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Until death do us part. That was what I promised him and I meant every word.
Mark wasn’t perfect but perfection doesn’t exist. They say an omission is not a lie but when my husband’s secrets spin out of control, I don’t know where to turn.

Then he arrives . . . my best friend’s cousin, Hayes. He’s young and beautiful, and broken -- just like me. As a former sailor with the British Navy, he is trained to see things I don’t notice and when my husband’s secrets threaten our family, I turn to Hayes for help.
Life is a journey. I thought my husband was my final destination but it now appears that there is another man waiting for me on the horizon.

Fraud is for a mature audience only. It is a full length standalone with a sexy alpha hero and a guaranteed HEA that will leave you swooning.

Published December 6, 2018

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About the author

R.C. Stephens

35 books1,084 followers
R.C. Stephens is a top 100 Amazon bestselling author.

When she isn't in her writing cave she is raising three lovely children with her adoring husband.

Her books are filled with humor, heartbreak, emotion and true love.

Born and raised in Toronto, she loves the winter, but Spring and Fall are her favorite seasons.

Keep up with R.C. by signing up to her newsletter-http://rcstephens.com/newsletter/

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Profile Image for Lorena  Garcia -- Brittany's Book Blog.
1,550 reviews44 followers
December 2, 2018
Oh my gosh, this book had everything I wanted and expected out of it.

The title alone caught my attention and when I read the synopsis, I said to myself "I'm in" and R.C. Stephens did NOT disappoint!

Natalie has always wanted a family and she got that when she met Mark and married him. She soon had a daughter but from that point on, her marriage kind of changed, her husband changed and she had no idea why. But she was determined to make her marriage work and she was determined to win her husband's affections again. When Natalie thinks things are getting back on track she ends up pregnant again and she has a little boy, but her marriage doesn't seem to get back on track.

Then she meets Hayes, a beautiful British man who is broken but he's such a wonderful guy who has fallen for Natalie. But he won't pursue anything with her because he knows she's forbidden, she's a married woman but that doesn't stop him from being just her friend.

Holy smokes, this book -- I was addicted to every word I read, I loved the suspense and the way this book had me second guessing myself.

I give this book a big fat 5 Stars

**Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**

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3,749 reviews442 followers
December 13, 2018
While reading this book I asked myself if I could have or would I have stayed in a marriage for the sake of my children when I felt like there was no hope? Could I have kept trying to work at it despite all the secrets and suspicions?

Natalie's way of coming about on information about her husband's past was just a little baffling though I thought that there are probably some relationships/marriages that this has happened. Enter Hayes and I thought there was hope for Natalie. Hayes wants to be there for Natalie, even if it means just being friends but I wondered if Natalie would allow them to be more or would she continue to have hope for her marriage? There's a lot of suspense and what if or will they, so be ready! Kara~4 Stars
Profile Image for Up All Night With Books.
1,147 reviews36 followers
November 27, 2018
5 Real Stars
Review by Lisa
Late Night reviewer
Up All Night w/ Books Blog

Talk about stepping up your game as an author!! R. C. Stephens has done just that with her newest book, Fraud. I have a bad habit of reading a book without reading the authors synopsis of it and I was not disappointed in this one. There is just so much to this book. From start to finish you are like: What is going on!!! That can't be happening!!! WOW that did just happen!!!

So well written that I was pulled in from the start. This story runs so smooth and is so detailed that the feels just jump off the page. The twists that take place, I did not see coming. I thought one thing would happen and it went the opposite way.

A Marriage built on lies, feelings of being pulled under to keep what she always wanted, life is a real struggle. Meeting a man was not suppose to happen. Even though he is younger and maybe more broken then she is, the connection/chemistry is chart-topping. But she's a married women that's how it will stay. Doesn't that sound like something you need to read!

My favorite words written by the author is this line "This is not only my fight song, this is my journey to discover love".. Beautifully said to go with a beautiful story that will make you feel all the feels and fall in love with this story.

