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Circus Hearts #2

All Fall Down

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A ringmaster’s daughter and a bearded lady’s son join forces to stop a saboteur…

Nineteen-year-old Fleur Klatsch is loyal to her trapeze team and her ringmaster father, dedicated to the circus, and tough on everyone around her. After a series of accidents at Klatsch’s Karnival, Fleur is left holding the ball: she’s running the carnival, trying to stop a saboteur, and taking care of her dad. She doesn’t need anyone’s help, least of all Eugenia Deloren’s son, Marco, who’s been trying to break out of show life since the moment he was born into it. All Marco needs to do is get Klatsch’s back on its feet so he can leave. But after one fateful kiss with Fleur, will he really want to? And will Fleur and Marco figure out who’s trying to kill the show before someone kills them…

Dark YA romance with a criminal twist - Circus Hearts: Step. Right. Up.

264 pages, ebook

First published October 1, 2018

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About the author

Ellie Marney

15 books819 followers
Ellie Marney is a NYT bestselling author of crime fiction. Her most recent book is The Killing Code, and her other titles include the Aurealis-winning None Shall Sleep, the Every series - starting with Every Breath - and the companion novel No Limits, White Night, and the Circus Hearts series, starting with Circus Hearts 1. Ellie's next book, Some Shall Break, the sequel to None Shall Sleep, will be released June 2023.

Ellie's books are published in eleven countries and have been optioned for television. She’s spent a lifetime researching in mortuaries, talking to autopsy specialists, and asking former spies how to make explosives from household items, and now she lives quite sedately in south-eastern Australia with her family.

Find Ellie's newsletter sign-ups at her website, and catch her @elliemarney on socials or @elliemarneyauthor on Tiktok.

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1,831 reviews69 followers
October 24, 2018
Personally, I don't like it with series which has different MCs for each serial book. I think mostly because sometimes, it portrays the earlier character that you love in an unlikable light. Or sometimes, like the case here, because the protagonist in this book was so very much UNlikable in the first book. I truly wondered if I was going to be pulling my hair out reading this book.

I'm glad to say that there was no hair-pulling head-banging moments at all. I loved how Fleur recognised her mistake (and we've all made stupid mistakes at one point or another) and didn't run away. And when push comes to shove, she pulled out all the stops to make sure things happen.

Once upon a time, Marco and Fleur were inseparable until the day Marco left to find a steady home-life. He returned to help when Fleur's dad was injured in a sabotage incident. While Fleur is still angry at him for leaving, she recognise that he's making her feel everything she's never felt for any boys before. But will she risk all for someone who'll be leaving her again soon?

I liked the mystery better in this one as there is actually one. I think my problem with this series is that the books are just too short! I'd love a couple extra more twists in these stories. I am very much looking forward to book 3!! I was disappointed that Ren was mostly missing in this instalment but can't wait to read about her next.

All Fall Down is a story of redemption; of trust and loyalty. The characters in this book is a little bit older (19+) so again I'd say this borders on New Adult though there is limited sexual content (lots of smooching, peeps, relax!). Sometimes, I find New Adult books to be too much so if you're looking for a clean-ish sort of New Adult book, I'd highly recommend this one.

Thanks to the author, Ellie Marney, for copy of book in exchange of honest review. 
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437 reviews707 followers
October 27, 2018
***Actual rating: 4/5 Stars***

Did you ever realise that you were always the best part of my whole day, Fleur?” His words come out quietly.

All Fall Down picks up shortly after what’s left in the previous book, All the Little Bones, and the story goes on quite smoothly. Apparently, this book’s told from the ringmaster’s daughter, Fleur Klatsch, and how she deals with all the tragic events—happening one after another—in her precious circus. Long story short, there’s a saboteur trying to ruin her family business but the real question here is: WHO’s the saboteur? Is he/she someone on the lot or is that sneaky person a notorious enemy?

In order to probe deeper into every odd accident, Fleur finds herself a little overwhelmed by everything around her. Therefore, ENTER Marco Deloren, Fleur’s childhood best friend, who gives her a hand during the most frustrating part in her life, helps her clean up the mess, and rekindles their romantic friendship.
The carnival was only a pitstop for him. Something he agreed to do on his mother’s request, not something he’s committed to. His Duplo van, with nothing but the bare essentials, is only a rental, and so is he. Marco’s only on loan. He’s only temporary.
And I am the world’s biggest idiot.

