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Lost Kings MC #3

Strength from Loyalty

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Struggling attorney, Hope Kendall loves her outlaw, biker boyfriend, Rochlan “Rock” North with all her heart, but the questionable activities his motorcycle club are involved in are about to threaten the legal career she’s not even sure she still wants.

Rock finally has the support of all his officers to bring Hope deeper into the inner circle of the Lost Kings MC. When his offer to have the club help her out of her legal predicament is met with hostility, he’s once again forced to question whether they are able to make their drastic differences work for the long haul.

A near death makes any squabble seem insignificant but puts a cloud over their future. And while Rock has been working hard to give Hope the honesty she craves, one secret she’s been keeping all along may finally drive them apart for good.

368 pages

First published March 17, 2015

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About the author

Autumn Jones Lake

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Autumn is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the popular Lost Kings MC and Hollywood Demons series. Autumn firmly believes that true love stories never end and that is reflected in the stories she tells.

Her past lives include baking cookies, slinging shoes, and practicing law.

She was born and raised in upstate New York, where most of her books are set. Autumn still enjoys all four seasons there with her very own alpha hero.

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1,043 reviews274 followers
December 30, 2021
5 Sparkling Gorgeous Rock and Hope Stars


I only discovered Autumn Jones Lake's Lost Kings MC books about 3 months ago. The first one, Slow Burn , hooked me from the start. It was a refreshingly different plot with fantastic characters. Then the second book, Corrupting Cinderella (love that title btw) continued with the story of Hope and Rock's relationship. So, you can imagine that after I had devoured these two novels I was itching to read the third instalment- Strength From Loyalty. I had the release date marked on the calendar and everything!
Strength From Loyalty finds Hope and Rock very much in love but there are events that occur that test the strength of the relationship they are building.
There are so many things about this series and this author's style of writing that I love. Hope is such a real character. She has flaws but ultimately that makes her believable and loveable. She is the sort of person you would want as a friend and at times in this book my heart ached for her- I just wanted to give her a hug.
Rock.....wow, just WOW. Rock is way up there in my top 5 Kindle Crushes. He is alpha badass- no doubt. As an MC President he has to have an edge to him but he is so beautifully written that you accept all of that quite happily because if there was ever a man good enough for Hope, it's Rock North. He is gorgeous, deep, protective, possessive and loyal.
The story is written from both Hope and Rock's pov which works brilliantly. Their inner monologues are hilarious sometimes and also heartwrenching at others.
The banter between them is so entertaining but I also thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between all the others in the Lost Kings. Trinity is just awesome- cannot wait for her story. Wrath is complicated, deep and highly addictive. I am itching to read about the whole Heidi, Axel , Murphy situation....how is that going to work out?? Interesting that Sophie flew under the radar a bit but you just felt that storyline potential bubbling under the surface. Then there is Z and Lilly. I think I have soft spots for Z and Wrath. Eh, who am I kidding, I think all the Kings are awesome. Even spaced out Sparky!
I read a lot of MC books and there are many different styles of writing in this genre. If you go for hardcore violent gritty MC reads (Madeline Sheehan , Crystal Spears) then you should be aware that this series is not as brutal. There is a darker side to it but that is not the focus of these books and it certainly is not as graphic regarding violence as some novels out there. I prefer that it is less graphic. I sometimes feel some authors are going solely for the shock factor , which works brilliantly for some stories. But, this is ultimately a love story that will grip you from the first page of Slow Burn , all the way to the last page of Strength From Loyalty. It is such a well written series that has passion (some serious Kindle freezer time required), humour , heartwrenching moments , drama and just enough angst to balance it all. What makes it special and unique is the way the author draws you in so that you feel you are with Hope and Rock all the way along and that theirs really is a soul deep , life changing love. I cannot recommend this series highly enough nor can I wait for more books about the Lost Kings MC - please write lots more Autumn!!
You know a book has been awesome when you are still thinking about it and getting the 'feels'. For those romance junkies like me, it will tick every box and then some. Enjoy.

Re read via Audible in 2021 -
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May 25, 2016
"I’ve died and gone to heaven."

Don't you just love it when you discover a new author or series that you just cannot get enough of? That's how I feel about Autumn Jones Lake and the Lost Kings MC! Strength from Loyalty is the third book in the series, and I truly cannot get enough. This series is a unique MC ROMANCE with its complex characters and true romance. Although there is a plethora of hot biker dudes and action to keep you entertained, it is the love between Rock and Hope that keeps me coming back for more! Book 1-3 must be read in chronological order.

