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King Me

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Delaney Mills is haunted by darkness. Not of a spiritual kind, but a terrible past that all the rum in the world cannot chase away. Enter Valentine King, a sexy and irresistible man with connections to the world of Voodoo—a world that Delaney is desperately trying to break into.

Chicago-native Delaney follows her dissertation research all the way to the streets of New Orleans. With King’s help, she uncovers a covert group called the Bondye Saints. The group wants to remain a secret and will do whatever it takes to keep the two quiet. But threats and attacks on her life don’t deter Delaney’s desire to expose the Saints’ sins.

While she’s willing to risk her own life, Delaney hates that the one man who can chase away her darkness is put in danger. But Valentine King refuses to let her go. Because in his world built on faith, Delaney Mills is the one thing he believes in.

305 pages, Paperback

Published January 29, 2019

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About the author

Season Vining

15 books510 followers
SEASON VINING is an author, a designer, a philanthropist, a bookworm, a cook, inked, and a night owl. She loves John Hughes films, tattooed boys, and celebrating anniversaries of her 29th birthday. She lives in Louisiana, and is the mom to the cutest girl in the world.

Season is a graphic designer by trade and adores all form of art. She's a fan of live music, vintage cars, and people who know the difference between their, there, and they're.

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516 reviews234 followers
January 29, 2019
4.5 Stars

Troubled by tragedy, Delaney Mills, 32, sets her sights on New Orleans to refocus and complete her doctorate degree in sociology. There she meets and is assisted in her research by local Valentine King, 26.

I liked King right off the bat. He’s smooth in a cute, not cocky, way and laid back. I wanted a hug too. ;-)
“‘I’m not trying to claim what belongs to me. I’m simply declaring my desire to belong to you.’”

Whatever missteps Delaney made (and she made a few), I was always on King’s side and felt his reactions appropriate. King balanced his faith and a grounding in reality well. His protectiveness of her made him a real keeper.
“But his words touch me, they seek out the deepest cuts and heal them over like they never existed.”

Delaney is determined and stubborn, possibly to the point where she lacked a healthy sense of self-preservation. While I understood she didn’t necessarily believe and was also struggling with her own emotional demons, I also found her a bit reckless with her safety in the face of real world threats at times.

Which bring me to the voodoo premise— major points for originality there. It was intriguing.

This romantic suspense has some thriller/mystery touches, but it’s not what I’d call PNR. The budding romance and hot, steamy times interwoven with some sleuthing, prophecies of danger, and an action-suspense climax balance together nicely. The writing paints the scenes well. I’ve never been to the Big Easy, but I could envision Delaney’s surroundings based off the narrative.

It was also refreshing to see the depiction of an interracial couple. Diversity in the romance market tends to be a bit lacking.

“‘You are always beautiful…but when you fall apart like that, you are everything, all at once.’”

It was easy to feel the attraction between Delaney and King from the start, which made the almost OM scene (see safety details) disappointing. Never the less, the side characters all added something to the story, and they weren’t necessarily your usual cookie-cutter side characters. The story kept me engaged, and I liked the way the pieces came together even if I had a few lingering questions/things I wanted to know more about.

Told via Delaney’s first person POV, if you enjoy romantic suspense or are simply looking for a break from the same old/same old in the romance market lately, this is one certainly worth taking a look at.

Safety Recap:

*I volunteered to review this ARC from the author. All reviews written by Book-Bosomed Book Blog are honest opinions. In the interest of providing unbiased book reviews and to avoid misleading other readers, it is the blog’s policy not to withhold or delay any reviews no matter the star rating. To the best of my knowledge, this title was presented to the blog without any conditions or stipulations.
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3,463 reviews2,357 followers
March 8, 2019
descriptionI was expecting to like this one more than I did. I LOVED the setting and the Voodoo angle. However, the heroine was extremely unlikable, and basically an alcoholic, and Valentine (which is a god awful name for a hero) was a boring cardboard cutout of a character. I also found it annoying that seemingly every man, woman, and child that ran across the heroine fawned all over her. I guess if you like TSTL lushes she was quite a catch...



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Author 15 books510 followers
March 3, 2020
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2LrVQyr
B&N: https://bit.ly/2LmDfDT
Kobo: https://bit.ly/2PGYYqB
iTunes: https://apple.co/2R9irF0

Story Behind the Story:
King Me is a standalone novel set in the city of New Orleans. During research for the book, I was told to "stop digging" into the Voodoo community. So, I did. Then that threat kind of became part of the plot! Voodoo is a religion and I did treat it with respect. I did as much research as possible, but this is fiction and some things are purely that.

