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Sanctuary Sound #2

The Promise of Us

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A Wall Street Journal bestseller. They couldn’t be more different…or more completely perfect for each other. Claire McKenna knows about loss. The bullet wound that ended her promising professional tennis career drove her to make a quiet life for herself working with fabric samples, chatting with her book group, and spending time with her parents in her sleepy coastal Connecticut hometown. Then there was the boyfriend who dumped her to pursue her adventurous childhood friend. Now, Claire’s business has hit a financial snag, but she’s up to the challenge. After all, she can survive anything. At least she thinks so…until her teen crush, Logan, returns to town with his sister, Claire’s traitorous friend. Photographer Logan Prescott is more playboy than homebody. But his sister’s illness teaches him that there’s more to life than chasing the next thrill. Bent on helping her win Claire’s forgiveness, he turns his charm on Claire and offers her big bucks to renovate his multimillion-dollar New York City condo. After years of playing it safe, Claire must now take some risks. The payoff could be huge, but if it all falls apart, can her heart recover from another loss?

322 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 9, 2019

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Jamie Beck

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Jamie Beck is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of 18 novels, which have been translated into multiple languages and have sold more than three million copies worldwide. She is a two-time Booksellers' Best Award finalist, a Women’s Fiction Writers Association STAR award finalist, a National Readers' Choice Award winner, and critics at Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and Booklist have respectively called her work "smart," "uplifting," and "entertaining." In addition to writing novels, she enjoys dancing around the kitchen while cooking and hitting the slopes in Vermont and Utah. Above all, she is a grateful wife and mother to a very patient, supportive family.

Fans can learn more about her on the web (www.jamiebeck.com). She also loves interacting with everyone on Facebook (www.facebook.com/JamieBeckBooks) and Instagram (@writerjamiebeck).

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March 24, 2019
Claire and Logan go way back. She has had a crush on him since they were little but ever since Peyton, Logan’s sister who once was also Claire’s best friend, took her boyfriend from her, she has hated them both. Especially Peyton for the hurt she caused, but given the fact that Logan is on her side on this, he’s to be hated too. The problem is, her business has hit a bad place, and she needs new jobs as soon as possible, especially ones that pay well, like renovating Logan’s condo would pay.

[PT] Claire e Logan já são um item há muito tempo. Ela teve uma paixoneta por ele desde que ambos eram pequenos mas desde que Peyton, irmã do Logan que também fora em tempos a melhor amiga de Claire, lhe roubou o namorado, ela tem-nos odiados aos dois. Especialmente Peyton pelo sofrimento que lhe causou, mas dado o facto de o Logan estar no lado de Peyton, ele recebe também o ódio de Claire. O problema é, o seu negócio chegou ao fundo do poço, e ela precisa de trabalhos novos o quanto antes, especialmente trabalhos que paguem bem, como o caso da renovação do apartamento do Logan.

Full review available at | Review completa em Under the Pages.

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2,896 reviews634 followers
January 25, 2022
I am so in love with Sanctuary Sound series. So far I rated 2 books in this series 5 stars. Claire reminds me so much of me. The pessimistic me who overthink everything. In The Promise of Us, Miss Beck gives us a heroine who seems weak and needy, but once I understand her background and her emotional baggage, I can relate to her.

Logan is only in the picture for Claire to find her courage to be her own person. Even he is not in the front seat and center (cause the main story mainly focus on Claire) he steals the show. He is brave, loyal and oh so sweet. He sees Claire who she really is. And he has faith in Claire that the old Claire is still inside.

I do not want to write so much on my review on this book, but please go ahead and read it.

5 stars
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3,131 reviews121 followers
April 9, 2019
I have come to the conclusion that I just don't like Jamie Beck's style of writing and characters and I should just do us both a favour and stop requesting ARCs.

Claire McKenna had a promising future as a tennis player until a random shooting left her with a pronounced limp. She and her family have retreated inwards, afraid to leave their home town of Sanctuary Sound. Claire has her book club and her family and her struggling renovating/decorating business with her best friend Steffi.

Then Claire's childhood crush Logan Prescott returns to town with his sister Peyton in tow. Peyton ran off with Claire's boyfriend/fiance but he dumped her when she got cancer. Now the two of them are back in town demanding that Claire forgives and forgets. Logan tries to manipulate Claire into speaking to Peyton by playing on her childhood crush (which he knew all about) and bribing her to decorate his New York apartment. Logan is everything Claire is not, he's a free agent who travels the world taking award winning photographs of tragedy and injustice. Unlike Claire, although his family is the wealthiest in Sanctuary Sound they are not close and he has been estranged from his father for many years.

