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False #2

False Hope

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She thinks she’s fooled me. But I’ve known all along.


Lily is hiding something, a secret so big, she came out of a year-long coma and her first instinct was to lie.

Who does that? Someone who is afraid. No—not afraid.

Terrified. And it’s my job to take that fear away.

My partner and I have spent countless man-hours hunting down the cold-blooded killer who did this to her. Meanwhile, Lily’s spent her waking hours recovering. Getting stronger. Getting smarter.

Staying beautiful.

Never get involved emotionally. That’s my dictate. Never get attached.

When you realize you’re caught in a triangle, it turns out there is no exit.

Crossing a line is easy. Holding a line takes strength.

Lily’s shooter knows that she’s my weakness.

And he’s about to exploit that by breaking a line and escaping, claiming a hostage in the process.

One I have to get back.

No matter what it takes.

First published August 28, 2019

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Meli Raine

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USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine rode her first motorcycle when she was five years old, but she played in the ocean long before that. She lives in New England with her family.

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3,363 reviews2,303 followers
December 8, 2018

description This was another fantastic book by this author. I don't have too much to say because this is the middle book of a trilogy, and although I liked it quite a lot, it still felt a bit like a filler book. We got a little forward movement on the mystery front. As well as on the relationship front (which was nice). This one is told in Duff's POV, and I was glad to see that. In the first book, he was a bit like a cardboard cutout. It was nice to get his thoughts in this one and get a feel for the who he is. I honestly don't know how this author keeps all these storylines straight. There are always so many red herrings, and twists and turns. At this point I don't know WHAT to think nor do I have a CLUE who is behind everything. Bring on the conclusion... description



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1,806 reviews380 followers
May 28, 2019
3 😞😞😞⭐️s

While in the first book we had Lily’s pov, in the second we have Duff’s. The writing was very good as well, the storyline full of twists and suspense. There were scenes of actions and thoughts that didn’t actually move the plot forward and there were moments that I just wanted to put it down...
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4,838 reviews294 followers
November 28, 2018
OMG, this series continues to blow me away if you need a great romantic suspense author to devour then Meli Raine is the author for you. WOW in the second book, we had Duff finding out the reason why Lily was faking her amnesia and then finally a great bonding session between Duff, Silas, Jane, and Lily over at Alice's old ranch. This series just keeps readers on their toes as new conspiracies and secrets pop up all over the place, and you think you have a handle on what is happening and the threads and then wham bam another few threads are added, and you are like OMG when's it's all going to stop and who just is really pulling the strings ? I did like that False Hope we finally get some answers from questions that arose in both the Harmless Series and Shameless series, like who was Jane's island informant and what happened in the ballroom between Jane and Nolan? The other thing that Meli Raine is well-known for is that she ends all of her books on the biggest cliffhangers, that make you want to hurry up and read the next book. Always the downside when you get ARCS, it means you have to wait just that little bit longer for the next book. I am now sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation for Book #3, and unless something big happens to a character, I will be sad to see this conspiracy finish. One extra thing I love about the False series is the covers are to die for. They are so beautiful.
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282 reviews16 followers
February 20, 2020
This book are from Duff POV. Okay kinda like and trust him now.

Goshhh Lily should tell everyone before things got complicated like this phewwww but yeahh I understand her. The shooter was so close to her.

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1,452 reviews27 followers
December 11, 2018
Picking up exactly where we were left with False Memory, we're treated to Duff's POV. He knows Lily is lying and it's imperative she reveals her secrets to him. But what he learns is both devastating and enlightening. The truth leads them to a web of secrecy so interconnected it'll take a miracle to sort it out and save Lily's life.

Through Duff's eyes we see Lily in a similar way as before, but we're adding a tender element to the crazy that surrounds them. Lily is still the strong woman we've come to know and despite her moment of panic and shock, which is completely understandable in their situation, she's also seen as a bit more vulnerable. We get to see her tells and her frustrations with a fresh perspective.

Duff is frustrating to no end. I'm not really a fan of how often we have to hear that he's a robot, or he shouldn't see Lily as he does, or the endless references to their job descriptions as well as his secrets without learning them at all. He lies, he conceals, he evades, he distracts until he's backed into a corner and is forced to share his true allegiance. Nothing is ever that simple, though, because the web just gets more tangled.

