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“I…am nothing.”
He takes a step forward, shaking his head twice, with absolute conviction. “You’re not nothing, Nova.”

In the Eon galaxy, Dominion controls any planet with solid Neron deposits, and Nova just found out they’re coming for hers. Korpillion isn’t supposed to have any Neron—the galaxy’s purest form of energy—but Nova Ainsley has been working with the owner of a secret mine for months, building highly illegal weapons that can wield Neron. She wants off Korpillion, and selling these weapons will buy her and her father a ticket to another planet in the galaxy.

Neron is incredible on its own, but there are those who can wield it to their will, granting them the ability to read minds, see the future, and destroy worlds—the Nero. But this is a galaxy where they are ceasing to exist, and Dominion owns the last one in the known universe, using him to take over and destroy billions of lives.

An encounter with the last Nero shows Nova her future: it’s with him. She will stand by his side one day, her fingers laced through his, love and adoration in both their eyes, a dark queen to his evil, pawn king.

Fate or destiny, Nova will do whatever it takes to change their future, and that of the galaxy.

The Neron Rising Saga is a series of episodes. Neron Rising is a slow-burn space-fantasy romance.

112 pages, ebook

First published November 27, 2018

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About the author

Keary Taylor

65 books1,987 followers
Keary Taylor is the USA TODAY bestselling author of over twenty novels. She grew up along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where she started creating imaginary worlds and daring characters who always fell in love. She now splits her time between a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest and Utah, with her husband and their two children. She continues to have an overactive imagination that frequently keeps her up at night.

Please Note: Keary does not check Goodreads very often, so the best way to get in contact is directly through email: me@kearytaylor.com.

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149 reviews54 followers
May 1, 2019
Look, I'll admit it. I ship REYLO. Hard.

I'm not ashamed ;)


But this is such a Star Wars rip-off, I just can't. Sometimes literally word-for-word. It's a shame, too, because the world-building has promise. It's short, too, which is nice. But maybe too short. The characters aren't developed enough.

Also, I was excited for some adorable, hot, Reylo-inspired chemistry...


But this was just so...uninspired. Predictable. I took a quick peek at the next books in the series, this romance seems just way too PG for me. As another reviewer wrote, this author needs to read a Harlequin or something.
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389 reviews51 followers
May 1, 2019

I’ve had such lousy luck on Netgalley with books which looked really promising but ended up being disappointments that I didn’t really expect Neron Rising to be any different. But this book turned out to be a surprising little gem.

For a story of only about 30,000 words, Neron Rising sure packed a punch. This was my first book by Keary Taylor and I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed. The writing was so good that I couldn’t stop reading.

This story was well-written so that at no point in time did I feel it was a short story. It had all the feels you get with a saga and the author somehow managed to link the backstories in such a way that the story felt deep.

The plot-line gave me a Star Wars vibe that I enjoyed very much. The major plot twist was a tad obvious but no less spectacular. I’m rooting for the main character and her other half but I can’t quite imagine how they can get together.

I had forgotten how much I loved Sci-fi books but Neron Rising reminded me. I found this story pretty epic and can’t wait to read the other books in the series.

***Note: Received from Netgalley for an honest review.

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1,555 reviews180 followers
November 29, 2018
I happen to come across Keary Taylor's name back in 2015 when she started her House of Royals series and I became an instant fan of her writing. When she finished that entire House of Royals world this year, I was a bit sad, but became excited when she described what she was writing next.

Neron Rising is a totally different genre that I have read before but was very intrigued to see what Keary would bring us. Neron Rising is a Sci-Fi/Romance and is written in episodes (something not to me) but still has the depth and attention to detail that Keary has always given us.

Neron is told from Nova's POV. She is one of the few who wield the power of Neron - a sought after element that flows freely on particular planets. While Nova uses the power she has for good, there are others who do not. But that is only a part of the story. Nova is connected to another but doesn't understand why. They can talk to each other through their minds but have no clue who the other is. It's all very quite interesting and titillating.

I won't give any more details away as this book is very fast, but you are given so many details to help build this amazing story. Keary does a phenomenal job of not making things too complicated with her details and characters. But you will quickly find yourself immersed in this world and enjoying every single thing uncovered.

For anyone who is hesitant to read something that has any musings of sci-Fi in it, I urge you to give this book a try. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love this world, the characters and the plot line. I do love sci-fi to begin with, but I have never read a sci-fi book before. Keary definitely nailed this one and I have no doubt will gain new readers because of this series.