I reread some of my reviews of Jamie Beck's other books to understand what I did (or didn't like) about them and unfortunately the same complaints arise in this book. There's just so much angst: shootings; cancer; family divisions; fear of travelling; old rivalries. As a reader I was just drowning in angst. Also, in most of my review I found the 'hero' to be completely unlikable and I felt the same way with Logan. He bullied and manipulated Claire into everything, he shamelessly leveraged her childhood crush and forced her to do things she was not comfortable with. I honestly wonder if a psychologist read this book what their views would be of the impact of his behaviour on Claire's mental health.

Through Logan's brute force interventions (accompanied by Claire's crying and panic attacks no less) Claire starts to break down some of the barriers which she and her parents have imposed on her life, to make small changes. Heck she even agrees to speak civilly to Peyton and makes other concessions. But listen to what Steffi says about him:
Just promise me you aren’t expecting Logan to make the kinds of personal changes for you that you’ve attempted for him this past month. As much as he must like you, he’s a charming wanderer who likes his life as it is.
Yes, that's right, Logan isn't willing to make a single change to his behaviour, his attitude or his outlook on life.

Logan is just a spoilt, petulant manchild
“he destroyed her self-esteem, and now, because I won’t make false promises, she’s got her guard up.” He was pouting. Pouting never looked good on anyone, but he couldn’t help it. Disappointment had him in a tight grip. “I get that she got hurt, but people date and break up all the time. Ryan and Steffi are the exception, not the rule. Just because a relationship doesn’t lead to a diamond ring doesn’t make it a mistake. But even if she were willing to roll the dice, my loyalty to you is also a problem. Apparently, she can do the forgive part, but not the forget.”
Claire foresees that Logan's loyalty to his sister could be a stumbling block to their fledgling relationship when she still feels incredibly betrayed that one of her best friends would steal her boyfriend? How unreasonable!

But don't let me vent all my ire on Logan. Claire is a thirty-something year old woman who allows her parents to call her EVERY day and curb her freedom by urging her not to travel, even to the neighbouring town, not to drive at night, not to go into unusual neighbourhoods, not to go on a yacht cruise on the river. She has all this pent up resentment and anger at Peyton but she lets it slide because she has a crush on Logan. She talks a big talk but when it actually comes down to it Claire falls for Logan's pretty cheesy lines and just does whatever he tells her to.

Finally, 320 pages and really nothing happened, just endless talking and friends interfering and telling everyone else what to do (or not to do). It always amazes me that all these characters have so much insight into everyone else's lives but absolutely none into their own.

So there you have it, yet another gibbering rant, if you loved Jamie Beck's other books then I am sure you will enjoy this latest novel. Unfortunately I don't appear to have learned that her style fo writing isn't for me.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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1,149 reviews313 followers
April 9, 2019
Check out all of my reviews at: https://www.avonnalovesgenres.com

THE PROMISE OF US (Sanctuary Sound Book 2) by Jamie Beck is a contemporary romance with characters I know I will be thinking about well beyond “The End” of this book. Ms. Beck’s characters in The Sanctuary Sound series are realistically written and fully fleshed enough to walk right off the page. Even knowing my HEA will arrive, the journey is never easy or cookie-cutter in Ms. Beck’s Sanctuary Sound books.

Claire McKenna is the artistic design half of the fledgling company she started with one of her closest childhood friends in her hometown. She has rebuilt her life since losing her promising career as a professional tennis player to a random bullet to the hip in the local mall and her boyfriend who dumped her and left town with her other best friend. Claire was focused on her career and travelled the country, but now she allows her fear to build a wall around her hometown and never takes any risks.

Logan Prescott lives every day trying to live up to his famous grandfather’s legacy. He is a photographer who travels the world trying to find the job that will give him fame and recognition. When his sister is diagnosed with breast cancer, he comes home to be by her side. They have returned to the family home to document Peyton’s cancer fight and Logan would like to get Claire’s forgiveness for his sister, who is the one who stole Claire’s boyfriend.

Logan offers Claire the job of remodeling and decorating his NY condo for enough money to get the store front she wants for the business. He turns on his charm to get Claire to take the job, but he soon finds that Claire has changed and he wants to help her get over her fears as much as he wants forgiveness for his sister. Claire has had a crush on Logan since they were young. Can taking risks with Logan free her or break her all over again?

