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In Moonlight and Memories #2

In Moonlight and Memories: Volume Two

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From NYT and USA Today bestselling author Julie Ann Walker comes an epic tale of sacrifice, friendship, and the awe-inspiring power of love.

Maggie: Ten years ago, Cash Armstrong stole my heart. Then he promptly joined the army—dragging my best friend with him—and left me crying on the front porch in a red sequined prom dress. Now he's back. They're both back. Cash, the one who still has my heart. And Luc, the one who saved my life.

Cash: How do you know if you’re at the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? That's what I've been trying to figure out since a traumatic brain injury made me "unfit to serve." I'm back in New Orleans, and picking up the shattered pieces of my past means I must confront where my life's journey began... and where it all might end.

Luc: Long ago, Maggie May was mine. Not mine in the way you might think. She was mine because she was my only friend. Then Cash came along and we became brothers by something stronger than blood. We became brothers by choice. When tragedy struck, I was forced to make a decision that changed all our lives. I thought, after ten years, it was safe to come back home. I was wrong...

296 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 1, 2019

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About the author

Julie Ann Walker

34 books2,604 followers
Julie Ann Walker is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She has won the Book Buyers Best Award, been nominated for the National Readers Choice Award, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, and the Romance Writers of America's prestigious RITA award. Julie loves to travel the world looking for views to compete with her deadlines. And if those views happen to come with a blue sky and sunshine? All the better! When she's not writing, Julie enjoys camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, cooking, petting every dog that walks by her, and... reading, of course!

Be sure to sign up for Julie's occasional newsletter at: http://julieannwalker.com

Or follow her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/julieannwalkerauthor and/or Instagram: @julieannwalker_author.

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2,102 reviews67 followers
July 1, 2019
4.5 stars

Picking up where volume 1 left off, volume 2 leads chapters off with letters teenage Maggie wrote to Cash and Luc the first year they were gone. I actually liked her teenage perspective. It showed Maggie’s faith and loyalty to the two, while showing her emotional growth in handling the situation and dealing with her own insecurities.

In the present day, Maggie...gracious, but I don’t know how she’s missed Luc when he’s been in front of her all along!!! Everyone, including her unwelcoming cats, recognized these two were meant to be from the start! Luc wears his heart on his sleeve for Maggie time and time again, and her obliviousness to Luc’s feelings made me frustrated and sad.

Luc is caught in the middle trying to keep the peace, rationalize Cash’s behavior, and keep Maggie’s feeling soothed. I can’t help but feel for the guy! He’s nice enough to concede to his best friend if that’s what Maggie wants, even though the small kernel of hopefulness Luc himself has been holding on to for years is still steadily burning in his own heart.

Cash is going downhill with his head injury. He’s still drinking excessively, losing weight, and struggling with common courtesy, especially towards Maggie. He’s obviously pushing her away, yet his mixed signals are sending a different message to Maggie, causing friction between the two and keeping Luc in the middle. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out why Cash is doing what he’s doing and my heart is starting to break for these three!

Cash’s pathetic excuse for a parent, Rick, and Sullivan the vengeful police chief are looming over the trio in the worst way. More details come to light and there is light at the end of the tunnel, but man...that cliffy ending!!

I am thankful the third book is queued next in my kindle! Otherwise, my current device would be broken and I’d be buying a new one!

These books are not meant to be stand alone reads. Definitely start with volume one, otherwise the missed nuances and history between these three will leave a gaping hole in this book.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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6,765 reviews582 followers
May 17, 2019
Luc, Cash and Maggie’s story continues with letters from the past, written with the emotional perspective of a teen in love, lost and grieving for the answers she didn’t have.

Sometimes young love blinds us to the reality of true love and the older trio are still wrapped up in their pasts. From Cash’s behavior that leads us to think we are not getting the full story, to Luc’s undying loyalty to both of his friends to Maggie’s failure to see through her adult eyes and heart, I vacillated between thinking that at least one of these three deserved so much more than they were willing to settle for.

