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Once upon a time there was a very good girl, who followed all the rules.
That girl is dead.

I am no longer Wren Frame, the bird with the broken wing. I am Wren Wander, a rare shapeshifter determined to take back everything the cult stole from me-my health, my hope, and most importantly, my family.

My sister is still out there somewhere. Alive.

And with the help of the four brave, formidable, sexy-as-hell alphas destined to be my mates, I intend to keep her that way.

All I have to do is gain control of my unpredictable new powers, learn hand-to-hand combat, avoid capture by a mad scientist out to rid the world of shifters, and stay ten steps ahead of a Big Bad Evil hungry for my blood.

And that's not the worst of it.

In order to fully control my powers, I have to form bonds with all four of my mates. But for a woman who's been betrayed by every person she's ever loved, trust doesn't come easy, no matter how much I'm coming to adore, and desire, these men.

Can I win this battle of the heart in time? Or will our enemies end our fight for the future before it gets started?

UNTAMED is part two of the Dark Moon Shifters series, a red-hot reverse harem paranormal and urban fantasy romance. Expect pulse-pounding action, suspense, swoon-worthy romance, and four sexy shifter men who will make you wish you had a bear, wolf, lynx, and griffin of your own.

372 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 3, 2018

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About the author

Bella Jacobs

24 books174 followers
Bella Jacobs loves pulse-pounding action, fantasy, and supernaturally high stakes, mixed with swoon-worthy romance and unforgettable heroes.

She adores trips to the dark side and can't wait to take you on her next adventure.

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3,749 reviews443 followers
December 11, 2018
Sweet torture…

This is the second in the Dark Moon Shifters trilogy and, after closing the last page, I want to jump headlong into the last! Wren’s story is a mix of all the good things – sweet and hot romance, paranormal shifters, danger and suspense. Oh good gracious, the suspense! In a world where everything is uncertain, nothing is taken for granted. Nothing…

The quest continues as Wren and her four mates are on a quest to save themselves and the world. An almost impossible task that is plagued by their self-doubt, their individual histories and the overwhelming chaos that has become their lives. Betrayal is an altogether familiar feeling where friends and foes are hard to identify… How do you fall in love, build any kind of relationship with death and danger dogging your heels? Well, this group fights and loves equally fiercely and their story had me, has me, in its delightful grip. Answers have been found yet more questions are raised. And that ending? I would be mad at the author for leaving them, me, right there but… I’m too busy stalking the shelves waiting for the last instalment.

Urban fantasy, reverse harem, suspense, paranormal, definitely. And all FANTASTIC! ~Diane, 4.5 stars
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2,636 reviews52 followers
November 25, 2018
This series is becoming one of my new favorites. With interesting characters, who have a slew of remarkable abilities, and a story line that will suck you right in, it's hard to pin point my favorite thing about this book.
But be forewarned, not everyone will survive in this new world inhabited by shifters and gods and the losses along the way will break your heart. I can't wait to see what the author has in store for the next book because we are left with quite a cliffhanger.
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1,343 reviews77 followers
March 9, 2019
I really liked book 1, esp. the mystery-action aspect to the story. So I was excited to pick up this book. But I just never got that groove back and ended up not liking this one. Sorry.

I thought that the many different POV switches made, imo, transitions very jumpy/skippy. I also found myself rolling my eyes a lot at how sappy the romance angle became. Each time she mates with one of them it was an "I love you!"- "No, I love you more!" love-fest that was just not giving me feels. I think this is bec I've read my fair share of reverse-harem PNR's and I've gotten really picky. You may still end up liking this one. It was just not for me.
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1,193 reviews290 followers
July 25, 2022
1.5 Book 1 had potential; this one was just damn annoying.

It feels like a different person wrote this one. The only reason I read this 2nd book was because well, the previous one had a little bit of potential, so I said hey, why not, let's give this another chance. Maybe I'll find something decent.

Oh, how wrong I was...

Things stopped making sense: the plot leaves a lot of holes and the characters are acting like idiots most of the times. Even the writing style got a lot worse. I skimmed almost all the book, just waiting for something good to happen. Spoiler: it didn't.

