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“Our greatest hit is a love song I wrote for my bandmate. And he has no idea.”

Messy-haired, soulful-eyed, off-kilter lyricist Les Graves holds tight to the hedonist’s credo of consumption in every avenue of life. He has trouble staying still, trouble staying sober, trouble turning down a good time—but put a pen in his hand, and he’ll set a page on fire.

Music was Evan Porter’s ticket out of the backwater mud puddle he was born in, the passion keeping him warm as he busked on street corners, fueling him through a dead-end bartending job. Every chord, every song, every ounce of sweat has been devoted to making Porter & Graves a success. He’s the level-head, the quiet maestro, the seatbelt that keeps Les from flying too far out of control. And he’s getting pretty tired of playing savior.

Their onstage chemistry is electric, offstage it's… complicated.

After Porter & Graves’s third album bombs, the pressure is on for the duo to redeem themselves with their fourth. While sequestered in an East Tennessee cabin to compose, things take a turn for the worse when an event from their past comes back to haunt them in an embarrassingly public fashion and forces them into an unusual position that tests a partnership already hanging by its bloody roots.

Can Evan and Les find harmony or will they—and their music career—go down in flames?

Dedicated, the first standalone in the Rhythm of Love series, is a steamy bisexual friends-to-lovers romance featuring semi-kinda forced proximity, a fake relationship, angst, snark, a cock-blocking greenhouse, really poor decisions involving social media, and a HEA guarantee.

*Please note that this book contains reference to and depiction of a mmf scene.*

328 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 9, 2018

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About the author

Neve Wilder

24 books1,507 followers
Neve Wilder lives in the southern U.S., where the summers are hot and the winters are...sometimes cold. She is a mom to three rambunctious weebeasts who have joined forces in a mission to carpet the family home with toys and small items that really suck to step on at six in the morning.

She reads promiscuously, across multiple genres, but her favorite stories always contain an element of romance. Incidentally, this is also what she likes to write. Slow-burners with delicious tension? Yes. Whiplash-inducing page-turners, also yes. Down and dirty scorchers? Yes. And every flavor in between.

Neve isn't keen on being limited to one type of story or a single genre. If you enjoy slow burns and musicians, the Rhythm of Love series might be up your alley.

You'll find high heat, crackling sexual tension, and a variety of angst levels in the new adult Extracurricular Activities series that begins with Want Me.

Like smart-ass antiheroes and super steamy thrill rides? Stay tuned for the upcoming Wages of Sin series, which begins with Bad Habits.

If you need a good cry, Center of Gravity is a standalone age-gap slow burn that examines grief, enduring love, and imperfect characters doing their best (or worst, as it were) in shitty situations.

Neve fervently believes David Bowie was the sexiest musician to ever live, and she's always game to nerd out on anything from music to writing.

And finally, she believes that love conquers all. Except the heat index in July. Nothing can conquer that bastard.

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2,355 reviews24.7k followers
August 23, 2021

Dedicated is book one in the Rhythm of Love series by Neve Wilder. This is a M/M friends to lovers, rock star romance. But honestly, these two aren’t really rock stars. Their music is more ballads, they’re a duo. But, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me introduce them to you.

I usually introduce the two main characters one at a time, but this time it seems more fitting to introduce them the way I got to know them. Together. Porter and Graves, Les Graves and Evan Porter, are a guitarist duo. They’ve been playing together for several years. They’ve put out three albums, the first two sky rocketed them to fame. They’ve had eight number one hits. The third album hasn’t done so well.

Les and Evan are best friends. They’re pretty much together 24/7 as they tour to promote their album. Les is outgoing and extroverted where Evan is the quiet one. They feed off each other. Their creativity comes from each other. They know just about everything about each other, except for one thing. Les is bi-sexual and for some time now, he’s been fighting his feelings for Evan. Fighting them with filling his free time with any willing partner he can find, as well as huge quantities of alcohol and even a few recreational drugs. Evan has no idea how Les feels.

