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Werewolves of St. Neuri #1

Werewolves of the Mountain

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Millie has her eyes on the prize: taking her blossoming fashion line and turning it into an empire. Life has other plans, however, and a phone call informing her that her father has passed away brings her back to her hometown of St. Neuri.

St. Neuri has changed, with a fog that settles across the town every night, people vanishing and turning up dead, and rumors of wolves hunting in the surrounding woods. Millie doesn’t recognize her hometown anymore – nor the men that reside in it.

A chance encounter leads to her to meet Liam, a dashing bad boy with a smile that shatters her heart neatly in half. She cannot deny the pull she feels for this mysterious stranger. But as the secrets of St. Neuri pull her in deeper, towards legends of werewolves that could very well be real, Millie realizes that not everything is as it seems, including Liam.

This is a standalone book with no cheating and a HEA ending. 18+ content.

119 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 31, 2018

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About the author

Abigail Raines

169 books688 followers
Abigail Raines also writes with Riley Moreno

Abigail is a very romantic and open minded lady. She writes mainly Paranormal Shifter Romance and Contemporary Romance. She loves spending time with her 2 finicky cats and 2 shy dogs (they are twin sisters) and her husband. She lives in Lewisville, Texas and LOVES it here!

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2,310 reviews95 followers
November 4, 2018
Our heroine left her small town for fame and fortune in the big city. But the sudden death of her father pulls her back home. There she sees the world she left in a different light. She discovers new terrors that she never knew were waiting in her background all her life. Excellent and thrilling story!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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46.4k reviews4 followers
Want to read
January 6, 2019
🎁 FREE on Amazon today (1/6/2019)! 🎁

Millie has her eyes on the prize: taking her blossoming fashion line and turning it into an empire. Life has other plans, however, and a phone call informing her that her father has passed away brings her back to her hometown of St. Neuri.

St. Neuri has changed, with a fog that settles across the town every night, people vanishing and turning up dead, and rumors of wolves hunting in the surrounding woods. Millie doesn’t recognize her hometown anymore – nor the men that reside in it.

A chance encounter leads to her to meet Liam, a dashing bad boy with a smile that shatters her heart neatly in half. She cannot deny the pull she feels for this mysterious stranger. But as the secrets of St. Neuri pull her in deeper, towards legends of werewolves that could very well be real, Millie realizes that not everything is as it seems, including Liam.
393 reviews2 followers
January 16, 2019
At only 119 pages (kindle) this book is a very quick read. I discovered it during a quick perusal of the Kindle Unlimited section. While this book won't blow you away with an in-depth look at shifter/werewolf culture; nor will it alter your perception of love and relationships. What it will do is satisfy your whimsical paranormal book cravings.

Millie is an up-and-coming fashion designer who is passionate about success. She's putting in long hours to see her dream become a reality. So caught up in her career-she's lost touch with most of her hometown friends and only speaks occasionally to her father. Sadly, she's brought back into her hometown of St Neuri when her father unexpectedly passes away.

Liam- As a reader your first glimpse of his character is at a greasy hamburger shack. He begs a cup of coffee off a waitress (after shamelessly flirting) even though he's been banned from the establishment. This gave me an impression that he was rangy and perhaps a big of a cad. Millie feels an instant lust/love towards Liam but is quickly warned off by the cafe's waitress.

Millie and Liam have a few more run-ins which gave me a better (more favorable) opinion of Liam.

