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Timothy Blake #2

Just One Bite

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The shocking, fast-paced and queasily funny follow-up to Jack Heath’s international bestselling thriller, Hangman

Timothy Blake, a former consultant for the FBI, now moonlights in body disposal for a local crime lord. One night he stumbles across a body he wasn’t supposed to find. When the FBI calls Blake back in to investigate the man’s disappearance, Blake is the only one who knows the man is dead and in his freezer.

Then another man goes missing. And another. And another.

There’s a serial killer in Houston, and Blake is the only one who knows it for sure. As they hunt the killer together, his handler, FBI agent Reese Thistle, starts to warm to Blake—but she also gets closer and closer to discovering his own gruesome secret. This is cause for anxiety for the criminal kingpin who employs Blake. It would be better to murder Blake than to risk exposure.

Can Blake uncover the killer, without exposing himself?

320 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 4, 2019

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About the author

Jack Heath

68 books573 followers
Jack Heath is the pen name of an award-winning author. His thirty-six action-packed novels have been translated into several languages and optioned for film and television.

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1,537 reviews9,814 followers
July 22, 2022

My favorite cannibal returns to the page in this second installment of the Timothy Blake series.

Timothy Blake is bloody brilliant. As characters go, he's also as morally grey as they come.

Working as a civilian consultant for the FBI, Blake contributes a lot to the investigations, as it is easy for him to get into the mind of a killer.

In this second book, Blake is moonlighting as a 'body disposal expert' for a local crime lord and during the course of that work, stumbles across a corpse in the woods, which he promptly brings home.

As you do.

Unfortunately, the next case the FBI calls him on is to look for that very same man. The one now residing in Blake's freezer.

How is he going to solve the crime whilst also getting away with hiding the body in question?

Guys, I am so into Jack Heath's writing. It is so good. It draws you in. It is easy to read, never overwrought.

It is dark, grisly, disturbing -- not for the faint of heart -- morbidly humorous, all these things and more!!!

If you are sleeping on this series and you like dark, original stories, you need to make time for it.

Hangman, the first book in the series, was one of my favorite police procedural thrillers of 2018. It really stuck with me.

I was so psyched to be getting a second book with Timothy Blake. Now, where this one leaves off, there DEFINITELY needs to be a third book!!!

Thank you so much to the publisher, Hanover Square Press, for providing me with a copy of this to read and review.

I am so in love with this series and I will never stop recommending it to readers who enjoy darker content. I am highly anticipating the next book!
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464 reviews510 followers
March 8, 2019
The second installment of the Timothy Blake series sees Timothy no longer consulting for the FBI, instead he's doing body disposal for a local crime lord. The perfect job for him really. Anyway, one night he stumbles across a body he wasn't supposed to and unable to help himself he takes a bite...

Well, this novel is twisty and turny and you will have no idea what is going on. Men are going missing, including the one now ensconced in Timothy's freezer, and he soon realises there's a serial killer in Houston. He's soon called into help his former FBI partner Reese Thistle, yet his attraction to her is putting her in mortal danger. So off on a rollercoaster ride we go, and what a fun ride it is!

I cannot recommend this series enough, Jack Heath has brought to life a wonderful, yet terrible character in Timothy Blake, and I can't wait for his next exploits. Bring it on!

My thanks to Allen & Unwin for an uncorrected proof to read and review. The opinions are entirely my own.
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April 1, 2023
Is it even possible to love a cannibal? Yes! Yes, it is possible. Of course I still don't want to spend any time around Timothy. How I die is one thing. How my body is disposed of is another. Cremation sounds about right. Being sliced, diced, or microwaved "as ole' Tim does" is not ideal! At least add some spices...Maybe some veggies. If I'm going to be eaten, I will need to be seasoned properly!😤😢 Nor do I want to be a smear on toilet paper. You know, it's just a thing! Timothy has moved on from working for the F.B.I., and is now working for a gangster. Disposing of bodies. Unfortunately, gangsters seem to kill alot. Also, he's found a dead body just laying around and decides to take "a bite out of crime" as it were! McGruff the crime dog would be apalled! Oh boy! His freezer is full to brimming with lunch meat. And dinner, breakfast, snack time..eh you get the picture! If you can deal with his munchies, and love dark humor, then, like me you'll probably love this. Things end on a rough note for Timothy. He's free, but I'm thinking he may be putting Houston in the rearview mirror. Don't come to Montana, Timothy. 😯😯 I love this series and I can't wait for more. My thanks to Harlequin, Netgalley and Jack Heath.
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2,177 reviews616 followers
February 25, 2021
Timothy Blake is back in this deliciously dark and humorous sequel to Hangman. No longer working as a consultant for the FBI, he now has a job as a 'body removal specialist' for local crime boss Charlie Warner, which better suits his lifestyle and dietary needs. One night waiting on an isolated road for a body to be delivered to him he stumbles across a dead man in the undergrowth. When his ex FBI colleague Reese Thistle contacts him to ask for his help in investigating a missing mathematician, he recognises the photo she shows him as body he found.

