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Gravity #2

Defying Gravity

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Our greatest risk was the one we never took ...

It was an accidental spring fling three years ago—one week spent in the mountains of Big Sur and no one was the wiser. Ignore the fact that Tobias James was Amelia's neighbor and her best friend's older brother. Or that upon their return his hoop dreams were waiting for him, robbing them of a potential future.

Now, Amelia is fulfilling her own dreams in LA and her biggest dream of all is about to come true.

The last thing she expected was for her past and her present to collide. Not now. Not here. Not him. But Tobias struts back into her life like he never even left. Unfortunately, she'll never forget what happened after he did.

The ball is her Amelia's court, but Tobias isn't below stealing—her power, her resolve, her heart... When he wants a second chance to reignite our connection, the answer is simple. They can't.

Not unless they defy the rules their dreams were built on and risk everything.

★ PLUS a bonus prequel novella (included)

372 pages, Paperback

First published July 23, 2019

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About the author

K.K. Allen

36 books2,918 followers
K.K. Allen is the USA TODAY Bestselling and award-winning contemporary romance author of sweet, sexy, and inspiring stories that evoke emotion at every turn.

K.K.'s debut romance novel, Up in the Treehouse, was named the Best New Adult Book of the Year by RT Book Reviews, an honor beyond belief. And she continues to take reader’s emotions on an epic ride every single time with real, layered, coming of age romance stories that will make you fall in love over and over again.

Born in Hawaii, raised in Washington, and currently residing in Florida, K.K. lives for laughs with her little dude, the great outdoors, watching football, dancing the night away, and her eclectic taste in music.

K.K. also loves connecting with her readers and attends signings when she can! You can find upcoming event dates and other information at: www.kkallen.com.

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July 28, 2019

⭐️ 5 " Moon & Earth" Stars ⭐️
Defying Gravity was without a doubt one of my most anticipated book of the summer and was so worth the wait! After reading Falling from Gravity the prequel to this novel a few months ago in the Spring Fling Anthology, I just needed to get the rest of Amelia and Tobias’s gorgeous romance. Omg, I wasn’t prepared for the brilliance of their story! K.K. Allen entranced me with this wonderful couple in this second chance romance high on sensations and heart melting moments!

"You're my moon, you know?"
His hands moved through my hair as he held my gaze.
"The light in my dark. I'll never stop reaching for you, Amelia."

Amelia and Tobias are a match made in heaven, but they both have trials to overcome on their own before they can let their love thrives. Tobias is dealing with the aftermath of discovering he’s adopted, searching for answers and questioning his identity. He’s also chasing his goal of playing in the NBA. This young man is so charming and sweet! He literally had me swooning so hard for him! On another hand, we have Amelia discovering the harsh reality of being a professional dancer. She’s so strong and dedicated to her passion for dancing though. She’s truly an inspiring heroine and she battles to prove her value and let her talent speaks. Balancing all these challenging events and the distance is certainly difficult on their relationship, hence the eventual three-year separation.

Fast forward to the present and you get these two individuals living their dreams, but something is still missing in their lives: each other. They made sacrifices for their professional aspirations, but their love is still that powerful. They fight adversity and find their way back together, but their romance is more forbidden than ever. They need to question what means the most to them and make important decisions concerning their future together once and for all.

They are just so beautiful together! Their connection is so effortless and brought a smile on my face each time they’re together. The cute moments of tenderness and teasing had my heart fluttering in my chest, but also the heartbreak had my eyes full of tears. The atmosphere is always charged with electricity when they’re in the same vicinity. Their story isn’t easy, but they fight for what they realize is true love! They certainly stole my heart with their epic romance!

"True colors aren't always our brightest. Sometimes they're our darkest, most vulnerable shades, and it's up to us to change the palette before it completely destroys our life's work."

Defying Gravity is a stunning sports romance that will capture your attention from start to finish. The interactive dance videos featured throughout the story is an amazing addition and make Amelia’s dancing performances even more real! K.K. Allen proves once again her great talent with a really moving romance filled with breath-taking scenes and all the swoon factors!

** ARC received in exchange for an honest review **
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July 24, 2019
"We're moon and earth, living among the stars and sun. We're everything. And no matter the distance, we still make sense together."

"Our love wasn't just written in the stars. Our love was the stuff stars and planets were made of."

GAH! I have read several of this author's books and none have made me tear up and touch me on such an emotional level as Defying Gravity. I can honestly say that this is one of my all time favorite second chance romances.

Tobias and Amelia's story is a deeply moving, epic journey to soul awakening love. Larger than life, grand on every measurable scale, this is a wholly unforgettable love story. Passionate and sexy when it needed to be, but it was also raw and heart-breaking at times while still managing to be uplifting and hopeful. The delicate balance of this story was masterfully crafted by K.K. Allen in what is undoubtedly her finest work to date.

