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Angels Wear Orchids: A Compilation of Poetry and Short Stories

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Diverse and eccentric, Angels Wear Orchids is the second compilation of poetry and stories from award-winning author, E. Tara Scurry.

Beginning with the authors trademark distinctive prose, the first section of the book includes song lyrics and poetry. The second part includes five stories.

The first story, “The Cleaning Lady”, is about a Vietnamese immigrant baited into a human trafficking ring when she arrives to interview as a housekeeper. She uses her creativity and courage to stay alive and plan her escape.

In “Three Leaf Clover” a workaholic black woman asks the two men she’s dating to care for her cats when her boss unexpectedly sends her out of the country for work. Initially leery and resentful of each other, they eventually find more satisfying things to do with each other than share pet-sitting duties while she’s away. When tragedy strikes this devoted threesome, a silver lining emerges.

“Pimp My Wheelchair” features a conceited wheelchair bound senior citizen and his clique of elderly and disabled friends who terrorize the patrons of Union Station in Washington DC.

“Tomorrow We Die” follows two comrades in arms as they make the most of their lives before facing one more excruciating battle against an opposing army.

In the title story “Angels Wear Orchids”, the lead singer of a Neo-goth rock band falls in love with his sassy and hardworking personal assistant, to everyone’s dismay, including hers. Being an interracial couple is the least of their differences: he’s into scandalous erotic bondage and she wants nothing to do with it. He wants all of her attention and she needs to take care of her family who sacrificed everything to support her success. She believes in what’s Right and he believes in Right Now. Is their relationship worth the effort? Will their feelings leave them no choice but to give in to each other, despite the odds?

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Release Date: Late 2019/Early 2020


Published December 1, 2019

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About the author

E. Tara Scurry

9 books6 followers
My life’s purpose is to make the world a better place and give reprieve and joy to those who need it most. My goal is to inspire compassion by advocating for peace, justice, and inclusion through storytelling.

My stories and poetry are for the curious, open-minded and brave. They are for the compassionate who believe that we are not free until all of us are free. They are for those who believe in inclusion, are eco-conscious, and who don’t want to be passive bystanders to the injustice in the world. My stories are about love, social problems, self-introspection, and the divine – all from a sociological perspective.

Regardless of which genre I’m creating in, my stories and poetry are always provoking, eccentric, inclusive, and openhearted.

My book, Storm of Roses earned first place in the Poetry Category of the “BEST BOOKS” book awards and was an award-winning finalist in the poetry category of the “National Indie Excellence” book awards. I’ve been gratefully adding joy and thought-provoking experiences to my readers lives for over 3 decades; most of which was before I was formally published.

Readers have said the sacrilegious tendencies of my poetry and stories make them wrestle with their own beliefs. They have also said, “her work is very moving, expressing a wide range of emotions”, “tranquil yet disarming all at the while thought provoking”, and “this book expresses raw emotions…she has touched my life.”

One of my favorite letters was from an inmate serving 15 years in the Federal Correctional Institution in Gilmer, West Virginia. He wrote, “My blood brother Ko Ko kidnaps your book every single night, aint that a b—-, your book is gold in here. It brightens up everybody’s day who reads it. I know when I’m pissed off I read your book and it brings me in another world, I basically escape prison for a little while.”

As a Speaker, I’ve taught at progressive places of worship, conferences, academic classes, and served as an inspirational opening speaker and led closing ceremonies for events such as Women’s Retreats. I’m happy to speak with college clubs, associations, special interest groups, and non-profits. I deeply appreciate opportunities to support other Creatives via book clubs, conferences, podcasts, and more. I teach on creativity as a spiritual practice, activism for introverts, growing your artist platform, healing through storytelling, and discovering your dream career through storytelling.

I’m a graduate of Sweet Briar College and Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School with a B.A in Sociology, Law &

Society minor and a M.S. in Organizational Development & Strategic Human Resources. Trained as a global career development facilitator, coach, and sociological practitioner, I inspire readers and empower creatives to unlock their divine, purpose-driven gifts so they can share them with the world.

As a Storyteller, I create and share my stories to bring joy to those in need. Storytelling is my way of changing the world for the better. My stories impact the world by making it more welcoming and inclusive. The world is a better place when we all feel safe, respected, and comfortable being ourselves and expressing all aspects of our identities. Readers know that getting lost in a book can be a reprieve from a stressful day or an escape from life’s disappointments. A whole life can change by one story. One experience can change a heart.

I’m also fascinated by research from cognitive neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis’s that shows reading silently for only six minutes works 68% better for relaxation than other proven methods such as listening to music, going for a walk, or sipping a cup of tea. He also found that regularly reading just a bit more than that — only 30 minutes a day—has been shown to add two years to our lives. That said, I like to think that my stories help people live longer and healthier lives. AKA Live Longer & Prosper!

Art has this power that absolutely nothing else

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