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God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel: How Truth Overwhelms a Life Built on Lies

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A captivating first-person look at one of the world's most powerful prosperity dynasties that offers a unique perspective on greed, the Church, and the journey toward Truth.

Millions desperate for hope and solutions are enticed by the promise of the prosperity gospel--that God will do whatever they need with just a little faith and a financial gift. All the while, prosperity preachers exploit the poor and needy to stockpile their riches. What can followers of the true gospel do to combat the deception?

Through a remarkable and fascinating journey, Costi Hinn went from a next-generation prosperity preacher to the first to abandon the family faith and share the true gospel. Nephew of the world-famous televangelist, Benny Hinn, Costi had a front-row seat to the inner workings and theology of the prosperity gospel. But as Costi's faith deepened, so did his questions about prosperity teaching. As the deceptions in his past were exposed, Costi came face to face with the hypocrisy and devastation caused by his belief system, and the overwhelming truth about the real Jesus Christ.

This captivating look into the daily lives of one of the world's leading prosperity dynasties offers a thoughtful perspective on the perils of greed, the power of the true gospel, and hope for the future of the global church. Through real-life stories, Costi challenges and equips readers to be living lights pointing the way to the true gospel and the saving grace of Christ. God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel will bolster your faith and encourage your own journey toward the Truth.

Spanish edition also available.

224 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2019

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About the author

Costi W. Hinn

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Costi W. Hinn is a pastor and author who is passionate about equipping Christians to boldly live out the gospel of Jesus Christ. His stand for truth and refutation of the prosperity gospel have been featured on CNN and in Christianity Today and in numerous other publications. He is married to the love of his life, Christyne, and they have three children.

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6 reviews20 followers
July 9, 2019
I was 16 when I came to the realization that the prosperity gospel was a lie.

Up to that point, two things were true: I didn’t know what the prosperity gospel was and I believed it. By the first statement, I mean that I didn’t know that what I believed that what I saw on GOD TV, TBN, Daystar, etc. was not historic, orthodox Christianity but this twentieth-century aberration called the prosperity gospel.

Growing up, I watched Joyce Meyer every morning as my mother got us ready for school, watched Kenneth Copeland every evening with my dad and my definition of a solid teacher of the Bible was Creflo Dollar (and yes, that’s his real name). In short, though I didn’t know it by the name of the prosperity gospel (or the Word of Faith or the Health and Wealth message), my theology was straight up prosperity gospel.

In the near-pantheon of “God’s Generals” I always watched and adored, there was one man who towered above them all. That man was Benny Hinn. My father revered (and continues to revere) this man with the white suit and the Middle Eastern accent as one of the best ministers of our days. I can still remember my dad getting the latest crusade tapes and making us watch them or going to the old UPG bookstore in North London and spending hours trawling through the latest teaching cassettes and looking for the newest “revelation” from Pastor Benny.

I didn’t know Benny Hinn but it sure enough felt like I did.

I didn’t know Benny Hinn but Costi Hinn did - because that’s his uncle. He travelled the world with him, saw his ministry about as up close as one humanly could and he lived the lavish lifestyle that came with it.

In God, Greed and the (Prosperity) Gospel, Costi takes us deep into the heart of his story. If you read this, expecting to hear a tell-all book with salacious and outrageous stories, I have to disappoint you: this is not that. Within these pages, you get the careful, measured and balanced take of a man who saw it all, did it all and is thankful for God’s grace in the Gospel for bringing him out. Weaving together personal story, historical analysis and theological awareness together, Hinn presents the truth about the prosperity gospel’s message and the liberating hope of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, but perhaps this will help in that endeavour. I was impressed and encouraged when Hinn announced that all proceeds from the publishing of this book would go to the training of pastors in the Majority World.

All in all, this book is a needed panacea to the false gospel of the Word of Faith movement and I would encourage anyone caught up in the movement, curious about it or even just those who have family in it to tolle lege - take up and read!
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Author 5 books170 followers
July 10, 2019
The so-called prosperity gospel has been a virtual “wrecking ball,” inflicting damage on the unsuspecting, infiltrating local churches with a diabolical message of health and wealth, and inviting the wrath of a holy God. The prosperity gospel is not another version of the gospel. It is “a different gospel,” one that not only devastates and deceives – this gospel damns.

The apostle Paul addressed the church in Galatia and confronted the false gospel of his day:

“I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel- not that there is another one, but there are some who trouble you and want to distort the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed” (Gal. 1:6-9, ESV).