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1,992 reviews261 followers
July 19, 2019
Rate: 6/ 5 stars

I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for this book. Honestly, that's how long it felt. The waiting sucks when you really want something. And trust me I wanted this book so so bad ever since I finished Center of Gravity. All this to say THE WAIT WAS SO FREAKING WORTH IT!!!! I adored this couple with my whole heart. Possibly even more than Lex and Theo. Okay, yes way more than Lex and Theo!!

Amelia and Tobia's love was all kinds of forbidden, then and now and my heart hurt for these two souls who wanted to be together so bad but life's circunstances kept tearing them apart. Toby found out a big secret when he was 18 and he went down a dark spiral and ruined his promising future. Months later, Amelia was his safe haven and his cheerleader and gave him the strength to get his life back on track and fight for his dream once again. But that dream and her own were what lead them apart.

Even at such a long distance and busy living their dreams, they couldn't cut ties. Not until Amelia goes through her own dark spiral and loses herself on the way to achieving her dream. I loved Amelia and what she went through really touched me deep in the soul but she was so strong and she knew what was right and wrong. Even feeling lost, deep down she knew who she was and what she was willing and not willing to do to reach her life long dream.
3 years later, Tobias finally makes his ultimate goal happen. He's in California, playing for the Lions. He found his way to LA, back to her. And even though there are still so many obstacles in their way and their relationship is forbidden in the public eye, he's not going to let Amelia walk away from him again. Except, them being together might put their careers in jepardy. And one of them might lose their dream...again.

In a whirlwind of angst, emotional blow after emotional blow and a love so powerful that it fights gravity, K. K. Allen brings us yet again a wonderful, inspiring and breathtaking love story for the ages. This world of dance and basketball will immerse you from the start.
The dramas that come with jealous jerks of teammates, the thrill and fear of dating in secret, the passion for the sport and dancing, the true friendship between Amelia, Lex and Shane, the emotion and rawness of finally learning who you are and where you came from. This book has it all and it was beautifully drawn and put together in the best way. Your jaw will drop with some of the revelations, your eyes will shed tears when characters reunite and when the truth comes out and your heart will ache for all Amelia and Tobias are put through right from the start. It's an emotional, angst filled journey that you don't want to miss out on. Tobias and Amelia find their way back to each other and it's honestly one of the most beautiful stories I've read. By the end my heart was bursting with happiness and love for this beautiful, amazing couple that I just loved with all my heart. It was hard to say goodbye to them because I wanted to keep on reading and reading all about these two!

This series is a breath of fresh air for me and I couldn't love it more. I love the dancing world and how it all just plays in my head and I love that the reading is interactive and you can watch the videos and imagine Amelia dancing those moves and being a bad*** talented dancer.

You can learn how Amelia and Toby's story started in Falling from Gravity, a prequel novella first included in the Spring Fling anthology. You don't need to read it to read this book but you should because it's amazing and trust me, by the end of this book you'll want all the more of Amelia and Tobias you can get.

➳E-copy kindly provided by Social Butterfly PR and the author, in exchange for an honest review

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July 26, 2019
K.k. Allen never ceases to amaze me with her books. I’ve read all of them and I’ve fallen in love with each and every story. Defying Gravity is no exception. This book was truly phenomenal! The forbidden romance, the dancing, and holy angst alert! Any K.k. Allen book wouldn’t be complete without angst and if any author can bring that out, it’s Ms. Allen. She is the queen of angst-filled books and weaves those emotions into the storyline perfectly.

Defying Gravity wasn’t just a fabulous read, it was visually appealing as well. Yes, visual. For those that read Center Of Gravity, you’ll know what I’m referencing. Defying Gravity is a dance romance centered around Amelia, who strives to be an NBA dancer. As a reader, we get an inside look at how incredibly hard it is to become one of these elite, talented, and extremely hard working—albeit, under paid dancers. The most exciting part of the book is when there’s a dance sequence, K.k. Allen includes YouTube links to match up with each scene. As a reader, you not only read what the character(s) are doing, you actually get to see the routines. Being able to see all the moves described, hear the music, and watch the dancers, was so impressive. Ms. Allen went above and beyond when it came to writing Defying Gravity.

If you love second chance romance with a bit of the forbidden thrown in, filled with angst, dance, sports, and a guy who truly will do anything to win his girl, grab Defying Gravity. I promise you, Tobias will be your next book boyfriend and this book will be your top 2019 read!

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2,794 reviews616 followers
February 28, 2020
I dive into this book without reading the prequel novella. I know I am missing that first connection between Amelia and Tobias. I found myself not missing anything in Defying Gravity.

