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Dear Life,
I get it. You are fond of sending shitstorms my way.
I lost my parents and grew up with one relative after another.
A few months into my marriage, I discovered my husband in my best friend’s bed.
Well, guess what? You made me one heck of a survivor! The joke's on you.
Now this ‘hot’ Doctor you sent my way-the one who moved in next door to my stepbrother--don’t think I will be fooled by his charm like everyone else who is eating out of his hand.
His smart quips, teasing words and piercing gazes do not scare me. I see him for the man because of whom I experienced several ‘firsts’--my first accident, my first ride in an ambulance, and not proud to say it, but my first arrest!
I may not be able to get even with you Life, but I will get even with the Doc! It should be easy for he does have a habit of popping up wherever I go.
Yours insincerely,

187 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 2, 2018

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About the author

Varsha Dixit

18 books300 followers
Varsha Dixit, the best selling author of four successful contemporary romance books. Her debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe was a national bestseller for the year 2010. Varsha was a part of the Indian Television Industry and worked as an assistant director and online editor. She considers herself a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. Even though creativity is gender free,Varsha feels blessed and enriched to be a woman.Currently, with her family, Varsha resides in CA, USA.

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569 reviews433 followers
July 22, 2019
This is the second book of Varsha Dixit that I read after ‘Killer Moves’. This book is very different and does attest to the versatility of the author. Danika while a decent love story, is however, very predictable and typical.

Danika does not have it easy in life. While she is fighting the lack of freedom and respect from her husband, she also finds that he is cheating on her and that too with her friend. Her troubles have only just begun with her losing her job due to politics at work and is involved in a bad accident. She brakes suddenly and the car behind runs into her. She blames Dr Noah for her car being totaled. Dr Noah is in depression as well since his wife’s death.

She turns to her step brother Hans who she is close to and he does help her. Danika however has a strained relationship with Hans wife. She very soon runs into Dr Noah and continues to hate him.

It is not too difficult to guess how the story goes from here!

A light read, but very little to remember the book for…..

My rating: 3.25 / 5.
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Author 16 books84 followers
January 19, 2019
A fast-paced love story between Danika and Dr. Noah. A sweet love story that takes us into the journey of the protagonists and their ups and down. There are many characters in this novel and all of them well etched. I loved the way Danika has overcome her past. Just the kind of character I like who is not accepting a knight in shining armor to come and save her. A fighter till the end. Ms.Dixit is really coming up with some fabulous writing here.
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Author 1 book29 followers
February 10, 2019
Danika is the story of Danika and Dr. Noah. Both who have faced difficult times and inspite of that, they always faced the world with smile and jest.

I loved the character Danika for her cheerfulness and determination of being independent.

Loved reading this fast-paced story which has Varsha's usual protagonists friendship and family relationship. The characters are relatable, which makes an instant connect.

Danika is definitely a must read and it is a light and simple yet good read with a quick fix of romance.
Profile Image for Ishika.
59 reviews14 followers
July 24, 2020
The only reason I ever bothered reading this book was due to its excessive promotion everywhere. Its phoney baloney with tons of predictability and no surprises at all. How are people liking this? And worse even the romance sucks. Nothing like the steamy relation in Killer Moves which pissed me off. I just wished Varsha Dixit stopped writing like she was preparing a script for a Hindi soap-opera.
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8 reviews3 followers
May 18, 2019
Varsha’s books never disappoint and I’ve read most of them including her debut book Right Fit Wrong Shoe. Her stories always have a beautiful flow to it thereby making the book unputdownable. So, did Danika live up to my expectations? Read more to find out.

The story begins when Danika finds her husband cheating on her with her best friend. She is someone who has had a troubled childhood and is worn down by many obstacles which she had endured in the past. However, her stepbrother who she fondly refers to as ‘Bro’ is her backbone through difficult times.

Danika meets Dr.Noah in unfortunate circumstances which lead to her first accident and arrest. The same day, her dreams come crashing as she crashes her car and is fired from work. This makes her even sadder and angrier. She picks up her broken pieces by working multiple jobs to meet both ends.
Danika believes in moving forward come what may. She silently fights each battle that comes in her way until she finds out that Dr. Noah is her stepbrother’s neighbor and also the head of Cardiology in the hospital where he works. She instantly dislikes Dr.Noah for all that he had put her through. She blames him for all her recent tragedies. However, his charms and playful taunts seem to work.