**ARC received in exchange for my honest review***
Profile Image for Michelle Krystel .
1,919 reviews43 followers
December 6, 2018
I was given an advanced readers copy of this book and have decided to leave a voluntary honest review. Wow this book was something else, I'm truly shocked by the events in this book. My head is still spinning from all this stuff. Fruad was also very enlightening, entertaining, and very suspenseful I recommend all my followers read it.
Profile Image for 2OCC Reviews.
3,445 reviews239 followers
November 19, 2018
My oh my! Harleigh and Lions book was everything I was hoping for. It was complex and detailed but it was easy to get hooked and follow. I loved getting to see the characters from the other books too. They were just as amazing as I remembered. The banter not only followed beautifully but it also had so much heart to it. Everything had a meaning and I loved that. The suspense had my jaw dropping more then I care to say. I was baffled and just awed with where the author went with this story. I can’t wait to see what is to come. 5 stars #2OCCJD
Profile Image for Renee.
3,611 reviews37 followers
December 9, 2018
I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author to review for Stephanie's Book Reports.

Eleven years together and today I find out I don't know the first thing about the man I'm sleeping beside every night. My marriage is built on a bed of lies. Nothing is real. Each day I'm barely surviving, falling deeper into despair and loneliness. Meeting Hayes Taylor is not in my plan. Younger, beautiful and broken, just like me. But I'm a married woman and cheating isn't in my DNA. I ignore the sexual tension between us and push him away. And like most women, I stay in my marriage for my kids. But my husband not only manipulates, he keeps secrets I'm not prepared for. Secrets that may destroy me. This is not only my song, this is my journey to discover love.

I fell so in love with Hayes!!! Holy cow I want one of him for my very own. This book also packs in the suspense. I loved Natalie and Hayes. My heart broke so many times for her as she was in a bad bad marriage and felt stuck and was determined to stay because of her kids. I think like most of us would try to do. However it is not good for the kids and sure not good for Natalie. When she meets Hayes I as a reader felt her hope, her attraction and knew it was just as wrong as she did and Natalie is a good girl and does things the right way. I so don't want to give anything away. I loved unraveling this book. It was amazing and one you shouldn't miss
Profile Image for Marnie.
1,070 reviews18 followers
December 3, 2018
Wow! Intrigue, betrayal and danger + strength, love and healing.

This book is the entire package and I had to read it in one sitting. There is so much going on within these pages that I just couldn’t put it down – seriously.

Natalia was your typical teenager, living and enjoying life, and attending college. She also carried a sadness within her as a result of her family’s tragedy, which disappeared when a handsome and confident young Mark who swept in, encouraging an early marriage and not completing her degree – he loved her and wanted a family with her. Life seemed good, until it wasn’t.

I long ago decided that I loved reading the dual POV, and for some reason, I was eager to hear from Hayes. There was something that RC Stephens had written into his voice that totally intrigued me about this gorgeous-hearted young man who was broken down by life. Through mutual friends they met, and oh holy hell, the chemistry of their shared connection was beautifully written. With Natalia being married, they never crossed the line, but there was no way that she was forgotten. He knew she wasn’t happy, and he had a gut feeling that Mark wasn’t a decent man at heart, so that didn’t stop him worrying and wanting to look out for her.

For a short time, I started to feel that Natalia’s continual distress surrounding her husband and marriage started to grate on my last nerve, until I empathised with her hope that her husband would be the way he used to be, to rediscover the lost love that they once had. She worked hard to keep their marriage together not only for the sake of their children, but I believe, for her own inner child, and the betrayal that she’d felt at the circumstances of her parent’s divorce.

Then, Hayes gut instinct kicks in again, and there’s something that he just can not let go, and it’s thanks to his own past connections that he’s now in a position to help Natalia fight for freedom and to discover love. Natalia knew that marriages came in all packages, she just didn’t realise that hers was a Trojan Horse. 5 Stars!
Profile Image for Jennifer.
Author 15 books975 followers
December 6, 2018
Fraud is the second book by RC Stephens that I’ve read this year, the first being Big Stick, a hockey romance. With Fraud, I was treated to a psychological thriller which on its own is enough to show a wide range of storytelling by the author.

This is the story of Natalia Gomez, a young woman who seemingly has it all. She’s married and a mom, living near her family in Florida. Although times have been a bit rough financially, she’s always believed that her relationship with her husband, Mark, has been a solid one. Until one day, it isn’t. When Mark returns home after visiting his family in California, something dramatic has changed. He distances himself from both his wife and child. Natalia is in a state of understandable upset and confusion when she crosses paths with her best friend’s cousin, Hayes Taylor.

Hayes is eye candy distraction supreme. He’s from the UK, recently discharged from the British Navy, and now studying in New York City. He considerably younger than Natalia, unattached, and shares Natalia’s love of the water. While getting to know one another better at a beach outing, a forbidden attraction quickly develops between the two. This initially had me on edge, but it is also clear early on that both characters refrain from acting upon their primal impulses.