When their tour is over, it’s time to work on album number four and they’ll do it the same way they did the other three, they move to a cabin in Tennessee for a month, just the two of them, to write together. But, a sequence of events throws them into a public relations nightmare which also helps to uncover the simmering chemistry that’s been between them. Its chemistry Evan didn’t really even recognize at first, but once he does, there’s no holding it back.

“That kiss was no stiff wind, it was a whole tornado, and I was dizzy with the violent intensity of it.”

I chose this book because I was looking for rock star romances and have been wanting to read something by this author. I can honestly say, though, that I had no idea all the emotions this book would evoke. SO MANY FEELS! To the reader, it’s so apparent how these two feel for each other. But Les is a mess. He’s made so many mistakes. As he and Evan start to finally be truthful with one another with how they feel, you know all those past secrets are going to find their way out at the worst possible times.

Both of these men have pretty bad communication skills and both make plenty of mistakes. Put that all together and my poor heart. It was pounding out of my chest. But I powered on because I just knew the author would give them a HEA at the end. And she did. It was an adorable ending actually. So, while this book wrung me out, it ended in a beautiful way that will help me to overcome the book hangover I feel coming on. So, if you want to get to know two men who clearly belong together and watch them overcome all their obstacles as they find their way to each other, this is for you. There are plenty of sexy, steamy scenes, as well as plenty of smiles as well. I feel like if an author finds a way to make me feel something so strongly, to feel it so BIG, then she’s done her job. Well done!

“It was him and it was me in unison. A perfect harmony of us both.”

For more about this book and so many others, come and visit me at Carol's Crazy Bookish World.

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1,093 reviews797 followers
February 7, 2020
Time of Death 80%... I am sorry Greg, the narration is perfect, the writing is good, i just can't with the story.


Yap i can't do it anymore. The major, inevitable, unnecessary, breakup scene at 80% happened. I know will be resolved at around 90% and then comes the grand gesture and the happily ever after.


Neve is an amazing writer, the writing is good it is just that the story is the same old same old. I went in thinking i will get something different like Want Me.

The characters had so much potential to be my one of my favourites, but they fell a little bit short. Les is your typical rock star and a darling. Evan has a stick far up his ass, it is not even funny. He is so frustrating.The hot and cold thing doesn't suit him. He can't pull off broody. I honestly wonder what Les sees in him. Les deserves better. The MCs spend the most of the book apart, they start an unbelievable fake relationship for a tiny second only to break up again.


Anyhoo maybe it is me not the book. My expectations were high and ended up not being met.

Maybe I will listen to the second book or not. Ugh this had so much potential.


Yap! for this story to work out.
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663 reviews1,482 followers
July 10, 2019
First of all, can we all agree how beautiful that cover is? 😍 I’m usually not drawn to edgy musicians but these two cover models and the cover is just stunning! ❤️ I also admit that I first picked up this book because it’s narrated by Greg Tremblay and I know that he does his sexier stuffs under the name Greg: Boudreaux. 😁 And if you know me, you already know that I like my books sexy. 😉🔥 And the blurb sounds really interesting so I was really pumped about this audio and I wasn’t disappointed. ☺️

It’s a well-known fact that Les Graves is a very talented lyricist and an excellent singer but he’s also a mess. And if you are talking about cliches of it all, he’s also secretly in love with his best friend/band mate Evan Porter who doesn’t seem even slightly gay. They have that inexplicable sizzling and tangible bond when it comes to writing music together, singing and performing on stages. But Les wants more than that and knows that he couldn’t. So he screws his way through Sunday with every human that catches his eye to get Evan out of his system. The problem is it’s not working. And Evan is getting tired of playing Les’ babysitter. He has never that interested in relationships, men or women, and he can’t understand how Les could sleep with that many people without any emotional connection. When a scandal breaks out that would change about everything between two of them, Evan has to take charge and decide whether he only likes Les as his best friend or reconsider whether he’s secretly harboring feelings for his band mate too.