From Cash’s worsening head injury, erratic behavior and the demons of his past haunting him to Maggie’s well-used blinders, to Luc’s almost saint-like ability to be the voice of reason at any cost, the events in this volume are both dark and heartbreaking.

Romantic drama at its nerve-wracking best, Julie Ann Walker’s IN MOONLIGHT AND MEMORIES Volume II reads like that soap opera you both love and hate, but cannot stop watching.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Julie Ann Walker!

Trilogy: In Moonlight and Memories - Volume II
Publisher: Limerence Publications LLC (July 1, 2019)
Publication Date: July 1, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 258 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
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997 reviews1 follower
May 23, 2019
In this installment, the story of Luc, Cash and Maggie continues with the addition Maggie's letters to Luc and Cash at the start of each of the chapters told from their POV. It continues to be an emotional tale filled with intrigue as well as continued mystery around events of the past. This story continues to still have to slow build as the trio continue with their friendship as well as struggle with their feelings. I can't wait to see where the story goes in the last installment as I continue to enjoy this series.
574 reviews4 followers
May 6, 2019
OMG how will this end! The tension is too much! Will Maggie, Luc and Chad finally succeed in their quest to see the Sheriff and Rick punished for their crimes. What will the future hold for Chad? And what an ending! I can’t wait to read the next book.

This is an amazing, addictive and beautifully written story with such detail and emotion. I absolutely loved this and highly recommend it to you.
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4,656 reviews702 followers
June 10, 2019
Second in the In Moonlight and Memories contemporary romance series and revolving around a trio of friends in New Orleans and continues with the story that began in Volume One , 1.

This eARC was sent to me by the author and Limerence Publications LLC for an honest review.

My Take
It's a history that finds Maggie evolving in the present. A slow pace that's character-driven with a prose that is easy and natural, taking us back into history — Luc's, Maggie's, and Cash's.

It starts with Maggie remembering her friends, Cash and Luc. It's an immediate connection with her grief, and Walker pulls us into their back history via the letters she wrote the boys all those years ago. It also continues on from the end of Volume One with Walker using a multiple first person protagonist point-of-view from the perspectives of Maggie, Luc, and Cash in this clash of friends who desperately don't want to hurt each other. Yet one does his best to hurt, another finds her feelings changing, and a third torn between seeing Maggie suffer yet knowing that Cash is better with her.

I keep wanting to cry for Luc. He's so in love with Maggie, and yet she and Cash are in love with each other. He can't, he won't, interfere with how they feel about each other and supports them as best he can. Talk about a white knight! But he's also told Maggie, at last, how he feels, which creates a discomfort between them. More discomfort is in Cash's deterioration...and he's not so much of a good guy anymore.

I did love Luc's assessment of the difference between lust and love:

"...love required getting to know a person. All the good parts and bad parts, all the weird parts and sad parts."

And I love, love that comment Cash "makes" about New Orleans having "no need to look outside itself for signs of progress. It is what it is and makes no excuses for it." Words we should take in for ourselves and enjoy the person we are.

It's Maggie who pushes for another opinion, even as Cash continues to fret (and forget) his brain injury. And it's Cash's pushing Maggie away that makes me so nuts. I really hate that self-sacrificing meme.

In between the dramatic scenes, Walker gives us a chance to cool down with the trio's visits to tourist spots like the Tomb of the Unknown Slave, their favorite Café du Monde, the Voodoo Museum, and the Museum of Death among others. Unfortunately, Volume Two doesn't have that same feel of the real New Orleans as did Volume One. I miss that. Nor do we get that happy-go-lucky sense of Auntie June, although Walker does provide more about Aunt Bea.

Whoaaa, turns out the picture painted of Violet in Volume One just might be wrong..!

Jeez, how can you not cry when Helene tells Maggie that Luc has "given love without the hope of having it returned". And Walker makes an interesting point about emotional adults and emotional infants.