The rest of the book takes place not over a period of days, weeks, or months, but over a span of years. We watch as Hayes and Natalia float in and out of each other’s lives. Both are committed to pursuing their own dreams, even so the two often wonder about how the other is doing. As Natalia’s marriage continues to deteriorate, the reader is left to wonder how long she and Hayes can withhold their mutual affection. To reveal much more about the plot would reveal spoilers that are best left unshared.

For me, there were several surprises within the pages of Fraud. The second half of the book took many surprising twists and turns, and while some of my suspicions were confirmed there were several more that I didn’t see coming at all. Even though I was initially wary of Hayes and the toll his presence could take on Natalia, I stuck with the novel and was ultimately glad when I saw what fate had in store for everyone. An enjoyable 4 star read.
Profile Image for Fantasy Land Romance Reader.
2,775 reviews66 followers
March 6, 2019
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R.C. is a new to me author, and for my first book, this one was an interesting read where it took me to places I don't usually go. I do not usually like to read books that have a triangle/romance element to it. This book follows Natalia and her husband Mark over year's while their marriage falls apart. While this is going on Natalia meets Hayes, a younger man that is very attractive.

Natalia and Hayes come in and out of each other's lives throughout many years. All the while she is still married to Mark. Emotions, angst, love, finding one's self, and never knowing what is coming next is what makes this book so good. I will be reading more of R.C.
Profile Image for Nina ~ Meleth Bookaddicted ~.
1,347 reviews39 followers
December 9, 2018
FRAUD is that kind of romance novel to really get me thinking. To stay or not to stay in a hopeless, loveless marriage just for the children’s sake? It’s a tough decision, one where’s no right or wrong, because every family, every marriage is different, and it for sure one of those decisions I hope I’ll never have to make…

After discovering some information about her husband, she questions if she ever really knew him. It’s baffling and shocking, naturally leaving Natalie heartbroken and hopeless. Hayes is just as broken and they instantly connect. There’s tension and sparks, but Natalie refuses to cheat on her husband, no matter what happened…

It’s a tough journey for sure, uncomfortable, forbidden and complex. The suspense of will they or won’t they constantly there, twists and jaw-dropping moments inclusive, this makes one addictive read. It��s detailed, with every little action having its own meaning.

FRAUD was the first book by R.C. Stephens I’ve read and I’m looking forward to my next one!
Profile Image for Patricia Maia (The Bookery Review).
812 reviews47 followers
December 7, 2018
Fraud by RC Stephens is one of those books you start hurting in the very beginning imagining what will happen next. I truly loved this intense and suspenseful story!

Natalia's story is like so many more around the world. In a marriage where she doesn't feel loved anymore, she tries to keep things going for the sake of her daughter. Mark is a strange man and husband, that makes you angry and wanting to slap him over and over again.
When Hayes, a sexy British, younger and broken man, appears in her life she feels attracted to him, to his attention towards her. Hayes wants Natalia but he knows he can't have her because she's married, so never forgetting her he lives his life not wanting to disturb her marriage.

When the story develops further, it gets even more intense and I wont be saying anything about that, because if you go in blind you will discover secrets that will make your head spin.

Excellent book!

Profile Image for Ann.
640 reviews
December 7, 2018
By RC Stephens
Main Characters: Natalia & Hayes
I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from the author.
5 out of 5 stars
I think the author should put a little caveat that there is a small amount of emotional cheating. This book takes you over a period of years instead of just months. Great character development even though some of the m/c are not very likeable. At times I wanted to knock some sense into Natalia and I loved everything about Hayes. This is a story of slightly older women to a younger man. There are some twist and turns towards the end of the book. One I saw coming and the rest I did not. This book had suspense, secrets, lies, action, surprises and great chemistry. I couldn't put the book down until I knew the outcome. This is the first book by RC Stephens that I have read and I absolutely loved it. This is a dual POV. For awhile I had a hard time with Natalia not sticking up for herself but whenever she did she would acquiesce to her husband eventually to keep the peace. Highly recommend this book and am looking forward to reading more books by her.
Profile Image for Jennifer Pierson.
11.2k reviews145 followers
December 8, 2018
I'm not going to go into many details about the whole plot of this story because it's full of suspense, and I feel like going in mostly blind is so much more exciting to be honest. There's Natalie, who would do anything to make her marriage work, even when she starts to learn that her husband is keeping secrets. No matter how hard it's been getting, she's doing her best to make things work for her children, and that means ignoring the attraction she has to Hayes Taylor, a sexy British hottie. Now you would think you had this story pigeonholed already, but I guarantee you that you don't. It does start out with a ton of angst before the twists really start hitting like crazy, so my emotions were a mess, my anger was great, and then BAM! Yeah, BAM, I was dropping f-bombs like an insane woman, as everything that I thought was coming was so far off it wasn't even funny. R.C. Stephens was straight brilliant with this story, as I never saw this one heading the direction she took it in! So because of her diabolical genius self, I'll keep this review short & sweet by just ending it with HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDING IT TO ALL!
594 reviews
December 2, 2018
My review under Up All Night With Books Blog :