I can't wait for the new book to come out - I really hope we do not have to wait long. Bravo Keary - you blew me away!!
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2,547 reviews190 followers
January 18, 2019
So in a galaxy far far away ( sorry I couldn't resist ! ) lies a planet over populated by those happily escaping the brutal Dominion . Feeling safe as their planet doesn't possess the hideously powerful Neron most just struggle with boring everyday survival. I say most because a minute few know of a pocket of the much coveted Neron and that includes Nova sometimes known as the weapons maker !
This is the first instalment so definitely not a whole book but I felt thoroughly drawn in and very intrigued to find out what happens next. There's perhaps the possibility of romance down the line but for now it's all about the struggles, the mystery and just why certain characters do what they do !
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269 reviews162 followers
July 28, 2020

If you loved the relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey (Reylo 😉 ) in the recent Star Wars movies you will probably be into this. I sure as heck was!! I just wish it had been longer but there are six more episodes for me to look forward to.

There are a few Star Wars undertones but don’t worry if you’re not a fan, it’s nothing like it really. There’s an evil empire like company, people with special abilities and chosen one vibes for our leading lady but that’s kind of it for the Star Wars similarities. Except for the Reylo thing (which I freaking LOVE).

It’s a brilliant first book in a series and a great intro to the genre if science fiction isn’t something you’d usually read.

This book is available for free on Amazon and Google Play right now

Read more reviews and other bookish content on my blog https://elainehowlin.com
description description description
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260 reviews23 followers
December 27, 2018
WELL, I'll admit, I'm one of those suckers won over by the "hey reylos" advertising and I am willing to cough up a dollar to read this on my kindle app. I suspect that despite the glossy cover it's going to be bad but I really want to be proven wrong. I don't think I'm going to be able to resist comparing it to Star Wars after the thing was advertised that way, so bear with me.

This is going to be a liveblog-style review because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to knock this out in the space of a couple of hours at most given the length.

The info-dumping about Neron towards the beginning is a bit grating, but I get that that sort of thing is required on some level with sci-fi world building.

"Because there was once a war between them. A battle between the good and the bad Nero." THE... THE GOOD NERO AND THE BAD NERO... you can call them Jedi and Sith, it's okay (I mean it's not, but, you know).

Now the Kinduri, THOSE are unique and interesting. I really like that there's a distinction made between just holding Neron and consuming the stuff.

Oh no, we're doing the prophecy thing.

"Instead, they turned him to their side, and made him their puppet. They turned him into a very, very bad man." "AND HE'S BAD, BAD, BAD GUY... AND HE WANTS TO OPEN... THE DARK DIMENSION."

I like Nova's father and the explanation of his profession.

I'm very into the angsty teen chatter during the mind-phone-calls, but like, the reylo skype calls are a DREAM, so of course I'm into that. Gotta say the second conversation between them feels more meaningful than the first one, particularly when whatshisname starts talking about how she probably wouldn't like him IRL.

Okay, there's being inspired by a thing, and then there's ripping it off. The lightsabers and the saberstaff especially are just too much. AND IT'S BLUUUUUE I CANNOT BELIEVE THE GALL!!

And we're doing the extended hand thing, lord.

Please stop talking about jawlines.

Well, her partner Reena is apparently a self-centered douche. Considering I've only met her once before now I can't feel all that torn up about it.

“Have you ever had a secret?” I was actually charmed by the start of this mind-phone-call but it went right off the rails with this line from Nova. LITERALLY in their very last conversation they talked about him having secrets.

HE'S NEGGING HER ABOUT HAVING A COMMON NAME I'M SCREAMING, what a dick, I live for this kind of assholery, I'm only surprised she doesn't take more offense to it.

Th...there's a bit where half the population of a planet gets killed instantly. We're ripping off Marvel now?

I could not be less interested in Nova's ex-bf but we're spending an awful lot of time dwelling on him. I sense a love triangle in the works and I am not into it.

“Why do you have to be so slam epic all the time?” I know coming up with slang is hard but. OOF. OOOOOF. OOOOOOOOOOF. I FELT THAT CRINGE IN MY BONES.

Nero boy is wearing a black mask...

We're 75% of the way through this book and the "romance" part of this "space fantasy romance" sure hasn't shown up a lot.

At 80% the main characters actually meet face to face. Finally.