Dr.Noah is a handsome young man who himself is burdened by the demons of his past. When he gets to know of Danika losing her job, he offers her work with good money – he asks her to cook for him. One thing leads to another. Attraction brews, sparks fly and love is in the air. But why does he put up a callous exterior in front of her? Why is her sister-in-law so insensitive towards her? Even in the midst of all these misunderstandings and apprehensions, will love find its way?

Danika is a sweet, romantic tale between Danika and Noah. It isn’t just a boy-meets-girl and then-they-make-out kind of love story. As the story progresses, we get to see multiple layers to Danika’s character – she is sweet, cheerful, loyal, and her never give up attitude is what I loved the most. She loves fiercely, especially her family and doesn’t care if she gets it in return. Her relationship with Noah is complicated for she has been hurt before and is wary of having a man in her life.

Noah is a gentleman, I’d say. He may be a hotshot Cardiologist but that makes him even sweeter and good at heart. I loved the chemistry between Danika and Noah from the beginning of their story and the exchange of their sweet notes made me smile.

The author has a knack of presenting characters that are close to real life -the special bond between Danika and her stepbrother, Danika and her brother’s twins, and even between Danika and her sister-in-law who is mostly uncaring and insensitive. As a reader, you can easily relate to each of them. Danika’s brother gives her strength and their love for each other is depicted well. The sub-plots are beautifully laid out and the flow of the story is great, making the book unputdownable.

I was hooked from the word go and totally loved this story of finding true love and following one’s heart. It is also about family relationships and forgiveness.

That said, I feel Anya’s character could’ve had more depth. She came out as a fun character in the beginning but was lost somewhere in the middle only to make a tiny comeback in the end. The editing also could’ve been better, especially towards the latter half of the book.

Danika is a light, breezy read; a beautiful romance and I’d definitely urge you to go for it.

Check out the review at
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747 reviews178 followers
January 12, 2019
Rating: 4.5/5

I became a fan of Varsha Dixit's writing when I read her book, Only Wheat not White, and since then have obsessively read all her other books. When I got a notification about her latest release, Danika, I wasted no time downloading my copy of the book and I am so glad that I did!

Danika by Varsha Dixit is the story of a woman who has had a series of bad experiences but despite her bad phase that will bring tears to your eyes and make you want to give up, she silently fights her way forward to a happily-ever-after that is so beautiful that it restores your faith in the power of being good and proper despite circumstances.

I loved the cover and the catchy lines on it "Life wasn't easy on her, neither was love..." that will make a reader stop and take notice. The blurb that is a letter from the heroine had me intrigued further.

I confess I went into this book with certain assumptions like feeling certain that the heroine would be bitchy, sassy and not your typical girl-next-door but boy! Was I wrong!

Danika's character is multi-layered and so much more that can be confined to known tags. She is loving, caring and goes over and above the call of duty for her loved ones even when she doesn't get the same feelings reciprocated from them. She is a fighter who falls and then gets up everytime, determined to fight for better. She is kind to strangers but wary of romance and love that has only given her heartache in her life so far.

Dr. Noah Collins was happy in his life before disaster struck and he became a man wary of love and happiness.

I absolutely loved the interactions between Noah and Danika right from the start. They started out disastrously and then fought their growing attraction to finally surrender to their love for each other. The romance slowly simmered in the most delicious way so much so that it still haunts me with its silent intensity long after finishing the book.

Each and every character is this book is well played out and the sub-plots are as engaging as the main one. The unconditional love between Danika and her brother; her support towards her sister-in-law who is sometimes judgemental and always takes her for granted; and her easy love towards her neice is so expertly developed that I felt a part of everything.

Danika's sister-in-law's sister, Anya seems shallow and little too carefree at first but as the story progressed I came to understand her character better and would love to read her story too.

All in all, Danika by Varsha Dixit is a must must read romance that I absolutely adored. It was one of my last books of 2018 and I enjoyed reading it so much that it has earned its place in Njkinny's list of the Best Books of 2018. A through and through entertainer that not only inspired me to stay strong and never give up, it also had me crying, laughing and then sighing, totally in love with the protagonists and the story. I give Danika 4.5 super shiny stars out of 5 and Njkinny recommends it to all romance lovers.

I feel the story ended a little too soon and am eagerly waiting for more stories from the author that will maybe take me back to Noah and Danika in the future.

