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Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu

Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu

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Included in Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set is
Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem
Legend of Song de Light audio book
Legend of Song de Light audio play

The stories within Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu
connect, unfold, interweave many character's stories
needs, feelings, desires, dreams

contain words of

caresses around
as a cocoon of soft cashmere
accompanied by sweet aroma
allures to intimate nearness
remains a velvet kiss

their threads as two crescent moons
connected under the firelights
that layer the chords, and form the lyrics

all of you entered my world as dawn's awakening sky of soft palette
my garnet heart melted in iridescence to bloom in sun's rays
glow in night's depth as the stars echo the rhythm of my heart
my insides sigh and expand in delight
harmonious blend as our lives
circle the melody

caresses around
as a cocoon of soft cashmere
accompanied by sweet aroma
allures to intimate nearness
remains a velvet kiss

A set of interconnected stories with elements from each story that interweave in one another as heart's wave, heart's song, heart's breath

An audio set that is interwoven in the Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu series that includes:
Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem
Legend of Song de Light audio book
Legend of Song de Light audio play
Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set

Hashtag for the series of interconnected stories Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu is #lovecontusongdelightlovecontu

For more information about Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set, including excerpts and vocal synopsis, please visit the author's website.

Please note that this book is not available on Amazon.

Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set is available for purchase on the author's website, which is noted on her Goodreads' profile page.

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First published January 1, 2018

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About the author


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My fictional stories are written from the inside view of a character’s interior heart-that

beautiful, vulnerable, intimate space
feelings, desires, needs, dreams

a blend of

delicate feather ripples of heart waves
needs, feelings, dreams, desires
quiet, gentle heart strings
tender, continuous
soft, vulnerable air mist
circles, weaves to caress
a sonic sea of heart’s breath

Woven into audio books that are recorded in my voice with a medley of music as a heart's wave; audio plays adapted from the audio books, and layered like a heart's song; audio poems that are multiple poems designed to connect to form a story as a heart's breath; and audio sets that are sets of these interconnected stories with elements from each story that interweave in one another as heart's wave, heart's song, heart's breath.

All of my books are available for purchase on my book boutique https://kaitlynzq.boutique

My blog & audio streams include and expand upon elements in my fictional stories that are written from the inside view of a character’s interior heart - that beautiful, vulnerable, intimate space - feelings, desires, needs, dreams that interweave in one another as heart’s wave, heart’s song, heart’s breath.

I appreciate your visits and interest.

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Author 1 book140 followers
June 4, 2019
Legend of Song de Light audiobook wasn’t what I expected, but offers something different from my usual read. Lately, I’ve been stepping outside my box and this was one of my wild cards.

It tells the stories through a series of journal/diary entries, letters poems and tape recordings with the lovely lighthouse setting. The story is read in a clear voice, however, it’s a little monotonous and slow at times. This audiobook is mixed with music and background sounds which enhances the listening. This is the sort of story which should be played loudly to fill the room. The background of the tapes being played etc wants to be heard clearly as it helps understand the switch in characters/time.

The stories show the challenging relationships and culture of the arts. Each character offers a different diversity. This is not a collection of light-hearted love stories. Some of the themes will not be for everyone. The characters are trying to juggle difficult scenarios. These include abusive relationships.

Overall an interesting collection. 4 unique stars out of 5. I listened to this book through pdf audiobook from the author's website. I received a free copy via the author as part of the tour and for my review.
Profile Image for Dianne.
6,766 reviews589 followers
July 21, 2019
Step outside of your reading comfort zone and feel the words that come alive in LOVECONTU SONG DE LIGHT LOVECONTU by Kaitlynzq.

Told from the heart, through a series of diary entries, poems, there is an ever-present feeling of love, joy, sadness and pain as this kaleidoscope of emotions comes alive. We are invited to feel the sense of loss and the memories it evokes in the voices the author creates.

Lyrical and flowing, sometimes a little too slowly, there is time to savor each word.

A wonderful reading experience that is both unique and memorable.

I received a complimentary copy from Kaitlynzq!

For Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow: http://tometender.blogspot.com
July 7, 2019
I have to preface this review with the fact I don’t think this is my type of book, and for that I apologize because I just don’t think I understood or appreciated it like others have or will.

I did find it interesting that the stories were told through journal entries and descriptions of creative art such as photography, dance choreography, screenplay snippets and other creations. There were some wonderfully creative moments that explained different characters’ emotions or certain situations they found themselves in through these unique avenues. These storylines also focus on loneliness, the need to belong and abusive relationships between lovers and family members which evoke many different emotions.