There's a lot going on in this novel as Blake realises they are looking for a sexual predator who may or may not also be a serial killer responsible for the disappearance of at least sixteen men. The twists in the plot take him to some dark places and as with Hangman there is quite a lot of mess and gore involved but Blake's dark sense of humour helps to keep it from getting too heavy. We also get to see Blake's softer side in his friendship and relationship with Thistle, which even causes him to behave more normally. The books ends on a bit of a cliff hanger with Blake getting himself into a dangerous situation so I'm hoping the next book in this series will be out soon.
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2,019 reviews15.7k followers
May 29, 2019

What the actual.... Jack Heath! This book? What! I seriously have not wrapped my head around what I just finished reading? This book was so sick, so twisted, so unique! This is the second book in the Timothy Blake series and I think I might have missed out on a little by not reading the previous book, but it stood well on its own. Timothy Blake was in the FBI in the previous book and is now working as a body disposer for a well-known gangster. When he happens across a body he was not meant to dispose he cannot help but take a bite. Yes that’s what I said... a bite, but it was just one! So what is a cannibal supposed to do with a body with evidence of his less than savory habbit? Stick it in the freezer... of course. Soon after Timothy discovers this body more and more bodies start stacking up and it looks as though Houston has a serial killer on its hands. And of course Timothy find himself in the middle of the investigation. This book was filled with unique characters, dark humor, and a fair amount of Gore. This is definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you have a stomach for gore and a twisted sense of humor this is a entertaining read, for sure!

I don’t even really know what else to say, I am a bit speechless. I’m not even sure what to think of myself because I liked this book so much? Timothy was simultaneously disturbing and likable. I could only imagine how his love interest Reese would feel when she found out she was dating a cannibal? Can you imagine knowing where those lips had been? Yuck! There are also some puzzles sprinkled into this book, puzzles that were really hard for me to solve? I was stumped! I was also stumped by who and what was going on in the city of Houston. I can’t wait for the next installment in this crazy series, but I’m assuming Timothy Blake will have change locations, just a hunch! Time to MoveOn!

Haven’t paired a book with a song in quite some time, but this one just was begging to be Heard!

😋I eat cannibal
Feed on animal
Your love is so edible to me
I eat cannibals
I eat cannibal
It's incredible
You bring out the animal in me
I eat cannibals
What can you do
You're in a stew
Hot pot cook it up
I'm never gonna stop
Fancy a bite
My appetite
Yum yum gee it's fun
Banging on a different drum
And I eat cannibal
Feed on animal
Your love is so edible to me


*** Big thanks to harlequin for my invitation to the tour and copy of the book ***
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3,225 reviews2,054 followers
March 14, 2021
Our favourite cannibal is back, still trying to manage his life around his unusual needs. Currently he is working as a body disposal agent for a crime organisation, which helps satisfy his eating habits, but when Thistle asks for his help in solving a crime, he cannot resist. Working for a crime boss and the FBI at the same time is a dangerous game for him to play indeed!

The mystery in Hunter is involved and clever. Blake uses his photographic memory to crack computer passwords and to work out links between events. He has a couple of near death experiences one of which is so gruesome it nearly makes even him sick. He even manages to further his relationship with Thistle, temporarily anyway.

Many people die in the course of this book and sometimes they end up as sandwiches. That is what makes this series so good - nothing beats a bit of really black humour! I was so tempted to carry on straight into book 3 but decided to wait a little and look forward to it.
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3,036 reviews1,747 followers
June 10, 2019
Favorite Quotes:

The rent is surprisingly high for such a crummy place. Ideally I’d split it with someone, but I ate my last roommate. It’s safest for everyone if I live alone.

I’m too exhausted even to dream. A small mercy— my subconscious would have made Freud vomit.

The government was paying her to feed and clothe us, and she was making quite a lot of money, because she never bought any food or clothing.

Most people know that pigs feel stress and that cows grieve when their calves are taken away. They might feel guilty, but they still eat bacon and drink milk. So what use is the guilt?

It’s a dangerous meal, since I still don’t know how he died… Eating people is dangerous, anyway, because of bloodborne viruses. Doesn’t mean I can make myself stop. Don’t judge me. Heart disease is the number-one killer in the USA, but you still eat donuts. Your diet is killing you, too.

I drive just above the speed limit. Anything less is considered suspicious in Texas.

The field office director comes on the radio. “We’re pursuing several leads,” she says. “We urge anyone with information to come forward.” That’s code for: We’re shitting ourselves. The news anchor is back. “The victims’ names have yet to be released,” she says, barely managing to keep the glee from her voice, “but the details of the case have been described as ‘disturbing.’”

My Review:

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I delved into this stunningly crafted page-turner. Despite the disturbing issues, I was enthralled, mesmerized, and riveted to my kindle. I was on edge and biting my cuticles while more than a bit distressed about being so deeply invested in such a gruesome tale – what was wrong with me? But much similar to how the character in the book described his compulsion/hunger, I just couldn’t help myself. The writing was simply stellar while brilliantly paced, intriguing and unpredictable, action-packed, and unexpectedly laced with wry levity. It was also diabolically addictive; I couldn’t have stopped reading unless my kindle had been forcibly removed from my possession. Jack Heath is most certainly an evil genius; I would advise his family to keep him happy as well as to either sleep in shifts or with one eye open.
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1,452 reviews364 followers
January 18, 2019
Overall, not as exciting and fast-paced as the first, but definitely more gruesome.