Again, the story is quick and lacks depth (due to it's brevity) but I still rate it as a solid read for those looking for a few hours of whimsy.
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25 reviews
November 2, 2018
This is a great book and the combination of plot and characters are really in sync. They way the story is written is very intelligent and combination plot has a does a very good job of defining the story and characters.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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6 reviews1 follower
January 13, 2019
Great read

I enjoyed the book from the very start it kept me going didn't want to put it down. From start to finish. Well put together.
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861 reviews7 followers
October 29, 2018
This one needs work . . . 2½ STARS
“WEREWOLVES OF THE MOUNTAIN” is an OK story. The prose in the novella is smooth and easy to read, the plot was exciting and action-packed and the use of FOG to precipitate disaster and set up a threatening atmosphere was brilliant. However, this story did not resonate as have other novella/novels by Abigail Raines. I suspect it is because I did not fall in love with or relate to either of the main characters. Usually, the death of a parent and the subsequent emotional turmoil grabs me, but Millie admitted numerous times that she did not have much of a relationship with her dad. So, even though she cried, there was a disconnect. I felt the tears were more for Millie than for her loss. She just seemed myopically shallow and while I don’t want to see any character harmed, there was no real concern, buy-in or relationship between Millie and me. The disconnect with Liam was more problematic, but I’ve expressed my concerns with the author and will not here as NO ONE LIKES SPOILERS! I voluntarily read an ARC copy of “WEREWOLVES OF THE MOUNTAIN” and this is my honest review. While I have LOVED some of author Raine other titles and given them rave reviews, “WEREWOLVES OF THE MOUNTAIN” needs work. ☹
675 reviews6 followers
October 31, 2018
This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.

The drama and romance parts of the story were good, but there were too many times that the grammar needed work that took away from the story for me. Also, it drove me crazy that Millie kept thinking of her dad as Greg, did that mean she didn't have a close relationship with her father or just the author's writing style?

Liam was the mysterious bad boy and he certainly lived up to this! He also saved Millie when she could not heed the warnings to stay home when the fog comes out and was attacked.

One thing that I wish was explained a bit more was how Millie's father, Greg, could have found the information that the fog was due to a pack war. Where would he have found this??

Overall, the book was entertaining but this was more of a quick read and not a book that goes into more character depth, and at times, I felt that the characters were hard to relate to as that depth of character was missing. If you don't mind this type of thing and want a quick, paranormal, love at first sight - romance then you will enjoy this book!
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486 reviews14 followers
November 3, 2018
Didnt click

The book and relationship felt rushed. There was one chapter where we went straight from only having Millie's pov to Liam's with no heads up. It just felt stilted and didnt click for me. I needed more connection between the H and h and more depth - we barely found out anything about the pack and other members and when we did it was all just a big spill at once.
1,440 reviews4 followers
January 2, 2019

Tried to get into story but couldn’t. Ended flipping after struggling half way through book. Felt indifferent to characters. Plot, storyline felt familiar and frankly told in boring manner.
Felt like old poorly made movie from fifties.
1,071 reviews3 followers
November 18, 2018
Interesting plot in a fast-paced paranormal shifter story told from the heroine perspective

Contains subject matter that may be a trigger or offensive to some including: minimal adult language, semi-steamy intimate scene and violence (fighting / death based upon paranormal storyline). If any of these types of situations are a trigger or offensive to you, then this may not be the book for you.

This story is written from a different perspective, in that everything is from the viewpoint of the heroine, Millie, and not the hero, Liam, so he remains a mystery from the beginning. There is only 1 chapter that really provides any info about Liam, but even it is relayed through Millie. I enjoyed the fast paced and relatively short story, but did find it strange / different that Millie mainly referenced her dad that passed away by his first name of Greg. It made me think that he must have been a step-dad until it was confirmed that he was her dad.

Here is a high level overview of how the story begins:

Millie left St. Neuri about 10 years ago to complete her degree in fashion. Then she moved to the city to start her own line, Artemus Blossum. After last fall / winter collection, she is getting more interest and needs to take advantage of the momentum she has carefully garnered over the last 5 years. Right after she finishes an email about some fabric that is missing, her assistant lets her know that her Aunt is on the line for her and it is important. She couldn't imagine that anything could tear her away from her line and newest collection, but she was wrong. Her dad, Greg, has died.