Nova keeps fangirling about how beautiful Valen is and listen honey I get it I really do but you just witnessed him murder a bunch of people in a really graphic disturbing way, I feel like that should be more of a turnoff. Rey wasn't exactly drooling over Kylo after he skewered Han the way she eyed him up when he initially unmasked.

OKAY OKAY I KNOW I JUST SAID I WANTED TO HAVE ROMANCE BUT GEEZ GEEZ PUMP THE BRAKES THIS JUMP TO LOVE IS SO SUDDEN. Again, reylo did it better since most of the romance is subtextual as of TLJ and they definitely don't drop the "l" word the first time they touched.

I really like how Valen's eyes are Neron-blue, it's reminiscent of the way the Ivory changes the color of the characteristics of people like Royal and Mother in Iconoclasts in a way that doesn't feel as egregious of a ripoff as the other things (mostly because of Iconoclasts being an incredibly obscure game).

Wow, douchebag partner Reena is back. Hey, friendo.

I really, really want to fully enjoy the interactions between Nova and Valen because that's all I'm here for, but can't even begin to measure up to Rey and Kylo even with the benefit of not having to deal with a zillion and one subplots à la Star Wars. I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Maybe it's that Nova's anger with him for his horrible actions fades way quicker than Rey's does with her dark murder emo man. Maybe it's that Valen is way too damn nice for someone who's supposedly very tortured emotionally and murders a bazillion people on the reg.

It feels so childish when they say "good" throughout this book. It's not as if it can't be used meaningfully, but when a horriblemurderbad character says "stay good" and the heroine responds by saying he could do "good things" and then they go on AGAIN AND AGAIN saying the word "good" it's eye-roll-inducing.

Welp, finished, and it took less than a couple of hours, as I predicted. I could've watched most of an infinitely better Star Wars sequel trilogy movie in that time. Do yourself a favor and just read reylo fanfiction if you want to get your space fantasy romance fix, this book doesn't even come close to what it was influenced by.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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740 reviews256 followers
March 11, 2019
This was soooo incredibly flat and even a little boring. Also, all that futuristic, space slang? Confusing as fuck. And, yet, I find myself wanting to continue it. Just for the future romance, goddamn my weakness.
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235 reviews64 followers
December 28, 2018
I found out about this book through the Reylo community, and I wasn't disappointed. Though I was expecting more of a blatant fanfiction type of novel, with characters and settings ripped right from the screen, Neron Rising is an original story, with only its inspirations from Star Wars.

Nova, an engineer, lives on the planet Korpillion, one of the few planets deemed inhabitable because it doesn't have any Neron. This blue substance, which is in everything and used for its amazing powers, is something the evil organization Dominion (The Empire or First Order of this story), will stop at nothing to get--destroying entire planets and enslaving most of the population to mine for Neron and killing the rest. But her relatively boring world is about to be turned upside down, when she learns that her overpopulated planet, not only contains Neron, but also that the Dominion is coming, and they're bringing the very last Nero, Valen, with them. Valen, being the Kylo Ren of this series, and the Nero being the Force users of this saga.

" The Nero can do everything that any person in possession of Neron can do, but a hundred fold. Nero are born with a connection to Neron. They don’t have to have solid Neron to have a weapon, they can pull it from the air and make a weapon of electric Neron. They can read your true emotions. It’s said they can read your thoughts if they are strong enough. They can move things simply by manipulating the Neron in everything. Because there is energy and life in everything. I’ve even heard they can see the future."

Striving to get her father and her best friend Zayne off the planet before the arrival of Dominion, Nova quits her engineering job and focuses soley on her black market trade--the production and selling of of illegal Neron weapons to the seedier population, the Neron junkies and the ones with questionable goals. I really enjoyed the many layers to the world surrounding Neron. I thought it was cool that there were beings almost as strong as the Nero, known as the Kinduri, who actually eat Neron, to gain its powers. With black lips, black eyes, and skeletal forms, they are almost as deadly as Nero, and also under the control of Dominion.

Through it all, the only person who understands her is the voice in her head that shows up one day. As I can never get enough of the force bond between Kylo Ren and Rey, this really thrilled me. But I didn't feel like the novel was much of a "slow burn," as the bond between Nova and Valen was already up and running before the series started, so readers didn't get to see it start or develop. Plus, with the shortness of the actual novel, anything happening "slow" still seems pretty fast.