WARNING: This review contains major spoilers for Hangman

Recap: At the end of the first book, Blake had determined that helping the FBI maybe wasn't for him and so was pursuing other business ventures. He'd broken off contact with the love interest, Thistle, because he was too worried about hurting her. Oh yeah. He also had that nasty habit of snacking on human flesh.

Do you know how much it killed me to not mention that in my review for Hangman?! Not even in spoiler tags! Because it is such a massive twist and made the whole story a thousand times more exciting. It hooked me real good, coz I've never read anything like that before.

Sadly, because this is the sequel, I've now read something like that before.

What I mean is, that's the twist that grabs you right away and keeps you hanging on, but to get that same kind of attention in this book we really needed more to sink our teeth into (ha ha) because it's no longer a surprise.

This book opens with Blake working for the bad guys, disposing of bodies in his highly unique manner. Then he stumbles across a body that's not one of his but he takes a bite out of it anyway. This part kind of disturbed me - I mean, wouldn't that kind of be like stumbling over a cheeseburger in the gutter and deciding it looks tasty? Seemed a bit unsanitary to me, to be honest. But how would I know, really. Not like I make a habit of eating people.


So then there's drama because our favourite FBI lady, Agent Thistle, asks for Blake's help on a missing persons case and you'll never guess who they're looking for.

Yep. The cheeseburger.

What follows is a lot of chaos that involves scumbags and dead bodies and violence and gore and one super confusing investigation that just doesn't seem to add up. All the while, Blake has to deal with his feelings towards Thistle, and that niggling bad habit of eating human corpses. Poor guy.

I had a few issues with this book that didn't crop up in the first. In Hangman, Blake is super intelligent, he puts things together really well, and he figures things out logically. In this book, it feels like his IQ has dropped significantly. Maybe he ate too many idiots, I don't know. Whatever the reason, he just doesn't seem to have his head in the game this time around. I won't go into detail as I don't want to reveal anything too interesting before the book drops in March. But he has changed, and it makes me a little sad. There's also some questionable puzzles that really don't make sense when you think about them (More on this post-release).

The Blake/Thistle vibe is also a lot more loved up because obviously they did all the slow stuff in book 1 so now it's all about the feelings. I'm not big on feelings. I was mostly just waiting for her to discover she'd sucked face with a cannibal. Still, there's the drama of him trying to hide it all, so even though the dynamic has changed I enjoyed that aspect of it. You think you have relationship issues. Sheesh.

The crime investigation itself was incredibly messy because there was so much going on, and so many clues that just didn't make sense. It was kinda good because it was unpredictable but then it was also kinda bad because I lost interest a little bit. It jumped around a bit too much for me to follow, and there was a bit more focus on Blake's personal life, I felt.

I did really love The Gore Factor, though. This one got hella messy compared to the first book. Finally we are getting some Silence of the Lambs savagery. I don't know what it says about me that I prefer reading about people getting their faces chewed off more than people talking about feelings but there you have it. Gruesome is way more fun. Maybe it was a little gratuitous here, but I am grateful. Hooray violence! (I'm actually not a psycho in real life, I promise.)


Look I got a bit frustrated with the riddles this time around because they were hard LOL. So many went unsolved because I wanted to read on instead of wasting actual brain power trying to figure out the hard ones. I'm still keen for that Solutions page.

In general, I liked it, and I'm so glad I got early access to it coz the first book was such a win. This one has to work harder now that the big surprise is out, but I think it maybe tries a little too hard to be impressive so all in all it feels a little jumbled.

I think fans of the first book are still going to enjoy this one, but there'll be mixed reviews depending on what drew you in in Hangman. I'd still recommend it, though!

Many thanks to Allen & Unwin for my Uncorrected Proof copy.
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1,915 reviews271 followers
May 26, 2019
In 2018, bestselling young adult author Jack Heath, released his first adult fiction novel, Hangman. Featuring Timothy Blake, an unusual but highly intelligent lead, this underdog character returns for another thrilling adventure. A whirlwind of high octane action and plenty of plot twists, this one will get your heart pounding!

Those who read the first novel of this series, Hangman, will know a little more about Timothy Blake. For newcomers like myself, the central character of Hunter, Timothy Blake, is an ex consultant of the FBI. His new role involves working as a ‘body disposal expert’ for a crime lord. It is a precarious and dangerous trade. When Blake finds a body that is not part of his job description he takes the opportunity to inflict his uncontrollable habit on the victim. Blake then realises he must do something with the body that he has now touched and he hides it on his own property. When the FBI enter the equation, Blake is torn between letting them know about the body he discovered , which is now in his freezer, or continuing to hide the evidence of his hobby. With more bodies and murders occurring, the matter becomes more pressing for Blake. There is mounting pressure on all involved to crack this case, including the FBI agent Blake has become close to. The situation becomes more dire for Blake as he must do all he can to solve a complex case, while at the same time protecting his own dark secrets.