Get the tissues ready. Claire and Logan are opposites that attract and in the end fill the empty spaces in each other, but not without a lot of emotional growth. Claire’s fears after the shooting and her parents’ over-protectiveness, Peyton’s breast cancer journey and Logan’s emptiness were realistically written and intertwined into a beautiful story. They are imperfect characters that are all changing and on a journey to forgiveness and understanding. The sex scenes are behind closed doors or PG rated. This book can standalone, but Claire’s partner, Steffi has a great story in book 1 of this series that you will not want to miss.

I highly recommend this romance, series and author!
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2,650 reviews3,234 followers
April 2, 2019
3.5 Feeling Running Deep Stars
* * *1/2 Spoiler Free
Jamie Beck is a very accomplished author. The work has crafting, well thought out concepts and always a special feel to the work. The Promise of Us continues the winning ways of this author.

We have a woman who had extreme talent in tennis and was on her way to making a name for herself. She had the unfortunate fateful experience of being in the way of a bullet not meant for her. This halted her tennis career, left her with a lifetime pain and a need for another career. Claire rose to the occasion and became a highly talented interior designer.

This wasn't the first time, Claire had to step away from something important to her.
The last time was when her childhood best friend for life took Claire's boyfriend from her. She overcame that and moved forward....devastatingly hurt but bore the hurt and moved on...or so she thought.

Now Claire and her business partner are in a tough position. Although their company had been successful, lately things have not been happening as it should. This has left them needing a big project which will get them out of this pickle.

When the brother and sister who played such a huge part of her childhood return to town, Claire is presented with a couple of challenges. First, Peyton, the ex BFF has been stricken with cancer and her brother Logan has put his photographic career on hold. Logan loves his sis and would do whatever to make this battle better. Peyton misses her old friend and Logan wants to bring them back together so he figures out a way to push this with a redo of his condo.

Claire needs the business for her company...
Logan figures he will be able to work on Claire and get her to understand his sister...
The only hiccup is Claire seems to still have feelings for Logan and he is someone who she thinks she should stay far away from.

This is a tricky idea as both characters have their own issues and difficulties.
Jamie Beck takes all of this and works magic.

A gifted copy was provided by Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

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1,725 reviews30 followers
February 11, 2019
"Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review"
A one-sided teenage crush, a theme I usually enjoy, turns slowly into adult passion in this well-written “The Promise of Us”, by Jamie Beck.
The author pairs an insecure heroine, something I like too, struggling with physical and psychological limitations, with an easygoing, charming and self-confident, yet kind, hero. She’s the one who stayed (for various, serious reasons), he’s the one who left, the adventurer.
For some reason I cannot pinpoint, I never warmed up to or cared that much about what happened to Claire, although her character is well drawn, and the depiction of her insecurities, fears and shyness quite convincing (sometimes I felt embarrassed for her); and it’s refreshing to have a female with baggage, who isn’t a cookie-cutter character. But perhaps the story delved too much into her character growth and inner world. (And I really found weird the naming of the cane.)
There’s a lot going on with both characters’ families and friends and an interesting involvement of their professions in the plotline.
154 reviews21 followers
April 8, 2019
I really could not stand Logan, the hero. He's a self absorbed baby. He can't understand why Claire can't forgive. It's not his place to judge her. She was *shot* as a teenager which derailed her tennis career forever forcing her to give up hopes and dreams. While he is a rich photographer who does whatever he wants. Seriously?? He thinks he has all the answers?

Meanwhile his sister ran away with Claire's boyfriend after Claire was shot. (The characters all grew up together). But now that she is ill the boyfriend left her. What goes around comes around. The arc between Claire and the friend.

This story really irritated me because it could have been so much better with a better thought out hero.
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Author 22 books1,308 followers
April 22, 2019
Great series! Can't wait for Peyton's story.
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1,034 reviews33 followers
April 11, 2019
I tried to make it through this book but I just couldn’t complete it. It wasn’t necessarily a bad book...I guess I just don’t connect to this Author’s writing style because I was bored and didn’t find the couple likable.
26 reviews3 followers
April 13, 2019
Just couldn’t root for them. Logan was so unlikeable. I wanted to quit reading, but by the time I realized he really was as bad as the first impression, I was too far in.
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2,686 reviews163 followers
April 24, 2019
What an interesting story! It explores quite a few really intriguing threads that one doesn’t often see.

First - there is Claire’s psychologically debilitating fear of going anywhere outside her structured community after a random shooting left her partially diabled. At first glance this may seem kind of silly but as the story progresses and one sees the smothering worry her parents push on her plus the sympathetic enabling everyone else in the community gives her, her condition is completley understandable. (I have actually known people like this with a lot less reasons to be so, so I know it is something very real, as well.)

