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Her name is Eve, and she was aptly named. The first female accepted into the Asset program, she was the first to rise to the top. She would also be the first woman to travel back in time, assigned with one target in mind: Enoch – one of the first vampires to walk the earth. Her mission was simple: Land, shove her stake through Enoch’s black heart, run to safety, and jump off something really high so she could warp back home and carve out the life she’s always wanted.

The only problem was that time travel was more complicated than anyone realized. She was supposed to travel back seven days, but instead, landed in the middle of England in the year 1348, during the time of the Black Plague.

Enoch never kept his true nature a secret. As a wealthy landowner, he protected and provided for the people under his care, and in exchange, they were more than willing to provide the scant amounts of blood he needed to survive. When a strange young woman showed up at his gate in the midst of the plague and then fell ill, he nursed her back to health.

He’d never met anyone like Eve. She was intelligent and witty, and the most beautiful creature he’d ever laid eyes upon. And, he learned, the most dangerous.

Kindle Edition

First published November 27, 2018

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About the author

Casey L. Bond

64 books1,408 followers
RONE Award-winning author Casey Bond lives on a rural farm in West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. She writes phoenixes – gloriously flawed and morally gray characters that fiercely rise from the ashes of their circumstances.

Worldbuilding is one of her favorite pastimes. She thinks thunderstorms are better than coffee and that watching a meteor shower is the closest thing to magic you might ever see. She’s a firm believer that every amazing book needs a world you want to wrap yourself in, a character you want to win, and a love you would fight for.

Casey is the author of When Wishes Bleed, Gravebriar, House of Eclipses, and Where Oceans Burn.

@authorcaseybond on social media sites.

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312 reviews133 followers
January 29, 2023
I'm not sure how to rate this one . On one hand I really enjoyed the plot and for bits of it the dialogue was actually decent . My advice to the author would be to rewrite the first couple of chapters . I disliked Eve immediately , she came off in the beginning as a stereotype of the female action hero , who hates quite literally everyone . The first few chapters detail her spars with other characters , and it seemed like she had beef with pretty much everyone .Gradually her character becomes much more likable , but I almost DNFed due to that beginning . ( No this was not a character ARC)

The author kept me hooked enough on the plot to want to continue . Fortunately for me I was able to enjoy it . My two biggest complaints after that was again an unrealistic change in a characters personality . In the past I found Enoch to be intriguing , but then suddenly he was extremely sappy and mooning over Eve for absolutely no reason . I thought they were going to have an enemies to lovers trope , but immediately he's mooning over her . We have this huge build up where everyone warns us to fear this terrible awful brutal man , when in reality he's like a super hot Gomez Adams
( although very vanilla ) fawning over her despite the fact that she's tried to KILL HIM ?

On a side note the reputation of the trio of original vampires reminds me of the Klaus , Elijah , and Rebekkah ( Mikaelson) from the Vampire Diaries ... only much less impressive , and Elijah looks more like Damon . Take what you will from that comparison . xD

The book ends on a cliffhanger which has left me still a bit intrigued so I will be back for more.

Note to the author : Please take this as well meant critique , as you can see from my rating of 4 stars I did enjoy it , and intend to continue reading . <3