I am officially join the fan club for Defying Gravity. I am love Tobias and Amelia. They are that perfect couple. Their love story is defying everything. Tobias is on the edge of broken by his future and his past. Amelia is his anchor. The chemistry between them is explosive. It burns through out the story.

The story is full of drama, secret and deception. And yet somehow they defy their odds to be together. I do not know what else to say.

I enjoy very much listening to the audio book.

5 earth and moon stars
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503 reviews72 followers
July 25, 2019
Defying Gravity is everything I hope for when reading a romance novel. It's sexy, sweet, deeply emotional, and so so angsty. Tobias and Amelia's story is a slow burn filled with the hopes and dreams of two passionate souls trying to find a way to have it all. My heart broke with theirs and then slowly put back together as each piece of Tobias and Amelia was healed. Amelia may be my favorite KK Allen heroine yet. She is strong, fierce, and unapologetically herself.

Defying Gravity is another masterpiece from KK Allen. We may still have 5 months left in 2019, but I think Defying Gravity may end up being my top read of 2019. It's definitely my top read so far!

I voluntarily received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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913 reviews17 followers
April 13, 2020
OMG! OMG! This book gave me all the feels and goosies all over. K.K. never fails to bring a story to its full fruition without waving through the pages gracefully and with pure elegance. This story was no different! She told us a story of the journey of love and the pathway or galaxy that led them there. It was by far my most favorite K.K. Allen read.

Tobias is my hero! He struggled with his placement in a world when he felt detached from everyone including his own family. Its not till one defining moment that allowed him to see the one person who had always seen him. With a different pair of eyes, Tobias was finally looking into the eyes of something he never thought he would find. His future...

Amelia had one goal. One goal to accomplish her dreams. No college. Just dance. And finally becoming a lioness. One of the NBA's top dance team. Her dream started long ago. Dancing was her life. Until Tobias James. Her dream became his dream. To make it to the NBA. Just in different fashions. Although, once you've made it. How far is your dream really worth it if it takes your soul and the reason you had the dream to begin with?

10 STARS if possible!!!
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555 reviews255 followers
July 27, 2019

“You know as well as I that you can’t put a label on what we are. We’re just Amelia and Tobias. We’re moon and earth, living among the stars and sun. We’re everything. And no matter the distance, we still make sense together.”

YES. YES. YES. I am smiling from ear to ear right now. For my second book by KK Allen, I have no need or desire to stop reading her words. She gives me a compelling love. She fills my heart with smiles. My eyes are seeing hearts. I am just so happy and enjoying this dance world she is giving me. I'm not the creative type, so I don't have any real comparison to that creative need to dance/write/create, so this book was such a great escape into the minds of two very determined lovers to not only better themselves, but also their "specialty". I fell head over heels in love with that aspect, as well as Tobias and Amelia.

I loved Amelia and Tobias so much. They had a love that not only could I feel , but I could connect with as well. One part that I seriously enjoyed, and previously enjoyed with Center of Gravity, was the interactive side of her books. There are links to click on to watch the videos that she is 'referencing' throughout the book and it makes the read that much more "real". What an inspiration - hands down. I loved "seeing" what she was explaining to me. The models she used were so spot on from her description that it gave the best visual - before, during, and after. It allowed me to "place" Amelia on the dance floor. It allowed me to "watch" Tobias on the court. It was a very visual experience for me this time, and it just made it that much more enjoyable for me. And, to be honest, they were what made the story come to life for me.

Tobias was everything and I mean that. He was such good book boyfriend material. He was strong, and intense. He was loving and bold. He was protective and sensitive. He really was the whole package. I really think Amelia complemented his demeanor very well. Amelia had a strength that should not go unnoticed, and it is a discussable one. She was very strong and determined. She was so giving of her heart, but stood by her convictions. She had everything he needed and wanted, and offered more than he understood. I loved their dynamic. This book was the love that I needed to read this week. I smiled throughout their love story, and I couldn't put it down. His love was PURE and I couldn't stop thinking about how he took care of her and comforted her...just as she did him. I adored their relationship - on every level. And their banter was next level. LOVED that part.

"He was watching me with the same eyes I drowned in whenever he was near."

I did feel that there was a wordy vibe to this story, which made it feel longer. But, not that it was too wordy - I know I'm contradicting myself, but work with me. It was a much slower pace than I usually read so it wasn't a quick paced read. While I generally enjoy a slow build, sometimes it feels longer than it should. BUT....if that's the only thing I can complain about, then I think I'm golden because I got caught up in their storyline and their love affair. It truly was a wonderful read.

