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Billionaire Shifters Club #6

The Billionaire Shifter's Final Redemption

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Asher Stanton has devoted his entire, long life to protecting the shifter world — but he couldn't save his own beloved human wife and child. Walling off his emotions and turning his life into a mission to consolidate power, he is ruthless, determined — and most definitely never falling in love with another human again.

Years later, a dark threat looms over the shifter world as Asher's childhood friend, Tomas Nagy, becomes his worst enemy. With the future of the shifter world in question, he must turn to a human scientist, the fiery, headstrong Dr. Samantha Baird, to help him fight the forces of evil.


First published September 10, 2018

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About the author

Diana Seere

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Diana Seere was raised by wolves in the forests outside Boston and San Francisco. The only time she spends in packs these days is at romance writing conventions. In truth, Diana is two New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors who decided to write shifter romance and have more fun. You can find “her” on Facebook at Diana Seere’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/dianaseere

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2,163 reviews278 followers
January 11, 2019
Another recap based on my recollection, since I was trying to catch up on reviews, and realized I never wrote one for a couple of these books.

In this series finale (at least for now I think), it's pretty on par for most of them (except for book #2, which sucked big moose ....ahem, yeah I did NOT like that one). The writing can get a bit flowery, but the 'verse is one I was interested in and Asher's been mostly a prick through most of it, so it was interesting to see him open up. The overarching storyline kind of fizzles out though, so overall this is an alright instead of great series. But if you like shifter romances, you may enjoy this series more than I did.

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4,707 reviews26 followers
September 12, 2018
Heart pounding, emotionally thrilling, action packed and smoking hot sexy adventure filled with danger, love and loyalty not to mention a passion that will not be ignored.... Loved it!!!

I have been excitedly awaiting Asher Stanton's story and was given so much more than I expected.... Strong, silent, sexy alpha with a you will obey my every order attitude and a hidden broken heart that he fiercely guards from everyone. Dr. Samantha Baird smart, sexy and headstrong, perfect mate for our brooding alpha..... hooked from beginning to the very end.
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2,683 reviews83 followers
February 23, 2019
An excellent finish to a wonderful series , Does Asher finally get his man , Does Tomas get his just desserts,
Does Samantha get Asher , and do they all get peace .

You won’t want to miss this
Awesome x
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4,864 reviews138 followers
September 14, 2018
This writing duo had turned it up for the final billionaire and the most standoffish of the family. Asher has been there from the very beginning. You knew much of his story. You knew the trials that he was going through. You could see hints of the man he could have been with each new mate that came in to his family. The things foretold of the future and the fact that things were happening like gifts from fate. It was bound to be time for Asher to have his own redemption.

Asher had been seen as the strong, silent, alpha male that was head of his family. He ran things the way he saw fit. He was to be obeyed. That did not always work so well for him as each of his siblings began to meet their mates and fall in love. Mr. Strong-Silent-Alpha needed to find him a complement to his nature. He just was not wanting to do so. Especially not a human.

Equally strong, Dr. Sam(antha), has ruled her life with tight control. She ran her ship smoothly, that was until Asher stepped in to her path. Both find that their impeccable control to not be so solidly in place in the presence of the other.

The last installment in this series brings you all that you could want. Answers. Drama. Danger. Action. Shifting. Passion. Determination. Unity. Family. Loyalty. Love. With each new installment to this series you see the underlying plot grow and become more. This final one gives you all that you could have hoped for and more.