A fellow blogger encouraged me to read Hunter by Jack Heath. I was intrigued by Heath’s approach, which this blogger described as ‘writing that likes to push the boundaries’. I got the feeling that Heath likes to put on a good show for his readers. After reading Hunter I feel that Jack Heath has created a very good balance between darkness and slightly offbeat, tongue-in-cheek style humour. For the most part I enjoyed and felt very entertained by this novel, which is my first experience of Jack Heath’s writing.

I was quite taken by the warning at the front that Hunter is not suitable for children and some adults. There is an accompanying alert that Hunter does contain themes of suicide, and violence of a sexual nature. As Heath is a popular novelist for young children and the young adult market, this precursor is probably a good warning to take on board. I have a pretty strong stomach, but the twist around the behaviour of Heath’s character Timothy Blake, did deliver quite the jaw drop. It took me a few moments to gain my composure after I read the big reveal about Blake. However, once I got my head around the whole concept, I raced through this novel. The latter stages of the book were particularly intriguing and well paced.

I went into this book a little blind, as I haven’t read Hangman the first book by Heath, which introduces Timothy Blake. As I am a time poor in the reading department, I didn’t get the chance to catch up on Hangman. I do want to read Hangman at some stage in the not too distant future. I did find that I was constantly theorising about Timothy. I really wanted to know more about his background, upbringing and possible social issues. He sure makes life interesting!

In terms of the story itself, the plot is quite convoluted and full of mind twists. The pace is set to a high bar and it didn’t really wane. There is a good combination of friendship, trust and connection between Blake and FBI agent Thistle, which was one of my favourite aspects of the book. What I also appreciated about Hunter was the themes, particularly the focus on sexual exploitation and women in this industry. It is a puzzling novel, defined by some top notch writing. I certainly had no idea where Blake was going to take me. As for the riddles at the opening of each chapter, I have to admit defeat, I was stumped! You are too clever for me Mr Heath!

Fans of high voltage crime thrillers, featuring a non conventional lead, do need to take the time to investigate Hunter by Jack Heath. A little off the beaten track, it is good to see a villain with a cause seize the day!

*I wish to thank Allen & Unwin for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

*Book #4 of the 2019 Aussie male author challenge.
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1,100 reviews565 followers
March 10, 2021
This is the sort of book that is uber cool. You just are so conflicted because you are gunning, and really, quite like the protag that is simply, immoral, abhorrent and so deeply flawed that it leaves us questioning our own moral compass. And what great fiction, and amazing writing this is to evoke such strong and emotive feelings amongst a reader.

I have met this author, in fact sat next to him and lunched with him. What a delight! He is the polar opposite of our sinister (but yet loveable??!!) Mister Timothy Blake. In fact, Jack Heath also writes great children's fiction as well. He jumped on a plane to join a group of readers and it was quite the treat! Being able to ask a writer who has done well enough to give up his day job the origins of his inspiration was interesting, being able to chat with an author adds to the reading experience. These books are well researched and seem amazingly real from an author residing in Canberra writing about Texas and the FBI! Love it!

'FBI civilian' (he really is an ex-consultant but the FBI knows they need him) Timothy Blake joins agent Reese Thistle again on the hunt for what turns out to be a serial killer. Blake had let Thistle down in serving one (excuse the pun) and she is feeling genuinely rejected; she thought they loved each other. Blake has to somehow explain this rejection is for her own phsycial well being. He is such a clever dude, brilliant in fact, and I had forgotten he had a side hustle of solving riddles for money. It also appears he used to sell stolen credit cards on the dark web. I digress.

There are massive time constraints on this cat and mouse trail and I love watching his mind tick over and the candid manner in which he narrates his story. The crux of the matter and the slight issue of the body they are looking for actually residing at his home doesn't surprise us excited readers, but the poor and lovely Thistle has no idea of the form of payment he receives his blood money in. Blake has a thirst, a deadly thirst for human flesh. See why I shouldn't like the guy?!

This was an audio read for me, most excellent narration which doesn't at all surprise me as this author is quality in all respects. Writing this review has reminded me I was lucky to receive a couple of signed copies of books that I think would be perfect for my soon to be nine year old son.

Thistle and Blake share childhood history of both being orphans, this closeness adds to their obvious love for each other. Thistle at the final hours realises Blake's appaling desires and is left bereft.

As in number one, I listened to the audio, and this left less room for me to solve the riddles at the start of each chapter, useless I'd be at it anyway, but as I own this book in hard copy too (signed of course!) Another fun tidbit of Jack's writing process is the inclusion of readers names from competitions and riddles as well.

The cliffhanger has left a perfect segway for number three in the series. Bring it on I say!
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337 reviews525 followers
July 7, 2019
No question I picked this one up on an absolute whim.

Meet Timothy Blake. Seems like a nice enough guy, all things considered, except he likes to eat, well people. That's right, there is nothing quite like the taste of human flesh.

No worries he does not roam about killing people just so he can savour their juicy bits, there are other ways to find his favourite snack. He is currently employed by a local crime lord to take care of body disposal and oh yeah he does occasionally consult for the FBI.