First of all, this is a very VERY slow-burn book. 😌 There was pretty hot UST and emotions between two MCs but almost nothing happened between them until half of the book. Also, there was a MFM scene and usually I don’t like it in my romances but holy cow, that scene was so smoking hot I didn’t even mind it one bit. 😱🔥 What I liked about this book is that although it’s about two very famous rockstars and their relationship, I didn’t feel like they are unreachable. 🙂 The character portrayal of Les and Evan was very realistic and believable. 👏 Plus, I loved the friendly bickering between those two. And I especially loved those interviews that start almost every chapter. They are really funny and witty. 😂 And I think it was definitely worth the wait between those two because when they finally get together, they did it with a bang! (Quite literally! 🤣) Every sex scene between Les and Evan was raw, erotic, emotional and beautiful. 😍💜 And I know Evan seems kinda cold and distant sometimes but given his background and how he grew up, it was totally understandable. 😌 I also loved the ending of this book. It’s a bit sappy but I’m a sucker for over-the-moon epic HEAs so I’m very happy with the HEA these two got. 🥰 And I wish we’d at least get a short story of these two together in the future. 😁 Needless to say, Greg did a terrific job narrating this book. 👏 He brought Les and Evan to life vividly. This is my first Neve Wilder book but I’m sure this is the beginning of many more. 💜 Recommended to those who loves bad boy rockstars, slow-burn realistic romances and a swoon-worthy HEA. ��

4.5 You are the music in my heart stars

Audio rating

Story - 4.25 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨
Narration - 4.5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫
Performance - 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Overall - 4.5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

Disclaimer: An audio copy of this book was provided by the author via LesCourt services for an honest and unbiased review.
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1,138 reviews755 followers
September 5, 2019
**** 3 Stars ****

I enjoyed the first half of the story a lot. It started engaging, great chemistry and super hot.

However, when that twist with Elle happened, I felt that the story lost its appeal. The drama took an OTT proportion, and it resulted in the story becoming tedious and it dragged a bit.

I'll be reading the second book for sure!
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1,314 reviews2,821 followers
December 29, 2018
⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*A Bust For Me*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱

This book could've been good. The problem for me, was the emotions. I felt nothing, except, perhaps, in the end. I felt no connection between the two bandmates Les Graves (26), the wild one and Evan ‘Ev’ Porter, the level-headed one. And especially not from Evan. So that took the 'fun' out of the book for me. I need a connection. Four years ago Porter & Graves released their first album, and has released two more after that. However, the third one, bombed, and the band is contracted for one more album. The pressure is high. Then there's the fact that Les has a secret crush on Evan, that things has been stressed between the two of them since 6 months ago and now they have to fake a relationship as a public stunt. For Les, this is a dream come true, for Evan, not so much. Overall, I had too high expectations, I guess and it didn't live up to it at all.
Cheers and catcalls rushed us like a wave breaking against the shoreline, engulfing us in a cocoon of wild energy. It had amplitude and emotion and was as addictive as anything I’d ever put into my body. It was energy exchange back and forth, an intimate conversation on another level between my soul and the hundreds in the crowd before us. I loved the feeling of connection, and I didn’t think I’d ever get tired of this moment. And I’d never get tired of sharing it with the man beside me. I hoped Evan was right about the fans not giving up on us. But more than that, I hoped Evan didn’t give up on me.

Other Characters:
Leigh, Evan's girlfriend, who he started dating in the last 5 months ago even though they've known each other for years (she shot Porter & Graves first show). She's a photographer.
Jimmy, Porter & Graves' driver.
Mars, Porter & Graves' tour manager.
Blink, Porter & Graves' front-of-house engineer.
Jared, Porter & Graves' instrument tech.
Rick, Porter & Graves' roadie.
Levi, Porter & Graves' publicist.
Byron, Porter & Graves' manager.
Adam Slade, a reporter.
Daniel ‘Dan’ Grim (about 15 years older than Les), owner of Grim’s Record Repository in Nashville (one of the few stalwarts left).
Owen, works for Daniel?
Maize, a fan of sorts of the band? Les helped her at their concert once.
Ella, the girl Les and Evan had a threesome with.
Rita, Even's PA going on two years, though she is technically his housekeeper.
“Don’t baby me.” My voice came out muffled by the comforter, and I turned my head, craning a look back at him, the dark swathe of his hair shadowing his face, the full lips and tensile strength of his hands gripping me. “I don’t want to be babied. Fuck me the way you fuck everyone else.”
I caught his smoldering gaze flickering over me a second before I lowered my head to the bed again.
“I can’t, Ev,” he said softly, “You’re not everyone else.”