I was, however, disappointed at how short the novel was, with it only taking me about an hour to read the entire thing. But I realize that each segment in the series is known as an "episode," so it's not quite a standalone novel. Still, I really would have liked to read this as an entire full length novel. I would have liked to witness not only the bond developing between Nova and Valen but also to spend more time with Nova and her daily life, before Dominion showed up and destroyed her life as she knew it. Regardless, the book does a great job developing its characters and its world in the limited length it has, complete with the foreshadowing of prophesies. 

And it was a complete bonus that the story took place in a unique universe with interesting world building. Though I could clearly make out which character or organization was based on who or what from Star Wars, Neron Rising was still original enough to be enticing on its own.

Neron Rising is a fun, fast- paced novel for not just fans of Star Wars(especially Reylos), but also for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and romance in general. I've already purchased the second book and I'm eager to see what happens next.

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3,462 reviews312 followers
January 17, 2019
So this review is going to be for the first three episodes which I've read so far. First off and I hate to say it but the price is pretty steep for the amount of pages and reading time you get. The story isn't done and I'm not sure I'm going to continue to pay $2.99 for each 150 pages (approx.) On to the story..

I like the world building and the story arc. It's different and well developed. It has a pretty solid space opera feel to it and the romance element is well presented and well paced. I really want to know how or if the author is going to be able to redeem the evil hero. It's hard to justify mass murder/genocide no matter how bad your childhood was.

I will probably wait until the entire story is finished before I decide whether to pay for the rest of the story. I'll have to weigh whether the amount of story left justifies the dollars I'll need to shell out.
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1,312 reviews502 followers
January 25, 2019
This isn't the first book I've read from this author and I'm glad to say that I liked this one as much as her other series. Neron Rising hooked me from the beginning. It's fast-paced and even though it's only 112 pages, there are four "episodes" in this saga so that's nice!

In this book, we follow Nova. She's (illegally) making and selling Nero weapons to earn money and survive on this overpopulated and polluted planet. We quickly learn that she is connected and can communicate with someone in her mind. She doesn't know who he is but we easily guess his identity. However, that connection was really interesting and quite the page-turner. To be honest, I kinda like that the Nero is one of the bad guys. It makes me want to know more about him and hopefully, he'll redeem himself somehow.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book! I was easily immersed into the story and I'm starting the next one right away.

By the way, the illustration on that cover is so beautiful!

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559 reviews194 followers
April 1, 2019
This is Reylo fanfic realized. Straight up. Now, you might say that's an unfair comparison, but you would be dead fucking wrong because sometime after I got this for free, it was advertised to me on Instagram as a book I'd like if I was into Reylo.

And I took a screenshot of that shit because oh my GOD:


The author knows what's up. She's fully aware. She embraces it.

So if you're generally aware of the latest Star Wars trilogy, you'll immediately begin to draw parallels. Girl working hard to survive dreams of more. Girl has mysterious powers that belong to a basically extinct group of people that manifest suddenly when she's in distress. Girl has telepathic link with boy who is like her. Boy is under the command of ultimate evil. Girl and boy share an emotional connection over loneliness. Girl wants to coax boy to the side of good. Boy wears all black and is like a murderer but like isn't totally ugly or evil so you feel a little sorry for him. Girl has to flee planet when the bad guys come. You know what's up. The list continues on for a bit and I imagine the next books will add more to it or will try to go in a more original direction.

Nova is Rey, Valen is Kylo, Cyrillius or whatever is Snoke. Zayde might be a Finn substitute? I'm not sure.

Like he even wears a mask, which can be seen on the cover of like "episode" (book) 3 of this series but like I totally imagine it as Kylo Ren's mask. Come on.

The author does try to take the general idea of Rey and Kylo and insert some other ideas of the world building so that it's not a total rip off or super clearly the Star Wars universe. Instead of the force and jedi knights we have Neron and Neros, instead of a empire-building legion on the dark side using military might to rule we have a corporation out to control the galaxy through its resources. There aren't robot side kicks and the side characters aren't defectors or rebels, just people from Nova's life. Nova lives on a futuristic high-tech city planet and not in the desert and her criminal life isn't as much about survival as it is profiting off something she finds thrilling and she has her dad.

But you're still getting a story that's meant to cater to the question: "what if Star Wars was focusing way more on Kylo and Rey and them being romantically involved?"