The writing was smooth and cohesive. The way things just complemented was enjoyable. The characters were like old friends and family you have not seen in a short while. It was refreshing and delightful to be back home.
Profile Image for Amber.
1,196 reviews33 followers
September 6, 2018
The Billionaire Shifter’s Final Redemption is an intoxicatingly stunning conclusion to Diana Seer’s magnificent shifter series! This story is the embodiment of the entire series in one raw and dazzling journey. You will fall helplessly in love with this incredible family of special shifters who only want to savor life and cherish each moment. When finally discovering and acknowledging the other half of their soul, they fight and claw desperately for their piece of heaven before it is viciously ripped away by those who only seek power and malice. What a fantastic and truly epic adventure through a world that both mirrors and magnifies the most important things in life – hope, love, and family!
Samantha has always been in complete control of her life. When her work leads her to a collision course with Asher Stanton, she knows that her life will never be the same again. She knows how to deal with her life and work, but when Asher walks into her orbit, she finds herself suddenly stripped of everything but feeling. Cold and strong-willed, Asher commands each part of his life with sharp precision and calculated reason. It’s only when Sam stands before him that he feels his will and self-control slipping. She leaves him shaken to his very core, so when they are forced to work closer than ever before to solve a dangerous puzzle before their world burns and disintegrates before their eyes, Sam and Asher realize that they can’t fight what is building between them. Will they willingly surrender to what Fate has put into motion from the very beginning of time, or will they resist to the very end and risk the destruction of everything and everyone they hold dear?
Asher would appear to be made of hard granite as he has closed himself off from anything more than mere pleasantries with people outside of his family, but his destiny is one of so much more than he would reasonably risk. What entails is a journey of beautiful transformation as his other half systematically and successfully shatters his long held and nearly impenetrable defenses. Samantha is brilliant as she shows him her unwavering loyalty, fierce passion, and uncompromising determination to stand with him every step of their wild and unconventional journey.
I cannot say enough good things about this fantastically large-then-life series. While I love the paranormal stories, you do not typically find such an incredible plot that sucks every part of you in with absolutely no effort. This series is a stunning treasure that I have savored and cherish with every word, page, and book. I am very sad to see it end, but I am even more excited to see what Diana Seer comes up with next! Her literary genius is difficult to rival, and watching it transform into stuff of legends, I am left in complete awe and daydreaming about the future.
May 11, 2020
This story was EPIC! A blend of Mysteries, Angst, Fate & Prophecy, Family, Love, Drama, Action, A War & a wholly delicious HEA❤

This book deserves so much love😍 Starring The mysterious bastard but oh-so gentle at heart, family patriarch–Asher & The beautiful smart, creator of the ‘Serum’–Dr. Samantha, with their family & Comrades fighting against Evil Tomas who can wreck havoc on worldly order.

Asher has been fighting his lust for Sam for more than a year but when she's almost kidnapped, His control weakens. all bets are off. She's His.

Sam's been attracted to him for long, Asher is a man of mysteries. Savior, not teller. But his secret, a scar- connection to Tomas, Can destroy them all.

A kiss, Jealousy, A lab for her smile, The Beat, finally letting go in the Garage, Tomas's attacks begin & Zach reading an ancient prophecy about it all...

Asher knows he has to let them in. Tell his Family about the secrets & the danger. Trust them.

Finally knowing it all, Enthusiasm is renewed.

Asher has been an ass in the previous books but he's so lovable when he puts his guards down. Letting Sam in. Love in. Finally letting Go of his haunted past.
His secrets being known.

But soon the war begins. Asher wants to save Sam but she & some others come nonetheless.
Tomas is looking for power, an ancient book. He strikes in Boston. At the novo club.

The fight his viscous. Morgan dying, Sam almost died. But saved by her own creation. Prophecy fulfilling.

Finally, The sweet HEA all the Stantons (Now including Sam😘), especially Asher, deserved❤

His family also came to know about his secret Den😂

P.s. The epilogues were fantastic!
Their marriage & child birth so swoony, I'm phenomenally Happy😍

P.p.s. I'm so in a daze. This series has been an emotional journey. Seeing it End is sad.. But I'm so happy to see them all Happy❤ All Stantons have a special part in my heart. Forever.
Profile Image for Gale.
1,615 reviews15 followers
September 10, 2018
I’ve been waiting for Asher’s story and whoa, did the author(s) deliver! From the very beginning of the series, Asher has been the quintessential strong, silent, ruling alpha and boy does his story come with fireworks.

Asher Stanton keeps his feelings close to his vest. He is a brilliant tactician and leader for the shapeshifters but he doesn’t always “share” his thought processes or how he came to his decisions. His family wants to help and support him, but he stoically stands alone. Good luck with that, Asher, because you are about to get more support that you ever imagined!