If at this point you haven't read the Harmless or Shameless books, you may be lost like I was. Even starting The False Series from the beginning isn't helping me because the characters brought in, mentioned, and the motives and machinations of all of them are so convoluted I can't seem to keep it all straight. I'll be doing a bunch more reading before False Start comes out so I can get it all straight before we're treated to the finale. The final scene here creates that same sense of panic, but we also get disorientation and more urgency. The finale should be a doozy...
Profile Image for Shelley.
2,278 reviews29 followers
September 18, 2019
Didn’t see that coming❣️

Book two picks up where book one finished, although book one is written in Lily’s POV this one is refreshing as it’s written in Duff’s POV😍

Things are starting to unravel as Duff is forced to make decisions which lead the team to knowing more about him than he wants them to know....but to gain trust, he needs to control what information he gives them and stick as close to the truth, without revealing HIS truth🤔

Looking forward to the final book in this trilogy and have to say this is Meli’s best work so far as it’s intense, got a few action packed scenes and twists hitting me left, right and centre💕
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111 reviews3 followers
June 6, 2019
Meli's books are wonderful!
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11.2k reviews144 followers
September 18, 2019
False Hope is the second book in the False Trilogy, so hopefully everyone understands THAT YOU MUST READ False Memory (Book 1) FIRST! This story picks back up where Book 1 left off, but with a twist. As False Memory was in Lily's POV, False Hope is in Duff's POV, which I really needed, as I wasn't truly feeling him in the first book, because I really didn't get a read on him to be honest. He finds out the reasoning behind Lily faking her amnesia, which leads to a heartwarming moment where they all experience a bonding time with a couple of other secondaries, and Lily really needs it. And that's all the details about this book that I'll type up, because first & foremost, there's an underlying suspenseful tone that takes over front & center. I mean, Lily faked amnesia, which screams I don't feel safe, or trust hardly anyone. It's the next group of puzzle pieces to get us to find out who's behind all the dangerous chaos. Secrets are all over the place, and we all know that secrets don't make friends, so with this story, I've put together another border in my puzzle, but there's still so many questions & pieces left to go. It's like for every answer, Meli Raine is exceptional at making sure there are 20 more unanswered questions that pop up. Seriously, it makes for an intense experience as the twist are flying everywhere, so I'm not sure you're like me, but I took to dropping loud f-bombs AGAIN! Of course, there's another HUGE cliffy ending that if I didn't have the conclusion already, would have me dying inside for real! I can't imagine that the conclusion would be anything other than explosive, so I promise you that I was up late into the night to actually inhale it, that's how hooked I truly am. and I really really really needed to know "who dun it!" I would be a bad fan girl if I didn't wholeheartedly implore you to one click False Hope IMMEDIATELY, and if you haven't started the Trilogy yet, then add in False Memory as well! Oh, I have to warn you that these books are completely addictive, so if you start before you go to sleep, just accept the fact that sleep won't be in the cards! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Profile Image for Nerdy Dirty & Flirty.
3,985 reviews319 followers
December 8, 2018
Gahhhhh! I don’t even know what to say about this book! If you’ve gotten this far in this series, you know what you’ve gotten yourself into. You are well aware that Meli Raine is a web spinning, twist writing master! So many pieces, so many wheels in motion, so many players to consider...it’s incredible how she does it all and has it actually make sense!!

The more answers we gain, the more questions pile on. I feel like while I know certain aspects of the mystery, there is still so much I don’t know and I love that. I can’t get enough of the shocking twist and turns that keep getting thrown at me. When I reached the end I was shocked. I kept swiping my phone, willing the rest of the story to appear on my screen. Raine knows the perfect place to cut us off and leave us dangling on that cliff. One of the best feelings is the excitement and anticipation of waiting for more! Bring it on Meli, you wonderfully evil genius!!
Profile Image for Romance Between The Sheets.
1,175 reviews63 followers
March 5, 2019
OMG, this next installment blew me away. Told from Duff's POV it helps you understand fully where he is coming from with his depth of devotion to protect Lily.

It continues right where False #1 left off. My favourite component of this part of the series is that we get to see Duff and Lily's relationship and friendship develop. It is a slow burn and gave them depth, we see them laugh, fight and ignite.

As with all Meli Raine's stories, you think you know where she is taking us and then a curveball is thrown around. We find out more about Duff and his history and connections.

I love how Meli Raine is weaving this series and connecting more mysteries held over from the Harmless and Shameless book series.
Profile Image for Kimberlie.
1,142 reviews
February 11, 2020
I *really* dislike cliffhanger endings, and particularly the ones without warning in the blurb. Fortunately, I have access to the entire series, so I will treat it as a whole.

