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3, 2, 1... BOOM.

Things are finally looking up for the Resistance. Sure, Alessa is still processing the revelation that the best friend she'd presumed dead is miraculously alive, though far from well... And her boyfriend is being manipulated under threat of blackmail. But her quest for justice against those behind the systematic extermination of the world population is so close to victory she can taste it.

And then in a matter of seconds, everything Alessa believes in is shaken to the core. Months of preparation are obliterated. The people she cares for most are lost.

But Alessa is still standing. And Paragon must pay.

The odds are grim, but unexpected allies surface in the most unlikely of places: A new pair of citizens still under the colony's rule who notice something amiss in the latest drama. An old adversary who realizes the error of her ways. And a veritable army of inhuman power and terrible strength, with an insatiable thirst for vengeance. The trustworthiness of each of these factions is yet to be proven, but without many other options, Alessa may have to take what she can get. Especially since the Engineers, never to be outdone, also have a few more tricks up their sleeves...

The long-awaited final installment in the riveting Stitch Trilogy, Stuck will have readers gripping their seats as Alessa and a handful of intrepid survivors usher their harrowing journey to a close, risking everything as they endeavor - once and for all - to set things right.


Published December 15, 2018

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About the author

Samantha Durante

6 books453 followers
An avid reader long before becoming an author herself, Samantha Durante has always felt a debt of gratitude to all of the writers who came before her; the Stitch Trilogy, her debut series, is her humble attempt to return the favor. Samantha’s dream is to bring the same delight to readers that other authors have brought to her life, so if you find yourself staying up just a little too late to finish another chapter, she will know she’s done her job!

Samantha lives in Westchester County, New York with four of the five loves of her life – her husband, son, younger daughter, and cat – and carries her fifth love, her stillborn eldest daughter, in her heart. In addition to penning novels and writing candidly about grief, she also volunteers her time as an advocate for empowered pregnancy - though more often than not these days she's on full-time mom duty!

A former Microsoft software engineer and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology, Samantha said goodbye to the corporate world in 2010 to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams and lifelong love of writing. Learn more at www.samanthadurante.com.

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3,034 reviews646 followers
January 29, 2019
It's been five-years since the release of Shudder, the second book in the Stitch Trilogy and I was a tad nervous going in. How much would I remember with over 1,000 books read between them? I needn't have worried, Samantha Durante quickly pulled me back into this nail-biting science fiction dystopian with Struck.

From the concept to the resistance I've enjoyed this trilogy. We have the Resistance, Paragon, and deadly creatures.  Weave in propaganda and secrets on both sides and you've got the makings of an intrigue storyline.

“But how can we continue to keep this from everyone?” Janie interjected. “It’s not right. They deserve to know!” she hissed.

Alessa shrugged in defeat.

Yes, she thought, just like Isaac deserves to know that his brother might still be alive – but she couldn’t bring herself to say anything about that, either, knowing the guilt would eat him alive. She at least had to be sure first. She had to know it was really Joe.

Alessa's mother leads the resistance but recent events have her questioning everything and planning a revolt. I loved all the twists and the unexpected development that shake the core characters. We learn more about events in Paragon and see examples of the propaganda those in charge share. The tale was addictive and perfectly paced.

I loved getting the different POVs and from both sides. For me it helped amp up the suspense and shock. Science fiction elements, and strong characters added to the intense storyline. The author made the story feel plausible, and developments within Paragon felt all too real.

As cool as the concept and world-building was, it was the characters who stepped up, sacrificed, and allowed me to become emotionally connected. I laughed, got angry and cried. Yep, I cried.

If you haven't yet discovered the Stitch Trilogy, now is the time to devour the series. Shudder delivered on the ending and I'd like to go back and read the trilogy all over again. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer
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1,801 reviews119 followers
December 20, 2018
I remember when I first saw Stitch, Book I of the Stitch Trilogy by Samantha Durante. I had to have it! I fell in love with the story and the characters and have patiently waited as each book became available, then devoured it.

The Engineers manufactured world is the total opposite of the dystopian world of poverty and desolation the rebels live in. Myself, I love rooting for the underdog and the rebels need my help. Here I come guys.