As this story takes off he is assisting the FBI in locating a missing local university professor. This one could be tricky though as the good old prof just happens to have taken up residence in Timothy's freezer.

This is very light fare folks, an easy, breezy read that is sure to keep you creeped out and suppressing a smirk all in one fell swoop.

Bon Appetit!
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3,398 reviews147 followers
January 19, 2019
“’I cut off X’s head with a breadknife,’ I say. ‘The FBI just found it in my freezer. Half of the police force is looking for you, the other half is looking for me.’”

Hunter is the second book in the Timothy Blake series by award-winning Australian author, Jack Heath. When his unconventional arrangement with the last FBI field office director ended, cannibal Timothy Blake took up a new position as body disposal expert for Houston crime boss, Charlie Warner. Warner’s activities ensure a steady supply of bodies, so Blake doesn’t go hungry. Is this a match made in heaven (well, except for “Two dead bodies concealed in my house. No, wait. Three. I’m losing count”)? Not quite. It seems Warner won’t hesitate to add him to the body count if Blake exceeds the allowable quota of three mistakes. He’s already made two.

That second mistake involves helping his former FBI minder, Agent Reese Thistle with a puzzling case. Timothy Blake finds it hard to resist a body, but “I take cases not because the bad guy gets punished, but because I get so wrapped up in the puzzles that my hunger disappears.” Blake promises Warner he won’t help in any case that involves her, but then the borders begin to blur when he helps himself to a bonus body in the woods. The body Agent Thistle is looking for.

As with Hangman, Heath gives the reader another compulsive read, this one featuring date rape, blackmail, kidnapping and at least ten deaths, most of them violent. As well as his usual activities, Blake visits a rubbish dump and a courtroom, debates the merits of a sex-doll brothel, buries a body, solves a cryptographic code, swallows a mobile phone, tries to quit his job and vows to stop eating people.

Blake’s inner monologue and his unsaid asides are often laugh-out-loud (if darkly) comical: “She stands up as we enter. She wouldn’t make much of a meal. She’s four foot five at the most, even in her polished heels” and “I reuse a lot, but I don’t recycle. One of my bad habits. After you’ve eaten a few people, none of your other flaws seem important enough to fix” are just a two of many that will mean certain readers should avoid devouring this novel in the quiet carriage of public transport.

Heath devises another plot with twists and surprises and non-stop action to keep the pages turning right up to the utterly perfect last line. Again, each chapter begins with a riddle, clues to which often follow in the story. There are certainly spoilers for Hangman in this sequel, so it’s important to read this series in order. Fingers will be crossed that Heath is working on Timothy Blake #3. Truly clever and blackly funny, this sequel does not disappoint.
This unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by Allen & Unwin.
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765 reviews12 followers
February 4, 2022
'Just One Bite' was even better than ''Hangman' imho. This one has more detailed character development - a lot is happening with the relationship between Thistle and Blake as their bond deepens. There is also a ton of gruesome action and riveting suspense - with horrendous deaths, blackmail, revenge and even an unlikely surprise inside traitor.
Upon conclusion there is also an enticing teaser for book #3, 'Hideout'.
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1,553 reviews319 followers
June 4, 2019
Typically after a stellar first book in a series, the second book tends to lag or become a filler book. That is not the case with the Timothy Blake series. Now that the base has been set with Hangman (book one) - that I actually typed Handman instead initially, which ironically seems appropriate for this book - we get deeper into Timothy's mind set and his hungry ways.

If there is such a thing as a cannibal procedural genre, then this would be it. We welcome back Reese Thisler, his handler (*snicker* - sorry, anything 'hand' related is just going to make me giggle at this point), and dig further into their weird relationship that stems from their familiar past. Every thing about them individually and together, along with this case, is a bit morbid but strangely delicious.

How is it that you can fall in love with a cannibal who just wants to do good? Who doesn't really have anyone and anyone he does care about he needs to keep at arms length - not only for their safety, but really for his as well. This book is darker, more gruesome and let me just tell you, Mr. Heath, I do love your gigantic, crazy ass mind.

Maybe some will think this isn't quite the impact of the first book where we get to know about Timothy's secret, but in my opinion, this one was a crazier and more fulfilling ride. Tsk, tsk on that ending though because I just KNOW it's going to be way too long for my taste until book three comes out and I REALLY need to know what's going to happen. NOW. Way to keep me hungry.. hmph.

In a gist, this book is more filling AND tastes great. I'd like a third helping now please.

Thank you Hanover Press for this copy.
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787 reviews39 followers
February 28, 2023
4.5 stars

So delicious. Mmm juicy, just one more bite, mmm yum…guzzle guzzle.

Yes folks, our people-eater, Timothy Blake has returned in this 2nd instalment for another delectable mouthful. Fresh meat, anyone?

A cracking, unsettling, twisty, fascinating roller coaster of a book.

Again, the audio version was fabulous.
Published by Bolinda audio
Duration: 11 hrs, 1 min
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977 reviews105 followers
March 4, 2019
Hunter is the second in the series to feature Timothy Blake and which began with Hangman. I was a huge fan of Hangman and some of you might remember I published a recipe style review last year. Since then, I've been eagerly awaiting the next novel in the series but had no idea an excerpt of my Hangman review was going to be published in the praise section at the beginning of Hunter!! Woohoo! (See my blog review for more detail on this: https://www.carpelibrum.net/2019/03/r...)