Then, there is the storyline of her best friend who betrayed Claire by stealing and then running off with the man Claire is in love with - then, shows up later wanting to be friends again. How does one climb that trust mountain after something so deeply damaging? Making it even harder to judge right from wrong is the fact that the friend is back because she is dealing with a health crises that same boyfriend left her for. Hmmm....

The tie that binds the entire story together is Logan, the brother of Claire’s ex-friend and longtime crush of Claires. He loves his sister and desperately wants to help her gain forgiveness so she can be at peace and enjoy her life again.

The problem with the story for me, is Logan. I had a REALLY hard time liking him. Throughout the entire book it seemed every.single.thing he did for Claire was done for purely selfish purposes. Even those things that helped her grow was always wrapped up in an end-game for him. Because of this, I never could buy into his feelings being real.

That, plus the horribly abrupt resolution and end (man, after everything, we NEED to see more of his feelings and change!!) keeps this beautiful journey of a read from attaining the 5 star it should have deserved.
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1,107 reviews
April 2, 2019
This book didn't work for me- at all. I had issues with the characters from the beginning of the story and had to push myself to get to 30% at that point I set the book aside. It was too much of a struggle.
Logan wasn't at all likable for me, his manipulation and attitude toward Claire troubled me. Claire had her own set of problems she was dealing with and her comfort zone was going to her parents house. I totally got that. It's not until a little later how much you see her mother in particular enable Claire's fear of crowds, cities and anyplace where Claire isn't in control. Or her mother for that matter. Dad isn't quite as bad. A quick history on Claire which you can read from the blurb is that she was shot during a random shooting in a city ending a career in tennis. After lengthy rehab, she still walks with a cane. Next we have her best friend Steffi, who is in the middle now between Claire and Logan's sister Peyton. The three were once best friends until Peyton slept with Claire's fiance. Peyton is living back at home because she has breast cancer and going through treatment and Logan returned home to help Peyton. Their parents have more money than sense or caring. Logan continually pushed Peyton and his own agenda on Claire making her uncomfortable to say the least. Claire has no intention of forgiving her for what she's done and if she decides to do so, it will be on her own terms, not Logans. Or anyone else. End of story. Unlikeable characters and a lacking plot are dealbreakers for me.
I did pick the book back up a couple times. Once again struggling with the lack of story and finally skimmed to the end. Which for me was blah.
This just wasn't a book for me.

arc from NetGalley and Montlake for an honest review.
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1,032 reviews37 followers
July 8, 2019
4.5 Stars!

This story is the Jamie Beck I’ve come to know and love - with compelling characters and complex situations that keep me engaged and twisted up inside. I was a little concerned about this series after the first book left me underwhelmed, but The Promise of Us was everything I was hoping for!

Claire, Steffi and Peyton were best of friends growing up in Sanctuary Sound, Connecticut. At 15, Claire was a victim of a random act of violence that ended a promising professional tennis career and plunged her into a world of constant pain and fear, which keeps her close to home and in her own bubble. She was left behind when her two best friends left for college and followed their dreams. Recently Steffi has returned home and the two have started their own interior design and renovation business. It’s not a big, exciting life, but it’s one Claire's happy with.

Peyton has become persona non grata, though, after getting involved with the man Claire was in love with, while he was still dating Claire. Now Peyton is back in Sanctuary Sound as well, recovering from a battle with breast cancer, and her older brother Logan will do anything to help Peyton repair her relationship with Claire. Including hiring Steffi and Claire to renovate his NYC apartment.

This book has so many layers to it, with such complex, flawed characters and complicated situations, and I loved all of it.

The situation with Peyton’s betrayal is forefront in this story, and I liked how things weren’t brushed under the rug easily. People took sides, true feelings were expressed - sometimes harshly, and most importantly, Peyton was truly remorseful and didn’t demand forgiveness. I like how progress was made towards Claire and Peyton having a cordial relationship, and that it took to the whole book to get there. So often situations with such deep hurts are resolved too easily, and I am so glad Ms. Beck allowed Claire to have her feelings and express her emotions, and had her do so in a mature way.

Then we have Claire and Logan’s relationship, which at times seemed very one-sided and manipulative. Logan is not a perfect hero. But his heart was in the right place, so I found it hard to hold many of his actions against him. His intentions were pure, but his methods were frequently ill advised. Still, the mea culpa email he sent Claire at the end totally had me swooning. I love a heroine who tells the hero what she wants and is willing to walk away when he can’t give her what she deserves. I love a hero even more who then realizes what he’s lost and isn’t afraid to say “I was wrong.”

