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The Kennedy Boys #6

Seducing Kaden

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A student-teacher forbidden romance from USA Today bestseller Siobhan Davis. Standalone with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

The woman I love will never be mine because she already belongs to another.

I’ve tried everything to forget her, but it’s impossible when she occupies a starring role in my dreams. I'm obsessed, and my eyes are glued to her shapely curves whenever I see her around campus. It doesn’t help that she looks as miserable as I feel, and I wonder if she misses me as much as I miss her.

Short of putting a bullet through the skull of that gangster she’s married to, I’m stuck in a hellhole of my own making.

Until fate intervenes, setting us on a collision course we can’t avoid.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of falling in love. The all-consuming sweep-you-off-your-feet kind of love I swooned over in movies.

It didn’t take long for that fairytale notion to come crashing down around me. Now I’m trapped in a marriage I despise with no discernible way out.

The only light in the dark is Kaden Kennedy—the one true love of my life. He doesn’t know he is, because I’m forced to love him from afar, condemned to toss and turn at night, crying over everything I want and all I can never have.

Seeing him day in, day out, destroys me, but there’s no other choice; I had to push him away to keep him safe.

Because if my husband ever finds out I’m in love with one of my students, I won’t be the only one in danger.

While you don't need to read the earlier books in this series to enjoy Seducing Kaden, it is highly recommended. This book is a contemporary new adult romance, and it is only suitable for readers aged eighteen and older due to mature content, sexual situations, and language.

This story includes details of an extramarital affair, so if you don’t like cheating or controversial storylines, then this book isn’t for you.

296 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 30, 2018

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About the author

Siobhan Davis

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Siobhan Davis is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon Top 5 bestselling romance author. Siobhan writes emotionally intense stories with swoon-worthy romance, complex characters, and tons of unexpected plot twists and turns that will have you flipping the pages beyond bedtime! She has sold over 2 million books, and her titles are translated into several languages.

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Siobhan forged a successful corporate career in human resource management.

She lives in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sons.

Connect with Siobhan:

Website: www.siobhandavis.com
Facebook: AuthorSiobhanDavis
Instagram: siobhandavisauthor
Email: siobhan@siobhandavis.com
TikTok: @siobhandavisauthor
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987 reviews1,824 followers
May 3, 2018
This book has it all.... teacher relations with student, cheating, killing, abuse, love, age difference, hate, family, you name it. It's stacked with feelings.

First things first, I am not a fan of cheating, at all, hate it, but in saying that let it be known that the cheating in this book, yes it’s cheating but to me you have to be in a consensual marriage and this definitely wasn’t that. So for me, the cheating was okay. There was no real marriage to be cheating on......

Kaden finds love at first sight with Eva, he finds the type of love that only comes around once in a lifetime, so how can he just walk away even when it’s the forbidden relationship?? How far will he go to fight for what he wants?

I’m going to keep this short and simple. I liked this story, it kept me wanting to see what happened next. I didn’t necessarily agree with some of the decisions that Eva and/or Kaden were making, but overall I enjoyed this. It’s a new to me author, and I’m looking forward to reading more from this author. This is the 6th book in the series but can be read as a complete standalone, as is what I did. I had no problem following along =)))

This quote from the book fits it perfectly!!!
“The princess doesn’t always get the prince. Or even the frog. And monsters do exist. They don’t hide in closets or under beds. They walk around freely, always getting what they want, and challenging anyone who gets in their way. I should know. Because I’m married to one.”

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6,766 reviews590 followers
April 20, 2018
The queen of heartbreak and desire has topped herself, AGAIN with SEDUCING KADEN. You think Siobhan Davis couldn’t possibly top her angst and drama filled The Kennedy Boys series so far? Think again! Not only are we going to witness another tumultuous romance, this one has the potential to be deadly for Kaden, but he wants Evelina, as much as she wants him and they are both willing to risk everything to be together.

Get ready to get intimidate with the hearts, souls and minds of these two characters, as well as their lives. Imagine a love that is forbidden, imagine it lasting more than a month or two, for it to be more than a tantalizing fling. We are going to be part of this affair for years and every year, it is going to wrench at your heart and your sensibilities and your moral compass, because forbidden is forbidden.

Brutal and raw, this time out, Siobhan Davis has nailed what real love is, even if it is impossible. Painful to read, excruciating to imagine living, Kaden and Evelina’s story is nothing short of powerful reading that holds twists, passion and some of the ugliest scenes imaginable.

And oh, the heat, it sizzles through Ms. Davis’s words. So many taboos, so much anguish, no matter what your feelings are about the controversial topics in SEDUCING KADEN, you cannot deny the love that cements two souls and binds them together.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Siobhan Davis!

Series: The Kennedy Boys - Book 6
Publication Date: April 30, 2018
Publisher: Siobhan Davis
Genre: NA Romantic Saga
Print Length: 229 pages
Available from: Amazon
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1,797 reviews456 followers
April 25, 2018
Siobhan Davis continues to expand her Kennedy Boys world with the tale of Kaden Kennedy and his very forbidden professor who also happens to be married to a mobster yet stole his heart.

Kaden met and fell for Dr. Evelina Garcia as a Harvard freshman. For the longest time he tried to move on, but having to see her on campus and knowing she feels as wretched as he does makes it difficult for him to forget her even knowing it’s impossible to be together. That is until the moment they decide to risk everything for love. Can they possible find a way to escape alive?

