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Scottish Lasses #1

MacFarland's Lass

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An alternate cover edition can be found here.

(Formerly published as Captured by Desire by Kira Morgan)


Meet the lasses in the world of Mary Queen of Scots...Like the Scottish thistle, they're lovely yet tough, beautiful yet prickly, and only the strongest and wisest heroes are able to elude their thorns to discover the tender blossom within.

by Glynnis Campbell - writing as Kira Morgan (formerly Captured by Desire)

A woman on the run…a man on the hunt. He has forty days to earn her trust. She has forty days to win his heart. They have forty days to outwit their enemies.

When Florie Gilder, the once-respected jeweler to Queen Mary, claims sanctuary in an abandoned church for a crime she didn't commit, huntsman Rane MacFarland, a local hero of the common folk, vows to protect her. But when his overlord charges him with preventing the fugitive lass's escape, Rane finds himself torn between duty and desire when he begins to fall for his spirited captive. And when powerful foes conspire to turn Rane and Florie against each other, they need courage, wits, and, most of all, love, to survive.

375 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 17, 2010

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About the author

Glynnis Campbell

85 books2,130 followers
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GLYNNIS CAMPBELL is a USA Today bestselling author of swashbuckling "medieval action-adventure romances," mostly set in Scotland, and a charter member of The Jewels of Historical Romance--12 internationally beloved authors. She has over two dozen books published in eight languages. Glynnis once rocked in an all-girl band called The Pinups on CBS Records, did voiceovers for the MTV animated series, "The Maxx," Diablo and Starcraft videogames, and Star Wars audio adventures, and is married to a rock star. She loves to transport readers to a place where the bold heroes have endearing flaws, the women are stronger than they look, the land is lush and untamed, and chivalry is alive and well!

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1,382 reviews
July 9, 2019
This is an exciting tale of historical romance in medieval times.

There are twists, turns, deception, struggles, hope, and faith before you discover the actual conclusion of the adventure and strife the H/H are faced with.

Key Themes: Scottish historical romance, adventure stories, strong women, Scottish brides, Highland romance, Viking hero, archery, huntsman, Tudor books, a sanctuary in a church, Mary Queen of Scots, captive, wounded woman, stories with humor

Scottish Lasses
1542 – THE OUTCAST (a novella)
1561 – MacADAM'S LASS

Length: 90,000 words = 375 pages
Rating: R-rated for passionate passages
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259 reviews49 followers
March 22, 2021
This was a good story. I like the way the writer wrote in the Scottish vernacular. I'm Not one to particularly enjoy lustful romance novels, but as this book had real substance and story, I did really like it.
Profile Image for Jennifer Ashley.
Author 198 books6,903 followers
May 29, 2010
Captured by Desire is a finely crafted tale of Tudor-era Scotland, steeped in historic detail. An intriguing mystery, a devilishly charming hero, a talented goldsmith heroine, and a legend or two combine to make this a richly satisfying read.

Jennifer Ashley, USA Today bestselling author of The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie
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422 reviews49 followers
August 13, 2010
Florie Gilder went to the fair to sell her goldsmith wares, she never thought she'd leave running from the authorities. As she's running, she's struck in the leg with an arrow from the lord's expert huntsman, Rane MacAllister. Rane is horrified to have shot a "wee lass" by mistake and vows to heal her and keep her safe. he helps her find sanctuary in an abandoned church. Soon he must choose whether to be loyal to his lord and turn in the outlaw, Florie, or keep his vow to keep her safe.

Rane was such a sweetheart! All of the ladies were in love with him, but not for the regular historical romance hero reasons-money and rakishness. They loved him because of how sweet and caring he was. I absolutely loved that Rane wasn't a rich, titled, arrogant aristocrat. Instead he was a strong and humble huntsman.

Florie was a petite and fiesty brunette, nothing like the voluptuous blondes Rane prefers. I love that she has a skill not usually learned by women and she's not impressed by the nobility.

I didn't love the first part of the book, there seemed to be something missing. But once the romance really started cooking-wow! This was one sigh after another, a super sweet romance.