Amelia and Tobias had real insecurities and real drama play out. It wasn't fluff and immature/childish actions, which I could completely appreciate. It was a journey towards their destination, for sure - and not easy by any means. The characters were young and acted age appropriate, but were wise beyond their years in some aspects. Love pushed them, and that's the kind of love I seek. I want that push, the one thing that drives them to not only take care of their lover, but themselves as well. Decisions and lessons were learned, but it was worked into the story effortlessly. The craving and the need these two characters had, the pull and the intensity....I really felt it in this one, but in such a way that I felt it deep within. The coil of anticipation was there, and the devotion that Tobias and Amelia had for each other wasn't without turmoil, but was embedded deep within their souls. I liked it!! I liked it a lot.

"You forget my profession. I'm not above stealing. Try to resist me, Amelia."

The temperament she created in these characters was so relatable on many different levels. While I haven't ever had to deal with the world that was handed to Tobias, I was able to feel his pain and confusion even though I didn't understand the depth of his anger or pain on a personal level. While I don't have a creative bone in my body, I would love to move like Amelia does....but a back surgery reminds me I'm not nimble enough to dance like that, so couch dancing it is for me! It's this style of writing that reminds me that I have found a voice in KK Allen that I can sink into and really enjoy. This story gave me all the feels and the thoughts that I am not sure I would have ever really given any honest thought to, yet she gave me a perspective that I was able to understand and appreciate for the experience she gave me. I am loving the stories she's given me so far and I really want to read more by her. I should probably read the books I've purchased of hers....ya think?

I just really enjoyed this book. It was a smooth, easy read and was a lot of fun. The free prequel, Falling From Gravity is a fun little read, but definitely not necessary to enjoy the book in full. It gives some background on their relationship and gives us a deeper look into how they began and fell in love, but you can feel the chemistry just from reading this book.

By the way.....this title was perfection.

"If kissing was a language, then Tobias and I spoke it fluently."

Purchase/AA link: https://amzn.to/2Yn03fF

Enter here to win an ecopy: http://bit.ly/2Zqdp7S
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1,025 reviews562 followers
August 5, 2019
Defying Gravity was such a beautiful book.
This one had so many tropes that I love and yet somehow the storyline didn't feel jumbled or chaotic at all. Defying Gravity is a second chance, sports romance, forbidden romance with elements of the contemporary arts and also touches on topics that are very relevant.


Amelia and Tobias (Gosh! Even their names are 😍 ) are perfect for each other. I was completely hooked to their story.
Amelia is a professional dancer. I must say, I really appreciated that K.K. Allen enlisted the links to the videos that inspired the character Amelia's dance performance. I think that just made took the storyline into a whole new experience.
Tobias had me from the very first chapter. I was half way in love with this character before the 50% mark.


I haven't read K.K. Allen's books much but after this one, I will definitely be changing that.
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2,014 reviews12.8k followers
July 26, 2019
I absolutely love sports romances and don't read nearly enough basketball romances. The romance market is saturated with football and hockey romances, so I get excited when I see a new basketball romance to pick up and give a chance!

When Tobias and Amelia spend Spring Break together, they fall for each other deeper than they ever meant to. The problem? Tobias's sister happens to be Amelia's best friend and she could never betray her. Not to mention their lives are going different places. Three years later, Amelia is finally living in LA and Tobias is living his dream on the court. They're both trying to achieve their dreams, so how could they ever make something together work?

First off, I would definitely recommend picking up the novella that takes place before this that shows Amelia and Tobias spending that spring break trip together and falling for one another. That gives so much more depth to their relationship and made me care about them as a couple before this book even began. The pacing in this one was definitely unique and spans the time frame of three years. We'll skip weeks, months, and then years because Amelia and Tobias's relationship isn't an easy road. I appreciated the realistic timeline they dealt with when trying to make it work.

While this does span a few years, I did think that Amelia and Tobias were the ones sabotaging their own relationship. They were the ones saying no because of how other people felt. Then, Tobias made a decision that would put him closer to Amelia, but would also make it impossible for them to be together while having their dreams. I was pretty disappointed with Amelia's final decision at the end because it kind of defeated her whole journey towards chasing her dreams. By the end, I just wanted them to be smarter about what they were doing and stop being the problem in their relationship.

While I really did love this one in the beginning and enjoyed the added youtube videos to watch that correlated with Amelia's dances, the characters made me frustrated and the pacing at the end kind of dragged. I really wanted to love this more than I did, but I'm definitely intrigued by this world and can't wait to pick up Center of Gravity, which is the first standalone book in this series.
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301 reviews116 followers
July 25, 2019
This was such a boring book. I read or skipped thru till the half of it something like 300 pages and just couldn’t keep going with it cause it was just so boring like all it was in their heads. And then you get to epilogue and what the hell was that. All of that like 600 pages for not even wedding or babies. A proposal that’s it. Come on
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
February 26, 2020
4 ⭐'s

This is Tobias and Amelia's full length story. When their prequel ended, things were up in the air but they were both trying to make it work. Long distance relationships are always hard.