****** SPINOFF SERIES ******
Another thing that would have been *really* nice to know before I started is that characters from this book were originally from another series. I didn't know that until I finished book 1 and read other reviews that pointed it out. That was an a-ha moment! I think it definitely affected my understanding of the overall story and character dynamics. Too late now, though... BTW, this series sets the stage for yet another series.

Book 1 - False Memory
This was an interesting story that I connected with right away. I'm intrigued by the characters and anxious to find out what's going on. This is also the ultimate in slow burn, as they only have a first kiss in book 1. After I complete the entire series, I'll come back and add comments on the overall story.

Book 2 - False Hope
Part 2 picks up right where the previous one left off, but switched POV from Lily to Duff. I was definitely lost in a critical part of this book because I didn't know to read the previous series. The characters (and there are many) involved in the mystery are all from the other books, so none of the explanations made very much sense to me.

Book 3 - False Start
Part 3 continues with both Lily and Duff's POV. I lost interest in the mystery since I didn't know the characters. The romance part finally picks up, and it's sweet, with the slow burn finally coming to an end.

****** OVERALL ******
I enjoyed the writing in the series. Several times I noticed sentences that I thought were very beautifully worded. The MCs were both great and Lily was very thought out/researched. The mystery was well written, but the need to read previous series to understand any of it was a BIG negative for me. The romance was sweet and very slow to develop. Overall 4 stars, but I'm strongly fighting the urge to knock it down because of the reasons I mentioned above.
8 reviews
February 15, 2020
Book #1 was interesting, the plot kept me captive. Book 2 not so much. It dragged in many spots, was repetitive at times, almost like the author was purposely stringing it out so there could be a book 3.
The entire story should have been told in two books! When the thoughts, questions, etc. by the characters are said repeatedly throughout the book with no moving forward with the plot, I find it boring and just a way to fill the pages .... and that’s a big turn off for me.
1,107 reviews2 followers
December 12, 2018
This is False Hope, book 2 of the exciting False series, written by Meli Raine. Wow! Wow! Wow! There is a huge cloud of subterfuge going on in this series and what a huge cliffhanger!! And I’m still not quite sure whom can be trusted.... there are politicians as well as criminals....seems to be one and the same in this book. The ropes are endless as we try to unwind them to see the puppet master. You don’t want to miss a minute of this one! I’m gonna go crazy waiting on the next book though!
Profile Image for Didi Ps.
653 reviews
December 16, 2018
There is a lot of suspense in this book... What a page turner! I loved the second POV, it was interesting to see the other side... There is so much more that is going on that makes everything seem so complicated, with the enemy closer than ever... So many twists & turns, I can’t wait to read the rest!

I got this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Teresa.
1,461 reviews13 followers
January 2, 2022
Not as good as book one, it plods along in many places and again, no real ending. Its a 3 part series, so i had all 3 ready to read.
Profile Image for Ga Books LoverX.
2,286 reviews22 followers
December 11, 2018
I have been sooo READY for this book to be released. The first one definitely set the stage for what was going to be an amazing trilogy and I am not the most patient person ever! 🙂

This book is entirely in Duff’s POV. And wow, we knew that there was a LOT that he hid about himself during the first book, but I had no freaking clue until reading this one.

He is an extremely interesting character and had been through SO much. He is a great guy, completely loyal. but also not wanting to hurt anyone- especially Lily.

We dive deeper into this story and GEEZ is it so freaking insane. I usually am not a fan of the 2nd book in a series because it typically is just setting up the 3rd book. This definitely did too, but it had its own twists and turns that absolutely captivated me. I am SO ready for the last book and cannot wait for January. Thank you Meli Raine for releasing these so close to each other, my crazy nerves thank you!!!


PS: I received an ARC of this book for free in return for my honest feedback.
Profile Image for Erin.
555 reviews21 followers
November 27, 2018
Gahhhhh! I don’t even know what to say about this book! If you’ve gotten this far in this series, you know what you’ve gotten yourself into. You are well aware that Meli Raine is a web spinning, twist writing master! So many pieces, so many wheels in motion, so many players to consider...it’s incredible how she does it all and has it actually make sense!!
The more answers we gain, the more questions pile on. I feel like while I know certain aspects of the mystery, there is still so much I don’t know and I love that. I can’t get enough of the shocking twist and turns that keep getting thrown at me. When I reached the end I was shocked. I kept swiping my phone, willing the rest of the story to appear on my screen. Raine knows the perfect place to cut us off and leave us dangling on that cliff. One of the best feelings is the excitement and anticipation of waiting for more! Bring it on Meli, you wonderfully evil genius!!
Profile Image for Ann L..
580 reviews26 followers
February 16, 2020
Disappointed. I got through about 60% but in reality I got bored way before that. Not enough action and too much head talk with the male bodyguard "Duff" character (constantly analyzing his feelings and this and that--zzzzzz). This second one in the trilogy is narrated by him too. For whatever reason, I found him quite boring even though he has this "secret" he can't tell anyone. I could care less now because I constantly have to listen to his head talk. I should be liking this series as I really liked the first one in the series. But alas! I do not care for it and need to move on to more exciting adventures! I need to stop being pulled into the FREE 1st e-book in a trilogy series!

