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Agents Adam and Eve

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Dream not of other worlds...

They call him agent and he answers. They tell him conquer and he does. But there's something they don't know. He's beginning to remember. His name is Kristian Clark. He has a wife and four children. Or he did. But he will find them again, whoever is left, wherever they are, and whatever it takes.

They call her the Aisling. She does their missions only as far as it helps her accomplish her own: to find and rescue the children of a fallen woman. And she will not let anyone get in her way- most certainly not the brainwashed father who has for so long been an unthinking weapon for the government. To save the innocents, she will not hesitate to do whatever it takes- no matter how much it condemns her.

They are the root of a conspiracy that would bring two worlds together, for good or for evil, for better or for worse, for life or for death. Their choices shall echo throughout all eternity.

539 pages, Kindle Edition

Published April 16, 2019

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About the author

Jes Drew

56 books445 followers
Jes Drew is the author of the Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor Series, the Sunset at Dawn trilogy, The Samurai's Student saga, the Ninja and Hunter trilogy, the Howling Twenty trilogy, the Kristian Clark saga/The Man on the Run series, the Castaways trilogy, The Dystopian Takeover trilogy, Summers of Yesteryear series, The Clockwork Faerie Tale Novellas, the Legends of the Master Spy series, The New ESE Files series, Tales from Parallel Worlds, Genie and Serena, Accidentally on the Run, This Side of Heaven, and The Death of a Hero.

She has three degrees, including a Master of Arts in Behavioral Counseling. Also, she has about five million houseplants (and counting— the plants and not the degrees . . . unless she relapses). She is still debating if having a fae husband is worth the hassle.

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25 reviews5 followers
March 23, 2019
I'M IN LOVE!!!!💖💖💖 There may or may not be spoilers in this review. I have only read this book in the series.

I absolutely love this book!
I cried and laughed, and then died when I finished it! The characters are amazing! In fact I'll tell you a bit about them. Not all of them, but a few of them.

Kristian: Is the sarcastic lost puppy everyone feels bad for. But he's also the "dad joking" kinda guy. (He also reminds me of Bucky aka the Winter Soldier)

Susan: Is the "Mrs. Always Right" character that messes with everyone's emotions. But she's also the mom friend.

Allen: My personal favorite! (He reminds me of young Steve Rogers) Is the sweet cinnamon roll everyone wants to protect.....especially from his ex. Which leads me toooo.....

Ryhan: I loved her! She's the feisty firecracker that does not care about people's emotions. Well, she might care about a few people. Everyone feels bad for her, but they also love her because.....who wouldn't?

I love how the agents are married, and it's not your typical dumb teenage love story. The plot is great, and the charming (and not so charming) characters make it even better! I also loved all the references to the Bible. I mean....it is called Agents "Adam and Eve" so what else can you expect?
I highly recommend this book!

Profile Image for Amy Shannon.
Author 102 books120 followers
March 12, 2020
4 Stars

Interesting read

Drew pens a grand story in Agents Adam and Eve. I haven't read anything from this author before, and I enjoyed this story. The characters were unique and filled with many flaws and courage, which I like in a character. No character should ever be perfect. The author's writing style fits with this story, and there were different paces, depending on the scene. It was filled with action, violence and intrigue. This story was intriguing and kept the reader guessing. It's a great story to follow and try to figure out what will happen next. I learned with this book that nothing is at it seems, and makes me want to read other books from Drew. This author's characters develop and interacts well with the other characters. I look forward to reading more by this author. Kristian Clark was introduced to me in this story, and I liked this book. Yes, it was a good book. It's written in first person, it just works for this story. "[Susan's] hand slides toward my back, where the ghosts of so many other scars live invisibly. “It was easier to just give in. To believe I didn’t mater anymore. Or you. Just our children. Just the future.” This book is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.
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Author 30 books90 followers
June 30, 2019
Fantastic book!!! This is a spy novel different from any spy book I have ever read. It has plot twists, action, intrigue, and characters that feel like real people. I also love the Biblical references.
Profile Image for Oceane McAllister.
Author 2 books33 followers
September 15, 2019
Okay, so first: I am an awful Beta/review reader. I am sooo sorry, Jes, for taking literally forever! But anyway, onto the review.

Jes Drew has a lot of talent, and that is obvious from her well-rounded characters. That was definitely a positive and I greatly enjoyed them, specifically the Aisling. Kristian had some heart-breaking struggles, and seeing all the characters interacting so well was nice!