Through flashbacks, we discover how Eva and Kaden met, fell in love in then struggled being apart. We learn about Eva’s heartless and abusive upbringing as well as the circumstances in which she found herself married to a monster and imprisoned in a loveless marriage and how Kaden’s love brought light to her miserable existence. I won’t disclose more about the plot which had me as bound as Eva.

Davis has a reputation for writing angsty, drama filled stories and Seducing Kaden is no exception. She also adds a dark, raw and gritty overtone that had me flipping pages, both horrified and scared for Eva while hoping against hope that all would work out and she could finally find the fairytale she’d always dreamed of.

Seducing Kaden is book #6 of the Kennedy Boys series by Siobhan Davis. It is standalone contemporary romance told by both points of view with a happy ending. It has mature content (language, sexual situations and an extramarital affair).

Amazon -> https://amzn.to/2KdzAHe

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. I am voluntarily reviewing this title. *

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7,839 reviews16 followers
April 28, 2018
SEDUCING KADEN by Siobhan Davis is book 6 in The Kennedy Boys series. This is the story of Kaden Kennedy and Evelina Garcia 'Eva'. I haven't yet read the previous books, so for me this was a standalone book.
Kaden is a student and Eva is the professor but that doesn't stop them for having a growing attraction nor growing feelings...but Eva is married too. Eva had to marry a man way older than her and just as evil as her family. Now she is forced to be with him and put up with all that he does. So Kaden and Eva try to fight their feelings but that just becomes to hard and they give in.
It was really enjoyable read and now I want to read more in this series!!
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4,490 reviews468 followers
April 18, 2018
This series. This series is such an addiction, it’s almost untrue. Each additional book hooks me in deeper, leaving me desperate for more. If I could find a way to have all the future books sitting on my Kindle right now, I would forego all the necessities of life and binge read them. Forget eating, forget sleeping, forget sunshine, and everything else that is needed, I’d sit and consume these books as though they were oxygen and my body on the verge of asphyxiation, such is how desperately I need these books.

Seducing Kaden is the sixth book in the Kennedy Boys series, and the third book in the series to be considered a standalone novel. As with the two prior books, Loving Kalvin and Saving Brad, I do believe it works best if you have read the Kyler arc and continued through with all the books. The best experience comes from watching how all the characters have grown, comes from watching the relationships and secrets bloom, and this works best if you read all the books rather than simply diving into the books as standalones. Although each relationship arc has a start and an end point, with each being wonderful, the snippets you get to see of all the hidden secrets and hints throughout makes it well worth reading this series in order.

With all that being said, I know not everyone will read all of the prior books. The Kyler books in particular will not be for everyone, and some will jump straight to the standalone novels. The taboo element is what leaves some unwilling to read the Kyler arc, and Kaden’s story also contains a taboo element. Less so than the start of the series, but it is still something that is considered taboo. For those who enjoyed the taboo element of the Kyler book, I’m positive you will love the return to a somewhat taboo relationship.

This brings me to another point. The taboo element will leave some people unwilling to read, but I feel as though some people will need to be forewarned of some elements in this story that may leave them unwilling to read for other reasons. Namely, trigger warnings. Siobhan Davis has inched towards darker storylines with her last few books, and the same is true with Seducing Kaden. Without giving away the story, know there are incidents of abuse and cheating within this one – two things I know some want to avoid when reading romance. As I said, though, I do not wish to give away the storyline, I just wanted to give a warning.

For those still willing to dive in, who have not been scared off by the possibilities, I’ll now dive ever deeper into my feelings towards this one. For anyone who has read any of my prior Siobhan Davis reviews, you’ll know I’m about to tap out series fangirl word vomit. As ever, I apologise.

Since starting the Kennedy Boys series, the two oldest brothers have been my favourites. Kaden and Keven have been there in the background, yet there has been a bit of a question mark over them both. We have received small glimpses into their lives, we’ve got the odd detail here and there, yet we never received all the information. Being a lover of mysterious bad boys, it made the two of them my favourite brothers. Keven is my number one Kennedy, but Kaden is a close second – thus, you can imagine how excited I was for this story.

My excitement multiplied when I started to hear rumours of this being the darkest book Siobhan Davis has written to date. There were promises of things that suck me right in, things that leave me obsessed with books – the dark and gritty underworld of gangs. It’s one of my favourite things in romance, and I was excited to see Siobhan Davis including it, especially with one of my favourite characters. Enter even higher levels of excitement and further high expectations.

I will be completely honest and say it took me a couple of chapters before I was sucked into this one. At first, we go back and forth in time to get a full picture of the romance between the two characters. I wasn’t really feeling the relationship between the two of them at first, but as details continued to emerge I quickly found my mood changing. Once I was beyond the initial few chapters, I found myself sucked into the book. In the typical fashion of a Siobhan Davis novel, this became a story I could not put down.

Although Seducing Kaden was not quite as dark as I had hoped it would be – I would like to point out my notion of darkness is vastly different to what most people consider to be dark, whereby the books that reach a level of ‘oh yes, that is just dark enough for me’ tend to be books most people cannot finish due to them being too dark – it was a darker read than some of the books in the series. I would label Saving Brad as darker, but it was a different kind of darkness being dealt with in book five. With book six, this is the clear gritty kind of darkness; with book five, it was the emotional kind of darkness. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of emotion to be felt throughout this one, but the darkness was of a clearer kind – the atmospheric darkness rather than the darkness of personal issues as with the prior book.