Millie makes her way to her hometown and childhood home in a daze. She has felt frozen since hearing the news. As she unlocks the door, Millie is overwhelmed with emotions. She spent some time thinking about the parties hosted by her dad that started her interest in fashion, she spent some time in her teenage bedroom that was left unchanged in the modern remodel her dad did, before she decided to make her way to the local diner she spent so much time in as a teenager.

Millie couldn't believe the thick, omnious looking fog that had moved in, but it wasn't going to stop her from going. As she pulled her rental car out of the driveway, she thought she saw a large animal by the garage. Now she was just being silly and getting caught up in thoughts evoked by the fog.

Millie hoped the diner was still there, and it was, but it too had been remodeled on the inside. She entered the new sleek looking diner and the waitress, Betty, seemed surprised to see her. Millie quickly ordered her treat meal as a teenager and asked Betty about the fog. She asked Millie if she was new to St. Neuri as the fog started a few months earlier, about the time the disappearances and murders began. Betty pushed a newspaper to Millie and she was able to read about the 15 people that had disappeared and the 5 found murdered, which included 1 just found buried in a shallow grave. It also told the townsfolk to stay in after dark.

After Millie inhaled her food, she noticed a large male enter and approach the counter next to her. He called out to Betty and asked if he could get a cup of coffee. Betty ignored him, before finally turning to get him a cup to go. She called him Liam and told him to take it and leave as he was banned before she walked to the back to the kitchen.

Millie had never heard of anyone being banned from the diner before. Then as Liam turned to leave, their eyes met and Millie's heart skipped a beat. He was the most masculine man she had ever seen. She must have starred too long as he asked her if there was something he could do for her before he left, and then Betty warned her off, saying he was bad news and tended to think with his fists before his brain.

It is too bad that his smell made her feel comforted, and the charming smile he offered Betty while talking her into the coffee, made something shift inside her while promising a future broken heart.
367 reviews1 follower
October 29, 2018
I received this book as a gift and I would like to give an honest opinion of what I read.

This is a really good book! The visuals that Abigail wrote were amazing. I have had an occasion or two; not very often however to have driven at night in a fog so dense that you feel as though you have slipped into some other world. Where the street light are just a dimmed halo right before you come upon them as with the drivers car lights coming up in the opposite direction. Just to remember that feeling still brings chills as I read about the fog in this story. People disappearing or having be found buried in shallow graves. I have read so many different versions of what authors create in there stories this by far has been the most different, visual, and interesting wrapped in mystery.

Millie is the creator of Artemis Blossom fashion line. Her first line that she sent out before was a hit and now she is feverishly working on the Spring/Summer line coming up. The last week has been difficult, she just broke up with her then boyfriend the week before and he had been blowing up her phone. She was dealing with inventory that had not come in as promised and working long hours trying to get everything ready. That is until her assistant came in to tell her that her Aunt was on the phone and that she needed to take it.

The next day finds Millie in St. Neuri her hometown. When her Aunt called her it was tell her Greg her father had passed away. Stunned Millie left immediately for the house. It had been years since she had been home the only thing that had been changed was the kitchen with a remodel which bothered her because she didn’t remember Greg mentioning it to her. He had died of a heart attack in that very house in the living room and it was her Aunt his sister that had found in on the floor the next morning. The rest of the day she spent her time going through memory lane in her old bedroom that was just like a time capsule. Greg had always wanted it to be there waiting for her when ever she should need it. It wasn’t until nightfall that she realized that she had not eaten since the day before and was starving. Leaving the house she noticed that a fog had moved in; so think she could barely see through it. She did remember the old burger joint she used to go to as a teenager and it was still there, though the people and the interior had been updated with the times. It was here that she met Liam sort of. He came to get a cup of coffee and for some reason she was amazed at how attractive he was and the strange pull she had towards him. He however was incredible rude to her. It was at the dinner that Betty told her she should not go out into the night when the fog has rolled in. Not knowing what she was talking about Betty gave her a newspaper which gave an accounting of what had been happening.

