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Uptown Girls #2

The Prince of Broadway

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In the second novel in Joanna Shupe's the Uptown Girl series, a ruthless casino owner bent on revenge finds his plans upended by a beautiful woman who proves to be more determined than he is—and too irresistible to deny.

Powerful casino owner.
Ruthless mastermind.
Destroyer of men.

He lives in the shadows...

As the owner of the city's most exclusive casino, Clayton Madden holds the fortunes of prominent families in the palms of his hands every night. There is one particular family he burns to ruin, however, one that has escaped his grasp... until now.

She is society's darling...

Florence Greene is no one's fool. She knows Clayton Madden is using her to ruin her prestigious family... and she's using him right back. She plans to learn all she can from the mysterious casino owner—then open a casino of her own just for women.

With revenge on his mind, Clay agrees to mentor Florence. However, she soon proves more adept—and more alluring—than Clay bargained for. When his plans are threatened, Clay must decide if he is willing to gamble his empire on love.

384 pages, ebook

First published December 30, 2019

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About the author

Joanna Shupe

28 books2,123 followers
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USA Today bestselling author JOANNA SHUPE has always loved history, ever since she saw her first Schoolhouse Rock cartoon. Since 2015, her books have appeared on numerous yearly “best of” lists, including Publishers Weekly, The Washington Post, Kirkus Reviews, Kobo, and BookPage.

She currently lives in New Jersey with her two spirited daughters and opinionated husband.

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429 reviews21.7k followers
July 1, 2021
this series is so good!!
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965 reviews1,248 followers
December 4, 2019

Title: The Prince of Broadway
Series: Uptown Girls #2
Author: Joanna Shupe
Release date: December 30, 2019
Cliffhanger: no
Genre: historical romance

I don't give out a ton of one star ratings, but if I do you know the book really made me angry. Unfortunately this is the case for The Prince of Broadway. I thought for sure this was going to be a huge hit for me considering how much I loved the previous book and enjoyed this author's writing. Not only that, but Clay and Flo were such compelling characters in The Rogue of Fifth Avenue that I was really excited to read more about them. Disappointment is a vast understatement for what I'm feeling right now.

Where do I start?

I love a good revenge plot, in fact, it's one of my favorite tropes. So I wasn't bothered by Clay's hardened, cold exterior at the start. Clayton Madden has climbed his way out of the slums and now owns the most prosperous, illegal casino in New York. His need for power and revenge is as essential to him as the very air he breathes. He used the hatred he feels for Flo's father as fuel to come out on top, and have the means to always be in control of his life. Thing is, no one ever has that power no matter how much money or status you attain.

Flo is the daughter of his greatest perceived enemy, but he can't resist his instant attraction to her. And her rebellious heart can't help but flutter over this dangerous, broody man's focused interest. The first thing that really bothered me about these two came very early on. She has a grand plan to start a casino exclusively for women, and asks him if he will mentor her in the business. He agrees to give her lessons, while admitting that he has a scheme in motion to get revenge on her father. With a vague thought that she'll somehow change his mind later, she accepts this and commences lusting over him.

I understand that she's an unconventional woman for the time who has no interest in marriage or finding love. Nothing wrong with that. But how do you knowingly team up with a man who is bent on harming your family? He keeps repeating throughout the book that he is being honest and transparent, so he's not taking advantage of her, but that's an outright lie. He never tells her specifically what he's doing, even after they become involved on a personal level. Even after she tells him that the very home he intends to steal from her grandmother will one day be passed down to her. She's depending on that home to secure the independent future for herself, and he never even hesitates in this knowledge.

Flo was meant to appear bold and adventurous, but she was better described as an immature, privileged kid who does what she wants without thoughts of the consequences. Namely, trusting him enough to sleep with him. Despite his continued determination for revenge, she throws herself at him and he treats her like trash afterwards.

She foolishly sneaks out to the casino night after night, disregarding the danger in doing so. When her father finds out and rails against her for putting herself at risk and associating with a criminal who wants to harm them, she petulantly acts like he's being unreasonable. What adolescent scene would be complete without an "It's not fair!" Yes, she goes there. In the end, she gets burned badly but I couldn't feel much sympathy for her.

Clay remains cold and unfeeling about the woman he's supposed to have deep, unwanted feelings for, but actions speak louder than words. He continues to push his plans forward, knowing the hurt and devastation he will cause. I didn't see any character growth whatsoever from his starting point, and the more he clung to his hatred, the more mine grew. When the big confrontation happens in the last 15%, the things he said and did were not redeemable. The remorse he feels afterward is way too little, too late. I wish I could have jumped inside the book and punched him in his smug face. She finally shows some backbone at this point and rebuffs his apologies, but that was not enough for me either.

I wasn't rooting for them to make up, and I felt nothing for the two of them as a couple. I would say that's a complete fail when reading a romance novel. I'm so sad that this book didn't work, but I would still give the rest of the series another chance. The next book is about Mulligan, and once again I'm curious to read more about him in his own story. Hopefully others will find more to enjoy with this second installment, but for me this one missed the mark in a big way.