If you love a really sweet romance with a tender, caring hero, this is a can't-miss book!

this book was provided for review by Hachette

reviewed for http://inthehammockblog.blogspot.com

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227 reviews47 followers
January 15, 2021
I think the real star of this book is the hero.
I’m ready to join his gaggle of adoring fans.
Because damn was that boy charming!!!

“But whether 'twas the comeliness of his face, the persuasion of his voice, the welcome yet unwelcome tenderness of his touch, or simply the ale, there was definitely something intriguing about the man who'd come to her rescue… after, of course, he'd ruthlessly wounded her with his bow and arrow.”


“Ye're a merchant, aye? I'll tell ye what I'll do. I'll make a bargain with ye," he said, a faint sparkle in his shrewd gaze. "Ye let me look after your wound, and I'll give ye a drink."
She lowered her brows. "That isn't a bargain," she told him. "'Tis extortion.”


Alot of the medieval/scotaland/highlander romances tend to follow the same patterns. Usually following the pattern of arranged marriages, or adbuctions, or the enemies to lovers trope. MacFarland’s lass had been a pleasant andwonderful surprise, because it’s a truly new, original (in my mind) and different plot. Its not another remake of The Bride by Julie Garwood, which a lot of historical romances that are not set in the regency or Victorian era tend to be.
Come to think of it, MacFarland’s lass isn’t a medieval romance, it’s set in the time that was post Henry Tudor. During the short period of time when Henry the eighth’s son, the boy king Edward was on the throne. So I don’t really know how to categorise it. Why does it matter though? Because I like to categorise my eras, that’s why!

One thing I do know though, I may hate my job, and my tiny apartment that I have to share with my mother, but boy am I glad I wasn’t born in the Middle Ages, or the dark ages, or the Tudor era, or in any previous time in history. The way I act, they’d probably hang me for a witch!

Lost track of my review there...
Really enjoyed this book, although I have to dock a star because it was really mellow when it came to the level of smut! And I like my smut!
I can’t believe there are people shelving this one as an erotica.
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1,753 reviews
September 6, 2010
I did enjoy this book. There were some nice warm and fuzzy scenes. I liked both Rane and Florie. However, their love story didn't grab me like others. I still thought they were a good couple, they just didn't blow me away.

I thought the "villian" of the book was ridiculous. She was a little too crazy. I also would've liked a bit more of Florie with her real father (who was all but obvious from the first).

I probably won't go out and rush to get sequel when it comes out next year but I will still read it.
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187 reviews106 followers
January 16, 2011
*Note:Read and reviewed for The Season for Romance.

Florie Gilder, a very talented goldsmith, has a secret and a mission. Her secret lies in the gold pomander that she confiscated from Lady Mavis. Now branded a thief, she is on the run and seeks sanctuary in an abandoned church.

Rane McAllister is a skilled huntsman who spends his day poaching game to feed the starving locals. During a hunt, he mistakes Florie for a deer and accidentally fires his arrow which pierces her thigh. Riddled with guilt over shooting a maiden, he takes her to the church to care for her wound only to discover that she’s a supposed thief on the run.

Florie is not Rane’s usual type. He prefers buxom, fair-haired maidens who let him have his way with them. Most of them don’t mind though for Rane is tall, blond and blue-eyed with bronzed skin and is nothing short of gorgeous. However, as most love stories go, there is something alluring about this slender, raven haired beauty that makes Rane want to care for her. Florie, although aware of how beautiful Rane is, is far from trusting and so even bleeding, she fights him tooth and nail.

Florie needs to make it back to the safety of her home with the pomander that holds the key to her future, but knowing that she can barely stand and is being hunted, Rane refuses to let her out of his sight. He knows that she will be safe from Lady Mavis’ evil clutches if she simply stays within the confines of the church.
Unfortunately, Lady Mavis also happens to be the wife of the sheriff who has given Rane instructions to secure Florie until an arrest can be made. Rane is now trapped between duty to his sheriff and a growing affection for Florie.