5 Real Stars
Review by Lisa
Late Night reviewer
Up All Night w/ Books Blog

Talk about stepping up your game as an author!! R. C. Stephens has done just that with her newest book, Fraud. I have a bad habit of reading a book without reading the authors synopsis of it and I was not disappointed in this one. There is just so much to this book. From start to finish you are like: What is going on!!! That can't be happening!!! WOW that did just happen!!!

So well written that I was pulled in from the start. This story runs so smooth and is so detailed that the feels just jump off the page. The twists that take place, I did not see coming. I thought one thing would happen and it went the opposite way.

A Marriage built on lies, feelings of being pulled under to keep what she always wanted, life is a real struggle. Meeting a man was not suppose to happen. Even though he is younger and maybe more broken then she is, the connection/chemistry is chart-topping. But she's a married women that's how it will stay. Doesn't that sound like something you need to read!

My favorite words written by the author is this line "This is not only my fight song, this is my journey to discover love".. Beautifully said to go with a beautiful story that will make you feel all the feels and fall in love with this story.

**ARC received in exchange for my honest review***
Profile Image for Livia Rabelo.
361 reviews6 followers
April 24, 2019
It was good, I felt connected with the story and the characters. I could totally identify with Nat and her journey and Haze it’s the perfect book boyfriend!! Great book!
Profile Image for Loretta Rohrer-norris.
177 reviews4 followers
July 17, 2019
I loved it!

RC Stephen's has become my go to, for interesting reads. I loved Halo, but I think I love this one more!
Profile Image for Wendy Livingstone.
14.4k reviews136 followers
December 6, 2018
Natalie and Hayes are both broken souls, and the chemistry between them is intense. No spoilers; this is a must read, you will not be disappointed! This is a beautifully written flawless story, which is filled with secrets, suspense, lies, betrayal, danger, and is a steamy read. I was totally intrigued and hooked throughout, and look forward to reading more from this talented author, whose work I highly recommend for all.
Profile Image for Jessica.
2,809 reviews21 followers
October 22, 2019
3.5 Stars

For some reason, stories by this author are a hit or miss for me. This one started off strong and ended strong.... the middle did nothing for me.
Not sure why.
Profile Image for Jenny.
1,048 reviews
November 15, 2018
Why haven’t I read any of this authors books before now! This was so, so good! I love Natalie and Hayes! This book had so many twists and turns I didn’t even come close to see happen. The suspense and the romance was just so captivating, I couldn’t put this book down until I read the entire thing. I don’t want to give anything away so I will end this review by saying this, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!
*Magic Beyond The Covers Book Blog*
Profile Image for Amy Stephens.
Author 109 books487 followers
March 1, 2019
I absolutely love stories like Fraud, where you go in thinking one thing, but just the opposite happens.

I'm fairly new to R.C. Stephens's work, but boy am I glad I decided to read this one. From the style of writing to the characters, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it. Natalia and Hayes were easy to like, but Mark, not so much. But that didn't affect the way I felt about the story as a whole. Oh no. Everything happens for a reason, and Mark's actions played a vital part in why certain things happened the way that they did.

From shock and anticipation, I kept flipping pages, eager to know how it was all going to play out. Stephens did some carefully planning with the plot because so much took place over the period of years that this story covered that I totally never expected. There was a purpose behind Hayes and the crucial part he played in Natalia's life.