Content warning : PG-13
This book has vampires hence the biting and bloodless corpses . Mentions of attacks by vampires on people .
Mid to strong language including several uses of s**t , and one son of a b***h
Eve distracts a vampire with " her feminine charms "
Comments made about Eve's boobs
" Lover Boy" is almost overcome with passion and kisses Eve ( Sarcasm intended )
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605 reviews3 followers
February 23, 2019
Wow what a book high! I’ve been in a serious book funk lately and High Stakes is just what I needed. I’ll be honest I was really scared to read it because I love this authors writing and this was a different genre. But OMG Casey Bond did not disappoint. I absolutely loved the world she built within High Stakes and the characters were just phenomenal. There was so much drama and suspense. Each turn of the page had you wanting more and Casey Bond brought it from beginning to end. Book one had me wondering what’s more to come and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in book two, High Seas.
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605 reviews3 followers
February 22, 2019
Wow what a book high! I’ve been in a serious book funk lately and High Stakes is just what I needed. I’ll be honest I was really scared to read it because I love this authors writing and this was a different genre. But OMG Casey Bond did not disappoint. I absolutely loved the world she built within High Stakes and the characters were just phenomenal. There was so much drama and suspense. Each turn of the page had you wanting more and Casey Bond brought it from beginning to end. Book one had me wondering what’s more to come and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in book two, High Seas.
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486 reviews11 followers
March 21, 2023
DNF 75%. I can't go on. I can see that this book would appeal to younger teenagers, however as an adult I cannot continue reading this and I will tell you why:
1. time travel. I am not a astrophysicist or quantum theory specialist, not even close and I was okay when they first broached the concept of time travel in this book and how you required great speed and all that. However as they then proceeded to jump of a 7 story building to attain that speed I was a little dumbfounded. here I was thinking they would at least need a plane or something...
2. the lack of in-depth back stories. All the relationships in this book are extremely superficial. you have no idea how they met, how long they have know each other. why they like or dislike each other and so on.
3. The lack of research the author did regarding living in 1348. (1) Milady and Milord are not official terms of address. It is the French manner of addressing a noble woman/man and often also the way servants sounded when saying My Lady or Lord due to their accents. (2) Also Broccoli was not introduced to England (which is where I assume they are) until the 17th century. (3) the way the 1348 people and modern people convers with each other as if in the past 700yrs no evolution in language took place... there are countless others but those really annoyed me which could have been solved by a 30 second google search.
4. There are plot holes in this book so big a semi could drive through them. How would the time traveler be able to land in a totally different location from where he jumped?? how would Kael have known the names of the country farmers Eve landed nearby? Why are there best assets so unknowledgeable about survival and stealth and so on. Eve drank water from a stream bisecting a road after she just left a village riddled with the plague because the water looked clear... Seriously?

okay so there are many more things that annoyed me about this book but I think I have ranted enough. This was a no for me.
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180 reviews27 followers
January 10, 2019
Casey often gives fun twists to classic things as she writes and this was the case in High Stakes.

It’s starts off an any dystopian novel-a bleak future wrought by a terrifying event (i.e. monster) and the people who have been training their hardest to do something and make a positive change in their world so that they can live the rest of their lives in peace.

That’s all the typical Casey gives you though.

It’s not long before Eve takes you with her on her headlong rush with gravity to a past she wasn’t supposed to land in, to kill a monster that has not yet become a monster.

Eve spent half her life training and getting technological upgrades to kill a vampire that is the source of all her (and every one else’s) problems, but instead finds the Nephilim he is before he becomes the monster that ravages her world. How is she supposed to kill someone who not only isn’t the monster she knows, but actively nursed her back to health?

Casey takes you on a fun ride that is a refreshing entry to both dystopian and vampire tales. I cannot wait for the next installment, I may die of cliffhanger.
January 31, 2019
Wow, what an amazing adventure!! Bond has once again brought to life another fantastic story!!

The characters were incredible. I absolutely loved reading about Enoch and Eve. Both are very strong willed characters which made the story so addicting.

The story-line was unforgettable. At first I was a bit skeptical about reading a time travel story because usually full length novels such as this one tends to bore me and I loose interest in the story, but not this one. Bond kept me in suspense throughout the entire story as I continued to turn each page. And of course, this author has a knack for cliffhangers and here I am sitting on my metaphorical cliff waiting to find out what happens next. I WANT MORE!! I highly recommend this read!!

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1,483 reviews50 followers
February 26, 2019
High Stakes is an action-filled book with fantastic characters. I really love Casey Bond's writing style and I'm really happy I got to read this one. The plot is really fantastic and I had a hard time putting this one down.

Eve is such a strong character. She is fierce and compassionate. I love strong, female leads and Eve is one of them. The rest of the characters were fantastic and had a part to play.

I highly recommend checking this one out. It has great characters, a fast-moving plot and wonderful writing. This is one not to miss.

