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Sofia Kendrick has always cherished her tiara. As the youngest daughter of a wealthy New York family, she’s lived the life of an American princess. But after two scandalous divorces and a breakup smear her name across the society rags, the shine from her crown has dulled. People call her superficial, even gaudy.

She’s nothing more than tinsel.

Desperate for escape and starving for peace, Sofia heads to Montana for a holiday weekend with her brother. But she doesn’t get the relaxing vacation she planned. Instead, she’s put to work in a bar alongside Dakota Magee—a man who does not want her help. A man who is set on teaching her a few lessons about real life and hard work. But Sofia has a couple of life lessons of her own to teach. Like how to fall in love.

Words: 98,430

386 pages, ebook

First published February 19, 2019

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About the author

Devney Perry

60 books11.9k followers
Devney is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Washington with her husband and two sons. Born and raised in Montana, she loves writing books set in her treasured home state. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her family. Writing one book, let alone many, was not something she ever expected to do. But now that she’s discovered her true passion for writing romance, she has no plans to ever stop.

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3,813 reviews32.4k followers
February 8, 2019
4 stars

 photo IMG_3152_zpszq0uwl7t.png

I love these Lark Cove books! I seriously can’t pick a favorite, they’re all so good. Sophia and Dakota’s story was just as amazing as I expected it to be. I love that these books make me feel! Emotionally charged romances are my absolute favorites.

Sophia Kendrick is one of those characters I wasn’t sure if I was going to love… in the first book she rubbed me the wrong way a bit. But there was so much more to her than what meets the eye. When she comes to Montana to visit her brother, she doesn’t expect to be put to work at Thea’s bar, but she does it. She needs a purpose and until she figures that out, working is as good of thing as anything.

Dakota is just as concerned when Sophia comes to the bar. This girl that hasn’t worked a day in her life just waltzes in to the bar he runs… but he’s actually impressed by her work ethic and determination. The two start to bond and are insanely attracted to one another. It turns into a no-strings sex, but of course, feelings start to grow there.
She was a woman who had everything in the world at her fingertips and yet seemed so . . . miserable and lonely. She seemed so lost. I didn’t pity her. But I was intrigued. I ached to get closer and solve her riddle. I ached for her.

My favorite part of this book was watching Sophia grow and watching Dakota encourage her to do more. She really found herself and her passion and he gave her the encouragement and freedom to do that. Things were easy for her in a lot of ways, but her life wasn’t easy in some ways, too.
I wanted her to leave here tonight feeling like she’d made a difference. That I couldn’t have done it without her help. I wanted her to feel like she mattered, at least for one night.

Dakota didn’t have it easy, either. He had a lot of familial issues to deal with and it took him some time to figure things out, but he did. I loved the two of them together.

I will miss this group of characters so much. This book series is special. I love the emotions, the family/friendship bonds, and the sweet and swoony love stories. Tinsel was an amazing way to end this series!!
Be bold. Find your magic. Chase the impossible.
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January 30, 2019
Image and video hosting by TinyPic x xxxxx Image and video hosting by TinyPic ‘TINSEL’ is the fourth full length book in Devney Perry's 'Lark Cove' series. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives.'

I didn’t think I would connect with Sophia’s character but surprisingly I did, my heart went out to her as soon as I started the book, just a young girl seeking approval from any quarter she could get it, but it just seemed all throughout her life from her parents to her siblings they were all doing wonderful life changing things with their lives, they never had time for the Sophia, garnering no expectations from her family other than being a 'princess.' As though her life wasn’t just as important. And you could see and understand why she was shrouded in so much self doubt, where she struggled to find her niche within the Kendrick family.


After a magazine leaves an unsavory article about her, Sophia flees New York to lick her wounds where she goes to stay with brother Logan and his wife Thea, in Montana. As soon as she arrives, Thea drops an impromptu holiday on Logan and comes up with a cunning plan of putting Sophia to work in the bar whilst they are on holiday for ten days. Thus putting Dakota in charge, Dakota is the bartender at the bar which Thea is co-owner of.

Sophia was well out of her comfort zone, here's a female who has had every whim catered for her, growing up with money has afforded her a life of luxury, she's never had to work, she's never had to lift a finger for herself, because why should she when she hires people to do it for her. So Dakota in some ways was a glorified babysitter.

She was an enigma. A puzzle
She was a woman who had everything in the world at her fingertips yet seemed
so....miserable and lonely. She seemed so lost. ❞

You are not wrong to think this is where she'll break but she will surprise you, she's made of tougher stuff than even I gave her credit for, and I started to see her in a new light. She had so many layers, it's not until you delve deeper into the story that she comes into her own.

It didn't take these two long to click, he saw something within her that many didn't. She wore her heart on her sleeve. But what happens when the ten days are up and she goes back home to New York?

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❝ So are you in?❞
❝ In for what?❞
❝ A week with me.❞
His eyes flashed, the warniness turning to heat
❝ Think that's smart?❞
❝ I can walk away from this as friends.
Can you?.❞

He nodded.
❝ Not a problem. ❞

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ALL THE FEELS IN THE WORLD This book right here hit all those swoony, heart is full feels. I sighed, I swooned, I laughed, I cried, I loved. I couldn't see how these two fitted with each other, they were PERFECTLY IMPERFECT, BUT PERFECT TOGETHER. They had so many hurdles to cross, so many opinions to overcome. These two fast approached my most favourite characters within this series. They were so easy to relate to, I connected to both of them on all levels, I felt their love, their pain, their hardships, their striving to prove themselves to loved ones, their need to better themselves, to find themselves.