Things got stranger and stranger the next time she saw Liam was at the cemetery right after the service for her father. He was at another grave site with a group of men paying respects to whom ever was buried there. She talked to him again a little and asked a question that one of Greg’s friends had said about her father and it instantly set him of and he stormed away from her.

It wasn’t until the next week that she left the house before nightfall to go to the grocery store. It took longer than she wanted and the fog had rolled in. This time however she took a wrong turn on the way back home and it was from here on out that her world as she knew it turned upside down, Now all she had to do is to get someone to believe her; will it be Liam? Will any one ever believe what she saw coming after her before she blacked out.
This is an exciting story and one that I really recommend reading.
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15.6k reviews186 followers
October 30, 2018
Millie had launched her own fashion line, Artemis Blossom, and was angry that her supplier missed the deadline for the fabric delivery she needed. She was concentrating so hard on her email to them that she almost didn’t hear her cell phone. She had shoved it in a drawer because she broke up with her boyfriend who believed that continuous calling would woo her back. Her assistant knocked on the door and told her an important call was waiting – from her aunt she had not seen in 10 years!

She let herself in to her father’s quiet house in St Neuri. She had spoken to her dad, Greg, last week – how could he possibly be gone from her life?? She spent the rest of the day in her old room, looking through all of her old things, recalling memories. She finally realized she hadn’t eaten since the day before and decided to go out to grab something. Surprised, she stepped out into a heavy, impenetrable fog. She thought she saw a shape run off, but figured it was all the caffeine she had ingested all day. At the local burger hangout, she asked about the fog and was told that it started a couple months ago along with murders and missing people. The waitress gave Millie a newspaper that had the story of the 15 missing and 5 dead.

Millie saw a tall, muscled man come out of the bathroom. The waitress tried to ignore him when he asked for coffee. But for Millie, his smile was tempting. When the waitress came back, she warned Millie that Liam was bad news and should be avoided. Her formerly comforting hometown was definitely different. Now the fog just made her jumpy.

At the funeral Millie was in a daze. A stranger named Stephen, a friend of her father’s, introduced himself and said that Greg had not been acting like himself recently. He had said that he thought the murders and fog were supernatural! He thought it had something to do with wolves. Stephen told her Greg’s notes were in his room if she wanted to read them, but she was angry at what he told her and what he implied about his death. She just wanted to go home and started walking. Liam had also been at a gravesite and he expressed his condolences about her father. But when she asked if his friend they just buried had died a natural death, his face darkened as hers had when Stephen made his implications about her dad’s death. He told her not to be out after dark, then left to join his friends.

The following week, Millie headed for the grocery store and didn’t finish until the fog rolled in. In the poor visibility, she got lost and had car trouble, a serious mistake that would change her life. Would anyone believe what she saw that night? Would anyone be there to help her?

This was a perfect story for our upcoming-Halloween season! Well-written with a spooky flavor and goosebump-inducing events, it doesn’t get better than this to put you in the mood! This story was thoroughly enjoyable and the suspense keeps the reader moving on to see what happens next! Don’t miss this one – you’ll enjoy it to the very last page!
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4,241 reviews69 followers
January 4, 2019
Reviewed at Shifter Haven

Werewolves of the Mountain begins the Werewolves of St. Neuri series by Abigail Raines. I found Liam and Millie’s story intriguing that bring images of old-time horror movie werewolves more to mind than the shifters I’m addicted to. Actually, Liam is more a combination of both images, and as we’re learning about his pack, their lore and how they exist in this modern world this story begins a fascinating journey for me. Although I’m not a huge fan of the one person point of view (I much prefer to get into both the hero and the heroine’s heads), it did work well for this introduction to the series. We as readers are kept as much in the dark as Millie is, and that only intensifies the feeling of a spooky night in the woods with the fog rolling in… and we just know there is something really bad in that fog.