Quick basic facts:
Genre: - (Adult) Contemporary Romance (M/M).
Series: - Series, Book One.
Love triangle? -
Cheating? -
HEA? -
Favorite character? - None?
Would I read more by this author/or of series? - Umm, not sure.
Would I recommend this book/series? - Not really.
Will I read this again in the future? - No.
Rating - 2.5 stars.
July 5, 2019
Audio – 5+++ stars!
Story – 3.25 stars

I started this book just knowing it was going to be a huge win only to be disappointed that it wasn’t. Strangely enough I felt the chemistry between the Evan and Les, but for the life of me, I didn’t feel the emotional connection between them until the last two chapters of the book. I found myself wishing for more steamy scenes. I wouldn’t say the author was stingy with them, but considering the length of the book, a few more would have been appreciated. Especially since Greg B was narrating. *sigh*

Evan had me frustrated with his constant jabbing remarks about Les’ promiscuity. Just because Evan is demisexual, didn’t give him the right to slut shame. As for Les, I didn’t like how he felt inferior to Evan in some ways. It saddened and annoyed me. I love an opposites attract theme, but I want the focus to be on how they compliment each another. I’m okay with a rocky start and some push pull, but it went on too long.

The last chapter, which I guess could be considered the epilogue, was really sweet. It made me happy to see these guys getting their HEA.

Neve Wilder is definitely talented. I loved the writing, and I'm really looking forward to more of her books.
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378 reviews29 followers
January 9, 2023
I was really excited to read this because musicians, forced proximity, and fake dating are all top tier tropes - but it fell flat for me. I very well may have gone in with expectations too high.
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1,433 reviews130 followers
November 15, 2019
UPDATE : Audio and Kindle version

I was hooked, line and sinker within the first few pages of Dedicated by Neve Wilder.

You're , mine music ; I'm , your lyrics description

I stopped all adulting , sat down with a pot of tea, and listen/read the entire book in one sitting.

Evan Porter description

Angsty, layered, candid, emotionally charged comes to mind when describing Dedicated . As well as, humorous , character driven and playful.

Les Graves description

A slow burn romance with so much sexual tension , feelings and build up , my hands were numb by how tight I was holding my Kindle. And when the sexy times began, they were plenty, explicit and HOT.

Les Graves & Evan Porter description

Greg Boudreaux brought Les Graves and Evan Porter to life. His portrayal of these two heroes, passionate relationship, inner thoughts, anguish and joy ; even the tone and depth of their voices match those in my mind. His performance was spellbinding.


I can go on and on about how much I enjoyed listening Dedicated.

How well written, researched and heartwarming it is, but my advice is , do yourself a favor and listen to this book. You are going to love it! I know I did.

Les Graves & Evan Porter description
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Author 17 books279 followers
October 7, 2021
I’m an insanely huge fan of Neve’s extracurricular series and I needed a fix so I tried this out…

I knew I loved the heat and plots of the extra series, but what I learned here was that Neve is a poetic writer. Maybe it was the southern musician context, whatever it was, you can taste and smell this world…it felt nostalgic somehow. It was absolutely delicious. You also get some very nice steamy sex woven throughout in all the right places. I was surprised to be so invested in their music career too, and that all felt real. You’d think Neve was just telling us about something she lived through once upon a time.

Five pulsating stars for this one!
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4,862 reviews5,010 followers
April 11, 2020
This feels like a strange things to notice about a romance novel involving bisexual rock stars, but this was really well-structured. Great pacing, perfect balance of perspectives, great use of brief flashbacks to the previous year's event, which are slowly disclosed more fully. Really liked the snippets of publicity interviews at the openings of chapters; they were very humorous and worked well to show how in-sync the characters were before they started not getting on.