The riddles at the beginning of each chapter are back and continued to do my head in, although I think I had a better solve rate this time. Blake is officially no longer a consultant for the FBI and when Hunter opens, we find him involved in body disposal for a local crime lord. He still sees FBI agent Reese Thistle, but when he stumbles across a body that has nothing to do with his new 'role' he finds himself in quite the predicament.

I enjoyed Blake's character development in Hunter. He continues to develop feelings for Thistle and vows to be a better man so that she never has to discover his dark secret.

Blake remains the likeable bad guy protagonist, and Aussie author Jack Heath does an astonishing job of continuing to make the reader root for the cannibal detective. Hunter is a solid follow up to the first in the series, with no perceivable drop off in writing, tension, action or body count.

Highly recommended.

* Copy courtesy of Allen & Unwin *

Check out my review for a link to read a FREE sample from Hunter: https://www.carpelibrum.net/2019/03/r...
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406 reviews103 followers
March 11, 2022
Hunter (Timothy Blake #2) by Jack Heath

Synopsis /

Timothy Blake, ex-consultant for the FBI, now works in body-disposal for a local crime lord. One night he stumbles across a body he wasn't supposed to find and is forced to hide it. When the FBI calls Blake in to investigate a missing university professor, Blake recognises him as the dead man in his freezer.

Then another man goes missing. And another.

There's a serial killer in Houston, Texas, and Blake is running out of time to solve the case. His investigation takes him to a sex doll factory, a sprawling landfill in Louisiana and a secret cabin in the woods.

As they hunt the killer together, FBI agent Reese Thistle starts to warm to Blake - but she also gets closer and closer to discovering his terrible secret.

Can Blake uncover the killer, without being exposed himself?

My Thoughts /

My house is a dilapidated two-bedroom, one-bathroom thing in a bad neighbourhood just outside the loop. The rent is surprisingly high for such a crummy place. Ideally I'd split it with someone, but since I ate my last room-mate - a drug-dealing rapist - the idea makes me nervous. It's safest for everyone if I live alone.

Hunter, is the second crime thriller book in the Timothy Blake series and is written by Australian author, Jack Heath. Those who have read and enjoyed the first novel of this series, Hangman, I think you will like this latest offering.

Before we begin, let's learn things:-

Cannibalism, also called anthropophagy, is the eating of human flesh by humans, and has a widespread custom going back into early human history. But if you are thinking that cannibalism is something that only occurred when Moses was a boy, you would be wrong. As late as 2012, cannibalism was still being practised in Papua New Guinea for cultural reasons and in rituals as well as in war in various Melanesian tribes.

So, the idea that Timothy Blake, who, on occasion, consults for the FBI; but who is currently working for a local crime Lord as her 'body disposal expert', is a cannibal, is actually not that farfetched.

The story begins with Blake (in his capacity of disposal expert for local crime Lord, Charlie Warner) waiting for a - ahem - 'delivery' to arrive. Whilst waiting for this 'delivery' - in the middle of the night - in an isolated area of the woods (I mean, where else would you be waiting, right?) - he stumbles across an unrelated corpse lying abandoned on the ground. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Blake takes this opportunity to - well, let's just say….inflict his uncontrollable habit on the victim. Yes. He had a bite. Realising he can't leave the body out in the woods now that he's -ahem- touched it, Blake brings the body home with him once he's received his delivery from Warner.

You've heard of the saying that bad things come in threes? Well, it's no different for our anti-hero in this book. Mistake number one Mr Warner - taking a bite out of our John Doe in the woods. Mistake number two - agreeing to help former FBI handler, Agent Reese Thistle on the case she's currently working. The two have history. Both grew up in the foster care system and spent time in the same home as children. So when Reese contacts him to ask for his help investigating a missing mathematician, he agrees. But that was before he realised that the missing university professor is actually the man from the woods - the same man who is currently 'living' in Blake's freezer! When two more men go missing, Blake begins to suspect they are hunting a serial killer. There is mounting pressure on all involved and Blake must do all he can to solve this complex case, at the same time protecting his own dark secrets.

Jack Heath has done a great job with Timothy Blake - he's created a complex character, one with a dark side but who is ultimately guided in his decision making by good intentions. It also helps that he has a slightly offbeat, tongue-in-cheek style humour. I will admit that Blake is a character that may not appeal to all readers - but for all his flaws, Blake has definite good qualities. He's empathetic, thoughtful and loving. There’s an interesting twist at the end which sets us up nicely for the next in the series.