I reviewed this as part of a blog tour with Lady Amber's Reviews & PR. All opinions are my own.*
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2,020 reviews33 followers
March 3, 2020
Very fun and different take on time travel and vampires. I am excited about the world the author has created. I enjoyed the characters and have so many questions in reguards to Enoch and the future. While the story was good I did feel like there was so much world building in this book that I didn't get enough character or plot development. I will be reading the next book and I'm definitely curious. 3.5 stars.
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79 reviews
December 26, 2021
DNF. I couldn't go on. There were so many inconsistencies, and the facts were wrong for the time period. The entire book the author didn't once describe the heroine's physical appearance, but she made it a point to describe every male in the novel in either hair/eye color or both. It was disappointing.
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Author 4 books17 followers
February 13, 2019
A very cool combination of dystopian scifi and vampires. I can't wait to read more and see where the story is going because it took quite a few turns. I loved the world and the characters, for being a quick read everything was still well fleshed out.
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Author 3 books10 followers
March 10, 2019
OMG I so can't wait for part 2, I was hooked from beginning to end :) a must read to everyone
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42 reviews7 followers
March 20, 2020
2.5 maybe 3 stars.

I think my hopes were too high for this one...

I really liked the synopsis and after making it through the first thirty percent of the book, I honestly thought it seemed relatively promising. But as the things-that-happen-before-the-actual-action dragged on at almost fifty percent of the way through, I started to get a not so great feeling. The story hadn't even introduced the infamous vampire that Eve was so furiously determined to kill, aka Enoch.

Then the infamous vampire was introduced... and he easily became one of the biggest character let-downs I have encountered in awhile. Enoch was nothing like the "black hearted" villain he was described to be in the synopsis. While you do hear of some of the awful things he has done (albeit briefly), the reader never gets to truly experience it as the world outside Eve's own daily life is poorly developed. And due to Enoch's character's late introduction, he and Eve were hurriedly brought together through the use of instalove as there was no true time for the author to build a meaningful connection between the characters before reaching the end of book one. However, Enoch was simply disappointing all on his own primarily because he wasn't the villain that was promised, but in fact, a perfect gentleman. And a boring one at that, too.

I can't say I disliked Eve. However, I would have liked to hear more about her upbringing and had a deeper look into her thoughts. I couldn't quite believe that she was the vampire hunter with hate in her heart that she claimed to be. I think this was because there was a slight lack in mention of mannerisms for all the characters that made it difficult to get a feel for everyone's personality and what drove them to act the way they do.

Overall, if you are looking for a villainous-monster/heroic-hunter-type romance with well-written characters and thoughtful world building then I can't say I would recommend this. But if you enjoy the idea of a vampire and vampire hunter falling in love at first sight and don't require any necessary information beyond that then I would certainly recommend this.
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Author 4 books26 followers
July 4, 2022
I’d like to thank Lady Amber Tours and PR for sending me an e-arc of this it is very much appreciated. Over the past year, I have fallen in love with Casey Bond’s writing and stories and this one was no exception.

I loved Eve she was fierce and feisty and strong, I really liked that she was willing to take a moment to think and give a chance rather than attacking right away. I loved despite the fact she had lost someone she still had compassion in her!

I loved the friendship she had with Maru and Titus and I loved the little added humour both of these characters brought to the book as well as Maru being overprotective of her.

I hated Victor I did not trust him and I turned out to be right, I also hated Abrahm so he sucked.

I love the action in this book and how Eve was solely focused on the mission before she travelled and how we saw both sides of her personality when it came to the mission. The tension in this book was high! I felt the tension all the way through, you kind of knew what was on the line when and it was good.

Enoch was very charming, I really loved his character I mean if we ignore what happens in Eve’s present he’s a charmer. I really loved how sweet he was to the people he was letting reside in his manor keeping them safe. I also loved how he cared for Eve when she first landed in the past.

I really don’t want to say too much about the plot but in a nutshell Eve, Abrahm and Titus are sent back in time to kill the first original vampires and they land somewhere they weren’t expecting. Things happen I don’t want to say because you’re better off going into this not knowing much!

