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Resort to Murder Mystery #3

Spiked: A Resort to Murder Mystery III

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Julienne needs only three things: successfully pull of a last minute wedding relocated to her resort, work out things with her stubborn ex- boyfriend, and solve the murder of a private investigator found with her business card on his dead body. The wedding she can handle, but it comes with a flirtatious brother of the bride who manages to give Mason the idea she has moved on, and the dead PI was playing with fire before he was poisoned leaving a myriad of suspects. Two suspects are part of a scandal waiting to explode and nobody wants to be in the middle of the fallout.

Can Julienne wade through the various suspects while coordinating the wedding and dealing with a handsome amorous guest before her rival on the local paper exposes her connection and thus damages the resort’s reputation? Will she and Mason find their way to each other?

174 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 13, 2018

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About the author

Avery Daniels

7 books531 followers
I was born and raised in Colorado, graduated from college with a degree in business administration and worked in fortune 500 companies and Department of Defense my entire life. My most eventful job (fires, suicide, kidnapping, etc) was apartment management for 352 units. I still live in Colorado with two brother black cats as my spoiled and beloved companions. I volunteer for a cat shelter, enjoy scrapbooking and card making, photography, and painting in watercolor and acrylic. I inherited a love for reading from my mother and grandmother and grew up talking about books at the dinner table. I was the odd child in school who knew the names of Henry VIII's wives because of that dinner talk.

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Profile Image for Julie Howard.
Author 2 books15 followers
February 27, 2021
I just loved this book. Once again the author has created another well thought out story where so much happens that you never get time to breath, let alone get board. The characters are fun and likeable and with book three you have got to know them so well that they feel like old friends, Julienne's friend Porshe isn't in this book so much but it more than makes up for it with the addition of the hunky British M15 agent Liam, which very much complicates her life. The mystery was good and had plenty of suspects to keep you and Julienne guessing. It unfolded nicely, with lots of twists, amusing situations and misunderstandings. Just a fun cozy mystery that I would recommend, in fact I have to my mum and it probably means another book to add to my audio book collection.
Julienne doesn't like weddings probably because her love life isn't going so well but as trainee assistant manager for the hotel she is the one liaising with the couple and there family. That is until a private detective is killed with her business card in his procession. Then worrying about the right cake is the last thing on her mind, especially as the annoying detective that tried to arrest her after the last murder is back. This time Julienne has the management's blessing to look into the case and get the hotel free from any bad publicity, especially when the Brides brother and M15 agent offers to help. The dead man had been seen at the hotel a number of times following people but that doesn't explain why he has her card. The dead man wasn't a very ethical detective and made a number of enemies but with the murder weapon being poison then not only must she find a reason for his death but also how he was given it. With the wedding fast arriving and Liam's attractions growing Julienne has her work cut out for her to find the killer before the hotel makes the evening news again.
I was given this free review copy book at my request and have voluntarily left this review.
Profile Image for Cheryl.
5,147 reviews187 followers
January 4, 2019
This is the second book I have read in this series. I read the first book and now this book. I have gone out of order. Yet, that is the nice thing about this series as the books can be read as stand alone novels. Therefore, out of chronological order.

As I pointed out from the first book that the reason that I liked Julienne is because I found her to be sensible. She is still sensible but slowly maturing. Her skills as an investigator are getting better. Although, it did not hurt that she had help in the form of her ex, Liam. Who is easy on the eyes. Between the two of them they worked well together.

My only issue is that I did struggle some in the beginning finding my bearing with the story as well as connecting as strongly on an emotional level with the characters in the story. Despite; this the pacing of the story did move somewhat quickly.

Fans of cozy mysteries will enjoy this book. There is no blood or gore. Just some good old fashion fun and a murder mystery to solve.
Profile Image for Kathleen.
1,190 reviews37 followers
January 13, 2019
“Spiked: A Resort to Murder” earns 5/5 Bridal Bouquets…Clever and Engaging!

When you're a romance-challenged event planner, planning a last-minute wedding for someone else is an unwelcome turn-of-events. Then again so is having your head turned by the bride’s brother and having your business card found in the pocket of a murder victim! Julienne LeMere can't catch a break! This was a thrilling third book from Avery Daniels with Julie once again taking the lead on another murder investigation. The bride’s brother is quite the British heartthrob (budding romance or just “Trouble with a capital T”) whose professional skills come in handy, but the local detective is not amused at Julie’s interference (enjoyable conflict) despite her success with the previous murder investigations at this resort and elsewhere. Avery’s writing style is very entertaining with a first-person perspective laying out well the clever plot along with various suspects with motives and twist and turns, and sharing it all with Julienne’s inner thoughts and vivid descriptions. The mystery was delightfully involved with several lines of questioning to incorporate, an insinuation of Julie’s possible involvement, and keeping the “Wow!” ending to the…end. The murder victim, a private investigator, pushes the envelope to uncover cold and current secrets with his stalking and telephoto lens, so of course, the suspect list is long. The banter between Julie and the British was entertaining and relationships are challenged. All of this was excellent, and I am eager for “Arrowed,” the next adventure.

"Disclosure: I received an ARC. My review is voluntary with honest insights and comments"
Profile Image for Cheryl Malandrinos.
Author 4 books64 followers
February 4, 2019
Julienne and company are back with this awesome cozy mystery set in Colorado Springs.