False gospels must be confronted, as Paul addressed the Galatians who turned to the “gospel” of the Judaizers in the first-century. Costi W. Hinn confronts the prosperity gospel in his latest book, God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel. Hinn clearly defines the poisonous effects of this pernicious movement: “The prosperity gospel is here to stay and is spanning the globe, doing damage to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It is an evil that poses as a blessing but is truly a curse. It appears to be a loving extension of God’s goodness but is arguably the most hateful and abusive kind of false teaching plaguing the church today.”

Hinn describes how he grew up and was groomed to serve alongside his famous uncle, Benny Hinn and how God revealed the diabolical underpinnings of the prosperity gospel, which led to his repentance, conversion, and departure from the movement.

The author describes the origins of the prosperity gospel and the core elements with all of its trappings. He demonstrates from Scripture why prosperity teaching is abominable and warns readers to flee from its deadly influence. Hinn reveals ten reasons that the prosperity gospel is antithetical to Scripture:

It distorts the biblical gospel.
It insults God’s nature.
It confuses the atonement.
It demeans Jesus Christ.
It twists Scripture.
It is motivated by love for money.
It produces false converts.
It overcomplicates faith.
It ruins Christianity’s witness.
It abuses vulnerable people.
Thoughtful and discerning readers will take these principles to heart and be careful to guard the biblical gospel.

Costi Hinn does not shy away from controversy. But he also speaks the truth in love and his arguments are grounded in grace. God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel is sure to raise eyebrows. Hinn’s work is a labor of love that will serve the church well. And it will surely draw some people out of this false system and lead them to the truth.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.
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9 reviews
June 4, 2019

What is the prosperity gospel? The book addresses the very subject from an autobiographical perspective. Hinn has a warrant for writing about the prosperity gospel for the following reasons. Firstly, the book is written with a grievous heart. Hinn expresses his love for his family in spite of what his family name is known for. He does not condemn his family but writes from a heart of conviction that the Bible is the sole source of truth and it by no means endorses the idea of the prosperity gospel. Secondly, his family ties to the famed prosperity preacher Benny Hinn is a reason in and of itself to be considered credible. As the nephew of Benny Hinn, he gives an inside perspective of what life is like being on the receiving end of deluded and psychologically manipulated people’s wealth. And thirdly, he tackles the issue from a thoroughly biblical perspective. Hinn does not shy away from addressing the issue head on with the authority of God’s word. Throughout the book, it is described that prosperity preachers and its proponents often use scripture to allegedly reinforce their claims of wealth gain, special anointing from God, and physical healings several many others. Hinn addresses those claims by looking at the context of each Bible verse and passage.


Early in the book, Hinn prefaces that in spite of the autobiographical content, the book “needs to glorify God and communicate the gospel… the glory of God is the chief end of every Christian’s story” (14). With the firm conviction that the truth is what distinguishes between what prosperity theology and true biblical theology, the book is also a call to action. The book explains that loyalty to Jesus demands a public stand for the true gospel. Thus, Hinn calls his readers to that very thing. The book may include a personal account of the author’s life but his story is but an agent of communicating the bigger reality of God’s purpose. As a result, the book concludes with a chapter on practical application in light of what he writes about the dangers of health-wealth theology.


Hinn writes with a spirit of humility. The book is a mixture of both theology and stories. The stories are meant to bring out the personal experiences with his upbringing while the theology targets the hermeneutical errors that the prosperity gospel perpetrates. Yet neither of those are exhaustively recorded in a definitive manner. Hinn acknowledges a wealth of other books and resources to help address the topic.

Hinn’s own testimony of his past was in some respect a testimony of embarrassment. He writes, “There are wealthy people who have lots of money but don’t live lavishly; then there are wealthy people who have lots of money and know hot to turn lavish novelty into normalcy. We were the latter” (55). This book is written with raw honesty and regret, which shows that Hinn is a man committed to telling the truth with integrity about the prosperity gospel. Writing about a past experience, you can hear the author’s heart in these words: “We were supposed to heal these poor souls. Why weren’t they being healed? These children were supposed to grow up healthy, wealthy, and full of joy. Why couldn’t we just help them all right now? That’s what we promised, but not what we delivered” (72-73). I believe what is expressed there is that the essence of the prosperity gospel is a delivery of empty promises.


