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Metal Mage (Metal Mage, #1)
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Metal Mage

(Metal Mage #1)

4.08  ·  Rating details ·  1,497 ratings  ·  96 reviews
This magical world is about to have an industrial revolution.

1 - Get pulled from a life of 20th century boredom and thrust into a fantasy world.
2 - Find out there are a bunch of powerful monsters and evil wizards intent on killing everyone.
3 - Use new magical powers of earth and metal to craft awesome armor, swords, and GUNS.
4 - Kill the bad guys, become a hero, and h
Kindle Edition, 418 pages
Published December 17th 2018
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Average rating 4.08  · 
Rating details
 ·  1,497 ratings  ·  96 reviews

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William Howe
Dec 30, 2018 rated it it was ok

The sex parts read like it was written by an inexperienced teenage nerd. The whole plot is such blatant wish fulfillment it gets boring. Mistakes with horses and steel don’t make a horse kneel to mount, steel requires more than just purified iron, quenching a sword in cold water is a terrible idea, an orphan half-elf who was viciously teased as a child should have a few psychological hang ups...

The world building is pathetic. The ‘bad guy’ all but had dancing fat men in speedos w
Douglas Debner
May 12, 2019 rated it did not like it
NOTE: I listened to the audio book but that isn't currently listed on so am placing my review here.

This book has big problems so I'll start with what is good (it won't take long). First, the author doesn't waste time establishing his MC (Mason) as a loser prior to the MC being transported to a magical world. Second, the author doesn't waste time on extraneous world building, we are told of the world as the MC learns about it.

Those good points are vastly outweighed by the negative.
Steve Naylor
Rating 3.0 stars

This was just okay. I was hoping for a little more coming from the guy the wrote the summoner series which I thought was really good. The story follows Mason who is transported to another world to be a hero. In this universe energy is never created or destroyed so when a person moves on from one life, they start another one in a different dimension/universe. Mason though has a special connection with the being that controls this process. He gets to choose where he wants to go an
Dec 19, 2018 rated it really liked it
Shelves: magic, harem
New book by Eric Vall! This one was awesome and get you in the action from the get go. Mason is a pretty decent guy, a bit cocky but with the heart in the right place; The two females love protagonist are awesome and not trophy girls. They shine by their personality and how awesome they are, no dainty flower there. The antagonist isn't clear at first but show himself to be rather obvious...

This book is awesome you should read it.
Dec 21, 2018 rated it it was amazing
A interesting mashup of genres.

This was a unique blend of some modern technology and the fantasy DandD world. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more in this series. The MC was interesting and the supporting characters are interesting and important to advancement of the plot.
Jul 26, 2019 rated it it was ok
meh meh meh such a mary sue and a dick and cheesey and ugh.
Jay Collins
May 22, 2019 rated it liked it
3 to 3.5 stars, Some what typical for this type of book but I liked it. Likable characters and a good introduction to this new world. I will for sure continue with this series. This is one of the better books by this author.
John #Audible
Jun 16, 2019 rated it liked it
Shelves: fantasy, wizzards
Alright soooo, let's talk about the MC. He is 1000% a Gary Sue type of character, but doesn't listen or learn from anyone trying to TEACH him something. He is your typical know it all as well and asks to join this harry potter school of mages thing. He then begins to ask the head mage, why why why to everything the head mage tells him to do, oh and he does not listen to any orders given by head mage that let him in the school in the first place.

Now saying all of that, that is why I am not dingin
Very simplistic and obvious. The plot moves along and might be interesting to someone, I would direct teenage boys but that might be sexist and ageist. Still that is my take as to who the audience is for. Mason is a nerd that instead of reborn is just transported to a new realm and reality after a goddess tells him he is "special". And he is "oh so special" great at his new powers, which he then insists he needs training so pledges loyalty to a country/nation, he knows nothing about (other than ...more
Frances Law
May 26, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Fun and guns.

