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Baldwin Village #0.5

One Bed for Christmas

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Let me be clear: I’ve been friends with Caitlin Ng for more than a decade, and I’ve had a crush on her for just as long. And I’ve known, all that time, that I wasn’t her type.

When we met, we were both studying computer engineering at university. She was near the top of the class, and I was in danger of flunking out. Now, she’s a CEO, and I, well…

I’m wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume and dancing along to Christmas carols sung by an elderly barbershop quartet.

Yes, I’m being paid to do this.

And that’s how Caitlin finds me when she leaves work late in the middle of a snowstorm. She asks to stay with me because her house is farther away and her power is out. Of course, I say yes.

When the heat goes out in my apartment and she asks me to join her in bed to snuggle for warmth, I say yes, too.

But being so close to her is dangerous for my heart…or could a weekend of Christmas fun actually lead to the romance I desire?

78 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 13, 2018

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About the author

Jackie Lau

31 books534 followers
Jackie Lau decided she wanted to be a writer when she was in grade two, sometime between writing “The Heart That Got Lost” and “The Land of Shapes.” She later studied engineering and worked as a geophysicist before turning to writing romance novels.

Jackie lives in Toronto with her husband, and despite living in Canada her whole life, she hates winter. When she’s not writing, she enjoys cooking, hiking, eating too much gelato, and reading on the balcony when it’s raining.

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1,248 reviews
December 14, 2020
2020 Jingle Books Bingo (#JingleBooks🎄): Unwrapped for Christmas (Cover With Gifts)

Cute Christmas novella + friends-to-lovers + Only One Bed in a snowstorm + decade-long unrequited pining + CEO heroine. I definitely prefer Lau’s full-length work to the novellas, but this is still a nice read.
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362 reviews270 followers
December 19, 2021
Sweet and short friends to lovers story with bed sharing 🥰
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1,307 reviews296 followers
September 4, 2022
I finally read my first Jackie Lau, yay!

...and it will not be the last because I don't feel like I can decide if I like her stuff from one 78 page story. Shortcuts in characterization and plot are necessary at that length, and while I don't like it I'm not going to hold it against her.

I like the chill vibe between these friends, how they're "opposites attract" without going overboard, and that the sex scene is hot. Too short, but hot. Not as thrilled with the miscommunication and 'arrrgh use your words' moments, but hey.

Looking forward to reading on in this series and seeing if Lau is for me!

Content note:
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1,116 reviews94 followers
December 4, 2022
Reread in Dec 2022 for Xmas 2022!

original:wow, this was great. I found it suggested on a twitter thread of romance tropes, and the One Bed did not disappoint. Non-white characters and some cool Toronto details, too. What a cute novella.
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2,859 reviews5 followers
December 8, 2019
This was a nice and chill holiday romance and I was deeply grateful that the dumb moment wasn't overly long and the resolution via dinosaur costumes was novel enough to make me smile.
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2,073 reviews297 followers
December 30, 2018
Believe in love

One of the (many) things I enjoy about Lau's books is the friend like style. Her books feel less like reading a romance about two fictional people and more like friends confessing how they got together to me.

Caitlin and Wes are clearly meant for each other, something everyone can tell immediately, but that neither seems to think about.

I enjoyed that for Caitlin, she realized why Wes was her match because he was genuine through and through. He gave himself fully to everything, not because of how it would help him, but how it helped others.

Wes meanwhile...it was good to see a guy who was secure himself and his life. I don't count his insecurities about being good enough for Caitlin - not once did he say "If only I had tried harder". He knew he could offer a lot to Caitlin, but also knew he'd regret losing her friendship.

I did think he was going to have a heart attack when she asked him for help with casually hooking up with guys. She was embarrassed but kept on trucking and I swear he was going to choke.
Profile Image for Katie.
2,667 reviews144 followers
December 27, 2018
This was cute! I think the final conflict felt a little too . . . obligatory, like in real life, the characters would've just been together and that's it, but fiction means they have to have one last problem. But I finished it a few days ago and I mostly don't remember what I thought.
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714 reviews27 followers
December 14, 2018
When we met, we were both studying computer engineering at university. She was near the top of the class, and I was in danger of flunking out. Now, she’s a CEO, and I, well…

I’m wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume and dancing along to Christmas carols sung by an elderly barbershop quartet.

