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Zombies Don't Eat Veggies!

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Mo Romero is a zombie who loves nothing more than growing, cooking, and eating vegetables. Tomatoes? Tantalizing. Peppers? Pure perfection! The problem? Mo's parents insist that their niño eat only zombie cuisine, like arm-panadas and finger foods. They tell Mo over and over that zombies don't eat veggies. But Mo can't imagine a lifetime of just eating zombie food and giving up his veggies. As he questions his own zombie identity, Mo tries his best to convince his parents to give peas a chance.

Super duo Megan and Jorge Lacera make their picture-book debut with this sweet story about family, self-discovery, and the power of acceptance. It's a delectable tale that zombie and nonzombie fans alike will devour.

40 pages, Hardcover

First published April 2, 2019

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About the author

Jorge Lacera

5 books13 followers
Jorge Lacera was born in Colombia, and grew up in Miami, Florida drawing in sketchbooks, on napkins, on walls, and anywhere his parents would let him.

After graduating with honors from Ringling College of Art and Design, Jorge worked as a visual development and concept artist for major gaming studios and entertainment companies.

As a big fan of pop culture, comics, and zombie movies, Jorge rarely saw Latinx kids as the heroes or leads. He is committed to changing that, especially now that he has a son. He is a co-founder of #LatinxPitch (www.latinxpitch.com)

Jorge is currently helping to create the next chapter in the BioShock franchise as the Art Director at Cloud Chamber Studios in Montreal, Quebec.

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1,351 reviews199 followers
May 15, 2019

Mo is a zombie with a secret. He loves—*whispers* veggies. Yup. You heard me. Vegetables! Zombies aren’t supposed to like spinach and cucumbers and kale though. Right? His parents think veggies are gross. But young Mo has a plan, if he can convince his parents that veggies can be yummy, he won’t have to keep his love a secret anymore. No more hiding! But will Mo tell his parents the truth? And will they accept their son’s taste for the green, chopped, diced delights? You have to read to find out.

The whole switch-a-roo of the kid trying to convince the parents to eat their vegetables made me giggle. Zombies always make me happy actually. And little, bespectacled Mo is one of the cutest! The pages capture this colorful, tattered, zombie world in deep purples, greens, and natural browns. The meals are fun—like “DORI-TOES (For dipping)”. And the bilingual text added a layer for kids and adults to explore. Words like “delicioso” and “nino” brought this zombie family and language to life. I hope young readers see and hear their own families in the words or find a new word or two to say and learn about.

Highly recommended. It's a fun read with a strong message about being your true self.

p.s. I’m still not sold on the joy of vegetables though—sorry. :)

Profile Image for Melki.
5,580 reviews2,308 followers
June 19, 2020
For a zombie, Little Mo Romero is a picky eater.
Brains and intestines hold no interest for him. What he'd really like to sink his teeth into is a nice, juicy . . . carrot?
This is a cute and healthy tale about a kid who just can't live up to his parents' expectations, and how they manage to work things out. There are even some yummy-sounding veggie recipes included.
Profile Image for Jon Nakapalau.
4,752 reviews637 followers
May 18, 2019
Mo Romero (yes, Romero) is a little zombie boy who likes to eat veggies! But Zombie mom and dad can't believe he craves anything so gross! This role reversal (usually mom and dad want you to eat more veggies) will make both parents and children talk about eating veggies in a fun way.
Profile Image for Laura.
25 reviews
October 29, 2022
I had mixed feelings on this book. Not sure why exactly, but just didn't work for me, like I thought it would.
Profile Image for Riley.
22 reviews
February 21, 2020
Picture Book

Okay, I am going to be honest here and say that this book had me laughing out loud in the middle of the children's section of the library. It is a story about a zombie named Mo who likes vegetables, while his parents are 100% carnivores. Poor Mo tries everything he can to get on his parents bandwagon, but finds that he is just happy the way he is, and that maybe they can all come to a happy medium.