I really enjoyed the plot, characters and writing in this book. I did not see the end of this book coming and I really cannot wait for the sequel!
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336 reviews42 followers
February 23, 2019

Hang onto your bookmark, readers- you’re in for one heck of an epic literary ride! Enter Eve, one seriously trained kick ass heroine, with a hefty task at hand. The future of the world rests on her shoulders as she struggles to change the fate of mankind. The post-apocalyptic/dystopian world Casey Bond has created is beyond special. In the future vampires rule and humans are gruel, literally! Add a sprinkle of time travel, futuristic technology, smoldering chemistry and the mechanics of evil masterminds and we’ve got a series that is EVERYTHING! A stake is firmly planted in this reader’s book loving heart and I’m thirsty for more!
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507 reviews49 followers
June 29, 2019
Must Read

First book I’ve read by this author and it was brilliant.
High Stakes is a mix of dystopian sci-fi and vampires. Action packed with great characters. I can’t wait to read the next book High Seas. Highly recommend.
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74 reviews30 followers
April 24, 2019
I was given this ebook for my honest review.
SPOILERS are included in this review!!!!

So anyone who knows me knows I will pick up any book that concerns vampires not to mention any book written by Casey bond because her writing is one that I’m proud to say grows with each book she writes it has a beginning a middle and an end and the plot is so unbelievable with each book she waits now to the book it’s self.

This is it somewhere in the future when the technology is advancing enough to have so many upgrades in the human race. Let’s go Eve is one of the main characters and a total badass chick I want to be her even with all the upgrades she surpasses everyone expectations no one thought she would survive any thing they put her through. Eve is trying to be a warrior and kill any vampire insight and then she’s given a special mission to go back in time to kill a certain vampire who is become the leader of the vampire clan I guess you could say not exactly sure what to call him but he’s one of the main people everybody wants dead his name is Enoch. If travels back into time with three of them soldiers that were chosen for this mission they all have upgrades but not as advanced as the Eves. She and her team was supposed to land in time as certain spot and yet she’s traveled back far away and what she thought she was still going to be she somehow lands in 1348 and has to figure out how to adapt without everything going wrong. There were so many twists and turns and oh my God moments that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. She has his connection with one of her teammates Titus if you actually ask me I think there’s some romance there but it’s never pointed out in the book I think it should be in the next one so we will have to stay tune to for the next one in series to see. When they land and 1348 I think the leader back home meant for it to happen they don’t come out to see that in the book but I think it’s behind some grand scheme of it all but you know we know that’s what I love about this book you never know what’s going to happen next so I could die as I could pass out or shit could just really go wrong. When she and her team land in England in 1348 that’s the main problem is that they are surrounded by the plague so not only do that do they have to complete the mission they have to worry about getting sick and somehow they all lands separately no one lands together. There are so many things going through Eves head late did everybody make it? where are they? how do we end up so far back? Eventually they find everybody but eve suit that that she traveled in doesn’t keep power keeps going on and off on and off so not only does she have to worry about that she has to figure out how to fix it or she will be stuck there in 1348.

When she learns to everyone not affected by the plague is in the enemies castle she’s dumb founded and not sure what to do but she know she has to go towards the castle and find a way in. The most mind blowing moment of this entire book is how the main person you thought I was going to be evil and the one person you thought you’re on Mackley guy turns out to be the good guy and you’re not sure how you feel about that where the stories going to go. Enoch is taking in people who aren’t sick with the plague he’s feeding them he’s giving them shelter make sure they have everything they need and return and giving him and his siblings blood willingly. There are so many things I could tell you about this book but if I do I’ll be giving away everything and you wouldn’t read it and you have to read this book to find out who did what? why was she and her team sent back so for that they’re not supposed to be in that time they’re supposed to be at the perfect moment to attack Enoch? Should she carry out her mission or should she do what she think is right? I’m still not sure where this story is going but I have to find out. If you love vampires women who finally are in the spotlight, cliffhangers and trying to figure out what to write and what you ordered to do then you have to read this book and you have to finish the entire series because Casey did it again she gave us one amazing book and I am no doubt my mind the series is coming much better probably better than what she’s ever had before.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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168 reviews6 followers
February 7, 2019
Once again, Casey Bond does not disappoint! Give her any subject, and she’ll have your heart racing both from excitement and the romance she perfectly builds. This was an intriguing original take on the view of whether vampires should be good or bad in books – how about both? Humans can be both pure evil and adorably romantic, so why can’t vampires be both? And even better…what if the same vampire is both, depending on where in history you find them? I really loved Bond’s take on vampires; especially the little twist of where they originate from. Very cool.