Mason Flint isn’t your average guy although he has been living as one his whole, boring life. But then the goddess Nemris decides that he’s had long enough to rest and it’s time to get back to work! So she plucks him from Earth into her realm and shows him that there are many parallel worlds. She offers him a choice while knowing all the time which one he’ll choose. Illaria is in danger and it needs a hero. When Mason gets there the first person that he meets is the beautiful Ignis
May 26, 2019 rated it liked it
Mok's review

Not a bad book I have hopes for the series. However I will point out a glaring mistake created by the author. It is one I think that might be rooted in his education. It's the confusion of elitism with racism! Both are forms of bigotry that only individuals who have been through the college indoctrination of marxist, social, racial ideologies universities believe they are the same thing.

There are many different forms of bigotry racism is one of them but not the only one. The wizard
Feb 03, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Even Within The Rules of the World, Numerous Plausibility Issues
Dodges one flaw of many books of this genre by establishing upfront that Mason, the main character, is a reincarnated lover of a goddess, who watches over him and gives him special powers within the whatever world he is placed. So, its at least explained why he gets powers no one else does, and learns them at a high level without paying the price in training that most others have to. So, his power explodes from an ignorant novice to
Nov 05, 2019 rated it liked it
Lack of fore thought and knowledge about science.

Lack of knowledge of how hard it would be to make primer that is stable enough to make a moder bullet that wouldn't misfire or be non corrosive and other problems that would arise (and I don't see why a blacksmith would have an unstable chemical that explodes on impact just laying around his shop). Also how hard it would be to build a primitive sterling engine that would be able to have enough power to drive a vehicle that is over 1500 pounds plu
Myth Oceanas
May 16, 2019 rated it it was ok
I give it two stars just because in a certain light, I could see someone getting enjoyment out of it and I would recommend it to someone who is just starting the genre as a opener. Its really just boring and generic, follows the normal LitRPG harem template; Lazy hold your hand world building, cookie cutter characters that are very inconsistent, dumbs down and explains every small detail just to fill page instead of letting the reader use their imaginations, and finally the story overall was jus ...more
Jan 09, 2019 rated it liked it
I avoided this book for a while, because harem books generally don't appeal to me, because I'm not thrilled with the way women are generally portrayed in such books. However, I'm not sorry I finally broke down and read this one. It's a pretty good story, and while the harem aspects are there, they don't really impact the story all that much. There's some of that wish fulfillment going on for sure, and that irritates me, but for the most part, it doesn't interfere with the story all that much, th ...more
Robert Gene Rosero
Jun 16, 2020 rated it did not like it
I finshed 3/4 of the book and had to stop. I really liked the idea of a metal mage. Something like the metal benders in the Avatar Last Air Bender Universe butthe main character is so unlikeable. Every interaction he has with a woman is just him ogling and fantasizing about her. The story isnt even fun or original and the main character doesnt have any qualities that make him endearing or an expert. It reads like an incels fantasy. And if you look at my reviews I would say I'm fairly easy to ple ...more
Bob Gutes
Jul 04, 2019 rated it did not like it
The premise and magic system are interesting, but I had to stop reading because the author's editor is a failed middle school creative writing teacher.

When you introduce a character, and tell the reader that character's name...then use it.

I could not go along with one more "the half-elf maiden" or "the blue haired maiden".

Try this experiment. Read Game of Thrones, only every time other time the character Cersei is referenced, replace "Cersei" with "the blonde haired queen" or "the sister of Jami
Ethan Krueger
Jan 06, 2021 rated it did not like it
This book is, in a single word: horny.

It is not sexy. Nor is it salacious, erotic, alluring, lurid, or even pornographic. It is just horny.

Every description of a notable female character begins and ends with how attractive the main character finds her. In scenes involving any notable female character, the word "beauty" or "beautiful" arises at least once every three paragraphs. Said female characters invariably wear lingerie or bondage gear, regardless of their profession or currently engaged a
Jan 21, 2021 rated it liked it
A short, simple yet fun story. Sadly, most readers will know what is going to happen long before the story develops. But maybe in this case it is more about the journey instead of the destination.