This book is great for ages 5-8, or even 30. The story itself mixes english with some spanish, so during read aloud you can introduce the spanish language in easy to remember phrases.

It also offers recipes at the back of the book for everyone's zombie potluck. This would be a great activity for a library or school, to have this read aloud and either sample or make together some of the recipes either with real food or pretend as a way to promote healthier eating. After all, if zombies can eat vegetables, why not kids and their families too?

Another thing that all kids like, is to pretend to *be* zombies. This would be a good Halloween read, where kids could then maybe take a break to dance to the Monster Mash, and enjoy being all the scary types of monsters that come out during the month of October.
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2,918 reviews1,469 followers
August 1, 2020
Available in English with some Spanish words or all Spanish, this book is about a little zombie boy, Mo Romero, who just can't eat zombie food like his parents want him to. He loves... veggies! He can't get enough of them! Little Mo attempts to convince his parents to try veggies with very funny results. The message is about accepting someone even if they're different. (A million hearts!!!!!)

The illustrations are very cute and clever. Real foods are turned into zombie puns like Doreetoes. This book gives finger foods a new meaning. On the walls of the house there are photos of the family doing ordinary human things in very zombie ways. The colors are purple, green, yellow and red-all colors occurring in nature- colors of... veggies.

There are recipes included. No humans were harmed in the development of these recipes. ;-)

I adored this sweet little book and the message is very important to share with kids and adults. My nieces and nephews (6 1/2-11 1/2) really liked it too, including the one who loves scary zombies. This book is a perfect readaloud to young children or read alone for independent readers of all ages. I recommend this to readers ages 5+.
Profile Image for Renee Lute.
Author 8 books13 followers
April 14, 2019
There are so many reasons to love this book. Megan and Jorge Lacera have such a fabulous sense of humor, accessible to both kids and their parents. I love the bilingual element, the “it’s okay to be different” element, the zombie family dynamic, etc. A fresh book that hits so many notes.
Profile Image for LaDonna.
174 reviews2,452 followers
February 3, 2021
Very cute story!! I love the premise of using the relationship between a zombie child and his parents to speak to the importance of acceptance.

Mo's parents loved their son and finally accepted that it was okay to be different.

Megan and Jorge Lacera have created a tale that I am sure most kids and parents are able to relate to. The illustrations that Jorge Lacera has created truly help drive the story. I cannot wait to read what this duo has in store for us next.

Read it for yourself. The book even includes some recipes that you might want to try. (Should I have kept that to myself?)
Profile Image for Jennifer.
3,427 reviews44 followers
September 8, 2022
The pictures are amazing, the text is simple and straight-forward, with a few Spanish words thrown in for fun. If you're reading it aloud, the word bubbles are important on some pages, but not the others. A fun addition to a zombie, monster, veggies, food, or family theme story time. The message of inclusion at the end felt a little heavy-handed, but it was still an enjoyable read. 3.5 stars
Profile Image for Ms. B.
2,796 reviews35 followers
October 21, 2022
If you're looking for a not too scary zombie book to share with your children or students, this is it. Not only is this story about little zombie, Maurice Romero, who likes veggies instead of the usual zombie foods a lot of fun, it has a great message about acceptance too.
Profile Image for Ro Menendez.
564 reviews20 followers
April 7, 2019
Mo Romero is a non-brain-eating zombie. Mo is a vegetarian, a hiding-in-the-shed vegetarian who wants to be his true self with those he loves the most, his mom and dad. Authors Megan and Jorge Lacera don't shy away from being realistic within the fantastical-zombie-pun-filled world they have created; more often than not when a family member does not follow the cookie cutter path expected and makes it known, he or she is met with disbelief and resistance. I appreciated that the authors respected young readers enough to show that Mo's plan and hopes that he would convince his parents on his very first try to accept his vegetarian lifestyle, flopped, because such is life. Now the Laceras took it a step further than many stories I've read where children are asserting their individuality. Mo doesn't just say "I'm different.", he reminds his parents how much of a Romero and a zombie he is, regardless of his food preferences, and that is golden, so much more unites than separates us! Mo helps the adults in his life focus on how much he is their "niño" their "Mo." Again, in keeping it real for their readers, Mo's parents are understanding, but they don't jump in head first in being different like Mo, they promise to try and support his veggie gardening passion. The illustrations and general zombie plot will have young zombie fans delighting in the availability of a book that caters to their love of beings that eat brains and other human parts, and is still age appropriate. Adult readers will delight and laugh heartily at the zombified dish names (I still laugh when I remember "armpanadas"), headstones, and other references to pop culture. The Romeros will start great conversations about family, love, acceptance, and honoring differences as readers share their story.
Profile Image for Stephanie Bange.
1,536 reviews11 followers
March 25, 2019
With zombies as hot as they are today, this is a welcome addition to humorous stories for kids.