To be honest, it’s hard not to compare this book to its first instalment, All the Little Bones, when the general story background is the same; thus, I'm both happy and sad to say that All Fall Down slightly disappoints me. For starters, if you'd read my review for All the Little Bones, you'd know that I HATE Fleur, who happens to be the main character in this book. She's a overly spoilt daughter, an ungrateful brat, and also a shuiv@839#$%^ snitch. Granted, someone like Fleur serves the role of a villain perfectly, but I'm just not interested in her own story, a.k.a. this book.

Even though All Fall Down gives us other information about the series of tragedies in the circus, there are still too much portion of Fleur's personal love life with Marco, her former best friend who left her abruptly when she needed him most, and her daddy's accident. Call me heartless, but I really don't feel bad for her at all. *shrugs*

What truly captivates me in this book is the entire process of searching for the circus saboteur. The thorough investigation, the shocking unveiling, and the creepy full disclosure are the most delicious elements that add spice to Fleur's story. Despite the Fleur-drama in 60% of the book, the last part of the story seriously makes me reconsider giving this book a solid 4/5 stars. *heehee*

With everything being said, what are you waiting for? The next and final book in Circus Hearts trilogy will feature my second-favorite characters, Ren Putri the contortionist and Zep Deal the cardsharp, so I'm beyond thrilled to read it soon! Anyway, so far I highly recommend All the Little Bones and mildly recommend All Fall Down. Hopefully All Aces will pique my interest as much as the first book and I'll probably end up loving the whole trilogy eventually. :D

***Huge thanks to Ellie for sending me an e-copy in exchange for an honest review.***

P.S. Sorry for not linking the books I mentioned above since I have problems linking them at the moment. If anyone knew how to solve this, please, please, please let me know! I appreciate your help! <3 Thanks in advance. :)
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Author 8 books422 followers
November 28, 2018
I can’t get enough of this circus and these love stories. Marney knows her stuff. Fleur & Marco are so well matched in sass and smolder. Queen of the kissing scene, Marney does not disappoint in this high tension, high wire, high stakes tale of circus sabotage.
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2,120 reviews1,348 followers
October 6, 2018

The Circus Hearts companion series is turning out to be one of my favorite reads of 2018. Not that I had any doubts that Ellie Marney would impress me yet again. This series is different from her previous books, but the books still contain that addictive quality that is quintessential of Ellie Marney's writing. Deeply romantic and character-driven, All Fall Down was a luscious read.

All Fall Down follows the story of Fleur, trapeze artist, daughter of the ringmaster and pseudo mean girl of the first book. I was a bit wary of Fleur as a protagonist as she nearly destroyed Sorsha's life in the previous book, but my goodness, her character development here was just brilliant. We get to know her thoroughly in All Fall Down and it becomes easier to understand her drive and motivations. I have to say, I grew very fond of Fleur. She wasn't a bad person, only an incredibly driven one who would do anything to ensure the success of her circus. She had a fire to her that almost made it seem like she was cold and not very emotional. We experience a hidden and much different facet of her personality in this book and I loved all shades of what made Fleur Fleur. After an accident rendered her dad in the hospital, she was forced to become a much stronger version of herself. She deftly managed the circus and even when faced with obstacles, she'd put her life on the line to ensure its success. It was really interesting to see both her confident and vulnerable sides.

Fleur finds a love interest in the form of Marco. How I adored this guy! He is the son of the circus costume designer and he comes in to help with the show while Fleur's dad is hospitalized. As with any Ellie Marney hero, he was just complex and wonderful. I love how her heroes are always gentle and genuinely good. It makes me swoon so hard! Fleur and Marco had some history between them. They used to be good friends before Marco left the circus life. On his re-appearance, she was understandably hurt and upset, especially since he hadn't made an effort to keep in touch. The two work through their issues for the sake of the circus and find themselves falling for each other. The romance was so so good. It was awkward and sensuous and so gentle. My heart is racing just thinking about how perfect these two were for each other. Ellie Marney is brilliant at writing chemistry between her couples and the kissing scenes in this book were simply incendiary! Besides all that romance goodness, All Fall Down continued the thread of the circus sabotage that began in All The Little Bones. More revelations are made, suspects are found, and more chaos ensued. It's not all wrapped up yet and I'm excited to see what happens next.