Kira Morgan did a fantastic job of developing these characters as well as weaving some element of mystery into the storyline. For most of the story, you’re wondering who Florie really is and how the mystery of her identity will affect her relationship with Rane. It certainly kept me intrigued. Each character created the desired effect on the reader. I rooted for Rane and Florie while I loathed Lady Mavis.

The abandoned church provided a cozy & intimate, yet slightly awkward setting for Florie & Rane’s growing romance with some of the love scenes occurring inside the church. The actual love making scene occurred in the forest which was romantic and didn’t violate the sanctity of the church. I thought this was very tastefully done.

I was really pleased with the finale of this book. Even though most of the novel moves at a leisurely pace with minor drama, Kira gave us some nail biting scenes at the end. She also solved the mystery of Florie’s identity, gave Lady Mavis her due and our hero & heroine lived happily ever after.

I truly enjoyed this novel and can now say that I definitely have a book crush on Rane McAllister. I look forward to reading Kira Morgan’s Seduced by Destiny.
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502 reviews309 followers
August 27, 2017
Give me a blond huntsman in tights and I am all there.


I am clearly not enamored of the blond boy, but in this case...we can make an exception.

Setting / Time / Genre: Tudorish - away from court.

Series: Yes and I would like to read the rest!

Sexy times: They get busy a few times. Thankfully NOT in the sanctuary. Um, icky.


Plan on reading more by the author: Oh sure.

Synopsis Gilder - gold worker, whatever she is called does faboo work for Mary Queen of Scots. She is also a highborn daughter looking for her father who may not know she exists. Ends up in a bit of trouble, seeks sanctuary, is shot, SHOT I tell ya, but said blond huntsman in tights who also gets her to the church where a blind priest is called back in service of the lord and where said man in tights is told by his boss and lord he must guard the gilder from escape and then even more stuff is happening but not happening.

Look, it's good. Trust me. And ignore my synopsis. I'm on Sudafed which is basically like mixing meth in my tummy.


Heroine Florie. She's a little whippersnapper. Do not get in her way. And do not argue with her. She can be annoying at times, but really rocks in.

Hero Rane. Apparently, every lass in the village wants what he's keeping, or not keeping as the case may be, tucked into his breeches. That said, he's hot hottie hotterson. And when he falls in love, lordie does he fall in love!

Why it did or didn't work for me: I really liked this read. I liked all of the secondary characters and even though some of it was less than believable (which seriously folks, it is romancelandia) it was a solid read.

Adding the next book to my adventure list

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1,233 reviews86 followers
October 7, 2022
Rating: From good to okay to bad and annoying / 5

Ugh, this started off GREAT, but then the longer I read through it, the more contrived and stupid the plot got regarding the relationship between Rane and Florie. Rather than let their relationship develop and , the author just messes everything up in a way that pissed me off enough that I didn't care what happened anymore.

There are some ways that I like relationships developing in the romances I read, and others that I hate.

Three guesses which one this ended up being?
Profile Image for April.
1,839 reviews66 followers
August 12, 2010
CAPTURED BY DESIRE by Kira Morgan is an amazing historical romance set in 1548 Scotland. It is well written with depth and details. The characters and plot are well developed, easy to follow, and will definitely fall in love with. It has betrayal, romance, sensuality, wit, danger, spies,trust, acceptance, finding your heritage, and following your heart.It is fast paced, a page turner, set on the edge of your seat, with twists and turns. It will capture your heart from page one to the end. The hero, Rane, is handsome, sexy, a huntsman for the sheriff,Lord Gilbert, loved by all the women of his village, tender hearted, and keeps his promises.He is also part Scottish and part Viking, which is supposed to make him irresistible to all woman. Legend is their is a curse which makes women love him. The heroine, Florie, is tall, strong willed, a goldsmith, determined to not fall in love or lose her heart to anyone. She is determined to find her biological father from an treasured heirloom giving to her by her mother on her deathbed. This heirloom causes her trouble from the wife of the Lord Gilbert(Lady Mavis), she recognizes the heirloom and is determined to destroy it and its owner. What follows is a dramatic conclusion with adventure, love, hate, betrayal, and what could have been a disaster for both Florie and Rane and their love. I would highly recommend this book especially if you enjoy all the romance and splender of a wonderful amazing historical romance. This book was received for review and details can be found at Forever an imprint of Hachette Book Group and My Addiction and More.
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1,755 reviews44 followers
August 25, 2014
Read the rerelease MacFarland's Lass by Glynis Campbell. See my review for that book
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278 reviews36 followers
March 2, 2011
4 out 5 Stars

Seduced by Destiny is a fast paced story full of witty dialog, passion and intrigue. The book starts out at the Battle of Ancrum Moor, in which the destinies of both the hero and heroine are forged.