Mo Romero is not like other zombie boys. He does not like zombie foods like "brains", "man-naise", "Dori-toes", or "Chili con ojos". Instead, he would rather a delicioso meal of celery, tomatoes and carrots. Horrors! His parents just don't understand his taste buds, however they come to accept him as he is because they are more than zombies -- they are a family.

Told using very yummy words like "tantalizing" and "brain-eating competitions", phrases like "Holy Aioli!", and puns found on foods and headstones ("Sarah Bellum" and "Juan Moortime"), the text by Megan and Jorge Lacera is a delight to read aloud. Sprinkled with Spanish, this is the kind of story that will tickle a kid's funny bone.

Digital illustrations by Jorge Lacera are rich, lush, and full of good gory detail -- from the wallpaper in the house to the paintings on the walls to the food on the table. The family, shown in shades of green, are cartoonish in style and featured in many different sight gags. Kids may very well belly laugh at the reaction to his parents as they eat Mo's bisque.

Although this topic (being a picky eater) has been covered in other books such as Gregory the Terrible Eater by Mitchell Sharmat (Four Winds Press, c1980), this story offers a fresh spin by adding fun recipes like "Blood Bile Bisque", "Zombie Finger Foods", and "The Romero Family's Famous Shockamole", interweaving Spanish in the text, updating artwork using digital techniques, and featuring a family of zombies (which adds an "ick" factor that kids gravitate toward).

However, don't hold this back for Halloween or to use in a unit about food. This charming story can also be used to demonstrate acceptance and celebration of diversity: "Different doesn't mean bad, different just means different -- we love you just the same."

This book is being published simultaneously in Spanish by Children's Book Press/Lee & Low Books.

Highly Recommended for grades PreS-3.
Profile Image for Peacegal.
9,662 reviews84 followers
November 22, 2019
I loved, loved, loved this. Like a mashup of GREGORY, THE TERRIBLE EATER and "Count Duckula" with a dash of Spanish vocabulary thrown in, this is the story of a little zombie child who just can't stomach brains, toes, and eyeballs--he much prefers vegetables!

Little Mo's parents just don't get it. They do everything they can to get their son to eat in the traditional zombie fashion, but Mo is steadfast--veggies, not brains, are for him.

At the end, there's a wonderful realization by all parties that even though Mo eats a little differently, he's still a zombie and he's still a loved and essential part of the family!

As a child who for a time was the only vegetarian in my family, I absolutely related to Mo and wished this book would have been around when I was a kid. I hope that ZOMBIES DON'T EAT VEGGIES will be discovered by 21st century vegetarian kids--as well as any kid whose interests or tastes make them feel a little "different" among the rest of their family members.

This fun book even includes three "spooky" vegetable recipes at its conclusion that would make a great addition to a Halloween party or just as everyday snacks.
16 reviews
September 16, 2022
This book is about a little boy who is a zombie who loves to eat vegetables. His parents don't like vegetables and only want him to eat brains like normal zombies. He ends up disguising vegetables as brains to make his parents eat them. His parents spit of the food when they find out there is vegetables in it. His family ends up telling him it is okay that he eats vegetables.