I personally found this book to be a page-turner. I tried to find some issues with the book but I have to say that I haven’t found any. The author’s autobiographical account is something to appreciate and his theological analyses is something to be seriously considered. The book is not written with technical language per se so it is a book that anyone can pick up and read. The word “gospel” literally means good news. The book shows that the prosperity gospel is clearly not good news but bears a name of manipulative tactics and spiritual abuse for selfish gain. It proves that only the true gospel of Jesus Christ revealed through the Bible is the only gospel that saves. At the rate that the prosperity gospel is spreading whether you are aware of it or not, pastors, leaders, and all Christians (frankly maybe even non-Christians) will be helped by reading this book.
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1,061 reviews42 followers
May 11, 2020
It’s easy to write people off as unchangeable if they are completely caught up in false teaching, but then aren’t we as guilty of disobedience as they are? For then we are neither loving as Christ loved nor earnestly contending for the faith. Not that we will always see them come to the truth, but we will have been faithful. That was the biggest lesson I learned in this book. Be faithful. No matter the cost, no matter the pain, be faithful. Be faithful to stand without compromise, love without compromise, and obey without compromise.
It starts out though, by showing us just how completely an idea, in this case a false one, can control and dictate every aspect of your life. Costi lets us catch a glimpse of the power, privilege, and controversy that growing up Hinn meant. It’s heartbreaking really. While he had everything this world could ask for and supposed blessing from God to boot, nothing could protect them from pain and suffering, and they didn’t know how to handle it. They couldn’t handle it. It was even sadder because they had the answer right before them in the Word of God.
Then he shows us the slow but beautiful way that God broke through the lies and opened to him His glorious truth. It was painful at times, but as Costi sees the truth he explains it to us as well.
The last section is not biographical; instead, it is a short intense Bible study about health, wealth, and the true Gospel. Hint, balance is important here. That part was really good, so was the rest, but that part was really important. After carefully defending the truth, he ends with a section of hints and strategies to enable us to reach out with truth and kindness to all those around us.
I would highly recommend this book. Even if you are in a church that doesn’t promote this particular heresy, it has so crept into our culture that you will face it at some time. Be prepared.
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Author 6 books96 followers
May 21, 2021
God prompted me to read this book at the perfect time. Though I've had it on my Kindle possibly over a year now, I felt the need to read it this week. I've never believed in the prosperity "gospel", but people close to me have, and I would like to steer them to the Truth. Costi's account of the prosperity gospel is both informative and eye-opening. The final chapter of this book is the exact information I've been needing to mend my own heart and to be able to speak God's Truth with love to those who are deceived. Excellent, excellent read!
Profile Image for Arianna.
70 reviews4 followers
January 20, 2022
This book was phenomenal! It goes in depth into the prosperity ‘gospel’ and how it is infinitely worse than the true eternal gospel of Christ. For a majority of the book it is Costi Hinn’s personal testimony and his life before turning to the true Christ. I would totally recommend to anyone who wants to better understand the teachings of the prosperity gospel and how to communicate with those in deception. The author does a good job of writing with lots of grace and humility to those who are confused by this topic. I loved it!

This book is just amazing, i love Costi and his work against the falsehoods of the prosperity gospel.
275 reviews8 followers
March 5, 2021
The book surprised me ,sure it was simple to read but it's an interesting story. Also that Hinn clan has a talent for evoking emotions. When the author retold the story of Joseph and his brothers, I almost got teary eyed. Mr Hinn sacrificed a lot for Christ.
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1 review1 follower
June 7, 2019
Wow, this is a story that needs to be heard. God, Greed and the (Prosperity) Gospel is largely autobiographical, as Costi Hinn shares his life story of growing up in his father's and "Uncle Benny's" ministry. The book could be broken into three parts. First, Costi discusses the excesses of the celebrity preacher lifestyle that he grew up in. Then Costi tells how God used several people in his life to wake him up to the profound errors that his family taught, eventually leading him to become a trained pastor preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The last 1/3 of the book transitions into a more didactic discussion of the prosperity gospel, why it is erroneous and dangerous.

I had read Defining Deception and some of Costi's interviews, so I had heard some these stories before. However, it was edifying to hear them again, as Costi adds more stories and shares his personal testimony in greater detail. The narrative style of the book serves to point to the propositional truths of the gospel, no distract from it. Costi speaks with a heart to heart style, like a father talking to his son about his own past failings.