Ooh, all kinds of truth from the past comes out: why Violet hates Cash, the "partnership" between Sullivan and Rick, what happened to Dean Sullivan, Luc's mother's affair with the mayor, and the first time Cash saw Maggie.

In general, I think Cash is a smart guy, but why is it he never learns to not turn his back on his sperm donor?

Dang it, I wanna hear that Sullivan and Rick go down...!

The Story
It's a warning for Cash. To stay away from Maggie and Luc lest he be pulled down as well.

A warning that would never work, for Cash doesn't abandon his friends. he may push them away, but he won't leave them.

The Characters
Twenty-six-year-old Magnolia “Maggie” May Carter owns Bon Temps Rouler, the bar she had dreamed of. The time she spends volunteering at the animal shelter has resulted in Yard, her three-legged dog, the Roomba-riding Leonard, and Sheldon who actually likes Luc — the only person on the planet he seems to like! Violet is Maggie's mean-ass, snooty sister. David and Trina had been Maggie and Violet's parents. When their parents died, wealthy great-aunt Beatrix "Bea" Chatelain and Great-auntie June, who had been married to Good Time Jack for over twenty years, took them in.

Bon Temps Rouler is...
...Maggie's bar where Chrissy and Gus are some of her regular bartenders and Charlie is a barback. Earl Greene is one of the regulars; Stella is his plus-one for the hurricane party. Harry, Chrissy's husband, owns a used-car dealership, but is soft-spoken and shy. Debra is another guest at the party.

Cassius “Cash” Armstrong was born in Newark and loves New Orleans where he finally found friendship and love. Oh, he's a boy who will flirt with anyone at all, but his heart belongs to Maggie and Luc. Then there's the Plan , with which Walker continues to tease us. When he enlisted in the army, he came out as a Green Beret. He's spending his time rehabbing a house with Luc helping. Richard “Rick” Armstrong is his jerk of a father...and who is best friends with the crooked Sullivan. Cash reckons that the small diners and car washes his father owns are perfect for laundering a little moola.

Creative Green Beret former-Master Sergeant (Sergeant Major??) Lucien “Luc” Dubois with his heart of the mystic hardened by army life, loves music and loves to play. Smurf is the name of his ancient truck. His mom, Helene Dubois, has her own salon in Shreveport. Mayor Gibson was the man with whom Helene had the affair.

Jean-Pierre Marchand, a Cajun, is a musician and Maggie’s upstairs neighbor and best friend. Homer is one of Jean-Pierre's uncles. Isaac is a friend of Homer's. Leroy is one of Homer's brothers. Armand is Homer's cousin's one-armed second husband. Tammy/Tina is a distant cousin.

Evangeline “Eva” Bell is Maggie’s best childhood friend and a sought-after fashion model. Molly Van Buren is Eva's New York agent. Granny Mabel is the woman who raised Eva and tells her stories of her great-great-too-many-greats-to-remember grandfather who had been a Voodoo priest. Lauren is another friend of Maggie's. Kelsey is Lauren's little sister.

New Orleans PD
Superintendent George Sullivan is a corrupt bully who has it in for Luc and Maggie for what happened to Dean, his son, the state-champ quarterback darling of the school who was snake-mean to the core. Rory Ketchum is an officer who despises Sullivan; his family includes Jackie, his wife, and twin girls.

Leon Broussard is the district attorney and an honorary uncle of Rory's.

Billy Joe "BJ" Summerset, the president and CEO of Fidelity Bank, is one of the victims. David Abelman is the lawyer hired for Maggie. Dr. Sean Stevens is in charge of Neurology at Johns Hopkins. Todd "the Tool" Dungworth was a jerk in Volume One . Jess is a waitress at Café du Monde. Sally Renee is now on a three-month tour of Europe. Bebelle is a python at the Voodoo Museum run by Voodoo Vinnie. Damballa is the serpent god in the Voodoo pantheon. Donald P. "Donny" Seitz owns D.S. Haberdashery. Gloria Davis had been an embezzler. Scarlet Jensen has an interesting beauty regimen.