Tobias is fulfilling his dream and Amelia is finally full time at the Gravity dance center and working on her dream of being on the dance squad for the professional basketball team. It's not everything she expected.

This leads to her coming to a crossroads and Tobias is unsure exactly what is going on. There's some fallout and then the unfortunate time jump.

Things are much better for Amelia now and Tobias has worked diligently making his way back. Too bad things can't be that easy and the couple have obstacles to get past.

I just loved how much Tobias didn't give up and what all he did for Amelia. I do think the twist was a little too much but at the same time, it gave Tobias closure. I loved the epilogue!
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920 reviews70 followers
August 1, 2019
Amelia and Tabias

The waiting and anticipation for this book was greater then the book itself. Though I liked this book I didn't love it. It was a bit slow where the characters connected. I disliked his sister trinity fully. Found her selfish and insensitive. I loved the ending and the continuing story of Big sur
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763 reviews53 followers
July 23, 2019
K. K. Allen brings us yet again a wonderful, inspiring and breathtaking love story. The fascinating world of dance and basketball immerses from the very start. The angst and drama that come with jealous teammates, the thrill and fear of a secret forbidden romance, the passion for sport and dancing, the power of true friendship, the emotion and the rawness of learning and discovering who you are and where you came from. This book truly has it all and it was beautifully crafted in the best way.

Defying Gravity is a stunning sports romance that will capture your attention from start to finish. This series is a breath of fresh air for me and I could not love it more. I love that the reading is interactive, which served to give an added dimension and a whole new reading experience. I loved this story so hard. The struggles Amelia and Tobias endured and the steps that they had to take to be together were emotional to read. They are perfection together and even though life pulls them apart and issues get in the way, they ultimately find their way back to each other because they are meant to be. This story pulls at every emotion possible and the love that comes between these two characters has you flipping through the pages to find out what happens next. K.K. Allen proves once again her great talent with a really moving romance filled with breathtaking scenes and all the swoon factors. She is a phenomenal and lyrical storyteller and she's not an author you want to miss.
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3,985 reviews316 followers
July 21, 2019
Emotional highs and lows…
Toby and Amelia’s story was rife with emotional highs and lows. While labelled as a sports romance (it was) it was even more. It included a best friend’s brother angle, a second chance and heaps of heart-pinging family drama. If that sounds like a lot, don’t worry. Spread over a few years, how it all came to be was a well-paced, enthralling read…

From life-long neighbours/friends to lovers was an unexpected leap but anything but smooth sailing. Relationships were torn apart and weathering the aftermath was not a simple thing. I loved how these characters rode the pitfalls and beautiful highs with grace and unexpected poise for being so young. Were there mistakes made? Absolutely. But that made them not just relatable but so
very human…

Secrets kept by them and others would fuel the angst in their story that brought lots of drama to this love-filled ride. Another great story by this author!
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726 reviews108 followers
July 31, 2019
“You’re my moon, you know?” His hands moved through my hair as he held my gaze. “The light in my dark. I’ll never stop reaching for you, Amelia.”

After reading Falling From Gravity I was so excited to continue Tobias and Amelia’s story. I got swept up right away and I knew their love story was going to be epic. And KK delivered as expected. She created an angsty second chance romance, looking for its equals.

“We’re moon and earth, living among the stars and sun. We’re everything.”

Tobias is perfect. Seriously, I want my very own one. He has a heart of gold, is caring and loves whole heartedly. He’s the right amount of bold and conceited. But he has every right to be.

Amelia is adorable. I love how passionate she is about dancing and everything she really loves in life. No wonder she loves Tobias so passionately.

Together Tobias and Amelia create their own universe with its own gravity. It’s simply amazing and a love pure like theirs deserves to be told by no other than this amazing and talented author.

“That was Tobias and me – two connected souls that had once defied the laws of gravity.”

Defying Gravity will amaze you on so many levels that you yourself will get caught up by the gravity of this enchanting book.

“Our love wasn’t just written in the stars. Our love was the stuff stars and planets were made of.”
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196 reviews3 followers
July 30, 2019
I was unaware of the previous novella before reading this. I may have felt a better connection beforehand if doing so. The h was annoying and her actions/thought process didn’t make sense to me. The story kinda dragged on and I was finding it difficult jut to pick it back up and finish it. Just wasn’t feeling it. Just an okay read for me.
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713 reviews32 followers
July 26, 2019
4 Perfect Orbit Stars

This is the full length book that follows the novella, “Falling From Gravity,” read that book first, as it’s a prequel to this book, and gives the back story of Tobias, and Amelia.

This is a best friend’s, older brother trope, one I always seem to enjoy, since I find the theme so relatable, personally. There’s also a forbidden element to their relationship, beside the fling they hid from his sister years earlier. Hiding their relationship, once again becomes a barrier against them moving forward and being a real couple, only this time around their career dreams are at stake.