Tinsel played on ALL MY EMOTIONS , so early on in the book I was under their spell, loving them together, sad when they were sad, I felt their pain as though it were my own. Like a yoyo my feelings were out of control, this fast became my favourite book within the series.

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772 reviews1,615 followers
May 6, 2020
Standalone Series

#1 Tattered — 3.75 Stars
#2 Timid — 3.5 Stars
#3 Tragic — 4 Stars
#4 Tinsel — 3 Stars

I’ve been spending the week binge reading this series. Although Lark Cove has successfully made me fall in love with its beauty, I was also starting to get bored. Add to that, this last installment was underwhelming. For the most part, I think it’s bcs a story about a star crossed love affair is not my cup of tea. Or at least it wasn’t when it concerned these characters.

Sofia Kendrick flies to her brother’s residence in Montana with the intention of escaping her socialite lifestyle in New York for a much needed break. Not expecting that she’d be put to work in a bar alongside Dakota Magee—a man who is set on teaching her a few lessons about real life and hard work.

Sofia is first introduced in Tattered. Many of us who’ve read the series can agree that she’s not exactly a likeable character. It was nice to watch her grow out of her superficial facade and misunderstood demeanor. Meanwhile, Dakota has his battles standing up to his family who wants nothing from him but to return and make a life in their reservation with his people, his tribe.

With such contrasting backgrounds, these two struggle to find the middle ground to their relationship that doesn’t end in hurting each other and the people around them. Throughout the book, they go through months upon months of separation at different intervals. They don’t go out with other people. They were miserable, and I just wasn’t into this kind of misery.

Also, I felt like the ending to their story lacked...precision? I don’t think this book needs to be as long as it does when it’s just going to end the way it does. Huh, sorry, that was vague. Bottom line is, I adored Sofia and Dakota individually and had nothing against them being a couple. I think their personal growth was outstanding, but I just wasn’t sold and completely satisfied with their romance.
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693 reviews215 followers
February 22, 2019


280 reviews82 followers
February 24, 2019
I loved the Lark Cove Series, but Tinsel would be my favorite. I could not put this down and read in one sitting.

Sofia was so hateable with Logan and Thea's story, but this story begins with her hitting rock bottom. She has found herself the subject of an unflattering magazine article that forces her to face those truths and figure out her life. She heads to Montana to stay with her brother, Logan and his wife Thea. Thea wants Sofia to trust her as she has tasked her to help with the bar that she owns while she and Logan leave on vacation. Thea's employee, Dakota, is not happy with the help but is loyal to Thea and Logan and will abide by her request. Their first day is rocky and tensions flare, but as time goes on, they realize there is chemistry and since she is leaving home soon, why not have a harmless fling, too? While each agree to some harmless fun, they also recognize that their feelings are intense but don't want to explore anything long term because Dakota's life is in Montana, and he is also struggling with his place with his family and their deeply rooted heritage and traditions. Sofia has had two divorces and another failed relationship so she is not sure if her feelings are real.

The short time that the two spent together had impacted Sofia as she recalls Dakota's advice to her to "find her passion". She is determined to find her true passion and in time she does find something that gives her purpose and she wants to share this with Dakota. They reconnect again for a weekend so she can share her project with him and he is amazed and proud of her newfound confidence. They cannot deny their feelings physically but won't make any long term commitments and they depart again.

It takes a tragedy to reunite them again and they are now faced with their original fears and wonder if they be together. While all of the books in the series has an HEA, this took some time to get there and I'm glad it did. Understanding that Dakota was in love with Sofia, but feeling trapped with the expectations and guilt from his family was heartbreaking. However, watching Sophia morph into a stronger version of herself over time and be the person that is going to "rescue" him was so wonderful. I loved how this ended, and a great way to end the series, too.
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521 reviews18.9k followers
August 11, 2022

Okay so we have Dakota our native american love interest and I was excited to see how he and his culture would be mentioned as well as talk about in this book. Maybe I missed some things but overall, his past life with his family was shitted on by not only himself but the white rich love interest made some comments too.
It made me a bit uncomfortable because I thought it could have been handled differently without making it seem like his family was evil because it definitely came across like that.

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2,666 reviews625 followers
January 31, 2019
This is the second time this author has taken a side character from a previous book who was not well liked and given them their own voice and done it very successfully. I'm really impressed with how she has made me completely change my view point on a previous disliked character.

In book one of the Lark Cove series, Sofia came off as shallow and a spoiled brat. She is the younger sister of Logan Kendrick and she was not very welcoming to Thea.

Going into Tinsel, I was curious how the author was going to show her change in character. I'm happy to say she did a really, great job. It wasn't a sudden change, that would be unrealistic. What we learn is that she was slowly trying to be a better person but it was a specific moment that really made her stop and re-evaluate herself. It made Sofia's character more believable.

I also really liked how we got glimpses into her growing up that shaped her. I actually really empathized with her character as a child and it made sense how that could mold a person a certain way.

On the flip side, we got to see Dakota dealing with his own family pressures and expectations. Dakota and Sofia are from two different worlds and yet they still had to deal with the same type of issues with their families. It was a big part to how well they connected to each other.