If you are looking for tell-all exposé or a exegetical refutation of prosperity theology, this book isn't it. At about 200 pages, it is an easy read and does not bog itself down in trying to address every false teaching in the movement. Hinn does provide references for future reading at the end of the book. There are so many resources on the subject (i.e. MacArthur's Strange Fire, Justin Peter's Clouds Without Water) that Hinn was wise not to try to outdo what has already been done well.

This would be a great addition to any church library or personal bookshelf. Virtually every church in America has been influenced by the prosperity 'gospel,' and every Christian now has one more resource to combat it.
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279 reviews23 followers
October 11, 2021
The book is essentially Costi's personal testimony--from growing up in a prosperity gospel dynasty to believing the true gospel. It ends with some brief, focused discussions of the theological issues of the prosperity gospel, and of how to engage with friends and family members caught up in it. THese are useful, but bite-size. The book is not mainly (in my view) the place I'd send people if they were trying to understand the wickedness of the prosperity gospel.

What I would send them to this book for is a wonderful testimony of the Lord's grace. Costi beautifully captures many instances where the Lord was so gracious to place genuine believers in his life to model godliness and confidence in the Lord's providence. Like many people, it took time to Costi to see how badly he had been taught to treat God's Word. Here is a testimony of God's patient faithfulness to him.

I appreciate how hard Costi works to celebrate God's work in others, and to speak respectfully of his family in general, and his uncle Benny in particular. You don't leave this seeing Costi as the hero. He's very humble in acknowledging where he has not acted perfectly. You will leave this seeing God's kindness to Costi.

I pray he uses my brother Costi for much good in coming years.
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1,100 reviews144 followers
April 12, 2020
I always love a good story about how God's grace has brought a sinner to repentance. The moment when it all clicks for Costi—when he sees how his promotion of the false prosperity gospel has offended God and injured others—is glorious. He learns to count the cost instead of the perks. The book also includes useful information on why exactly the prosperity gospel is false, and it avoids going into the opposite ditch by also taking down the equally false and man-centered poverty gospel. Of course there are some spots where our theology diverges, but what a delight to call this man my brother. I'm grateful to the Sheologians gals for first bringing him to my attention, and for my friend Kate's recent review that reminded me I should read his book.

The narrator was very well suited to the book.
47 reviews2 followers
August 21, 2021
El autor habla la verdad sin matices, cruda y real. No es fácil de leer cuando has creído previamente en el evangelio de la prosperidad, pero al final lo que el autor habla es La Verdad y debe contarse y debe leerse y compartirse.

El evangelio de la prosperidad ha causado mucho daño a la iglesia en Latinoamérica, por lo que este libro es de mucha utilidad para sacar la verdad de esa falsedad a la luz y no permitir que el engaño siga esparciendose como la única realidad.
1 review
June 9, 2019
What this book is not, is as important as what it is. It’s not a drive by hit job. It’s not a rant. It’s not a cold graceless cheap shot at an easy target, nor is it a snipers bullet fired from a safe distance.
Costi is no spiritual trophy hunter. He is fully engaged in a very real spiritual battle to bring truth to those entangled in the deception of the Prosperity Gospel.

Costi’s story is a disarmingly honest up close and personal account of a life lived within the household of Prosperity Gospel Royalty and his painful journey out of it. That’s what makes this book as heart rending as it is heart warming, as painful as it is persuasive, and as compassionate as it is convincing.

Starting with the Preface Costi wastes no time in clearly laying out his motivation and purpose for writing. His passion for the Glory of God above all things is made clear early on, and it’s this guiding conviction that shapes the book. In the end we are left in no doubt that Costi Hinn has been transformed by the grace of God and longs for his beloved family and others to come to the life transforming knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In the first chapter the reader is immediately plunged into the life of the young ‘royal’ as we see the nonchalant teen-age Costi almost missing out on his ‘prosperity gospel inheritance’ over a mess of Cheez-Its! What follows is a fascinating insight into the Hinn familys’ rise from humble beginnings in war torn Israel in 1967 to lavish riches in what became their Promised Land, North America.

Life for the young prince of prosperity wasn’t all a bed of roses though; there were tough and testing times as a kid in the school environment where the Hinn name was more a burden than a blessing. All of this was brought to a head, so to speak! (read the book) by a shocking incident involving a skateboard! However in that moment Costi encountered incredible kindness instead of the rejection he assumed was coming his way, prompting this from the confused kid… “What in the world is wrong with these people?” Later he would reflect… “At the time, I believed I had a special anointing they most certainly didn’t have. Looking back, I can see they were the ones who possessed something I didn’t have. Grace.”