Honestly, though, this is another insanely addictive read. You’re sucked deep into the story, with many layers unfolding as you work deeper into what is going on. There is plenty of emotion to suck you dry, there is plenty of romance to make you feel the heat, and there is plenty of action to keep your heart pumping. This is signature Kennedy Boys, demonstrating why I am so addicted to this series and will dive into each new book the moment it appears on my Kindle – with each new book Siobhan Davis brings something new, while keeping the signature elements that make these books so addictive.

In fact, Siobhan Davis is doing exactly what is needed to ensure fans keep coming back for more. At present my reading addiction is J. Kenner’s Man of the Month series. Don’t worry, I’m not about to go off base and rant about another series – I just with to make a quick parallel. The Man of the Month series is a collection of interconnected novellas with each story dealing with a different romance trope. Having a different type of storyline for each couple when reading romance books make series insanely addictive, and fewer authors do this than you realise. The Man of the Month series makes it obvious what you’re going to be getting, that you’re going to be getting something different every time. Siobhan Davis does the exact same thing, yet it is subtle – for the Man of the Month series it is part of the advertising, yet with the Kennedy Boys series it is happening naturally and with such wonderful flow (not to mention, these are full length novels of addiction rather than novellas). There is no pomp about it, it’s just happening – and this is why I will keep coming back for more. I know I will receive consistently wonderful books, and each will bring me something different.

Not to mention, the snippets at the end of each book leave you desperate for the next story, giving you enough to whet your appetite of what is to come in the next story. As I’ve already mentioned, Keven is my number one Kennedy. There is no analogy I can think of that covers how quickly I plan to jump on the book. It has always been this way, from the moment his character was introduced. However, the feeling has been intensified even more by what happened in this book. There were plenty of nods towards Keven’s story throughout this one, plenty that leaves you curious, yet it is the ending that hits the hardest. Hot damn and many profanities – I need that book and I need it now. There is so much promise, an insane amount of possibilities, and I cannot wait to dive in.

Therefore, I ask you to excuse me as I disappear into a ball of feelings as I await the next book – and then be prepared for insanity once I start reading it. It’ll be a good one, I know it.
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1,576 reviews181 followers
April 26, 2018
For anyone who truly follows my review, you will know that I have read every book in this series so far. I love Siobhan and how she writes these stories. And with each book, these boys grow and does Siobhan's writing. Seducing Kaden is the sixth book in this series, but the third standalone within the series. However, I really, really, REALLY recommend reading them all in order because the series is so much better that way.

I have been dying for Kaden's book to come out because he and Keven are my two faves of the brothers. Don't ask why - I just was more interested in their stories and I am so happy we finally get them!

Seducing Kaden is very emotional and action pack read. Siobhan delivers another dramatic romance that keeps you glued to the pages, never wanting the book to end. We are given the perfect blend of romance, suspense and drama with Kaden and Eva.

Kaden is in love with a woman he can't have and she's forbidden in more ways than one. Eva loves Kaden but can't give him the relationship and love he deserves. She knew what she was signing up for when she married a criminal at the age of 18. But she never expected a man like Kaden to enter her life at any point.

This book is told from both Kaden and Eva's POV and also goes between past and present. I love how Siobhan was able to tie everything together and not lose the reader once in the story. One thing I absolutely love about Siobhan and her books is the descriptive detail she gives to everything. And it's not details that just fluff the book, it's details that add another layer to the story, making the story all the more entertaining to read.

Siobhan writes her books with so much passion and you can see that as you read; in her characters, in the plot lines - you are so easily able to connect to everything. The book comes to life and I love every minute detail.

And just like with every other book - we do get our HEA, but Siobhan gets you prepped and ready for the next book with just enough information that leaves you going "GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!"

Up next, my other fave brother, Keven. YESSSSSSSSSSS!
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5,034 reviews166 followers
May 7, 2018
Seducing Kaden is the emotional, forbidden journey of Kaden and Eva. They met when Kaden was a freshman at Harvard and Eva was his professor. Now before you get any ideas, yes, it is that professor/student trope and yet it's not, it's more than that, much more. You see, Eva was married when they met, to a horrible, abusive criminal. So Kaden knew right away when he met her that she was off-limits. Yet they fell in love because they were destined to, they couldn't not fall for each other.

So take a gander into their journey. It's a little dark (but not overly so, not even graphically so), it's angsty, it's steamy, and it's a perfect fit in the Kennedy Boys series.
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726 reviews38 followers
October 3, 2019
OMG! I am completely addicted to this series this last book I read in one day I counld not put it. I really enjoyed this book because it switch from the past to the present alot which gives you a better idea of the relationship us a whole I loved.
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360 reviews4 followers
April 18, 2018
I received an advanced complimentary copy of this book for free to give a voluntary honest review. This review contains only my own thoughts and opinions of this book.

As always, Siobhan Davis never seizes to amaze and surprise me. You’d think she’d be running out of ideas and plots, but every book she releases is a page turner. For every book in the Kennedy series the drama just keeps getting more and more intense and heart wrecking and I absolutely love it! That’s what makes the books in this series so suspenseful and unique all on its own. Seducing Kaden was no exception!

I don’t know if Seducing Kaden is the best book in the series, but it sure is the most heart gripping one for me. The seemingly hopeless situation and dangerously life threatening obstacles Kaden and Eva finds themselves facing is what made me really get into the story, forget time and reality for a while and just gush over their forbidden star crossed romance. The fact that the author has been dropping hints over their little affair from the previous books just made it all the more intriguing for me. I also really liked how the timeline was built with jumping back and forward in time. It gave the story more of a mysterious vibe as I learned in snippets throughout the story of what happened and what lead to their unfair predicament of two secret lovers torn apart by a dangerous marriage.