I honestly really love this book because it is so funny and it makes vegetables seem fun to eat to kids. I also really like the book has Spanish in it so it will connect with bilingual kids.

I think this book would be good to use in the classroom when talking about food pyramids and food that is food for your body. I think the teacher could bring in vegetables for the students to try and have them write their reactions to the food.
Profile Image for Kaitlyn.
138 reviews16 followers
October 22, 2019
Love love love this book in our house! My three-year-old aughter immediately was drawn to the cover, even the inside covers, and thinks the book is so intriguing and the pictures captivating. I really enjoy the lessons the book gives about how families can love each aa other even if they're different and that it's okay to like vegetables! The pages are filled with phenomenal art, hilarious puns, and a great storyline. Our favorite spread is when Mo creates a dish to try to trick his parents into eating (and hopefully liking) veggies, the images and words are so perfect, my daughter points at each one and has me read the page again and again. This is a must-have in your collection of great picture books!
34 reviews
May 29, 2019
Very cute book!! Some basic Spanish in the book which makes it a great read for young kids who like learning new things.
Profile Image for Sue Slade.
305 reviews13 followers
February 3, 2021
Mo's Parents loved their son and finally accepted that it was O.K. to be different. The perfect World Read Aloud book!!!
62 reviews4 followers
May 14, 2019
Great fun read. I think kids will really enjoy this! It's longer than I use in storytimes, but it is a good read-aloud for a school-age (or even attentive preschool-aged) crowd. This book also works in a couple of Spanish words, which I felt was a nice way to diversify a book about fictional creatures.
Profile Image for Tina Dalton.
789 reviews10 followers
May 14, 2019
Super cute and funny picture book about a zombie kid who only wants to eat veggies and this time it's the parents who can't stand to eat healthy!
Profile Image for Tiffany.
234 reviews7 followers
August 27, 2020
My 6 year old brother loves this book. He chooses to focus more on the theatrical hating of vegetables than on the end of the story, where the whole zombie family is eating vegetables, but hey. Anything that gets him to read. Adults with sharp eyes will find witty puns and clever references to pop culture that'll make reading it to your kid 6000 consecutive times slightly more bearable.
Profile Image for Jnase1.
785 reviews5 followers
September 30, 2019
Reminded me of Gregory the Horrible Eater.

Fun Halloween book that teaches about acceptance-even in families.
October 28, 2020
Brains? Finger? Toes? Not for Mo! In this science fiction story, Mo is just a young zombie struggling to be accepted by his parents for being unique in the fact that he enjoys eating.....veggies!
As you read this Spanish influenced tale, you learn Mo wants nothing more than to gain the respect of his zombie parents for his life choices. Through respect, love, and acceptance, Mo’s parents will have to decide if Mo being different is something they can swallow.
Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies would be a suitable read aloud for K-1 when discussing healthy eating choices or themes for Halloween. It would be good for 2nd and 3rd grade when discussing character traits, central message, vocabulary, and cultural aspects.
I chose this as a WOW book because of the humor behind its message. I also like that the book incorporates Spanish words and culture.
1 review2 followers
April 19, 2019
Most creative, funny picture book I’ve read in ages!! My kids LOVE this book and it's one I love rereading to them nightly! Beautiful illustrations AND funny story. I also love the creative Zoombie food names sprinkled about with touches of Spanish! Well done!!!!!!
Profile Image for Shana.
9 reviews7 followers
April 16, 2019
This book is utterly delightful! We received ZOMBIES DON'T EAT VEGGIES a few days ago, and my son has chosen it as his bedtime book every night since. And we both love that it is a bilingual book! My son adores the illustrations, and laughs at the different 'cuisines' drawn in the book. I can't wait to see what the Laceras create next!
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