If you love your books romantic, atmospheric, and well-written, I can't recommend Ellie Marney's books enough. They are just out of this world!
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Author 5 books40 followers
October 4, 2018
Review posted on A Keyboard and an Open Mind 5 October 2018:

After reading the first book in this series last month, I was really excited to find out more about the characters in this universe. I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the previous book, but it was still a really enjoyable read.

All Fall Down centres on Fleur Klatsch, the daughter of the proprietor of the Klatsch Karnival. After a streak of accidents, one of which finds her father in hospital, she finds herself trying to run the show and keep it all together. She is reunited with childhood friend Marco, who comes in as a PA to help.

I really loved getting to know Fleur in this installment. I wasa a bit wary of her in the first book because I thought she was just going to be a typical “mean girl” type, but there is much more to her than that. As Sorcha says in this book, she did the wrong thing for the right reasons.

I really loved Marco! I don’t know, he was just caring and sweet and really put together with his paisley waistcoats. And he has a really good job and a good head on his shoulders. I totally undestood his reasons for leaving the circus, but I also appreciated Fleur’s hurt and sense of abandoment. The only thing that bothered me a bit about Marco was that he called Fleur “Petal”, which I got was a reference to her name meaning flower, and in the context it was a childhood nickname. But I associate it with “Settle, petal” and my niece calling my mum “Petal” when she’s being cheeky and other condescending things, so it did jar me a bit when he called her that in the middle of an otherwise serious conversation. But I can let it go.

While the sabotage that begins in the first book continues here and the characters are investigating it, I felt that not a huge amount happened in the first half. But both the romance and the investigation took off about the second half, and the climax had me flying through the pages.

I also really appreciate how much research Ellie Marney puts into her stories. I ended up going and googling another circus after a mention of a disaster that took place there in the 50s. And even just how much detail there is in the general circus atmosphere. It’s pretty great.

(I am grateful to Ellie Marney for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)

This review is part of my 2018 Australian Women Writers Challenge. Click here for more information.
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1,270 reviews102 followers
October 16, 2018
Review copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for a honest review
Honestly this series get better as we dive further into this world that Marney has created. I enjoyed the first book but All Fall Down took things into darker territories and that meant find out more about the dark side to the circus. Whilst the seediness element was there in the first book. Fleur and Marcus’s escapade meant no stone was left unturned and meant that for few of our favourites some home truths were learnt that made this world exploded.

Fleur was an interesting choice for a lead considering her history and the fact she wasn’t the most pleasant character in the world. I must admit I hated Fleur in the first book. She came across the typical spoilt brat. One of those people who has had their way since childhood and doesn’t realised the consequences when they does something wrong. Sorcha showed what powers she was abusing in the first one but I wasn’t sure if she was a redeemable character given her attitude and the facts we were presented with.

She was would you would could consider antagonist and it was interesting to see her positioned in this new role. Whilst the last book hinted at more troubles , this book thrusts them into the open as Fleur takes certain stage and readers are forced to get into her head and learn the real Fleur.

Fleur has hidden her feelings away of the world, not wanting to show herself weak. She fights for her position and doesn’t want any help. She can be superwoman and solve the problem of the circus. It’s quite the change and you have to wonder she is not as bad as you thought.

Especially when Marco is in the picture and this boy is the one you want to know.. He is the total opposite of this world, someone who has escaped and made a name for himself the horror of those who love him as being a normal.

It creates quite a picture as Fleur is carnie through and through and Marcus well, he is suave and makes you want to snap him up for yourself. He sees there something in Fleur which seems almost laughable given Fleur’s personality so far.

There is a close bond which lends it’s to making this book work and digs till we get to the core of things. Fleur does redeem herself and it’s interesting journey. It’s not overnight but the fact Marney doesn’t let her apologise for being herself. She uses the others to show that even Fleur can have happiness in her life and that she doesn’t need to carry herself above everyone else. That there can be a balance

Marco was the breath of air that was need in her life. Their shared bond meant things weren’t going to be easy but it was worth it in the end.

For more of my reviews, visit Thoughts by Tash.And drop by the blog's Facebook page
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470 reviews158 followers
December 14, 2018
(I received a copy of All Fall Down from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

After last month’s release of All the Little Bones, the first book in the Circus Hearts series, I knew that I was going to enjoy All Fall Down, but I was left wondering how it could possibly top it.