As for mistake number three? Well, if I told you I'd spoil the book for you, so you will just have to read it to find out.
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July 6, 2021
Oh wow, was hat Jack Heath hier wieder für ein Brett rausgehauen! Dieser Autor weiß einfach, wie man einen spannenden Thriller inszeniert.
Dabei ist es nicht einmal unbedingt die Handlung, die das Buch trägt, es ist Protagonist Blake selbst. Er ist bitterböse, weiß aber, dass er eine Gefahr für die Menschheit ist, was das ganze für den Leser irgendwie wieder relativiert. Ich mag ihn. Er ist witzig, sarkastisch und smart. Kurzum, er hat alles, was eine coole Hauptfigur ausmacht und ist trotzdem nicht zu glatt, sondern hat seine Makel.
Aber auch der Fall, den er zusammen mit FBI Agentin Reese Thissle verfolgt, hatte es diesmal in sich und führt uns in die tiefsten Abgründe der Menschheit.
Ich fand sehr interessant, was für Themen der Autor sich hier ausgesucht hat, denn die waren, zumindest teilweise, echt abgefahren und ich hatte noch nie etwas ähnliches gelesen. Was hier aus einer „ganz normalen“ Leiche, die im Wald gefunden wird, großes wird, war wirklich ein abgefahrenes Abenteuer.
Mir gefiel auch die schwierige Beziehung zwischen Blake und Thissle. Er mag sie, wohl der erste Mensch in seinem Leben, dem er Gefühle entgegen bringt und muss sie dennoch immer von sich weisen, weil er denkt, seine Gefühle nicht unter Kontrolle zu haben. Diese kleine Lovestory fand ich bei den ernsten Themen sehr auflockernd, da man Blakes innere Zerrissenheit wirklich gut spüren kann und auch merkt, wie sehr Thissle ihn mag.
Auch die kleinen Rätsel, die jedes neue Kapitel einleiten, verleihen dem Buch ein gewisses Etwas, immerhin verdient Blake sein Geld mit dem Lösen von Rätseln, wenn er nicht gerade Mordfälle untersucht. Ich hab natürlich immer fleißig mitgeraten, wobei ich nicht auf jede Lösung gekommen bin. Spaß gemacht hat es aber trotzdem.
Jack Heaths Schreibstil ist sehr angenehm zu lesen. Er erzählt aus der Sicht von Blake, so dass man sich diesem direkt noch näher fühlt.
Das einzige, was ich an diesem Buch zu bemängeln habe, ist, dass es viel zu schnell vorbei war und mit einem richtig fiesen Cliffhanger endet, der mich schon fieberhaft auf den nächsten Band hoffen lässt.
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July 15, 2019
Having lost his literal meal-ticket with the FBI some months earlier, Timothy Blake has found a replacement on the other side of the law, working in body disposal for Houston crimelord Charlie Warner. It's going well for both of them, but then one night while waiting for his latest delivery, Blake stumbles across a recently deceased, naked, middle-aged man in the forest. Against his better judgement he interferes with the body, and then of course he has no choice but to take it home to his freezer.

Then, seemingly out of the blue, he gets a call from his former FBI handler, Agent Reese Thistle. The FBI needs help tracking down a missing person and the new Field Office Director has heard that Blake might be able to help them get a breakthrough. Blake is a bit half-hearted about the idea; he still has feelings for Thistle and wants to spend time with her, but is disheartened by her apparent lack of interest. However, when he realises the person they are looking for is the body in his freezer, he realises he has no choice but to take the case.

I really enjoyed this sequel to last year's Hangman. Blake still makes me feel a bit queasy, but I'm warming to him more and more. In this book he's trying to be more like a normal person, and although his efforts are hit and miss, I think it made him a little more likeable for me. Whereas most of the tension in Hangman came from Blake trying to hide his true nature from those around him, in this book it comes from something we can all relate to - relationships.

While I would not recommend reading this book if you have not yet read Hangman, I do wholeheartedly recommend you read both! ASAP!!

With many thanks to Allen & Unwin for an uncorrected proof to read and review.
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June 6, 2019
Deliciously dark and twisty! Timothy Blake may be the best antihero to come along since Joe in Caroline Kepnes's You. Just One Bite may be the second in a series but it reads perfectly well as a standalone. This was my first Jack Heath novel but I am thankful to Lia Ferrone from Hanover Square Press for sending this one my way. I cannot wait to read the next Timothy Blake book.
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June 7, 2019
I actually enjoyed this second mystery featuring the cannibal, Timothy Blake, more than book one, Hangman. Reading them back to back, perhaps I got used to the concept of our hero of sorts being a cannibal!

'Some would say a cannibal working for the FBI is far-fetched,' thinks Timothy. Yes, indeed! But once you put these concerns aside, it's a pretty entertaining read.

Blake nows works for the crime lord, Charlie Warner, doing body disposal. (Don't ask.) But he is called back to the Houston office of the FBI to help with the case of a missing professor...whose body he just happens to have in his freezer. Oh boy! Can he work for them while trying to misdirect their investigation? And if Charlie finds out he's working for the FBI again, he's a dead man.

But uppermost on his mind is the problem of trying to mend fences with Agent Reese Thistle, his love interest. Can he ever have a normal sexual relationship with her without wanting to take a bite, just one bite?

This story has an intriguing plot, action, humor, and romance. Who could ask for more?

I received an arc of this new thriller from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review. many thanks for the opportunity.
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January 22, 2021

What did I just read? This novel is not for the faint hearted that’s for sure!