Finally, we have Claire and her also well-intentioned but completely enabling parents. At first glance it seems ridiculous that an adult would let her parents tell her what she should and shouldn’t be doing, to have parents so involved in your day-to-day life. As a parent, I can sympathize with how terrifying it would be to have your only child shot; however, to live in that fear, and continually feed that fear into your child into adulthood, is shameful. But that underlying, unobtrusive family dysfunction (as opposed to the outright dysfunction of Logan and Peyton’s family) is just another reason why I liked this book SO MUCH.

I went from not looking forward to the Sanctuary Sound series, to hardly being able to wait to read Peyton’s story. I love a good multi-book series where things are complicated and messy, and Ms. Beck delivered exactly that!

* thank you to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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1,932 reviews53 followers
April 28, 2019
I received a physical copy for an honest review]

“The truth is that we can’t control much of anything, Mom,” Claire said. “Only the choices we make.”

The Promise of Us by Jamie Beck is a wonderful story about overcoming your fears, moving past trauma, and learning to forgive. The series follows three childhood friends who each find their happy, but each can be read as a standalone. This is the first book I have personally read in the series and I'm looking forward to reading the prior book and the next book to come.

"If only pretty words could erase pain and betrayal. If they could undue damage and turn back time to the way things used to be"

Claire has known Logan since she was a child. She, her friend Steffi, and his sister Peyton were the best of friends. That is until after a bullet made her lose the life she knew and Peyton stole her boyfriend. Now Peyton is back in their small town looking for forgiveness, and she is not the same girl Claire remembers. Logan is also back and it seems Claire's childhood crush on him never went away. When she finds herself working for him and suddenly the focus of his attention she finds it hard to trust his intentions and let go of her insecurities. Even though they live opposite lives, one rooted in adventure and one rooted in familiarity, the time they spend to together changes both of them in ways they hadn't expected.

"Her weakness for him - an unsettling, reckless attraction- handed him the power to crush her heart to bits at the same time it made her soar. "

A book is nothing without its characters and The Promise of Us had some fantastic ones. Claire is amazingly strong in so many ways. Even when her fears limit her she fights against them in the end. She may be a bit head strong, but she is kind and caring to those she cares for. Logan was a layered character who I slowly fell more in love with as the story progressed. He started out as a play boy but Claire manages to bring out all his best qualities. He is fierce loyalty and support of his sister in her time of need was admirable. The connection between them was real and their story believable. Their love story is one to root for from beginning to end.

The Promise of Us is a love story that's so much more than just finding the person who makes you complete but also about finding yourself. A lovely contemporary romance and a book that I will be passing on to my friends and family for them to also enjoy.
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1,441 reviews12 followers
December 11, 2018
Jamie Beck has managed to write a touching story regarding the 4 L’s - life, love, laughter & loss. The Promise of Us follows Claire as she attempts to come to terms with her former best friend, Peyton, moving back into town while recovering from her battle with cancer. Claire has been afraid of being hurt, both physically & mentally. Her promising career in tennis was cut short after she was injured in a shooting that ended up leaving her with a bad leg. Now she plays it safe.

Logan, Peyton’s brother & Claire’s teenage crush, is determined that Claire has to forgive Peyton for breaking her heart & stealing her boyfriend. He doesn’t understand why she is still holding it against her. After all, once Peyton was diagnosed, the jerk left her too. As Claire & Logan get closer, Logan can’t figure out why he’s feeling things differently & why the same things don’t make him happy. Is he beginning to grow up & feel deeper?

Claire roused my sympathies from the very beginning. Yes, she was playing it safe but it seemed like she had it together & if she didn’t want to expand her horizons, who was Logan to force the issue? I understood that Peyton was his sister & had just faced a life threatening disease but he acted like Claire’s emotions were negligible & could just be ignored. He really came off as arrogant & selfish, especially when he couldn’t believe his buddy,Ben was in “Claire’s” side, instead of his. He acted very spoiled & entitled about several things. I truly enjoyed the way they both came to learn more about themselves & each other as they grew closer. This was a very emotional book that was a joy to read & absorb.
387 reviews17 followers
November 26, 2019
Two thumbs up!

I've always been a fan Jaime. This 2nd series again educates me a lot about trauma, facing life after tragic incidents and second chances. People truly change for the best and worst during health scare ang near death experience. I swoon at Claire's HEA with Logan, and Logan finding his real home and love in her. Love it! Looking forward to the last of the series! Thank you!
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131 reviews1 follower
December 21, 2022
Hmmm. These books are okay. Something about the writing style is not agreeing with me and I can’t connect to any of the characters. Someone else may have more luck though.
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Author 12 books157 followers
April 5, 2019
4.25 Stars

The Promise of Us is the second book in Sanctuary Sound series and a great addition. When I received an invitation from the publisher, via Net-Galley, to read and review, I eagerly accepted since I have enjoyed a great many of Ms. Beck’s novels, including the first book in this series. My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Promise of Us from the first page to the last. Ms. Beck’s writing is emotional and pulled at my heartstrings a lot. The plot is realistic and kept me flipping the pages on my Kindle, breathlessly waiting for what would come next.