Braxton Academy was...
...the school they all attended. Cory Jackson had the prom after-party at his dad's fishing house ten years ago. Randy Barker had always had his nose in a book. Mrs Tannahill was an English teacher.

A fais do-do is a raucous Cajun dance party "filled with belly-busting food, a band ..., Mason jars ...[of]...home brew, and" dancing and stories. Fritzel's is a bar with flair on Bourbon Street.

The Cover and Title
The cover is a repeat of Volume One with its pretty and soft sunrise of pastel blues, pinks, and oranges, coming up behind the forest in the bayou, making the full moon disappear. This time the silhouette of a woman, her body also glittering with stars, stands in that reflected, glorious sunrise, posed with arms outstretched as though presenting the bayou to us. It's a complicated gradation from that soft blue at the top to the deep blue of the bottom. The text is all in white, starting at the top with a teaser, the script of the title washing across the woman's body with the volume info immediately below it. Below that is an info blurb followed by the author's name at the very bottom.

The title does have its uses in that you know it's Volume Two in the series.
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697 reviews14 followers
May 22, 2019
Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off. Maggie gives the guys all the letters she wrote them each day for the first year after they left. These three's relationship picks up where it left off ten years prior but its like they are stuck in the past.

Cash is out of control, he has let Maggie down time and again and is pushing her towards Luc but Maggie is still failing to see what is right in front of her. The sheriff has threatened Maggie and Luc with arrest in getting justice for his son's death who died on prom night. No one knows the full story to what happened, except Luc. With the threat of the sheriff hanging over their head they try to continue with a normal life as much as they can. While Cash keeps drifting and staying in the back of the story with his major pain and drinking.

I am enjoying this trilogy so far. It is such a different approach for Julie than the BKI series and for me it took a little time to get used to but the further I get the more I like it.

Received ARC from Julie Ann Walker in exchange for a voluntary honest review.
1,602 reviews8 followers
May 22, 2019
Emotional and heart wrenching...this second volume requires tissues. The push and pull of Cash's feelings for Maggie make you dizzy. Maggie's forever forgiveness for Cash is questionable. Luc's solid presence and loyalty to his two friends is admirable. Each one of them is hurting and at times it is tough to push past. There are some suggestions or foreshadowing that make me a bit anxious because right now I'm desperate for everything to be put to rights and everyone is happy. I'm jumping right into the next volume because the suspense and uncertainty of what fate has in store for this trio is all consuming.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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6,308 reviews157 followers
June 30, 2019
4.5 stars--

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date July 1, 2019.

From NYT and USA Today bestselling author Julie Ann Walker comes an epic tale of sacrifice, friendship, and the awe-inspiring power of love.

Maggie: Ten years ago, Cash Armstrong stole my heart. Then he promptly joined the army—dragging my best friend with him—and left me crying on the front porch in a red sequined prom dress. Now he's back. They're both back. Cash, the one who still has my heart. And Luc, the one who saved my life.

Cash: How do you know if you’re at the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? That's what I've been trying to figure out since a traumatic brain injury made me "unfit to serve." I'm back in New Orleans, and picking up the shattered pieces of my past means I must confront where my life's journey began... and where it all might end.

Luc: Long ago, Maggie May was mine. Not mine in the way you might think. She was mine because she was my only friend. Then Cash came along and we became brothers by something stronger than blood. We became brothers by choice. When tragedy struck, I was forced to make a decision that changed all our lives. I thought, after ten years, it was safe to come back home. I was wrong.


REVIEW: 4.5 stars--IN MOONLIGHT AND MEMORIES Volume 2 by Julie Ann Walker continues to focus on the contemptuous relationship between three friends whose lives were destroyed ten years earlier: twenty-six year old Magnolia ‘Maggie’ May ; and twenty-eight year old Cassius ‘Cash’ Armstong, and Lucien ‘Luc’ Dubois.