Along with all that, this is a love story. A very HOT love story that will have you wishing for your own King and leave you with something to think about in the end...

King Me Mess

King Me Dirty

King Me Spell

King Me Save
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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184 reviews12 followers
February 7, 2019
There are a few reasons why I gave this book two stars. The first reason was because I felt like the writing was a but juvenile. The main character is in her thirty's and the writing was maybe that of a teenager/early college student. Another thing I was not partial too was the whole voodoo aaspect. The second reason was that I found myself bored a lot while reading this and at 30% in I felt like nothing was happening - the romance or the mystery. I want connecting with Delaney like a reader should be and that was probably why I found the story to be dragging on. I thought King was a good character who had so much more potential. I usually love the type of paranormal stuff in novels but this just wasn't doing anything for me, which makes me sad because I love the blurb that was under the description of this book.

I'm sad to say that I will most likely not read another story from this author.
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4,308 reviews49 followers
February 6, 2019
4.5 stars

This author is new to me and I will definitely be reading more from her! The writing kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time with all of the suspense. Delaney is a hot mess and is beyond determined to get her life back on track and finally finish her thesis on Voodoo. So she goes to New Orleans and immediately immerses herself in the culture and nightlife. Valentine King is recommended to her as a guide by her friend. King and Delaney have an almost instant connection but neither of them act on it in the beginning. As Delaney’s research leads them onto a dark and twisted path and puts them into the path of some very bad people that will stop at nothing to not let their secrets become exposed. Will she continue to dig deeper or let this faction win? I highly recommend this book.
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2,474 reviews171 followers
February 4, 2019
First I have to say that Season knocked it out the park with this one! She blew my mind with this story and I have to tell you I love reading about voodoo and hexes and New Orleans and its rich history. So I LOVED LOVED this story like crazy and I recommend it ONE THOUSAND percent!

In this story we get to meet Delaney who is doing research for her dissertation for college and Valentine who is helping her with her research into voodoo because he is a voodoo master. As they are doing their research Delaney stumbles upon a wicked group practicing bad voodoo. As she is threatened and her life is in danger because of this group Valentine is determined to keep her safe.

This is such an amazing story that will have you on the edge of your chair reading fast just to see what will happen next and how voodoo can be used for good and evil.

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99 reviews
January 2, 2019
Mystery and intrigue down in New Orleans. This book had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't get enough. Getting into the history and sometimes, scarier side of the Big Easy and the voodoo scene, Season takes you on a journey with King and Delaney and it is a dangerous ride. Now, the epilogue might have some getting a little ruffled, but keep the story, as a whole, in mind. Awesome work!
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Author 15 books982 followers
February 8, 2019
Season Vining is an author I’ve been familiar with for quite a while, but never had the opportunity to read. I’d always heard good things about her and her novels, so when I was offered a chance to read an ARC of King Me, I said yes without hesitation.

As a stand alone novel, it turns out the King Me is a great place to dive into Season’s catalog. The story centers on Delaney Mills, a graduate student desperate to escape her tragic past in Chicago. She relocates to New Orleans, throwing herself into the research deep end of her thesis focus – modern day Voodoo. Her guide on this supernatural journey is Valentine King, a local whose family roots are firmly planted in the mysterious religion.

Delaney is the quintessential Yankee. She’s a loner, she’s always overdressed for the Louisiana heat, and casual country music references go right over her head. So it comes as no surprise when she must rely on King to introduce her into the close knit community of VooDoo spiritual leaders. Delany’s goal is to publish a dissertation about the importance of the subculture of VooDoo in modern day New Orleans. Instead, Delaney and King find themselves swept up into a decades old mystery surrounding a local fringe group known as the Bondye Saints. The more they dig into the seedy activities of the group, the closer they become.

For me, there were several refreshing elements to King Me. True to the New Orleans setting, several of the characters are African American, including the hero Valentine King. Readers looking for diversity in their fictional characters will be pleased with King’s intelligence and commitment to his family, his heritage, and to his new friend, Delaney. Delaney is a strong and complex female lead. She spends much of this novel haunted by her past, reluctant to share her secrets with anyone while wholly determined to unearth the secrets of the VooDoo community she is studying. And finally, there is the city of New Orleans as the setting. Its neighborhoods and residents are described in extraordinary detail within the page of King Me, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the story.

