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The Secret in the Cliffs

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THIS COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING! Kyle is a twelve-year-old boy who spends many Saturdays with his father at the beach. During their visits, Kyle tries to convince his father to explore a cliff that lines the shore, but to no avail. When his father is forced to work extra hours on the weekend, Kyle decides to investigate the cliffs by himself. However, after his first trip to the cliffs, he is startled to find two strange men lurking around, watching his every move. When Kyle’s next-door-neighbor and best friend, Kaitlin, finds out about his secret excursions, she insists on going with Kyle to explore. They continue their exploration until they stumble upon a discovery that could be considered one of the greatest of all time. Kyle faces a Would it be best to protect the sanctity of an ancient people, or to allow the world a glimpse of the cliff’s biggest secret, which might cause many to come to faith?

262 pages, Paperback

Published September 6, 2018

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Kristin Tucker

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Author 6 books9 followers
March 23, 2019
The Secret in the Cliffs by Kristin Tucker is an exciting novel that made me extremely curious and hooked toward the start of the book. This book isn't quick paced, it is more of a moderate paced book. It has an unusual feature which was the ability to create it's own emotion and atmosphere in the mind of its readers; this is something I truly cherished. For me, this book will get its readers engaged throughout because the enrapturing story has the ability to take the reader on an amazing adventure.

Young Kyle Marshal is an enthusiastic, inquisitive and daring individual who could compel his closest companion to go along with him on his mission to discover a few fortunes in the precipices. The story grew up to be something extremely intriguing.

The Secret in the Cliffs gave me a great deal of young and fiery vibes which was truly reviving for me. I found myself grinning as I read.

Something I discovered intriguing was this book's capacity to demonstrate the beauty of working in two. The excellence of companionship, trust and respect was demonstrated so well and I truly adored these features.

As sweet as this book appears, there were a few minutes where I had my heart in my mouth for the children, yet they were sufficiently courageous to manoeuvre all those difficult circumstances without giving me a heart attack.

I just had one issue with this book, yet it has nothing to do with the creativity of the writer. This won't affect my rating, yet I must state that the shading blend of the book cover is something I can not support.

I truly can see nothing composed on the book cover from a short distance. I will say the writer should give careful consideration to the book cover structure.

For me, the text colour on the book cover is off and with the colour of the background, reading the words on the book becomes difficult.

For the record, I don't have any issue with my eyes.

Well written book, I recommend it.
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2,415 reviews63 followers
February 11, 2019
The Secret In The Cliffs by Kristin Tucker is a contemporary YA adventure that is entertaining and gripping from the start. I was drawn in immediately, engaged and questioning the action.
The novel is an exploration both literally and figuratively. Teenagers explore caves as well as exploring where they have been and where they are going. The important thing at that age is to never lose face. The caves are exciting as bits from the past are unearthed.
Mysterious men who seem to be after the teens all add to the suspense.
The action is gripping and exciting. Comprehensive descriptions enable the reader to ‘feel’ the teenagers’ fears.
The Secret In The Cliffs is a perfect read for ages twelve to adult, with Kristin Tuckers ability to weave a tale, it deserves to be up there with the best sellers. For me, I found Kristin Tucker’s style reminiscent of the old Enid Blyton adventure stories that I read as a teen. She certainly has the ability to be the new name in YA fiction.
I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.
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858 reviews12 followers
February 9, 2019
Twelve year old Kyle Marshall lives with his parents in a seaside community. He and his dad used to spend many Saturdays together at the beach where Kyle would see some cliffs that line the shore and wanted to explore them, but Dad always said that they were too dangerous. Now that his father has a new job and is forced to work extra hours on the weekend, Kyle decides to investigate the cliffs by himself. He locates a hidden cave, his “secret place,” where he finds what appears to be a key made out of stone and a tooth that looks human but is much larger than a normal person’s tooth. He keeps these two items locked up in his treasure chest.

Then, one day Kyle is startled to find two strange men lurking around, watching his every move, even chasing after him. He escapes but just has to tell somebody, so he confides in his next door neighbor and best friend, Kaitlin Davenport, a fellow sixth grader at school. When Kaitlin learns about his secret excursions, she insists on going with Kyle to search the cave further. What else do they discover there? How will their parents react to what they are doing? And who are those suspicious men? The Secret in the Cliffs blends adventure, humor, and mystery with the story of an adolescent boy who endeavors to live his life according to his faith.

There are a few common euphemisms (doggone, gee, gosh, darn, heck), but no cursing or profanity is found. The families attend church, and the children pray. Kyle’s biggest dilemma is whether it would be best to protect the sanctity of an ancient people, or to allow the world a glimpse of the cliff’s biggest secret, which might cause many to come to faith. One reviewer wrote, “The main characters are dishonest to their parents in sneaking around.” I didn’t see any dishonesty, just kids being kids and doing kid things. The exciting plot keeps the reading interesting, and the book shows young people being raised with good morals. It’s a great tale.
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Author 6 books132 followers
April 30, 2019
Twelve-year-old Kyle Marshall was an explorer. His dad used to take him to the beach, but they would never venture beyond, to the rocks and cliffs, where it seemed to Kyle the real treasure would be found. Taking advantage of some time alone, he let his spirit guide him. His instincts were right, and for his effort he was rewarded with two unusual treasures. But he can only imagine what secrets they could reveal. However, their discovery brought with it consequences. Terrified for his safety Kyle confides in Kaitlin, and together they vow to uncover the secret in the cliffs. But it seems someone else has other plans.

The Secret in the Cliffs is a children's fantasy following the adventure of two friends, Kyle and Kaitlin, as they are drawn into a dangerous and mysterious situation. I enjoyed the characters interactions, banter, and the steady pacing of the plot as events begin to unfold. There is action, danger, and excitement as the quest of discovery continues. Humour adds a slight relief to tense and dangerous situations. Kristin Tucker writes in an age-appropriate style with attention paid to bringing the characters, setting, and tension to life for the reader. This is the kind of book I read as a child, a thrilling, action-packed, and suspenseful story that leaves you eager to uncover the truth and solve the mystery. There is some hidden wisdom and insights suitable to a young audience, as well as being an adventure, it is also a tale about uncovering truth, friendship, and knowing what is important.
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16 reviews1 follower
November 10, 2019
Wow, loved every page of this book! I was hooked from the very beginning. Definitely recommend!
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