"Don't pray for a life without problems. Pray for problems with solutions. Then, become the solution."
December 6, 2022
Downloaded this book a week ago and had barely read the first three chapters when I had to put it down, office…office!

Today, I opened it again while I was juggling to and fro in Delhi Metro for office work. It was a big mistake, people were eying me curiously because of my suppressed giggles. When I saw some cocked eyebrows thrown my way, I locked the Kindle and rather listened to the music.

Will complete it at home, I thought.

I am pretty surprised that I managed to stay put on my couch when I finished the rest of the book in one reading after that.

The one below is my favourite part of this book:

“Hi! Is that Noah Ass Colic?” A feminine voice asked.

A startled laugh escaped Noah’s mouth. “Excuse me?”

It reminded me of “a bloody chyawanprash ka dabba” from the Right and Wrong Series of the same author.

The witty humour combined with the dull ache in Danika’s heart which lurched every now and then, kept me hooked. There couldn’t have been any better portrayal of Danika and Noah’s feelings. I loved both of them and I am short of words of how to put forth what I felt when at once I was laughing at the banter of the leads and the next moment I felt a tug for Danika.

It is a beautiful second chance romance book complemented with all emotions put at the right place at the right time.

So, people, if you want to roll off your couch shaking with laughter and with tears in your eyes, this book is a must read.
Profile Image for Jigar Doshi.
123 reviews10 followers
January 29, 2020
Varsha Dixit is a major Bollywood fan which is apparent from the Filmy plots in her novels. Danika, just like her previous works, is a romance novel filled with lots of humor.

Danika has had a tough life. Except her step-brother Hans, she doesn't really have anybody to call as her own. Hans' wife does not like her much but she can live with that. Danika meets with an accident and she blames Dr. Noah for the unfortunate incident and hates him. Things become worse when she realizes that Dr. Noah is a senior of Hans at work.
There is some bad blood and lots of humor before Danika falls in love with Dr. Noah. Predictably, some misunderstandings arise and they fall apart.

Things get humorous, romantic, awry, dirty, melodramatic and predictable.

Varsha's Danika shows her versatility and her hold over rom-com genre. Her ability to weave great stories around strong women protagonists is magical. Also, all supporting characters are nicely etched. Probably, one of the reasons why there is a feeling of little less of Danika and Noah.

A light, breezy and feel-good smile-inducing read.
Profile Image for Karim.
58 reviews
December 11, 2018
OMG...OMG...OMG.....what a wonderful book....love the story, plot, characters and in love with Danika...the character is strong, vibrant and beautiful. Push the shit behind and live the life to full....this type of books are much needed to be read by girls....rather than waiting for the miracles to happen in a unfruitful relations...push and get forward....wonderful book...Varsha....As mentioned I can't wait to read the sequel of Mix Match..and let me tell you....I have never been so eager to read a sequel before....
46 reviews
September 14, 2022
I like Varsha Dixit. As a girl of Indian descent, you have an author who knows how to write about your culture as it coexists in the US. However, she needs to work on editing. In a lot her books, there are simple sentences ending in exclamation points? Why? The sentences then become shorter, and the depth of the chapter is lost. I liked the female heroine more in this book. And… guess what guys? In Indian culture, the women can act bitchy or even bitchier than that. My mom suffered from depression for years from what she endured with her in laws (my dad’s family). Overall, a good read.
54 reviews
January 21, 2019
I love reading Varsha Dixit's books. She never disappoints. This is a cute, sweet and fast paced story. My only critique of the book is that it ends too fast and I would have enjoyed a little more of Danika and Noah and maybe an epilogue. I was left wanting more Danika and Noah.
Profile Image for Inderpreet Uppal.
Author 3 books71 followers
October 24, 2021
Two halves make a whole heart

A bittersweet lovestory with lots of drama! A tough life and tragedy made me root for Danika. Well etched, strong characters made this book interesting. A layered romance.
31 reviews1 follower
March 25, 2019
A beautiful story...

Very nice... Beautiful story.. Broken hearts come together more strong in a relationship ... Two painful souls with a happy ending...
8 reviews
April 24, 2019
Good read

Lovely to read about Danika and Noah. A very nice story and good characters. Enjoyed reading it. Keep them coming
Profile Image for Ankita.
199 reviews3 followers
June 10, 2019
Beautiful story...
Loved Danika's character..strong and fierce with never give up attitude.
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