I won’t give any spoilers however it is important to know that there is great intrigue, mayhem, familial bickering (SO much fun!), and a love story between two very strong people. Dr. Samantha Baird, Sam, gives as good as she gets but is always supportive of Asher. Both of these characters need to work through what they consider their own weaknesses, and their pasts, before they can become a strong, bonded unit.

There is a really creepy bad guy, people you cannot trust, a family that is learning how to truly be a strong unit, and as I said above, lots of bickering. Pretty funny family “stuff”, even when they are dealing with true evil. Asher and Sam make a great team and a wonderful couple…and some of the characters from previous books will make you smile, sniffle, and want to high five ‘em all at the same time. I’ve enjoyed this entire series and I loved Asher’s and Sam’s story. Highly recommend.
1,111 reviews2 followers
September 8, 2018
This is The Billionaire Shifter’s Final Redemption, book 6 of the Billionaire Shifters Club written by Diana Seere. I’m so happy to spend time with the Stanton family again! Asher Stanton is the stoic oldest brother and also leader of the shifters. He is quite proper and doesn’t usually let his “hair” down....although he could, since it’s pretty long. Lol. Dr Samantha Baird is in charge of the lab and has been doing experiments on a shifter serum. Asher and Samantha are blazing hot together! It’s really fun to watch him try to keep some semblance of decorum when near Dr Sam. Annnddd, there is also a war being waged by an ex associate against all that they stand to protect! This one has been my favorite of the series so far! I’m sure the next one will be too. Ms Seere never lets us down!
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1,380 reviews166 followers
August 23, 2019
Solid conclusion. Liked it much more than the previous book. Much better plot and storyline. Did a lot of skimming with the repetitive sex scenes. But overall a good finale to the series. And a sweet epilogue.
Profile Image for Kristen Lewendon.
6,827 reviews38 followers
September 7, 2018
I curse the authors! Condemn then to the fieriest pits of hell. I’m now a weepy exhausted mess, but it was worth it. I finally got the see Asher Stanton meet his match. And she is a marvel to behold. Dr. Sam has a spine of purest adamantine which makes her uniquely suited to stand up to the eldest Stanton. It also means that she has the ability to get under his skin and into his blood and heart in a way no one ever has before. Where we get to see the vulnerable man Asher hides behind the granite mask of the Stanton Alpha. Sam and Asher’s story is a blend of science and the supernatural. Bridging ancient shifter prophecies with advanced biomedical technology to prevent the end of the world as they know it. I loved every pulse-pounding, heart-wrenching moment of the story. If there was such a thing as a ‘better than perfect’ score, this book earned it. I am nowhere near ready to say goodbye to this unique family of shifters or their friends and associates. I hope to continue to see many spin-off books in the future.
I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.
Profile Image for Mary Clark.
797 reviews9 followers
September 27, 2018
This was an intriguing and exciting shifter story that was a pure pleasure to read. After losing his first wife and child to a BirthDeath, Asher never thought or expected to find love again. The Beat and Fate will not be denied though and, in Samantha, Asher finds his One, his equal. Tomas wants power and he will stop at nothing to get it. Not only does Tomas make Asher vulnerable and weak, he uses rumor and innuendo to discredit him. But Tomas’ overconfidence is shortlived, when the book he has been searching for turns out to be the wrong one. This is most certainly a book I would have no hesitation in recommending.