Although suspenseful, I felt that the time jumps also was a bit confusing. I had a hard time remembering when certain events transpired and when the characters said what. Sure, every chapter said if it was past or present, but when I thought back on some things I had read, I had to think for a while if it happened years ago or days ago. I think it was because the setting in the past and present were just a bit too similar to to be able to clearly tell them apart. In the past Eva is a professor at Harvard and Kade a student. And the same thing in the present. The environment is the same as well as the family situation. I wish there was a major change that could have differenced the timeline, make it more clear. Other than that, the format the story was built up in was absolutely perfect.

I know it can be difficult creating a believable and complex antagonist. For the most part Davis succeeded, especially with Jeremy. He had a clear motive and reason being what he was and being behind such dangerous activities. The author really made me love hating him and strengthened my will and want to see Eva and Kaden together. Made me really feel for them. But then there was Eva’s mother and Tiffany. They fell a bit short, because the mother I felt did not have a believable distinctive motive behind treating her daughter the way she did. Tiffany had motive, sure. But, I felt like she was a bit repetitive since characters like her (the mentally unstable jealous ex, going to the extreme either trying to win back or ruin protagonist) has already been done in the Kyler trilogy, loving Kalvin and Saving Brad. Since she did not take as much part in the story as the crazy exes before, it did not bother me that much, but I hope it isn’t becoming too much of a pattern. We also had Vincent and Jesse. They however did not take as much space and importance in the story as I had hoped. Maybe there were just too many bad apples to give any extra room for them, but I wanted them to have a bigger part than they had. Maybe use Tiffany’s spotlight for them.

This was otherwise an overall excellent continuation of the series and I just can’t get tired of the Kennedy brothers especially after such an exciting cliffhanger. I can barely even wait until Forgiving Keven!
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922 reviews7 followers
April 20, 2018
"I tried to stay away from her, Kev. I tried real hard, but it’s always been Eva for me. I didn’t care that she was my professor or that she’s married. We just have this connection. It’s been there from the moment I met her, and the more I get to know her, the harder I fall. There won’t ever be anyone else for me."

Normally I don’t like to read books with cheating, because somebody is going to get hurt and I don’t enjoy reading about that. But when I’m reading about Eva, who had a terrible, loveless upbringing and was told at 14 that she would be marrying this older man and was forced into this loveless, abusive marriage. Now I can deal with reading about cheating.

Kaden adores Eva. He feels protective of her, and wants to help her. Eva adores Kaden. She won’t let him help, because she feels sure it will get him killed. This is a very emotional, passionate, intense love story!! Two hearts that are broken when apart, but have an intense connection when they are together. But the odds against them are so great, will they ever be able to really be together as one? Don’t miss this this beautiful, suspenseful love story!

I love getting to know each of the Kennedy Boys separately. They are all so passionate and loving. But they all have their own baggage to work through, because of growing up in a family where the parents where unavailable and the boys took care of each other. The Kennedys sure have had their problems. Seducing Kaden can be read as a standalone, but you will enjoy it more if you’ve followed the series. Why not start from the beginning? You wont be sorry, trust me on this one.

At the end of Seducing Kaden, we get a scene with Keven that leads us into the next Kennedy Boys book, Forgiving Keven. I personally can’t wait! He’s one of my favorites of the boys, after Kyler, and I can’t wait for his story!!
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16.8k reviews19 followers
May 1, 2018
I really enjoyed this story. It was suspenseful & a bit emotional. Really loving this series & can't wait to read more. I'm voluntarily leaving a review for a copy of the book.
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2,330 reviews41 followers
November 14, 2022
Kaden Kennedy has a secret. He's in love with a woman he cannot have; his teacher, a married woman. He's tried to forget her, to move on but in his heart, he knows that she's the only one for him. Evelina once dreamed of Prince Charming, a fairy tale romance, her own Happily Ever After. But that's not what life had in store for her. Instead, she was promised as payment to a mobster when she was only a child. Trapped in a loveless marriage to a deadly man, her heart stolen by a student, Eveline lives a miserable life. She knows that she can't have the only man she will ever love. She must keep her feelings locked away, she must stay away from Kaden. If her husband finds out the truth, Kaden's life will be over and Evelina will be destroyed once and for all.

Seducing Kaden is not at all what I expected. Cheating is a deal breaker for me. No exceptions. No tolerance. Yet, I sympathized with Kaden and Eva. I believed in their love 100% and I could understand how they were on a collision course for forever from their first encounter. It's not a cheap, tawdry affair. It's two people caught up in circumstances beyond their control. If they had any power over their own destinies then I could have and would have judged harshly but Eva is nothing more than a controlled puppet and Kaden is her only hope. That doesn't mean that I wish Eva hadn't tried a different approach from the beginning in her marriage but I do understand. She is a brilliant, strong woman; worthy of a Kennedy man. Kaden is every bit a Kennedy man despite who donated his DNA. He's determined to have what he wants and to protect those he loves. Family and love are everything. The Kennedy's are present throughout as supporting characters and Keven plays his best role yet. It makes me anticipate getting to know him better. There are a few other side characters who are essential to the story. Can't say that I liked even one of them! Siobhan knows how to create characters guaranteed to elicit emotions; remind you of that one girl you hated in high school or the petty wife of your husband's friend or that boy who broke off a piece of your heart. This book includes a couple of those along with some sleazy criminals no one wants to encounter. They all help to create a vivid world.