I love that Alessa and Isaac act together, but what about Joe? I think he will be playing a very important part in the story, I just won’t be able to tell you about it. LOL

“Poor bugger got stuck.”

And the monsters were born!

Extermination, extinction, a virus, the end of the world, a man-made apocalypse, secrets, unlikely allies, and a very special girl.

This is one of those books that gets my motor running into overdrive. The elite feel they are the be all end all and to hell with everybody else. OMG! I knew the evil bastards would do something, but I didn’t see that coming. Could it be true?

The writing of the trilogy took place over a five year time span. I think it would have been better if I went back and read the series from the beginning and I will be doing that some time. I have a feeling it will change my rating.

That being said, once the previous books began to come to mind, I was able to bring myself up to date. The story became intense and I was happy to add Alex and Deion to my group of friends. I found it easy to get lost in their world, their struggles, their regrets, loss, hope and love. the writing made the story unfold as if I was watching it on the big screen.

As Samantha Durante brings the trilogy to a close, it brought tears to my eyes. I felt happy with the characters endings. BUT, man oh man, Joe…well, I saw that , and Lizzie, oh Lizzie…I can’t tell you any more without ruining it for you.

If you love having your emotions ramped up to a fever pitch, if you love white knuckled reading, if you love apocalyptic/dystopian novels and are looking for an original storyline, you may want to grab the Stitch trilogy.

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Stuck by Samantha Durante.

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1,867 reviews418 followers
December 13, 2018
3.5 stars really.

I really liked the first two books in this series, and I waited 5 years between book 2 and this one. There was one point I know that I even reached out to the author to find out if this one was coming soon, because I needed to know what would happen next.

There was just so much going on in this book! We had a lot of things to get figured out after book 2, who really could be trusted, like should Lizzie really trust Paragon and the Engineers. Her mom Regina seemed to think there was no way around rebelling and fighting them, no matter the cost to anyone who might be innocent. But there was even more to consider, like having someone who could maybe help with the immunity and save the babies being born, who did not carry the immunity their parents had from vaccinations. However, to do this, it seemed they would have to take blood from just one person, one little girl. And while a few people know, Lizzie, her mom Regina, Alessa and Isaac, they are keeping it a secret, worried that it would cause a panic, and that people would not care that a little girl's life could possibly be lost in the race to save everyone else.

We learn that the stitch may have caused even worse problems, the monsters are more than just monsters, what Alessa thought she saw in the last story, was real. We also get a chance to meet some people who had just been living and watching the shows, not realizing that things were the way they were, until they noticed changes with what they ate and the people around them. Some of the characters get a bit of a peek into what had actually happened to them before the stitch, horrible things, showing them who wasn't really being truthful.

The end was a big spiral with twists and turns that kept me guessing at just how they could possibly win against the enemies, as well as save everyone. We got a surprise about the outside world, as well as losing some people that we'd just got back, or that may have needed the redemption that came from a sacrifice of their own lives.

As much as I enjoyed the story, I know that it was harder for me to get through because of how much time passed between reading this and the last book. It wasn't hard to get back into the story, the author did a good job of filling details in as the story progressed without just having a lot of info dumps. However there were probably things that I'd been more curious about 5 years ago, that just weren't as up there in my brain in suspense after this much time. Still, if you haven't started the series yet, you are the lucky one to get to start with all three of them out now. You can sit down and read them all, back to back, and get all the feelings that will come with a good series. You can check out my reviews of the first two books with the links below each book cover below.
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1,196 reviews33 followers
December 2, 2018
Stuck is a phenomenal completion to a wonderfully complex, challenging, and heartfelt adventure. My heart jumped for joy when I found myself finally reading the last chapters of this brilliantly original and deeply captivating journey full of heart, hope, and love. I found myself happily lost to this world of impossible evil, unconquerable hope, and indestructible love. I have been looking forward to this elusive ending, and I found myself completely and totally satisfied in every way a story can offer. What a fantastic journey for those who dare to walk a brutally thought-provoking yet infinitely boundless story that will painfully break you and then miraculously transform your heart into something too precious for pure for words!