"She’s not a black-and-white kind of person. She lives very much in the gray area right alongside me. We think a lot alike. Protective and loyal to the people we care about. Willing to accept things outside her comfort zone."
At the conclusion of Corrupting Cinderella, it seemed as though Hope and Rock would finally be able to make things work. They have been through plenty of drama, angst, and pain, and now Rock is ready for Hope to take her place as his "old lady". Hope has finally arrived emotionally and is ready for the task. With the support of the LOKI family, Rock is ready to expose Hope to the MC life. Their relationship continues to strengthen both physically and emotionally.
"Hope’s a contradiction of shy and sexy. So sweet I want to lick her all over. So sexy I want to take her to the floor and fuck the hell out of her."
“Forgive me?” She doesn’t hesitate. “Always.”
As with most relationships, the road is not easy. Hope still harbors guilt from the demons of her past. Rock is still trying to protect Hope from the not so legal "club business". This lethal combination forms a serious rift between the two. They must learn to overcome their fears and past mistakes to find peace in their present and hope for their future.
“My home is wherever you are.”
"Keeping my cock confined from the time she met me at the door until we made it into the bedroom tested all my will. The minute I got her naked, my instincts screamed to take her hard and raw."
Told in dual POV, Strength from Loyalty is my favorite in the series thus far. (Don't worry, I have the fourth book on my Kindle ready to go.) Although the action is a bit on the lighter side (compared to most MC Romance books in the genre), I find that I have enjoyed the intensity and focus placed on the journey between two very unlikely people coming together. I adore both Rock and Hope as I find them both to be complex, witty, kind, and fiercely protective of one another. Additionally, the MC family provide plenty of entertainment along the way. Hope's friends (with their sex and the city vibe) give the read a complete package of characters to explore! I was truly touched and heart broken at times throughout the read. I found the choices both Rock and Hope made to be sincere and each moment was both beautiful and broken (just like life!). The writing style of Ms. Lake is well constructed with a natural flow and humorous dialogue. I am certainly hooked to these characters and I cannot wait for more!
"One look at her soft, quivering body, and I knew she needed it sweet and slow. So that’s what I gave her. Or rather, what she took from me. And it was better than anything ever."

Overall, Strength from Loyalty was a beautiful read full of steam, romance, and hot bikers. Do I really need to say anymore? I look forward to Tattered on My Sleeve because Wrath and Trinity deserve their own HEA!!!!! I cannot say enough about this series! I love it!

***Lost Kings MC Series***
Slow Burn (Lost Kings MC #1) by Autumn Jones LakeCorrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC, #2) by Autumn Jones LakeStrength from Loyalty (Lost Kings MC #3) by Autumn Jones LakeTattered on My Sleeve (Lost Kings MC #4) by Autumn Jones LakeThree Kings, One Night (Lost Kings MC #2.5) by Autumn Jones LakeWhite Heat (Lost Kings MC #5) by Autumn Jones Lake

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March 12, 2015
Sometimes when I really love a series, I get nervous when a new book comes out. Will it still have the same magic? Will the characters be true?
Strength From Loyalty is PERFECT in every way. Rock is his delicious self. Hope is her sweetly, imperfect self. Wrath is lickable.
There was so much depth and emotion here, I was well and truly blown away.
I can not WAIT for book 4 - Wrath and Trinity!
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3 reviews
August 16, 2018
I didn't think I could love a book more than Corrupting Cinderella. Strength From Loyalty blew all my expectations away. Each book in this series just gets better and better. The solid writing and storytelling is a nice surprise coming from the MC genre and a self-published author. This author weaves deeply emotional stories together with humor, heart, and passion. Autumn Jones Lake is right up there with Madeline Sheehan and Joanna Wylde in writing skill and ability.

Long buried secrets are revealed. Hope and Rock deepen their connection in moving, emotional ways that sometimes brought me to tears.

His words are soft but earnest, and my heart beats wildly as I continue to listen. “At the end of the day, I want to shut all that bad shit out. Just be myself with my girl. Like this. Like we are right now.”
Oh. My. God. I think that’s one of the deepest things Rock’s ever admitted to me, and I squirm to get closer to him.
Rock isn’t finished, though. “You love me for me, Hope. You’re not with me to be queen of an MC. You’re with me for me.”
He speaks the words so low I almost don’t hear him. It’s on the tip of my tongue to crack a joke. You know, like I never knew what an MC was before I met Rock, so how could I aspire to be queen of something I didn’t know existed? But I hang on to the stupid comment. Instead, I tell him something I think he needs to hear.
“That’s true,” I say, running my hand over his cheek. “I like you too, you know. Always have. And I’d want to be with you no matter what you did.”
He kisses my forehead. “I know, baby doll.”

That might be my favorite part. I don't think I've read anything more beautiful! Simple, but heartfelt.

I love how flawed and imperfect Hope is. Yet she's kind to everyone, stands up for what she believes in and isn't some stuck up heroine who thinks everything is about her. (In fact she puts her own needs aside to the detriment of herself and her relationship multiple times.) Her internal dialogue at times is hilarious.

How unprofessional would it be if I gave Adam the finger in front of a client?

Rock...well, I can't think of a better Romance hero than Rock. His hardass, rough personality contrasts so beautifully with the gentle way he treats Hope. One second he's threatening to break Wrath's leg and the next he's whispering sweet nothings in Hope's ear. I just adore him. He's hands down the sexiest, best dirty talking book boyfriends I've ever had the pleasure of fantasizing about.

My mouth brushes against her ear. “What’s the matter? Can’t finish what you started out there?”
Her body relaxes in my grasp, and she giggles softly.
“You’re not going to be laughing in a minute.”
“Oh yeah?” she sasses.
“Yes, my pretty little fuckdoll.”

*OMG! Shivers!*

If you read all three books back to back, you can see the incredible journey the author built for these characters. From their strange meeting, to Hope moving forward after losing her husband, and ending up as Rock's ol' lady. It's a beautiful, realistic, steamy adventure.

