, really likes him. But he'll be gone in two weeks, and when he leaves, her heart is going to break, but she'll take whatever time she can have with him. How is she going to let him go? Well, maybe she won't have to. Right?

Nothing like a good insta-love to brighten your day!! I just loved these two - so perfect for each other. And the chemistry? Holy Hannah were they HOT!! Definitely pick this one up! You'll love it!
Profile Image for Isha Coleman.
6,797 reviews131 followers
April 13, 2019
As a poet I look for the melody in the words. A story is about more than a few words and couple of memorable characters. The true magic of the journey is the way you feel once the trip has reached it's ultimate end. Until Her Smile lives in your heart, long after the last word is uttered. Lind gave more than a story, she gave realism. The pain of loss, the hope for tomorrow and the power of love all have staring roles in this soulful walk to remember. Peyton and Stacy are the music of the heart.
Profile Image for Nikki.
Author 9 books25 followers
June 29, 2019
Sweet and drama free

This was such a sweet book from beginning to end. Peyton is a military man who has absolutely no desire to get involved with a woman, not to mention a long term relationship. Stacy is a sweet gal who isn’t looking for love but when they have a chance meeting it’s instant boom! Sparks fly and they can’t possibly get enough time together. Their relationship takes off like a lightening bolt...but the one question still remains can Peyton believe in love again, enough to give them a chance at forever?
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