The story of uncle George and his illness in chapter 3 is heart-breaking and highlights some of the most callous abuses found in the Word of Faith movement. If this were an isolated case it would be bad enough, but sadly as Costi and many others have documented, it is all too common within the sphere of influence of the Prosperity Gospel. This account alone should be enough to wake up and motivate all right minded people to compassionate and concerted efforts to highlight these abuses and rescue those caught in this snare.

As Costi toured the world serving Uncle Benny he began to be awakened to see what was really going on around him and what he himself had now become a part of. Following a particularly “slimy” appeal for financial offerings in Helsinki he felt very uncomfortable, he recalls, “I cringed. It was as though suddenly I had a conscience.” Later, on a ministry trip to India the stark contrast between the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by Word Of Faith royalty and the grinding poverty and hopelessness he witnessed prompted him to have a further crisis of conscience. These poor people would be among those called upon to give sacrificially ‘to God’ later at the huge ‘miracle mission’. Costi, “I felt confused and angry. What’s wrong with this picture? I wondered.” By the grace of God it wouldn’t be too much longer till he found the answer to that question.

Costi’s account of what he refers to as his ‘grace awakening’ is simple and supernatural, yes the two very often go together without the need for razzmatazz, or background music. Clearly the greatest miracle of all can and does still happen today…‘at Bethesda’! I’ll not spoil the moment with a quote, get the book and read it for yourself; it’s worth it for this section alone.

From Chapter 9 a transition takes place. Costi begins to build on his personal journey by shifting the focus to teaching and equipping. These chapters provide a useful resource and reference material. It’s here that we see more clearly than ever that the whole point of this book is not to argue over superficial or secondary issues, as Costi makes clear, the problem with the prosperity gospel lies not in its 'style' but in its 'substance'. What’s at stake is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is not the kind of book you can read and forget easily. I found it to be captivating, compelling and deeply challenging, it is a clarion call to action.

What now for Costi Hinn? What now for us? What now for those who care passionately about the glory of God and the true life transforming Gospel? What now for those ensnared in deception and lost in darkness? We surely cannot pass by on the other side and pretend that we don’t see what is happening, can we? We must know by now that this so called Prosperity Gospel is much more than a flash in the pan; it’s a wild and strange fire that is threatening to consume our house!

In this excellent book Costi has sounded an alarm and has succeeded in doing what too few of us even attempt to do, and that is to explicitly expose error by speaking out with courage, compassion, clarity and consistency.

As Costi so rightly says, we are all in some way part of the problem. “We’ve collectively played some role in the rise of prosperity theology at some point. Whether by passive silence or active participation, we allow false gospels to get a footing. We need to take responsibility together, whether we believe we should or not, to eradicate evils like the prosperity gospel. That begins with committing ourselves to defending the true gospel at all costs.” (157)

The ‘fall out’ from Costi’s ‘grace awakening’ clearly reminds us that Following Christ Costs! Costi has, like Moses before him … “…considered the reproach of Christ greater wealth than the treasures of Egypt…” (Hebrews 11:26) Following Jesus has cost Costi Hinn in many ways, but that’s what he signed up for. What did we ‘sign up’ for?… ‘anything for a quiet life’ is not a good answer.