I enjoyed stepping into this world, and it’s one that I’ll return to. Millie and Liam have obstacles to overcome both in their personal lives and in the safety of their hometown. We meet a very few secondary characters that may have their own stories in the future. The ones I did meet, and one very bad dude, have me interested in what happens next. In all, Werewolves of the Mountain has a different feel to it, yet one that draws the reader in with intriguing bits and pieces and well defined characters. If you love Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance, then you’ll want to check out this series for yourself. You may just have a new series and a new author to follow.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.
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771 reviews17 followers
February 2, 2019
Discovering two of my favorite genres in this story made me happy, and I was doubly thrilled by the time the book was finished because of its innovative premise. Paranormal elements are cleverly interwoven with suspenseful situations to make WEREWOLVES OF THE MOUNTAIN riveting during every compelling situation. I had not read Abigail Raines before, but I will definitely be getting additional books written by this talented author.

After getting a fashion degree, Millie has worked diligently to make her own line of designs successful and does not let any thing interfere. Yet when her father suddenly dies, she travels back to her hometown of St. Neuri. Although much seems the same at first, more aspects appear to have changed as the days pass, from strange weather to missing residents. One of the new people in town is Liam, a man with hidden secrets. When their lives keep crossing paths, Millie becomes fascinated with him but wonders if she will ever really know the mysterious Liam.

Abigail Raines makes the traits of her werewolves unique, which causes extra fascination to the story. There are countless mysteries to be solved when Millie first arrives back home, and I was not expecting some of the revelations. Liam leaves numerous facts about himself unspoken, and I kept guessing his role in what was taking place in St. Neuri. I was very intrigued by any scenes pertaining to the paranormal, while those incidents where danger might occur were equally enthralling. The inventive circumstances in the first story of the Werewolves of St. Neuri series kept me engrossed at all times. Rating – 4.5 Stars
1,131 reviews5 followers
October 31, 2018
Werewolves of the Mountain is the first book in the Werewolves of St. Neuri series. Millie has lived in the city for the past ten years, starting a successful fashion career, thinking nothing could tear her away when she finds out about the death of her father. While back in St. Neuri, she’s realizing quickly that not everything is as it once was, and after meeting Liam, she has more questions than answers. When she’s attacked, she’s determined to find the truth, but will she be able to handle all of Liam’s and St. Neuri’s secrets?

This book was kind of perfect for the Halloween season, with a mystery fog, attacking wolves, murder mysteries, and a hunky man with more secrets than truths. Millie was such a determined little character, and I loved that what once was just myth, turned into something so much more real for her. Liam was kind of hard to get a handle on sometimes, but he was always protective, willing to fight for those who others might not give a second chance to, and had the confidence that all would end soon. Together, they could have made a great team, if only Liam would have communicated a little better. As much as I enjoyed this book, though, I feel like there was a disconnect between the characters until the very end, and maybe part of that is because we only got Millie’s point of view. I think this series has potential, though, and look forward to reading more!
401 reviews
October 31, 2018
From the moment Millie goes home to her fathers unfortunate death, nothing is like it use to be. There's a fog that was never their when Millie was a child and seeing something in the fog that shouldn't be there. Millie decides to get coffee from a restaurant down the road and see's a man that intrigues her. Learning his name Liam, Millie cant get him out of her head. As the plot starts to get thick with the burial of her father and meeting a man that states her father has research of why the fog is here. Looking at home she finally finds the hiding space and reviews her fathers research and just cant believe it. One night while going to store to get food Millie takes a wrong turn her tire gets flattened and something is after her, Liam shows up to help her out. When Millie starts questioning Liam a lot doesn't add up. Next thing she hears something tracking her in her house and Liam ends up saving her but ends up hurt and Millie helps him get better. While Millie hides out she decides to help out Liam and draw out the other werewolf and Liam shows up in time to save and kill the werewolf. Now all is good the fog is gone and Liam and Millie get the HEA.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
177 reviews2 followers
January 12, 2019
An O.k Quick Read. 2.5 Star's