Andrew (Drew) is English and was raised by his bitter uncles. They blamed the Scots for the death of Drew’s father and tried to shape Drew into a warrior to kill the English. But Drew was more like his father than his warmonger uncles and prefers to golf then to fight.

Josselin is Scottish and was raised by her three adoptive fathers. Her “fathers” found her mother on the battlefield of Ancrum where she was seeking vengeance against the English who killed her husband. The “fathers” find her alone in the house when they take her mother back to her village for burial. Josselin is alone, with no relatives, so they take her to raise.

The characters background are the exact opposite of each other and set up a wonderful storyline that allows the characters to contrast against each other. Josselin is wildly independent, quick to temper and has the fierce determination of a warrior. Drew, on the other hand is often quiet and thoughtful, but protective and loyal. They are instantly attracted to each other and their interactions are just a delight to read.

Seduced by Destiny is a story about destiny. We know that Josselin and Drew are destined to be with each other, but how will they be able to overcome their pasts? Can they survive the secrets each has and create a future together? You will need to read Seduced by Destiny to find out! I would recommend this book to all readers of Scottish romances that love intrigue and passion, as well as clever and witty dialog between the main characters. Altogether, a great read by a wonderful new author.
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180 reviews
September 5, 2010
I won this book on GoodReads, can't wait till it receive in the mail!

So I finally had time to finish Captured by Desire. I was so annoyed that things kept me from finishing this book. It was such an easy read even with the historical lingo. But the lingo just added to more to the book. Florie Gilder is an apprentice goldsmith that looses something very valuable to her. Something that can change her whole future if only she could find the man that it once belonged to. Her starts her journey to find her real father, a Nobleman. Every thing goes wrong for Florie when she is accused of being a thief and is forced into a rundown church for sanctuary. Here she spends her days and nights with a huntsman,a Robin-Hood figure whom all the "lasses" and people love, Rane. The Viking with a "curse", that no lass can seem to ignore. The story is wonderful as Florie and Rane become a couple. Rane finds he is attracted to the stubborn Florie but he would have her no other way, for he loves her fiery spirit. He is caught between serving his master and serving Florie. The chimistry between the two is palpable. The love scenes are loving crafted and are not over the top.
Their HEA is unique. I highly recommend this book. It was a wonderful read.
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282 reviews28 followers
August 18, 2010
This was a decent book. I liked the story, Florie trying to find out who she is, while falling in love with Rane who has some "finding" of his own to do.

I liked Florie, she was determined, if nothing else. Then there was Rane, I liked him a lot. He was so strong, and yet so sensitive. They made for a great couple, lots of sparks flying there.

The writing was pretty good. The story had a good pace, the characters were well developed. There was just something that I didn't fully connect with in this one. It's not that I didn't like it, I just didn't love it. But it kept me reading till the end.

I think my issue is that I'm getting burnt out on historical romance. I need to get myself into a few books from different genres. Variety is the spice of life, right?

I did like the story, and it did hold my interest. So I'd have to say it was worth the read.
Profile Image for Mei.
1,881 reviews410 followers
March 11, 2017
Ohhh.. reading book like this makes me feel soooo good. It is just perfect! The hero is to die for and the heroine is wonderful! It is just easy to fall for both of them, to cheer them to overcome all the difficulties! Another great thing is that neither of them is noble-born, or better she is, but she renounce it for his love! Ahhhh... I want more!!!!
There's some of the best description of kisses I've read lately... You just WANT to be in heroine's place!