Fraud is everything I love about a story, from beginning to end. Stephens convinced me that I need to read more of her work! Highly recommend if you like different.
Profile Image for KDRBCK.
5,621 reviews17 followers
February 22, 2019
Fraud by R.C. Stephens is a full length, standalone romance novel full of twists and unexpected turns.
Meet Natalie, she's the married mom of two kids and her marriage is dying. Life happens and circumstances and separation aren't helping either.
Hayes Taylor is a younger man, beautiful and broken, and he can't stay away from the lonely Nat. Till here it seems like the typical romance, but the book is more, much more. It's a heartwrenching, haunting beautiful story about second chances, finding the one, a slow burn.
The story spans more than a decade and let us be part of their growing. It's a story full of twists and unexpected turns - till the end - , a story of true love, heartbreak and sacrifice.
I started reading and was captivated from chapter one. The writing is great and I loved the characters and their story. I recommend the book and give 4,5 stars.
747 reviews
December 28, 2018

Honestly, I wanted to love this story and unfortunately there were only a few parts of the book that I actually enjoyed. The thing is, at times the storyline was really interesting but quickly fizzled and became a bit boring. Just wasn't for me.
Profile Image for Linda.
750 reviews1 follower
August 29, 2019
The story line was a good one but I found it too repetitive and I did not really like Natalia and as she was the main female character it spoilt it for me.
Profile Image for Misty (Reds Romance Reviews).
2,968 reviews6 followers
February 20, 2019
From onlookers perspective it would appear that Natalia Gomez has a happy life, one that comes with a husband and adorable young children. But that isn't the case at all, her husband has been keeping secrets the last couple of years, doing things out of character, and becoming more distant with everyday that passes. Her friends have suggested considering leaving the marriage, but she is determined to make it work, and she tries... but after years of pouring her heart into and seeing no result it has left at her breaking point.

Then along the way she meets Hayes and he opens her eyes to the things her life has been missing, the attraction between them is undeniable, but Natalia is adamant that she will not cheat. Or let her heart lead her astray, no matter how good the attention he pays her feels. So they settle for friendship, and try their best to keep their feelings under wraps... but how long can they go on like this?

Fraud is the story of a woman stuck in an unlikely situation, she's married to a man who acts like she is more of an inconvenience than a blessing in his life, and she has also captured the attention of a much younger man who would move heaven and earth to be with her. As the story unfolds you follow Natalia as she tries to make the best of her unraveling marriage to Mark, and also navigate this interesting friendship she has with Hayes. This heart-wrenching tale captured my attention right off the bat, the more I learned about these characters, the more invested I became in their lives, and the more my heart hurt for them. I enjoyed this one, it's story line was riddled with emotion to tug on the heartstrings, and also came with a few unexpected suspenseful surprises that had me sitting up and taking notice. Highly recommend you check this one out, it's a well blended and captivating tale that is sure to satisfy!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.

Profile Image for Mara Scales.
221 reviews8 followers
December 28, 2018
Even though RC Stephens makes it quite apparent that this story is about a married woman with a marriage built upon lies and she finds a connection with another man... don't assume that RC Stephens is going to go the typical route with this story. I appreciated the fact that this was different from other love triangle/romantic suspense tropes. RC Stephens doesn't just throw these characters at you and have an insta-relationship ensue over the span of weeks.
Natalia Gomez didn't want to be married and follow in her parents unhappy footsteps, but when she met Mark and they connected over similar family tragedies, she finds herself happily married... That is until she's not. After her husband, Mark, returns from visiting family in regards to his mother having surgery for breast cancer, she feels him distancing himself from her and she doesn't understand why. She doesn't want to seems pushy or needy, but she wants her husband back. When she meets up with her BFF, Imogen, for a day at the beach, she meets Immy's husband's cousin, Hayes Taylor, and he makes her feel how her husband used to make her feel.
Hayes has just recently been discharged from the British Navy and is now studying in NYC. For a young man, he is a beautifully broken character that I couldn't get enough of. Even though he is younger that Natalia, the two bond over their love of the water and their relationship is a slow burning one... But quite frankly, I preferred it that way because it's more to the story than just them and their connection.
I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn't predict where RC Stephens was going to take these characters and the plot twists were definitely a page turner.
** I voluntarily left a honest review after reading an advanced review copy of this book **
Profile Image for Maria.
1,472 reviews5 followers
January 9, 2019
WOW - This is the first book I have read from this author and I am eager to read more. The storyline hit home in so many ways. Knowing that this is fiction and all, somehow there is truth to some of the matters. I related a lot with Natalia in the sense of wanting a family when growing up, being that mine split when I was young, never divorced as it was against our religion, but nonetheless, I was raised by a single parent. My mom did the best she could, which helped me understand there are no struggles in life that one cannot manage. I always wondered why couples stayed together for the kids or cheated, but now I understand what triggers one to do so – not that I agree.