I don’t have that problem now.

All Fall Down was a wonderful, tension-filled young adult romance set against the backdrop of Klatch’s Karnival, just like All the Little Bones, only this time we’re not following outsiders Sorscha and Colm. Our main characters are Fleur, the ringmaster’s daughter, and Marco, her childhood friend who left years earlier and has come back to help when a series of mysterious ‘accidents’ plague the carnival, including an incident that leaves Fleur’s father in hospital and Fleur juggling the duties of running the carnival, performing nightly and caring for her injured father.

All Fall Down was such a delight to read.

In Book 1, Fleur was one of the ‘unlikeable’ characters – she’d taken an instant dislike to Sorscha who’d come in and started making changes to the trapeze show she was a part of and she didn’t like it, which lead to a series of poor decisions on Fleur’s part, which she’s spent the time between Book 1 and Book 2 atoning for. Now learning the ropes (pun intended) for running the carnival from her father, she’s grown up and accepted judgement from her peers and worked hard to regain her standing in the group. She’s a tough cookie and she likes to be in control, which is why all the accidents and her father’s injuries place such a heavy burden on her shoulders. We see her struggle to maintain control, to maintain the heart of the carnival she’s grown up in, and to navigate relationships with workers and friends.

Enter Marco, Eugenia Deloren’s son, and Fleur’s former best friend. They grew up in the carnival until Marco moved away with his father to the U.K. Now he works in event management and when Eugenia calls in a favour, he returns to help Fleur manage the show and help curb some of her overwhelm.

Their relationship was fantastic.

It was a bit of a blend of the friends-to-lovers and enemies-to-lovers tropes, because Fleur is very hostile to Marco’s interference in the carnival to begin with, but their relationship was so very earnest and easy-going once they got past that, and once the romance starts? Swoon-worthy!

The mystery element tied in nicely to the narrative as a whole. Every night the carnival ran a performance, I was left wondering what would go wrong, and the stakes were very high for everyone. Even some minor disruption could cause serious injury or even death, and so that keep the tension up the whole way through the book.

But the heart of the story, of course, was the developing relationship between Fleur and Marco, and it was just wonderful.
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314 reviews6 followers
October 15, 2018
3.5 Stars 🌟

All Fall Down (Circus Hearts 2), is the second book in the Circus Hearts series. In this instalment, we follow Fleur (previous ‘mean girl’), as she attempts to run the circus while there is a someone sabotaging at large.

I will be honest and say that I did not enjoy this as much as the first book. I think it may have been due to my dislike of Fleur in the first instalment, she just seemed to be a completely different person in this book, not as sassy. I also felt like the plot moved a lot slower, with more attention brought to character development. There was such a huge focus on Fleur’s relationships with her father and Marco, but I did quite enjoy seeing them develop.

I really enjoyed seeing the solidarity of the circus family come together in this book. They came together even more so to help one another in times of need. I sympathised with Fleur when she was struggling to come to terms with the events and their results near the beginning of the book. It was great to see her vulnerable side and her flaws. I did especially like seeing the rekindling relationship between Marco and his mother too.

The action was my favourite part of the book. As always, mystery is what interests me in books and while it wasn’t a huge aspect of the book, it was still a part of the plot overall. I enjoyed trying to work out who was the culprit and the background information.

Overall, I did quite enjoy this book and I’m really looking forward to the third instalment. I love how the author has written each of the books from different characters perspectives as it gives you even more of an insight into their lives in the circus and how they differ.
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600 reviews3 followers
October 7, 2018
Amazing!! Book two did not disappoint and only encouraged my new found love of the circus and show people! Fleur did win her way into my heart, after her not very nice start in book one, and now I see her for who she truly is. Passionate and determined, proud and loyal. And the introduction of Marco was also a lovely addition to the cast of characters. And dare I say it but the swoon factor was in a whole other level for book two - woah :)
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3,667 reviews1,006 followers
June 26, 2020
Trigger warnings:

Yeah, everything I said two years ago still stands.

I was slightly hesitant going into this one, because Fleur is the antagonist in the first book and I wasn't sure I'd like being in her head. But there's so much character development, even in the first ten pages or so, that I was worried over nothing and should have trusted in Ellie Marney's ability to create protagonists that I love!