This book had such a great message in it. It showed that no matter how perfect someones life is, we don't know what they are truly dealing with in their life. I also thought it had a great message about how not dismissing others on how they handle stress or problems. Just because we don't deal with things the same way, doesn't make the other person wrong.

I have to mention that the love story in this is just as much worth the read. I loved Dakota for Sofia and I loved Sofia for Dakota. They were a pair you never thought to put together but were ultimately perfect for each other. The way they supported each other was a beautiful thing to see. These two have become one of my favorite couples!
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2,077 reviews13.3k followers
August 15, 2022
While I loved Tragic, most books in this series have just been okay. this book wasn't the best for me. I really have a hard time caring about rich and spoiled heroines, and that definitely includes Sofia. She has endless money and has no idea what she wants to do with her life. She never lifts a finger and doesn't even know what a dust pan is? She messes up again, so she's at the bar her brother owns with his wife and she's working there while her brother and his wife go off on a trip for New Year's Eve. She's been married twice and always falls for men who are only using her for her money. Dakota is annoyed that Sofia is going to be working at the bar with him and immediately judges her. The two start getting along, though, and quickly fall into bed together. I just didn't care about Sofia and how naive she was. She couldn't tell when men used her for her money? She didn't know how to do simple things because she's rich?? I'm sorry, but I don't really care? I had a hard time caring at all her for her and her struggles. The romance was just okay, but they hooked up pretty quickly and then fell in love pretty quickly. But then this book went over a long period of time and the last half kind of felt disjointed from the beginning half. This book just wasn't for me!
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2,060 reviews707 followers
February 4, 2019
Oh my gawd! This book literally shredded my heart! It was a slow process the started with just a tug and a pull that then escalated into a full on ravaging. And then, just as only this author can do it, with one of the most amazing epilogues, it was put back together more perfect and fuller than when I began. This is the type of story that an addicted romance reader such as myself hungers for. The kind that will take you from a barroom littered with peanut shells to a place where the impossible is possible and black boxes no longer exist.


My heart hurt for Sofia and all that she had pushed aside as she was forced into the woman that she has become. I felt her pain and humiliation as this story opens. The words written to describe it so sharp and clear drawing the perfect picture of a woman completely lost as to who she really is and what her life had to offer. I’ve never before read a story where the heroine finds herself written in such a heartfelt way. Never cared enough about another character like I did Sofia. I was totally invested in her journey and how she would find joy in her life.


Dakota had similar struggles. He’s fighting his past and the expectations that have been placed on him all his life. With a dream for his future his days and nights are spent working towards that goal. I loved how, despite his initial frustration and impressions of Sofia, he recognized that he needed to take care with her. And that decision made all the difference. He became the man that didn’t make her stronger but that encouraged her to find the strength she already held within herself. Forget sexy times, those were the swoony moments in this story.


While this author tends to lace her books with some angst, I can’t recall another that held the level that Tinsel did. I teared up, I cried silent tears and then I flat out sobbed all because this couple were so perfect for each other. Their struggle pierced my heart and I experienced every emotion they did as they both fought to do what was right, what their individual lives required, and most of all to secure a future together. There might have been a time or two between the tears that I cursed this author for making me care so much.


This book flows from scene to scene without ever feeling heavy handed. Once I started I couldn’t stop and before I knew it I had reached its conclusion. Yes, there is definitely steam here, the best kind, but with a Deveny Perry book it’s about so much more. This author outshines herself with each new release and actually sets the bar higher for herself. And I know I’ve said it with each book in this series, but this one truly is the best of them all.

Dual POV
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293 reviews467 followers
February 9, 2019

“Be bold.
Find your magic.
Chase the impossible.”

I have been a huge Devney Perry fan for a while now and her writing makes it so easy to absolutely adore everything she creates. Hands down Lark Cove is my favorite series and I have cherished each and every book. What I loved most about this series is the exquisite mountainous backdrop of the small town in Montana, that is very much a character in and of itself, and played such an important role in each and every book. Tinsel was positively breathtaking with the perfect balance of emotion, excitement and passion. Devney has produced yet another remarkable story with impeccable characterisations and a well-paced storyline that I felt deep within; it kept me fully invested until the very last word was read.

Sofia was born into an affluent family and while she never went without materialistic things, she went without the love and attention from her family and was always seeking approval from anywhere she could get it. Even as a young girl she never quite seemed to live up to her siblings and never felt important. Sofia’s father had high hopes for Logan and Aubrey and was grooming them to take over the Kendrick family empire, but Sofia, she could do whatever she wanted. I really felt for Sofia from the very beginning and had an undeniable connection towards her that both overwhelmed yet surprised me.

“She was an enigma. A puzzle. She was a woman who had everything in the world at her fingertips and yet seemed so… miserable and lonely. She seemed so lost.”

When a media scandal hits, it paints a very unflattering picture of Sofia and she decides it’s time for an escape. She decides visit her eldest brother Logan, in the picturesque town of Lark Cove, Montana. Soon Sofia is dealt with some harsh realities and lessons in life that will ultimately change the way she perceives the world.

Sofia is someone who has never worked a day in her life, where money is no object. Thea (her sister-in-law) and Logan have decided to take a vacation and Sofia gets thrown completely in the deep end when she discovers she will be working in her bar while they are vacation.

