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A charming introduction to simple money concepts in which a little bunny learns about the power and satisfaction that come with saving money.

Honey earns two carrots a week for taking care of her siblings. Her FIVE siblings who are so loud and bouncy, she wishes she had a place of her own to escape to for some peace and quiet. So what's a bunny to do? Get creative and figure out a savings plan--even if it means forgoing a treat or two. But saving is worth it because with a little patience and perseverance, Honey will be able to make her dream of having her owns space come true! This is the third book in the internationally acclaimed Moneybunnies Series--following Spend It! and Earn It!

32 pages, Hardcover

Published September 3, 2019

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Cinders McLeod

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Profile Image for biblio_mom (Aiza).
588 reviews213 followers
March 20, 2022
Suitable for young children to learn basic things about money. My son loves it and the illustrations are so cute!
Profile Image for Brittany.
2,101 reviews4 followers
October 23, 2019
A great book to teach your child money management and the importance of saving.
Profile Image for Yolanda.
715 reviews
July 10, 2019
Thank you to Nancy Paulsen Books and Edelweiss+ for giving me an opportunity to read this DRC.

Actually – correction, my six year old son read this book to me! Yes, yes and YES to this book. I wish there were books like these when I was growing up. It teaches children in the cutest way possible, money concepts! A very important aspect of life that isn’t taught to us enough in our youth.

My six year old read this fairly easily and he isn’t a kid who loves to read. He loves books and being read to so it’s a challenge to get him to do it sometimes. It has to be a funny Dr. Seuss book to get him interested to read on his own. But this one he really enjoyed reading and it was easy enough for him. I laughed at some parts and told my son that Honey (the bunny), reminded me of him.

I adored the carrot chart showing how much Honey needed to earn to achieve her goals. The book blurb says this is the third book in a series so I’d love to find the other two books and read it to my children. A book with adorable illustrations and teaching money concepts for kids is a win-win in my book!
Profile Image for Tamara Macpherson.
Author 2 books4 followers
October 28, 2020
I purchased another book in this series - Spend it! - to mail to a nephew. My 15 year-old son and his friends spotted it on our kitchen counter and were drawn in by the illustrations, so I mocked a “story time” while they cleared out my kitchen cabinets. They loved this book! The conversation that ensued included sharing that four tops can be purchased at Value Village for the price of one at Garage (in the mall) and that one could buy 2,500 cans of Peace Tea during school lunch break at the local Safeway for what my son paid for his bike. I know for certain they all stopped to think and it prompted a great convo. I have a book geared to teens and finances that by boys haven’t cracked open once. Funny that the bunny managed to slip past the dignity-door-bouncer and packed a punch with some spendthrift teens. Since I have ordered Earn it! and Save it! They are all winners with the teens. I love that the books present concepts that the teens can run with it on their own accord.
Profile Image for Gwen - Chew & Digest Books -.
573 reviews43 followers
April 11, 2019
This entire series by Cinders McLeod is genius and I wish that there had been anything even close to it when I was a kid.

The financial lessons that they teach can't be taught early enough and by using bunnies and carrots, it makes it easier for even younger kids to understand. The illustrations are wonderful and descriptive as well, in this case showing two "spreadsheets" of carrots, one showing if you spent nothing and saved everything for your big goal and the second, a compromise of saving half and how long it would take you to get to your big goal with either option.

I'm an adult and hate money. I can't put my finger on exactly what causes my complicated issues with it, but I know this and two carrots a week for allowance would have helped immensely because I know that not getting a regular allowance created a feast or famine attitude, but that's me.
Profile Image for Becky B.
7,751 reviews101 followers
July 31, 2020
Honey wants a place where she can find some peace and quiet after watching her 5 siblings. Her dad gives her the idea to save up for a playhouse. Can Honey figure out how to save the carrots she earns for her dream, while still being able to enjoy some ice cream?

