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Rebellion against the Emperor of Avalon grows as rumors spread of the Collector's defeat at the hands of the Techno Wizard. Sam Shelton and his friends now seek powerful new allies as they travel to the Great Rampart of the Uncharted Lands — a towering, armored wall built for a single purpose: to keep the citizens of the Wildland Kingdom on one side and the foulest monsters in all of Avalon on the other.
Something, however, is not right in the Uncharted Lands. The attacks on the wall grow fiercer, more frequent, more coordinated and Sam's drone catches a glimpse of an evil long-forgotten. Can Sam and his friends convince the Queen of the Wildland Kingdom to fight the emperor or does a slumbering threat pose an even greater risk?

Don't miss the second book in Mike Thayer's The Epic Adventures of the Techno Wizard. The Uncharted Lands delivers more action, more chills, and more laughs in the series that everyone is talking about... everyone cool, at least.

346 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 10, 2018

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About the author

Mike Thayer

9 books34 followers
Mike Thayer is a proud father of three, lucky husband of one, passionate author, budding podcaster, lifelong gamer, viral blogger, degreed engineer, decent impressionist, inept hunter, erstwhile jock, and nerd.

He has cast a ring on the slopes of Mt. Doom, eaten a feast at the Green Dragon Inn, cemented Excalibur in a sandstone block, tasted butter beer at Diagon Alley, built a secret door to his storage room, and written a few fantasy books. What else is left, really?

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Profile Image for Connor.
686 reviews1,656 followers
July 31, 2019
I finished this a while ago and then totally forgot to say on here that I had finished it. I'll track down my notes in a few days once I get back to Florida and make this a proper review!
Profile Image for A.L. Sowards.
Author 16 books1,074 followers
January 29, 2019
I read this one with my twins. We thought the first book in the series was good, and this one, book two, was really good. Lots of action, humor, heart, and epic battles. (If you want to read it, though, you should probably read book 1 first.) We're looking forward to book 3.

4.5, rounding up to 5 for Goodreads.
Profile Image for Mike Thayer.
Author 9 books34 followers
December 30, 2018
I am the author of this book so you can totally trust my review. This book is off the chain. It’s ridiculously incredible.
Profile Image for Danny Moody.
971 reviews5 followers
June 12, 2019
Great sequel! The characters are further developed in a really fun plot. Honestly, I am a sucker for gadiator style combat. I am excited to see what else happens in Sam's adventure.
5 reviews
December 30, 2018
An excellent sequel that continues right where the first book left-off. As with the first book, my whole family is loving this installment, and we eagerly anticipate the continuation of the series. Thanks Mr. Thayer for entertaining us with adventure and humor.
Profile Image for Jilly.
11 reviews
December 5, 2018
This book really picked up the pace as a follow up to “Passage to Avalon”. It has a clever storyline, twists and turns, and awesome new characters. The action is more intense and the dialogue is witty as ever. My favorite character Willow is even more likable and funny. If you like Brandon Mull or Sanderson books you will not be disappointed by “The Uncharted Lands”!
Profile Image for Caleb.
15 reviews
March 22, 2019
Great book

I love the unique idea around this storyline and how well written the book is. This middle aged man loves these middle grade books.
14 reviews4 followers
December 11, 2018
I really liked book two. It took off right where book one left off, and just kept getting better and better. It's longer than book one, but didn't feel longer because the action is faster-paced; it starts on page one, and basically doesn't stop until the end of the book. There is more of everything I liked: more magic (there's lots of new weird, cool, and crazy stuff with aether), more action and fight scenes (the monsters get bigger, tougher, and a lot more numerous, and so do the good guys), the characters get better with added back story that gives them more depth and makes me care about them more. The plot gets better with Sam and the group travelling to a gigantic rampart separating Avalon from the "uncharted lands," where they join up with a bunch of battle-hardened warriors and have some sweet battles. The comic relief and humor gets better...Willow (still my favorite character) pops in just at the right moments to startle Sam and save the day, and Rinni is still busy posting Sam's battles to YouTube, but this time he is cashing in back on earth from his friends new-found fame as the techno-wizard hero of Avalon and number one channel on YouTube. I'm glad I found this series. It's definitely been fun for me and my kids. We can't wait for book three to come out now.
Profile Image for Drew.
18 reviews
February 9, 2019
I really enjoyed the first book, and wondered how the second installment would turn out. I wasn't prepared for how amazing it was. I was blown away. It was both poignant and playful, clever and cool. I laughed out loud several times and just had a fun time reading it. The characters grew a lot in this book. You really get an in depth look at each other them and see both their light and dark sides. I love how individual they are, yet how well they all work together. The new characters are great too and really add a lot to the story. The word building is great, and even though the locations are close to each other, it felt much bigger. I can't wait to see what the next book will be like. A fun read for your kids, yourself, or reading together.
Profile Image for Wes Harris.
84 reviews18 followers
March 9, 2019
I'm a big fan of Thayer's first book in this series, a fun action/adventure book about a teenage kid who ends up in a medieval fantasy world with some cool technical gear including a smart phone with access to Earth and can post to all his media accounts. The characters are fresh and fun, the adventure is smart and thrilling, and the humor is constantly entertaining.

As much as I loved the first one the second installment took the story to a whole new level. If you enjoyed the first one, you will love the second one. This is so good on so many levels: smart, witty, epic, deep, funny. This is a must read.
Profile Image for Zaz.
1,559 reviews56 followers
June 20, 2020
3.5 stars. The read was smooth, even if the story was too much focused on war and fights for my tastes. The use of the technology was nice once again and I liked the interactions between Sam and several of the other characters. Willow and Heinrich were a very pleasant and funny addition, however I found that the rest of the supportive team was too much in the background, especially as most of it was shown mainly during fights. Sam, in another hand, had to face challenging events, leading to some good character's development. I enjoyed this volume less than the previous one, but I think it'd work better with younger readers as it was fast paced with plenty of action.
Profile Image for Dawn.
470 reviews3 followers
February 10, 2020
This was a fun read, I liked it better than the first. It had a faster pace to the story line. It took me a minute to remember who everyone was but once it came back the story moving forward was a lot of fun. I look forward to reading the next one.
Profile Image for Angela.
232 reviews
December 11, 2018
This was a great sequel! Sam had new and different challenges to endure, friend-strengthening moments, lots of wit, and some surprising twists! I’m excited to read more!
Profile Image for Kira.
13 reviews1 follower
March 9, 2020
Another great book by Mike Thayer! I continue to love the story, the characters, and themes in this series about a boy who finds himself in another world with occasional cell phone service back home. This lets him keep the people of Earth up-to-date on his adventures via social media while he wows the people of Avalon with his mysterious technology "magic."

I did have a harder time getting a solid picture of the setting of the Rampart in my head, so I spent the first 2 chapters flipping back and forth between the descriptions and the map. This "pulled me out of the story" a lot initially, but after that I had no trouble.

I really enjoyed the unique ideas in this story and the twists and turns the plot takes throughout. I love the progression of the characters and their arcs and the growth they make as they learn important life lessons. There is a consistent theme of friendship throughout that really ties everything together and adds a wonderful moral flavor.

I highly recommend it!
Displaying 1 - 15 of 15 reviews

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