Now, I'm personally not like... against... the idea of reworking this idea especially if the author is going to make the Kylo Ren substitute not like torture the Rey substitute and generally wants to make alterations that'll make the romance work out better, so I'm not going to really nitpick all the parallels to Star Wars because despite generally liking Star Wars I'm not really familiar with most of the details. I've seen The Force Awakens and that's about as intimate as I've personally gotten all other references come from popular culture and Star Wars just being a well known thing.

I am, however, passionately against the episodic nature of this series because each one is like 100 pages and I would rather stab myself than pay $2.99 for 100 fucking pages. That shit's ridiculous. Now, this series is on Kindle Unlimited and I got book #1 for free randomly, so it's a somewhat moot issue, but like still the author decided to play this serialization kindle nonsense and I resent it.

Outside of that, my biggest peeve is that due to the telepathic link forming between Nova and Valen years prior, their emotional connection is just told to us. We don't get to see much develop. I wouldn't say that it's quite instalove in this installment since their interactions are minimal and no one is yet professing love or anything, but since when they touched they had a vision of being in love and ruling over a burning world and Valen was like "I need you, Nova" it's probably going to be more on that end than on a slow burn. I don't see this series taking time to establish a deep, emotional romance, but who knows? Maybe the author will surprise me and the romance will still be emotional and worthwhile and something I can believe.

I suppose my rating is rather high due to the fact that I like Star Wars, I'm not opposed to fan fic or like taking ideas and trying to rework them, I enjoy sci-fi romance, and this particular installment is so short that is hasn't had time to disappoint me yet, but there are still 5 more installments available so it remains to be seen if this series is actually good or if it just had a decent start before the dam breaks and all hell floods forth.

Also, this shares some common ideas with Black Moon Rising which is another Reylo fic that got published, though to be sure, that's not a big stretch because lots of people in a lot of fanfics have made similar changes to the story, but if you wanted a different Reylo story here you go. It's a lot longer than this one so far but I think it's the only book published in that series so far.
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129 reviews8 followers
November 20, 2018
I am so grateful that I had been approved to read this because it absolutely blew me away.

The front cover drew me towards this book, it had a very Star Wars feel to it and I adore this type of genre when it comes to reading. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I came to the realisation that it was 88 pages long but it feels so much longer than that because of how great the story itself is.

I loved the whole world that Nova describes, it wasn’t confusing or too much for me as a reader. I truly immersed myself in this and got lost in the pages. The characters were well written and I truly felt for Zayne a little when it came to his and Nova’s past. But I could also understand why Nova was drawn to what she did also. I liked the language and the dialogue between characters, the description of the planet and of course the entire existance Of Neron. How it is practically described as a life source, how it powers this and that and how weapons are made with it. It was great picturing it in my mind filled with this electric blue colour that surrounded the galaxy.

My love of all things sci fi also includes gaming, hearing about Neron reminded me a lot of “Eezo” or Element Zero from the Mass Effect Series. It too powers mostly everything and is mined. However not to the extent that Neron has however, its the source of life and is everywhere and is used to power practically everything and is also very powerful when in the wrong hands.

I loved the episode format, it is very different - it really leaves you wanting more. I will definitely be recommending this book and I was lucky enough to be accepted to read Neron Skies and I simply cant wait to find out what happens to Nova and the mysterious Valen Nero who I need to read more about.

This is a brilliant story, and it’s a really great example of Sci-Fi / Romance at its finest and is a great book as a starter in to the genre for the people who aren’t to sure about it and want to give it a try.
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889 reviews36 followers
August 28, 2021
Um, so yeah. I found this book through a video recommending books if you were a fan of Reylo, which I was. This is heavily inspired by Star Wars to the point of being a retelling. It's also a dreaded serial, which is something I can't stand. I don't like having to pay $3 for a few chapters (or in this case a hundred pages) as it adds up quickly to about $13 for what could be one novel. It always feels like a money grab and I dislike them on principle.

-The writing was decent.
-The lore seemed slightly interesting, but to be fair, it's similar to Star Wars.

-The length.
-I didn't connect to the characters at all unfortunately.
-I was bored about halfway through and had to start skimming to the action (finally) towards the end.
-Zero romantic tension and/or connection between the two main characters.
-The made up slang!! WHY?!?! I had to pause when I read the word "slam" in replacement of "damn" and control the urge to roll my eyes all the way into the back of my head. I really, strongly dislike made-up swear words. Sometimes I can get past them, but they are always like a fly buzzing around my head: annoying.

This is supposed to be a space romance. I didn't feel any romance in this first installment and so it didn't make me want to continue reading. I'm not taking it completely off my radar (meaning I'll wait to unhaul the ebook copy), but I have no real interest in continuing at this time.