The secondary characters also make this series something very special. They are so well-crafted, I can visualize each one. I absolutely adored Mara in Strength From Loyalty. She gave Hope the verbal smack she needed! She's also the bearer of some very funny engagement presents. My absolute favorite-was Z busting Rock's balls when he was being dense.

The author has created something really beautiful with these three books and can't wait to see what's next for the Lost Kings MC! I have a feeling Wrath and Trinity's book is going to be a whole different ride, and I can't wait to take it!

In her author notes, the author hinted at something really special for book #5. I'm also excited to read Heidi, Axel and Murphy's story. I cant decide if I'm team Axel or Murphy - I love them both! And Z! Dammit, I need to see him and Lilly get together!

5 stars for emotional rollercoaster
5 stars for superior writing and storytelling
5 stars for HOT SEX
I was provided a "fan" copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.
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9 reviews11 followers
July 19, 2015
I can't remember the last time I read a book that grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go. Strength From Loyalty did, almost from the first chapter.

Lost Kings MC remains my favorite MC series. It's well written. The sex is panty-melting. It's got humor and heart. It's gritty but not gratuitously violent. The men are domineering alphas who actually respect the women they care about (what a novel concept!). Each and every character has their own unique voice, which I bet is hard to do when keeping track of so many bad ass bikers!

I adore the heroine, Hope. She's a real woman. She knows her strengths and limitations. She's smart enough to know when to keep her mouth shut and when to speak her mind. She befriends the club "whore" Trinity and refuses to betray her even when it would make Hope look "good" in the eyes of one of the Lost Kings more important old ladies. She walks a fine line between professional, liberated woman, and Rock's old lady and she does it with class and sass. She has a lot of deep pain that she buries by focusing her energy on taking care of those around her. She's a very interesting, complex heroine for a romance novel.

Rock...oh, Rochlan North. I'm getting tingly thinking about him. He's hands down one of the sexiest, foul-mouthed, hottest alpha heroes ever to be written. He adores Hope. Loves her flaws and all - and isn't that what we all want, some one to love us even when we make mistakes?

This is one of my favorite scenes, which also illustrates the way the author effortlessly manages to spin seriousness and humor together.

“That’s not even remotely funny, Hope.” Neither of us speaks for a moment. “Is that what you want?” he finally asks.
It’s dark so I can’t see his face, but his grave tone sends shame spiraling through me.
“No, Rock. That’s not what I want at all. I’m sorry—I didn’t mean that.”
His arms tighten, reassuring me he’s not angry. “It’s okay, baby. I’m used to you blurting out whatever pops in your head when you feel threatened.”
“What? I do not.”
His chuckle is softer this time, and his rough hand caresses the side of my face. “It’s one of many things I love about you.”
“You love that I’m a jackass who sticks her foot in her mouth all the time?”
“Sweet talker.”
Our mouths meet in the dark. Soft kisses that intensify quickly.

Ugh, I just loved that. So much happened in Strength From Loyalty, but in a good way. Everything effortlessly flowed together. You really need to read all of the books in order (including Three Kings, One Night) to get the full effect.
If you read Heidi and Murphy's story in Three Kings, some of those issues come up in this book in hilariously brilliant ways.

“Um, Hope, if I tell you something, promise you won’t tell anyone else? You’re a lawyer, right? So you have to keep this between us if I ask you to.”
I groan because that’s a dirty trick. “It depends, Heidi. If it’s something I think is dangerous to you, then no, I don’t.”
“No, nothing dangerous. But, um. Blake and I kissed.”
“What?” I’m trying to drive, but I don’t think I can have this conversation and concentrate on the road at the same time.

Hope later CONFRONTS MURPHY. Holy shit, she has balls of steel.

“That’s not the point,” I hiss at him. “She’s still a kid, and you’re a grown man.”
Murphy glares down at me, but I glare right back. Finally, he says what he’s clearly been thinking over. “That girl’s needed someone to mother her for as long as I’ve known her, and I can’t tell you how much I respect you for steppin’ up and takin’ on that job. It’s the only reason I’m not tellin’ you to fuck off and mind your own business right now.”
I raise an eyebrow at him and turn my head slightly in Rock’s direction.

How much do I love Murphy? Although, Axel was pretty damn sweet in this book too, so I still don't know who I'm rooting for yet.

There are a lot of painfully beautiful moments in Strength From Loyalty, but I don't want to spoil any of them. The author handles everything with heart and realism.

The author is also quite crafty. You need to pay attention when you're reading, because she signals what's to come in future books.

“That’s some fuckin’ woman you got there, prez,” Z says after the door closes behind Hope.
Scrubbing my hands over my face, I answer. “I know.” I can’t help but respect that as much as Hope wants to please me and fit into my world, she won’t sacrifice what’s important to her to do it. Her loyalty to me, to my club—her refusal to betray Trinity to impress someone else? Yet another example of why I love her so much.
“That other situation needs to resolve itself soon,” Z points out.
“I know,” I say again. “It will. Give him time.” Honestly, I don’t think even ol’ lady status will make Tawny treat Trinity any better.
Z shakes his head.
“Let’s worry about one thing at a time. You find anything?”