Natalia falls in love with Mark when she recently lost her brother. Unknown to her there are many secrets that exists with Mark, but she is unaware of them until it is too late. Hayes is the cousin to Natalia BFF’s husband. When they meet, there is an instance attraction, but he is younger than she is but mature for his age. He falls deeply for her immediately, but Natalia is a married woman whom would never cheat on her husband regardless of what their situation is. I will not give out too much of the story, but it was very touching and real to many that may live this life. I know the author did not expect anyone to read this book and have the reader sit back and think of his or her own marriage, but I know I did. Now I wonder about my own 28 years of marriage – am I living the dream or settling for what is has become. This book was given to me as a gift and I am glad I read it and now I am looking forward to reading the next book HALO.
Profile Image for Naughty Nightie.
383 reviews7 followers
February 27, 2019
R.C Stephans right from the start holds your interest this book has many twists and turns you don't see coming. Edge of the seat thrills and suspense make it hard to put down, you just have to keep going.
Natalia is a great mom and is married to Mark. When they first married they were so in love, but over the years since the kids came along finds herself getting less and less appreciated by Mark. On an outing to the beach with her best friend Immy and her family. This time though, her husband Shay's cousin, Hayes from U.K is over staying with them. Hayes feels an instant attraction to Natalia but knows he shouldn't since shes married with a child. Natalia also feels an attraction to Hayes but shes married she shouldn't be feeling these feelings. Her father cheated on her mother and they got divorced and no way is Natalia going to break her vows she's married to Mark forever.
The story evolves over a few years with Hayes still feeling and looking out for Natalia as he doesn't like Mark or the way he treats her. Even though Natalia has another child and he has moved to New York to study he still keeps an eye on Natalia. Meanwhile, Mark is getting more and more elusive and many secrets to hide, will Natalia find out what he is up to? Sometimes Mark and his behaviors were very annoying and you felt for Natalia and all she had to put up with. I received a copy (thank you) to do an honest review for Naughty Nightie Book Blog. If you love a bit of suspense in your romance novels you will like this one. I loved the ending and glad things worked out in the end.
1,946 reviews41 followers
December 7, 2018
What do you do when you discover that your entire life was built on a lie?

When Natalia's marriage hits a rough patch, she hopes that they will get through it. Even though she's wildly attracted to her best friend's younger cousin, she refuses to cheat on her husband. She may be miserable in her marriage, but her parents' marriage fell apart because of infidelity, and Natalia never got over that. As for Hayes, even though there's an attraction he can't explain, he respects Natalia's wishes...

This story unfolds over a span of a decade. We see the trouble Natalia is going through with Mark, and we see how Hayes tries to get over her. But he's desperately in love with a woman he can't have. He proves to be a solid friend for Natalia (even though they only see each other a handful of times over the years), and helps her see how strong of a woman she is. Finally, Natalia asks Mark for a divorce.

After that point, Fraud takes a turn that I wasn't expecting. I honestly thought I had Mark's secret life pegged, and I was completely wrong. This story was gripping, and I could not put it down. Throughout it all, Hayes keeps his promise to keep Natalia and her kids safe, and by the time the epilogue concludes, Natalia has gotten the HEA she deserved from the start.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.
371 reviews1 follower
January 2, 2019
Just wow. This book timeline spanned years, and it was delightful. So you have Natalia who is in a marriage seemingly in a rut. The story continues with this wonderfully eerie feel to it. You just never know just how bad it's going to get. There are times you want to strangle Nat, or tell at her the equivalent of "the killer is behind you!" people want to tell at horror movies. But this is not a film ...It's real life and Nat has enough baggage that shows you why she stays.

You have to stop projecting a feminist mindset on the characters at some point and think to yourself: would I give up my long marriage in that case? Or would I fight for a family I loved? It's tough, and perhaps if Nat didn't have baggage revolving around family, she might make different decisions. But you will cringe on some of the things husband Mark says and does. And you will want to smack him. But Nat isn't ready to give up, until the evidence piles up.

It gets genuine scary! What would you do if you realized you didn't really know the man of your dreams? It's humiliating, and one of the reasons she clams up with her friends. Hayes is lovely, and it's a great genre switch to have him be the younger man. Finding out just how far a cornered man will go to save himself brings chills and I was on the edge of my seat. A new favourite book of hers for me.
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