I'm sorry I wasted time with this series.
1,355 reviews20 followers
February 13, 2022
Not Rated
I want to start this book review by again stating that my reviews are nothing more than my impressions or opinions of a book. I’m not a trained literary critic. I’m just an ordinary guy who enjoys reading contemporary romance. I’m well aware that even if I weren’t one of the relatively few number of males among the over all population of romance readers who are primarily female, my opinions may not reflect those of other readers. So while the opinions expressed below are mine, I certainly understand they may not be shared by the reader.
At the end of a different Jacob’s book, My Big Fat Bloodsucker Wedding, (which I totally enjoyed), I read a teaser, or introduction, or sneak peak as they like to call them to this series. That book was Unleashed, the 1st book in this series which is what I thought I had purchased when I downloaded this book Untamed. It took a few chapters of me feeling like I got dropped into the middle of a story, wondering where the chapters I had already read in the teaser were, for me to realize my mistake. Unfortunately, that feeling like I was a step behind continued for much of this book. Further, I expect a little angst in my romance stories to keep them interesting and I enjoy ones with the added elements of suspense and danger, but this book was dark with very few light hearted or happy moments beyond the sex scenes when Wren mate bonds with her four bond mates. Lastly even though I’m addicted to the contemporary romance genre, I’ve never been able to become completely comfortable with the casual sex thing that many both male and female protagonists participate in treating sex as if its no more than a physical act like scratching an itch until they find that special person and enter a monogamous relationship. I didn’t even know what a reverse harem was although I guess it’s pretty self-explanatory. The idea that our heroine Wren is banging four guys either one at a time or at the same time, really ratcheted up my discomfort level. I mean an hour after she’s banged Kite who gave her multiple orgasms while expressing their love for each other, she’s already aching to bang one or more of the other members of her harem while fantasizing about being taken by more than one at the same time. Honestly I can’t imagine four alpha males willing to share the woman they so deeply love with three other men because it makes he so happy. And lastly after reading about a quarter of this book, when I finally decided to go to Goodreads to read a few reviews, I discovered that it ends in a big cliffhanger. As it turns out this is a 3 or 4 book series where each proceeding book is built upon the last one. As a rule I really don’t like cliffhangers. I have to be really into a series to be willing to wait for several book releases over months or years to get to the conclusion. And as you can tell from what I’ve written, I’m really not into this book enough to want to continue on with the rest of the story. So I guess the lesson learned here is to try and get as much information about a book before I buy it and then make sure I’m actually buying the book I think I am.
The story is well written with an interesting plot that has plenty of twists and turns. Wren is a great lead character watching her grow stronger while remaining true to herself and become the leader amongst her group of alpha male mates. Maybe for female readers who fantasize about having threesomes or foursomes or who just don't share my inability to believe you can truly love someone and want to be with someone else or be willing to share them sexually with someone else will love this series. It just wasn't me.
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424 reviews6 followers
January 4, 2019
I really loved this second book in the Dark Moon Shifters series! Having enjoyed the first book, I was eager to get stuck into this and see where the Author took the story, and I have to say I’m impressed!

I loved the way the Harem built, the way the Characters got to know one another, and the why and how of each person who became mated to Wren. Each decides to bond for a different reason, in their own time, and I loved that fact.

The story builds more on the world we have been introduced to, and each chapter had a new thread to be unraveled. The plot line is so much fun, and there are multiple twists and turns, shocking outcomes and intriguing events.

At each point through the story where I have thought I have a handle on where this tale is going to go, where it is going to end up, something new and exciting happens to throw me back off course, and I love that. It has had me glued ti each page, eager to see more of the Characters interactions, eager to see what would happen next and how they would handle the new situation.

This isn’t a typical storyline of girl meets guy and things miraculously all go right. Rather she meets the people who are destined for her, they build something together through trust and understanding, and use that in various situations. Not always brilliantly, because hey, we all make daft choices at times.

I do have a couple of questions about the story so far, but they are the sort that I can happily assume will be addressed in the next book, there is nothing that screams out at me that makes no sense. Although there are new elements being added to the story as we go, others get tied of tidily at the same time.

All in all, a very entertaining read that is heartwarming, surprising, funny and shocking at various points. If you enjoy Fantasy Romance, Reverse Harem type Fiction, then this will be perfect for you, and even if not? I suggest you give this a go anyway. You never know until you give it a go!
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336 reviews2 followers
October 26, 2021
DNF at 83%

I don't know if the other reviews were made by people who haven't had their fair share of RH like I have or if their standards are too low but this book was not good.

The first one got me hooked and I was relieved I found something good again (it's becomming harder and harder) and then this one ruined it.

It honestly feels like a draft. The ideas are good but the way it has been written is not.

There are too many random jumps in time that is hard to keep track of what is going on in the story and hard to make a connection with the characters.

The scenes also feel paraphrased. Instead of there being a comversation between the characters that could have made me feel anything (love, anger, sadness, happy, to laugh) it just summarized what happened.

