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One pre-apocalyptic Earth. One desperate space mission to find a solution. One unexpected alien.

When Dr. Sakota Thorell signed onto the mission to scout out a new, habitable planet, she knew discovering extraterrestrial life was always a possibility. But she never expected to find an alien adrift in space, nor for that alien to be so intriguing. Sakota feels an instant and undeniable attraction to Astraeus, but he represents a million possibilities, and just as many threats.

There are others hunting Astraeus, and his rescue may cost Earth its last hope.

193 pages, Kindle Edition

Published October 12, 2018

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About the author

Haley Cavanagh

4 books162 followers
Haley Cavanagh is a military veteran, wife, and mother. She won the 2020 League of Utah Writers' Silver Quill Award for Retaliation, the second novel in her Oceanstone Initiative sci-fi series. Haley is an alumna of Columbia College, a musical theater nut, and loves to dive into any book that crosses her path. Haley resides with her family in the United States and enjoys spending time with her husband and children when she's not writing. She loves to hear from her readers and encourages you to contact her via her website and social media.

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1,882 reviews424 followers
February 12, 2019
A very good SF with a touch of romance!

The idea is good and the writing flows smoothly.

I liked how Astraeus was described. Not his physical description (even if that's not bad at all! LOL), but his ability to survive in space, to read and influence minds! How cool it would be if we could do that!?!!!

The heroine was interesting too and the chain of command aboard of the human starship was very well described! It seemed so real!

I didn't like how her authority was undermined by the captain and the chief security officer, but, at the same time, I think that's exactly how things would roll if this was real life!

The action part, when the hostile aliens attack, was a whirlwind of almost suicidal actions that cost almost everyone's life! But that too would be like that in real life.

There was only one thing that I couldn't accept: how could she speak for Earth and the human race when she couldn't force her ways with the crew? But, I suppose, if the author decides to write a sequel would be explained there! I know that I would like to read it!
Profile Image for N.N. Heaven.
Author 5 books1,889 followers
April 8, 2019
Earth is on the brink of extinction. The only solution: find a new planet to inhabit before it’s too late. Dr. Sakota Thorell is one of the crew on Sleipnir and her mission is to find a planet equal to Earth somewhere in the galaxy. It’s been a year and so far, nothing but all that changes when she discovers an alien floating in space. She’s drawn to Astraeus and it’s more than scientific curiosity. A romance blooms but along with it comes danger. Can they find a home for humans or has the rescue of Astraeus signed their death warrant?

What a thrilling space adventure! While reading, I could hear whispers of Picard and Riker. The premise of Earth dying and a need to go out into space to save all of humanity is a timely one. The characters leapt off the page and for this space girl, I loved every minute of it. Yes, there’s romance but it doesn’t detract from the main plot. Plenty of action and suspense to please any science fiction reader. My favorite scenes were with Astraeus, for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t love a smart, intelligent, sexy alien?

If you’re looking for a space dystopian adventure, pick up Astraeus today!

My Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Mrs. N

This review first appeared: https://www.nnlightsbookheaven.com/si...
522 reviews
June 18, 2021
“..there’s a person floating right outside..[the window of the vessel]..He’s got some kind of weird black body armor on, and he’s not wearing any face gear. He’s looking right at me. I th-think he’s alive.”
Thus, in the 4th paragraph of the book, the author grabs the reader, to join her on the best space-odyssey since Robert Heinlein’s books. Sleipnir is a mobile intergalactic research facility whose job is to perform science in different solar systems, to look for and report any possible habitable planets and extraterrestrial life. It’s mission: an exploratory journey to the Andromeda Galaxy in search of geological resources and a new home for the human family. The ship has spent about one year in space, so far unsuccessful in finding an inhabitable planet or any living being. Now, an injured being suddenly appears just outside the ship! The crew scrambles to get to him and bring him inside for treatment (by the physician and scientists) and constraint and questioning (by the security forces).
The suspense builds: a humanoid form, yet impervious to the effects of exposure to space; mental telepathy with the CMO, Dr. Sakota Thorell, despite initial inability to speak English; escape from planet-destroying aliens, who may be following the spaceman, in order to continue their life-plundering eating disorder; the ubiquitous conflict between Medicine & Science versus Military might; the spine-tingling tango between male and female as they traverse the immense differences between Earth and Alien, man and woman to form a cohesive bond capable of facing dangers small and large and triumphing over them all. The reader is drawn in more deeply with each issue facing them. As this episode comes to an end, it is with the sense that this book is merely the ‘end of the beginning’, and I, for one, eagerly await the next book.
CRITIGUE: A well-constructed story, with attempts to explain the scientific adaptations in the story, making life aboard such a vessel nearly believable. (The spacesuit of the being is described as being made of carbon nantubules.) The premise of other sentient beings is believable, and the presence of aliens with the sole purpose of consuming us and our resources (the stuff of our nightmares and scary movies), draws us into the author’s world for the ride. I find no significant writing errors, which bespeaks good editing. A twelve year old will enjoy the story, but adults will see the reasons for the voyage as a sad commentary on the wastefulness of Earth’s current inhabitants which may well necessitate just such voyages in the immediate future, for mankind to survive the human-wrought destruction of this planet.
Profile Image for Jennifer G.
2,404 reviews43 followers
October 13, 2018
Dr. Sakota Thorell is the lead Doctor on a space exploration from Earth. Earth is in ruin. Humans have destroyed their home, destroyed each other, and now their best hope for survival is to find a new planet. She always expected to find alien life but not to find it (him) floating outside the window of her lab. Astraeus looks human but his differences are vast. His body, mind, and soul are superior. He is evolved in a way humans could only aspire to. But he is alone, the last of his kind. Lethal aliens attacked and destroyed his homeworld and he was the lone survivor. Sakota and Astraeus have an instant bond but he has unknowingly brought the danger with him. His rescue may not be the salvation they were hoping for, but their end.

This book was not what I was expecting at all. It's a thoughtful sci-fi romance. Its release is timely, to say the least coming the same week that Earth's scientists issue a statement that unless we can reverse current temperature changes our planet will be irreversibly damaged putting all life in peril. Unfortunately, I don't see actual humans responding any better than the historical fictional humans of this book. It's a true cautionary tale! I won't even touch the political history mentioned in the book, except to hope that it's not an omen. I do appreciate that multiple sides of humanity were presented. The same characteristics that make us violent and thoughtless can also help us survive. It's our nature, good and bad. Sakota was one of our best. Brilliant, grateful, curious, and thoughtful. Astraeus was a wonder. His physical and mental make-up, his strength and restraint. I enjoyed getting to know him through Sakota. The story itself was multi-layered, sweet, interesting, and exciting. I look forward to more. The next story of resilience and survival and love.
Profile Image for Nancy (The Avid Reader).
2,411 reviews105 followers
November 8, 2018
Earth is headed for annihilation and a team has been sent out into space to find humans a new planet to live on. Dr. Sakota Thorell is part of the team sent out to find them a new home. Sakota knew there was a good chance of running into other life form or aliens on their journey but what she did encounter was unlike anything she ever expected.

Sakota saw an alien life form floating outside the window of her lab. This alien was very similar to humans. They brought the alien life form on board the ship. They kept him contained until Sakota could study him and find out if they could trust him. There was an instant attraction between Sakota and Astraeus.

At first Sakota wasn’t able to get much out of the alien, Astraeus but she soon learned that his planet had been attacked by other aliens. The aliens who attacked Astraeus and his people are now hunting Astraeus which could spell disaster for Sakota and all humans.

Astraeus is a fast paced and engrossing read that will keep you hanging on for more. The excitement builds and builds until bam and then it slams you in the face. For a little while you feel as if you are right there with Astraeus floating in space and seeing the stars all around you. You get to see space through Astraeus’ eyes while first looking through Sakota’s. Astraeus is told through Sakota’s eyes or point of view.