WRATH AND TRINITY! Something is brewing there and I can't wait to find out more. Although poor Wrath gives us a hint, that it might not be all his fault.
“Hope, we’ve worked damn fuckin’ hard to strike a balance and keep our alliances tight.” He shakes his head and gives me a level stare. “But this life ain’t easy on women.”
“What about Trinity?”
His face hardens. “She’s been through enough.”
“You love her, don’t you?” I must be high or I’d never go there.
Wrath doesn’t answer my question. Not really anyway.
He snorts. “That girl’s made me work harder than anything in my life.”


Anyway, I could go on and on. There really isn't a bad, slow or boring part in the entire book, and considering how long it is, that's really saying something!

Bottom line: 5 MUST READ STARS!

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1,909 reviews23 followers
March 13, 2015
Oh my holy hotness...and an honest, tell-it-like-it-is love story to boot.
I just loved the maturity and frankness of Slow Burn and Corrupting Cinderella...after all, when you mix two people who are on opposites sides of the law, it is going to be a wild and dangerous ride (to say the least) to get them to a "happily ever after" for sure!
Strength from Loyalty explores all types of loyalty...in all forms...from family (blood and one made of your choosing) to relationships (between a man and woman) to business...and the strength it takes to make those relationships thrive and prosper.
Rock and Hope had a hell of a strong love for each other and their chemistry has always been mega-watt hot...but sometimes the differences between you and the secrets you keep from each other can be the downfall...and in their case, this book explores how insecurities, truth not told and business almost put an unfixable wedge in their relationship. Hope's loyalty to the club has been proven to Rock's brothers already, and they accept her into the MC as their leader's "ole lady" with open arms...but what happens when she becomes more aware of their illegal dealings and is forced to interact with other clubs who don't know her as well as the Lost Kings? Hope might find she is over her head as she has to prove her worth and ability to fit in over and over again, amidst going through some personal tragedy that leaves her and Rock reeling and unsure of the future for them and a possible family.
There were also so many background stories happening in this book...Wrath and Trinity, Hope's "girls" (including the back-stabbing Sophie), Heidi and her "boys" as well as Sway, another club Prez and his over-the-top old lady who is the "Queen of the Biker Bitches" and the one that Hope looks to for acceptance but would never want to be like at all. A couple of women from Rock's past also make appearances that both hurt and heal their building relationship...but things work out as they are meant to in the long run.
This was a lengthy but very emotional and fast moving book for me...it was so many things from violent, informative (who knew pot growing could be so interesting?), romantic, steamy, heart and gut punching...but above all else, a realistic portrayal of two worlds colliding and learning to get along for the sake of a greater purpose...true and real love.
I can't wait for the next books in the series...a must read for biker romance fans!
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

***** 5 ***** "the things we do for love and loyalty" stars
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169 reviews
March 20, 2015
Not many MC Series capture the sense of LOYALTY that the LOST KINGS MC Series gives to us readers. We get REAL relationships.......REAL conversations......REAL drama.

ROCK and HOPE are such a wonderful couple; so different from one another and yet they just 'fit'. The struggles they've gone through are very much human and real. The emotions......beyond true. I like that they're able to have their differences and resolve them. They don't sleep around which shows how committed they are to what they have together. What happened to them early in this 3rd book was so heartbreaking for them both. What they went through was written with such sensitivity; kudos to Autumn Lake Jones for her proficiency in writing such depth.

We readers MUST be invited to their wedding......THE WEDDING BOOK!

In the meantime; I'm hoping for books on WRATH and Z.....and all the main guys. They all deserve their comeuppance/reward in the love department!

This is absolutely; the BEST in reading entertainment and I adored it. It's a series I'll read again, and again. Thank you.
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884 reviews92 followers
March 16, 2015
Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆
This is the third in the Lost Kings MC trilogy by Autumn Jones Lake. It is the conclusion to Hope and Rock’s story. Their story has been one of struggling to try and make two opposite worlds fit together so they can find their HEA. Ms. Lake is a master at her craft and this finale highlights her ability as a writer of riveting MC romance!

There are secrets inside of secrets and sometimes those secrets can destroy with silence. Hope has moved past Rock being the leader of an MC. She loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. When an unforeseen situation revives part of her past she doesn’t know if she can leave it there. Hope needs to find a way to share everything with Rock and at the same time she needs him to be open with her about his life as the leader of an MC. Will they be able to find a way to share their secrets?

Rock has known from the moment he first saw Hope that she was his forever! Circumstances had kept them apart, but now they have a chance for HEA. His need to protect her and keep her away from club business may be the breaking point between them. He trusts her with his life and that of his brothers, so why can’t he share that side of his life. When asked to accept her as his old lady, all of his officers give her their vote. Now he needs to give her his complete trust and she needs to give him hers. Read this amazing story about the struggle of true love and the obstacles it has to overcome.

Hero: Rochlan "Rock" North 5 stars
Heroine: Hope Kendall 4 stars
Plot: 4 stars
Steam Level: 5 stars
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book: Yes! The best sex ever…the sexiest bad boy MC Prez…a beautiful Cinderella with spunk and a HEA! You will find all of this and more in this remarkable book!

Would I recommend this author: Yes! After reading the first two books in this trilogy, I could not wait for the conclusion! Ms. Lake created a storyline that intrigues and at the same time snares her reader so that they cannot stop until the end. Her characters are well-developed and unique. I cannot wait to read the next offering from this incredible author.