Some background: Ten years earlier Maggie Carter’s life spiralled out of control when the boy that she loved disappeared on the night of her prom, never to be heard from until present day. His best friend Luc volunteered to take Maggie to prom but life as they knew it was about to come crashing down. Fast forward to present day wherein Luc and Cash have returned home from their years in the US Army, only to find themselves back in the past facing the same threats, secrets and lies as so many years before.

Told from three first person perspectives (Maggie, Cash, Luc), using present day and memories from the past, IN MOONLIGHT AND MEMORIES continues to focus on the fragile and battered reunion of former high school best friends, best friends whose secrets run dangerous and dark. Cash is losing his battle with both the bottle and his pain, and in doing so pushes away the people who love him the most.

Meanwhile Maggie learns that not all is as it seems when Luc turns her less than well-ordered life into a hurricane of epic proportions. The love she has for Cash begins to deteriorate as he continues to pick at the never ending scab forcing our heroine to rethink what and who it is she wants.

IN MOONLIGHT AND MEMORIES Julie Ann Walker reveals the fragile bond and love between friends who have weathered h*ll, and lived to tell about it. From the horrors of war, to the battle back home, Maggie, Luc and Cash must face the reality that has become their lives. Determined to take down the people in charge, our trio set out to cull the herd of those trying to destroy their lives. Another heart breaking and impassioned instalment from Julie Ann Walker.

Copy supplied for review
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3,326 reviews1,016 followers
July 4, 2019
The story picks up immediately from where Volume One ended and there is absolutely no point in starting reading here, it really is one story across the entire trilogy and you'll be missing out big time if you don't start at the beginning. I absolutely loved the series though so I would highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you love character driven stories full of love, friendship and fantastic characters.

We continue to see the story from three points of view but this time around Luc and Cash's chapters start with one of the letters teenage Maggie wrote to them after they left. This gives us a real insight into just how lonely she was without them but it also shows her start to put her life back together and turn into the woman we're getting to know in the present day. There is such a fantastic bond of friendship between all three of these characters but for the first time Maggie is starting to question whether her romantic love for Cash is just based on young love and teenage infatuation, especially when she starts to realise that Luc is the one who is always there for her AND the one who makes her heart flutter.

Cash is going downhill fast, he's continuing to drink to block out the pain from his brain injury and he seems determined to push Maggie away but it's obvious he still loves her and the mixed messages he keeps sending aren't helping Maggie to make up her own mind about how she feels. Luc is stuck in the middle, he has been head over heels in love with Maggie since they were teenagers but he genuinely wants both her and Cash to be happy even if that means he remains the third wheel always on the outside of their relationship. My heart absolutely breaks for Luc, he's one of the nicest characters I've ever come across and I think anyone would be lucky to have a friend just like him. Honestly I usually hate love triangles with a passion so I'm surprised by how much I loved this series but it was just so well written that you can't help but root for all three of the main characters.

This instalment gives us a lot of answers about what happened that night after prom in the Bayou and it's heartbreaking when you realise how much Maggie has been needlessly carrying on her shoulders since that night. We also find out more about Cash's father and the policeman that has been harassing the three friends ever since Luc and Cash came back into town. It ends with two absolutely killer cliffhangers that meant I had to dive straight into the third instalment and I ended up staying up all night so I could finish out the series which is probably the best endorsement I can give to say how highly I recommend it.
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530 reviews1,006 followers
May 21, 2019
I received a copy of this series in exchange for an honest review which I have copied from my romance novel review blog: romanticallyinclinedreviews.com

In Moonlight and Memories was such an interesting, captivating read. It isn't the Julie Ann Walker we've come to know and love--hot, spicy, sultry, and filthy--but a gentler, softer side that's drawn out over three spectacular novels.