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2,127 reviews981 followers
December 12, 2022
One sentence summary: FUCK YEAH FLORENCE

Florence Greene is a beautiful society darling, certainly not someone who should be sneaking her way into a men-only casino run by one Clayton Madden and challenging even his best dealers. While she is an excellent gambler, Florence is intent on forging her own future as a casino owner in 1890s NYC, a move that will lose her place in nice society but will make her secure in her own future with no need for a marriage or a man to control her. And she needs Clay's help.

Clayton is intrigued and attracted to the daughter of his enemy while he agrees to help, it is on his terms. Just because Clayton agrees to help her does not mean he won't stop seeking revenge against her father or offering to tutor her in more than just the odds.

What follows is sizzling seduction of the wills as Clayton introduces Florence to his world and falls madly for a woman who's only goal is her own future.

So much fun, so absolutely sexy, and one of the best and most feminist HEAs I've read in a long time. Plus, some really great sexy times involving voyeurism, scandalous paintings, and great bathrooms. If you haven't read The Rogue of Fifth Avenue this can stand alone, but the events of this book run concurrently and you will be a bit spoiled for Mamie and Frank's story.

I re-read this book as it is fast becoming a comfort read for me. Florence is my everything and she can have whatever she wants. See Clay just be completely bamboozled off his feet for this breath of fresh air will never ever get old.

idc this book makes me so happy every single time i re-read it. i don't care that Florence is a spoiled brat; she gets what she wants and with gusto. Clay, while some may say is 'one-dimensional' still has as much verve as most romance heroines who let their heroes outshine them. this isn't his book and he is far more of a gentleman than those straw boat hat wearing toffs around new york.
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Author 59 books8,618 followers
January 5, 2020
Dodgy casino owner meets society princess who wants to open her own casino for women. She wants him to teach her the trade. But he has a grudge against her father and plans to ruin him. And he tells her so immediately.

I was extremely excited about this, so the point of yelping. The set up is fairly classic romance but to have the immediate full disclosure immediately changes the game: the heroine has to act completely differently if she knows the situation. It adds a lot to the tension between the couple where both of them know this is a bad idea, the hero is trying to dig deep for his human decency, and the heroine has to confront her own morals and realise where they don't look like other people's.

I didn't 100% feel Florence did that latter. She never wonders whether opening an illegal casino is wrong or if gambling is a social ill or the morality of eg having people beaten up for not paying up/cheating; she sort of sidelines the whole thing about her father, and she only gets really upset when it turns out the hero's plots will personally affect her. I am absolutely in favour of heroines getting to be as amoral and selfish as heroes, but I didn't quite feel she owned it: we never see her examine herself in the way the hero does--which might just suggest profound amorality, but she seems to have a fairly powerful sense of right and wrong when it comes to how people treat her. Mind you, she's very young, 21, so probably that factors into the lack of deep thought ahahaha god I'm so old. (Actually I think this might be it: Florence feels to me like someone who would really have grown into her romance heroine shoes aged about 35, when she will be absolutely *rocking*.)

All that said, it is *fantastic* to see a heroine who is in the process of shaking off the social and family requirements to be a people pleaser, and who doesn't want marriage and kids. I really like the way this series acknowledges there's no meaningful difference between the 'legally' acquired wealth of the Top Families (stolen land and exploited labour) and the criminal classes. And I adored the big hulking miserable git of a hero. Highly enjoyable.
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2,129 reviews13.8k followers
October 24, 2021
I'm just obsessed with Joanna Shupe's books and she can do no wrong! Seriously, I LOVED this book and Florence's desire to open her own casino. She was such a fun heroine and had no problem being in a space dominated by men. The scene with her gambling and beating all the men? So fun. She definitely held her own around Clayton and it was adorable how he was infuriated with her but didn't want to send her away. Things get complicated, though, because Clayton is trying to enact revenge on Florence's father, though she doesn't know that. Florence does put herself in some dicey situations when she should have known it was going to be dangerous for a woman during that time period, but I enjoyed how she would go after what she wanted. There was so much tension between Florence and Clayton and things definitely turn steamy fairly quickly, which I really enjoyed. I couldn't recommend this series enough!!
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950 reviews238 followers
November 11, 2022
Reseña completa: https://masromance.blogspot.com/2022/...
Una pena, porque prometía mucho, pero no he podido con ese aire de modernidad, no tan solo en todo lo que ocurre sino con el vocabulario. Puede ser rudo, no pasa nada, pero es moderno, demasiado. Y ambas cosas me rompen la época en la que trascurre
No estoy en contra con las protagonistas que se saltan las reglas, siempre las ha habido. Pero aquí es todo. La trama ya le he leído muchas veces, es de las que me gusta, pero le falta originalidad, fuerza a los protagonistas y algo de misterio
En general, y como todas las novelas de la autora, es una novela muy entretenida, que se le en dos sentadas, pero en comparación con otras novelas de la autora, esta no ha llegado a la altura
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1,285 reviews299 followers
May 19, 2021
Translation widget on The blog!!!
“Prințul de pe Broadway” ni-i aduce în prim plan pe Clay — proprietarul clubului Casa de Bronz și pe Florence — fiica mijlocie a lui Duncan Greene. O pereche cu puține șanse de reușită. Și totuși...
Dorința lui de răzbunare pentru trecut pe tatăl ei este cea care-l poartă mai departe, hotărât fiind să nu cedeze în ciuda conștientizării faptului că această dorință a lui o va îndepărta de el.
Ce o mână pe ea în luptă? Dorința de libertate, de a-și decide singură viitorul!
O tânără curajoasă și neînduplecată, hotărâtă să-și realizeze visul, care face tot ce-i stă în putere pentru a reuși. Chiar și să-i propună lui Clay să o învețe cum se conduce un club. Surprinzător, el acceptă.
La rândul lui, Clay este sincer cu ea încă de la început, spunându-i că vrea să se răzbune pe tatăl ei, chiar dacă nu îi dă toate detaliile.
Avem parte de diferite neînțelegeri, de multe răsturnări de situație, o iubire care-i ia prin surprindere pe amândoi. O iubire cu care tânărul Clay luptă neconsiderându-se demn de ea. Și pe care reușește să o distrugă datorită propriilor sale acțiuni.
O poveste despre unitatea familiei, despre legătura strânsă dintre surori și despre o dragoste care reușește să rupă barierele diferenței de clasă socială, snobismului și împotrivirii celorlalți. Care riscă să fie distrusă doar de Clay sau Florence.
Impresiile mele despre serie aici:
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273 reviews58 followers
May 4, 2021
Joanna Shupe se ha superado así misma con esta novela. El libro que dió comienzo a esta serie me gustó mucho, tenía una trama original y unos personajes con los que conectabas bien, pero "The Prince of Broadway" me ha fulminado como un rayo. De principio a fin el libro se mantiene fresco, muy adictivo y realmente original.