If you like space exploration or Star Trek then you are going to love Astraeus. Pick up your copy of Astraeus today and start your trek through space with Sakota, Astraeus and the rest of the crew.
Profile Image for Neil.
1,438 reviews8 followers
September 25, 2020
I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.

This read like an old fashioned science fiction novel.
There was a good mix of Science Fiction and Romance which leaves you wanting to know more about the characters.
90 reviews
October 12, 2018
I honestly Wasn't sure about this book I was pleasantly surprised The author had me entreat until the very last page very well detailed I would definitely recommend this book
67 reviews
November 21, 2018
Wow such a good sci fi with a little romance, I really enjoyed this one, a really page turner awesome wild ride enjoy the ride
108 reviews
December 3, 2018
I do love a great sci-fi read and this book delivered. It had a great story line and I really like the main characters. This is a new author for me and I am looking forward to more.
Profile Image for D.
1,032 reviews
February 3, 2019
I read this story and it left me wanting more. I really hope there is a sequel. First of all, let me say that I love the names of the characters, (Astraeus and Sakota). However, I have to say what I love the most was the adventure, suspense, action and discovering who Astraeus was. I was continuously fascinated with his abilities, and I wonder how he would help Sakota and her fellow crew members defeat the enemy. In addition, I was curious to see if the characters in Astraeus would find a permanent home, but there would have to be a sequel to see if they will ever find a place that they can call home. When I finished with this amazing story, I believe and hope that this book was the foundation for future books, because after the readers read this book they are going to want to go on the next adventure with these characters.
Profile Image for A.L. Kaplan.
Author 12 books29 followers
August 1, 2019
Haley Cavanagh has created a futuristic view of the universe and human nature. Her world and alien cultures are interesting and well thought out. I was particularly fond of Astraeus’s people. Earth is no longer inhabitable, and there are several present-day references as to why. The story is filled with action, romance, some paranoid space marines, and a major twist.

Dr. Sakota is a strong-willed female character who is enthralled by Astraeus, a human-like alien found floating in space. She is also very naïve, and trusts this stranger more than the people she knows on her spaceship. There were some aspects of this toward the end that I had difficulty accepting, but it may have just been me. I found most of the characters interesting, others seemed a bit too predictable.

Steve Campbell’s audio performance does an excellent job bringing Haley Cavanagh’s characters to life.

I received a free audio copy of this book for an unbiased review.
Profile Image for Sherry Westendorf.
4,475 reviews20 followers
January 26, 2019
You go to scout out a new planet and what do you come across but a hot alien drifting around in space. Wow. A very well written story that is brought to life so well you think you are there. The characters have depth and fit so well with the story. I highly recommend it. I received a review copy from reading deals and voluntarily review it.
Profile Image for Charlene Chua.
1 review1 follower
February 8, 2019
I love the whole book from start to finish with sakota & astraeus relationship
Profile Image for Toula.
2,235 reviews
June 27, 2019
Audio book review
This story will grab you it’s a first of its kind , I’ve never read or heard one like this . The author has a great imagination and with that imagination it will grab you and you’ll wonder what’s next .
Hero is Astreaus. Heroine is Dr. Sakota Thorell.
Dr. Sakota Thorell Is looking for life in another galaxy . There is no Earth Humans destroyed it . Dr. Sakota Thorell decided to consetratevon her career. She was looking for her soul twin , her soul mate , she gave up on meeting him.

Astreaus is floating right out side Sakota spaceship. He’s the last of his kind , he’s trying to get away from space animals that are eating everything in their way.
Grab this and see do the two get together.