I understand that this is a newer author and why she recorded the book herself, however as an audiobook, I believe it is extremely important to hire a professional to read it for you. There were many moments where I found myself tuning out the book due to the monotone voice and lack of inflections during such emotional and difficult situations. There would be a character “yelling” and yet the tone was exactly the same as the passage before that was to be a soft whisper and truly was the same inflection through the entirety of the book. Since this book is described as poetic with lyrical wording and certainly had some lyrical phrases, inflections would have helped immensely.

Speaking of the description, I felt it was a bit misleading. I was expecting multiple poems and multiple characters and stories that are interwoven. While listening, the first half of the book was only focused on one character and her journal entries. Although certain passages of her writing was poetic in nature, the majority was just a story written through journal entries and her innermost thoughts. The second half of the book finally added a few additional characters and some poetic entries but it still mostly focused on that first main character until the last two chapters were there were suddenly several minor characters that were briefly introduced before they disappeared. I was also expecting background music and sounds throughout the entirety of the book and yet you only get small snippets of music or sounds between chapters or characters’ point of views. Due to the fact I was expecting something different, I think it altered the way I experienced this book.

*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*
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581 reviews57 followers
June 11, 2019
Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem

In Ancient Script of Lovecontu, the author weaves four exquisite poems into one. We are treated to rhythmical phrases that evoke each of the five senses, leading us to experience every sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell. The poems center on the themes of loneliness and the need to belong and feel wanted. All presented in the author’s own voice that feels like a warm caress.

Kaitlynzq, “thank you for being you”.

Legend of Song de Light audio book

The Legend of Song de Light audio book interweaves six love stories across the ages through the use of recordings, letters, journal entries, and poems of the twelve main characters, who are all artists of some nature. The elements are presented out of order, and we need to piece the story together like a puzzle in order to uncover the origin of the mysterious pink glow of the Lighthouse Finnir on the Island of Glotu that “provides a sweet melodic hum that caresses the island throughout the evening. The legend of how this glowing beauty came to exist is just as unique as the glow herself.”

I haven’t been able to concentrate on audio books before, but this one is designed to be listened to, and it tells. The author narrates her own book in a rich, melodic voice, while musical interludes corresponding to each character are interposed between sections.

This stunningly original composition is heartbreaking yet uplifting and not to be missed.

Warnings: domestic violence, sexual references, sex scenes, coarse language, rape.

This set also includes the accompanying audio play.

I received this audio set in return for an honest review.

Full blog post (11 June): https://www.booksdirectonline.com/201...
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307 reviews3 followers
August 9, 2019
When you buy this book from the Author's website you have to download each chapter separately, and when you download them, they are outta order slightly. and to be honest when things are out of order it triggers me slightly lol, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't enjoy it.

The book is very nice to listen to, would be a good read as well. The stories are a kind of series from journal, diary entries. Each story is very different from the other, they all have different themes and things they are trying to convey. I think so many people would enjoy listening to this audioset.

In chapter 5 the sound of the voice only showed up in the right earphone for the first 4 minutes, which I found weird.

The author has a nice light voice. She speaks in a prefect pace that you can keep up with, it is not fast at all and not too slow that your get frustrated that its not moving faster. She has a voice that could lull you to sleep if you let it. Though some of the pauses could seem a bit long between passages, for example in chapter one there was a few second pause and then a clink sound that scared me cause I was not expecting that so I jumped a little. There is also the one little issue that during the readings for certain characters that you can hear the microphone going in and out of focus with her voice (you can hear it turn off when she isn't speaking and then coming back in when she begins again) which is a little distracting to me, but i do know that they are supposed to be that way.

Sometimes the reads are lower and sometimes higher, so just be careful if you listen with a headset.

All in all, I truly did enjoy listening to this book.
Profile Image for Alyson  L.
146 reviews54 followers
November 25, 2019
I loved listening to Kaitlynzq's smooth melodic voice as she shared her talents in LoveContu. It reminded me of a romantic version of the meditation audio files I listen to. This is very poetic, easy on the ears, mind, and heart. I listened to it repeatedly last night and could continue to do so. There is a link to a sample in the information about the author below. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves romantic poetry, enjoys meditation and/or wants to peacefully clear their mind.


I thankfully received these audio files that I requested from the author and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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