A bit of mystery, some Werewolve's, a rolling night fog, missing or dead people, a fashion designer and an Alpha.
All this and more should have made for an excellent, exciting heart pounding read, and yet as a
first time reader of Ms Abigail Raine's, I found this story to be a bit on the bland side for the start of this new series. (Sorry)
With a good start, I somewhat expected more as the story went along, but it didn't seem to pull me in as I wanted it to.
No matter how hard I tried to picture Liam, the H as an Alpha Leader, I just couldn't, unsure exactly what was missing, just that it was.
Don't get me wrong, it was well written, and I did like it, it just didn't make my heart beat faster, or make me excited to read the next book, 😄even though I already have the next 2 book's and have pre-ordered the 4th.
I do have high hopes for the next, Werewolve's of St Neuri book, "Werewolf Divide" which I will be reading as soon as I finish this review.
I would recommend you give this a read and judge for yourself, as your own opinion may differ from mine.
I downloaded this for free? (I think), I can't remember, as it's been in my TBR pile for months, and I am voluntarily leaving this unasked for review.

2,200 reviews
October 31, 2018
It has been awhile since I have read a paranormal romance book but this was one was a really good intro back into that genre. This book is all about a small town called St. Neuri that appears to contain a 40+ year secret. Millie has grown up in this small town and moved away to become a fashion designer in the city. She is prepping for her spring/summer line when she gets a call from her aunt that changes her whole world. It has been 10 years but she finds herself back in St. Neuri for her father’s funeral. She finds that as much as the small town is still the same, it is currently so different. She has never felt scared or uneasy before but the longer she stays the information that she gathers and she has no idea what to do with it. She also keeps crossing paths with Liam. A series events start to being Millie and Liam closer until Liam can no longer hide or deny what Millie is starting to put together about the town residents. It was an entertaining, fast paced read to see if Millie and Liam find their HEA. Definitely interested in seeing what this author has in store for the little town.
I voluntarily read and reviewed this book as an ARC from Booksprout. I also purchased it.
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1,457 reviews4 followers
October 26, 2018
Millie was a designer in the city with a busy life. She was called home after her father passed. She was mourning his loss.. but something was unnatural in her hometown. She discovered a fog that had been rolling in for months and the disappearance of many people and some even murdered. At her father���s funeral an old time friend of his warned her her father had a theory in his notebooks. Millie met a regular bad boy named Liam in the diner. He seemed very troubled but she was instantly attracted to him. Venturing out late one night, she makes a wrong turn and gets a flat tire. The fog had rolled in and she heard growls in the night and saw huge shapes…Liam came and saved her. She had her theories but could not prove them. Finally, she discovers her dads notebooks but is still no further to an answer. One night she is attacked in her home…what occurred? Who or what was it? Why does Liam not answer her questions? I received this book as a gift am voluntarily leaving a review. Discover what happened when you buy the book. It is a fast-paced read that will keep you on your toes!
1,167 reviews5 followers
October 28, 2018
Being the first book written by Abigail Raines, I found it to be well written and the story about werewolves in St. Neuri a great start for this series. Millie a fashion designer whose fashion line is starting to be recognized gets a call from home by her aunt that her father has died. Millie goes home but things have changed in St. Neuri since she left. There's a fog at night and people have left town or disappeared or were killed and people say they see wolves at night. Millie decides to sell her father's house and is clearing it for the sale. One night she goes out to get something to eat but on her way home she takes a wrong turn and her car gets a flat tire. While checking her tire she see giant wolves/creatures coming for her and starts running and gets saved by Liam riding his motorcycle who takes her to his place. Later the next day after she goes home she calls Liam and meets him at a coffee shop and tells Liam she saw werewolves. Does Liam believe her? I volunteer to read and review this ARC.
2,744 reviews22 followers
November 1, 2018
After her father dies Millie returns to St. Neuri and there she meets Liam.
When her Aunt calls and informs Millie that her father has died of cardiac arrest her business is forgotten as she heads to St Neuri to bury her father and sort out his home. She loses track of time and when she becomes aware it is dark but she refuses to eat the food her father left and heads for the burger place she had spent a lot of time in when she was young. When she opens the door she is surprised to see a thick eerie mist and thinks she sees shapes in the mist. As she eats her meal a man comes out the the toilet and the waitress asks why he Liam was there when he has been banned. Then as her father is buried she noticed another burial on the other side of the cemetery where the mourners are all dressed alike. As she goes to leave she is approached by one and realizes it is Liam and from this poit on life becomes very strange. A werewolf romance to relax and enjoy.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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2,167 reviews10 followers
October 31, 2018
When Millie returns home to town she couldn't wait to leave after the death of her father she has one plan, sort everything out, sell the house and go back to her life. But her hometown isn't the same anymore.