The story in this one is fantastic. Marco is an absolute delight and I loved him. The romance is, like, RIDICULOUSLY hot. I loved this. A lot. A lot a lot. Okay bye.
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242 reviews34 followers
October 7, 2018
All Fall Down is the second in the Circus Hearts series and it doesn't disappoint. This instalment focuses on Fleur Klatch, trapeze artist and daughter of the circus owner, and the events that follow a nearly fatal accident. Desperate to keep the circus running for the sake of her father and the rest of the troupe, Fleur finds herself caught up in what looks like some sort of sabotage plot. Enter Marco, son of bearded lady and costumer Eugenia Deloren, who returns to Klatch's after a long absence to help in any way he can. As Fleur tries to solve the sabotage mystery, she also has to contend with her growing attraction to Marco, and the possibility that there is a traitor in the close-knit Klatch's Karnival family.
Marney has a great talent for walking a tightrope of sexual tension in her novels and it comes to the fore in this book. Fleur is a prickly but vulnerable character and Marco is urbane and darkly handsome (I'm a sucker for a guy who wears a waistcoat) - it's a match that is meant to be - but not without a few stumbles along the way. The backstory mystery of who is trying to damage the circus moves along well and the romance between Marco and Fleur is well-paced too. It was also great to get more than a glimpse of the support cast - Eugenia is a great character, as is Mitch, the head rigger. The other thing I really liked was reading about the rival circus, and how people at Klatch's were connected to it. That really gave the circus setting more depth.
Looking forward to number 3 very much!
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568 reviews108 followers
October 9, 2018
Roll up, roll up! Do you like hate-to-love romance with a side of slow burn? A dash of mystery and trouble thrown in for good measure? Are you ready to gasp and even SCREAM when the mystery reaches incredible heights and the romance becomes so fecking adorable you just CAN'T?? Well, you've come to the right blog post show for let me introduce you to an excellent book act called ALL FALL DOWN...

...Okay...might've gone over the top just a little with that introduction but I can't help it! CIRCUS HEARTS aka the new series by Ellie Marney (aka one of my fav authors eveerrr) has reminded me of how obsessed I used to be with the circus. Today I'm just reviewing the second book but I do recommend checking the first book out first.

I love how this series focuses on different characters at the same circus in each book. I wasn't sure going into this book if I'd be able to like this book's main character, Fleur, as her behavior was that of a complete dick in the first book. But I really enjoyed how she grew up in this book, called out her shitty actions and worked on being a better person.

The romance was SO GOOD. Something that didn't make me gel so much with the first book was the romance was a bit on the insta-lovey, very fast paced side, something I'm generally not a big fan of. Here though....OHHHH the romance in here was the BEST. Someone please get me a Marco, stat! I loved that Fleur and Marco were childhood friends which gave a nice history between them and also added to the the dislike/hate to love trope which I am forever trash for.

Besides from the romance feeling more developed in this book, I also loved the mystery element way, way more as well. Fleur and Marco trying to figure out who's behind all the circus sabotage was a nice side plot. Ellie excels at weaving mystery and romance together so it made for great reading.

I'm also really enjoying the circus setting in this series! It's bringing back fond memories of dreaming about running away to the circus (sorry, mum) and having amazing adventures. So if you're looking for a read to transport you into a world of circus, romance and mystery, look no further than this series!
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Author 3 books37 followers
October 18, 2018
I was captivated with book one, All the little bones, from the first sentence up until the last. I adored the protagonist, Sorsha, and didn’t want the story to end. So, obviously I was super excited when the opportunity to read and review book two came along and I jumped at it.

The first book is told from the POV of Sorsha and tracks her journey to the circus, her struggles to forget her past and fit in at the circus the second book is wholly set in. Fleur the POV in this, the second book, is a secondary character in the first one and I really didn’t like her...
My residual ill feelings towards Fleur made it hard for me to get into the story at first. But once I got to know Fleur, it was all good, GAME ON.

The second book has a thrilling Circus saboteur who-done-it feeling. With a friends to lovers type smouldering romance weaved through. And also a slight coming of age kind of vibe.

With Fleur’s father injured and in hospital thanks to the saboteur, Fleur must run the circus, figure out who the saboteur is and what on earth is going on between her and Marco. Thankfully she has some great side characters to help her along the way. Sorsha’s still there in the background with her muscle man, Colm and Genie and Mitch are wonderful. Oh, and I can’t forget Marco, glorious Marco. Marco lights up book two like petrol on bonfire.