“Ours was a forbidden love that danced among lightning in equal measures of excitement and fear. That was Tobias and me—two connected souls that had once defied the laws of gravity. Or so we thought. We should have learned our lesson then. We should have remembered what happened the last time a bolt struck, illuminating too much.”

As much as the first book drew me in, this one lost some of its spark there for a bit on a lull, but a very unexpected twist brought it right back front and center! I really liked Toby’s character, and empathized with his family situation. I liked seeing how fiercely he loved Amelia, and wanted her dreams to come true, even at the expense of their own happiness by finally being together.

The YouTube links seriously elevated the reading experience of this series! Thoroughly enjoyed that extra peak extended to these stories!

A few particular favorite routines were to “7 Rings,” by Ariana Grande, “Taki Taki,” by DJ Snake, Ft. Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Ozuna, and “Señorita,” by Shawn Mendes, and Camila Cabello. But, one that totally stood out was the choreography to “Bad Guy,” by Billie Elish...wow...super cool!!

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212 reviews
January 21, 2021
One realistic emotional second chance, sports romance, told by both MCs POV. This one is much better than the first story. Both storytelling and audio were good.
"Once upon a time, I'd looked into those same eyes and saw my past, my present, and my future. I was certain every sacred dream would come to fruition when the time was right, but we were young...and life had other plans."

I have a thing for young rooted love. He was her first. Many things happened and they were separated. Lots of sacrifices for their career (She wanted to be a professional dancer and he was a newbie at NBA). I am fed up with the double M/F standards in novels. So, I must say that no double standard here. Both were celibate during separation. They were so focused on their professions.
This is from Chapter 39.
"Something about the way his eyes softened answered my first question, but he confirmed he was clean with a nod. “There’s been no one else but you, Amelia. I thought I already told you that.”
I was hoping I’d understood him the first time, but his answer relieved me. “I haven’t been with anyone else either.”
After they were together, there were again external obstacles; such as “No fraternizing with players”.
"What happens when two people ignore all the rules and all the obstacles the world throws at them and finally end up together?"
Amelia smiled. "I believe they call that defying gravity."
This is from Chapter 45
Tobias sighed, like there were heavier worries on his mind. “Yeah, well, I’m pretty sure Detrick figured out something is going on between us. It’s only a matter of time before he uses it against me, and by doing that, he’ll hurt you.”
Stepping forward, I gripped the front of Tobias’s shirt and peered into his eyes. Without the sun backing them, they appeared to be a beautiful midnight blue. “He can’t prove a thing. We were neighbors as kids. There’s no rule about sharing a past.”
“But I want your future, and there is a rule about that.” He gripped my waist and lowered his head toward mine. “You think we’re fooling anyone, Birthday Girl? We’re not. We’re two kids from Malibu who couldn’t let each other go. Still can’t.” He ran a hand up my side until he was holding my hand and moving it with his. “Every time I get close to you, you’re inside me.” He placed my hand over his heart. “Here.” Then he moved it up his chest to his head, holding my hand there while he slammed his eyes closed. “And here.” He blinked his eyes open. “I try, but I can’t tear my eyes away. And I have to stop myself, every goddamn time, from reaching for you. You do it too.”
My breath hitched in my throat, and then a simple nod was all it took to agree. Blood pumped through my veins, and my heart pounded in my throat. “What do we do?”
He shook his head. “I don’t know what we should do. I only know what we shouldn’t. And right now, all I want is what I can’t have.”
A shiver ran through me after his intentionally careless and passionate words. “Then take what you want, Tobias. Just take it. Because no one is giving you permission.” I swallowed. “No one but me.”
Something flashed in his eyes, then his lips were crushing mine. He was a starved animal, devouring me like he hadn’t eaten in years. Like I was his sin and he had no qualms indulging. In return, I fed into him like rain in a desert, and it seemed he would never get enough.
This is from Chapter 46, from Tobias's POV
"My eyes opened to soft light filtering in through the blinds and Amelia’s signature green apple scent. The weight on my arm and warmth in my chest brought a smile to my face. Three years had felt like a century when waiting for all the stars to align. And for the first time in a long time, I could feel everything clicking into place, like a new constellation was forming, and we would soon be one.
I was careful not to jostle her as I took in her sleeping form. Long lashes rested on the top of her cheeks as her mouth parted to take in a deeper breath. Her soft skin glowed without a single crease disturbing her complexion. And as she lay there wearing nothing save for the rays of light that dressed her skin, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that somehow we would make it.