She looks at my lunch, ‘What is that?’
I realise it’s her father. ‘Chicken I say’

This story is really twisted and disturbing but once I got over the initial shock I really enjoyed this read. The main character Timothy Blake is both interesting and at the same time repulsive but he actually grows on you and becomes quite likeable (did I just say that!!!).

Timothy is an ex-consultant for the FBI, who is now working for a crime lord disposing of bodies in the most wicked way you can imagine.

An excellent thriller and a fast paced read. I recommend ‘Hunter' if you enjoy something a little dark and twisted.

Thanks Allen & Unwin for my ARC copy.
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June 12, 2022
I’m right in the middle with this one, I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it either. Some parts were incredibly interesting and at times I was thoroughly enjoying this novel and convinced it would be a five star read because there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good crime fiction with some good old cannibalism thrown in. Sometimes with crime fiction you see the same kind of storyline repeated too often but this story was definitely an original idea that I’ve never seen before so I really did love that and the first book was excellent. But this one just lacked the pull that the first book had on me, it was definitely a case of second book syndrome. I liked where the first book ended and I didn’t really see the necessity of this one quite honestly. So while it was still a good book it didn’t fully command my attention and interest like the first one did.
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September 27, 2019
This is an example of trying too hard to be unique. If the blurb had revealed that the protagonist is a cannibal I never would have started this book. I don’t see the humor or charm in this premise. Abandoned. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.
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May 18, 2021
Einst half Timothy Blake dem FBI dabei, Verbrechen aufzuklären. Nicht so sehr um der Gerechtigkeit willen, sondern weil er gerne Rätsel löst. Und weil das Arrangement es ihm ermöglichte, einen Gewissen Appetit zu stillen: Der eine oder andere Verbrecher verschwand ganz einfach…
Inzwischen hat Blake bei Charlie Warner angeheuert, einer Größe des lokalen Untergrunds. Für sie kümmert sich Blake um die Entsorgung der anfallenden Leichen – natürlich auf seine Weise. Als das FBI erneut um seine Hilfe in dem Fall eines vermissten Professors bittet, kann Blake beim besten Willen nicht Nein sagen. Denn der Professor ähnelt auf frappierende Weise dem Mann in seiner Gefriertruhe…
Meine Meinung:
Jack Heath hat einen sehr flüssig zu lesenden Schreibstil, der mich als Leserin ab dem ersten Kapitel in den Bann gezogen hat. Wie auch in Band 1 besticht dieser Thriller wieder mit seinen außergewöhnlichen Protagonisten, allen voran dem Hauptcharakter Timothy Blake. Trotz seiner gruseligen „Leidenschaft“ hat sich Blake in mein Herz geschlichen und ich kann sagen, dass er es bereits nach dem ersten Band in die Top 5 meiner Lieblingsprotagonisten geschafft hat. Mit seinem überaus scharfsinnigen Intellekt löst er so manches Problem und gerade diese Intelligenz macht ihn für mich so interessant.
Menschlich macht Blake in diesem Folgeband einen großen Sprung. Durch weitere Einblicke in seine Kindheit und das zarte Anbandeln mit Agentin Thistle wurde mir der weiche Kern dieses ansonsten nach Außen so rational wirkenden Mannes verdeutlicht.
Auch in diesem Thriller geht es wieder brutal zu – wer dies an Band 1 wertschätzte, wird auch hier wieder sehr zufrieden mit der Handlung sein.
Der Spannungsbogen hält sich im Verlauf der Geschichte konstant und fällt nie ab, weshalb man einfach immer weiterlesen muss - Kapitel für Kapitel...
Ein bisschen gemein fand ich den fiesen Cliffhanger am Ende 😅
Ich muss mir Band 3 sofort nach Erscheinen holen! Ich hoffe es dauert nicht allzu lange bis dahin.
Ein mehr als gelungener Folgeband mit einem außergewöhnlichen Hauptcharakter, der mit seinem scharfsinnigen Verstand so manches Rätsel löst.
Meine Bewertung:
5/5 Sterne
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September 17, 2021
I’m loving this quirky character and the crimes he gets himself involved in. That’s if you can call someone quirky who provides such a unique take on body disposal….
Jack has a twisted, gory imagination and delves right into the head and concious of his character to write these fantastic plots - and I do mean that as a compliment! I loved this follow up to Hangman and I can’t wait to read the third instalment.
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January 9, 2019
This is – dare I say it? – a delicious follow up to last year’s “Hangman”.

One of the most fascinating lead characters in Timothy Blake; enormously interesting, but appalling and horrifying at the same time.

Another totally addictive read as Blake is again requested to help the FBI solve a case that stretches far beyond its initial expectations. The case is dangerous on a personal note for Blake, with his two jobs on the opposite sides of the law potentially intersect, and his only friend might just find out the big secret in Blake’s life.

Also happy to see that it looks like we can expect a third novel in this series.
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March 26, 2019
More gruesome but just not as thrilling as book 1. I Also felt that Blakes intelligence level somehow diminished through this series. The crimes and riddles are still enjoyable tomsee solutions however it still just didnt take it to that next level for me. Im still slightly put off with some 'eating meals' scenes. Not sure I'll continue this series.
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