Claire McKenna’s character has many facets, making her a fascinating heroine. She’d lost a promising tennis career when she was shot as a teenager, leaving her with a limp. Since that time, she’s lived so cautiously, she’s missed out on the joy of living freely. To add insult to injury, one of her best friends stole the man she’d been in love with. Now, that friend, Peyton, has cancer, and others in her circle want her to forgive and forget. Her struggle with doing so shows a great deal on conflict, making the story very emotionally-charged, especially when Peyton’s brother is one of the individuals who wants her to move past her hurts. She’d had a crush on Logan since they were children.

Logan Prescott is an intriguing hero. He’s shied away from any kind of emotional commitment, preferring to have friends with benefits. He has a troubled relationship with both his parents, and that has a great deal to do with his unwillingness to form a lasting attachment. With Claire, he’s unable to remain superficial. That threatens all his well-laid plans as a carefree playboy who travels the world as a free lance photographer. I became enmeshed in his struggles and truly wanted his to realize that his feelings for Claire would change him for the good.

This is a friends to lovers romance, and the long standing friendship between Claire and Logan enhanced the story. The love scenes are well-written, focusing on the emotion and instead of the actual physical act. I love this. Their struggles to find their way to each other moved me greatly, and I was thrilled when they found their happy ending.

If you enjoy an emotionally-charged romance with enthralling characters, then you will love The Promise of Us as much as I did. I look forward to other books in this fantastic new series. Happy reading!
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2,362 reviews118 followers
April 9, 2019
This is the second book in the Sanctuary Sound series and I can't believe I'm just now discovering this author and series!

This series is set in a sleepy little town in Connecticut but don't let that description deceive you.  The town has a lot going for it including some strong (aka wealthy) families that have made a mark on the town and created an atmosphere that brings everyone in the town together.  There are many times where I read that certain characters were loved, well regarded, and respected which reflects a tight-knit community as well.  Claire was a rising tennis star in her youth until a tragic event turned her world upside down.  She fought hard to get to where she is now and had the love and support of her family and friends.  But even friends can turn on you as she discovered with her friend Peyton.  But perhaps Claire will realize that Peyton did her a favor in the end.

This book hits on many truths that we all experience in life.  Friendships will be tested, love will open our eyes, and maturity will create new experiences.  Claire has been wrapped in bubble wrap ever since the tragic accident and it is very obvious how her parents still treat her like a small child and discourage her from experiencing life.  I think is primarily her mother and it is to be expected as she nearly lost her only child and it would be devastating should anything happen to Claire.  I wondered if Claire would stand up to her parents and spread her wings a bit more to experience life and the world around her.  Thankfully she has the assistance of Logan, Peyton's brother and Claire's longtime crush.  Granted, her relationship with Logan isn't perfect as they are opposites but as they say, opposites attract.  Plus they realize that they balance each other out.  It takes time for this realization, but it does happen.

I felt for Peyton as she is going through treatments for breast cancer.  As a survivor, I know how hard it can be to live through that experience.  It isn't one that I would wish on anyone.  I think it humbled Peyton as well and she understood some of what Claire experienced during their teens.

This is also a story about forgiveness.  While many times we might think that a person's actions are unforgivable, it is hard to hold onto that much hatred.

Overall I enjoyed this story and my feelings for the different characters evolved as they did throughout the journey.  We give this 4 paws up.
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3,533 reviews37 followers
April 10, 2019
~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~

This is the second book in the series - and I would recommend that you read them in order, as you will meet Claire and her troubles in that book too. It will help you understand just how traumatic the split in the friendship between her and Peyton was, and the difficulties faced by Steffi as she is close to them both. Small town life means that she lives in a gold fish bowl, but has no prospect of leaving. As the story progresses, it is easy to see how she has been trapped, and how her loving parents have increased the strength of her fears.

Logan, Peyton's brother, has brought Peyton back to their family home to recover from her breast cancer treatment. He has known Claire all her life due to her friendship with Peyton, and he's well aware of her childhood crush on him. But right now, everything is broken and he is doing all he can to make Peyton happy. So it is inevitable that he will have to work on restoring some of the threads that held the friends together. Finding that he finds Claire to be beautiful, talented and yet clearly closed off from life, he has a second mission - to make her break out of her prison.