Dakota Magee is the bartender and an incredibly hardworking man, he is unlike any man Sofia has encountered before in her life. While they are two different people from two different worlds, their struggles and family issues are very much the same and as a result, yields a powerful connection between the two.

“There had to be a way. We’d touched one another’s lives, leaving permanent marks neither of us would ever erase.
If this didn’t work out, if we couldn’t find a way, I’d never be the same.
Neither would he.”

Tinsel brought on the most intense feelings imaginable; I laughed, I cried, I agonised and I empathised. What started out as harmless flirting soon escalated into a powerful love affair where their feelings for each other were deep and intense. Unfortunately their love for one another is not a lay down mesire; there are a number of hurdles and opinions for them to overcome before they can live happily ever after.

Devney Perry has written a compelling and meaningful story that really touched my heart and soul. I drank in every beautifully written word and felt every emotion that was carefully scripted on these thought provoking pages. Perry has showcased time and time again that she is a true talent, an artist. Her books should be read and devoured by any lover of romance.

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1,446 reviews1,156 followers
January 30, 2019
When the sparkle is gone…

I don’t think being rich and famous is all it’s cracked up to be. It’s kind of depressing to think that with all the money in the world, you still have to get up at the crack of dawn to exercise. I was a wee bit disappointed that Sophia’s chef mainly made her healthy food. I’d have to wear heels and couldn’t walk out of my house without full makeup and hair styled?!?! Being rich sounds like a nightmare. I’m lucky I was pre-warned of the disadvantages, so I might just have to donate my millions of dollars to charity instead…if I had millions.

I started Tinsel a little hesitantly. Sophia did not leave me with a great first impression…or second for that matter. I couldn’t even say I warmed up to her once I heard her full story, to be honest. She’s just that wee bit too self-absorbed and flighty. Again, like most of Devney Perry’s less likable characters, you can’t help but warm up to them as they go along. Sophia is definitely someone I warmed up to and eventually loved. When her reputation is soured by an article showing her in a less than favourable light, it’s time for a reassessment. What better place for a bit of self-reflection, than Lark Cove. To get herself on track, Sophia puts her trust in Thea to distract her from her problems. Trust is all about sweeping up the nut shells.

Poor Dakota, he definitely earned his wages on the first day Sophia comes to work in the bar. Even I was surprised at her lack of general life-skills. I do not think her parents did her any favour by excusing Sophia of chores. Not knowing how to cook or clean up after yourself is not a good way to be a strong and independent person. Luckily, Dakota is a very patient person and he is willing to show her how to hold his stick...I mean broomstick.

I had quite a few epiphanies as I was reading Tinsel. One of the biggest ones was that we are guided by our parents in the choices we make. Approval or disapproval of a potential partner CAN make or break a relationship. Being brought up in a certain way with your parent’s beliefs, religion or views imparted on you, it’s almost assumed that you will follow that path forever. Sure, I get that our parents are trying to teach us values and hope that we will live bright and prosperous lives, but, we also have to be able to find our own path. Dakota’s issues with culture, history and carrying on the family’s lineage, really felt like he had no choice. I hope that I will remember this in years to come and guide my boys with a helping hand instead of an ultimatum.

I really enjoyed Tinsel a lot more than I expected. Sophia and Dakota do not take the easy road in their relationship and it felt like they had an end date in sight nearly the whole way through. I’m glad they eventually made their way to happiness but, geez, they put each other through the wringer with all of their separations.

The storyline kept me entertained from start to finish, the characters were original, far from perfect but perfect for each other, and the steamy times definitely made my heart beat harder. There were a couple of times that I was frustrated with Dakota and Sophia for not putting their love for each other first. I was fascinated by getting a glimpse of life on the Reservation and learning about how a Tribe lives together as a community. Sophia’s extravagant lifestyle wasn’t that appealing to me and I've decided that I would definitely live a different life if I had millions. Sure, I would love more money in my bank account but it’s obvious to me that money doesn’t buy you happiness.

If you haven’t read a Devney Perry story yet, DO IT!! Lucky for you, she’s got a stack out now so you are spoilt for choice. I highly recommend the Lark Cove series and Tinsel was a great addition.

Stacey is Sassy, received a complimentary copy of this story. The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes.
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1,481 reviews341 followers
August 31, 2022

Qué bueno que seguí con la serie y no la abandoné después del primer libro que fue horroroso, si bien las historias son sencillas, pero tiene los finales más cheesy y satisfactorios que me dejan muy feliz.

Esta es la historia de Sofia y Dakota, una mujer heredera de una de las familias más ricas de USA que está en la búsqueda de un propósito y no solo estar gastándose el dinero de su fideicomiso, después de que una revista se burlara de ella decide ir a Montana de vacaciones con su hermano pero termina ayudando en el bar de su cuñada con un hombre guapo.

Dakota es un nativo americano que después de salir de la reserva donde vive su tribu está trabando duro para lograr sus objetivos y que su papá se sienta orgulloso y que vea que su único propósito no es estar en la reserva siguiendo las tradiciones de la familia.

Me encantaron los protagonistas, su historia, su romance, ese amor prohibido que me tenía angustiada queriendo saber cómo terminaría.