Florence Greene lleva mucho tiempo planeando abrir su propio casino en Nueva York, un casino exclusivamente para mujeres. Lo malo es que necesita aprender todos los entresijos del negocio, porque ella solo cuenta con su gran habilidad y conocimiento de los juegos en sí, así que no le queda otra que buscar un mentor. Y ese mentor será Clayton Madden, el dueño de la red de negocios de juegos y apuestas más poderoso de todo Nueva York.

Clay lleva 20 años planeando su venganza contra Duncan Greene, el hombre que derruyó su hogar y mandó a su familia al peor barrio de Nueva York, algo que causó la muerte de su hermano, el abandono de su padre y su caída en la delincuencia callejera para poder sobrevivir. Cuando la hija de su enemigo aparece en su casino pidiéndole ayuda para emprender su nuevo negocio sabe que su oportunidad para cumplir su venganza ha llegado.

Nuestra protagonista es una mujer tremendamente inteligente con un fuerte sentido de la independencia que está cansada del yugo de la sociedad y de los reproches de su familia por su espíritu rebelde. Es en Clayton en quien, sin esperarlo siquiera, encontrará a un alma afín, un hombre que la entiende y que la trata como a una igual. Después tenemos a nuestro "hombre oscuro", una de las personas con más poder de la cara oculta de Nueva York. Clayton es alguien que se ha hecho asimismo trabajando duramente para llegar a tenerlo todo. Es además brutalmente sincero, descarado y de manera privada, muy dulce con Florence. Pero la venganza es algo que pesa sobre sus hombros, y hasta ahora ha sido su única motivación en la vida, sin ella no es nadie. Cuando la atracción que existe desde el primer momento entre ellos dos (que ninguno de los dos niega desde el inicio) evoluciona a algo más es cuando se empezará a “marcar la tragedia”, entrarán en juego la confianza y el amor, apostando sobre la mesa el corazón de ambos.

Ni que decir tiene que los dos personajes principales me han encantado. La trama de este libro transcurre casi en paralelo a la que leímos en el libro anterior (el libro de Mamie y Frank), esto al principio me dejó un poco extrañada porque he leído pocas series de romántica histórica donde se dé, pero no ha afectado para nada ya que la historia del libro anterior apenas se cruza con la de Florence y Clayton, como suele pasar en el género aunque pertenecen a la misma serie no hay problema en leerlo independientemente. La novela introduce varios aspectos y temas que para mi han sido por completo novedosos en este género, y que personalmente me han resultado maravillosos. Está claro que la romántica histórica está sufriendo cambios, está adaptándose a los nuevos tiempos y a un público que espera cosas diferentes de los libros, que quieren un giro más joven con respecto al corte que predominaba en las novelas de hace ya unos cuantos de años, sin renunciar, eso sí, a la esencia que nos hizo a las lectoras convertirlo en nuestro subgénero favorito de romántica. La propia autora ha evolucionado a sus personajes y sus historias, algo más que evidente para los que leímos sus primeras novelas y ahora leemos estas estas últimas.