Probably my favorite pure (as in sans fantasy or mystery plot) romance that I've read this year.
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571 reviews244 followers
May 22, 2019
This was a very good book. I was unsure when I read some critical reviews and one talked about how they didn't feel the connection between the characters. I would have to disagree.

There was SO much connection between the characters! The back and forth between Les and Evan is fabulous, full of tension, real emotions, real struggles, real love.

I just finished another book by this author which featured 90% explicit sex - that was something else. Thanks so much Starr, for the recommendation - you are impressing the hell outta me with your choices lately! :P

Anyway, after gobbling that up like a triple fudge covered cheese cake, I suffered erotic overdose and was leery about reading another book by this author so soon. Back to back reads by the same author hasn't really worked well for me (unless it's my very few faves). I was actually afraid of being bombarded by non-stop X rated sex again.

But actually, this was truly a M-M romance, less erotic novel. There was sex but it wasn't excessive. It wasn't even the focus of the book. The focus is solidly on Les and Evan and their relationship.

Les I didn't really like too much bc I don't go for man-whores (even tho his sleeping around and getting blown by every man and woman who wants a shot at his dick didn't bother me as much as M-F books, don't know why), but his character development and evolution over time was real and tangible and I def liked him in the end.

Meanwhile, I like Evan right away for being more discriminating, for having a level head, but on the other hand, I don't think he had much character development over the course of the novel, which is why I would take down half a star.

This book is focused purely on the relationship between the MCs, so character development is extremely important to my liking it or not. There's not a whole lot of plot, and that's fine. The writing is very good. I like this author's style. The music scene was well researched and really helped me visualize everything.

So all together, 4.5 rounded to 5 stars. Might not read this author very soon, might not even keep an eye on her. But if I do run across something interesting she wrote in the future, I'll def pick it up.
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1,127 reviews229 followers
May 27, 2020
**Reread 5/25/20-5/26/20. Loved Les and Evan just as much the second time around. I read this one exactly a year ago. It was one of my early mm reads. Definitely holds up. 🥰

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 Stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥/5 fireballs.

I’m a sucker for rockstar stories and this was a good one!
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250 reviews13 followers
July 3, 2021
Reread. I'm giving this 5 stars this time around, because the perfection of the relationship really got me. It's this kind of story where you really feel a person behind each character, a fully fleshed-out, complex, realistic and yearning kind of person. The MCs are two guys in a music band on the decline after their third album flopped. They have incredible chemistry on and off the stage, in a way that felt so incredibly satisfying, similar to unrealistic decades-long pining that only works in fanfiction. And guess what, the author stated in the afterword that it started as Jace/Alec fanfiction in her brain! (Shadowhunters) It's the parabatai/brothers-in-arms kind of bond, and despite my love of romance as a genre I love it when characters have a history before the romance happens, where they're not yet considered "characters in a romance" and we see them doing their thing... whether it's saving the world à la Kirk/Spock, keeping dark supernatural creatures in check, à la Sterek, or fighting in a cultivators war in Ancient China à la Wangxian. I don't care! Just give me context, two characters with an impossible bond that transcends romance, and I'm happy.
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2,987 reviews171 followers
July 18, 2019
After hearing so many wonderful things about Neve Wilder’s stories I couldn’t wait to listen to this one narrated by the awesome Greg Boudreaux. The first book in her Rhythm of Love series, Dedicated definitely lives up to the hype.

Ms. Wilder gets deep into these characters and I enjoyed seeing them interact through the drama that comes their way. The sparks between Les and Evan are obvious from the outset, and continued to grow as they face their blooming physical attraction. Without spoiling it for y’all, we get a fabulous happy ending!

I’m not usually a fan of flashbacks, but the way Wilder intersperses them with the present day and the alternating points-of-view is very effective. I can't think of a better way to explain the history in an established relationship.

Greg Boudreaux is always spectacular and gives a wonderful performance in Dedicated. His smokey, southern accent never fails to give me chills and he makes the most of it here.