Sofia tuvo un gran desarrollo pasó de ser la mujer mimada a una persona fuerte con sus objetivos claros sabiendo lo que quería y valía.
Dakota también me gustó mucho fue un gran apoyo para ella siempre confío y también tenía sus propios conflictos, pero al final lo solucionó.
Es la pareja más dulce y tierna

El epílogo es de lo más bonito.
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1,654 reviews330 followers
December 28, 2019
Spoilers ahead

I've read 484 books for 2019 so far yet it took me three very long days to finish this book......that's a ton of valuable reading hours wasted on a supremely boring book that I really should have DNF. Initially I had problems connecting with Sofia because a woman in her 30s not even being able to sweep is in no way relatable to me at all but I saw some growth in her at the end of it all. The thing is the entire plot was- Sofia finding her passion rather than being a vapid heiress, Dakota standing up to his family who wanted him to return to the reservation and Dakota and Sofia finding middle ground to being together while they lived so far apart and honestly you really don't need THAT many pages to conclude those situations.. This would've worked better as a novella or shorter book, it was a long, drawn out snooze fest that I regret finishing. I've enjoyed quite a few books by this author and will definitely read her again but this just wasn't worth it

*I'm not sure if Aubrey will get her own book but considering her H met her but still asked Sofia out I'm a bit irked already

Vacation fling that turned into more
Months upon months of separation at different intervals but they weren't with others
Sofia went on a date though nothing happened
Dakota's ex wanted him back though he wasn't interested
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Author 109 books20.7k followers
Want to read
February 19, 2019
An all-new romance, full of emotion and depth from USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry. She’s Manhattan royalty. He’s a Montana bartender. Paired together for ten days, neither will leave the same.

Amazon | Apple | Nook | Kobo

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869 reviews444 followers
March 16, 2019
”I’ll always pick you. You’re my family.”

Dakota(32) & Sofia(32). Told from dual POV. Setting is Montana and New York. Book 4 of 4. Standalone romance, but part of a series with recurring characters. It’s not necessary to read the other books to understand this one.

Dakota: he’s ambitious and has mapped out some future goals for his life. He’s putting in the hard work and effort now so that he can see his dreams come to fruition. He has a strained relationship with his family because he deviated from the path they expected him to follow and instead, carved out a life for himself off the reservation.
”My family didn’t understand my ambition. They didn’t see the end goal where I retired early and had the flexibility to travel the world.”

First impression of Dakota: he's a good guy. He’s honest, hard working, strong and sexy and seems pretty easy going. Deep down he has a tender heart.

Sofia: she fled NY because of an embarrassing magazine article and ended up at her brother's place in Lark Cove. Sofia lacks confidence, is lonely and lost. The article said she was frivolous and petty (among other things) and so she’s riddled with self doubt and low self esteem. Although the article humiliated her, it opened her eyes to some truths about herself that she was finally willing to acknowledge. She hit rock bottom and had to really start looking within to find her true self.
“This is about me realizing that I’ve spent thirty-two years on this planet and have nothing to show for myself other than a no-limit Amex. I am nothing.”

First impression of Sofia: yes, she came off as a privileged, pain in the butt, high maintenance socialite. However, because she is overlooked and somewhat ignored by her overachieving family, there is an element of sadness about her and I found myself feeling sorry for her. When she picked up the peanut shells off the floor and carried them to the garbage can, I wanted to hug her. I mean, who doesn't know how to use a broom and a dust pan? I should be annoyed by her privileged life. Instead, my heart hurt for her. Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔. How did that happen? That’s some excellent writing to make the reader feel empathy for someone you should despise. Kudos, Devney Perry!

The Story
Sofia is not what she projects on the outside and feels like she pales in comparison to her highly successful family members. She’s lost and needs to find her purpose. As she learns what it’s like to actually work, she begins to dissect her life and starts asking questions about who she is and what she really wants to accomplish. And, Dakota is right there to offer encouragement. They have a steamy fling, but early on Dakota is the one person who finally “sees” Sofia.

”She had more potential than she knew. She had more intelligence than most—in spades. If I did anything in the next nine days, I hoped to show her that at least one person believed in her, that one person didn’t expect her to conform to a certain role because of her heritage or last name or birth order.”

“How was it that a man I’d met just moments ago had such confidence in me? The people I was closest to didn’t think I’d ever amount to much.”

Their hot and steamy fling only lasts 10 days, but they form a strong connection. As they part ways and Sofia finally begins to find herself, Dakota’s family issues start to take over his life and he seems to take some backwards steps as he tries to fight his guilt and confusion. They spend months apart and don’t talk often, but when they do see each other it’s clear they have a deep bond and a reliance on each other that goes above and beyond just the physical.

Family relationships are at the heart of this story and it spotlights both the positive and negative impacts a family can have on each other.

This story starts out with a strong, confident Dakota and Sofia just desperately trying to win a small crumb of approval from her family. As the story progresses, the roles change as Sofia finds her passion and becomes a strong, confident woman and Dakota’s family pressures weaken him and make him doubt his choices.

I absolutely loved the relationship between Dakota and Sofia. Yes, there was a serious steam factor with them. But more than that, their love and support was tangible and leapt off the page. They have a tender, sweet love that is full of compassion and understanding and it’s a beautiful thing to witness. And, can I just say.....the naming ceremony. OMG, I love, love, loved that. ❤️❤️
”Be bold. Find your magic. Chase the impossible.”
”Burn bright, little star.”

The author hit it out of the park with this final book. A fabulous way to end the series.