What is amusing is the "love scenes" are quite demure compared with most PNR or even most chick-lit.

Will I read the next book? Yes, but I oddly don't really care about the characters. It is not that I dislike them, it is more that they are not compelling nor is the story really. I guess what I am sayi
Alan K
Jan 01, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Another awesome series begins

I’m not sure how Eric has the ability to write such fantastic books so quickly. He has several series going and I’m having trouble picking a favourite. This one has to be up there in my favourites along with Summoner, and Sucubus Lord is just hilarious and shouldn’t be left out. Eric’s books are mostly fade to black or loosely described sex scenes with one or more partners, but he also details the world so well that my imagination has no trouble visualising each scen
Leslie Baptiste
Jan 15, 2019 rated it really liked it
Good book for the first book of a series.

Good book for a beginning book of a series. Of course and a beginning book there’s a lot of world building and description, this takes up a bit of the book to explain and describe the world to those who are being introduced to it. To me this part of the book is tedious and slow but I guess it’s necessary. I like the character of Mason and his two associates the half elf and the princess. The story is intriguing and even though I’ve read additional books l
Galaleo Fowler
Dec 21, 2018 rated it really liked it
Shelves: fantasy
My favorite so far!

While Eric Vall has used magic in many of his books I think this has been my favorite. His simple magic system sets some limitations but keeps the overall power levels in sync. The main character is good but not great while his companions, or at least the half elf, is more flushed out. I’m really looking forward to the adventure and power developments in this new series.
Mar 26, 2019 rated it liked it
Uneven, includes a lot of sexy-times and artificially-extended sexual tension which made it seem like filler to me. A ruthless editing of this and turning the result and the second book (caveat that I'm speculating here, haven't read that one yet) into one book would work better for pacing. I found the MC rather irritating which I think coloured my opinion of the book. If you're a fan of Vall's books you'll probably like this one more than I did as this one seemed typical. ...more
Leandro Berges
Apr 07, 2019 rated it liked it
Its ok

The main character has a goddess give him power and sets him on his way. Its an ok read but not so much a good story. Could get better in later books but with the lack of any kind of real connection to either the characters or the story i doubt ill keep reading. There didnt seem to be any kind of introductions to the character or the world other then vague outlines that feel too boring to keep you interested enough to want to know more
joseph w clouser
Jan 12, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Good first book

I didn't know if I would like this , but it grew on me. An interesting story with some plot twists and lots of magic and magical beasts. Some good old earth technology thrown into the mix as well. I read the book straight thru and will read book two as soon as it's available
Eric Cooley
Jan 15, 2019 rated it really liked it
Interesting book

Traveller from our time and place is brought to a medieval world with magic by a goddess.
A pretty good story that at the end trips itself up with sex then harem sex.
In my opinion it would gave been better without the harem stuff. Otherwise a decent mage in a new world. Better than most.
Jan 19, 2019 rated it it was amazing

Got bored and the cover looked cool. Ho boy did I choose a good book. The start was a little quick, but honestly did not care. Seen the premise before, but this book took it to a new level and didn't just explain things with "magic did it". Feels more fleshed out than most novels I've read. Looking forward to future installments!
David Harriss
Feb 08, 2019 rated it did not like it

Pro: The sentences are mostly complete, the spelling us mostly correct, and the correct nouns are used throughout.

Cons: the protagonist is a snarky a-hole, no one else has a personality, none of the characters are particularly competent,and the rules of magic are very inconsistent.

Skip this, and everything similar from this author.
Christopher Ruotolo
Feb 17, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Excellent start to a new series

Metal Mage is well written as I've come to realize all of Eric Vall's books are with characters that have the right blend of thought and spirit to really come alive. Keep these amazing stories coming sir and we shall keep staying up way too late reading them.
Feb 22, 2019 rated it really liked it
Fast and Fun

A furious fantasy romp well worth your afternoon to read. Uncomplicated but not exactly simple. It’s a bit like “What if you rewrote ‘A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court” as a fantasy harem, with more action, and the MC was a Metallica fan”? Heh... recommended.
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