I received an audiobook copy of Dedicated (Rhythm of Love #1) in exchange for my review
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1,365 reviews13 followers
November 4, 2021
3.5-4 stars

always love me a good rockstar romance. and this one was good, i did find their relationship odd at times but was glad for what Les did to better himself at the end. I did enjoy this more than i thought i would since i have only read Neve's work with Onley James and I didn't like those as much.

overall enjoyable read.
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284 reviews
May 28, 2019
Dnf at 50%. I'm not feeling it. And this book is too long for me to finish it when I'm not into it.
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679 reviews36 followers
January 5, 2022
Really struggling with the plot.
I really love the writing style so I tried to go on but it bores me too much.
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4,021 reviews277 followers
July 25, 2019
I always love band/musician books, (been a while since I read a good one, really) and this one is quite the ride!

Les and Evan are bandmates, Les writes the lyrics and Evan writes the music, and they have had a great career over the last few years, at least until their most recent album. At the same time, emotions and feelings are changing and causing conflict between their friendship. Les's go-to is sex, drugs, and alcohol, and it makes for tense situations when Evan is trying to keep their music and working relationship together.

I really enjoyed the mix of what's going on in the present mixed in with the big event that happened six months ago and also with interviews between Les and Evan so you can really see how well they snark, joke, and banter with each other. I just loved their friendship and of course, my heart broke for how much Les wanted Evan.

Also, although it was never really stated I feel like Evan might fall into a demisexual spectrum, with how he viewed sex in his relationships, which I enjoyed. I also appreciated his outlook on keeping his private life private, and then seeing how attracted he was to Les, once he let himself actually go there and want that for himself.

I'll be honest, I'm not so sure I needed allllll the details about Les' sex-capades? Like, there was a threesome - and I get that being a catalyst for everything that's happening in the present, but there was definitely a disconnect for me as a reader/listener in the first half with how long it took them to get together - fake relationship and all.

Greg Tremblay, as always, kills it with his narration. I just love his voices, and his voices for women and how I can always tell who's talking. LOVE the books he narrates!

I received an audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 75 books2,514 followers
March 17, 2022
If ever there was a story about not communicating, it's this one. Les has had a thing for his best friend and bandmate Evan for a long time, and drowns it in meaningless sex, alcohol, and in writing songs that Evan never realizes are about him. Evan feels to me like someone who is demisexual, slow to feel attraction to anyone, with a girlfriend as the book opens whom he's pretty indifferent to. In some ways, Evan comes across initially as cold, critical of Les's excesses and wildness, but unwilling to give of himself to anyone else.

The guys have a kind of forced proximity, as they retreat to their favorite cabin hang-out to try to write a fourth album after the third one bombed. There, spending more time together, they begin to recognize the undercurrents in their relationship. Both men frustrated me at times, and there was a lot of vacillating between them. The moment of crisis at the end of the book felt wrong, for where the guys were in their relationship. And Evan lost brownie points with me for how he handled things.

But the writing kept pulling me in, the guys were interesting and distinct characters, and I was happy to see them achieve their HEA at last.
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670 reviews97 followers
November 21, 2021
MM Romance
Rockstar/Fake Relationship
3.5 Stars Rounded Up

I really like this author but this book wasn’t as good as her “Want me, Try me, Show me” series. I loved the angst factor and it did make me cry because the pain and longing was overwhelming at times but I also hated the end of the book drama that I felt wasn’t really needed.

Evan and Les met while trying to make it big in Nashville. They joined forces and became Porter and Graves (last names) and are currently on the last leg of their tour before they go to their cabin and write their next album. Something happened to rock their friendship 6 months ago and in flashbacks we find out what happened. This event changes their relationship in ways no one expected and before they can get to the good, they go through a lot of angsty shit.

I loved the angst but I would have liked more of them as a couple. They are in a fake relationship during this for publicity and it helps to get them physical both publicly and privately but it felt like they were always holding back despite knowing there’s always been a deep connection between them. I really liked the interviews between the chapters because there was tons of banter and snark and I liked seeing how they used to be before all the drama. Speaking of drama, I felt like what happened near the end wasn’t needed. These two were good for each other and I hated that something so stupid separated them again. It just wasn’t needed and it’s why I’m only rating this 3.5 stars.