2,628 reviews14 followers
January 15, 2019
Book #2 in this series. In the first book we read Lily's POV in the story. This book is Duff's POV which made it very interesting for me. Many questions answered from book one, but so many new questions after the crazy cliff hanger at the end of this book. Duff figures out Lily isn't being truthful to him and works to get her to trust him and tell him her secrets. The drama and secrets continue, but Lily does begin to trust again with help from Duff and friends. Read this series now!!! Don't wait. It will blow you away!!!
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466 reviews44 followers
December 5, 2018
3.5 Stars

Who would have thought?! There's a lot more behind the attempted murder of Lily than what first met the eye. Well, obviously it’s more complex than just someone trying to kill a random girl, but it still kept surprising me with how deep the scheming went so far. You gotta be careful and pay attention to the details to keep up.

This entire book was from Duff's POV and while a few secrets were revealed, a lot of them are still in the dark and a ton more questions were raised. The story's long not over and I'm really curious were this will end at one point and how far this will lead us.
'We all have a deep, dark secret. We all have a hidden self that slithers inside of us, doing everything it can to avoid detection.'

As with the previous series, I felt like it's dragging too much and could have been done in a duet rather than a trilogy. It would have been sufficient enough and probably even better for the pace which needs to be faster in my opinion for a suspenseful story.

I loved how this book started – right were book #1 left off – and that Duff finally was suspicious of the killer. It was so exciting because it heightened the tension.

At first – especially in the first book – I really wondered why Lily didn’t tell anyone about Romeo – even though I understood that she couldn’t trust anyone. But now it got so much clearer with how complex this intrigue was.
'We recover from our wounds because the survival instinct is so strong. And those who survive and thrive are the most attractive of all.'

And finally, there were some emotions from Duff, who had been rather emotionless and quiet so far.

But, and here's the obligatory but, Duff's thoughts were frustrating. He thought too often about being human but also being a robot for his job. He was weighing his options of opening up about his secrets or not. It was just too drawn out and it got repetitive. I didn’t understand why his insignificant thoughts kept turning in a circle, and his very strange nightmares didn't help the matter.

Duff had and still keeps a lot of secrets which he can't tell anyone about. It irritated me somehow that this book was all about him and that he all of a sudden became the center of everything. Why was he so special?! Well, at least there was a big mystery puzzle solved from the previous series. But it's still never ending because as soon as one question's answered, a ton more of them open up. More lies, more intrigues.

I liked the book but there was so much filler. As with the other books and series, the beginning and ending was suspenseful and kept me engaged, though the stuff in between was not all necessary and more or less slowing the pace down.

The sudden physical closeness between Duff and Lily surprised me. He had been her detail for a while but there wasn't even a real friendship because she didn’t yet fully trust him, so it just felt a bit like coming out of nowhere with full force. But this was the least of my worries in this book because I was more frustrated with the repeating thoughts from Duff. At any rate, there was more of Duff and I surely can't complain about that, though the story suffered a bit from it.

Let's see what the last book brings and if there will be a new series where this complexion goes on.

-- I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book given by Give Me Books Promotions. --
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1,195 reviews33 followers
December 13, 2018
False Hope is a captivatingly haunting masterpiece! This is the gold standard of romantic suspense. No one else can offer such a multi-layered hurricane of a plot and fantastically superb characters that deliver delicious danger, unearthly twists and turns, and sizzling passion! This story is everything that you have come to expect from Meli Raine and then some. She knows her readers want to be taken to the edge and then unceremoniously thrown over into utter chaos and ruin. Only then, does she slowly begin to unravel the depth of mystery and danger surrounding her characters as she breaks them down to the very fabric of who they are.