Por último, en este libro hemos visto apenas un atisbo de los protagonistas del tercer libro y es solo con ese atisbo que yo ya le estoy entregando mi dinero a quien sea por hacerme con el ¡Mulligan ven a mi! Os recomiendo mucho esta serie, pero aún más os recomiendo este libro en particular, va a mi ranking de mejores lecturas de este año.
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470 reviews20 followers
September 30, 2019
I seriously have to wonder what I missed in this book. I disliked Florence from the very beginning so I honestly didn’t care what happened to her. She very much came across (to me, at least) like a sullen teenager behaving badly to try and get attention, not a grown woman.

Insta-lust reared it’s ugly head very early on and that makes a boring read for me, especially when they don’t fight that attraction all that long.

I also found the casino lessons and all the talk of the different games at casinos to be boring scenes. I guess I expected more.

I’m not sure if I’ll be continuing with this series since I didn’t particularly like Mamie either so I can’t imagine I’ll like the third sister. I still think Joanna Shupe is an enjoyable author to read, however.

*I received an eARC from Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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2,990 reviews869 followers
April 13, 2020
In the past I have really loved this author, but to be honest, this book turned out to be so feministic. I am all for fairness between men and women. But to be honest, I couldn't stand the heroine. She was so emotionally abusive and very hypocritical and didn't seem realistic to the time. I honestly couldn't even get past the fifth chapter, it just grew worse and worse for me. Rolling the eyes was often for me while reading this. I probably won't read this author again. Emotional abuse to either character is wrong for me and it just wasn't for me. I highly recommend reading the previous book in the series, it was superb in every way. I just can't support seeing modernistic abusive feminism in historical romance novels.
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449 reviews115 followers
November 30, 2019
I had really high hopes for this book but alas! The heroine, lack of chemistry and character development made this a big old dud for me. I didn't read the previous book and maybe these characters were developed there? I felt like book just dropped me right into the middle of a story where I was supposed to already know these people so I felt lost from page 1.

Florence wants to open a casino for ladies. Which is fine and dandy except she seemed to have no concrete plans to make it happen. Her plans rest on getting her grandmother to finance it except the grandmother has no idea about any of this. Maybe you should have a business plan in place? Just a thought. So she goes to casinos to play and learn how to run one. It's never explained how she came to be such a card shark or if it was I totally slept through it. Eh. Anyway, she wants personal training from the most successful casino owner in the city so she goes to him and they fall into Insta Lust. He tells her right off the bat that he wants to sleep with her but he intends to take revenge on her father. She doesn't seem to give this much thought until it's convenient for the author to have a conflict at the end of the book.

I'm willing to suspend disbelief to alarming degrees as long as the author creates compelling characters. Unfortunately, Florence is a modern woman in a corset which is fine but please show me how she came to be this way. She goes around proclaiming the fact that She's Not Like Other Girls until my eyes almost rolled all the way out of my head. She had lovers and she will tell you this repeatedly lest you forget that She's Not Like Other Girls. She was very casual about sex, she traipsed around town playing at casinos at all hours of the night, she wanted to be a businesswoman and she proclaimed she would NEVER marry. The problem with all this is that we are being TOLD how independent and daring she is. Florence came across as a self-absorbed spoiled, petulant child instead of an independent liberated woman. The author furthered hammered that point home for me when Florence, in a fit of pique, goes to a rival casino in the middle of the Gilded Age hood to gamble and when she has to be rescued from her idiotic choices she has the lady balls to exclaim that she can take care of herself. Do uptown debutantes in Gilded Age NYC spring forth from the womb as fully formed feminists? They do not. So character development here is a must for me and there was none.

The hero was also suffering from the same lack of development. I was told he was a criminal (he owned a casino which was illegal so that's his only claim to criminality) he's dark and dangerous. I was told this but what I was shown was a man that was a borderline hermit who never left his casino and had a serious case of I'm Not Good Enough For You for Reasons. He was pretty much a cardboard cut out too. There was no nuance to either one of these characters.

The conflict rests entirely on the hero's revenge scheme except he told her he was taking revenge on her father from the get-go so the entire climax felt forced and Florence's inability to forgive him just made her look more like a petulant child. He literally told her his plans and she claimed he lied to her. He insists he never lied he just omitted the finer details..she still feels betrayed. Like, what? He told you and you still slept with him! I just can't even with this heroine. A strong heroine doesn't have to be selfish and inflexible to be independent and she shouldn't have to treat the hero like poop to be strong. Speaking of climaxes this book is much steamier than the author's previous ones but since I wasn't invested in the characters or their relationship I couldn't care less.

Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for the ARC. All opinions are my own.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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679 reviews209 followers
December 18, 2022
3 Estrellitas. Continuamos con éstas inusuales Chicas de Nueva York, y ahora cedemos el paso a la mediana, la atrevida Florence.

Ésta historia y la del primer libro ocurren a la vez, así que mientras vemos a Florence escabullirse para ir al casino de Clayton Madden, Mamie está viéndose con Frank Tripp.

Ya vimos en la primera novela que algo se estaba fraguando en la Casa de Bronce, el casino de Clayton Madden.