In addition to King Me, Season Vining has published 4 other novels with another one on the way. If you’re looking for a new author to invest in and especially one that adds a bit of supernatural suspense into your reads, I happily recommend her.
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723 reviews32 followers
August 24, 2021
Talk about a magical mysterious romance

I truly loved King Me. The characters were amazing. The storyline intriguing and driven. There were unexpected twists. Such a fun book.
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258 reviews12 followers
January 28, 2019
Wow! What a ride! Season Vining pulls you into this story from the beginning and takes you on a story that is wild and crazy. I loved everything about it!

Delaney Mills is definitely my kinda girl! There wasn’t a thing I didn’t like about her at all. And seriously I feel in love with Valentine King! He has to be the best book boyfriend ever!
Profile Image for Thumbelara.
13 reviews16 followers
January 30, 2019

I LOVED King. He was sweet, strong and swoon-worthy. I HATED Delaney. Okay, that's not true, but at least half the time while reading this book I was thinking ''Damn, girl. You crazy!''. And I love it when an author can actually make me annoyed with a fictional character. It takes some skill to bring characters to life on paper and I think Season Vining did a pretty great job with Delaney Mills and Valentine King.

I like that Delaney is a headstrong and independent woman, though she could be a little too stubborn and irrational at times, bringing her own life and the ones of those around her in danger repeatedly. King complements her well, being strong but gentle, trying to keep her head straight. He is everything you want in a hero and I'd let him throw me on the table any time of the day 🤭

''I'm not trying to claim what belongs to me, I'm simply declaring my desire to belong to you.''

The story is set in beautiful and sweaty hot New Orleans, Louisiana. As a big fan of this magical city, it was fun to view the city through the author's eyes. I think she described this one of a kind city very well. The good parts (Cafe Du Monde, yumm!) and the bad parts (you better walk home fast after dark).

King Me centers around a dissertation that turns into solving a voodoo mystery and I rolled right into the story, which doesn't happen to me all too often, so I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't aware of the amount of mystery and suspense awaiting me, so that was another big plus.

I only would have liked to learn more about Valentine King earlier in the story. Now I feel important aspects of his life were added later on in the book as an afterthought. I know some  of those aspects weren't relevant to the story, but it would have helped feeling a connection to King sooner.

The last few chapters literally had me on the edge of my seat. Although you know everything is going to lead to a big climax, I still found it hard to predict what was going to happen next. The best and the worst part about this book is the epilogue; SEASON, YOU EVIL WORD SORCERESS. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT TO MY HEART. I was honestly GASPING at the end of the epilogue.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Delaney and King and was a little sad the book came to an end. It think this may be the author's best work yet and I can't wait for her next novel! (maybe a sequel to King Me? *hint hint hint*)

In short:
I would have like to learn more about Valentine King earlier in the story. Now I feel important aspects of his life were added later on in the book as an afterthought.
The intimate scenes were pleasurable to read, fairly fast-paced, but without over-dramatizing the act of love.
I really liked that Delaney and King are an interracial couple, because you don't see too often in the romance genre.
The suspense builds nicely throughout the book.

*I volunteered to review this ARC from the author. All reviews written by Thumbelara's Book Blog are honest opinions.
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593 reviews19 followers
January 1, 2019
“I’m not trying to claim what belongs to me, I’m simply declaring my desire to belong to you.”

King Me is set in New Orleans based around the Voodoo religion/ culture.  It's  jam packed with mystery, suspense, death  and amazing characters, with an equally amazing arc, and don't even get me started on the character development! Not to mention a swoon worthy man.

King Me will keep you on the edge of your seat, and leave you wanting more. Add this to your TBRs, and you'll definitely want to preorder this one. It's not to be missed.
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238 reviews6 followers
December 30, 2018
Secrets, mystery, voodoo, murder,tragedy, and a love story all in one book. What more could you want? You want King and Delaney! Delaney is broken and filled with guilt and in King she finds healing and love. King's slow, calm, and sexy voice will draw you in and make you fall for him. While you root for their love to win, there is a sinister plot being revealed that will leave your heart pounding. You do not want to miss this one!