It is also very hard to know what's going on because the author writes it in a way that makes you feel you skipped some chapters and missed conversations were relevant info was given... like when she goes from being a fox to a bunny and her reflecting it being the 3rd animal she's turned into and I'm like... when did she transformed into the 3rd??

*spoiler ahead*

Did I miss the part were apparently the boys can telepath with each other??
What was the point of including the villans POV here? It totally threw me off because it didnt matter, no plan worked. Everybody knows everything all the time, there is no mistery no suspense...

Dust died for like 2s and wren revives him the next and then they move on!!!

The sex is waaaay too random (this opinion comming from someone that has read MANYYYYYY RH to count) no feelingss just forced by the author.

She transforms into a freaking dragon and nobodyyyy reacts in any waaayyy!! Like its normal, like she's done it since the beginning!!!

I should stop because I am getting mad with this jajajaj

I wanted to like this ones but for now I will look for something else...
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2,289 reviews68 followers
January 16, 2020
Untamed: A Shifter Urban Fantasy by Bella Jacobs is the second book in her Dark moon Shifters series.

Told in multiple POV's but mostly from Wren's POV, this second book in the series continues the awesome storyline of Wren and her potential mates and their battle to save the world from a megalomaniacal evil being.

The storyline remained fluid, the world-building information and supernatural lore parsed out as and when needed without taking away from the ACTUAL storyline. Wren's thought process and feelings always seemed genuine and validated based on the seriousness of the situation she finds herself in and the attention of not one but four men destined to be her mates who will make her the strongest she can be to defeat the big bad was handled so well. This books ramp up the chemistry a lot more and also finds our heroes in multiple precarious situations as their plans keep being tested. Loved it! Enjoy!

Unleashed A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Romance (Dark Moon Shifters Book 1) by Bella Jacobs Untamed A Shifter Urban Fantasy (Dark Moon Shifters) by Bella Jacobs Unbroken A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Romance (Dark Moon Shifters Book 3) by Bella Jacobs
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1,888 reviews45 followers
November 29, 2018
Untamed is the second book in the Dark Moon Shifters series by Bella Jacobs. I highly recommend that you read the first book, Unleashed so you are caught up with Wren and her alpha mates. They synopsis explains it perfectly so I will make this quick.

Wren and the shifters she was destined to love are on the run. They need to prepare for the fight of their lives. Against Atlas. Enemy to all. Wren needs to know her powers. Her shifting abilities. How to fight. How to win. Her mates are there to build her strength. Her heart. Her hope. To form their bonds. She is new to it all. Do the five of them have what it takes to get her ready to kick ass and rid the world of Atlas?

I don’t usually read urban fantasy but I was sucked in from the beginning of Unleashed. It does help that there are four sexy alphas wanting a taste of an up and coming badass Wren. It is certainly action packed and I am not only talking about the sex either. Wren has to train for this fight. They are on the run at the same time. It’s never boring with this group.

Overall...it’s a sexy, action-packed, and fun book. I can’t wait for the next book! And yes, I still have my favorite and it hasn’t changed. Lol.


I want to drown in him, to get lost and found in the primal escape he offers with every possessive sweep of his tongue against mine.

“You can do anything you set your mind to, Snow,” I say, believing it with all my heart.

First, I’m going to put a happy smile on that pretty face. Then I’m going to show her why, once you go lynx, you never go back.

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1,641 reviews142 followers
December 2, 2018
Untamed is the second book in the Dark Moon Shifters series by the talented Bella Jacobs. I never knew paranormal could be this good. Bella has opened up a new world for me where I'm so immersed I can't hear people calling my name. Wren and her mates are in for the fight of their lives and the danger is coming at them from all sides. Who can they trust? Will they make it out? Wren has to form bonds with all four of her men in order for them to be strong enough to defeat the biggest enemy there is. They are training, learning, fighting, loving and even laughing. They have to keep living so they can remember what they are fighting for. Bella hooked me from the first sentence and I didn't want to stop reading. That ending?! Oh my! I am not so patiently waiting to see what's going to happen next!

Trouble. Luke is a trouble enchilada smothered in trouble sauce with a side of frustration salsa.

You can't run away from your heart or your dick. Both of them come along for the ride, and both of mine are in way too deep with this girl.