CAWPILE Score: 5.43
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383 reviews
January 8, 2021
My roommate knows what absolute Reylo trash I am, and got me this entire saga as a gift. Just reading the synopsis, I almost flipped my lid I was so excited to start reading.
I’m a simple gal, give me a strong, powerful yet misunderstood/complex bad boy with a mental link to a strong, intelligent yet obscure good girl and I’m there.
It’s for sure it’s own story, but follows a strict Reylo/Star Wars formula.
If you’re looking for anything inherently new or surprising I don’t think this is it, at least in this first episode that I’ve read so far.
But what you can expect:
-easy, enjoyable, fast paced read
-set up exposition for the series
-interesting dynamic between two connected minds that are on opposite sides
-a strong heroine who wants to more than just to survive
-a lonely but super hot and powerful antagonist (kind of villain maybe)
-great for fans of Reylo and Star Wars :)
I know I am intensely comparing this to Reylo, but even if that’s not your thing I still think this could be an fun and entertaining read.
Either way it’s a good time. 👍👍
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69 reviews26 followers
December 25, 2018
2.75 stars

I don't want to be harsh, given how few ratings this book has, but I've got to be honest. I saw this book on Tumblr, advertised as a Reylo-inspired fantasy. So, of course, it took me approximately 1 minute to get this book on my kindle. And I have to say, I'm disappointed. This is gonna be chaotic.

I'm quite conflicted about its length. On one hand, I feel like I'd have rated it lower had it been any longer, I already felt myself getting tired of it. But on the other hand, it was SO rushed. I feel like nothing had any time to properly develop, the characters, the relationship, the setting. There were no side-plots and next to nothing substantial of the main plot itself. It was extremely simple, as if the idea was severely underdeveloped. And no wonder, because I don't feel like there was any idea behind this book...

Look, I don't mind books inspired by movies. I bought the ebook knowing very well that the characters are probably 99% of Rey and Ben. I expected many similarities. I don't mind copy-pasting characters I love. What I do mind, is copy-pasting the entire world-building. There was nothing original about this book. It's just... star wars. Except worse. Hell, there are the Jedi, the force, kyber crystals, lightsabers, the First Order... It's all the same. But worse, as I said. There's nothing added to it, really. And what little there is added, it just makes it worse. Like the love triangle, for example. Just... why?

There is one thing added that I really liked, the Kinduri, those dudes addicted to neron. But aside from that, I can't say there's much I enjoyed. The characters were pretty shallow. I know I kept comparing them to the originals, but can you really blame me? The main character felt extremely flat to me. Especially with the first person perspective, it was so apparent there's not much happening in her head at all. All she kept thinking about was the main plan to get off of the planet. There just wasn't much substance to her at all. Same thing about relationships. I can't believe I'm saying that, but the romance felt so insta-lovey. There wasn't really a moment where I felt like they connected. They just... chatted about absolutely nothing important, especially in the first conversation. You don't put convos like this in books, you just don't. Their confrontation felt rushed, too. There wasn't really much to the reveal that Valen was the one she was talking to for this whole time. And as I said, I didn't feel anything between them. "Oh no, I know he's a bad person, bUt hE fiLLs tHe hOLe I hAvE iN mY hEaRt" doesn't really convince me. I know it was just the first episode, but... I'm sorry, I prefer Benjamin Chewbacca Solo. Valen was flat as a pancake. Also, he didn't show the tiddies.

I didn't like how the same things were repeated to us again and again, for fuck's sake, I got it on the first try. So many elements were extremely redundant, like they were there purely to fill the minimum amount of pages. Everything was just overexplained to death. Have a little faith in your readers!

I hated the writing. It's not even that I mind 1st person perspective, I don't, not when it's done well. But this one really wasn't, just on the prose level. It felt overly simplistic, like I was reading a freaking textbook. I know too much purple prose isn't good either, but ugh. There was so much telling, everything was clearly spelled out. You've got to show some things from time to time, you know? Especially feelings. You can't just tell me "she felt x", give me descriptions, give me more introspection. There was so little showing I barely noticed the main character had a freaking steel rod pierced right through her palm in one scene.