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

Strength from Loyalty
Autumn Jones Lake
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1,851 reviews14 followers
December 24, 2020
a great episode in Rock & Hope's story. the author continues to embrace many emotional landmines with empathy and compassion. I like the way the story changes between his & her points of view. She is soft but not weak and handles him beautifully. The scene where she calmly states the strength of her love for him and her guilt of where this may have taken her almost made me see the tears welling in his eyes. A great book and I look forward to Wrath & Trinity and eventually Rock & Hope's wedding.

22.12.20 - a thoroughly enjoyable reread
April 17, 2015
I've loved every book in this series. Strength From Loyalty was really something special though. As is this author's style, the story is well-written and well-thought out. You can definitely tell she puts a lot of care and thought into every detail. Rock and Hope work so hard to understand each other and do the right thing for one another. They're the definition of true love.

Hope's struggle over whether she wants to keep her career or not resonated with me, because I think a lot of women feel that way. She is not, nor has she ever been successful in her career and feels jaded at this point. While she worked hard to become a lawyer, life has made her realize there's more than just your job that defines who you are. That seemed so much more realistic and relatable to me than heroines who have happy-sunshiney careers.

I also love that she isn't dying to have babies (and I know the author has mentioned this in her notes) because she doesn't feel an MC would be a good environment to raise children in. That shows Hope's intelligence. Halfway through (after a horrible tragedy), she starts to change her mindset a little, so I am curious to see where the author plans to go with that story line in the future. I personally am tired of romances where the be-all-end-all goal is to make babies. People can decide NOT to have children and still live happy, fulfilling lives. I commend the author for not caving into pressure! And as Rock so helpfully points out he has "enough children to look after" - meaning Wrath, Z, Teller, Murphy and the rest of the guys. Very funny!

And Hope has already unofficially adopted Teller's little sister, Heidi as a sort of "daughter." She cares for and comforts Heidi, even when she has her own emotional stuff she's dealing with. Besides the parts where Rock and Hope are together, I really enjoyed Hope's interactions with other characters. Even after her own personal tragedy, she steps up to help Heidi out. She has a memorable afternoon with Wrath. She has girl-time with Trinity. She has an extremely interesting and ballsy conversation with Murphy. There are a few moments between her and Z that made me fall in love with him. LOVED ALL OF IT.

The author is very good at weaving humor into some very emotional scenes. Even into the very hot sex scenes, there are little details that make you laugh.

Much like real life, there's a lot going on in Strength From Loyalty. You get the sense that things keep moving and happening, even when we are not reading about them on the page. The other characters have their own, rich, stories going on right along Hope and Rock (and I can't wait to read them!)

The sex is off the charts HOT. I think this is definitely the hottest book yet. It's tender and emotional and always serves a purpose though, which I think a lot of authors fail to do when writing erotic romance. Hope and Rock definitely cross the line into some sort of BDSM relationship at some point even though neither character calls it that. I think that was the hottest thing for me. It just IS.

Hope really came full-circle in Strength From Loyalty. Actually, I'd say she evolved past where we met her in Slow Burn. We learn more about her history and why she's so hard-headed sometimes. I pretty much cried and laughed my way through the last third of the book. Especially when Hope explains how much Rock means to her and how deeply he's affected by her admission. He know there are limits to what he can do for her, and it means a lot to him that she loves him and accepts him for who he is. That was beautiful and very well done.

The way Rock cares for her, despite her flaws-in fact he loves her because of those flaws, was nothing short of magical to me.

"My chest tightens with the feeling that I’m meant to take care of this wonderfully strong yet fragile woman. Beyond that, I admire her. Even though she’s had so many awful things happen in her life, it hasn’t turned her into a bitter person. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever known."

If only we could all find someone that special and understanding!

5 Bright, shining, very happy stars!

Book 4, Tattered on my Sleeve - Wrath and Trinity's story is next and I CAN'T WAIT to get inside their heads!!
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714 reviews4 followers
March 16, 2015
** I was given an ARC for an honest review **

Oh my stars Strength from Loyalty (Lost Kings MC, #3) was out of this world. I started reading Slow Burn Autumn Jones Lake's first book when that was released in 2014 and followed her since then. I was hooked on her books since Slow Burn couldn't wait til the next one would come out and then I would one click it her book and read within a day. Her books are phenomenal and one of the best series out there like so many others.

In Strength from Loyalty it continues with the love and relationship between Rock and Hope. They do have their problems that get in the way and misunderstandings and trust issues. They are so much in love with each other I like how things work between Rock and Hope. Hope is a lawyer who gets a letter and is called into the court for questioning about the illegal crimes that The Lost Kings are into. Also that she represented Rock in court in Slow Burn. That puts Hope on edge and she blames Rock and his club for that.

I love how Autumn creates her MC world and the characters. This was one of the best books in the series loved how Rock and Hope connected in the beginning and how the MC took in Hope and called her family. Looking forward to reading more from Autumn Jones Lake.
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3,318 reviews429 followers
February 6, 2021

Re-read 1st - 2nd February 2021.