Her breath quickened as he lowered his gaze to her parted lips, coaxing them farther open with the edge of his thumb. Anticipation sped her pulse as he eased forward with incredible stealth. From beneath weighted eyelids, she watched him moisten his lip with his tongue, and an intense craving ignited her senses as rapidly as flame touched to thatch.

It is such a tame descrition, but don't you feel the heat? *wink*
Profile Image for Caro.
1,776 reviews37 followers
October 23, 2016
A really good book. I loved the characters and their personalities. This was fun, spunky, sassy, emotional, a little suspenseful, strong, steamy, and has a great and perfect HEA. I would definitely like to read more. I enjoyed reading this and had fun getting to know the people. This was written well, drew me in, and strung me along for the journey. Enjoy!
42 reviews
October 3, 2019
Fun, Spirited and Flirty

Once again Ms. Campbell kept me turning page's on my Kindle.
From their unexpected meeting due to his error, to his taking care of Florie, Rane fell quickly in love as did she. But with evil people being in power doing all they could to keep them apart, they continuously found themselves together helping the other out. Flories final sacrifice for Rane brings them to their pre-destined path they joined together.
I loved everything about this story..thank you Ms. Glynnis
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108 reviews12 followers
May 3, 2018
4 stelline.
Il finale è forse un po' prevedibile ma la lettura è scorrevole e i personaggi ben caratterizzati. Punti di forza ( non di poco conto di questi tempi) sono la traduzione accurata e il lessico ricercato, una sorpresa considerato che era gratis su Amazon.
Consigliato 👍
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514 reviews38 followers
March 3, 2011
08/10 - Grand Central Publishing - Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages

Great story with interesting characters

When you are a talented but uncomplicated woman living in a difficult and tragic time how do you cope? For Miss Florie Gilder it is a matter of accepting the tradition of the time and let the males run the show plus take the credit while you do all the work. She is a master goldsmith who creates works of art with her delicate hands and sells the wares she creates under the guise of letting everyone think her foster father is the genius yes in reality it is Florie that has the gift and always did.

It was during one of the fares where Florie was selling her work when everything turned quickly into a horrific twist of fate she could never have predicted. There is one piece Florie could never sell and it is a pomander that her mother left her before she died. Her mother explained that it was a gift from Florie’s biological father and with that piece she could find him which meant it held the key to her future. A misunderstanding has the piece being purchased by the Lady Mavis Fraser, wife to Lord Gilbert Fraser the Sherriff of Silkirk who also understands the significance of the piece of gold and wants it to destroy. But Florie grabs it back from Mavis and runs creating a situation where Florie is accused of stealing from the lady and branded a thief even though she returned the money.

While on the run and near to escaping Florie is struck by a hunter’s arrow and begs him to take her to the nearest church where she will receive 40 days of sanctuary from the charges and gain the needed time to prove her innocence. Rane McAlister consumed with guilt over injuring this wee slip of a lass does just that and cares for her himself knowing that the pain and agony she is suffering is from his arrow even though he meant his target to be a deer not the stunning female in his arms. But the irony in all of this lies with the fact the Rane is the huntsman to the Sheriff who seeks to have Florie tried for thievery against his own wife, Mavis.

As the day’s move forward each one brings Rane and Florie closer to realizing the truth of the story behind the accusations against her, the depth of their past lives and misdeeds along with the undeniable fact that they are falling slowly but surely in love with one another. This is so wrong and could never work but the warmth they find in one another’s arms in unmistakable and the strength they had apart is nothing compared to the power they have together. Rane is quite the ladies man and Florie an unsophisticated woman but neither of these facts seem to dampen the draw each has for the other even though they are both strong willed and very uneven tempered.

The times were hard and the life difficult in the 1500’s but this story shows that not everything had to be harsh. These were terrible times yes but there was also love and tenderness with kind men who could love a strong willed woman. It takes a good writer to take the reader to a place and time and have them feel as if they are there with the characters and Ms. Morgan does just that with ease and entertainment.
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Author 435 books457 followers
October 29, 2013
I adore Glynnis Campbell's novels. Captured by Desire, set in 1548 Scotland, is Glynnis writing as Kira Morgan. The story features Florie, a woman who is a talented goldsmith. In these times women were often denied access to guilds, so Florie is mostly known merely as a member of her father's shop. Rane is the huntsman for a local nobleman, but the plight of the poor has gotten to him. He now poaches on his own lands in order to keep them fed. When Florie flees through his woods, he shoots her by accident, and is quickly drawn into protecting her.