Duff leads us farther down the rabbit hole in the second book in the series. He continues to draw Lily into his circle of trust because he is helpless to ignore her when it comes to his heart. She draws out the vulnerable man within him that he has been able to lock away until now. Her mere presence leaves him defenseless. All that is left is the desire to cherish, protect, and love. Lily is fighting for her life, and Duff is in complete awe of her strength, courage, and hope. With everything inside him, he will fight for her right to live, draw breathe and love him if she chooses. Will Lily become Duff’s greatest weakness, or will she prove to him that he can both protect and love with his entire being while making him stronger and more human?

If I loved Lily and Duff before, I am completely lost to them now. I had no idea that Lily touched Duff’s heart in such a powerful way, and how he sees her had me gasping in utter shock and surprise. He is exactly what Lily needs to both motivate her and push her to keep reaching for her goal of a normal life, and she breathes life, heart, and long lost normalcy into his cold existence. These two are so full of surprises that I could not get enough. These two people are dying to live while those holding the strings of power are live to kill them at every opportunity.

Reading a book by Meli Raine is like savoring hot chocolate on a cold day or crisp lemonade on a hot summer day. Her writing is pure perfection and heart racing satisfaction at its best! There is undoubtedly nothing better than curling up with one of her intelligently scorching masterpieces! Not only will they rock your world, but they will utterly destroy and transform your heart in the best way possible. You have no idea what you are missing out on, so pick up one her books right now!
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249 reviews
December 15, 2018
Put up the 'Do Not Disturb' signs, find a comfortable seat and settle in because this book needs your undivided attention!

As Lily slowly recovers physically from the traumatic experience of being shot in the back of the head, her emotional well-being is under constant attack.  Someone is still trying to kill her and her trust in everyone around her is put to the test. As Lily and Duff become closer, secrets are revealed that could endanger both their lives.  

This story is told from Duff's point of view and gives us more of an insight into his past and the personal mission he is undertaking. Duff is in unknown territory when it comes to Lily. The feelings he has for her are new and he is struggling with how to deal with them especially when he is not sure if they are reciprocated.  But when they are, he knows he will do anything to protect her, and not because it is his job, he will do it in order to protect his own heart. 

The ending of this book leaves us once again on a cliff hanger, and that is after Duff and Lily have had their own deadly experiences on the edge of a cliff!

Every time I have read one of Meli Raine's series the main male character has always struck me as an annoying, pig-headed idiot that wouldn't know how to have a relationship if it came up and bit him on the butt, but by the middle of the second book they have become one of my new favourite leads.  This has once again happened and I now wait on tender-hooks for the third and final installment in the 'False' Series - False Start. 

If you are after excitement, intrigue, suspense and a whole heap of sexual tension then this series is what you need.
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625 reviews4 followers
November 3, 2018
This is the second book in the False trilogy and the eighth in the overall story arc. It is not a stand alone book. You need to at least read False Memory first. It ended in a cliffhanger and this book picks up there. This story builds on the Harmless trilogy and Shameless trilogy. It can be read without those series first, but it references characters and events that happened in those books and it will make more sense if you read 1-6 before 7-9.

Duff and Lily pick up where book one left off. Kissing, wanting more and with Duff being the first to admit that he knows Lily knows more about her attempted murderer than she is pretending with her "amnesia". While she feels she can trust Duff, she is still afraid that the truth will get her and those she loves killed. Better to stick with not knowing anything even if it is killing her inside.

The suspense part of this story picks up in this book. The characters are in many locations from therapy to Washington DC with the president, to a Texas stronghold mansion. Lily finally shares her truths with just a couple people. More and more twists and turns start to unravel. Yet even more questions come up than are answered. How far into the deep web does this go? How high into politics and drug lords does the direct command go? Is there really any way for Duff to protect Lily from it all, now that he can't live without her? Another cliffhanger ending, again with book 3 in the trilogy being published soon.
Profile Image for Tricia.
430 reviews
December 9, 2018
After a fairly slow start, False Hope soon picked up pace and once the revelations started, they kept on coming. However, as soon as one mystery was explained, another arrived to take its place. I loved the complexity of the plot, multi layered and intriguing, it really keeps you on your toes.

There’s not just perceived threats here, the danger and violence in this second book of the trilogy not only psychological but physical too. It’s wild, heart pounding stuff, which had me holding my breath and turning the pages as fast as I could. My only slight criticism would be the frequent moving of Lily from one location to another, a place deemed as safe suddenly becoming unsafe with no real explanation as to why. I realise in some instances this was necessary for the progress of the plot but I found it distracting at times.