A great introduction to budgeting in terms that kids can easily understand. The illustrations are cute, and the story is enough of a story it doesn't feel like it is just about the money aspects. Highly recommended.
Profile Image for Andrew.
1,554 reviews91 followers
July 11, 2019
I love a good bunny book! Honey wants her own house to get a break from her siblings, so she decides to save for a playhouse... But does that mean she can't spend any carrots on going to the movies? Save It! is a great, simplified way of teaching money management and financial planning. Not only can we learn from it, but Honey the bunny and her whole family are completely adorable.
Profile Image for Barbra.
1,273 reviews6 followers
September 6, 2019
When Honey decides she wants her very own playhouse, she faces the dilemma of how to pay for it. She earns 2 carrots per week and needs 10 carrots in total. As Honey weighs her options she does the math. She can save and spend with a little patience. A cute book to introduce simple math, perseverance and responsibility.
Profile Image for Tiziana.
246 reviews8 followers
October 16, 2019
A great picture book for teaching young children about money and the importance of saving. This story is about a little bunny named Honey who saves her allowance every week so that she is able to save up for her own playhouse. With some patience, Honey is able to make her dream come true. Even others, like myself, can relate to Honey and her desire to buy a place of her own!
Profile Image for Meg.
1,627 reviews
January 6, 2020
A great book for kids about the virtue of saving money. There aren't enough books for kids like this, so I really appreciate the MoneyBunny series! This will help kiddos aged 4-8 better understand saving, spending, and budgeting-- hard topics without a tool to help learn. Will be pushing these for MoneySmart week 2020!
Profile Image for Lori.
162 reviews
February 7, 2020
My K-2 students love this series! I can’t keep them on the shelf. These Moneybunny books are returned then borrowed again on the same day every time.

I shared with all my students your plan for the next book: Borrow It! When I told them the series would be complete, more than one student in each class suggested you missed Share It! as a fifth book title in your Moneybunny theme.
Profile Image for Diane.
7,001 reviews
November 21, 2020

Honey dreams of his own house away from all his noisy siblings. He’s sure that his father will buy him a house, but his father explains that he can’t afford to do that. Honey must save ... for a playhouse. But it will take some planning in order to save AND still have money for some fun.

Financial literacy in very simple terms for young students.
Profile Image for Anthony.
5,598 reviews26 followers
January 29, 2021
Honey Moneybunny wants to buy her own house to have some quiet time away from her five siblings. She only makes two carrots a week for babysitting her siblings, but she must come up with a plan to save her carrots to buy her dream house. Will her plan lead to success?
Profile Image for Emily Carlyn.
839 reviews2 followers
March 4, 2021
I really enjoy how the 3 books in the Moneybunny series follow the same format. The story is simple, easily understood for young ones. This story teaches patience and saving for what you really want in the long term!
3 reviews
April 30, 2022
Super cute book that made a big idea easy for little ones to understand. Fabulously illustrated! You can't have everything but with this book you can - important life lesson, excellent writing, sweet characters, bold illustrations.
Profile Image for Boom!.
247 reviews2 followers
July 13, 2019
I had such trouble teaching my children the concept and importance of saving money. This is such an important and needed resource. The illustrations were cute too!
Profile Image for Jj.
1,186 reviews35 followers
August 30, 2019
Definitely the winner of this series so far. I liked the save/spend combo going on here.

Thanks to Penguin Young Readers for the review copy.
Profile Image for Kellyanne.
417 reviews11 followers
November 12, 2019
Like its predecessors, I love the concept, but not the execution. It assumes a child is getting an allowance, which is not always the case.
2,795 reviews6 followers
January 10, 2020
Simple concept pretty well done, but OH! having to take care of five siblings every day? Those bunny parents are saving a fortune on childcare costs. Maybe give Honey a raise?
Profile Image for Lynn  Davidson.
6,218 reviews25 followers
March 8, 2020
This is such a great way to introduce young children to saving money. They can learn that they have to earn it, save some, and can spend some.
Fun illustrations.
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