H likable? Yes
h likable? Yes
h virgin? No
First time they sleep together: 29%
OW/OM drama? No
H/h cheat? No
Steamy? Yes
Did I skip pages? No
How the book made me feel: all snuggly and warm and mushy inside. Sigh 💘
Big secrets? No
Did I cry? No
Cliffhanger? No
How it ends:
Recommend? Definitely

“Maybe I’d finally be seen as something more than the other Kendrick child, the pretty one who hadn’t amounted to much.”

“My family didn’t understand me. They didn’t realize I was softer than they were. I didn’t have an edge or a protective shell that made me tough. I was just . . . me. And when things got difficult, I cried.”

“This might not be the thing you do your entire life. But if you give it your all, you’ll never be a failure.”

“I’m proud of you. So damn proud.”

“It was crushing. Soul crushing. For once, I’d found the right guy. And for once, I wasn’t the right girl.”

“Dakota was more than just a good guy. He was top-shelf. His moral fiber ran so deep it was ingrained in his very being. With him, there were no games. No tricks. No ulterior motives. He was just pure and honest.”

“I see it. I see it so clearly, and it’s magnificent. It takes my breath away.”
“See what, babe?”
“The future.” She turned the knob on the door. “I wish you could see it too.”
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February 6, 2019
“I’ve spent thirty-two years on this planet and have nothing to show for myself other than a no-limit Amex. I am nothing.”

It’s no secret that I have been a huge admirer of Devney Perry’s novels from the moment I got my first taste of her special brand of storytelling, her small-town settings playing backdrop to some of the most emotional romances I’ve had the pleasure of reading of late. But with Tinsel, Perry delivers a story that is rare and understatedly breathtaking—a story of two people from very different worlds, both struggling to break free from their families’ expectations of them, while paving their own paths in life. Written with warmth and sensitivity, perfectly paced and splendidly characterised, this is the kind of story that stays with you long after you’ve run out of pages to read, and it’s the kind of book that swallows you whole, going straight for the heart.

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1,049 reviews2,410 followers
February 22, 2019
Loved loved loved Dakota and Sofia! And that cover THO!!!!

This is why Devney Perry is a BTR favorite!! Tinsel is one of my absolute favorite books. I fell head over heels for Dakota, but Sofia stole my heart. This was another amazing experience from this must read author!

After an embarrassing situation leads her to reassess her life choices, Sofia ventures to Lark Cove for a bit of down time. What she’s met with a life altering experience in the form of an amazing man.

Dakota is so yum!! I loved his character so much. His need to have a relationship with his family while also forging his own path was interesting to witness.

Here’s what you need to know:
Great main characters
Fantastic secondary characters
Small town romance
Sexy AF
Amazing chemistry and tension
Great writing

I thoroughly enjoyed every single thing about it. I highly recommend this author and book. Devney Perry has become an auto-buy author.
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Author 124 books18.4k followers
February 19, 2019
An all-new romance, full of emotion and depth from USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry. She’s Manhattan royalty. He’s a Montana bartender. Paired together for ten days, neither will leave the same.

Amazon | Apple | Nook | Kobo

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331 reviews797 followers
May 18, 2023

these two gave me so much stress but like in a good way!? Sophia comes to Montana to escape a PR crisis and ends up working at the bar her sister in law owns for 10 days. Sophia comes from a very wealthy family and has always had struggled with how she fits with her family since she isn’t a workaholic…she struggles with allowing herself to do what makes her happy and shine.

Dakota has issues with his family due to what they expect from him and his future. Dakota has his own dreams and aspirations for his life and that means leaving behind his family to go do that.

Dakota takes Sophia under his wing when she starts working in the bar (and also takes her under his sheets 😮‍💨). I loved that with Dakota, Sophia felt comfortable being herself, letting her guard down and really thinking about what she wants out of her life. Dakota was such a strong and silent type who truly cares about his community and family and was very protective of Sophia. Not to mention her number 1 fan🥲

Now back to the stress part….i know it’s a romance and a guaranteed HEA but getting to that point was stressing me out cause they come from 2 different worlds, with different expectations and not to mention they live in different states. HOW WILL THEY COME TOGETHER??? They spent months apart which honestly was needed because Sophia especially needed to learn how to stand on her own two feet and achieve something great. All of that was worth it for their reunion.

Overall a fantastic love story and the perfect conclusion to the Lark Cove series. Yes, i cried while reading the epilogue but like happy tears!
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2,898 reviews634 followers
June 20, 2022
Tinsel kicks me at the ending. Miss Perry fails to close Tinsel with such force or conclusion that makes sense.

The story and the plot was amazing. I was gripped by the writing and the climax between Sophie and Dakota. Their background coming from opppsite and yet they love each other.
I want to see more dramatic/ makes sense conclusion. Not anti climax where everything like magic, solved by itself

Good story but disappointmen end.

3 stars
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670 reviews
May 1, 2019
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tinsel was unconventional not your usual run of the mill romance this was refreshing and different, I was worried there for a while if Dakota and Sofia would even end up together.

I probably didn't like Sofia when I first met her in Tattered a spoiled Princess but in Tinsel to begin with I felt sorry for her, the way she thought her family felt about her, thanks to that article she became her real self discovering what made her happy and she FINALLY found her Prince, her passion and a best friend.