The story wasn't chaotic or confusing but my mind wandered from time to time while listening: Nothing so special but nothing irritating either. 3,5 stars.
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1,580 reviews51 followers
July 18, 2019
It started off as a spring fling but ended up more! I love this second chance romance story that melts your heart! Tobias and Amelia had a amazing spring together but now reality is coming full force. Amelia chooses against her heart and does what she feels right for the man she loves. The lies just won’t go away and it feels like no light to the darkness for Tobias. Two people that have known each other since they were kids can true love overcome all or will it all end up in heartbreak? Beautiful, heartbreaking but so sweet it will make ya smile while reading this story 5/5 stars
Profile Image for TJ *Book Twins Reviews*.
1,038 reviews2,382 followers
August 5, 2019
I really enjoyed this sweet second chance romance. Tobias and Amelia’s story was one with many facets and a few emotional ups and downs, but totally worth getting to the end.

Here’s what I loved:
The writing is really good. The author really put a lot of effort into making the storyline and characters feel authentic. I could relate to their need to attain their goals and dreams, despite the challenges they faced.

The struggles that Amie faced are real and relatable. The fact the romance novel dealt with a hard hitting issue like that really impressed. Same goes for Tobias. While I couldn’t relate personally, it was refreshing to see.

The romance is sweet, while I expect a little spice, but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story. I felt it was inline with the overall plot.

The book is flipping interactive! How cool is that. That’s worth the price of a download on its own!

I actually only had one hiccup and it centers around pacing. There were a couple spots that I felt dragged, but other than that, a very solid read!

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700 reviews325 followers
July 20, 2019
So K.K Allen has been on my radar for a while now... And I am kind of kicking myself that I hadn't picked up one of her books until now. She is an amazing writer, her words flowed easily and sucked me into the plot hard and fast. I was completely taken with the two main leads, Tobias and Amelia. Defying Gravity is a second chance romance, and oh damn does it give you all the feels!

What started as a spring fling turns into so so much more... But before that more, these two have so much to overcome. These two have one hell of spring together, it was unforgettable, but when reality comes back and starts knocking on the door, it is time for them to go back to their lives and though Amelia knows she loves this man, she chooses not to follow her heart, having learned in the past that love isn't always all it takes to make a relationship work. After reuniting Tobias is stubborn and he isn't about to let her get away that easy and is willing to fight for her, and what he knows is meant to be, until the light is shined right into his face and he sees why the love of his life walked away from him years ago and he is now to face and figure out how to fix it all. We all know how second chance romances end. It's in the title. But what isn't? Is the struggle to get to that happy ending. The obstacles that fall in the way. This author weaved together a plot that was relatable on a few levels, she also made the characters relatable and I loved that. I love when you can actually relate to a character, I feel like I can connect with them and the story better. This couple went through a lot and they did indeed, Defy Gravity in every sense of the word. It was such a delight to read. It wasn't a heavy read but it was not a light one either. It was a perfect medium and a story I am completely smitten with.

I am so glad I finally picked up one of KK's books. This will not be my last!!

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1,268 reviews174 followers
February 18, 2020
Defying Gravity is a basketball, second-chance romance and is the second standalone in the Gravity series. Although the change in locale from the first entry was nice, however the romance, character, and plot were a complete miss.
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4,907 reviews153 followers
July 30, 2019
"Remind me," I said. "What happens when two people ignore all the rules and all the obstacles the world throws at them and finally end up together?"

"I believe they call that defying gravity."

Amelia's best friend's older brother, Tobias is off-limits to her, but when they connect during Spring Break, all bets are off.

But, they're not meant to be, and they part, or rather, she lets him go to live his hoops dreams. Now, years later, Tobias strolls back into her life, and suddenly, a new dream just might be in their futures. The question is, can they have that future or will the same thing that kept them apart in the past interfere now?

I have to admit that Defying Gravity wasn't what I was expecting. Let me clarify - it was more than I was expecting. More emotional. More heartbreaking. More everything. I guess I was expecting some fluffy super hot second chance sports romance. What Defying Gravity is is much more substantial than that, and I am so grateful. Amelia and Tobias are so good together, even though they have to fight like crazy to get to the other side, they do it, and it was amazing to read!
"We were just Amelia and Tobias. Moon and Earth, living among the stars and sun. We were everything. And no matter the hardships we'd face along the way, we would always make sense together.

ARC via Social Butterfly PR for an honest review.

Full review ---> Live Through Books Blog.

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945 reviews65 followers
July 25, 2019
4.5 Stars!

Holy Hell! I’ve been sitting here and coming back to this review for a week now. It’s always the books you love most that are the hardest to review.

About Defying Gravity,

Defying Gravity is the newest standalone written by K.K. Allen. And is told from Tobias and Amelia’s point of view.

Two NBA hopefuls, one dreams of a basketball career while the other dreams of joining the dance squad. But both are about to learn sometimes dreams aren’t everything unless you have the one you love standing beside you through the journey.