Asher is uniquely suited to lead the shifter world, but it was now facing its greatest threat in 300-years. Asher needs to keep everyone of importance safe, but following his altercation with Tomas, he is vulnerable and weak; what has Tomas done to him and what is he still doing to him? If anyone can understand what is happening to Asher it would be Samantha. As a scientist, Samantha is eminently qualified and the perfect person to help Asher; but he is holding back crucial details and she wants the truth, wherever it may lead. Asher has no right to hide anything from Samantha involving shifter biology; after everything she has done for him, she deserves better, but even more importantly, the shifter world and his family did too. No one can unravel the mysteries and dangers of the shifter biotechnology better than her. Compulsive behavior has never been a part of Samantha’s repertoire, but when it came to Asher it was almost an obsession; as a woman and as a scientist Samantha would always be fascinated by Asher. Samantha has always respected Asher’s intelligence, his assurance and has seen his domineering approach to his family, recognising this as necessary among their kind. Asher has taken so much of the burden of shifter survival upon himself; he needs to learn there were others available to help carry the weight, especially his family. Meanwhile, Samantha robs Asher of his sense of reason; her beauty and perfection overcrowding all rational thought. Asher is drawn to Samantha by a force he didn’t recognise, one that she feels too; it was the Beat and Fate had found them. Losing his first love had scarred Asher, but Samantha is willing to help him through his grief, accepting whatever Fate has in store for them; so long as it is with him, her One. Samantha had pioneered the only treatment for human shifter couples to prevent BirthDeath, but it had been too late for Asher’s wife; is this why Fate had brought her to him. But what is this strange tether between Asher and Tomas and how can Samantha cut through their connection. Zach is the only person capable of giving Asher answers, if any exist, as he can read the ancient texts fluidly. These books were a closley guarded secret; many shifters didn’t know they existed and in the wrong hands could be used to study shifters, understand them and destroy them. Samantha is not a shifter; she had tested her blood years ago, but when informed she has the shadow of a fox on her shoulder, Samantha is excited. Could it have anything to do with the fox bite she experienced as a child, or did shifters run in her family? Samantha has done nothing but accuse Asher of withholding vital information from her, of keeping her in the dark, of lying to her and yet all this time, she has been hiding the truth from him; Samantha is a fox. Asher fears that Tomas is unleashing an army, but it is the prophecy that has Asher alarmed. When Asher reads this out to Samantha, it is as if she is hearing the words to an old song she already knew by heart. It is clear that Samantha is connected to Asher in more ways than one and together they must defeat Tomas to save the shifter world. But Tomas has a deeper more disruptive plan; the quest for power has made him unrecognizable, though not unstoppable. A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.
Profile Image for Mandy.
249 reviews
October 27, 2018
Asher is absolutely ADORABLE! And I know he will hate hearing that but so be it.  This series has seen Asher at his best and his worst, so to have his story finally told was something I have been waiting for since... well, really since I first came across him in Billionaire Shifter's Curvy Match. 

Dr. Samantha Baird and Asher Stanton have had a love/hate relationship from the very beginning.  The work that Sam does at LupiNex goes against everything Asher believes in but the truth runs deeper than that.  Asher has never forgiven himself for the death of his wife and child. It is a burden he feels he must bare for the rest of his life, unfortunately for him, Fate has different plan.  When the Beat calls it must be answered. 

Sam is the perfect match for 'Asherhole' (love that nickname she gave him...wonder if she ever used it to his face?!) She is strong yet feminine, tough but sensitive, and family aside, probably the only person who doesn't take no for an answer, especially if it has come from Asher. 

The continued threat to the Stanton Family, and shifters in general, from Asher's old friend, Tomas Nagy comes to head in this book.  Following on from the previous book, 'True Alpha', Asher finds that he is suffering side effects from his fight with Tomas and being the secretive and protective person that he is, decides that he will battle it out alone.  Sam has different ideas. Needing the help of the full clan, the fight against Tomas and his mutant shifters escalates, but who can they trust within the Shifter families?  Who will fight by their side and who will turn their backs?

An emotional end (or is it?) to this series. I have loved each and every story, each and every character, and the underlying plot that has run through the entire series has brought this final one to a close. If this is the last book in this series then I will miss these characters immensely and finding out what happens to them in the future, but the great thing about books is that they can be reread, and that is exactly what I shall do.  