This is a hard novel to review without spoilers (which y'all know I'm strongly against), so I won't speak too much in regards to the plot, but I'll warn you that if quick stories are your jam, then you won't find satisfaction here. Walker throws us into these character's lives and takes us on a journey of deep, troubling emotion. I don't know that I've ever sunk so deep into the minds of the characters or felt their pain, their love, or their angst quite as much as I was able to with Cash, Luc, and Maggie.

And with the end of the book came my tears.

Now, don't get me wrong. This is still a romance novel, though in a different sort of vein that we're used to, so it does have a happy ending. But the path we take to that happy ending dead ends a few times, weaves and turns until we can't remember which way we're supposed to be going. There is so much emotion wrapped up in these three books that I forgot I was reading a novel and thought that perhaps I was reading a memoir.

The long and short of it is that In Moonlight and Memories is a beautifully, soulfully written series that sets you straight down in the middle of a New Orleans' bayou (man, did I learn so much and interjects you into the lives of these troubled cast members. There's long buried secrets, first loves, new romance, and childhood friendships and we get a front row seat to all of it.
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977 reviews55 followers
June 30, 2019
WARNING this review is about to be evasive and may not make a whole lick of sense. My random rambles at its finest.

Shit is hitting the fan.

Part two in this trilogy is like nothing you'll ever see coming. This is NOT a standalone. History matters here. You need to know how it's got to this point in order to understand why it's at this point.

The three continue their epic journey with letters from the past. We get to see what love looked like though the words of a girl who loved and lost. It is very apparent that whilst they have all grown and matured. They are still very much stuck in the past living their own history.

Maggie has grown tremendously as a character but she is so blind to her feelings as an adult.
Cash is destructive. Haunted by his past and plagued by his emotions.
Luc is loyal. The glue that blinds them all even at the expense of his own feelings.

This is where the thread starts start to fray. The past has a funny way of reeling its head where it's not wanted. Can the three of them survive reliving these memories?.

I have a bad feeling that won't quit.

I'm going to leave this one here and head straight to the conclusion. Pray for me.

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344 reviews
June 9, 2019
Wow! I seriously could not set this book down once I started reading. I can’t get enough of Maggie, Cash and Luc. The relationship between the three of them is so deep even after being separated for 10 years- Cash and Luc from Maggie. Volume 2 has Maggie giving a binder of letters she wrote to both Cash and Luc. She wrote them letters after they left because she didn’t get an explanation from them as to why they were leaving her. This was one of her coping mechanism. Each of Luc and Cash’s chapters in the book begins with one of Maggie’s letters. You can just feel her loneliness at the beginning to her attempt at moving on by the end. Cash’s brain injury is getting worse and his coping mechanisms are not seeming to work as well any longer. Cash is more set on setting his plan into motion, even though we don’t know for sure what his plan is you can kind of guess what he is planning. Not sure I am guessing correctly but you just get a feeling. Volume 2 ends with Maggie questioning her feelings for the guys and the past showing up on Luc’s doorstep. Volume 3 is going to finish of the story and I have a feeling it will be a doozy and I need to be ready. I am so loving this series and can’t wait to read the next book.
10 reviews
May 15, 2019
What a great story!!!!! It is a total different story line from Julie Walker and I fell in love with the series. I have not read a book in a long time that made me laugh one minute, cry one minute and want to strangle someone the next. Luc, Cash and Maggie got ahold of my heart.

It is a story of three friends from New Orleans that is told from each person point of view. These books are a story of three friends that their lives changed the minute they all became friends. Even with being separated for 10 years when Luc and Cash returned they picked up their friendship with Maggie as if they had never been gone.

I felt like I was right there in the story with them in New Orleans as thru their story telling you got to learn about and fall in love with New Orleans. I felt like I could feel the hustle and bustle along the streets and the music played and smell the aromas for the city and restaurants.

This story line of these books are stories that you can see and hear about happing every day. The heartaches, secrets and corruption going on in a city, where friendship and love makes it easier to face.