My Thoughts:

After reading Falling From Gravity I immediately jumped right into Defying Gravity. I knew I needed to read all the words where Tobias and Amelia are concerned. I had high hopes for this book and I’m so happy to report that K.K. Allen didn’t disappoint! I was just as intrigued and addicted to Amelia and Tobias’s story as I was in the beginning.

The forbidden vibe throughout this whole novel was my favorite point in this story. You see, Tobias has a younger sister, Trinity who also happens to be Amelia’s best friend. Her only rule for Amelia was never fall for her older brother. But sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and repercussions be damned.

I loved the struggles that came with this relationship and I loved not knowing if they were going to work the kinks out or fade to nothing. There were a few moments that had me second guessing my earlier predictions. Defying Gravity was a definite page turner.

I have to say, I loved Tobias just a tad bit more than I did Amelia. Tobias is a man that’s been hurt in the worst way possible from the people that are supposed to love him unconditionally. The fragile spirit he shows is heartbreaking and inspiring. Everyone deals with shit, it’s what you choose to do with it all, that truly matters. Tobias had his moments of petulance, but in all honesty, he deserved those moments. These were the moments I loved Amelia most. She was the shoulder for Tobias and kind of acted as a voice of reason. The chemistry shined bright between these two in these moments.

Overall, Defying Gravity was a great story with the perfect amount of lust and love. It was hook, line, sinker from the moment I started this book. Completely consumed with Tobias’s sweet and sexy as sin persona and I found Amelia’s trials to be easily relatable. K.K. Allen sent me on an emotional journey with this one, a journey that I will never regret taking. This story was outstanding.



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115 reviews
July 18, 2019
Love! You follow the continued journey that KK has weaved between these two dreamers Tobias and Amelia. You will laugh and cry. You will get mad and then find your happy again. She shares their story and you watch as they both live and create their world. 5 plus stars.
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1,277 reviews70 followers
June 2, 2020
This was so unbelievably boring.

My thoughts:
READ THE NOVELLA FIRST. I think lots of readers are more likely to read a full novel before reading any prequels. I highly recommend reading the novella first bc it adds more to their relationship, which seems kind of abrupt in the beginning of this book.
↳ More telling me there's a connection than showing it. There wasn't chemistry unless the author wrote that there was tbh.

↳ I liked that Amelia chose to chase her dream rather than go to college. Sometimes more school isn't for everyone and I think that's an important message in this book.
Amelia and Tobias are both self destructive in this relationship. They kept finding reasons why they could never work, instead of having faith in their love.

↳ I assumed in the beginning of the book that Trinity was going to play an important role in the decline of the first part and possibly their second go at a relationship. Turns out this author likes using random characters to cause unnecessary drama.
↳ It was really a drag to read this tbh. I actually took a nap half way through bc I was just so bored and stopped caring.
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421 reviews132 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
August 30, 2019
DNFed at 55%

I stayed up late reading this book. I was really enjoying it, especially the writing. It's emotional and beautiful but I realize now, that I'm not feeling a deep connection between the MCs. I'm not feeling attached to them either. Today, I'm bored and have completely lost interest. It doesn't feel like much of anything happens in the story. The drama falls flat and some of their issues are blown out of proportion.
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2,153 reviews45 followers
July 30, 2019
4.5 stars
"We were just Amelia and Tobia's. Moon and Earth, living among the stars. We were everything and no matter what the hardships we'd faced along the way, we would always make sense together".

Defying Gravity is a brothers best friend/second chance romance and sports romance. Two people with their own hopes and dreams, hopes and dreams that would separate them until one day the stars aligned and they would be back together.

Amelia is a dancer, who aspires to dance at Basket ball games, shes incredibly talented, I often wondered why she hadn't set her aim higher than just doing routines at the side of a court? but this was her dream which wasn't to far off Tobia's dream.
Tobia's is a talented basketball player who fell in love with the girls next door.

When they first get together during Spring break, their feelings become stronger as time goes on but they also know their time is limited. Both Tobia's and Amelia are on the crux of fulfilling their dreams, they make the most of every moment together while also trying to keep it a secret from Tobias's sister who was very protective of her brother, in my opinion also selfish and not a very good friend of Amelia's at all, I suppose there has to be a baddie in every story right? for me it was Tobias's sister.

"I'd much rather live with you in secret, than without you in a lie"

This is a story of growth, mistakes, lessons learned, maturity, following your dreams and listening to your heart. A journey full of ups and downs, high's a low's, moving heartwarming moments and beautiful words.
An enjoyable love story and an ideal read to lock yourself away with and soak up all the words.

Leads to a hea, told in first person dual pov. Can be read as a standalone. Contains no cheating

Ours was a forbidden love that danced among lightening in equal measures of excitement and fear. That was Tobia's and me- two connected souls that had once defied the laws of gravity.

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