This story was much longer than I anticipated, but there was plenty of action to keep it going.

My reason for giving it three stars? Mostly because I was often left confused with the constant head-hopping and jumps to various places and times. I probably would have enjoyed this more if I was able to keep track of what was going on.

Also, this is just a personal taste thing, but I felt the chapters could have been shorter to deliver more punch and allow a few more cliffhangers.

But either way, it was still a fun, fast-paced story that will leave you wondering what will happen next.
28 reviews
December 11, 2019
Spies, speculations and secrets oh my! Man oh man when I decided to read this, I thought I’d like it, but I ended up liking it so much more than I expected. I was so impressed by the storyline and was extremely invested in the lives of Kristian and Aisling. I went through an intense phase of spy books and movies for a good year and a half and this threw back into all of that. I’m not complaining though. Spies mixed with politics mixed with bits of theology as well as humor and a good plot line made for a story I couldn’t put down. Oh there’s also a fantasy element to it all soooo there’s that. All in all, I really enjoyed the book and can’t wait to read the next one.
Profile Image for Allyson.
Author 6 books98 followers
July 4, 2019
Kristian Clark is back in an all-new duology after the birth of his twins. Are he and his wife finally able to enter parenthood safely without the threat of anarchist groups, or will Kristian have to sacrifice everything to save those he loves?

What I Liked
New Characters
Allen, a new agent, and Rhyan, a young SHF mentee of Susan's add an entertaining and dramatic new twist to the saga that kept me interested throughout. These two soon became my favorite characters in this installment. I especially loved how their romantic dynamic reminded me of Fix-It Felix and Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph.

Gripping Test of Characterization
The author tests Kristian and Susan both TO THE MAX in this installment, leaving readers who have become invested in the saga on a serious emotional roller coaster. We see them fight for each other, their family's well being, and their faith. Their struggles are raw and real... and if you have any semblance of a heart, your sympathy levels will go into maximum overdrive!

What Was Iffy
Complexity of the World Building
The world building in the Kristian Clark universe is extremely admirable in that the author has taken time to craft the agencies, alternative worlds, etc.; however, there were times when there were many POVs going on and I was getting characters from different worlds/agencies mixed up. By the end, I finally got most of them straightened out and understood what had taken place.

I recommend reading the first books in the Kristian Clark saga (Books 1 through 2.5) before starting the Kristian Clark and the American Agenda duology to be able to understand what is going on.

I received a free ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the aforementioned thoughts are my own, and a positive review was not required to receive the ebook.
Profile Image for Tony Breeden.
Author 11 books39 followers
June 30, 2019
Agents Adam and Eve is the first book in a new duology featuring the characters from Jes Drew's Kristian Clark series.

I should admit up front that I was a little lost when I first started reading this book, but it wasn't because I hadn't read the other books. I was lost because the main character was lost. He starts the book as a man who can't remember who he is. The beauty of that set of circumstances is thst we get to discover who Kristian Clark is as he does.

While there is a fair bit of action in a book involving a teleporting super spy who deals with multiple dimensions (woot!), the strength of this book is the characters. By the time you put down the book, you're heavily invested in several of the characters. You really want things to work out for them. So of course, it doesn't, but then it does. Only it doesn't, until it does. Until... It keeps you guessing and it defies keeps you turning those pages!
This is a book that doesn't shy away from its Christian themes, even when the characters do some truly horrible things. perhaps my favorite line in the book is spoken by a character named Liam:

“Remember these two things, Clark. You are perhaps the most powerful man in the multiverse. And the Creator of the multiverse loves you very much.”

A few things I didn't like. I did get a bit confused over who characters were when the point of view would switch up. I was shocked by the ending, but I think you're supposed to be to draw you into reading the second book in this duology. I also would've liked to know more clearly what the agenda of the organizations involved were. You get a basic idea and a few answers but it leaves a lot of ground to cover in Book 2.

Overall, it was a great read. The characters are well-constructed and genuine, the action is tight, the stakes are real, and the worldbuilding is impressive.

I happily recommend Agents Adam and Eve and give it 4 stars.

From the Bookwyrms Lair,
Tony Breeden

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the author as an advanced reader copy (ARC). I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255[...] : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising
Profile Image for Grace Morris.
Author 6 books1,514 followers
February 5, 2020
2.75 Stars

I was originally asked to read and review this book, but declined at the time due to wanting to catch up with the rest of the series and moving. I did end up picking up this book for free on Amazon during a free promotion. The author didn't pay me for this review and all the thoughts here are my own honest opinion.