Yes, I’m being paid to do this.

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407 reviews131 followers
March 16, 2019
Cute and hilarious. The writing itself was a little mechanical, but I think this might have been a freebie newsletter short so whatever. I liked it and it busted me out of a reading slump so it's all good. Also three words: inflatable T-Rex costume.
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Author 1 book1,173 followers
October 18, 2022
Cute friends-to-lovers Christmas novella! Caitlin needs a place to stay when a snowstorm causes a power outage in her neighborhood. Enter her old friend Wes who has secretly been in love with her for the past 12 years. Excellent use of Only One Bed.

Characters: Wes is a 30 year old Chinese Canadian graphic designer and dancing T-Rex for a barber shop quartet. Caitlin is a 30 year old Chinese Canadian dating app CEO. This is set in Toronto.

Content notes: MMC’s mother had recent health scare, diet culture, on page sex, alcohol references, gender essentialism, ableist language
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1,300 reviews267 followers
September 3, 2021
One Bed for Christmas was a cute holiday novella featuring a friends to lovers romance.

Wes Cheng has been in love with Caitlin Ng for over a decade ever since she hit him with a door in college. But Wes knows he isn't Caitlin's type and not wanting to lose her friendship, he's never revealed his feelings for her. One night shortly before Christmas, Caitlin leaves work late only to walk out into a massive snowstorm. With the power out at her house and no way to even get there, Caitlin asks Wes if she can stay with him. When the heat goes out at Wes's place, Caitlin asks Wes to share the bed for warmth leading to a weekend of fun that changes their relationship forever.

Caitlin and Wes have had very different lives since graduating from college with engineering degrees. Caitlin developed a dating app that has become very popular while Wes works as a freelance artist and on the side accompanies an elderly barbershop quartet as a dancing inflatable T-Rex. I loved watching Wes help Caitlin loosen up and have fun. The scenes where they are dancing around singing Christmas carols in the T-Rex costume were hilarious. There's a lot of banter in their relationship which I loved and I liked how much fun they had together. When their relationship goes from friends to lovers, the scenes are steamy and very well done. I liked that their romance was mostly drama free, the only real issue was that Wes didn't believe he was good enough for Caitlin.

Overall One Bed for Christmas was a fantastic holiday novella and a great start to the Baldwin Village series.
Profile Image for Maria Rose.
2,471 reviews242 followers
October 18, 2022
Really enjoyed this friends to lovers romance! It's got one of my favorite themes (trapped in a snowstorm!) and has two friends who met years ago in college, Wes and Caitlin, re-examining their relationship. Wes has been in love with Caitlin for years and she's been oblivious but starts to see him in a new light when they spend a weekend alone together. It's a fun, sexy, Christmas themed novella and a nice start to the author's upcoming Baldwin Village series.

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Author 69 books971 followers
December 14, 2018
*4.5 stars*

An utterly adorable Christmas romance novella for adults, featuring a hero who happily dances in an inflatable T-Rex costume and a super-smart CEO heroine. So much fun!
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2,081 reviews25 followers
December 29, 2021
Wes has been in love with Caitlin for 12 years. They first met in college when she hit hi with a door. They've continued their friendship post college. Caitlin is a CEO of her own company (she built a dating ap) and Wes is happy as a freelance graphic designer who also takes on odd jobs that have appeal to him.
Nicely paced story with a good introduction. Caitlin was working late and finds out from her neighbor her power is out and it's snowing, cold out, and only a few days before Christmas, so who know when her power will be restored. She calls Wes since he lives close by. Things happen.
Short, but believable and likable characters.
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573 reviews124 followers
December 13, 2020
This was a very cute short story. I really loved our characters and even though it was so short, I was really able to connect to them. I did find the writing and bit cheesy at times. And I thought that the 3rd act break up wasn't needed. But in such a short book it was resolved quickly.
This is a prequel to a series and I definitely want to pick more up!