Duff has more than one agenda and there’s obviously so much more going on here than meets the eye. I’ve no idea what and the tension just keeps building. Lily is a fantastic character. A real fighter, a survivor, but she can’t seem to catch a break. She’s the key to something but we don’t find out what that is just yet.

Thrilling and exciting, I loved the edge of your seat moments this author has created, not to mention the cliffhanger of all cliffhanger endings, which left me with my heart in my mouth.

Oh what a tangled web we weave ...
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200 reviews5 followers
December 12, 2018
Wow Wow Wow is the first word that comes to my mind after finishing this book! This is the second book in the series and picks up where False Memory left off and is written in Duff's point of view. This gives us his and Lily's story and an insight into him in his own words. I have patiently waited for this book to see what was going to happen next. As this book did the first book ended with a cliff hanger and as I got answers to some of my questions I had more questions especially as some of Duff's secrets were revealed. As we read Lily reveals who her shooter was to Jane, Silas, Duff and Drew. Can she trust all of them and can she trust the President of the United States now that that secret is out and the shooter was and is in plain sight? Will Duff be able to keep her safe, gain her trust back all while she is taking his heart? This book is full of mystery, moments that make you gasp, smile, have a few tears in your eyes along with some sexy moments. As False Memory did False Hope ends with a major cliff hanger! I can not wait to read the next and final book in Lily and Duff's story False Start to see how all of this ends. Meli Raine has done it once again keeping you on the edge of your seat all while wanting more. I want to thank Meli Raine for giving me the opportunity to read this book in advance of it's release.
Profile Image for MJ's Book Blog and Reviews.
2,401 reviews47 followers
December 4, 2018
Review by: Melanie
(4.5 stars)

The second instalment in this thrilling trilogy sees Duff trying his best to get Lily to trust him with her secret, while also fighting his developing feelings for her; he was hired to protect her not fall in love with her after all. The danger is still ever present though, they don't know who they can trust, and what, if anything, will be the fallout from Duff finding out just who did shoot Lily?

Jeepers, this series is a real page turner for me. It's like watching an American thriller/suspense series and I love those lol. Seems like wherever Duff and Lily turn, there is someone there waiting to betray and/or kill them. I can't wait to see how this is all going to end in the next book. I said in my review of the first book that this is obviously a spin off from another series, and while in False Hope we did seem to get told quite a bit of what happened in the earlier series', it still hasn't put me off wanting to go back and read them when I get chance to, which will hopefully be before the conclusion of this series. If you're a stickler for reading in order though, I would suggest reading the other series' first. Another great read from Meli Raine and I give False Hope 4.5 stars.
December 17, 2018
WTH! If I thought my heart was pounding in the first book it is doing double time with book 2. Lily is trying her best to getting back to normal (if that is even possible). She is still acing as if she does not remember the shooting. Duff her bodyguard is right there with her. He is picking up some clues that she knows more than she is saying, but doesn’t want to push her. He himself has his theories and he ends up remembering something very important from that day of the shooting.

Of course when things seem to be settling down along comes a supposed drive by shooting and Lily is not the only one present, so is Jane. Now things just get ramped up even more and no one knows who to trust and how far up this is going.

It is nice to see that Duff and Lily are starting to realize that their relationship is more than client-bodyguard status. Is that a good thing? Will Duff be able to protect Lily or does his feeling get in the way of his job?

Book 2 is going to leave us hanging. I will not tell what happens, but all I can say is who will be alive in the book 3. I cannot wait. Meli sure knows how to keep us on the edge of our seats and looking over our shoulder.

I was given an advance copy for an honest review.
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January 10, 2019
This is the second book in this series and they must be read in order. The story progresses and every time you think you get an answer you really get more questions. Lily is recovering and while not back to her prior self she is doing so much better. She is recovering emotionally as well as physically. Duff plays a bigger part in this book than he did in the first. He knows that Lily is lying about not remembering he just isn’t sure how much she remembers. Lily is still lying for fear of what will happen not only to her but her family about who shot and tried to murder her. Duff and Lily are getting closer they could have something more than a client/body guard relationship. They both want it but will Lily be able to trust Duff enough and will Duff allow himself to get that close to Lily. Jane also plays a bigger part in this book. She must face some truths in this book as well. She is thrown for a loop along with several others characters because of something Duff knows and is involved in that no one else knew about. I look forward to reading the final book in this trilogy and maybe getting some more answers with getting a ton more questions at the same time. This trilogy has sucked me in.
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