"I'm not trying to claim what belongs to me, I'm simply declaring my desire to belong to you."
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46 reviews2 followers
December 28, 2018
King Me immerses you in the culture of what seems like a whole other world in the city of New Orleans. Filled with folklore that could very well be true, mystery, suspense, and a hot man, you'll stay up reading way later than you planned because you just can't get enough.

"Everyday my connection to Valentine King grows. What started out as curiosity and physical desire has bloomed into something more- something I can't seem to define. Whatever it is, I know I want to grab hold of it, of him, and never let go."
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7 reviews
December 31, 2018
I was immediately drawn into this book and felt like I was there in New Orleans with Delaney Mills and Valentine King. In the beginning, you can't help to wonder what secret Delaney has hidden and what secrets that Voodoo has hidden. Season Vining takes you on an adventure that you won't want to end. Do yourself a favor and enjoy this "must read". You won't be disappointed!
1,562 reviews61 followers
January 26, 2019
Couldn’t put this book down! The characters of Delaney and valentine are intricate and woven into the storyline. The storyline will leave you wanting more and will give you a massive book hangover! Excellent job!!!
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290 reviews2 followers
March 12, 2019
This was my first book by this author. I really enjoyed it!! I look forward to reading more from her.
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99 reviews6 followers
June 1, 2021
What a great little book! This book gives you a little of everything! Romance, mystery, suspense and a good storyline with well developed characters.
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817 reviews48 followers
January 23, 2019

King Me is another enthralling tale by the talented Season Vining. This author has the enviable ability to weave a world that captures your interest and doesn't let go until long after the tale is finished. The characters of King Me are well thought out and developed, even the supporting cast are not one-dimensional stereotypes, instead, they have a presence all their own and are individuals in their own right.

Our two main characters, Delaney Mills (Laney) and Valentine King (King) are sympathetically drawn, especially Laney who is, let’s face it, running, from a personal tragedy. It was nice to see an older woman/younger man dynamic, and as for the inter-racial aspect, I didn’t even consciously recognise it until it was brought to the reader’s attention later in the book. It was always there, of course, but it wasn’t a focus of the story, which I liked. The reader became invested in the characters in their own right and not because of age or skin colour, and you certainly became invested. Both Laney and King seemed like old friends by the end of the story.

A word about the Voodoo element. I’ve read a few stories with the evil side of Voodoo as a theme and I always approach them with caution. It is a topic that spooks me very quickly, although I love it, and so I kept waiting for the worst to happen. This book is quite mild. There are a few moments where it gets a bit hairy, but it is certainly not overly gruesomely descriptive or frightening, and it will depend entirely on your individual sensitivity level as to whether this will bother you or not. It’s more of a race against time motif, rather than being heavily dependent upon the more ritualistic elements.

The first book of this author’s that I read was Chaos and Control, that one absolutely blew me away, and Season Vining has once again shown her talent in creating this addictive tale. King Me is a fast-paced and exciting glimpse of the world of Voodoo and those who would corrupt it. Once you start this book, you will not want to put it down. The action rarely pauses and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The final line in the book, honestly and cross my heart, it made me break out in goosebumps! So innocent in, and of, itself, but when taken in context with what is said earlier in the story…. Instant chills!!!!! It was amazing!


All my reviews can be found on my blog: The Word Nerd Reviews
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2,771 reviews12 followers
January 16, 2019
ARC received for an honest review

Darkness and mystery about in this thriller set in New Orleans (and man, has this also made me want to go back and visit NOLA).

When Delaney travels to New Orleans to research Voodoo, never did she ever believe in a) voodoo and b) that her asking around would put a target on her back.

From the minute Valentine King meets Delaney, he is hooked.

Mystery, intrigue, suspense. King Me was one of those stories that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading.

Throughout the story I thought I knew who the bad buys were, and I never really knew who I - or Delaney - could trust.

And I am not ashamed to say that I thought some bad things about some of the good guys!

I was completely drawn into the vibe of New Orleans, I could feel the heat, imagine the sights (and the smells - it can be a bit of a stinky place lol).

Now I want beignets, and I want more of Delaney and King.

I can't wait to see what Ms Vining brings us next.

