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Santa Duck

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Nicholas Duck loves Christmas, and he is happy to try on the new Santa hat that's mysteriously delivered to his house. But when his friends see him and immediately launch into their Christmas lists, he doesn't know what to do . . . until he runs into Santa himself.

32 pages, Hardcover

First published September 11, 2008

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David Milgrim

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Profile Image for Kathryn.
4,140 reviews
December 11, 2009
This is a cute, fun little story about a duck who inadvertently becomes "Santa" for awhile. The humor reminds me a bit of Mo Willems with amusing little asides and kooky but lovable animal characters. I also love that the "spirit of giving" is alive in this book--but so is the joy of receiving! It's all well and good for children to learn that the best part of Christmas is sharing love and abundance--but, come on, when I was a kid I was TOTALLY the MOST excited to open MY presents! I appreciate that Milgrim remembers this about childhood ;-)
Profile Image for Christine.
403 reviews
February 18, 2018
Duck receives a Santa hat and coat, which he happily puts on. When everyone keeps stopping him and telling him what they want for Christmas, it takes him a while to figure out why and he becomes annoyed. Cute story about helping others.
Profile Image for Joenna.
633 reviews1 follower
October 14, 2008
Nicholas Duck is very excited for Christmas. He opens up his door a couple days before Christmas and finds a package with a santa hat inside. He puts it on, and all of his animal friends think he is Santa! They tell what they want, give him lists, and bother him all the time. Nicholas even tries to pawn off the hat onto another animal, but is stuck with it. On Christmas Eve he's had enough, and then he runs into Santa. Nicholas Duck relays all the lists from all the animals, and is a big help to Santa. Nicholas feels very proud and would gladly help out Santa next year. Great for preschoolers.
Profile Image for Heidi.
2,611 reviews52 followers
December 16, 2011
I find this book funny for several reasons. First, the things that the animals ask for, i.e. the chicken asks for a helicopter, a hot air balloon, and a hang glider, and a blimp. Second, the duck's confusion about why the animals are sharing their Christmas lists with him. Third, the ending, which I won't mention here so as not to spoil it, just know it is quite amusing. The children I've shared this with quite enjoyed it. The illustrations are very appealing and suit the story quite well. The duck is surprisingly expressive for a duck. There is a nice message here about giving being better than getting..almost.
Profile Image for Mary.
2,479 reviews11 followers
December 16, 2016
Nicholas the duck is given a Santa suit and suddenly everyone sees him as Santa Duck. He is bombarded by animals giving him their Christmas lists; for instance, the turtle wants a really fast racing car while the rabbit wants a giant carrot cake "the size of a football field." Observant readers will appreciate the last page where all the animals are enjoying their gifts. Don't be surprised to hear young listeners singing "Jingle quack, jingle quack, Jingle all the quack." A humorous Christmas story with a sweet message.
Profile Image for Ina.
1,194 reviews11 followers
December 18, 2013
Nicholas Duck finds a mysterious package on his front porch and that is the start of an interesting adventure for Mr. Duck. The text is filled with humor, beginning with Nick singing "Jingle Bells" as only a duck could "Jingle Quack, Jingle Quack, Jingle all the Quack" (later it is sung in a similar fashion by a cow) The illustrations are bright and filled with fun, and the character's lists for Santa brought smiles to the faces of my story time audience. Very imaginative and very funny.
Profile Image for Joy.
1,579 reviews11 followers
November 29, 2016
I found this in the Schoalstic book club for a $1 and decided to get it for my girls. We read it and my 7 year old really loved it.

Duck receives a package with a Santa suit in it. After he puts it on, all the animals start telling him what they want for Christmas. Duck has been looking for Santa anyway to tell him what he wants for Christmas but ends up relaying the animals' requests instead. Santa makes Duck his helper.
60 reviews
November 20, 2017
Santa duck is a darling story about a duck who dresses up as Santa and is bombarded by many of his friends with Christmas lists. Nicholas the duck feels overwhelmed until him and Santa meet up on Christmas Eve. He gives Santa the lists of all his friends and he is very thankful for what Nicholas the duck has done to help. This is a great book to show the act of giving and putting others before yourself around the holiday season. I recommend this book for 2-4 grade.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Hannah Cobb.
Author 1 book23 followers
December 21, 2011
Nicholas Duck receives a mysterious package containing a Santa hat and coat--but when he puts them on, all his animal friends think he is Santa! Nicholas just wants to find the real Santa so he can deliver his own Christmas wish list. Lively illustrations and humorous dialogue make this a great read-aloud, especially if you use different voices for all the animals.
709 reviews9 followers
December 10, 2014
Nicholas Duck gets a Santa suit as a present, and while trying to find Santa he is mistaken for Santa, with other animals giving him their Christmas lists. Will Nicholas find Santa in time to avoid another year of socks and underwear as gifts?

Cute! The preschoolers have enjoyed this one in our storytime!
Profile Image for The Library Lady.
3,550 reviews509 followers
December 11, 2008
The poultry seem to be taking over this Christmas--there are several duck/goose books out. This one is bright, funny, simple enough for a toddler but with enough sass for older kid/grownup appeal as well.
Profile Image for Becky H..
764 reviews
July 2, 2009
This is a fun book that we have at the library. My kids enjoyed it in December so when I found it on the clearance table while on vacation I had to get it. Then I read it to my nephews and they thought it was funny too.
Profile Image for Sarah.
544 reviews1 follower
November 21, 2009
Duck finds a Santa suit and hat, so he puts it on. But now all the animals are asking him for presents for Christmas thinking he is Santa, which increasingly frustrates him, done humorously through his comments. He finally runs into Santa and passes along the lists.
Profile Image for Dolly.
Author 1 book641 followers
December 20, 2010
This is a fun story about a duck who becomes one of Santa's helpers. The illustrations are fairly simple, but they are very cute. And combined with a dialogue-heavy narrative, the story is a hit with younger readers. Great story to read aloud at Christmastime.
Profile Image for Dana.
184 reviews6 followers
December 26, 2011
Jingle quack, jingle quack, jingle all the quack! If you go to see Santa this year and hear, "quack, quack, quack" instead of "ho, ho, ho," you've just visited Santa Duck. But don't worry, he'll make sure to pass along your Christmas list to the man himself.
Profile Image for Nancy.
1,610 reviews46 followers
December 2, 2014
This is a cute book, where a duck gets a package with a Santa jacket and hat. The other animals keep telling Santa Duck what they want for Christmas. In the end he learns who gave him the suit, and what that person wants him to do in the future.
1 review
January 1, 2017
I like Santa duck Because everybody thought that said that's what I said the real Santa but it wasn't so everybody asked him what they wanted like they were cherry wood chitchatting to check in and am I that's how why I like the book .
Profile Image for Tricia.
2,669 reviews
January 11, 2009
steve read it and says "cute, imaginative and encourages children that christmas is about others, not just what they want."
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