Florence es la más impulsiva de las hermanas Greene, también una chica con ideas modernas adelantada a su tiempo. Si algo sabe Florence es que los tiempos están cambiando y las mujeres están más cerca de conseguir cierta independencia y derechos. Florence no quiere la vida que se espera para ella, no quiere casarse, ni tener hijos, ni ser la matrona o huésped de reuniones sociales. Lo que Florence quiere es abrir su propio casino, único y exclusivo para mujeres, y para ello necesita la ayuda de un mentor, del mejor: Clayton Madden, el dueño de la Casa de Bronce.

Clay sabe que debería echar a las Greene de su local. Está prohibida la entrada de mujeres y son una distracción que sus mesas de juego no necesitan. Pero una reunión a solas con Florence pondrá todo patas arriba, ella ofrecerá una cifra exhorbitante a cambio de que la enseñe a dirigir un casino.

Finalmente Clay acepta, Florence se mete muy dentro de su piel, pero a la vez, una relación con ella podría ayudar a fraguar la venganza que tiene planeada contra el padre de las chicas, Duncan Greene, a quien culpa de sus desgracias pasadas.

El libro en sí está bien y es entretenido, los protagonistas me han gustado. Pero comparándolo con el primero de la serie me ha resultado algo soso. Digamos que no hay elemento sorpresa y en todo momento sabes cómo va a acabar la cosa.

Lo que sí me ha chocado es que no me ha parecido muy realista. No me entra en la cabeza la facilidad con la que Florence sale cada noche de su casa sin que nadie la vea, y acuda a un casino donde la puede ver cualquier miembro de la alta sociedad de Nueva York que conoce a su padre. Por mucho que estos comportamientos se justifiquen, no me los creo.

El romance creo que ha pecado demasiado de atormentado, no por parte de Florence, ella me ha resultado excelente, si no por Clayton. Éste acepta lo que le ofrecen sin dar nada a cambio, siendo frío e implacable. En ciertos momentos me ha parecido muy duro cómo trataba a Florence y aunque intentó dejarle las cosas claras desde el principio, siguió erre que erre con su plan de venganza.

No está del todo mal, pese a haber tenido esas cosillas que no me han convencido. En el fondo la historia está bien narrada y se deja leer, y lo más importante, aquí hemos visto un pelín más de la hermana menor, Justine, y de su libro sí que tengo muchas ganas, así que espero no tardar mucho en leerlo.
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3,466 reviews472 followers
February 1, 2021
i really thought I would like this one..at least more than book one..
but here we are Dnf ..
i just can't keep on going with this book..

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Author 38 books1,016 followers
September 17, 2022
Cuando leí el primer libro de esta trilogía, El pícaro de la 5a Avenida, supe que la trilogía entera me iba a gustar. Joanna Shupe escribe genial, la ambientación en Nueva York suponía un soplo de aire fresco para mí y los personajes tenían una profundidad que me gustó mucho. Además, por lo poco que vi de las hermanas de Mamie, que es la mayor y la protagonista del primer libro, supe que las otras dos historias prometían mucho.

Y desde luego ha sido así. El príncipe de Broadway ha sido una delicia y la prota, Florence, es sin duda lo más destacable de todo. Es una joven con las cosas clarísimas: no se va casar, como dictan las normas de la buena sociedad, sino que va a abrir un casino solo para mujeres. Para ello, consigue enredar a Clayton Madden, propietario del casino más flamante de la ciudad, para que le enseñe los entresijos del negocio. Él accede por sus propios motivos en absoluto altruistas, pero el caso es que al final ambos se implican mucho más de lo que esperaban en esa relación.

Como he dicho, Florence me parece una fuera de serie, y más para una novela ambientada en esa época: tiene mentalidad empresarial, no quiere casarse ni tener hijos, es cabezota, ambiciosa, no se da por vencida. Una fuerza de la naturaleza, vamos.
Clay es uno de esos personajes masculinos rodeados por una aura oscura y misteriosa destinado a evolucionar mucho a lo largo de la historia.

La relación entre ambos me ha gustado mucho, sobre todo porque también es un soplo de aire fresco que él reconozca desde el principio que, aunque no tienen ningún futuro y en principio, tampoco es que lo quiera, se siente muy atraído por ella. Y me gusta porque Florence, para la época en la que vive, tiene unas ideas muy modernas y abiertas sobre las relaciones y la sexualidad y la combinación de todo junto ha estado muy bien.

¿Qué más puedo decir? Lo he disfrutado mucho y me parece una lectura maravillosa si os gusta el género.
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2,434 reviews4,592 followers
December 31, 2019
<3 4 STARS <3

I'm not reading often historical romance even though I love them.So I'm not easy with them!This one hooked me from the beginning, it was fast paced and I enjoyed the story.

There are several things I enjoyed about the book and the characters.Both were interesting and I liked the romance a lot!I loved the attraction and the tension between the characters!Clay is a swoon worthy hero , the heroine was ok . I didn't like her a lot all the time, there were moments she frustrate me.

Overall, it was a great and enjoyable read!I'm looking forward for more books from this author!


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2,739 reviews711 followers
December 5, 2019
I have loved everything I've read from Joanna and I no longer even read the synopsis.

I love love loved Florence and Clay. They're both determined, business minded, and know how to go after what they want. I especially loved that she was ready to do whatever it took to get her casino going. Mamie and Justine are supportive and fantastic sisters, but their grandmother stole every single scene she was in.