Smokin Hot Book Blog Email
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2,406 reviews55 followers
January 29, 2019
Living in Mississippi and so close to New Orleans, you always hear about Voodoo and things that might have happened because of it. But do you really believe it's true? Well this story will make you think about it more and have you wondering just how true it might be.
Delaney Mills goes to New Orleans to finish her dissertation research and she finds so much more. With Valentine King as her guide and as it turns out he is also connected to the world of Voodoo. But when she stumbles upon a covert group that wants to use Voodoo for the wrong reasons. The Bondye Saints seem to be dissolved until Delaney is threatened a few times.
Valentine King offers to help a Chicago native with her dissertation on Voodoo a few days a week but what he didn't expect was Delaney Mills. She took him by surprise with her pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes, she looks like Snow White. While he is drawn to her, he sees the darkness around her and knows that she has a past that is filled with pain.
Can Delaney and King find out who is involved with the Bondye Saints before someone else comes up missing? Will Delaney and King give in to the feelings that are pulling them towards each other? Can Delaney move from her dark past and have a future with King?
I fell in love with King, Delaney and this story-line and I could not put my kindle down until the battery ran down and it shut off. This story is full of romance, suspense and enough who done it to keep you guessing. I want another book to see what happens with King and Laney next. This is the second book from this author I have read and I can't wait to read more from her.
**I received a free copy of this book to read and review and this is my honest opinion**
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1,099 reviews9 followers
October 6, 2019
Season Vining is a new author to me, and I absolutely loved this book and her writing style. At about half way I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Delaney Mills heads to New Orleans because of a tragedy and dealing with some of her daemons she also wants to get some hands-on experience for her dissertation, but it doesn’t take long before it turns into a mystery that she wants to uncover. She’s stubborn and very determined, I loved that about her. While she is there, she is helped by a local Valentine King.

While she is there working Laney comes into some trouble while digging up some information on the Voodoo culture and finding out about a group of people that everyone thought moved away after they were banished in 1969. So, they retaliated to see if it would get her to stop but it only drove her to dig more an get the answers that she is looking for. I loved that King was right there with her though all the things that happened to her.

King… King…. King… I loved him and is humor. He’s laid back and super cute. He had this draw to Laney that he couldn’t explain. I would have loved to see more of him. Maybe add his POV because in a few scenes it would have been amazing to be inside his head.

While reading this it gave me The Princess and the Frog type vibes and Cassandra (Cas) remined me a little of Momma Odie. Not in the fairy Godmother type way but her attitude

One of the best lines was “I swear, it’s hotter then two rats fucking in a wool sock”

The epilogue was just WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I loved it.
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2,091 reviews150 followers
January 8, 2019
5 Cranky Stars

This is a thriller set in New Orleans and it revolves around Voodoo. The author has done a superb job of describing the New Orleans’ vibe. Our heroine, Delaney has been through a very rough time and is working on her PHD. Since she has always loved New Orleans, she has been researching the Voodoo religion. At 27 years old, she sets out from Chicago, with the help of a college friend to live the life as a native. Her friend sets her up with Valentine King, an expert on the Voodoo culture. Little does she know, he is part of the elite in the religion.

Other people don’t want her investigating this religion. A rogue band that was banished in 1969 is reforming. They threaten Delaney and eventually steal her work. In the meantime, Delaney and King develop an intense passion for each other. Things are not what they seem in this lively tourist town. Of course, Delaney is determined to get to the bottom of it. A definite page turner, edge of your seat kind of book with some supernatural thrown in. I loved it.
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357 reviews1 follower
January 29, 2019
This is my first book from Season Vining, and it certainly won't be my last! It was so unique. And it was quite refreshing to get something new. It's full of suspense and intrigue and romance and angst and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Delaney is a mess, but she's determined to put her life back together and finish her thesis. She finds herself in New Orleans and immediately immerses herself in the nightlife and culture, but she's not always smart about it.

Enter King, a friend of a friend, who has agreed to assist Delaney with her research. The chemistry is pretty instantaneous, but they both hold back for their own reasons. Until they don't. And yeah... *fans self*

Delaney's research leads them down some dark paths and into the crosshairs of a group of people that will do anything to stop them from discovering their secrets.

I really enjoyed this book. The writing was great and it really painted a vivid picture of what was happening. I've never been to New Orleans, but I felt as if I could see and hear and taste all that it has to offer.