Profile Image for JenMcJ.
2,156 reviews313 followers
December 12, 2018
This book was well written and edited but wow, did it feel overly long. I had a hard time with this romance because I never felt that Evan was really passionate about Les. It felt so much more partner/friend/brotherly and when the sex scenes started they just weren't convincing. Even the flashback to the threesome seemed more uncomfortable and reluctant than sexy and lust driven. The most convincing they got was when Evan absently played with Les' hair at a drum circle/bonfire. I thought I could start getting on board but then things go sideways and I just never was able to pick up the thread of that intimacy again.

I did think Les loved Evan but that felt like a lot of gratitude and hero worship mixed in with a constantly partying, horny man getting everything mixed up.

For a book full of music it didn't feel lyrical or harmonious.
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141 reviews37 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
August 12, 2020
I kept trying push myself to finish so I could see how Les and Evan’s story ends, but reading began to feel like a chore so I had to DNF at 65%.

This story started out really strong for me. I loved how opposite and complimentary—at least on stage—Les and Evan were to each other, I enjoyed the music aspect of the story, the fracture in their friendship after the threesome opened them up to confusing and hurt feelings, how imperfect each character was, and all the tension . But then around 50%, the MCs took turns being frustrating to me: Les having sex with others and his drug use and Evan constantly demeaning Les and making cutthroat jabs. The miscommunication started to get old and by where I left off, I was expecting to see some progress to buy into a HEA, but there was none in sight 😩. Maybe I’ll pick this up another time...
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November 20, 2020
I liked the idea of the book. Im not into the pop/rock star trope but I'll read and its written by Neve Wilder so that's a plus. Im glad I read the reviews so I was aware of the slow pace and to guard my expectations, I noticed a lot of people didnt love how Evan was so hot and cold but I understand it. Even though he came out as bi, he seems more like Demi, to me. A demi guy falling for a bi, borderline sexual addict, must be hard, especially since he didnt know Les was in love with him.

I guess what I didnt like was either of their personalities, they had potential, grumpy Evan, was too righteous though and quirky Les had really quirky moments and fun facts but it was always overshadowed by his drugs and sex addiction. Its still a solid read that I finished so 3 stars.

Ps That fucking proposal though! Thats gotta be on my top 3 book proposals
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September 18, 2019
4.5 🌟
This was a very romantic and sexy read, the main characters are two men that work together making music, Les is a writer and has a secret crush for the lead singer Evan, he's reckless and always does what he wants without thinking...
The lead singer Ev on the other hand is very reserved and rational, so when he is forced to fake a romance with Les things get interesting...
If you are looking for a great romance, then this is for you
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December 14, 2018
🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4, Oh My!

Super hot rocker romance, with angst, wit, humour and soul! A great start to a new series!!

So much angst and a lot of ‘will they or won’t they’ but its a hell of a ride!! I loved the premise of this book and Neve delivers! Bisexual Les is a rocker on the rock n roll high, or so you think. Les harbours a serious crush on his fellow bandmate and best friend, Evan. I could feel Les’s struggles and avoidance strategies so help him cope. I felt his emotions, thoughts, and self esteem issues and just wanted to give him a hug.

Evan is a serious artist and is somewhat introverted. I loved Neve’s approach to Evan’s sexuality and that he seemed to be demisexual and needs an emotional connection to have a sexual one. I loved Evan passion and found his seriousness and order so endearing.

The dual points of view created such great angst and insight into each characters thought and feelings. It was hard to read at some times as you just want to say “talk to each other!” so they can finally be together!! But once they are together Neve delivers some serious heat!!! Their chemistry is of the charts and Neve has created so serious steam! I’ve got so say though, even ‘once’ they are together Neve doesn’t let up on the angst and disquiet with an unfortunate turn and some challenging times, it all comes together in the end for a spectacular finish, and oh my its awesome and I look forward to more in this series, hopefully we will get so see more of Evan and Les and if not I hope we see Owen find his HEA 😉 💖!

Thanks for reading 📚!
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