The book is told in dual POV's as well as past/present timeframes. It adds to the storytelling and suspense. This is a dark story. Many characters are ugly; their behaviors and actions are intense, cruel, sadistic. Kaden and Eva are the endangered light. The tension builds until it explodes keeping the reader on an edge of your seat. I won't say any more. The rest makes me want to scream with excitement. Enjoy!
April 4, 2022
5 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Kindle Unlimited Read

One hella cliff hanger

5 Star Kindle Unlimited Read
Best. Series. Ever! I adore the Kennedy family and can't wait for the next installment. Author Siobhan Davis has a way with this family that keeps e wanting more.
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336 reviews39 followers
April 26, 2018
Originally posted on Daydreaming Books.

*I received an eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

This booooook!! I was so eager to read Kaden’s story and forbidden romance is most top most favourite tropes. Though this book is not a light one and it deals with some important issues, I enjoyed it from the first till the last bit.

Kaden and Evaline have a chance encounter before Kaden discovers that she is her new professor in college. The attraction between them is instant but neither can give their feelings a chance because of their condition until both of them can’t resist anymore. Eva dropped her chance at happiness because of her husband who is aligned with illegal business and is a sadist but meeting Kaden for the second time brings back all the beautiful memories they had once shared together and this time Kaden doesn’t want to give up either.

Seducing Kaden was a second chance romance book which tells the story of Kaden and Evalina. The plot flashes back to the past and the present where it defines the start of their relationship and the present situation. Although the plot was predictable, the storyline flowed smoothly and the romance kept me engaged throughout the whole book. The attraction between Kaden and Eva is instant and both of them can’t deny the obvious attraction between them. One of the things that I loved about both of them was the mutual respect they had for each other. I felt really bad Eva’s situation, she was forced to live in a hell with no way out but after meeting Kaden, she began to hope for the first time in his life.

Although cheating is an element in this book, anyone would feel relief about this fact after knowing Eva’s bound condition. God, she had to go through so freaking much. Her husband was one hell of a onster whose clutches she couldn’t escape at any cost and even if she tried her loved ones would have to pay the consequences. It was actually quite difficult for me to read some of the parts. Anyway, Kaden treated Eva like a perfect gentleman, he was thoughtful and caring and did his best to protect her. The plot could have been a little more dynamic but it was still enjoyable.

Overall, Seducing Kaden was an engaging read. I think I would have enjoyed it more if there were some surprising elements, but the ending left me satisfied. The writing was smooth and the pace was even throughout the whole book. It was a pretty quick read in fact which was an added bonus. I also loved the fact that how this book paved its way for the next Kennedy book! I am definitely excited to read that!

Recommend it?


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460 reviews27 followers
February 1, 2019
FINALLY!!! The eldest Kennedy brother. From book 1, I was intrigued by Kaden (and Keven, more on him later). He was a college boy that came home once in a while for his family.

Getting into this book, I kind of had an inkling of what was going to happen, but I didn't expect EVERYTHING to happen. First day of college, Kaden meets a beautiful woman. It was love at first sight for him. Unbeknownst to him at the time, but she was his college professor. Oh, and she's completely hands off. Because not only is she his professor...she's married *Gasp*! Now, this is where I would automatically look down on the lead male character. Lusting after a married woman is a no-no.

Eva is a child prodigy. She earned a full ride to Harvard after graduating high school at 16, and had her doctorate before she was 30. At 18, she was forced into a marriage with a man 20 years older than her. Talk about never experiencing life. Eva was...a replacement wife for her husband. She craved her freedom, love, a life away from her loveless marriage. But knowing a bit about what her husband does for her job, she realized that she'd be stuck forever. Enter Kaden.

I'm not for cheating. As I know everyone else is against it. But reading about Eva's history and the fact that she does not love her husband, I sympathized with her. The chemistry that Kaden and Eva had was explosive. They bonded in a way that I hand't seen in the previous books. Maybe it's because they were both older? And I will say that the 5 year age gap is literally nothing. With the way that Kaden protected her and loved her, you couldn't even tell that he was barely 22.

In Kaden's story, you get a glimpse of the rest of the brothers. During the Irish Getaway, we know that Kaden and Keven fought, but we didn't know over what exactly. Ky and Faye just get more and more adorable. Kent is still as crude as ever. Kal and Lana are living happily in Florida with Hewson while finishing up school. Keanu is become broodier. Keaton is becoming withdrawn. I love that Siobhan seamlessly blends the epilogues of the previous books with the beginning of the next book. We get a bit of what's to come.
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1,887 reviews45 followers
April 23, 2018
Seducing Kaden is the sixth book in the Kennedy Boys series. You can read it as a standalone but I do recommend reading the series to get caught up with The Kennedys! I have been following the series since the very beginning and each time I open one of the books, I am sucked in. They just keep getting better and better. This one is darker than the others and since I crave a darker reads once in awhile, I was excited.

Kaden wanted her from the moment he saw her. Even at the age of eighteen he knew it was love at first sight. He also knew she was off-limits. She was married. He wasn’t happy about that but after sending more time with her, he knew she was miserable in the marriage. Over the years, he heard the rumors around campus about who she was married to. He was a dangerous man who would kill if he ever found out about the thoughts that went through Kaden’s mind on a daily basis. The love between his wife and himself.

Eva tried to keep Kaden at a distance. She didn’t want him to be hurt because of their actions. Years of misery passed. Kaden was the only light she had. She had to keep that light bright while staying in the dark. In the distance from the only one she loved. The only man who made her want more. Want the fairytale that she dreamed of as a child. Her husband was her nightmare. One that she couldn’t escape.