Spiked by Avery Daniels finds event planner Julienne LaMere with a last minute wedding to coordinate at the Colorado Springs Resort. The bride-to-be has a charming brother who is easy on the eyes, but Julienne is still upset over her breakup with Mason and isn't sure she is ready to open up her heart to Liam.

When a private investigator looking for someone at the resort winds up dead with Julienne's business card on his person, she finds Detective Lawrence knocking on her door again. Her boss Chad puts her in charge of a quiet investigation to uncover clues to keep the resort and any tie to the murdered PI out of the papers. Little does he know, he's just put her in a killer's sights.

The first book of the Resort to Murder series was so much fun, when I heard Daniels was touring with this new book, I had to make time for it. A mixture of danger, humor, and romance set in lovely Colorado Springs, the author writes a perfect cozy mystery with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. With a new potential love interest, an unusual wedding to plan, Chad's unreasonable demands, and a cast of helpful family and friends, Julienne just might get this one solved. Though a total stand-alone novel, I suggest you start with the first book. You'll certainly want to read the next two right away if you do.
Profile Image for Judy Johnson.
734 reviews2 followers
January 3, 2019
Although this book is 3rd in the series, let me start by telling you that it does just fine as a standalone, so this is a good place to start even if you haven't read the other two. If you have, then you'll recognize the characters as they are recurring, however, they are all well developed enough to get to know and follow along. Fun story about a resort event planner who just keeps getting caught up in murder investigations in spite of herself. Of course, you have the required hunk boyfriend, plus a little competition in the love department, some laugh out loud moments and of course, those characters that you love to hate. Throw in some quirky friends that are willing to jump right in and help our heroine without hesitation at a moments notice. I didn't figure out the murderer until the very end, and then it was an aha moment! The author does a good job telling a fun whodunit that will keep you turning the pages so you can find out what happens next. One last thing, there is certainly room for more in followup books, but this one does conclude with a feel-good HEA. Go get this book, heck, go get the series, you won't be sorry!
Profile Image for Laura.
3,187 reviews319 followers
January 22, 2019
Julienne LaMere doesn`t particularly like weddings. She does her best as an event planner, but because of her own rocky romantic past, helping someone she doesn`t even know plan the happiest day of her life is not high on the list of enjoyable assignments.
When almost immediately Julienne is revisited by a nightmare, in the form of a homicide detective, and discovers the bride`s brother has MI5 connections, she wonders if this event could get any worse. Spoiler alert ~ it can.

Although there are romantic elements to this book, the author delights us with tangled complications.
There is nothing standard or familiar here. Add in some quirky Resort Irregulars to help and a reality tv show about private investigators to up the competition and widen the suspect list, and Miss LaMere once again seems to be over her head, even with help. She does not quit and shows some growth in her sleuthing techniques.
You will even find reasons to smile as you read.
Profile Image for Katie Thompson.
354 reviews1 follower
December 23, 2018
Ughhh. What could possibly be more stressful than moving a wedding job up? How about also dealing with a pushy detective who thinks our Julienne is involved in yet another murder mystery. Oh, and the brother of the bride is super hot, and super interested in super single (okay not super single, and certainly not super over Mason) Julienne. And he works for MI5. Yeah, THAT MI5. Oh yeah. This’ll be a breeeeeeze.

This is another fantastic cozy mystery with warm, well written characters and a fantastic female lead.
423 reviews7 followers
December 31, 2018
Julianne is a fun character and sleuth. This is the third book in the series, It was just a little slow for me but I enjoyed the mystery. It will be interesting to see if her and Mason ever find their way back to each other. I love the location of Colorado Springs Resort and Daniel's descriptive writing style. I voluntarily reviewed a copy I received from the author.
656 reviews5 followers
December 31, 2018
Ms Daniel's has done it again. This series has it all- believable romance, entertaining characters and a mystery to solve. Sassy Julienne made me laugh, Liam made me swoon and the descriptions of the Colorado Springs Resort made me believe I was there. Looking forward to the next installment.
Profile Image for carolintallahassee .
163 reviews26 followers
December 24, 2018
Nice Read!

I like these stories; this one was a little slow for me. I love that Porsche, and her boyfriend have gotten together. This mystery is smart; it just needed to be more realistic. I love Mason! I liked Liam in this book. However, both men, Liam, and Mason come out like teenage boys by the end? I prefer Alpha Males. I will be looking forward to the next book, hopefully with grown-up behavior by both couples!
I recommend! Enjoy!
Profile Image for Avery Daniels.
Author 7 books531 followers
February 25, 2021
Spiked is the third book in Avery Daniel's Resort to Murder series and is an exciting contemporary cozy mystery. If you like Cleo Coyle, Maddy Hunter, Duffy Brown, Lynn Cahoon, Leighann Dobbs, and Annette Dashofy, then you'll love this series with a strong intelligent sleuth, lavish settings, and tantalizing mysteries.

Read this spunky clean cozy mystery and start enjoying Julienne's adventures today!
199 reviews1 follower
April 30, 2019
I enjoyed this book but thought there was too much angsty romance that took away from the story. But if you like a lot of romance then don't listen to me! The plot was interesting, and I like that Julienne is smart and independent. I didn't guess who it was until the very end.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a voluntary, honest review.
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