My rating has nothing to do with the author. The author is awesome! She is super sweet and kind and fun to talk too. And I have enjoyed other books by this author. One series I would recommend you to read is the "Howling Twenties" (Wolf Claw) which is a story about werewolves (something I didn't even know I would enjoy so much). Like totally read it! I just didn't enjoy "Agents Adam and Eve", and that's okay.

There's a lot of stuff that really bothered me in the story. But before I get into all that, let's talk about some of the things I did enjoy.

What I Liked:

Allen Hamilton. I JUST LOVED HIM!!! He is a sweet cinnamon roll that should be protected at all cost. He's so pure and he is so caring towards everyone, even to the bad guys. I mean sure, he can shoot a guy if needed. He can fight in self-defense. But he hesitates a little and thinks about what he is doing. Sometimes that's a bad thing for him. He is a doctor and a scientist. He's done things that he has regretted, but for the greater good. And his relationship with Rhyan! I ship them together one hundred percent.

I really liked Rhyan too. She is like this sociopath? Psychopath? Can't remember the right term. And unfortunately both of them have been used to describe her which would be medically incorrect. But who cares? She isn't someone who I would call a doll, as she would kill anyone and everyone in a moment's notice. But I love her personality, and that she seems to be getting better little by little. She doesn't always feel for others, but she is shown to be still human, which I like that.

So below this paragraph, you're going to hear me complain a lot about the world building and whatnots. But I will state that writing a story with parallel worlds and alternates with a little bit of time travel is extremely hard for any author to do. So I'm going to appreciate the hard work and research that was done to try to write this novel. That being said, it's time to go over the things that I had a really hard time with.

The Things I Didn't Like:

I'm putting this section as a spoiler because, well, there are spoilers. =0 Mainly what you need to know, is that I did not like all the confusion and the sexual content at every turn in this book. Just no. It was gross and by the halfway mark I had to force myself to keep going.

Content in Book:

1. Violence. (Killing people. Shooting people with guns (semi-detailed with blood and gore). Trying to strangle people. Stabbing people with knives. Hand-to-hand combat. Bombs. Poison. Etc.)

2. Torture. (Hitting people with fists. Pulling off people's fingernails. Stabbing people with knives. Other torturing devices. Using drugs. Branding/tattooing someone. Etc.)

3. Sex. (Two women are pregnant (one might have been out of wedlock, the other could've been willingly (with a husband) or rape). Rape. Trying to seduce someone into having sex. A scene with two people having sex, nondescriptive. Wanting a man who is married to have sex with as many women as he can so they can either have his kids or create clones of this man. Prostitution. Going to force a woman to abort her unborn child and force her to be raped, doesn't happen. A passionate kiss scene where a woman takes the shirt off the guy. Implying sex and talking about it. A girl talking about how she can remove the manly parts from a man if she has need to, nondescriptive. A few scenes where the main characters, Susan and Kristian, are naked, nondescriptive. A married couple sleeping together, wanting to shower together, etc. A married couple naked and on top of each other, kissing as hard as they can. Etc.)

4. Adultery. (Having sex with another woman (not sure if this has happened or not, though I don't think it did). Being married to other spouses even though they were previously married (I was a little confused about that and no they were not divorced)).

5. Slavery. (Including brain wiping and branding. Also sexual. Forcing someone to kill and who knows what else.)

6. Abuse. (Abusive marriage. Mentions of abuse that this father does to his son, nondescriptive.)

7. Mental disabilities. (Bipolar. Sociopath. Psychopath.)

8. Injuries. (Blood and gore. A gunshot to the hand, a little gruesome. A gunshot to the leg, seeing the bone, taking the bullet out, blood, nearly falling down. A knife wound in the chest. A gunshot to the chest. Gunshot in the shoulder. Getting healed on a regenerating table. Falling off a cliff, falling off a building. Burns. Broken bones. Concussion. Etc.)

9. Suicidal attempts. (Going to shoot oneself in the head. Faking suicide by falling off a building.)


Overall if you're going to read this book you're going to at least read all the other books in the series, ALL OF THEM! (Including all of the shorts). I did enjoy some things in this book, but it just wasn't for me.
Profile Image for Abigail Harris.
Author 27 books183 followers
November 15, 2019
Not my normal genre but I thought I'd try it out . . . It was interesting though I didn't love completely it since I don't really care to read about different dimensions, teleporting, some other things and such.

The only reason I rated two stars is because this isn't my kinda book for content.
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