You may surmise from this that Logan is driven and determined. He really is, and yet he does it out of love, even if he hasn't worked that bit out yet! It is moving, and also fun watching the two of them come to a position of unexpected mutual happiness. Amazing how both bending a little can make such a positive contribution to a relationship!

I enjoyed how there are some fascinating real issues of ethics and morals balanced with real life and love - how do you hate someone who stole your boyfriend, yet is suffering from cancer, and he left her as soon as he found out? Having been shot in a freak accident, how do you ignore the facts about the danger of guns, crowds and traffic, and manage to enjoy yourself in spite of the possibility of another injury? When is place a home - when beautifully decorated, or when the person you love is there too?

I am looking forward to the next installment in this lovely series.

Wicked Reads Review Team
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April 8, 2019
4.5 stars

I lost count of the number of times my heart ached for Claire. I could understand the things that were holding her back, but I could also see those things weren’t healthy. And the awareness Claire starts to have about her situation and her anxiety is the most gut-wrenching thing of all.

There are a few times I’m not so happy with Logan, but it’s very obvious that he’s never trying to be a bully or even truly manipulate anyone out of ill intent. He wants to see everyone he cares for living their lives to the fullest and finding happiness. Of course, he thinks he knows best. Those are the times he gets himself into hot water…with me and some of the other characters.

It beautiful to see the connection between Logan and Claire before Logan even realizes what is happening on a deeper level. In fact, before Claire even truly sees this isn’t just her lifelong crush rearing its head and it’s not her imagination that there are feelings developing with them both.

Claire helps Logan to see that he’s putting up walls with his parents so much that he can’t see any good anymore. Not only that, but those walls are actually holding him back from finding true contentment in his life. So, although Logan does a lot to help Claire, she does just as much for him.

Another Jamie Beck book I didn’t want to put down. And still so much between these friends I want to see happen. We get a bit more of Logan’s sister/Claire’s former bestie Peyton this go around. I’m starting to see that she may be redeemable. I’m interested to get her side of the story on a more intimate level. What was she thinking, feeling, hoping for the outcome to be?

**I received an ARC of this book courtesy of Net Galley and the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely**

This review can also be found at All In Good Time.
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April 5, 2019
This was a new-to-me author and a good introduction. Although book #2 in the series, I did not feel that I was missing anything by not having read the first book. There is enough of a catch-up to fill me in, without getting bogged down in repeating the whole story.

I enjoyed reading about Claire and her friends and family. Her not-quite-agoraphobia was an interesting twist on the genre, and I can see the real strength of character she posses for having worked through such a painful moment in her past. Her quiet determination to continue working past her lingering fears and towards her goals was encouraging and inspiring. And I appreciated the frank acceptance of her stress eating habit.

I didn't enjoy Logan as much. He was just so cavalier towards Claire's feelings, and had been even when they were teenagers. Yes, he bought chocolate for stressful situations, and he was good at distracting her from panic attacks. But he never really put himself in her place, never tried to understand where she was coming from. All he focused on was what HE wanted, for his sister, for himself, and for Claire.

I was also disappointed in the fade to black first time together, after such a huge build-up to that moment. Not that every book has to be explicit, but the precursors seemed to be leading to steam, so I admit to being let down.

None of this affected my enjoyment of the story, though. The writing was strong, the characters interesting, and the pacing was good. I connected with Claire's emotions and liked that the story didn't fall into the same old tropes that most romances tend to stick to. I even appreciated that the ending wasn't wrapped up in a paragraph, and that both parties needed to make concessions. I look forward to reading more by this author.

*I was given an ARC of this book by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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April 19, 2019
The Promise of Us continues the storyline started in the first book, The Memory of You, but focuses on Claire McKenna. Like Steffi in the first book, Claire is struggling to cope with a really traumatic experience, after being shot when she was 15. Effectively ending the life she had imagined for herself. As an adult, Claire clearly still struggles with the mental and physical aftermath of the shooting, she walks with a cane and has debilitating anxiety and PTSD. On top of all that, she feels betrayed by one of her best friends after her boyfriend leaves her for her friend. And who happens to move back to their small coastal Connecticut town than Claire’s former friend, Peyton, who brings her brother, and Claire’s former childhood crush, with her.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit, but I don’t know if I loved it as much as I did the first book. I’m a sucker for a second-chance love story like the one in the first book, I don’t know if I felt as connected to Claire and Logan’s characters. I found Claire to be a tad frustrating and stubborn at times. I found myself saying “does NO ONE in this town go to therapy?!” Both Claire and her parents have clear PTSD from her being shot over a decade ago. The social worker in me was mildly horrified these characters were still deeply affected by the trauma, yet didn’t seek help. I can understand why Claire didn’t (my dad lives with PTSD from Vietnam and it took him decades), but her parents not seeking help for their trauma really bothered me for some reason.