Plot wise, it was great. There are a few plot threads and I was eager to read about all of them. I did enjoy seeing that this book runs at the same time as the previous one, as there are some mentions of Mamie and her dealings with Frank. Oh, and I was beside myself at the mention of Eva Mansfield. There are a few shoe drops and I wasn't prepared for all of them, even when I knew they were going to happen; however, the grand gesture is the absolute best. And in this instance, the lack of epilogue is perfection.

Overall, I'm 100000% here for anything Joanna writes. I know this will be a series I reread and I can't wait to see what Justine gets into.

**Huge thanks to Avon Books for providing the arc free of charge**
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January 5, 2020
It's hard for me to explain why I love this book so much -- I think it's the fact that these 2 aren't playing games with each other, and it's definitely a "I'm a strong woman who knows what I want" and then the book really delivers it. I think Florence is a great character, I loved Clay, it's fucking hot, and that epilogue is my everything. As KJ Charles said in her review, I would very much like a follow up short story when Florence is 35 and has the entire city of New York at her feet. EXCELLENT.
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January 15, 2020
The Prince of Broadway by Joanna Shupe is an exciting and passionate historical romance featuring a bad boy hero and the daredevil woman who brings him to his knees.

Florence Greene belongs to the upper echelons of society in New York, an ‘Uptown’ girl with a privileged life and background. Yet for some reason, she keeps showing up in Clayton Madden’s gambling club. Women aren’t allowed, but he lets his doorman allow her entry, and she keeps winning from his tables. He’s intrigued and arranges a meeting to find out what she’s up to.

Florence had hoped that the elusive owner of The Bronze House illegal gambling establishment would take notice of her and her persistence has paid off. She’s not interested in a society marriage that she knows her parents would like for her. No, what she wants is to be beholden to no man, and to make her own future. Specifically, she wants to open an all female casino. It’s not like women in private don’t gamble, like the jewelry that changes hands at her grandmother’s euchre games. She prepared to take the heat and the risks. She just needs someone to show her the ropes, and Clayton Manning is that man.

Clay can’t resist Florence’s request, but it comes with some caveats. He’s upfront and honest with her that he finds her attractive and is interested in pursuing an affair while he teaches her how to run her own gaming house. He’s also blunt about his plans for revenge against her father, for reasons he won’t divulge. He’s definitely not interested in any kind of commitment but if she’s looking for a little walk on the wild side, he’s willing and able. Florence has her mind set on her plans, and with the handsome Clay by her side, she’s willing to throw caution to the winds and experience the sensual side of life he has on offer. But when Clay’s plans are fully revealed, will she have succeeded in keeping her heart intact?

I’ve had this author’s books on my to-read list for quite some time but this is the first I’ve actually read. And I’m kicking myself for not diving her work sooner! This is one of my favorite historical romances of the year, a rollicking, sexy adventure with daring and likable characters who don’t fit society’s expectations but have found in each other a perfect match.

Clay is definitely a bad boy hero. He’s got much of the New York police service and major political figures on his payroll, and doesn’t hesitate to exact revenge when warranted. From the start the reader knows that Clay’s reasons for wanting revenge on Florence’s father have to do with how he and his family were pushed out of their home when he was young to make way for a business development owned by her father. For twenty years, he’s been plotting how to get back at Duncan Greene and he’s not going to stop those plans just because Florence is getting under his skin. I appreciated that he was honest with Florence from the start so that she went into the relationship with her eyes open.The real problem for Clay is when he starts to care more about Florence than he wants to.

As for Florence, she is simply a delightful character. Strong, passionate, working during the day with the bounds set on women and at night making her own rules. She’s a skilled card player in her own right and with Clay’s tips and tricks, determined to make her future her own. While she appreciates Clay’s protection, she’s also not above calling him out for his mistakes, and making choices for her benefit. She’s not a prude and is willing to try new sexual experiences (which Clay is happy to introduce to her). And when she discovers what he’s really up to with regards to her father, he’ll have his work cut out for him to make it up to her.

The world building is excellent, the setting of 1891 New York well described via clothing styles, transportation, society expectations and New York City destinations, including the seedier side. Having never read a book set in this era, I found it really interesting and I’m excited to dive into more of the author’s backlist with this setting. The romance is equally entertaining, very sexy with some steamy love scenes, and moments that made me laugh out loud. I couldn’t have asked for more. It’s definitely going on the keeper shelf!

This review appears at Harlequin Junkie: https://harlequinjunkie.com/review-th...

A copy of this story was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for review.
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July 26, 2020
Si el primer libro me gustó, este definitivamente va a mi lista de favoritos sin apenas pestañear.
Ya tenía altas expectativas con este libro mientras leía el primero, puesto que este corre de forma paralela a la historia de Frank Y Mamie, pero nada me preparó para lo que me he encontrado entre sus hojas.