The performance of Steve was out of this world his voice is strong, smooth and clear , outstanding
1,960 reviews24 followers
June 6, 2019
When a space exploration ship encounters what appears to be a single, human male floating outside the ship's viewport, there are a lot of questions to be answered. Fortunately, their new guest can communicate with the ship's doctor. Unfortunately, the news he brings isn't good.
A bit romance, a bit xenophobic space marines, a LOT space invaders, this story is action packed, touchingly human and interesting from cover to cover.
I enjoyed the growing relationship between the doctor and the alien, the cast of supporting characters, the author's use of suspense and tension.
A good read for space horror story fans.
62 reviews12 followers
October 22, 2018
Profile Image for SJ.
1,720 reviews15 followers
October 12, 2018
This story is extremely exciting! From the start it captured my interest and I have been glued to the page throughout. Whilst out in space on a mission Sakota is busy doing her job. The discovery of an alien floating in space next to their spaceship changes her life completely. What’s more, she seems to have an immediate connection to he alien which confuses her and excited her at the same time

I don’t want to say anymore about the plot, save to say it is extremely exciting, well thought out and executed. The characters are well developed with their own personalities and they interact very well. I love Sakotas relationship with Astraeus. This story is even better than I expected and I was in no way disappointed. I am hoping there will be a book two!
Profile Image for Vicki.
1,446 reviews34 followers
October 17, 2018
Astraeus is a very well and intelligently written sci-fi story that made me feel like I was watching a sci-fi movie from beginning to end. The heroine, Sakota, is an intelligent, strong woman from Earth who has to deal with the politics of her spacecraft while trying to learn more about an alien (she dubs him 'Astraeus') found outside their ship. Sakota and Astraeus have a sweet "fated mates" romance but it is really in the background of what is more a sci-fi adventure. It includes the fun technology I love to read about in my future/sci-fi reads, as well as very cinematic battle and suspenseful scenes rounding out the climax.
Profile Image for Rachel Brune.
Author 23 books92 followers
October 27, 2018
This book starts off with a bang and then gets more intense from there. Dr Sakota Thorell is on a mission to help find a new planet as humans have pretty much finished mucking up the one they have. Right off the bat, we see her encounter something crazy and new and awesome, which of course some of the other members of the crew don’t know how to process. I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but suffice it to say, the characters in the book are well-rounded and even the ones I wanted to enjoy disliking turned out to have redeeming qualities. Lots of action, lots of food for thought, definite recommend.
Profile Image for Patty.
236 reviews
October 15, 2018
Two hearts beat as one!
Hats off to Hailey as she publishes her first book!  I loved it!  The characters were great.  I really got a feel for all of them.  This was a fascinating sci-fi story that I could easily envision as a movie.  And she made me cry!!! That doesn't happen often, but definitely shows how well she draws you into the story and the characters.  I don't know if there will be a follow up to this, but should be interesting to see where it could go.  Hailey opened up the black hole, I mean door, to endless possibilities with future books. 
Profile Image for Aimee.
226 reviews5 followers
October 13, 2018
This was a rather interesting story. I greatly enjoyed the plot and liked the characters. You are given decent background of things and there is a good flow. I didn't find the romance part a very strong part of the story, more of a minor plot point. I would have liked to learn more about how Astraeus' species find their mates and how the bond actually forms. All in all it was still enjoyable and worth the read!
Profile Image for Michelle.
8,248 reviews18 followers
October 23, 2018
Astraeus is an interesting thought provoking read and I was captivated from the first page until the last. I loved Astraeus and Sakota's connection and how their relationship developed throughout the story. I absolutely loved Alistair and his devotion to his daughter Sakota. Great writing, intriguing characters and an action filled ending make this a 5 star read. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
Profile Image for Kristine.
8 reviews
October 25, 2018
I enjoyed this story. The writing is mostly well done, the story line is fast paced, and the characters are realistic. I did find that while some concepts were very futuristic, there where several times that the dialogue felt too current and not advanced enough to be so far in the future. Over all the story catches you right away and keeps you engaged until the end.
Profile Image for Tera Comer.
2,136 reviews41 followers
June 18, 2021
A great science fiction romance that does not totally focus on the romance aspect. There was plenty of action, suspense and adventure in this book with quite a few surprises that you never see coming. The narrator did a great job making me feel like I was taking the journey with the great characters in this story.
359 reviews2 followers
October 15, 2018
I like some sci-fi books, but not at all all of them. But this book made me really interested. The author made a good background information, and an idea that made me hooked on the book. A new author for me, but I would love to see what Else she dishes out.
Profile Image for Heather.
113 reviews
October 17, 2018
Interesting sci-fi story with likable characters. There is a little romance, but it's more of a background plot point. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.
296 reviews2 followers
October 22, 2018
This is an intriguing adventure story that I truly enjoyed.
Profile Image for Joanna E.Lopez.
177 reviews1 follower
April 4, 2019
When the alien tells his tale-