Overall I still recommend The Promise of Us, it was a 3.75 star read for me (upgraded to 4 on NG and GR)! I am very excited the next book will focus on Peyton, she’s been the character I’m most interested in throughout the first two books.
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March 20, 2019
3.5 Stars! With this novel, I did something I never do, start a series mid-way. I’m a stickler for starting series from Book 1 and this is Book 2 in the Sanctuary Sound series and I loved it. Whilst I can see how the experience might have been enriched by understanding all the heroine’s best friend had been through in Book 1, I don’t think it’s necessary to have read it to understand Claire and Logan’s story.

This somewhat weighty romance novel covers such themes as fear, PTSD, random acts of violence, cancer, guilt, dealing with betrayal and forgiveness, but all done in the least melodramatic way that is a pleasure to read. Sanctuary Sound is a placid sort of setting that frames these somewhat heavy themes very nicely. This reminds me a lot of the work of Robin Carr or even of a soothing, emotional, but not heartbreaking romance.

I think sometimes the themes of forgiveness was dealt with a little ham-fistedly in the hands of the characters (especially Logan and the old book club ladies) and that’s why this doesn’t get the full four stars from me, but overall, I enjoyed reading this- my first (but hopefully not my last) from this author.

I received an advance reading copy from the publisher, Montlake Romance, through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I would never praise a book I didn’t like just because I got it for free.
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April 15, 2019
The Promise of Us: Sanctuary Sound Book 2 is by Jamie Beck. This is s short novel about friends and second chances. It is about finding the really you inside and not relying on outside forces to be who you are suppose to be.
Claire McKenna has returned to her hometown and not in the way she wanted. She was all set for a career in tennis when she is hit by a bullet and it ends her career. She now works with material samples, her book club, and spending time with her parents. Her boyfriend, Todd, dumped her for her “best friend” Payton, and her business has hit a snag. As if that isn’t enough, Logan Prescott returns to town bringing his sister, Payton. Claire had once had a crush on Logan and she definitely doesn’t want to see Payton again. How can she get out of this mess? She can’t just leave town.
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March 24, 2019
This story is about facing your fears, finding yourself, and the changing relationships in your life. This is a sweet romance story where the characters show a lot of growth. They’re really just trying to figure out who they are in the world. Claire is so strong, but also caged by her fears. She’s trying to navigate her friendship, or lack there of with Payton, and her attraction to Payton's brother Logan. Logan is super caring and has the best intentions but you know what they say, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Logan seems way more put together, but he’s also trying to figure out himself throughout the story. It's like both characters don't even realize they need change to be happy. Overall, this was an easy and entertaining read!

Thanks to Montlake Romance and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review!
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March 30, 2019
Claire's world has gotten small since she was shot. Almost too small. But then, Logan comes back to town- the guy she had a terrible crush on in high school- but he's with his sister Peyton, who was just rotten to Claire. Claire's business is in trouble, Peyton's recovering from cancer, and Logan, well Logan has both money and a desire to make things right. This is as much about friendship as it is a romance. It also touches on some serious themes (unusual in this genre) but does so responsibly. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. A HEA.
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February 6, 2019
Received a cooy of the book through netgalley.
Excellent read,characters seem so real,good build up of relationships throughtout the book.A book that keeps you interested in the characters.Loved the author can not wait to read the third book in the series,to find out what happens next,you do not have to read all the seties each book is self explaniterly.
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April 4, 2019
I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

Tragedy struck Claire McKenna when she was approaching the top of her tennis game. Not only did it shatter her dreams of a professional career, it shattered the way she moved, the way she walked and her self-confidence.

Cocooning herself in Sanctuary Sound, she's made a comfortable life for herself. Until one of her best friends steals her boyfriend and once again made her the object of pity.

Then Logan Prescott returns to town along with his boyfriend stealing sister. He's always admired Claire and now wants nothing more to resolve the pain of betrayal between Claire and his sister. However, once he gets to know Claire again, he likes the woman she's become and he is now determined to break Claire out of her shell.

I really enjoyed this book, the way Claire's feelings were so heartfelt and real leaving the reader knowing exactly what she was going through.

~~Wicked Reads Review Team~~

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