(The book is due for release on July 9, 2019 and can be pre-ordered now)
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55 reviews
November 3, 2021
This book shouldn’t have taken me as nearly as long as it did but it is a fascinating story of a man so deeply rooted in the prosperity gospel coming to the true Biblical gospel. It also gleans some insight into the prosperity gospels beliefs from the inside of it and how men preaching it had holes in their theology that even they can’t answer. I give it 5 stars because Costi is so graciously honest about his whole experience, and truly wants everyone that is involved with the prosperity gospel to come to a true knowledge of the Biblical gospel.
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48 reviews1 follower
July 26, 2019
This book is very eye opening and encouraging. Division in the body of Christ is something that really burdens me and this book helped me understand where a lot of it comes from. Costi also gives some very good practical tips and strategies on how to both love your neighbor and disagree with them at the same time.
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39 reviews1 follower
January 31, 2021
Costi does an excellent job sharing his personal experience in the world of the Prosperity Gospel while gently but truthfully condemning its theological error. I was especially challenged and encouraged by the last chapter where Costi offers 10 ways to reach those who are caught in deception. This book is a great example of how the truth can be told powerfully and in love. A must read for anyone who is, has been or knows someone deceived by the Prosperity Gospel.
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35 reviews9 followers
March 27, 2022
Interesting story. Great balance of sharing life experiences and biblical truth. Respectful but not shying away from the truth.
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16 reviews5 followers
August 5, 2022
Es un libro escrito desde la humildad y el arrepentimiento y justamente eso hace que impacte y mueva nuestro corazón, generando el deseo por vivir en el Evangelio verdadero. Recomendado.
June 5, 2019
I could not put this book down. Written from a position of love and grace, God, Greed and the (Prosperity) Gospel takes the reader behind the veil of the prosperity gospel and its practitioners. This book exposes the inner workings of this movement and shows how dangerous it is. This book is going to expose the prosperity gospel for what it is, a false gospel which is deceiving millions of people for profit and material gain.
1 review
June 7, 2019
So I coudn't put this book down. I slowly moved through it because there is so much packed in and i was afraid I might miss something. So i often found myself re reading parts. Chapter 6... WOW!! From page 91--98 where he talks about the sovereignty of God, wow... I grew up Christian I grew up in this health wealth Prosperity stuff, I went to Bible College, took Bible theology in high school but I have never heard it explained in this way to where you actually understand it and get it. Total AwHa moment. Thank you Costi. The best quote is at the end of the chapter... " When we get the sovereignty of God wrong, we get God wrong. When we get the Abundant Life wrong, we get Jesus wrong. When we get Faith and confession wrong, we get salvation wrong."
This book is a MUST HAVE. I appreciate not just Costi's story but also at the end the resources he gives in order to talk with those around us who trust a false gospel. Thank you for that Costi.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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160 reviews8 followers
April 22, 2019
God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel is a challenging book written with grace and powerful honesty. Although I have never ascribed to prosperity gospel teaching or teachers in full, I can see how parts have infiltrated my thinking and the wider church. Costi Hinn has definitely written a book to make Christians stop and think about what the pure Gospel is and isn’t.
Profile Image for Heather.
353 reviews7 followers
May 22, 2021
Came across audiobook via library, and it seemed an interesting insight into a pervasive version of Christianity propagated by the author’s uncle, world-famous televangelist Benny Hinn. The entire Hinn family, as “the anointed,” live on donations offered by the poor, the sick, and those desperate to hear the promise of prosperity.
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37 reviews3 followers
March 30, 2023
Every Christian should read this book. I so appreciate Hinn’s courage in stepping out to write this eye-opening, shocking account of his experiences in the prosperity gospel. The lies of the prosperity gospel must be exposed and this book is a great starting point for anyone who’s wanting to learn more or who has been impacted by the horrors within the prosperity gospel.
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534 reviews71 followers
September 16, 2019
"I was on a course of sordid gain and exploitation until [Jesus Christ] reached down and plucked me out of the misery I thought was living a dream. I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back, no turning back."

This is the kind of book that you simultaneously can't put down yet need to step away from. I didn't want to put it down because Costi Hinn, nephew of Benny Hinn, shares his testimony of turning from the prosperity gospel to the true gospel. Seeing how God sovereignly used His word and His children to shatter the lies that Costi believed is compelling. At the same time, however, I needed to walk away from reading it each day because of how repulsive the prosperity gospel is. It's one thing to know that false gospels such as the prosperity gospel exist. It's quite another to read an insider's perspective. The prosperity gospel that Costi Hinn describes is bone-chilling in its demonic undertones, heartbreaking in its abuse and manipulation of desperate people, and disgusting in its assaults on God's glory and His gospel.

Although much of the book is Costi's testimony, he also uses the closing chapters to hold the prosperity gospel up against the light of Scripture and offer advice on ministering to people trapped in the web of a false gospel. His approach is not exhaustive but is certainly helpful. The book is clearly written with the average church member in mind and therefore a great resource to have.
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Author 3 books54 followers
February 13, 2021
First, I want to point out that Costi's book is not a bashing session. He respects his family and it is apparent that he loves them. However, he shares his testimony of how destructive and harmful the prosperity gospel really is, and what it is doing to people's view of God.