Por un lado tenemos a Florence Greene, la hija mediana de Duncan Green, y, por ende, una señorita por nacimiento y posición social.
Al igual que sus hermanas, no está conforme con el rol que la sociedad pide de ella y, decidida a dar un paso más allá y romper con ese molde, está decidida a invertir todo su tiempo y esfuerzo en crear un exitoso casino solo para mujeres. Ya que considera injusto que solo los hombres sean los que pueden disfrutar de noches de juego y diversión fuera de los grandes salones de baile.
Por lo que, sin dudarlo un segundo, va en busca de un hombre peligroso y poderoso. Clayton, el dueño del mayor club de juego de Nueva York.

Clayton es un hombre hecho a sí mismo que carga con un pasado trágico, lo que ha hecho que lleve más de 20 años planificando una gran venganza contra el hombre que provocó todo aquello. Y ese no es otro que Duncan Greene. Por eso, cuando la hija de su peor enemigo acude a su club, llama su atención y le propone tutorizarla en todos los aspectos turbios que suponen llevar a cabo la dirección de un club de juego, el ve el escenario perfecto para vengarse de su familia.
El problema vendrá cuando, poco a poco, empiece a enamorarse de Florence y sus sentimientos de odio y venganza empiecen a luchar contra los románticos.

Desde el minuto uno, la historia parece un cliché andante, pero Joanna Shupe se las ha ingeniado para darle unas vueltas de tuercas tan inesperadas que, a medida que iba leyendo, me iba enganchando más y más a la historia y a sus personajes.
Desde el minuto uno que Florence atraviesa el despacho de Clayton, éste ya le deja bien claro las intenciones que tiene con respecto a su familia y su padre así como su atracción por ella y su intención de tenerla en su cama como amante. (Si eso no es sinceridad, yo ya no sé lo que es), por lo que durante toda la historia nos evitamos ese cliché andante de (voy a mentirla para aprovecharme y con el paso del tiempo me voy a arrepentir de mis actos).
Otra cosa que me ha encantado del protagonista es su lado protector y granuja. No solo se ha preocupado durante toda la historia del bienestar de Florence, sino que sus intentos de seducción han sido una delicia para mis ojitos lectores. (Escenas en burdeles y restaurantes picantones son lo menos que te esperas que ocurra con esta parejita)

En cuanto a Florence, me ha gustado durante toda la historia. En ningún momento ha sido una niña caprichosa o indecisa. Todo lo contrario, Clayton ha sido capaz de complementar muy bien su carácter, ya que ambos se han reconocido tal cual son desde el principio y han respetado sus ideas y modos de pensar. Ella tiene muy claro lo que quiere y ni siquiera las negativas de Clayton a algunas de sus peticiones la han hecho claudicar.

En cuanto a los secundarios, podría destacar a muchos de ellos, pero quiero anteponer a todos ellos al señor Jack Mulligan. Rival de negocios de Clayton, está al mando de lo mejorcito de los barrios bajos y será una pieza clave para que Florence y Clayton vuelvan a las andadas después de una escena bastante fuerte. Y cabe destacar que él es el prota del tercer libro, por lo que gana puntos a mis ojos.

Finalmente, destacar el final de la historia, porque no es el típico que esperas encontrar en un libro de regencia de este estilo. ha reflejado muy bien lo que ambos personajes han comentado a lo largo de la historia acerca de la independencia y el valorar a su pareja más que cumplir con las expectativas del resto de la sociedad.

Tiene algunos peros, obviamente, pero son tan insignificantes en relación al conjunto de la historia, que no es necesario ni pararse en ellos.

Recomendada totalmente si os gustan las historias románticas que tienen giros originales, personajes con personalidades fuertes y decididas y tramas secundarias fuera de los grandes salones de baile propias de las historias de regencia.
Disfrutad de la lectura y de Clayton, porque merece totalmente la pena.

Reseña más amplia en https://sombraslectoras.blogspot.com/...
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March 10, 2022
After meeting Florence (and Clay briefly) in book 1, I was eager to read their story and see the sparks fly. The Prince of Broadway is number 2 in the series, but it overlaps/takes place along a similar timeline as book 1, so it can definitely be enjoyed as a standalone.

The "I hate everyone but you" trope is a favorite and grumpy, no nonsense casino owner Clay was perfect in that role. He had such amazing chemistry with Florence. The sexual tension between these two was so delicious and really heightened all of their interactions and moments. That scene after the raid will 100% have readers fanning themselves. I enjoyed both characters for how fierce and strong they were and loved that they could truly see each other. I didn't always agree with their decisions or actions, but I could understand their motivations.

I'm generally not a fan of the revenge plot and it was clear the fallout would be painful, but my heart still ached when all was said and done. The ending really was perfect for these two though and I was happy to see a romance that didn't force the marriage and kids happily ever after. I both read and listened to The Prince of Broadway and Justine Eyre was wonderful as always. I couldn't stop listening to this book! I'm very intrigued by Mulligan (his scenes were great in this book!) and I'm excited that this devil has been paired with do-gooder Justine for the next book.