Each book is focused around two main characters and can therefore be read as standalone's, however I would highly recommend that they are read in order to fully appreciate and enjoy the wonder of the Stanton family and their mates. 
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3,132 reviews39 followers
September 10, 2018
This is the first time I have read a book by this author and I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the book was written, and will admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this outstanding, intriguing shifter romance.
It is about: a leader (Asher Stanton) of a shifter pack, who has bad memories and regrets from his past and has closed himself off to relationships. He meets a strong- willed human scientist (Dr. Samantha Baird) and realizes that he has made an error in judgment but there is trouble on the horizon.
There is: various kind of shifters, a feisty scientist, humans, witches, naturally a baddie (Thomas Nagy), mutant shifters, intrigue, twists & turns, adventure, action, danger, enemies, evil, threats, magic, prophecies, experiments, serums, jealousy, vulnerability, emotional feelings, attractions, rejections, verbal conflict, defiance, anger, hope, mates, conflict, rage, life- threatening incidents, desperation, fear, happiness, love and some steamy scenes.
The characters have individual personalities with occasional verbal conflicts/confrontations but also entwine well with each other. The pace is steady with a well-thought out plot and some thrilling scenes. I really would recommend this book.
Profile Image for Sue Ouellet-Cofsky.
2,067 reviews28 followers
September 7, 2018
This is the story I have been waiting for since the very first book in this series and I was absolutely pleased with how this all played out. Asher is the head of the family and the head of this shifter world that we have been brought into. He takes his role very seriously with very little humor. We know through previous books that he suffered the loss of his human wife and child and doesn't believe in human/shifter relationships, nor does he believe in The Beat that all of his siblings before him have felt. He doesn't believe in fate or that two mates can be so very closely aligned, despite all the evidence to the contrary found in his siblings relationships. Asher is about to eat his words in the form of Dr. Samantha Baird. But not only must he deal with these emotions that threaten to turn his world upside down, but there is a major threat to his kind and he must now find a way to keep the shifters from going down the path of war or possible extinction. The epic battle kept me on the edge of my seat and at one point brought me to tears. Another wonderful Diana Seere story that will not disappoint.
456 reviews1 follower
September 17, 2018
What a fitting end to this phenomenal series! Asher and Samantha’s story brings everything full circle. This was a heartfelt, yet action-packed conclusion to the series that has chronicled the lives of a loving and loyal shifter family, the Stantons. Romance, intrigue, prophecy, family, fate, and so much love combine to bring this extraordinary story to life. The characters, so authentic and engaging, absolutely invade your consciousness and before you know it, you’re completely obsessed with their lives and relationships. In addition to that, you have a plot that not only grabs your attention but holds it seemingly effortlessly, and beautifully descriptive writing that completely draws you into the story. This book and this entire series are well worth any time and energy you devote to its reading. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderfully compelling and completely captivating read.

*I was given an ARC of this book and voluntarily chose to review. All opinions are my own.
28 reviews
September 12, 2018
Everyone has been eagerly awaiting this book in the series! Asher is the grouchy, controlling and often interfering eldest brother in a family of wealthy and influential shifters. In previous books we have gradually begun to seen the depths of his emotions that sit behind his stern facade. We have also seen hints of the changes that the introduction of Dr Samantha has caused. This book dives straight in at the tipping point, moving the pairing from an uneasy professional association to a full blown passionate relationship. This is all alongside Asher dealing with the changes arising from being infected by a cat shifter and Samantha learning about her true inner self and fighting a prophecy that would affect the entire shifter world!

I have really enjoyed this book and loved getting to know the true Asher and how he has finally shown his best side that we all secretly knew was there...deep down
Profile Image for Shelley.
626 reviews4 followers
September 18, 2018
Great conclusion to the Billionaire Shifter Club. It can be read as a stand alone, but since Asher has been in each of his sibling's four stories, it will give you his full background starting at the beginning.

Last, but not least, stubborn, always in control Asher, leader of the shifter world, has met his match in Sam. Sam is ultra smart, working on shifter genetics, being hunted by a crazed shifter and she is comfortable in her own skin and won't take Asher's grief. They both clash and have a sizzling connection. Asher wants to deny the connection having already lost a human wife and unborn child. Sam knows that about Asher, and while he makes her heart skip a beat, she is smart and sensible and won't be drawn into unrequited feelings.