Alessa has found herself in a precarious situation with the rebels. She holds truths that if shared may jeopardize what has come together with the blood, sweat, and tears of countless lives that were viciously sacrificed. She and Isaac must navigate their new life with care while they hold onto the hope of freeing those left behind. When their world unexpectedly implodes around them, they will hold tight to their dream of freedom no matter how much they are battered and bruised. Their focus cannot waiver, or the darkness hunting them will cut them down like chaff in the wind. When they find unlikely allies who agree to stand by their side, they will do everything humanly possible to keep the tenuous camaraderie strong and untainted. When Fate continues to smile down on them, will they become reckless and lose their focus by taking out vengeance on a traitor, or will they keep their eyes on the prize and see the truth behind all of the layers of lies that their lives have become?

Alessa and Isaac and the rest of the fabulous cast of characters stole my heart once again. Their tender and earnest words and actions shredded my heart as I watched and shared in their hurt and hope. I cheered them on with every step as I watched their determination and fierce spirit of justice brighten and strengthen the longer their hope is fed and savored. I enjoyed every part of this soul stirring journey, and I couldn’t love this superb storyline and incredible characters more.

Samantha Durante has once again left me in awe of the depth of her brilliant creativity and boundless heart. She is a beautiful and powerful force that I can’t wait to see mature and strengthen in the years to come. I look forward to more incredibly imaginative and deeply breathtaking stories to come!
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1,321 reviews78 followers
December 15, 2018
I think the first sentence in the synopsis, 3, 2, 1 … Boom, describes this final book in the trilogy perfectly. There’s plenty of action, intrigue and betrayal. But there’s also bravery, romance and hope.

The pressure is on and Alessa pins her hopes on some new allies, an old friend, and a couple of strangers to bolster and make the final throes of the resistance successful. Humanity depends on it.

I have been waiting quite some time for Stuck. Even though I remember how much I loved the first books, I couldn’t recall some details so I pulled them off the shelf, gave them a second read, and fell in love with the series all over again. It’s the end of a spellbinding series and bittersweet. I didn’t want it to end but I couldn’t wait to see how it would. I wasn’t disappointed at any time and couldn’t stop reading once I started. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe, just breathe, as the suspense swept me up.

The action and suspense were palpable. So many character’s stepped up to the plate. I felt the hope in my own veins. And I thrilled at the many surprises and answers that were revealed.

A perfect finale to a series that fueled my imagination and captured my heart.

I received a complimentary copy. My review is voluntarily given.
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784 reviews19 followers
January 3, 2019
Before I start this review, I will be discussing some minor spoilers in this review. If you are fine with non-story-ruining spoilers, then read on.

Let's start with the characters that I had the fewest problems with, Lizzie and Regina. Lizzie was named Phoenix, and had lived with the Developers for almost the entirety of Book 2, but she has been rescued by her mother Regina. Regina is the head of the rebellion, and while she is glad to have her daughter back, something isn't right about her. While Regina is trying to stop the monsters from attacking their base, Lizzie is secretly trying to figure out how to make the rebels see that Paragon isn't the enemy in the situation. She doesn't know how she is going to do it, but she can't let the rebels destroy Paragon and lose their one chance at happiness in this messed up world! The Developers told her everything when she was in the lab being healed, and they wouldn't lie.

My biggest problem with Lizzie was the fact that she has such an interesting backstory, but it isn't even really discussed until the end of the book, AND it felt rushed when it was discussed. She was such an interesting character, being the daughter of the woman directing the entire revolution, but she was barely discussed until the third book of the series. I didn't even get to know her full story before the book was over! And how did her mother become the head of the revolution, this isn't discussed either. So many possibilities, but none of theme were explored.

Then we move to Alessa's sister Janie. She's been kept captive by Paragon so she is sick, and she had been making friends with a next-door cell neighbor in book 2. But again, she is a forgotten character in this novel. Heck, I know more about the two characters that were just added than I know about her, and she is supposed to be the brave girl who risked her life by staying in Paragon to save her sister! She just flashes in and out of the story because of her illness, and then the story is over.