Who would like this book: Fans of swoon worthy romance. #LoveOzYA aficionados. Anyone after a captivating and fast paced read.

I think this story could stand on its own. But then you would be depriving yourself of meeting Sorsha and Colm, and trust me, that’s not something you want to do.
Fast paced action. Hot romance. Circus life. What more could you want people. Do yourself a favour and check the series out.

Bring on book three and the POV of Ren!!!
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758 reviews49 followers
November 2, 2018
I had managed to read nothing about All Fall Down until I opened my app to book one of my ARC (thanks to the author, and of course all views expressed are my own and not influenced) and I was surprised, just for a second, to see we had taken up our story from Fleur’s perspective as opposed to Sorsha from book one. It was only for a moment though, because as is typical with Ellie Marney’s books, I was swept away into the story and gave Sorsha not another thought.

Fleur Klatsch is the ringmaster’s daughter and the circus is her whole life. So when accidents begin to happen and people start to get hurt, particularly her own father, she takes it into her own hands not only to run the circus, but solve the mystery and catch the saboteur. In steps Marco Deloren, a childhood friend who left the circus life for something more regular. Fleur doesn’t need any help – or thinks she doesn’t – and he just keeps getting in the way…

What I loved most about this novel is definitely the characters and how real they feel to me. Being a bit older than the usual YA age range, they seemed a bit closer to me in maturity, responsibilities and just their general manner. Fleur made a mistake in book one and I appreciated the time taken to develop her character to allow us to see there is so much more to her. She had to work so hard to keep the circus open and on track and with a crazy person who wanted to hurt people around too! Her character development and hard work were believable and admirable, even when she didn’t want Marco’s help (I feel like I would have been like that too).

So between the mystery of who is sabotaging the circus and the slow burn of Fleur and Marco’s newfound relationship after years apart, there’s plenty to keep the avid reader interested. Fleur and Marco’s tentative foray from friends to more than that is, while a bit angsty, really well portrayed and definitely steamy. I enjoyed the “whodunit” aspect of the circus mystery and the tension of not knowing when the next ‘accident’ would occur. My only complaint, again, is that I could have read another hundred pages of this story!
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5 reviews2 followers
October 22, 2018
All Fall Down is the second in the Circus Hearts series, and follows the story of Fleur, aka semi-villain from book one. Fleur is immensely sympathetic in this book, without losing any of her edge, and once again, it's sparks a plenty. I think I enjoyed the second book even more than the first one, though again, I could have done with more detail and focus on the mystery (thats a personal bias though! I'm a crime nut!) It was very enjoyable, and I loved loved loved the chemistry between Fleur and Marco. It was an unexpectedly sweet romance, and I'm here for it! I also really loved how fully drawn Fleur in particular, was as a character. She's tightly strung in a way that I found very appealing and interesting. As always' Marney's writing is tight and lyrical, and she writes a full, juicy world. Super enjoyable!
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Author 53 books111 followers
February 16, 2021
While the first book, All the Little Bones, follows trapeze artist Sorsha Neary, All Fall Down is about Fleur Klatsch, who looked set to be Sorsha’s worst enemy in the first book.

The aftermath of the final events of All the Little Bones are infused in the opening of All Fall Down, where Fleur is dealing with the consequences of her actions. There’s also the little matter of the accident that could have killed her.

Fleur is determined to make up for her mistakes and face her responsibilities full on. She is, after all, the ringmaster’s daughter and one day she’ll be running Klatsch’s Karnival.

One day happens sooner than she’d like, when a series of accidents, which are very obviously not accidental, put her father in hospital and the whole circus at risk. In the meantime, she’s confronted with the return of her childhood best friend, Marco Deloren, who against all stereotypes ran away from the circus.

Fleur is hard-headed and domineering. She’s also loves her father, is passionate about the circus and, despite some of her history, has the potential to be a great leader. All of these things are put to the test as she’s thrust into leadership. Marney draws a textured picture of someone who could easily be unlikable, and instead makes Fleur complex, deep and sympathetic.

Like All the Little Bones, there’s romance here, and it’s elegantly balanced and entwined with the story of the dangerous acts of sabotage, the history of Klatsch’s and its rivals, the personal histories of the players and Fleur’s transition from a bossy child to a substantial woman.