Original review - 5*

Rock and Hope...where do I start, over the past 5 days I've read their story, at first I wasn't sure what to expect I generally like my MC books dark and gritty, or do I? Was it just that that's what I'd come to expect or did I just appreciate the variety.
And this is different, it's very much an MC but it's an MC with heart. It's a romance, a strong believable romance with very 'real' characters, flaws and all, although not too many where Rock's concerned.
It's hard not to fall in love with these two, well not just Rock and Hope there's a whole host of interesting well written characters to love, but back to the main two...
Rock, I questioned in one of my reviews if Rock was the perfect man, he's hot, intelligent, has a huge heart and he loves Hope with all that heart and I always love a man who loves so deeply.
Hope, I really liked, well most of the time, nearly all the time really it was just the running at the first sign of trouble that got to me after awhile, I wanted to glue that girl to her seat at times.
Their relationship was filled with passion, sex and friendship but also despair, loss and understanding... I did mention sex didn't I, lots of it.
This is a very emotional read and there's some difficult scenes in here but they're incredibly well written and my 5 star rating is for them more than anything else.
This series has been so much more than just these two, I love Wrath and Trinity and I can't wait for their book, both are complex characters with interesting pasts, also Z and Lilly and what about Heidi, Axel and Murphy? I was team Murphy all the way but now I'm wavering, Axel is a great kid.....oh! I know it's going to be Murphy, it's always been Murphy (well in my opinion anyway) but I can't wait for the ride to get there.
When I reached the end of 'Slow Burn' I was initially disappointed that it didn't have an 'end' as such, it just kind of finished but I've since come to really appreciate this, there's no cliffhanger so no pressure to continue, it's easy to leave it if you want or continue on their journey with them.
This is obviously not the last we'll see of Rock and Hope and yes I'll admit this book didn't finish exactly how I expected but after reading the fabulous 'authors notes' I'm happy and just waiting for Wraths book.
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1,867 reviews294 followers
March 23, 2015
"Don't you have scary biker business to attend to"?
Autumn Jones Lake, we've been having words, in my mind. Especially after reading your Author's Notes at the end of this book. I think you were talking to me directly, because I'm guilty of whining about Hope in my last review. I'm sure that you were snickering at me behind my back. Now I'm gonna have sleepless nights because you warned that I was gonna hate you when I found out your plans for a future book, WTF? I already have plans for those characters myself, and I just know you're gonna put me through the wringer, again. You have just been sitting back giggling, fully knowing what was coming in the future books that would resolve all of those 'issues' being discussed in the reviews. You were being a badass biker chick full of confidence, not worried about what others thought or said because you knew exactly what you were doing and that we would be eating crow later. You were right about Hope. There, I said it; do you feel better now? I FL❤️VED this book most of all. The support characters have so much personality and it's just making me more and more excited to read their stories. The relationship between the brothers in the club and their protectiveness of the women is endearing. I really dig how they can be ruthless outlaws one minute, bossy cavemen the next, and then sweethearts behind closed doors. I especially love Rock's dirty talkin', I melt into a puddle every time he whispers something filthy as he nuzzles her ear. I made a fool out of myself laughing out loud while reading some of their banter. I am so ready for Wrath's book, my fingers are twitching already...
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2,083 reviews68 followers
March 23, 2015
Hope has never had anyone stand for her. Not until Rock. That is what made the most impression on me while reading this part of their story. With everything that she had been through in her life, no one has ever stood beside her and for her. Been the one for her to lean on. She is always worrying about others and taking care of them. Rock is the first in her life to do that for her. It takes her some ups and downs to realize it because it is so foreign to her and it hurts Rock to have to fight her sometimes to do that for her. But they have that forever kind of love. It definitely gets tested in this part of their story. I have to admit that I fell a little head over heels for Wrath in this book and I am dying to read his and Trinity's story.

I give Strength From Loyalty 5 hearts!
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March 24, 2015

This series has honestly broken me for 99.9% of MC Romance books. Lake’s unlikely romance between two people from two very different walks of life really struck a chord with me on multiple levels. While most people read a book just to pass the time and frankly I do the same thing 90% of the time, I relish when I find one book or a book series that makes me feel so connected to the story and the meaning behind it. Lake’s plot basis of these two star crossed lovers working together to beat the world trying to rip them apart. The title for this book is sheer perfection because it encompasses the true meaning of this story. The emotions you will feel when you read this novel and series for that matter is what I can only compare to an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you are flying high with a huge smile on your face and next you’re covering your eyes screaming and crying as you flip upside down going 100 mph.

Rock and Hope’s love story has really been a tale of two worlds. Hope’s profession as a lawyer seems quite odd when you think about her relationship with a motorcycle club president. He’s fast, dangerous, and deadly when necessary compared to her calm, cool demure in the court room. Yet, Hope has that inner sassy bitch inside of her, but the tragedy in her life keeps snuffing her sass back into submission. Rock is the yang to Hope’s ying. They balance each other out even if they fight about how their lives fit together.

The epic conclusion to Rock and Hope’s story isn’t without some serious heart break. As this series begin with loss so shall it end with loss. The realization after this tragic event occurs about the future of some of these characters didn’t really set in until hours after I finished. My heart ached for them as if I was mourning right alongside of them. However, from ashes comes renewal and rebirth. As this series continues with other characters from Rock’s MC, I know I will love their stories just as much as I loved Rock and Hope’s tale of love. This book comes highly recommended by Saints and Sinners Books and if you’re looking for a taste of something wonderful then you should probably pick this book series up STAT.
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1,293 reviews68 followers
August 21, 2020
The first 3 books of this series are Rock and Hope’s story. I didn’t quite understand that at the beginning of this series but did enjoy their story. It might have been a little too much back and forth for me but they are a great couple so all in all I liked all 3 books.