So damned sexy… I mean, the man is basically a walking, talking, scowling, brooding testimony to why girls love bad boys.
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441 reviews16 followers
December 14, 2018
Untamed is Book Two of Bella Jacobs’ Dark Moon Shifters Trilogy and is an exciting and fantastic continuation of this series. Wren’s connection with her four mates, Luke, Creedence, Kite and Dust, grows stronger as they work, train, fight and love together to try and protect the other shifters from the evil that hunts them all. Untamed is a magical journey replete with moments of danger as well as the sexy, hot and emotional connection shared between these intriguing and captivating characters as they continue to find their way together. The suspense and uncertainty will keep you on your toes and questioning who you can trust, what is imaginary, and what is real.

But be ready for it, because Ms. Jacobs will leave your soul dangling at the turn of the final page, anxiously awaiting the conclusion to this masterful achievement in paranormal writing. As mine has been, your heart will also be left with a deep desire to hold Book Three in your hands and finally be on the path to discovering what fate has in store in this world of supernatural villains and the heroes that are destined and determined to fight for the world and their future together.
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1,548 reviews84 followers
December 4, 2018
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is the second instalment of the series and cannot be read as a stand alone, nor would you want to. This series is epic and totally takes you along for the ride.

Wren and her harem of men have many talents and each time one of the completes the bonding process, Wren becomes that much more powerful and the love between them all helps strengthen them as a group.

Wren has a wonderful heart and the guys really do help to look after her and she in turn looks after all of them the best way that she can. Wren learns so much in this book about her past, her guys pasts and that of the greater world around her. She is no longer the sheltered woman she was living with her parents unaware of the greatest evil in the world.

The book had me i tears a few times as i was so invested in the characters as the y found hardships and a stronger bond as a group.

I am so looking forward to see how the series ends with book three, but have no doubt that it will be epic!
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702 reviews
December 4, 2018
Love this series. This is book 2 and the saga continues with Wren getting more comfortable with her shifter abilities and more familiar with her 4 handsome shifter partners. The struggle to determine who is friend and who is enemy continues but we get a better feel for how things are in this world and how they got that way. Each of the 4 protectors each have their own ways and they are slowly coming together for the greater good but there are struggles along the way. This series takes you to a fantasy world where paranormal meets "normal" and the two clash. Sweet Wren with the heart of gold is pegged to save the world with her mates but she has so much to learn.

I received an early copy to read and review and give my honest opinion. I love how this author takes you inside this fantasy and gives you enough reality to make it seem real. The characters are all loveable even with their differences. I think I want Cree for myself although Kite, Dust, and Luke are equally hot. Lucky Wren. I love it and highly recommend it.
4 reviews
January 14, 2019
Bella does an amazing job developing the main characters, and bringing them to life. The plot lines in Unleashed and Untamed are both fast and action-packed. Each obstacle they face reveals just a little more of each characters’ backgrounds, giving insight to where they come from and how that influenced who they currently are, much like pulling layers off an onion. The characters continue to play off each other, slowly meshing together their disparate personalities to become something cohesive, centered around the heroine, bolstering her confidence, power, and love- making the group much greater than the sum of their individual identities. I can’t wait for the next book. I read the first two in under a day.
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709 reviews
June 24, 2019
Awesome read!!

Loved this book so much more than the first. There was so much information revealed and even though Atlas is a very powerful opponent to Wren and her mates, the elimination of Dr Hightower helped even out the playing field a little. During most of this book, I felt like too many odds were stacked against Wren but by the end of this book, I don’t feel the same. Even though it ended with a cliffhanger, the author created just enough hope for the reader.

The relationships with all of Wren’s mates have progressed mentally and physically in this book. Luke’s history was revealed and the story of Wren’s sister is brought to light a little bit.

Fantastic book and awesome series and I can’t wait to read the next one!!
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1,517 reviews
December 3, 2018
I love this series so much! Bella sure knows how to suck you in with fantastic characters and an amazing story line! This is some incredibly imaginative and intriguing paranormal romance that has brought e back to my love of this genre! And did I mention Wren's 4 sexy mates? Each man brings something different and unique to the table in every way. It's a good thing Wren doesn't have to pick and choose because I don't know how she would. This is a sexy, intense action packed paranormal romantic suspense that you won't be able to put down. It will leave you with your heart in your throat on one heck of a cliffhanger. I can't wait for more!
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3,445 reviews41 followers
December 3, 2018
4.5 Stars
This is the second installment in the series and just as good if not better. I'm hooked on this series. The action and suspense keeps me on the edge of my seat through out the whole book. This book will suck you right in and you won't come for air until you're done. Bella Jacobs did a bang up job writing the bad guys because they are evil! Along with the action there is a lot of swoon worthy romantic moments that will make your heart sigh. The ending of this one has me eagerly awaiting the last installment.
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880 reviews
December 13, 2018
A Review of Untamed by Bella Jacobs (Jessie/Lili)

Wren - 5+++++ Stars

This storyline gives us Wren and her four shifter mates. This is the second book in the series, so if you haven't read the first book, I would definitely recommend you read that one first to get a baseline of all the characters and how they came into existence together. There is at least one more book in this series, so I am looking forward to that one to see what happens with Wren and her mates.