I did a vlog reacting and reviewing this book. Linked:
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858 reviews82 followers
March 19, 2021

Snowed in! Heat’s out! Only one bed! Snuggle for warmth! Some of my all time favorite tropes.

Lots of good inflatable dinosaur costume content.

Adorable domestic moments, baking together, etc


“You’re too good for me, we can’t be together, even though I’ve loved you for TWELVE YEARS.” One of my all time least favorite tropes. The hero was just being dumb and the 80% crisis was completely unnecessary.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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426 reviews20 followers
January 6, 2020
I've never read a holiday romance, and I thought it was high time I remedied that situation. Though the writing was a bit stiff and telling-rather-than-showing at times, I really enjoyed the vibrant setting in a diverse Toronto neighborhood, and the hilarious scene featuring Wes' family was pure gold.
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578 reviews62 followers
December 22, 2018
Adorable!! Perfect little holiday story about two friends snowed in together for Christmas. Wes and Caitlin in college and Wes has been love with her the whole time. Spending a few days together helps Caitlin realize how great they can be together. Sweet, low angst.
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335 reviews41 followers
January 12, 2020
Friends to lovers, stranded in a storm, just one bed, holiday...yeah, all the boxes checked.
This was a cute, funny story. The writing was a bit stiff at times, but I enjoyed this quick read and it made me laugh.
Profile Image for Becca.
298 reviews29 followers
December 8, 2021
more *2.5-3 stars
This was an enjoyable read, however, the writing was average. This is definitely one of Jackie Lau's earlier books. Her writing and relationship development has improved so much. I would probably skip this one and read her latest novels!
Profile Image for Shannon (That's So Poe).
992 reviews104 followers
August 18, 2022
This is a cute novella filled with lots of holiday spirit! I loved how tropey it is with things like only one bed, although I wasn't a huge fan of the unrequited love set-up. Even so, super sweet couple and story!

Content Warnings:
Profile Image for vic.
307 reviews
December 24, 2018
my heart is so warm. this was amazing!!

actual rating: 4.25/5
Profile Image for Jessica.
529 reviews2 followers
December 25, 2019
This is basically everything I could possibly want in a contemporary romance. I loved this so much and immediately downloaded the next book in the series when I finished. Officially a Jackie Lau fan.
Profile Image for Taryn.
1,206 reviews188 followers
December 15, 2019
I love that the trope is right there in the title! Wes has been into Caitlin since college but never made a move, thinking she’s way out of his league. Now she’s a CEO and he’s paid by a barbershop quartet to dance in a T-rex costume for their performances (don’t ask, it really doesn’t bear scrutiny—just accept that it’s a cute way to work a few goofy old men into the cast of characters and move on). When winter weather hits and Caitlin is stranded, Wes does the gentlemanly thing and invites her to stay at his place. Unplugging from her fast-paced life and relaxing into holiday activities with Wes is just what Caitlin needs—or maybe what she needs is Wes himself.
Profile Image for b.andherbooks.
2,089 reviews924 followers
December 26, 2018
Wes has loved Caitlin Ng since she knocked him out with a door in college, but Wes knows he's not good enough for the now rich CEO. But, he's happy to offer up his bed when Caitlin's power goes out on Christmas Eve, even if he only as the one.

Caitlin has never really thought of Wes that way, but there's just something about his verve for life, his fancy blow-up T-Rex costume dance moves, and the sweet way he's honoring his mother this Christmas. His arms also look pretty darn good as he's rolling out cookies.

A little bit of snow, cold, and the need to share a bed land these two friends onto the road for a perfect Christmas romance.

A delightful holiday novella from Jackie Lau, setting up a picture perfect Canadian village I can't wait to read more about in 2019!
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