Now, what else would an awesome and original take on a book about vampires have? A kick ass heroine, of course! Eve is perfect for the role. She’s tough on her own, but make the book futuristic, add technology, and now you have an epicly fierce woman with heightened senses, healing, and a bunch of extras that put her on a pretty even playing field with the vampires she hunts. Her trainer? Love him. Her two co-workers? Weeell…I love one of them. Titus is the perfect fun loving, funny, but super competitive guy. Also fiercely protective of Eve, like a sister, since they grew up together in the program. But Abram? He gives a seriously creepy vibe from the beginning, and even if he’s supposed to be one of the good guys, you can tell this is a guy that has something not good inside.

When the big bosses pull one over on Eve, Titus and Abram, sending them back to when Enoch was still good and hadn’t yet started the war, and didn’t even know how to sire vampires, it leaves them in an interesting precarious situation: kill them before they can do so much bad, or try to stop them before they even start? It seems like the safest decision would be to take them out, but oh boy, is Enoch from the old days a hard one to want to kill! I fell in love with him right along with Eve. Even Titus softened to him pretty quick. Bond did a fantastic job making me go from despising Enoch to giving me whiplash from how quickly I turned around to adoring him. The big problem? He has two other siblings that are clearly not as stable as him, and the problem still remains that something happens that turns ALL of them into the deadliest enemies to the entire planet.

There was such an incredible mix of future, past, technology, awesome character development and romance that I cannot believe Bond so seamlessly fit it all into one book. I couldn’t put it down, feeling every heart racing moment right along with Eve. It’s killing me that this was only the beginning, but the cliffhanger wasn’t too terrible. It was the perfect setup for the next phase in the next book. I can’t wait.
February 8, 2019
Oh, Casey Bond . . .you’ve done it again! You’ve created a dystopian world where the human population is at constant risk from vampires and where genetic enhancements and time travel exist that feels all too real to your readers!

Eve’s been trained and raised as a weapon ever since her mother was killed by a vampire. Now it’s time for her and two other assets to travel back in time to take out the original vampire siblings who created all others, ending their world domination.

Only things don’t go as planned and the assets find themselves in the Middle Ages during the time of the plague rather than 7 days ago at a gala event. Nothing is as it seems, and the enemy she has been trained to hunt and kill since birth isn’t the man she knows him to be . . . and neither are those she thought were to be her allies.

Not knowing how her actions will affect the future, Eve is left trying to discover who she can trust and how will her actions affect the future . . . and, will she ever make it back to her own time.

High Stakes was simply phenomenal, and I need the next book now (I hope you are writing it as we speak, Casey!) I adored Eve. She is a total bada$$. She’s smart and strong and definitely independent and truly struggles when faced with completing her mission and doing what is right. I loved watching her adapt and maneuver once she finds herself in the Middle Ages. Enoch was an amazing character as well. Not at all what I expected and I was really intrigued by his humanity and the way he cared for those he felt responsible for . . . Casey Bond did a great job of creating interest with this character in how he is in the future vs the past, and I can’t wait to see what causes that shift in character to happen as the series continues.

Eve and Enoch together is something I want more of as well . . . I can’t wait to see where this goes. I also want more from Enoch’s siblings and the other assets that were supposed to help Eve complete their mission.

In case you couldn’t tell, I simply want more! High Stakes ends on a bit of a cliff with Eve literally jumping towards whatever is coming next and I want to know what that is! While I am super excited to continue this series, I don’t feel cheated in anyway with the ending, just anxious to see what Casey Bond throws our way next . . .and hopefully soon! 5 stars!
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298 reviews4 followers
February 19, 2021
Well can someone explain to me why I didn’t found and read this book before ? Like damn where was this treasure hiding? This book looks so f*cking intriguing hahaha damn I’m in the first chapter yet but I’m already loving . Vampires...well I Didn’t read a book about vampires in a while ...hope this one is interesting and original ...ok so holy water burn the vamps ? Hahaha this is new ... I’m seriously almost all the vampire books I read not in one of them holy water burned vamps.