Dakota was a complex man he is torn between two lives his life doing what he wants in Lark Cove or the life his family thinks he should live on the Reservation so when he meets Sofia, he knows straight away they would never have a future together as they are so different, they were just a fling.

I loved Sofia and Dakota together the passion was off the scales and they talked but they where both scared about the future.

I enjoyed the way the story progressed and catching up with some old friends and the epilogue was sweet.

A bonus for me it was fun having a character with my name Lyndie just spelled differently, my name has a few different spellings.

Sad that this was my last visit Lark Cove, this was my tenth Devney Perry book, she never disappoints me.
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Author 89 books15.1k followers
February 19, 2019

An all-new romance, full of emotion and depth from USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry. She’s Manhattan royalty. He’s a Montana bartender. Paired together for ten days, neither will leave the same.

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3,404 reviews449 followers
September 17, 2019
I'm sorry but I can't do this to myself. Maybe if it was some other day, month, the year I would keep going but I just can't do this anymore. I really don't care about this heroine.
Glad so many like this one and I get it, okay I just... It is not for me.
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897 reviews278 followers
February 18, 2019

“Burn bright, little star.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Once again Devney Perry reminds me of the power she has as a writer to make me feel so much all at once. Tinsel was the story that brought the depth of the characters out into the light. Their struggles. Their conflicts. Their insecurities and their differences. Not all the characters are the same and each have a story to share. It's just so amazing and wonderful!

Sofia Kendrick is the character you love to hate. When I first met her in Tattered, I couldn't stand her and I really wanted to slap her in the face. Watching her in Tinsel and seeing how her family and society portrayed her as this spoiled rich princess was heartbreaking. Yet, she rose from the ashes to prove she can be somebody of worth. Though she struggled to find herself, she wasn't useless.

Then we have Dakota Magee. Gosh, I love all the men of Lark Cove. They're all so special and Dakota was no exception. He's an intriguing man. An enmiga. He fights his own demons and struggles. Being an American Indian and not following in his families traditions is his burden to bear. He wants so badly to make his family proud and for them to understand him.

Together Dakota and Sofia, were a force to be wrecken with. So different and from completely different paths in life, their relationship begins as a ten day fling that grows into so much more. These two had to overcome many obstacles and really find themselves. It was passionate. Their chemistry explosive and awe-inspiring. I was immediately drawn in and couldn't let go. I rooted for them every step of the way!

Tinsel was perfection. A great ending to a magnificent series. Sexy, sweet, emotional, life changing, and breathtaking. With that final note, I will miss this series and these characters so much. This is not a goodbye, but a see you soon!

"Be bold. Find your magic. Chase the impossible."

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2,761 reviews1,332 followers
February 19, 2019

Pure emotional, romantic, blissful perfection.

I mean, I have loved every single book in the Lark Cove series, so maybe it's no surprise that the only words I have for this final installment are of the "glowing praise" variety. But honestly, I don't think there could have been a more perfect ending for this series. And at this moment I'm hard pressed to think that there could have been a more perfect love story than that between Dakota Magee and Sofia Kendrick.

Simply put, I completely adored Dakota. I loved him fiercely. Almost as fiercely as he loved Sofia, who I was primed not to like (based on previous books in this series) and yet who captured my heart almost as effortlessly as Dakota did. The magic of this story is in how these two beautiful souls care for each other, how they lifted each other up, how they encouraged each other to be the best versions of themselves. It tugged at my heart, causing much swooning and fluttering, and overflowing emotion. There are many time jumps in the story, which is a thing that doesn't always work for me, but for these characters in this story, it was, well, perfection.

I was completely captivated by this richly layered, beautifully told love story. It is somehow complicated and stripped down at the same time. Both Dakota and Sofia find themselves dealing with some heavy life issues, which lent their relationship a fair amount of adversity. However it felt authentic, the struggles felt very real and my heart ached for them while they sorted through their demons and found their way to their happily ever after.

And, as a series ender, it gave just the right amount of update on the couples I'd already met along the way. So much good, happy closure here. When you invest in a series the way I had invested my heart in this one, you can only hope that it will leave you on a high note and, I am so happy to say, Tinsel left me on the highest of notes. And, while there is a slight feeling of bittersweet that there will be no more visits to Lark Cove, I truly could not be more satisfied.

It was just lovely. Tinsel is romance at its finest. It's heartwarming and packed with emotion. It's the perfect balance of lightness and heaviness. And the characters are so special, my heart may never let them go. I cannot say it enough, this book (this series, really) is perfection, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. ~ Shelly, 5 Stars



A small word, only 5 characters, but one that carries so much power.

Pride can be positive. Something that can propel a person forward. Help forge someone’s personality and drive to make themselves better. Be better.

And just as equally hold someone back. Keep someone from bettering themselves because they shouldn’t want to be better if that comes with accepting help or giving someone the power to hurt or betray.

Acceptance. Forgiveness. More powerful words. With meanings and actions that can determine how someone will face the future. Accepting one’s own hopes, wants, needs and how they mesh with someone else’s—be it a lover, a friend or a family member. And forgiving those who are unwilling or unable to accept that you are your own person, and that your decisions are your own to make.

Where am I going with this? Well, pride, acceptance and forgiveness are woven throughout the story of Sofia and Dakota’s romance.

Sofia’s lived a life of a rich socialite—never worked a day and when confronted with the cold, harsh reality of her life, she finally realizes that she needs to find her way. Find her own self, her passion in order to truly find happiness.

