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The General's Daughter is back, and she's at it again! True to her nature, Samantha Quimby finds a way to wreak havoc on the California coastline clear up to Alaska where she defies nature itself. This time, her entire family decides to bring things "Up A Notch" to try to get her to understand that she is not only loved and cared for, but that she is her own worse enemy.

This sequel to The Siren, Generals' Daughter Book 1, finds Sam in more precarious situations than even she can imagine as she comes of age and discovers her own power as a beautiful and intelligent young woman.

Her father, uncle and brother.... along with some outside help... plan on getting their points across to her in one way or another. Of course, Sammi's stubbornness can only be broken through in one embarrassing way... With a red bottom.

Does this stop her from pulling endless pranks on her brother, or risking her own safety in the 'name of science?' But she certainly has fun trying.. UNTIL she is busted!

304 pages, Paperback

Published July 23, 2018

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About the author

Breanna Hayse

103 books448 followers
I’m a native Californian gone 'wild', and had the opportunity to travel the globe and discover the world through the eyes of both a Marine Intelligence specialist and a BDSM lifestyler. I left the service to go into pediatric hospice nursing and grief counseling, eventually working as a marriage and family therapist for those involved in alternative lifestyle development. This experience has allowed me to gain unique inspiration for my books and provide realistic plots and relatable characters.

My first book, The Game Plan, was published in 2012 and opened the door to the now-booming world of Age-Play literature. Since that time, I’ve devoted my ‘spare’ time to writing, researching, community involvement, and private and group pro bono counseling in deviant behavior, alternative lifestyle, and addiction recovery.

I was formally ‘dungeon trained’ as a Domme before discovering my submissive side when I joined the service. My scenarios are pulled primarily from either personal experience or observation, including spending time in clubs as the safety/medical officer. My multi-faceted background allows me to glean from many avenues and provides a unique and intelligent literary experience through elements of fantasy and fiction. I also address the questions and psychology of the lifestyle in a manner that is fun and informative, and based on 'the real deal'.

I live with my husband, musician, and fellow-author, John Hayse, and two border collies in southern California. We practice a 24/7 D&S relationship with speckles of AP (and many trips to Build-A-Bear), and happily spend every moment together that we can. My hobbies include my puppies, hiding my vanilla salt-water taffy where John can't find it, exotic art, collecting inspirational trinkets, and developing my own paddle line. You can also see me as a featured author/instructor in professional conference settings and as a Sexpert for kinkyliterature.com.

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4,043 reviews44 followers
July 28, 2019
Sam continues to try and stretch her wings while the men in her life try to keep her safe without clipping them.

Updated review**********

What really struck me with the updated version is how much the dynamic of their family not only works for them but helps them be honest about their own needs. It also seems to help them integrate with the cetaceans. I love the way Ton has begun to not only understand the landwalkers interaction but to even encourage his calf's bulls to follow through on what they need. Because it has been so long since I've read the original I can't say what is different but I loved the rich full story presented in this version.
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Author 1 book49 followers
July 25, 2013
This continuation of Siren (The General's Daughter) was soooo good. This is about 18 year old Samantha Quimby, a beautiful, brainy and bratty scientist for the military. It is got loads of loving spankings done by her big brother, Michael, her dad, Lt. Gen. Joseph (Joe) Quimby, and her uncle, Gen. Scott Jenkins. There is one other person who gives her a little bit of discipline as well. All of the disciplining is done without anger and even Sammi admits that she not only deserved what she got, but she needs her family to continue with the spanking route so that she can feel safe, loved and forgiven.

I really enjoy the relationship between Sam and her brother, Michael. They have such a close relationship with each other, and he is super protective over her. I loved the part when Samantha was asking her brother if he ever was going to find himself a girl. He answered that one of criteria for the "girlfriend" would be that she would be completely accepting of his close relationship with his sister. Awww... that is so sweet. Michael is such a great brother. I also liked how Bree showed that they still fought like brother and sister, as long as there was respect involved, and Sam didn't put herself in any unsafe positions.

The sci-fi parts of the book are extremely interesting. If you haven't read the first one, you need to. There was an accident that Samantha was in that enables her to... Well, I'm not sure I should say, you know, "spoiler". But let's just say that it could almost be called a super-power, or at least that's what I'd call it. These "powers" are increasing and things are getting stranger and stranger. I cannot wait until the third one!

Even though these books are a continuation of each other, neither book ends in of those cliff-hangers that you have to go back and reread the previous one to continue with the next.

I am hoping that Bree brings in a love connection for Sam soon. I know she is young in years, but she is mature due to the things she has gone through. Although, she sometimes acts like a little brat, she really is no worse than me at times, and I am 44. So... Anyway, love connection? Please, Breanna? Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to wait. Hopefully not too long though, or else I may just fall down on the floor and have myself a little fit. Tee hee!
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Author 34 books229 followers
June 26, 2018
I love this series. The Quimby/Jenkins family are so affectionate, I love them! I love the family dynamic, and the dynamic between brother and sister.
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