This human leader Victor, I think he is full of sh*t why ? Because he smell rotted, c’mon the guy even uses “Bread and Circuses” to distract the people...yeah he is a genius but the real genius is the weird one , Kael f*ck you can read all over the guy “Crazy Scientist”. But I have this feeling in my gut that these humans and Maru are the villains ...yeah I’m almost sure of it and look I’m not even in the sixth chapter yet hahahaha.

Just I think Enoch already knows her ? Because technically she already time traveled to the past and he remembers her from there ? But she doesn’t remember because she technically didn’t go yet ? F*ck, is because of this I don’t read time traveling books... so many possibilities...but c’mon is common sense you shouldn’t time travel because this will f*ck all the timeline, these people don’t read books ?

“He was a beautiful symphony of perfect destruction; a dark melody I knew by heart”

Mhmmm my inner tigress is purring right now ... he sounds damn hot hahaha . F*ck Enoch is Dracula ...damn I’M LOVING this book HARD hahaha and I got to the conclusion that Kael does have a sick sense of humor ...you’ll know why .I’m absolutely a gone already f*ck Enoch is so gallant hahaha well guys ....meet my newly acquired book boyfriend Enoch . F****CK the world building? The background story? Aaaaaaah EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!! The explanation of Enoch origins ? Whoa .

And I absolutely learned a new word !! If because of Casteel I always use intriguing now because of Enoch I’ll use confounding hahaha . Sweet baby Lucifer...what a confounding book !!! I’m completely astonished with this cliffhanger....damn it .
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1,070 reviews32 followers
January 7, 2019
Casey Bond creates quite the dystopian story with her new release High Stakes, a unique
vampire tale. Set around 100 or so years in the future, Bond begins the tale of a young girl who
lost everything to the ever growing presence of vampires. Becoming an asset was the only
chance Eve had at killing the vampire, Enoch and his two siblings who changed the world

While this story reads pretty generically at first, Bond takes a unique twist on the typical vampire
story with a touch of time travel. By taking her characters back to the origin of these Nephilim,
Bond builds a unique story that had me on the edge of my seat up until the last page. Ending
on somewhat of a cliffhanger, Bond makes this novel so hard to resist. Will Eve achieve her
task? Will Enoch in present day win out or will her time in the 1300’s have done enough to
change everything? Guess we will find out in Bond’s next release. I, for one, am so excited to
find out!
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237 reviews
December 29, 2022
I put this as "spoilers" but really it is more me alluding to what happens in the story. I didn't want to unveil parts of the story, indirectly, to anyone by accident so, "spoiler".


Okay, let me lay the facts down:

•Assasin FML (who fails at it)
•Slow moving storyline
•Virtually no character development
•Each book is kind of the same, but in a different time period
•Needs editing

Why do I keep reading?:
I would like to know what the hell is going on. I mean, I am 99% positive I know EXACTLY what happened, but I want confirmation. 😜

This series could have been revised and set as a duology. The story is inching forward, with little to no progress. The biggest thing that I DO like about this story: its apocalyptic depiction.

The premise was a little bit different than I have read before and I could totally appreciate it. I think the actual delivery, of the story, fell short of my expectations. However, I still liked it enough to read the second book. Unfortunately, that is when I found the repetitive story pattern.

I might get back to these later, just to find out what happens. Just not right now. I would not say I hated these books, I am just a little disappointed.

*** 3 stars for this book, but I have read two of the books (in this series). I just lumped this book and the other book in with one review.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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241 reviews23 followers
June 17, 2020
Asset Eve is living in the year 2157. Vampires have taken over . They are building a army than is killing off humans . The asset program enlist s young children and trains them to be a killing vampire machine.

Eve , Titus and Abrahm are send back in time to kill Enoch his sister Terah , and brother Asa . The working theory is if you kill the original vampire , you kill all those he made . Eve arrives in the past .... but much farther than expected . She was only supposed to go 7 years. Eve landed in the 1300’s.
In this time , Enoch is a good kind man , caring for his people. Can Eve kill him , when he’s not a monster ? It would be murder .... or would it be best for humanity. There is a attraction here.... I wish it would have more time . Eve jumps to another time .... so off to book 2
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624 reviews7 followers
February 7, 2019
This was my first book by Casey L. Bond and it was a great introduction to this author. I got so caught up in this story and now need the next one. This book was not your normal dystopian, vampire, romance. Is there even such a thing? There is now and its unique qualities and fresh plot kept me glued to the pages.