Finally, we get to the two characters that I had the most issues with. Alessa and Isaac. I am going to treat them as one character, as they are together for most of the story. This is where the slight spoilers come into play, so be warned.

Alessa and Isaac are important to the revolution, but every time something gets a little bit difficult or stressful, they just go off to have sex somewhere. I assumed that they were being responsible, so I didn't really care. Then, Alessa starts throwing up out of nowhere. So you are telling me that in the middle of the apocalypse, they are the heads of the rebel organization, but aren't smart enough to keep Alessa from being pregnant? I blame both Isaac and Alessa, they both are smart enough to keep Alessa from being pregnant. And then, in the middle of the book, before Alessa is confirmed pregnant, you find out that all babies born after the infection have died hours after being born. And Alessa apparently KNEW this as she was conducting research for the rebels. So now, she is going to give birth to a baby that is going to die, and this entire situation was avoidable. I just........I just can't.  I'm not saying that they shouldn't have been intimate, but to get her PREGNANT basically during the apocalypse.

Besides these many issues, the overall ending was alright. I ended up liking the two extra characters, as they gave the readers a way to see what it was like to work inside of Paragon and work for them. I don't think that the ending could have truly been done differently, so I was satisfied with it. I just wish that so many character's stories hadn't been left behind in the book. I would have been fine if they hadn't tried to expand them in the first place, but leaving them unfinished left me unsatisfied at the end of the book.

I received this book and this is my voluntary review.

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670 reviews43 followers
December 18, 2018
Finally!!! The long awaited book has arrived and Samantha blew it out of the park!

Alessa and Isaac are doing well in the Resistance. Things are looking up, however there are hidden secrets. To reveal them could cost them everything they've worked hard for. They know the Stitch caused a lot of problems. They know a little girl could save lives with immunity. Each secret if revealed, will come with a huge cost. Right now, the few who know the secrets will remain silent.

We all know since book one, that it's time for things to end. No more drugging people through food, no more making people live out a certain life for others entertainments. No more virus. No more anything from Paragon.

Be prepared for the emotional ride. There will be losses, struggles, new allies, but no matter what they won't give up. The best moment of all is having Alessa and Isaac walk together into their new home. Finally they can relax and live their lives however they want....well at least until a special gift arrives.

Every aspect of this book was blown out of the park. The story starts off as if it hasn't been 5 years since the last book. It was well worth the wait and I can't wait to get my hands on anything else she writes.
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1,122 reviews36 followers
December 31, 2018
I've waited a long time to read this last book in the Stitch Trilogy. I loved this series from the first book. It was so unique and had so many twists and turns that kept you reading. Guess what? Things haven't changed in this third book: It's still has so many unique things in the story line and the the twists just keep on coming.

It took a few chapters to fall back into this dystopian world, after all, it's been five years since I've read book two in this series; but I became immersed once again in the world that Samantha Durante has created. I remembered all of the characters I grew to love and even welcomed back those who weren't my favorite. Of course I love Alessa and Isaac the most and I also was happy to have Janie and a few others back that I want to keep a secret. With such great writing the story races along at a great pace. There were no dull moments for me as the rebels continued to fight Paragon. Book three was exciting and was a fantastic ending to this trilogy. I know I want to read all three books again without the long time period I waited between the books being written. If you like the Dystopian and Sci-Fi genres, you need to put the Stitch Trilogy on your To-Read list immediately.

968 reviews1 follower
February 25, 2019
Great trilogy

When it comes down to it, this is a scary scenario. There are some truly egotistical people out there that think they have all the answers. The more that got revealed, the more atrocities this small group of men had committed. Which actually made Alessa want to take them out of the equation. And what happened to Nikhal and Joe, and the way they treated their experiment isn't even the worst of what they did!!!!!
2 reviews
January 17, 2019
This book is the perfect finish to a trilogy jam packed with twists and turns that always keep the reader guessing. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough pages to wrap things up in a satisfying way, but Stuck does not disappoint!
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Author 6 books453 followers
December 3, 2018
I am so thrilled to share the conclusion of the series and can't wait to hear what you all think of it! Writing this book was a journey - I hope it was worth the wait!!
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