Another thing, plot holes galore. If there's so much neron around to fuel everything, why can't they use it to fuel transportation? Or elevators? You can't tell me there's nothing and everyone keeps walking everywhere. If it was just lower classes, ok. But everyone? What about transporting supplies? Does neron produce any waste? If no, then fueling transportation with it wouldn't cause smog. Why the hell did the mc keep covering her face with this black goo to hide from the cameras? I'm pretty sure that doesn't make you unrecognizable. What it does make you, is suspicious as fuck. As does carrying those highly illegal weapons at the very end. When they needed to get through the city unrecognized. A+ for logic, Nova (I'm sorry, but her stupidity is insulting to Rey). Also, you can't really expect me to believe anyone would quietly stick to their posts when the entire planet is getting destroyed and people are dying everywhere. Those airspace guardians would be so gone, stealing the ships to get away. You underestimate the shit humans are capable of when they want to survive. And for fuck's sake, this whole Dominion thing. If there are so few habitable planets in the galaxy and almost all of those have supplies of neron, then where the fuck do they expect people to live? They can't just send billions of people off into the galaxy if they want peace. They say they want to stop chaos, yet they go around bombing random buildings... for reasons? Any tactic to seize control over the planet? No?

Ugh. It was just not very well thought through. At all. I don't think I'm going to pick up the second book.

And it's not "you're not nothing", it's "you're nothing, but not to me". For extra lovable dumbass points.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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190 reviews4 followers
February 2, 2022
Ok, eu li esse primeiro episódio dessa fanfic Reylo. Não foi aquela coisa imersiva que me deixou pirando (talvez porque eu li em inglês, aí é um pouco mais difícil de eu ter essa imersão), mas foi divertidinho.

O formato dessa história é tipo uma série da Netflix, em que cada episódio é uma novela. Então talvez por isso eu tenha começado a gostar mesmo quando a Nova tem que sair de Korpillion. O início é importante para situar o cenário, os personagens e etc, e isso é feito de um jeito muito natural. Só que... Demorou um pouquinho mais do que eu esperava.

Não sei se ou quando vou ler o resto, mas é isso aí. Aqui é só o episódio um, não tem nada fechadinho, muito pelo contrário.... a história tá super aberta!
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660 reviews34 followers
November 25, 2018
When I first saw this book, I immediately fell in love with the cover!! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started reading it, as I’m usually not a fan of sci-fi or space fantasy. But this book far exceeded my expectations from the very first page. I read it in one sitting because I just had to know what happened. I am eagerly awaiting the next episode.
Profile Image for Cristina Cicivelli.
182 reviews5 followers
May 7, 2021
is this clearly and heavily inspired by reylo? absolutely
am i still totally obsessed with it? obviously
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350 reviews51 followers
October 30, 2021
Really good start to the series. I am interested to see how it progresses.
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Author 2 books26 followers
August 4, 2021
Think Star Wars. Specifically the last three movies with Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver. In this futuristic galaxy, there is an energy called Neron (yeah, like The Force). It’s in everything, from the air the people breathe to in the land and water and all through the universe, but the largest quantities can be found at the core of certain planets and in deposits. Neron can be used as a drug, or as energy to power a person’s house, or as weapons, and certain special people, known as Nero (Jedi/Sith) can wield it like magic. There is a corporation force called the Dominion (the Empire) that whenever Neron is discovered somewhere, lays claim to it and has taken over the galaxy and they have the last Nero working for them (yeah, this would be our Kylo-Ren wanna-be). Nova (our Rey stand-in), who says she’s nobody interesting, works as a Nero weapons crafter and sells the weapons illegally to make money. And she realizes she’ll need money in spades once the Dominion gets wind that there’s a Neron mine on her overpopulated planet of Korpillion. There are further things that link to Star Wars, like there’s a scene where she’s sparring with Neron powered weapons with her friend Zayne with Neron making blue-glowing blades of energy (sound familiar?). She also has this random telepathic connection to a strange man, who she talks to as her confidante (if you’ve seen the three movies, I’m sure you can guess who she’s talking to). And if you’ve seen the three movies, you can easily guess why she has the telepathic connection and the direction her character grows into. For me, this last three movies, were the weakest of the trilogies. I hated how Kylo Ren threw temper tantrums like a little kid. And I wasn’t a fan of how the plotline tried to borrow from the Luke Skywalker movies, rather than pave its own way. This book read like the author didn’t like those things either, and tried to make it what she wanted that trilogy to be like. It’s light on the technical, which I prefer. I loved the future city setting, and the impending threat of the Dominion on the horizon. I loved the friendship Nova had with Zayne, her former boyfriend. I loved that they had history. And I loved that she wanted to include Zayne in on her escape plan. I loved Nova’s telepathic connection. I loved that she had someone she could talk to, almost like therapy, and we had that mystery of what he might look like and be like since at that point the character I had been assuming him to be was just a legend, and I loved the suggestion that he was different from what he showed her, giving his character dimension, even though he was technically only a voice in her head at that point. He was a little like a pen pal since he was always mentioning he was in other sectors of the galaxy. And I loved the podcast she watched, which info-dumped a bit, but also gave us rumors of what might be awaiting in the near future. And I loved that Nova was a flawed character, loving the thrill of illegally selling arms, in addition to the love she had for her father. And, there is an exciting action scene as her arms dealing catches up to her and everything comes together. I actually finished this book faster than I intended to since the last couple of chapters had me continuing right on into the next. I already bought the collection of Episodes 1-3 since it’s being sold for a dollar since I’m dying to continue this story. I can’t wait to continue the adventure.
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96 reviews2 followers
January 12, 2020
What a difference between the last "sci-fi" book I read! Now this is what I'm into.