When this story started describing a creepy fog and Millie alone in it, I was reminded of that old movie. The Fog, which I have to tell you gave me nightmares way back when so much so that I will always try to avoid going out in the fog to this day!

The writing style and the plot drew me in and even though I am still frightened at the thought of dense fog I have to admit I really liked this book.

I liked and admired Millie I thought her desire to make something of herself was very well portrayed. As for the night, she met Liam, my heart was in my mouth and my tummy turned over!

Overall the book is an enjoyable, action-packed, easy read with two really good main characters whom you can not fail to like.
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6,823 reviews57 followers
October 31, 2018
Wow! Talk about a walk in the dark. This is one exciting, action packed, hard hitting, steady paced, heart pounding, pulse racing, nailbiting, page turning bombshell that captivates from the start. All the twists and turns, ups and downs, ins and outs, along with a few bumps and bruises make for one breathless experience. With all the drama, intrigue, mystery, danger and suspense this bad boy keeps you on your toes and focus on the pages. A rollercoaster wild ride with a plethora of emotions to sort through as the tension spirals and imaginations run rampant. The characters and their personalities are unique with qualities and traits that balance out perfectly. The scenes are descriptive and detailed it really pulls this bad boy together beautifully. With such graphic descriptions you can picture each scenario as it flows smoothly. Abigail did an excellent job bringing this read. Fantastic job Abigail, thanks for sharing this awesome read with us.
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3,471 reviews24 followers
November 5, 2018
I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review.

In this book we meet Millie and Liam. Millie whole world has been her fashion business she thinks nothing will pull her away from that but one phone call changes that. Once home thought she sees that something odd is going on. There is a fog that rolls in and she is sure she saw movement in it, but that can't be right, right? After a chance encounter with Liam she wonders if there is more out there then she ever thought about before? Will these two get a HEA or will outside forces make sure that never happens?

This is a great story. It does have its ups and downs that I really want to tell you about. However I don't want to ruin any of the secrets for any other readers. I will say this book will have you on the edge of your seat from the first word to the very end. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.
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November 21, 2018
Millie is a fashion designer about to make a big name for herself. She already has a line called Artemis Blossum. She broke up with her boyfriend Albert a week ago and he won't quit calling her to get back with her. So when the phone rings again thinking it's him she ignores it. Later she checks her phone and it's a message from her aunt that her father suddenly passed away from a heart attack. She couldn't believe it as she just talked to him this week. So she has to go back to the home she grew up in St. Neuri and take care of the estate. When she gets to her dad's house she is overcome with memories and cries herself to sleep. Later she wakes up hungry. She decides to go to the diner in town but, notices a strange fog in town. At the diner she meets Liam and that is the start of this much detailed story. The romance and sex hits at the very end of the story. Plus the mysterious werewolves.

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October 30, 2018
Fog, Friends & Foes

I never really liked fog after watching an old movie when I was a child about monsters hiding in fog. So when this book started off with a creepy fog and a young woman being alone in it, well I just started having flashbacks to that old movie. But this book quickly drew me in and even though I am still creeped out about dense fog I liked the book. I really liked Millie and her desire to make something of herself. Being faced with a tragedy and trying to deal with it on her own showed she was feisty but foolish. When she meets Liam, my daggone heart started beating faster for her! It's a easy read, lots of action and two people trying to stay away from plans that fate has for them. I would love to read more about this mountain town.