Audiobook Review
Overall 4 stars
Performance 5 stars
Story 3.5 stars

CW: death of sibling (past), parental abandonment (past), threats of violence, bribery, corruption
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December 9, 2020
Florence is a wealthy uptown girl, unsatisfied with her life and determined to forge a life of her own, start a casino just for women, and have freedom abd autonomy over her own life. She seeks out Clayton, the owner of the most succesful casino around, to ask for lessons from him on how to run a profitable casino. This rough and dangerous man is instantly attracted to her and slowly he begins to fall for her, while keeping a secret from her that has the potential to destroy their fragile love.

Okay so this book was absolutely fantastic, my favorite in the series so far. I continue to be impressed by Joanna's skill to hook the reader from the first page and never let them go.

Florence is AMAZING, one of my favorite heroines of all time, and I LOVED watching hardened Clay fall for her. I loved how Clay never tried to force his wishes or feelings on her, he stepped back and let her decide the choices she wanted for her whole life. And the grand gesture for her birthday? The way he got a gift specific for her and who she was? I melt.

This is a man who knows that loving a woman is never about trying to force her to be who you want her to be, but is giving her wings to find her own freedom and life, while staying by her side for all of it.

I loved every second of this book.
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March 27, 2022
Overall: 4.5 rounded to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Plot/Storyline: 📖📖📖📖
Feels: 🦋🦋🦋🦋
Emotional Depth: 💔💔💔💔
Sexual Tension: ⚡⚡⚡⚡
Romance: 💞💞💞💞
Sensuality: 💋💋💋💋
Sex Scene Length: 🍑🍑🍑🍑 (3-4 I find it hard to tell on audio)
Steam Scale (Number of Sex Scenes): 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Humor: Just a touch

(These are all personal preference on a scale of 1-5 (yours ratings may vary depending what gives you feels and how you prefer you sex scenes written, etc) except the Steam Scale which follows our chart from The Ton and Tartans Book Club )

Should I read in order?
Book 1 of this series happens kind of concurrently with this book (book 2). I have read this series backwards, I read book 3 awhile ago and found it all right as a starting point. There are some mentions of prior characters. I think this book would also be okay to pick up first if you didn’t want to read in order.

Basic plot:
Florence is determined to own her own casino for women. She goes to Clayton for lessons to learn all she can for her plans. Clayton, however, has plans of his own against her family.

Give this a try if you want:
- 1891 time period in New York (Gilded Age NY)
- Instructor/student trope – heroine wants lessons on running a casino
- Mid to high steam – 4 full scenes and some additional kisses
- A touch of age gap feel, hero is ten years older and it’s commented on a few times
- Original HEA
- Hero wants revenge on heroine’s family

- Hero is 31, heroine is 21

He stopped on the stairs and maneuvered d her until her back was against the wall. Placing his forehead to hers, he cupped her jaw with both hands. “I’ll not risk your safety. Not today. Not ever. Don’t ask it because I cannot allow anyone to hurt you. It would destroy me.”

My thoughts:
I listened to the audiobook of this one and sadly Justine Eyre just doesn’t really work for me as a narrator. I tried one by her she did for Sabrina Jeffries and I had to stop and read the physical book instead. And I think overall I would have enjoyed this one a bit more if I read the book. BUT the story still shined through for me here!

While I’m usually really into a ‘hero wants revenge on heroine’s family’ plot, this one felt kind of meh to me. But the romance really made up for everything. I adored their draw to each other and “lessons” is a plot device I usually gobble up. It usually guarantees they are spending quite a bit of time together, which I always appreciate in a romance.

I adored their slow draw to each other. The layers that come into play as they get to know each other and an attraction grows stronger. The intimate scenes were perfection to me – romantic, steamy, and intense. There were a few scenes that gutted me

I guess I should read the first book now and finish the series backwards haha!

A side note about her father – I hated him. It almost seemed like he was villain material at first. I am still not convinced he really cares about her.

The Ending:

Content Warnings:

Locations of kisses/intimate scenes:

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November 30, 2022
This was my first Joanna Shupe book and OMG it was so good! I can’t wait to read all of her books!
Florence was a fantastic, fierce up-town woman from a wealthy, powerful family. But she doesn’t want the kind of life her family wants for her. She wants to open up her own gambling casino strictly for women. Even though it’s against the law.
Florence seems out Clayton Madden who is one of the wealthiest casino owners in New York. He’s also a criminal and an anti-hero and what an anti-hero he was 😏🥵 Florence wants Clay to show her how to run her own establishment and Clay wants to show her other things 😉
I loved Florence’s sister, Clay’s friends and Jack Mulligan was 😍 I can’t wait to read all about Mr. Mulligan.
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December 10, 2022
De la saga, el que menos me ha gustado.

Él es fantástico, y ella muy intrépida, pero juntos les falta algo.

Tengo la sensación de que él renunció a todo por ella, que no dejó a un lado sus sueños en ningún momento.

El final, precitado. Faltaba alguna escena adicional con Jack, supongo.
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June 19, 2022
I’m so glad I returned to this series. I loved book 1, and I think I loved this one even more! I also REALLY appreciated the heroine being child-free by choice at the end, and the hero being supportive and not minding one bit 👏🏼 I don’t dislike a couple having kids (as happens in the vast majority of romances) but I definitely found this ending refreshing.
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