Ok...I can’t really say anymore than that. I will say that I loved this book! It is one of my favorites from the series for a few reasons. One, I have been waiting for Kaden’s story. It has been a mystery throughout the series. Two, it’s darker. More dangerous. And three, it has a second chance feel to it and I do love my second chance romances.

Overall...I loved everything about it. The writing. The characters. The story. The heat. The love. The danger. The family. I am so looking forward to next book. Oh man, it’s going to be good.


“I wish I could talk to you, Kaden, but the words I want to say can never leave these lips, and there’s no way I want to drag you into my shit.”

“Just when I think you can’t get any more perfect, you go and say something like that.”

“Good to see you still have a healthy ego.”
He shrugs. “You call it ego. I call it confidence.”

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740 reviews
May 9, 2018
Seducing Kaden is book 6 of the Kennedy Boys series and can be read as a standalone, but I would advise you read all the books in order to understand things that are referred to in this book.

‘I believe in Kaden’s determined words, and I imagine a full life with him, free of the shackles restraining me.’ - Eva

Just when I think Siobhan Davis has delivered the best book of the series so far, she gives us another fantastic installment about the lives of the Kennedy boys. Seducing Kaden was very different to the previous books of the series as it felt a little darker, but I soaked up every word and couldn't put it down. We get to see Kaden and Eva’s relationship unfold with the story jumping between the past and the present. This was easy to follow and I enjoyed the change in writing for this book as it suited the couple's story perfectly. It allows us to see the difficulties faced by both, especially poor Eva who was forced into a life she didn't want.

I know this book is slightly taboo due to the whole professor/student scenario, but I never found this book uncomfortable to read. The chemistry and love between Kaden and Eva erases any feelings of taboo, and it's clear that this couple were supposed to be together.

I usually add my favourite quotes to reviews, but there are so many with this book that it would go on forever if I added them. Siobhan Davis writes such beautiful words that really resonate with me or simply make me fall in love even more with her characters. As for the Kennedy boys, there's just no way I could pick my favourite. Each one is just as amazing as the next and I'm super excited to spend time with Keven next who gets his own book. We get a glimpse of what's to come at the end of Seducing Kaden and if it was available, I'd be jumping into Forgiving Keven immediately as I'm already hooked!

*I voluntarily reviewed an advance complimentary copy of the book and all opinions expressed are my own
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918 reviews18 followers
April 21, 2018
I Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book!

Sioban Davis knocks it out of the park, Again! I'm not really surprised considering this entire series is phenomenal and it brings the readers great charachters and bingeworthy non-edible pages. I truly believe this series is worthy of being on the big screen with as many action, love and sweet moments.

Kaden Kennedy is the oldest of the Kennedy boys. He attends Harvard and has aspirations of not going into the family business and creating a project that sets him apart. However, one meeting was all it took. One moment, one defining moment that opened his eyes to something bigger than he couldn't comprehend before. One meeting in the form of a beautiful, tiny and amazing woman that sets his heart on fire with no chance of it ever smoldering. Too bad this woman is not only forbidden, but she is your ultimate no-no and is completely unavailable. Or is she? The dark and intense moments are about to become more and more and reality will hit them both in the face.

Evelina Garcia. Child prodigy. Harvard Graduate. P.h.d. Wife. Yes. She is married. Happily? No. However, sometimes in life no matter how much you wish or want something, its not on your grasp. Wishing for a fairytale prince and the picket fence is just that. A fairytale. And Eva's life is far from it. Is money an object for her? No. She can have whatever she wants with a simple question. Is she miserable? Not entirely. She has a great job that challenges her and a great friend and co worker. What she doesnt have and never will, is love. Unconditional and cant live without you, love. Her parents might not have it, but she knows it exists but just not in the pages of her story. Or does it? One undeniable connection and heartstopping chemistry will place her and Kaden in a huge and entirely complicated situation that will both lead them down a very dark path. These two are in for an incredibly tough, challenging and beautiful journey. One where neither might survive. So, is it worth the risk. This thing called love? Your damn straight it is!!

Sioban is excellent at creating amazing stories and bringing them to life. She brings lust, love, danger and truly complicated situations forth to create a beautiful escape for her readers. This book just like the series is profound and sensational.

10 STARS if Possible
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577 reviews17 followers
April 27, 2018
This is the second book by Siobhan Davis that I have read. The first was Inseparable, and after that, I was hooked! Siobhan Davis has a real gift when it comes to writing. She can easily tell a story and hook the reader from the very beginning.

This is also the first book in The Kennedy Boys series that I have read. There are some very small things in this book that spoil what happens in previous books, but that's okay, none of it was anything major. I enjoyed getting to know Kaden and his six brothers.

I really loved how this book was full of suspense, especially near the end. I found myself reading faster and flipping through my Kindle anxiously, nervous to see what would happen. Siobhan did an amazing job creating suspense and pulling the reader in. I love when an author can do that for me.

Siobhan definitely has me hooked! There are only a few authors that I have that I'll read their books without reading the synopsis, and Siobhan just joined that group.

There really is nothing negative to say about this book. Sometimes I would get confused when it came to his brothers and who they were dating, because Kaden has six brothers (!!!). I would think that even the mother would get confused when it comes to her seven children!

Great job, Siobhan! I hope that I get the time soon to read the rest of the series!
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537 reviews52 followers
May 3, 2018
**Although Seducing Kaden can be read as a standalone, it is recommended to read the previous books in the series for a better understanding of the timeline and characters.

A longtime fan of Siobhan Davis and her Kennedy Boys series, Seducing Kaden is perhaps the most brutal, intimidating and roughest journey a Kennedy would come to face to face with, all in the name of love.