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October 31, 2018
Millie is called home due to her father's death. She felt strange in the house alone and decided to go get something to eat at the diner. Here she encounters Liam for the first time, she feels pulled to him. The next night she went out to get groceries before the fog drifted in and took a wrong turn. Here she encounters werewolves for the first time. She had heard about disappearances, but didn't think it could happen to her. Liam comes and saves the day. Millie and Liam start out with a love hate friendship/relationship.
This was a book filled with many questions that Millie sets out to find the answers to only to find herself in danger. Liam is a complicated man who always turns up in time t save Millie.

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October 31, 2018
"An Unique and Amazing Werewolf Romance"
This is a unique and amazing werewolf romance. The characters are awesome.
Millie moved away from the small town of St. Neuri years ago. She moved to New York to open her own fashion company. Now years later she gets a call that her Dad passed away. Millie must return to St. Neuri. When she gets there she finds the town completely different! There is a deep fog that sets in each evening. People have been coming up missing or dead! And there are rumors of wolves.
Her first day back Millie meets a sexy hot headed man Liam. There is a mystery about Liam that pulls her to him! Millie comes across her Dad's journals. In them he says the town mystery is caused by Werewolves! Could there be Werewolves in St. Neuri? Could Liam be one? And will this stop Millie from falling for him?
You will love this super exciting,thrilling,funny,suspenseful,and steamy hot shifter Romance.
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November 5, 2018
Packed full of exhilirating twists, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and tinged with a hint of romance, Werewolves of the Mountain by Abigail Raines is one heck of a thrill ride that gives a feeling akin to covering your head with a pillow and not being able to look away simultaneously.
When tragedy strikes, Millie, an upstart fashion designer, is forced to return home to the town she had been so eager to escape ten years ago. Expecting to find the same quaint town she grew up in, she is in for a greater surprise than she would ever bargain for.
From beginning to end, Raines creates an ominous feeling of dread that creeps slowly, slowly upon you until the terrifying climax. A total nail-biter, but it also has a sweeter side. It is a testiment to Raines ability as a writer to be able to make colorful, relatable characters without compromising the suspenseful prose she weaves. It’s a superb mix, one not soon to be forgotten. This is why I’ve rated it four and half stars, and why I would most definitely recommend this title and this author

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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November 2, 2018
Millie has no plans to return to her small hometown of St. Neuri. As a fashion designer, living in the city is a must, and her new line is just starting to take off so being gone for very long will be a problem. When she gets the call that her father has died unexpectedly, she makes a flying trip home. Arriving at night, she is a bit creeped out by the thick fog that eerily blankets the area. As she stops for supplies, she learns that her once peaceful hometown has become a place where fear reigns. People have been disappearing into the fog and turning up dead. She's warned by nearly everyone she sees not to go out at night and to stay out of the fog. Traveling to her father's house, she catches a glimpse of ... something. Could the creature she saw be responsible for the terror in her town?

Liam is considered one of the town's "bad boys", but Millie doesn't see it. She sees the guy who stepped in and saved her from another man's unwanted advances. When he saves her yet again, this time from a band of huge wolves, she realizes that there is something different about him. Could her father's stories and notes about werewolves in St. Neuri be true, and is Liam one of them?

I like shifter stories, and Werewolves of the Mountain was a great series starter for the Werewolves of St. Neuri series. My only problem with the story was with Millie. For a smart woman, she sure took some ridiculous chances with her own life. I mean, seriously, if EVERYONE in town tells you not to go out in the fog at night, wouldn't YOU stay home? Millie, apparently, is too focused on not having food in the house to think about the fact that going out, at night, in the fog, might be a problem. Yeesh.

If you're into paranormal romance, you'll like Werewolves of the Mountain. I'm going to be looking out for the next book in the series, Werewolf Divide!
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