**Honest review voluntarily provided from a Complimentary Copy**
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76 reviews5 followers
January 18, 2019
Really impressed with the writing. I highlighted more great turns of phrase in this book than I have in anything fiction I read all last year. I also really enjoy the premise of this adventure and the bad guy is cleverly done.
I also deeply appreciate that her love interests do not exhibit toxic behaviors. So many books with bad boy love interests include toxic abusive behaviors that the author has the main character accept as par for the course or exciting. I hate reinforcing toxicity as acceptable and really appreciate the healthy role models that Bella Jacobs has offered here.
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223 reviews99 followers
June 11, 2019
This book is marginally better than book one and I did finish it with a heavy dose of skim reading.

I’m not writing a huge review about this book as all the points from my first review still stand. Again the redeeming factor was that the characters, even Wren this time. I found her somewhat more relatable but not enough to love her.

I won’t be continuing this series, I did start the third book but then thought to myself if was a chore reading this book to completion so I’d rather not do that again with the third.

Some people may love this series but it isn’t for me.
113 reviews1 follower
December 3, 2018
A must read

This book is a must read. This story brings toy along for the continuing journey of Wren and her 4 mates. With cornerthe fate of the world in their hands and danger around ever corner, these 5 shifters must learn to trust each other while learning their true feelings and discovering just what kind of people they really are. Dont hesitate, purchase this book because its worth it.
1,101 reviews1 follower
December 11, 2018
This book has a little bit of everything!

So the harem gets more defined and Wren starts to come into her powers - the shapes she can shift into are pretty cool!

To be honest - it took me longer to get into this one than I expected. But at one particular point - I was like - dang - I really care about these people!

This book is full of fantasy, twists & turns & shifts that you won't see coming. It's an enjoyable series and I'm looking forward to see how Wren gets out of this mess (fingers crossed w/ her and her mates intact).

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance reader copy.
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369 reviews2 followers
December 5, 2018
So much lovin’ and action

I love this series! This continuation is action packed and full of sexy moments. I can’t explain how attached you get to each of the characters. You can’t get comfortable in what you know but it is so fast paced that you don’t have to worry about no knowing for long.
18 reviews
December 6, 2018
Really Like It

This book was amazing and I look forward to book 3. There are so many twists and turns and definitely suspense at the end... if you’re looking for a book that does not end in suspense weight for the third book before reading this series because you will want more right away!!!
271 reviews6 followers
December 8, 2018

The evil in this is real, and so powerful. With so many possibilities of failure and only one with a happy future, I'm not sure how it'll come to be. Wren and the guys steal little moments of happiness in between running from all the bad guys after them. And that ending...hmmm...I hope the finale comes soon
539 reviews1 follower
October 24, 2019
Solid 4.5 stars

I’m really enjoying this series, the characters, and the world Jacobs has built. I like the unique spins on the supernatural, combined with the more well known tales on certain aspects. It’s a great combination that makes for an amazing story. I’ll definitely be continuing the series, I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for Wren and her mates.
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644 reviews
December 6, 2018

So much action, emotion, twist and turns. Wren has to train, be a savior and balance love life. So many plots and cliffhanger that I cant wait to see what happens finally with her mates
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851 reviews10 followers
December 7, 2018
Great book!

So glad to be able to read the sequel and cannot wait for the third. Things left off in a bad state after book 1 and wren and her guys really have to dig deep to keep moving forward. Love, lust, betrayal and friendship are woven through the story.
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1,344 reviews48 followers
February 26, 2019
4 stars !!!!!
Bella Jacobs has pulled me in with this series . I am loving every second of it . I love all of the characters except the evil ones of course . my only complaint is I want more and more isn't out yet. Way to go Bella Jacobs.
172 reviews4 followers
December 14, 2018
It feels like...

It feels like a soap opera or perhaps a rollercoaster. Every time one crisis occurs another isn't too far behind. This book is non stop love, intrigue, betrayal, and mystery. Prepared to be glued till the end when you are stuck on a rude cliffhanger!
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