Marney’s depiction of Klatch’s is also fantastic – you can damn near smell the greasepaint, the sawdust, the sweat; the smoke and the fire.

None of the books indicate what city, or even what country, Klatsch’s and its rivals might operate in. I think it’s a good choice. Circuses operate as worlds of their own, and the only truly ‘real’ places in these books are within the canvas and wooden walls of the carnivals, and with the people who inhabit them.
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4,144 reviews340 followers
April 22, 2019
Even better than the first book in this series!

I really loved Fleur as the main character—loved her prickliness and her devotion to her father and her troupe, loved her commitment and her drive. I found her insecurities believable and relatable, and admired how she doesn’t let them stop her.

And her relationship with Marco feels so real—painful and awkward and lovely and good. I struggled a little in the previous book with Sorsha’s and Colm’s relationship, though I liked them much more in this one. I didn’t have any trouble at all getting behind Fleur and Marco though!

And I found the mystery really compelling, and loved how we learn more about the rival circus in town, and especially more about Eugenia!

I wasn’t super crazy about the journal entries at the beginning, though they totally make sense and give background info in a quick, easy way. It just feels a little weird that they never come up again. But other than that, I have absolutely no complaints and am totally looking forward to the next book about Ren and Jep!

I’m so enjoying getting to know this circus, which is CRAZY because I really am a total circus hater. In Ellie Marney’s hands though? More, please!!! And soon!
Reread. This all still stands!
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August 4, 2019
This book is set a few months after the events in All the Little Bones, and follows a different pair of characters, Fleur and Marco. In fact, each book in this trilogy focuses on a different romance with the same overarching setting (like Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner did in the Starbound series). Strictly speaking, you don't need to read the first book to appreciate the second, but it would definitely help give useful context for events early on.

I was a bit apprehensive going into this one because Fleur is a bit of a typical "mean girl" and a spoiled brat in the first book -- Sorsha interprets a lot of what she does as resulting from feeling threatened because Sorsha is a better trapeze artist than Fleur (not arrogance, just truth). But even in the first book it was clear that Fleur thought that Sorsha and her monumental baggage were a threat to the circus more broadly, not just to her personally. I liked that nuance. Of course, that didn't stop Fleur from doing something stupid, which she is still paying for at the start of All Fall Down.

Fleur does learn from her mistakes, though she is still far from perfect: she's proud, stubborn and doesn't want to ask from help, least of all from Marco, the childhood friend that disappeared from her life. Still, she doesn't have a choice, and over the course of the book she really grows into a leader who not only thinks about the wellbeing of her employees but earns their trust too.

Like the relationship between Colm and Sorsha, the one between Fleur and Marco is sizzling and built on a solid base of friendship. Hawt. I also appreciated that the obstacles to the romance in this book don't feel contrived (my pet peeve in romance, as I mentioned last time -- I once threw a book across the room because one of those obstacles would have been so easily addressed by the main character if she'd bothered!).

The crime element of this story is more front and centre than in All the Little Bones; I really enjoyed trying to figure out who was behind the "accidents", and wondering what was going to happen next.

I can't rave about this series enough, you guys.
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January 11, 2019
Great characters, great story, and great romance.

I will always associate this trilogy with my father's funeral. I read them all as I traveled there and back again, and in between moments of sadness, and great joy I shared with my siblings and mother.

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January 16, 2019
3.5 Stars.
Enjoyable but a tad monotonous for me with the romance and the on going storyline. The ending was lovely though. Not 100% for me as I enjoyed ‘Book 1’ better but not to say if was awful in any regard.
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November 20, 2021
enjoyable but not as much as 1st one cause didn't connect with Fleur & Marco as much. Sure Fleur is much improved from the spoilt selfish bitch she is in book one and the story is good but Fleur & Marco lacked the sweetness of Sorsha & Colm.
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June 11, 2019
I'm not sure if I loved this one more than the first book, but I adored Fleur & Marcos in this one and I loved the added stakes that were a bit beyond the personal. I cannot read these fast enough!
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March 11, 2019
Though the first book in this series didn't quite live up to my expectations, these two won me over! I loved that the second book made me love a character I'd previously hated, and the romance just worked so well for me. The mystery was better, too, and had more tension. So I was excited to go right into the third, and it didn't disappoint. I think it was my favorite of the three because the couple was just too adorable! I loved the sneaky moments and the swoony ones. Both books get a So Enjoyed It from me!
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