Just when you thought you've seen it all, Davis' ventured into a dark & gritty path in the uncharted territory of taboo romance, filling you up with so much emotions it crashes upon you like endless tides of waves, constantly battling to breathe and not succumb to it all. The mood setting was intense and very much restrained. I physically ached for Eva and Kaden to the point where I just wanted to scream and tear at pages (of course, technically, it wouldn't be possible), but also filled with so much hope for the happily ever after at the same time.

I love dark romance and there's nothing that I've never read before (been there, read that), but here Siobhan is, surprising me with Kaden's story to no end.

I'm at the point of my life where I learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to Siobhan and her boys, because really, she's a genius!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book generously provided by Social Butterfly PR and the author.
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174 reviews
April 21, 2018
OMG, I loved this book, partly because this was by far the darkest book in the Kennedy Boys series. The criminal and corrupt world Eva was trapped in was terrifying and ghastly. Although all the women in the series are tough as nails, the nightmare Eva was put through in this book is the saddest thing I’ve read in the series so far. The story had a Romeo and Juliet quality where it seemed the fates aligned to keep Evelina and Kaden apart and the attraction between them was laden with all kinds of risks. It was so heartbreaking to see the misery brought on by separation and the acceptance that a move toward any kind of closeness was literally a death wish. Although Kaden was less present in the earlier books, I can understand why he’d keep to himself living through the hell he was experiencing. He turned out to be such a kind and generous person; I can’t help but find a tough softy totally hot! In fact, heat and fireworks were definitely not missing from this book!

Although I know this is a NYA book, I was glad that the story unfolded over 3-4 years because, to be honest, I don’t think a teenager could have handled the shit they were dealing with. This story needed two mature people and that’s what you get with Kaden getting ready to graduate at the end. Having Eva be a few years older revamped the damsel in distress theme, while being a young professor also took away the exploitative aspect stereotypically present in student-teacher relationships. I’m always yearning for the next book and Siobhan Davis has, again, risen to the challenge of exceeding my expectations!

I voluntarily reviewed an advance, complimentary copy of this book.
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95 reviews3 followers
April 20, 2018
Starting off by saying that I fell in love immediately from the beginning of the Kennedy series Finding Kyler, and I've been hooked ever since. With Kadens story I felt that I didn't know him much at all because in all the previous books he always had minor appearances unlike Kyler, Kalvin, Faye, and Brad, but this book helped change that...as I'm sure the upcoming books will help us delve more into the rest of the brothers. There is never a dull moment in the Kennedy's lives and it's always nice to see them overcome their personal/family issues and rising to the occasion. I fell in love with Kaden and his passionate side, along with his given sexiness😉 I do find myself wishing that the character with my name had been with him(at least once😍), but oh well, a girl can still dream!*** I received an ARC and this is an honest and voluntary review, come on those brothers and this series is addicting, so I highly suggest delving into it from the beginning, even if this claims to be a standalone. Enjoy! I certainly did!😊 Siobhan never disappoints!!!
223 reviews3 followers
April 20, 2018
Finally, Kaden and Eva's story is here!

We met Eva briefly, early on in the series, coming out of Kaden and Keven's apartment, and again at the end of Saving Brad. As a reader it was obvious there was something going on between Kaden and his beautiful professor, we have just waited to find out what.

This story is a great continuation/addition to the Kennedy Boys series. I have been hooked from the start and I must say, the series just gets better and better. Kaden's story is a little different from the other books as there is are not as many cameo appearances of other family members, mainly due to the nature of Eva and Kaden's relationship. This story is much darker than previous books, but has all the page turning qualities of the previous Kennedy stories and again had me reading throughout the night! Again Siobhan Davis, touches on a taboo subject, but does so with grace, feeling and conscience. Eva is a strong female character, caught up in a marriage from hell. Basically sold off to an older man, her relationship with her husband left me swallowing hard and feeling cold inside. I found myself silently screaming at the pages wanting her HEA to take place, but knowing the risks she was taking for even a small amount of happiness, added also by the fact this is written from the characters POV.

Kaden is Kaden.....another adorable Kennedy boy who you cannot help but love, but in this instance, also a knight in shining armour, who you find yourself cheering on from the sidelines.

This book is another fantastic addition to this series.

I voluntarily reviewed an advance, complimentary copy of this book.
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79 reviews2 followers
May 7, 2018
I voluntarily read an advanced review copy of this book. To start out, I admit to being a huge fan of the Kennedy boys. I love Kyler and Kalvin but the others were sort of a mystery. Siobhan had touched on their characteristics throughout each book. Just enough for the readers to want more. Kalvin was probably my favorite up until now, well until Kaden.... He won my heart just as much as he won Eva’s. This book starts as a glimpse into both of their lives in the past and keeps the reader engrossed in their futures. What I loved about this book was the depth of the characters and how Eva fought to survive her fate in a loveless marriage. Kaden is the epitome of the Knight saving the one he loves more than life, more than ANYTHING! This book is not for the weak of heart and has some troubling issues that really needed to be on this book to make the reader understand this how it’s supposed to be. This story has it all, suspense, tear inducing scenes, most of all love. Siobhan Davis really outdone herself with this story. It’s a special one. Do not hesitate to read this book!!
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1,369 reviews50 followers
April 20, 2018
Talk about exhilarating! This book was filled with so much suspense and I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would end up happening. You will definitely have a hard time putting this book down. Davis' writing is always something that pulls me in and gets me so invested in the story that I'm still thinking about it, days, weeks, even sometimes months later! She creates characters and worlds that quickly become real to the reader and you feel as if you were there, living the story along side of these amazing characters.