I treasure stories that delve deeply into the details of a situation, and Glynnis shines in this area. Florie spends her life working with metals and gemstones, and it shows in everything Florie does. At one point Florie looks at Rane ... "she gazed tenderly into his chrysolite eyes shot with spikes of aquamarine, more precious than any gemstone". It is lyrical beauty to see the world through Florie's eyes. This is how life appears to her, and we are treated to a view. The details about Florie's skills and expertise are deftly woven into the plot.

In the same way, Rane views his world through the filter of his ranger skills. He's concerned about Florie and thinks, "a lass so beatiful, lame, and helpless was as tempting a target to an outlaw as a crippled fawn was to a wolf." He thinks in terms of hurt birds, of fawn-colored clothes, and catching an elusive scent.

The details about how one sought sanctuary in a church were intriguing, as was the interplay of the different levels of society. It makes sense for Florie to be sure of herself, given how she's been living life for so long. It makes sense for Rane to be so confident, given how women have fallen into his lap up until now. Florie poses a new challenge which throws him completely off his stride - for a while.

There were a few minor issues. Rane goes looking for the "quarrel" he shot at Florie - but he was using a bow, and earlier he referred to the arrow. A quarrel is a bolt used in crossbows. Also, at one point Florie is torn by "the anxiety of deceiving a priest" - but then later she vows "she couldn't lie to a priest". Clearly she could :).

This next part is clearly my own personal preference. I prefer men who are not "full of themselves" and who expect every woman to instantly fall in love with them. I understand that Rane has the "curse" of being a stunningly handsome man that women are crawling over. He's simply gotten used to that over the years. So it makes sense in his world view. I just don't get drawn to that sort of hero. Clearly that is a failing of mine ;).

So with that being said, I did enjoy the story immensely. I love "ranger" characters. I loved the metal working and gemstone talents of Florie. I loved all the little touches, the loyal cat at the church, the insightful priest. It was a sheer joy to read.

Highly recommended.
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455 reviews164 followers
August 19, 2010
4.5 Stars!

Florie Gilder is a goldsmith by trade. She travels to a market to sell her wares, and also search for her birth father. While at the market her assistant unknowingly sells her only proof of her paternity. After trying to reason with the women who bought it, Florie resorts to returning the money quickly, grabbing the item, and running. While fleeing through the woods in search of sanctuary at a nearby church, Florie takes an arrow in the thigh when a huntsman mistakes her for an animal. The huntsman, Rane, is a gorgeous Scot from Viking decent, and also an excellent shot. He redirected the arrow at the last minute so as to not kill the woman, and carries her to the church which was her destination. Now he feels he owes her his protection even when the sheriff appoints him as her guard during the 40 days she claimed sanctuary.

Rane’s good heart gets him far with the ladies, but he has no desire to settle down. Florie is jaded when it comes to love after witnessing the heartbreak experienced by her mother and stepfather. Rane and Florie both find themselves reevaluating their feelings as the days in sanctuary pass.