I received this book voluntarily as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. In the not too distant future, Earth Is in ruins. Its resources are depleted and inhabitable. People who still live on Earth are hungry and poor and in need to find another planet to inhabit. Ten astronauts consisting of scientists and the army take that challenge to find that planet. Dr. Sakota Thorell is a British scientist on this voyage. One day one of her fellow scientists brings her attention to a man floating in space outside the window. Sakota looks and calls for help. The other scientist rescues him. He is silent after he recovers for some time only wanting to speak to Sakota. He tells Sakota he has just escaped his planet which was attacked by the Orecks. Flesh-eating space creatures that invade planets and devours. Astraeus doesn't tell Sakota and her crew members that the Orecks are chasing after him. Sakota also gives him (the alien) The name of Astraeus. This book was a great read. I loved it. It reminded me of E.T. In a way with the connection of Astraeus and Dr. Thorell. Also Aliens. This book is a cautionary tale wrapped in a fast-paced action sci-fi novel. It has horror, suspense, and is romantic. It is very well- written. You're not repeatedly beaten over the head with the "message." Lol. I felt as if I were in the spaceship. The political moral views between Dr. Thorell and Rutledge the head of the army concerning Astraeus were believable. All in all, I loved the book and hope the author writes a sequel. This is the first book I've read by this author and it will not be the last.
Profile Image for Qukatheg.
204 reviews24 followers
February 2, 2019
I received this book for free through NetGalley.

Sakota is a doctor on the space ship Sleipnir, on a mission to find a habitable planet for humanity to move to because Earth can no longer sustain human life. But while Sakota's scientist friends believe their priority is to do scientific research and learn, the military regiment on board is convinced they have to treat anything alien with extreme prejudice because it might be a potential threat.
After a mysterious alien is found floating outside, wounded, Sakota has to do everything in her power to stop her shipmates from torturing or killing her patient.
But Astraeus is not the only alien out there...

Astraeus is a dystopian science fiction novel.
The premise was fun, and the book is fast paced and full of action. The prose is simple, easy to read. Though at one point the main character uses the word 'indigenous' to mean primitive and uncivilised, which I felt was problematic.
I loved Sakota's interactions with Astraeus and her colleagues, and the romance was well done, but the military crew were such a bunch of brainless, aggressive misogynists! No wonder humanity destroyed the planet if even this crew of 'the best of the best' is constantly fighting among themselves. In contrast, Astraeus seemed more human than any of them.

A depressing look into a future where we don't get our stuff together in time to avert global disaster. I think the message of this book is clear: We should all treat each other with a little more humaneness.
Profile Image for The Book Junkie Reads . . ..
4,903 reviews141 followers
June 22, 2019
Overall 4 out of 5 stars
Performance 4 out of 5 stars
Story 4 out of 5 stars

Earth on the verge of one final blow that would take the world to apocalyptic states. The mission that was deemed necessary to find a solution to Earth's issues. And the one doctor (woman) that stood in the way of Earth's possible future.

Astraeus was a science fiction alien romance that gave me as good as I got. Dr. Sakota Thorell was a strong willed woman that was on the forefront of a possible new chance for Earth and all her inhabitants. She just didn't count on an alien, the attraction, or the threat to the world she was sent to try and save.

Narration was well received. I enjoyed listening to the cadence of Steve Campbell's voice. I loved the clarity of his voice. The tone and pitch matched the surrounding story. Discovering extraterrestrial life was fascinatingly fun with this story and the narrator to guide you along the way.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Audiobookworm Promotions on behalf of various authors, narrators, and publishers. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.
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