This is a series that I keep looking at the pages and saying oh no, don't run out!!!!!!
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3,436 reviews63 followers
June 10, 2019
The story picks up immediately where our previous book ended. And it is just as enchanting as the previous book. The suspense in this one, it grows, it builds, and it crashes down on us at the very end. We fall for our characters even more. Ache with them, and hurt with them. We feel their moments of joy, the times of hurt, and the confusion of attraction

Maggie, Luc, and Cash are stumbling forward with each other. Unsure, but committed to each other. Maggie has to face some harsh realities, experience some personal pain, and let go of the guilt she still harbours. It is a transformation, personal growth, and self-awareness. She doesn’t change her feelings, she adjusts them, to be in alignment with the now, not the then

Maggie, Luc, and Cash are on a crash course with their past and presents intertwining, and hoping they survive the moment!
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553 reviews13 followers
June 13, 2019
Volume Two picks right up from where Volume One leaves off.

Every chapter in Cash or Luc’s point-of-view starts off with a letter from Maggie May. I thought that was a sweet touch of the authors. It gives insight to how Maggie was as a teenager, missing her two friends.

The past is quickly catching up with the trio. Even though the three have some dissension between them, they manage to band together to protect each other. They refuses to sacrifice the other. I admire that about the three.

Pretty much the story is unfolding how I predicted it would. I am still not invested in the story or the characters.

I never really did like love triangles. They are just not my cup of tea, especially in stories.
Profile Image for Andi.
63 reviews
May 25, 2019
A can’t put them down set of books. Volume Two the guys are back after 10 years of no contact whatsoever, even with Maggie’s countless attempts to reach out to both Cash and Luc. It’s clear early on the dynamics of their relationships have changed. Old secrets rear their ugly heads and new secrets are present. Their overall bond is still as tight, but as young responsible adults, life is more complicated. Hopes and heartbreaks are renewed. Ms. Walker creates an amazing visual of life in the “Big Easy” and with the depth of her character portrayals, you are pulled into the story, like a close friend.
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916 reviews2 followers
July 2, 2019
Okay so volume 2 of M&M picks up with them as teenagers. Maggie is head over heels in love with Cash and he just broke her heart when he left. Poor Luc. (cue the tears) I was like, can't you see,it? He is right there in front of you! I was shouting at Maggie. It is so damn obvious who she should be with! Gah. My heart damn near broke into pieces for the guy. Such a good male. This is definitely getting so good, just like a slow burn with secrets and emotions all over the place. Lol. Just so freaking good! Onto the last and final volume. Yesssssss!!!! 4.5 stars****

****I voluntarily reviewed this book, provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.****
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12.2k reviews419 followers
July 5, 2019
I'm really glad that I have all 3 of these books ready to read all in a row because really they are one giant book.

Things still aren't resolved between Maggie, Luc and Cash, but things are changing. I really want to know what is going on with Cash because he seems to be living like he's dying. I wonder if there is more going on with his head that he knows about, but is keeping from the other two to protect them.

I like that the 3 of them are working to get rid of Sullivan and Cash's dad, hope they succeed but worry that about them getting hurt in the short term.

I really like the realization that Maggie came to, hope something comes out of it and that something better be good.
71 reviews
May 21, 2019
Book 2 In moonlight and Memories picks up right where book 1 leaves off. This is a book that lets you explore New Orleans sites and traditions while continuing the friendship and love of Maggie, Luc and Cash. More insight into events from the past and hard looks within to discover real feelings. I have to say the feelings this story invokes were hard to let go of but definitely worth the read. Our author has a brilliant talent of letting us feel all the emotions going on inside each of these friends.
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June 6, 2019
This is a complicated, emotional & epic love story situated in New Orleans. Maggie & Luc have been best friends since childhood. Cash moves to New Orleans as a teenager, becomes best friends with Luc and through Luc, meets Maggie. Maggie & Cash Fall in love. Suddenly Cash joins the army & Luc follows him. Maggie is heartbroken as both boys have broken all contact with her and she doesn't understand why.