Kaden and Eva are an intense couple. With everything going on behind the scenes of Eva's life, there is so much drama and stigma and danger involved in the relationship the two attempt. If you enjoy high action, suspenseful, crime type romances, this is the Kennedy Boys book for you! I do implore you to read the others first, however, because you will see some of the other characters and learn how their lives are going, so you will want to know what happened in their books before you read Kaden's.

At the end of the book, there is a bit of foreshadowing and a bit of a cliffhanger while we wait for Keven's story. I'm very eager to know what happened between him and Cheryl and what will happen after the events of the Epilogue of Seducing Kaden. I feel what I always feel at the end of one of Siobhan Davis' books...More Please!

I received an ARC of this book, which I voluntarily reviewed.
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51 reviews1 follower
May 2, 2018
I’ve been reading this series since it was first released. Seducing Kaden give you a look at one of the elusive brothers, Kaden, whom we first meet back in book one. We don’t really get to know them, Kaden and Kevin, since they’re away to college. You get a sense they’re into something, but you don’t know what until now. Seducing Kaden, was outta this world. On the edge of your seat, I can’t put this book down, and I ended up with a book hangover the next day. This brother does not disappoint and neither does Davis. She knocked it outta the ball park again. I voluntarily reviewed an advance complimentary copy of this book.
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1,426 reviews23 followers
December 16, 2019
I absolutely love Siobhan and her stories, no secret. I cannot get enough of her books. Each one seems to grab ahold of my attention and does not let go. I really do not like books with cheating, but for her I would read it. I am so glad I did.
You know why? Because things are not what they seem. You will find out once you read why. I fell for Eva, I rooted for her, cheered her on and adore her. Kaden is so perfect for her and I so enjoyed their journey together. His protectiveness of her, how he is with her, just stole my heart. The back and forth of him wanting to protect her and she wanting to protect him. The chemistry between the two is spot on. The story itself is very passionate, nail biting suspense, and very much an emotional read. Will these two ever be able to be together? I would highly recommend that you read and find out!!!
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992 reviews29 followers
April 30, 2018
Final Score - 5 Pulse-pounding Stars!

Kaden met and fell for Dr. Evelina Garcia as a Harvard freshman. The attraction was immediate for them both. Each in their own tried to ignore their growing feelings the longest time, but passion this strong just couldn't be denied. Through flashbacks, we get a glimpse into how Eva and Kaden fell in love and then struggled to stay apart. The danger that surround her married life, how she came to be married, and the extreme risk Evelina put herself in, just to have a taste of true love with Kaden. I'm not certain I could have done so with the kind of husband she had.

I don't typically read/review books about cheating as I am firmly against cheating of any kind & in any form, but because of the author and her brand of mixing realism with her story-telling, I had to give book a chance. And am I ever glad that I did! This book slowly changed my thought process on on subject. And while I still have strong feelings about cheating, SEDUCING KADEN is much more than a book about cheating.

Once again, Siobhan Davis has topped herself with another angst and drama filled Kennedy Boys book with another tumultuous romance, however this one is definitely different from the other books in the series - as there is danger in the form of crazed mob boss husband who will go to any lengths to keep what he considers his. The stakes are deadly for both Evelina and Kaden in this one, but these two star crossed lovers are willing to risk everything to be free from the danger of her mad man husband and be together. Get ready folk, because this forbidden love story is gonna set you on fire!
197 reviews3 followers
April 19, 2018
wow. wow. wow. and oh my goodness, too.
I literally just finished this & I think I'm a little bit in shock. Ms Davis always fits SO much into her books, it sometimes takes me a minute to process it all. And she usually sets up her next book at the end, so, really, right now I'm mostly focusing on how much I simply CAN'T WAIT to read Keven's story!!!
But that isn't fair to Kaden and Eva; their story was so emotional and intense. It was not always easy to read, yet it was entirely gripping and I was completely invested in the outcome. What Eva had to go through in her life and how Kade had to persevere in order to have her in his life was just so heart-wrenching. I couldn't help but get attached to them and their story.
And I find Ms Davis to be an incredible author; I am consistently blown away by her skill with conveying characters and their stories - all the details she includes and how they feed into the plots and character development... they're just amazing to me. I don't know how she plans and executes storylines so flawlessly, but I appreciate her ability to constantly do so. I have to say I think that is a major factor in why she is one of my very favorite writers and why I love everything I read by her, even books that aren't in the genres I usually lean toward.
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5,618 reviews17 followers
April 21, 2018
Seducing Kaden by Siobhan Davis is her sixth book in The Kenndy Boys Series.
Every book in this series can be read as standalone. I recommend to read the books ion order.

Seducing Kaden is a forbidden romance who deals with mature subjects.

The woman he loves belongs to another man.It took Kaden one look at Eva and he was a goner. Only she´s not available. Firstly she´s married and secondly- no spoiler here. Only so much. He has to see her daily.
Evalina dreamt little girl dreams, ´til the harsh truth caught up with her. Married to a man she doesn´t love her dreams come crashing down on her - her prince charming isn´t charming at all. He´s a monster and she´s trapped in her own hell.

Seducing Kaden is a raw and gritty read. The writing is great and I connected easily with the characters. I don´t approve their behaviour, but I can understand why they did what they did.
I started reading and I couldn´t put the book down. I had to know what happens to the story and the characters. I liked the writing and the story and I give 4,5 stars.
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