This beginning of Eve and Enoch's story was riveting. Eve is strong in body and mind as well as super smart. Enoch is the danger she is fighting by going back in time before he became the monster he is in her time, but how do you kill someone who is so caring? This was an intriguing unique blend of traditional vampire and dystopian stories with a romance that will capture hearts. I can't wait to get to the next book! I definitely recommend!
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30 reviews
February 28, 2019
I pretty much read this book in one sitting. I was kind of just reading slow in the beginning and letting other things take my attention. I am very picky about what vampire books to read, and this one didn't disappoint me at all once I sat down and read. I need to know more secrets! What are they planing to do with Eve????? The time travel thing is what mainly drew me to this book since that topic has peeked my interest as of late. I was not expecting how the story was going to play out, and I loved the depth of characters. The ending wow, it definitely left me frantically wanting to read the next book. Sadly I have to wait for High Seas to be published! I will be here waiting and wondering what happened that night she traveled.
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March 15, 2019
High Stakes starts out really good! It goes right into the heart of things and doesn't lull in action. Eve is on a mission. She has to kill Enoch. Enoch is the leader and creator of the vampire race. Well, one of 3. Enoch and his siblings have filled the world with monsters and the human race is at war to stay alive. But the mission Eve is on and determined to carry out to the very end might be doomed before it even starts. Everything from the first sentence to the last sentence keeps you hanging on and interested. I absolutely loved this book. Right now you can get this book for 99 cents, which is just in time for Book 2, High Seas, which is coming out VERY soon!! This book is definitely one I recommend.
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January 14, 2019
Wow. I love vampire reads and Casey l. Bond novels. High Stakes is unlike any I have read before. I love Eve and all she stands for. Enoch was a surprise though, I wanted to hate him for Eve but couldn’t. The ending is frustrating. It happened to soon and now I just want High Seas. The writing is smooth and gives us all the information we need to understand this world. The characters develop wonderfully and draw you in. I really enjoyed reading and as stated before I need the next!

Review by Raychel
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January 30, 2019
An attention-grabbing, genre bending, scorcher of a story! It was exciting and suspenseful with a fresh, original take on vampires. I loved how unique and dimensional all her characters were and how convincing each was. I also found myself wrapped up in the grueling, teasing, slow-burn chemistry between Eve and Enoch. While the action didn’t quite peak as I’d expected, it remained a page-turner and has me waiting impatiently for the next. Amazing start to the series and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!
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March 4, 2019
I was hooked from the very first page. This new series is a combination of sci-fy and dystopian. We follow Eve who in her present time vampires have pretty much taken control and are on a killing rampage. In order to combat this Eve has trained her entire life, let herself be altered all for the hopes of killing the vampire responsible for so much death and despair. She and a couple of other “assets” will be sent back in time to a specific time, date, and location in order to kill Enoch, the first and oldest vampire. However something goes wrong and she ends up in a different time where the killing vampire she hates and despises is not that man yet. Eve is such a strong lead and to see her struggle with all she has known and trained for is heartbreaking to read, yet I could not put the book down. My only complaint was how short this book was, only 25 chapters ;) I cannot wait to read book 2, High Seas.
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January 13, 2020
3.5 Stars. This had the makings of a great book to me. A super cool concept, vampires/nephilim, time travel... sign me up! When she actually meets Enoch though (not a spoiler, you know from the summary she will), I guess I wanted more. I wanted more time for Enoch and Eve to get to know each other. More interactions. More "enemies to lovers," rather than the "insta-lust" feel I got. It also seems like her worldview shifted rather quick too. Like, she went from training for ~years~ and hating this guy, to liking him? That was just a little too fast for me.
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July 27, 2020
Eve & Enoch

I ended up finishing this series In less than a week. I lost sleep, staying up til 3am. Enoch and Eve are destined to be. When the series starts she’s living in a compound training to be a top asset with a burning hate for Enoch and his siblings. She’s been taught to believe they are the worst thing for humanity. She travels through different times only to find the man she’s been taught to hate is nothing like the man she’s been brain washed to hate. Read this series and take the journey through time and watch as Eve and Enochs story unwinds.
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