Dakota is a proud man. His family is Native American and their strict, focused beliefs have forced him to choose between a life he wants to live and obligation to his family and heritage. He’s worked hard to make something for himself—to build a life, but will his family ever be as proud of him as he is for himself? And will his pride get in the way of his future?

And this is where acceptance and forgiveness come into play. Sofia and Dakota need to forgive themselves for wanting a better life. For loving the wrong people. For leaving or staying home, a job, a relationship. For wanting more and for not settling. For being who they are.

For Sofia and Dakota to have a future, they’re going to need to accept things that they cannot change about themselves, their lives and each other. Like past loves, family history and wealth. They both need to grow up, mature and truly figure out what they really want in life and if they’re happier together forging that future or if they’ll let each other go.

I absolutely loved the romance that developed between Sofia and Dakota. Loved what seemed like a fast burning, smokin’ hot love that would snuff out quickly but really turned into a slow burning, intense heat that could not be put out, no matter how hard time and distance tried. Their relationship was passionate. Emotional. Loving. Fun. Sexy. Smart. Respectful. And wholly satisfying. I loved Tinsel from start to finish and it was the perfect ending to this fantastic Lark Cove series. ~ Missy, 5 stars
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1,804 reviews2,013 followers
February 18, 2019

‘She was a woman who had everything in the world at her fingertips and yet seemed so…miserable and lonely. She seemed so lost.’

Wow, this is how you end a series. Devney Perry really saved the best till last. Whilst we’ve cried more and felt more emotional from an overwhelming sadness in the previous book in this series, Tinsel had such an impact on us. Tinsel really ticked all the boxes for embracing life lessons, learning to love yourself as well as romance and love conquering all barriers. Just perfection. We felt everything Dakota and Sofia went through together as well as individually and the character growth and inner turmoil was vividly written, ensuring we experienced their journey alongside them. The story was paced to perfection with excellent character and storyline development.

‘I wanted her to feel like she mattered, at least for one night.’

First impressions are hard to shake when they’re not exactly glowing with positivity. None more so than the impression we had of Sofia Kendrick. Spoilt rich girl drifting through life with no purpose or much consideration for others. However, when we experienced her life through her eyes we understood that the deep rooted need to ‘be seen’ stemming from her childhood led to a craving for affection and love. Something she’d lacked leaving her to feel lonely. So very lonely, that she clings to any attention she gets confusing it with love, being hurt more often than not. Her journey had us falling in love with her and rooting for her to receive inner peace and happiness.

‘The minute her doe eyes met mine, my heart squeezed. Those crying eyes. They were going to ruin me.’

Sometimes you’ve got to hit rock bottom in order to find yourself and your purpose; to grow as a woman, in Sofia’s case. Sometimes you need help and guidance or even an interfering but helping hand from another. Guidance can come from where you least expect and when Sofia ends up helping out in Thea’s bar in Lark Cove, Montana when Thea and her brother Logan take a trip to Paris she ends facing not only a complete change of life but also the mysterious Dakota Magee.

‘Dakota Magee wasn’t a good man. He was the good man. I doubted I’d ever find another who would live up to his standards….His moral fiber ran so deep it was ingrained in his very being. With him, there were no games. No tricks. No ulterior motives. He was just pure and honest.’

Dakota was a wonderful character with a story of his own to tell. Multifaceted and so very intriguing, we loved how this man dared to be different whilst suffering the heart-breaking consequences. When we fight to be who we were meant to be we can often face some difficult decisions to achieve inner happiness. Dakota charmed us, inspired is and made us fall in love.

'Sofia Kendrick was a sweet creature. The sweetest I’d ever tasted.’

Tinsel was such a beautiful love story we felt every word as Sofia and Dakota both were lost in their own destiny being it the right or the wrong path. Both at a crossroads in their own respective ways. Emotionally written with such an inspiring message. Tender, romantic, heartfelt and sexy. As tear-jerking as it was sweet. Self-doubt can be debilitating but with love and compassion comes hope and strength that we are enough. Enough for the one who counts. We are more than what another’s opinion is.

‘Be bold. Find your magic. Chase the impossible.’

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October 3, 2022
I didn’t forget what you did in the first book girl
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1,013 reviews142 followers
February 20, 2019
Devney Perry has quickly become one of my favorite authors, and Tinsel is the latest addition to my keeper shelf. It is a sexy, memorable and complex love story brimming with thought-provoking poignancy. Sofia has spent her entire life plagued with self-doubt and has compensated by attempting to embrace the lifestyle that was expected of her – that of a frivolous and wealthy socialite. But she’s never been particularly happy with this version of herself, and she’s forced to confront her choices when a newspaper article stripes her bare. She escapes to her older brother’s home in a small town in Montana and begins a difficult but necessary journey of self-realization. She never expected to also find love with a man, who is her opposite in many ways. Dakota is extremely hard working and definitely not wealthy, but he is also questioning his place in the world as he wrestles with his family and tribe’s expectations as member of the Blackfoot people and after growing up on a reservation. He and Sofia come together quickly with a consuming passion but also slowly develop a quiet and supportive understanding, and this beautifully-written, nuanced romance makes you think as much as it much as it entertains you.

Recommendation appeared on Frolic on February 17, 2019.
ARC provided, but this review was voluntarily and honestly written.
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