I'd definitely recommend this book.
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11.4k reviews150 followers
February 8, 2019
I have gone into mourning since football season has ended, so life has seemed slow. Then I pick up King Me, and OMG! Heart rate goes crazy like I'm watching my favorite football team! I love me some serious suspense, with a dash of romance thrown in, but there is so much more to this story. First of all, there's not much that scares me, but voodoo does, because that's something in the supernatural that I believe exists. And this story seriously had a very realistic feel to it, so I'm glad that I didn't read it at night or I may have had nightmares, seriously, especially since Season Vining was brilliant a word magician, who transported me to the city of New Orleans with Delaney Mills & Valentine King. I mean if the whole murder & mystery doesn't do it for you, then there's Delaney's secrets, and Valentine's sexiness added in. Oh, and so many twists that your head won't be the same. So here's to all the f-bomb dropping goodness in King Me, as I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL!
36 reviews15 followers
January 27, 2019
I will say this AMAZING book starts off with a bang!! It draws you in & does NOT let go till the very end!! The story takes place in New Orleans.....add in some voodoo....(because face these two go together like peanut butter & jelly!! LOL) Season Vining has everything in this book that you could dare ask for from a great mystery....underline GREAT!!! And you will meet your new book-boyfriend Valentine!! All will say is SWOON!! LOL
I NEVER expected this story to be so jam packed to the rim, with one of the MOST fascinating stories I have EVER had the chance to read!!
I totally recommend this book, unique in it's story line and SO consuming with every chapter I read!! I wanted to give more detail but was afraid that I couldn't do it with really giving away spoilers, and I don't do spoilers!! LOL All I will say is Delaney and Valentine are both everything you could dare hope for in main characters! Don't miss out!!
Profile Image for Taylor Mortsolf.
93 reviews3 followers
February 12, 2019
There are a few reasons why I gave this book 3 stars, I liked the voodoo aspect because this topic also interests me, what I didn't enjoy was the fact that the author kept you in the dark about what Delaney did to make her run away, once it was finally revealed what she did, it was sad and I can see how it could affect someone to run away from their family. The second reason was I thought there would be more romance and King was very protective but also standoffish at the beginning of the novel. I thought the plot of the novel was well thought out and I liked that it picked up towards the end of the book, and I am glad that Delaney did go back to her family at the end. The last reason I gave this book 3 stars was because the writing overall reminded me of someone who is younger and not in her 30's. I am all for the girl being older than the guy although personally I don't like that but I feel like Delaney should have acted older then him instead of leaning on him so heavily.
Profile Image for Alycia  Price.
112 reviews1 follower
February 7, 2019
“You are always beautiful to me,” he says with his chin resting on my shoulder. “But when you fall apart like that, you are everything all at once. The light, the dark, the regret and the pain, the love you have inside- all of that is so evident the moment you give yourself over to me. It’s magic and the most beautiful think I’ve ever seen.”

I came across “King Me” in a goodreads group that I’m in and the summary intrigued me. Delaney goes to New Orleans to write a thesis paper on Voodoo. A friend of hers sets her up with Valentine King who knows a thing or two about voodoo and is totally hot. You can tell from when these two first meet there’s going to be a steamy romance happening. While digging up some info on Voodoo Delaney ends up finding some info about the Bondye Saints and a bunch a ruthless assholes. Long story short Delaney and King form a relationship while trying to find the Bondye Saints. I’ve have really enjoyed grabbing a glass of wine and reading “King Me”.
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821 reviews76 followers
March 16, 2019
Season Vining pulls you into this story from the beginning and takes you on a story that is wild and crazy. This story is a thriller set in New Orleans and it revolves around Voodoo. It was so unique and refreshing to read something new. It is full of suspense and intrigue and romance and angst and it kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. The author really did a superb job of describing the New Orleans’ vibe.

The characters are elaborate and real, but also fantastical and deep. This book is truly a complex and beautifully woven mystery. King Me is a definite page turner and an edge of your seat kind of book with some supernatural thrown in. I really enjoyed it.
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183 reviews92 followers
February 11, 2019
Season Vining brilliantly blends this tale of mystery/suspense to keep you guessing.
This contemporary romance thriller is set in New Orleans with Delaney who is working on her dissertation papers on the voodoo religion. Her guide is the sexy laid back Valentine King who has first hand knowledge on this subject.
I enjoyed this quick read and I think the voodoo angle was genius. The characters were well developed and the storyline comes together effortlessly, it's loaded with intrigue, mystery, suspense, romance, detective work, dead ends and heartbreak.
A great Sunday read!
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