Costi Hinn dissects the views and the origin of the prosperity gospel. He shares what happens in the background, the manipulation, abuse, and the truth about the prosperity gospel. He also discusses the Biblical view of God and His sovereignty and His character.

You cannot work for your healings. You cannot "get more faith" or reach a higher plane spiritually to earn God's blessings. No amount of money you give, faith you have, works you do, or confessions you make will ever "convince God" to bless or love you more than He already does.

Grace and mercy is God's unmerited favor and something He freely gives us through entering into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. By grace you have been saved. By grace, not of works. The Bible never promises a Christian and problem-free life. Joy does not come from how much we have on this Earth. It all comes from the sovereignty of God. Through a relationship with Him.

He is not a mystical genie. He is the God of the Universe.

I deeply encourage everyone to read this book and share these truths to anyone you know that may be under the spell (my word for it) of the prosperity gospel.
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February 6, 2022
I listened to this book on Hoopla and first want to say that the narrator was fantastic. The content, personal stories, and revelations about the Prosperity Gospel movement by Costi Hinn were shocking and beyond heartbreaking when you know the truth of God's gospel in Jesus Christ and the abundant life found in him versus how heinously the word of God was twisted to create a lavish and vulgar lifestyle for the leaders of this movement. And the saddest part of all is that so many of the people under these leaders truly believe these lies and are being deceived. It spotlights the treacherous lull of false teachers among those who are desperate and haven't heard the truth before. But, the beautiful thing about this book was getting to see God's redemption of Costi from this sinful life. Costi's goal wasn't just to expose the ghastly underside of this movement, but to actually present the true gospel of Jesus Christ and how God is faithful in his promises and cannot be thwarted by any man or any movement. Even if you haven't lived the prosperity gospel lie and exploited others for gain, or been exploited yourself, this book reminds us how easily the human heart is swayed and how hard we must fight against the lies of our culture and our own sinful tendencies. It's a lesson on the importance of introspection and reconciliation of our thoughts against God's word. It is a case study on the importance of Sola Scriptura.
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January 19, 2022
I would have given this book 3.5/4 stars, but here’s why I gave it 5: the SINCERITY of the author absolutely shone through the pages!! Just the fact that he had a whole chapter explaining his heart behind writing this book at the beginning and then included an FAQ section at the end stood out to me (humility & genuineness).

The writing itself wasn’t the most elaborate or the most beautifully written. In fact, it was very simple but it was HONEST and heart-felt AND THAT WENT SUCH A LONG WAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!

Content was great and I loved reading his story— but it was the way the author’s heart that JUMPED OUT that made it a 5 star read for me!

Also here’s a quote I wanted to remember… talks about pastoring but I think it describes a character that we should all strive to have!!:

“He never claimed to be perfect, but he was always progressing as a leader. It was a balance of grace and guts I had never seen before. He loved people but refused to compromise. He would tell you the hardest truth you'd ever been told, but his eyes would tear up as he did. It was pastoral ministry in a way no one in my world ever pastored.”
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September 10, 2020
If you are familiar with the evil that is the prosperity gospel this book will not break much new ground for you. Still, Costi does a great job of giving an appropriate behind the scenes look at his family and friends lifestyle that took advantage of vulnerable people.

As Costi got into his journey of coming out of this movement there were so many times I said in my head "let go dude!" It is humbling to remember that change apart from conversion doesn't happen overnight. The process of rejecting idols let alone your family for the sake of the true Gospel is hard. I was most broken by the things his wife went through. There was one story he told where she was basically forced to speak in tounges that broke my heart.

The book is not all autobiographical though. Costi does a great job of analyzing the movement from a biblical worldview throughout. He in fact ends the book by given some great tips of how to patiently walk with people who are in this movement out of darkness and into life.

Great worthwhile engaging read.
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July 13, 2019
Absolutely outstanding read. The greater part of this book is biographical—a testimony, if you will. I simply could not put this book down.

Pastor Costi explains his life in the Prosperity gospel movement under both his father's ministry and his uncle Benny's. He leads into his conversion experience as he is brought, by God's providence, to believe the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The last portion of the book views the prosperity gospel movement from a Biblical point of view. This section includes how to approach those in the movement.

One surprising thing to me is truly how much influence this movement actually has in non-prosperity churches today. Some of the things taught in the movement I have heard with my own ears.

Since this movement is so far reaching today and since Pastor Costi has such an inside view of it. I cannot recommend this book more.

Easy, easy read.
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