I really like that Hope is smart, independent and successful but still has such compassion & warm for others. She’s mature and forgiving yet not a pushover.

This couple is not an obvious combination but they are HOT and loyal to one another.

This was a new author for me and I’m really glad I took Lana’s recommendation to try this series out. I will continue the series since the next book is Wrath and Trinity’s story and I think I’m going to like Wrath’s broody ways.
May 21, 2015
5 Stars From Sammy's Book Obsession


I was provided with a Review Copy/ARC for review.

Strength From Loyalty is hands down, my favorite book in the Lost Kings MC series! In my opinion, this is author Autumn Jones Lake's best work yet! I obviously enjoyed the first two books in this series or I wouldn't have read book three, but this one stands out for me.

This book was so well written and the characters are so very well developed at this point in the story. I feel like I know these people! This third book is a continuation of Rock & Hope's story. It's so heartfelt and just completely believable. I want more! I can't wait for some of the secondary characters to get their own stories. Wrath & Trinity? OMG I cannot wait! Murphy has a story to tell too and it's going to be good, I'm sure!

If you're into books about or involving bikers/MCs, but not overly heavy on the nitty gritty stuff, this series is it! This series is what I've seen referred to as MC/Biker "Lite". That's a great term, because while the romance takes center stage and is prevalent, the MC is still a huge part of the story and the men are true bikers. I'm not sure how else to explain the unique way author Autumn Jones Lake has portrayed this MC and the members involved. It's true to biker form, but doesn't present all the "dark" that generally comes along within a Biker book. Hope that makes sense. I hope everyone takes a chance on this series. It's so worth it!

I will be be waiting (not so) patiently for the next book in this series!
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March 25, 2015
I am ashamed it took me this long to read but time was not my friend.

This is a perfect continuation to the series, to everything that is Rock and Hope; problems that are not solved easily and choices that have consequences. I love that I can imagine their story in real life.

And the bits and pieces I got of Wrath were pretty damn awesome and really, Autumn, you dropped that bomb and all I'm thinking about is, "WHAT announcement?" I'm thinking of a thing that was kinda hinted at and I sure hope that is it! Of course, we'll know when we'll finally get his and Trinity's story. Which cannot be soon enough.

I also loved that we got to see more of the other members and their so-called relationships - some are more complicated than others, hoo boy - and really, Autumn will deliver them all perfectly. She didn't fail with Rock and Hope. I know she'll do all of them justice.

I want to thank Autumn for a copy given in exchange of an honest review; these characters are near and dear to me, and I'll always want more of them.

5 stars. No doubt about it.
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March 20, 2015
I love the unique flavor that Autumn brings to the MC world. I love that Hope isn't your typical "biker babe" and the struggles that it brings to her relationship with Rock. In this story Autumn continues to explore the different dynamics of their complicated relationship not to mention all of the personal tragedy that surrounds them as a couple, them individually and then the other members of the club. She makes the struggle for them to maintain their relationship while remaining true to their selves so tangible. I haven't missed a book in the series yet, and I'm looking forward to all future works by Ms. Jones. I think she's shown great improvement as her writing continues and each book is better then the last. I can't say how much I have enjoyed this series, other then to give her 5 stars for an incredibly well written book, and if you don't know by now I'm a stingy bitch when it comes to giving out 5's but she deserves it!
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2,416 reviews69 followers
July 29, 2015
It's more like 3.5 stars. It was a slow read for me and at times dragged. I still love Rock and Hope, but I wanted to smack their heads together. All the rest of the MC are great, and I can't wait to read more about Wrath and Trinity.
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Author 54 books3,253 followers
Want to read
August 31, 2018

Strength From Loyalty (LKMC #3)
Amazon: http://bit.ly/LKMC3_Kindle
iBooks: http://bit.ly/LKMC3_iBooks
Nook: http://bit.ly/LKMC3_Nook
Kobo: http://bit.ly/LKMC3_Kobo
Google: http://bit.ly/LKMC3_GooglePlay

Lost Kings MC Ladies FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LostK...

Rock and Hope's story is ever-evolving throughout the entire Lost Kings MC series.
Slow Burn (Lost Kings MC, #1) by Autumn Jones Lake Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC, #2) by Autumn Jones Lake Strength from Loyalty (Lost Kings MC, #3) by Autumn Jones Lake White Heat (Lost Kings MC, #5) by Autumn Jones Lake

If you prefer standalones with sexy alpha heroes, where the couple's story is wrapped up by the end, then the Lost Kings MC series might not be for you.
Please check out my books
Bullets & Bonfires by Autumn Jones Lake or Warnings & Wildfires by Autumn Jones Lake instead! Characters from the Lost Kings MC make appearances in both books, but you don't have to read any of the Lost Kings MC books to enjoy Liam and Sully's stories.