I loved this book. Rane is a gentle and caring soul, but still maintained the masculinity I find appealing in my historical romance heroes. It was so nice to see such a kindhearted man as the leading love interest. Florie’s independence and spunk sets her apart from many other women in historical fiction. I found it fascinating that she had a trade typically suited for a man and excelled at it. The mysterious elements of the plot were well constructed, but the romance was front and center. Rane is my newest literary crush. A Vikings build with a Scottish brogue? Yes, please! I can promise his actions will make you swoon. Not as steamy as other books from this genre, but still one I recommend for all the die hard romantics out there.
1,428 reviews51 followers
August 14, 2010
From My Blog...[return][return]Captured By Desire by Kira Morgan transports the reader back to 16th century Scotland where twists of fate bring two unlikely people together. Fiercely independent, Florie is an upstanding woman who wants to make a name for herself in the Goldsmith trade when a horrible misunderstanding brands her a thief and she finds herself on the run for her life, seeking sanctuary in a Cloister. Enter the dashing young Rane MacAllister, an eligible bachelor who can have any woman he desires, yet he is drawn to Florie and torn between his oath to bring her to justice and his growing feelings towards her. Captured by Desire is a romance novel intertwined with the thrill of suspense and a mystery. While some aspects of the story are predictable from the onset, others are quite a surprise, especially near the end, yet all are told with wonderful detail and with a strong cast of characters. Florie makes a great heroine, she knows what she wants and does not let anything, well almost anything, get in her way of discovering her true heritage. Rane too makes for a strong hero and is at conflict with himself and his duty. Morgan not only captures 16th century Scotland well, but also the intense emotions portayed in her main characters, which will be easy for readers to identify with or at least relate to. I suggest Captured By Desire to any fan of historical romance, for it shall not disappoint.
60 reviews1 follower
August 20, 2010
I was caught up in this book from the beginning. This is the first book that I have read by Kira Morgan and I am pleased to say that I have really enjoyed this historical romance. It has been a while since I have read a historical romance that the male character is sweet and loving from the beginning and it was kind of a nice change. I felt that this story came together well and flowed nicely from chapter to chapter. This book has great details and the characters just come to life. This is a fast paced story with a nice blend of mystery and romance that will keep you interested page after page.
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August 19, 2010
This is a fantastic story about a strong woman who finds herself and comes to terms with a rogue who is really a sweetheart in disguise. I was also impressed that the romance (my wording for hot monkey love) was worked in so that you wanted it and the story wasn't dependent on it. I fell in love with Rane myself which is always a good sign for a hero in my book. Florie as the female lead is just wonderful and strong. I loved the fact that it is Florie who wants revenge. I wanted to be dashing through the forest with both of them. Of course, you need an evil character to make the whole thing work and Lady Mavis certainly fills the bill.
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July 27, 2014
I loved this book - Rane and Florie are such a great couple.

I really liked that these two were just regular people - not Lords and Ladies. Neither were raised as Nobles. Florie worked as a goldsmith and Rane was the huntsman for the Lord of the burgh.

The story is well written and moves along at a very quick rate. The characters are both likable and perfectly imperfect. I thought the love scenes were steamy, yet tasteful. I truly believed that these two were in love.

Add in a Viking curse, a blind priest, an evil villainess and a lot of maidens and you have a fun and very entertaining story!

I am looking forward to reading MacAdam's Lass next.
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August 22, 2010
If I'm not mistaken, this is Kira Morgan's first book. And hopefully there will be many, many more to come. I absolutely adored this book! There wasn't anything groundbreaking here, but Morgan penned a fast moving, interesting story with sympathetic characters. I just loved Rane, our hero. He was like the perfect romance hero - the kind of man we'd all like to have. (Except for you, hubby. MWAH.) I'm eagerly looking forward to Morgan's next book, Seduced by Destiny. Here's hoping her first book wasn't a lucky fluke. Here's a romance author to watch.
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August 15, 2010
A great first novel, I rounded up on my rating. this was a solid 3.75 and since it is a first novel... I was generous. A quaint tale with a skilled hero and an independant heroine. A good love story with a predicatble yet alluring plot. The author kept the pages turning with interesting sub plots, a few poignant misunderstandings and just enough sexual frustration to leave the reader eaferly turning the pages to reach the climax (no punn intended).
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November 22, 2010
I was not fond of the way the book was written at first it took me a while to get used to the back and forth between the modern and historic writing style. When the plot got going though...it was cute and sweet which I always love in a romance (haha something that is totally unrealistic and you know there is no such thing as a guy that perfect). If the guy wasn't so well written I would have probably given this book a 3 star.
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June 16, 2014
What a great start to a fantastic new series, Ms Campbell rocks, there are no more words needed if you already know her work, if not go buy her book (books) and experience it (them) for yourselves, you will not be disappointed.
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