Two strong main characters with a strong bond. Star-Crossed lovers. A nice and trustworthy friendship. Everything I like. Not too cheesy but not boring either. The perfect balance :) This book gives me so many starwars vibes (with all due respect to the Starwars saga and fans, even tho I'm a Starwars fan myself reylofanoverhere) and in the best way possible. Nova reminds me a lot of Rey and the guy reminds me of Ben (but he is already nice to her from the very beginning).

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2 reviews1 follower
May 25, 2020
As a huge fan of the Rey/Kylo dynamic in Star Wars, I decided to check this book out and I'm glad I did! It's a fun Sci Fi book with an interesting premise and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.
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794 reviews71 followers
December 30, 2020
I know, I know, a lot of people are saying this is like Reylo fanfiction - turns out I should probably read some of that because I had a lot of fun with this. It was enjoyable; I just wish it wasn't so short!
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326 reviews32 followers
June 24, 2019
This was incredibly intriguing, albeit a little short. When I realized how short this book was I thought perhaps this was more of an intro novella but the rest are just as small. No worries, sometimes I like quick reads.

I'll admit it is nice sometimes to just read a book that doesn't have a lot filler just to get that page count. This book is no nonsense and jumps right in. The world building was well done, I have questions, sure, but there's six more books to answer them all.

Nova, our main gal, illegally mines and builds weapons made of Neron. Neron is a power source that fuels, whatever. Ships, weapons, heals wounds, you name it. Jack of all trades type of mineral.

Then there's Dominion, they control Neron and conquer planets that have deposits of it. Nova's only goal is to get off her planet and take her family somewhere safe, in order to do this she needs money. Hence the illegal weapons.

To make matters more complicated she has a voice in her head that she doesn't know who it belongs to. One day they could just speak to each other.

I found the writing to be easy to read and enjoyable. The world is intriguing and I'm curious to see how Nova's character will grow. I'm looking forward to the rest of the books.
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2,086 reviews40 followers
November 17, 2018
I was really, really reluctant to read this book because the genre isn’t one of the ones I generally read in. However, since I have read and appreciated the author’s works before, I went ahead to took the plunge. And, OMG, I am so glad I did! This series is episodic in nature so don’t expect a full book, but there was just so much in this one. Intrigue, attraction, action, and plot just all came together to create a book I didn’t want to stop (in point of fact, I did read it all in one setting)! And, the characters are so captivating, the swear words interesting (a word of warning: don’t let them throw you because they are unusual), and the universe is so unique. The world is dark but hope is still there. Give this book a try as I don’t think you’ll regret it. Now, I’m just holding my breath waiting for the next book. Thankfully, the wait won’t be long! I highly recommend this book! I was provided the e-book which I voluntarily reviewed.
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1,707 reviews11 followers
November 15, 2018
This is an exciting new series that is told in episode format. The author quickly drew me into the story and has left me wanting more. The author has built a world and created characters easily pictured. I don’t want to say too much for fear of giving anything away. I will say, I’m very curious to see what happens next.
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77 reviews1 follower
January 20, 2022
Such a great space fantasy romance saga. This was an unexpected gem. I loved Nova and Valen and their host of supporting characters, the universe and plot twists and the commentary on the human condition...
So much of our lives are governed by boredom and discontent. Ennui changed the shape of Nova's existence and Valen's too as a result.
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