BUT if you love a sexy, steamy, emotionally-charged series full of dirty-talking, swoonworthy alpha heroes who respect their women, where each book feels like you're being reunited with friends and family, then the Lost Kings MC series is definitely for you!
Slow Burn (Lost Kings MC, #1) by Autumn Jones Lake Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC, #2) by Autumn Jones Lake Three Kings, One Night (Lost Kings MC, #2.5) by Autumn Jones Lake Strength from Loyalty (Lost Kings MC, #3) by Autumn Jones Lake Tattered on My Sleeve (Lost Kings MC #4) by Autumn Jones Lake White Heat (Lost Kings MC, #5) by Autumn Jones Lake Between Embers (Lost Kings MC #5.5) by Autumn Jones Lake More Than Miles (Lost Kings MC, #6) by Autumn Jones Lake White Knuckles (Lost Kings MC #7) by Autumn Jones Lake Beyond Reckless (Lost Kings MC, #8) by Autumn Jones Lake Beyond Reason (Lost Kings MC, #9) by Autumn Jones Lake One Empire Night (Lost Kings MC, #9.5) by Autumn Jones Lake
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October 14, 2019
3.5 vigorous ★★★✬✩
This book is for you if… you feel comfortable with the lokiverse and consider the brothers your friends and not reading about them would mean you're missing out. Diving into their realm is like coming home.

Well, what can I say? Obviously, I was very excited to continue learning about the Lost Kings MC universe and I am thankful to know there will be plenty more books coming. I wasn't expecting anything specific from this book but definitely got a lot out of it. Personally, it bothers me that Hope apparently continues to be satisfied with her "job" as ol' lady of the MC. I still hope she can work her way around the lawyer thing and finds her way back to it. It creates an interesting paradox, given her chosen is the president of a weed-dealing biker club.

Admittedly, I was a bit bored for about 1/4 of the book for a while and had trouble continuing it, which is why this book rates lower than it's two predecessors, at about 3,5*. I am still hyped to continue my journey through this LoKi universe, though. You will hear from me once I've finished Tattered on My Sleeve. And boy, I can't wait.
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1,187 reviews510 followers
August 23, 2017
I really loved and enjoyed this trilogy about Rock the MC president and Hope the lawyer. They really love each other and want to make it work despite their very different worlds. They both go through a lot and especially Hope is trying very hard to be in Rocks world. With all that implies. It is a fun, erotic and emotional ride with a an ending I'm extremely happy with.
85 reviews
March 18, 2015
I love the Lost Kings.

Hope is one of my favorite characters, she stays true to who she is. Rock is her perfect match. Together they are awsome. I love the Lost Kings and can't wait for more.
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4,018 reviews262 followers
July 26, 2022
I really enjoyed these first 3 books. I think it really fitted the mood I was in.
It's a HEA in the form of a HFN as the series will have this couple continue in the background.

The first part of the book is a bit melancholy, dealing with a loss, but it also has lots going on at the Club so lots of drama and breadcrumbs dropped for future books in series.

Bit of ex drama but the couple are solid so bitchy, catty drama.

More info on the Club, politics, history.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 18, 2015
Received an ARC for honest review. Just finished and will get that review up soon! <3

updated =

The Lost King's MC captured my heart from the beginning. The way these two met in book one - had me from the start. I was rooting for them.....

Hope's loyalty to the club is always a question with the brothers. She has tried over and over to prove this to them. Sometimes though- things happen and that loyalty is tested. You walk away questioning your own self.

Rock's love for Hope is strong. Yet, he finds himself torn at times over being with her and being the club's prez. Things happen......

Secrets have always been an issue. Hope feels Rock doesn't open up to her and if she is expected to be loyal to the club then she feels Rock should just be honest with her. What happens when those secrets are revealed? Can she handle the truths?

What happens when Hope's career is threatened by her association to the club? Can Hope remain loyal to her new family or will they be the end of what she has worked so hard for? What happens when reality hits and Hope has the "break down" of sorts that she has needed to have for a long time? Hope is never going to be the typical "bitch" that most ole' ladies are. Hope stays true to herself. Does everything with class. Will Rock be okay with that?

I won't lie.... their relationship in this one is just as strong as before but things take a turn and at that moment you think "here we go"! But - Rock tries to be the stand up alpha male that he is. He is a very loving and patient man.

The authors note at the end was beautifully written and made sense in every way. No epilogue needed =) Bravo Autumn!
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March 20, 2015
I fell hook, line and sinker for this series from the first book and it has surpassed all my expectations.
I love MC books and lately have found it hard to find a book that I don't skip bits or eye roll and slap forehead this kung ' what the fuk is this shit?'
I do NOT get that from Autumn Jones Lake.
Her stories are full of gorgeous alpha-males with a caring and ruthless side. Heroines who are not weak with no self resepct, banter between friends which is sometimes quite hilarious :)
The action isn't farfetched and stays consistent and easy to follow.
This series is a page turner and I'm on tender hooks waiting for Wrath's and Trinity's story.
The little hints being dropped throughout the last book has got me really curious about their story and I know I won't be disappointed.
Recommended series :)
203 reviews1 follower
April 6, 2015
I had this book sitting on my app for a bit. Not because I didn't want to read it but because if I read it it may be the end.... For a while. I loved this series it's so well written. The characters are endearing. I laughed, I cried and I may have even snorted a few times. Do yourself a favour and read this series. They are all great.
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