Volume #2 - The love story continues with Maggie seeking answers and wanting to continue her love affair with Cash. Cash's brain injury leads to erratic behavior and at times his behavior towards Maggie is hurtful and frustrating. Luc defends Cash's behavior while secreting loving Maggie. Details of a past tragedy come to light and Maggie finally figures out Cash's secret. Volume 3 follows.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Julie Ann Walker.
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July 5, 2019
In Moonlight and Memories: Volume two by Julie Ann picks right up where volume one left off. We get to continue to learn more about the three main characters. This story will take all three books to tell. You will laugh, you will cry and you will become frustrated. It is a very emotion and enjoyable story full of love, friendship and wonderful characters. I must go read volume three now since volume two left me some cliffhangers.
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July 5, 2019
This is a truly amazing love story! Be sure to pick up all 3 books because it’s one continuous story.
Cash, Luc and Maggie’s friendship will forever live in my heart. I loved these characters from the moment I met them.
Their friendship and love was a joy to watch grow.
Julie’s writing style is wonderful. Her Black Nights series is one of my favorites but she gave me another to love.
Pick these books up today!!
May 21, 2019
As the middle book it furthers the story. Makes you root for the characters to find their happiness and hate the villains of the story. By the end you realize that there is definitely an underlying plot going on between the main characters making you want to get to the last book so you can find out the ending.
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June 8, 2019
This love triangle pulls on your heartstrings. I felt torn in different directions. How do you explain that you feel happy for someone, yet sad for them all at once? This story is gripping and even when you try and put the book down to do something else, you start thinking about what is going to happen next. Then you find yourself drawn back to the book because you just can’t wait to find out.
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June 30, 2019
4.5 stars


oh my! This just keeps getting better and better. I loved the mix of the letters from the past leading us to the future. Julie Ann Walker has outdone herself with these.

Thank heavens I have the next ready to go with the way that ended!
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June 7, 2019
The second book in this series picks up right where it left off in the first. Whereas the first book more built up the backstory and their relationships, we get more into what happened that fateful night 10 years ago. This book, just like the last is beautifully written and tragic right down to its core. I love the relationships between Maggie, Luc, and Cash. They are fascinating and beautiful. If you read the fist you need to read the rest or you'll be missing out. I received this book in advance for my honest review.
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July 1, 2019
This book continues seamlessly from the first one...

We’re immediately drawn back in to the extraordinary friendship that Cash, Luc and Maggie share.

These stories are so beautifully written! They find emotions within you that you didn’t even know were there!

I highly recommend this trilogy!!
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May 13, 2019
Julie Ann Walker’s new series of books “In Moonlight and Memories” is a masterpiece. The set of three books is a love story to and about New Orleans. I always wanted to visit there and now I feel like I just did through reading her stories of the city and its people and customs. These books are also a love story about Maggie, Luc, and Cash. They first met in school and their love for each other carries them through adulthood. Luc and Cash disappear from Maggie’s life on the night of prom and don’t show back up until ten years later. True love never disappears and it didn’t here either. What a journey these stories will take you on. Just make sure you have a box of Kleenex at the end. You will need it. I loved this story so much. Wish there was a higher rating than 5 stars. Volume two is a continuation of the volume one story
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May 13, 2019
Years ago, the sheriff’s son went missing and with Cash and Luc back, the sheriff wants to pinpoint the blame on them. Even with an alibi, it appears the sheriff with Cash’s no good dad helping, will do anything to change them with murder.
As they three begin to relive their past, Maggie gives the men letters she write to them over the years, letters that written from her heart telling them how she felt, not understanding why they deserted her.
I shed some tears with Maggie and laughed with them and their friends too as I read their story.
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May 15, 2019
Still a sweet story of friendship and young love, but maturing with each page. Curious to see where twists lead. I want to hurry on to volume 3 to see how this ends, but feel like I need to digest all that has happened and chew over some of the details before proceeding. I probably won’t wait! I can’t stop thinking about story and want to see how it ends.
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