In the end, they are both fighting the inevitable. The Beat has picked them to be mated and as much as they fight it, they need each other and are very good for each other. This book ties up many story lines from the full series. Enjoy!!
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1,068 reviews4 followers
September 10, 2018
Asher and Sam’s story was so worth the wait. The “king” of shifters finally has his story and what a tale it is. Having lost his human wife in childbirth, Asher closed off his heart and built a very tall and thick wall around it. But The Beat has a way of slipping through even the toughest defenses and so does Dr. Samantha Baird. When the dark threat that Thomas Nagy levels against not only their shifter world but the human one as well, it’s all hands on deck to fight him. Asher has been troubled by Thomas’ seeming invasion of his mind—he can “see” through his eyes and the mysterious cat mark that becomes more distinct and painful the closer that Thomas comes. Than there is the prophecy and the mysterious Book. I could hardly put this one down! I voluntarily reviewed this Advance Reader Copy.
2,249 reviews9 followers
September 11, 2018
Gripping finale to this stellar series!!

Wolf-shifter Asher is his family’s patriarch. His siblings are now all married, many with children due to the scientific wizardry of Dr. Samantha Baird who created a solution to the shifter/human inability to have children. This solution is too late for his now dead wife and never-born child.

There is increased danger from Tomas Nagy who has infected Asher with an unknown pathogen which connects the Asher to Tomas and creates an infected scar in the shape of a cat – Tomas’ other form. Asher has walled himself off from relationships, but he can no longer ignore Sam when he realizes what he feels is “The Beat”.
Exciting, danger-filled and sizzling story in which the fate of all shifters and mankind are at risk.!!

*** I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book ***
682 reviews3 followers
September 21, 2018
The 6th installment in the Billionaire's Shifters Club features Asher, the eldest in the Stanton family, and Dr. Samantha Baird, Lead Researcher in the Family's lab studying shifters and their biological interactions with humans. Aside from the love story in each book in this series, there was an underlying suspense mystery surrounding a "rogue" shifter who is out to destroy the Stantons.
Unlike the other stories, Asher and Samantha give in to their strong attraction to one another quickly so they can try and find and stop the rogue shifter. I enjoyed seeing all the other couples in this story, interacting as a family unit to fight the enemy. There were a few loose ends (not important to the conclusion of this storyline) mentioned but not concluded which leads me to hope there are still future stories/novellas on the horizon. Would love to read more!
37 reviews2 followers
September 10, 2018
I've literally been waiting for this book since book one... and I was not disappointed! Asher has always intrigued me. He is emotionally closed off and with good reason. It would take one hell of a woman to get those high, thick walls to even budge a brick. It's safe to say, Samantha is one hell of a woman!

You don't need to have read the previous books to appreciate this story (if this is your first in the series, read it then go back and read the others. You won't be disappointed!)

I loved their story. Heck, I love the entire series! This was my first venture into the shifter world and it was extraordinarily brilliant. So we'll written, so funny, so emotional and it's genuinely one of my favourite series' ever. I've re read the others, I will certainly be re reading this one.
110 reviews
September 18, 2018
What a way to end The Billionaire Shifters series... The chemistry between Asher and Samantha is raw and the emotions are high. I thought that Edward and Molly were my favorite until now. I love the give and take between Asher and Sam, one moment their fighting and the next their at each other’s throat. Instead of an instant melding of the minds and heart, these two have to each be willing to bend and compromise. Not to mention the ongoing conflict that has been brewing since book one final comes a head and it’s an all out war.
I received this book from the author at no cost to me and volunteered to read it; my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.
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741 reviews3 followers
September 22, 2018
Once again Diana Seere has written a great book about the Stanton family of shifters. The eldest, Asher Stanton, had suffered the loss of his wife and new born son, and this had hardened his heart and soul. He met Samantha as she worked in the LupiNex lab, run by His brother Gavin. Asher started to have feelings for Sam and this led to a very complicated relationship between them. This book had angst, family love, several difficult obstacles to overcome(Tomas Ngay), lust, and eventually love with the true one. There was a beautiful HEA for a well deserved couple. After having read all the previous books about the various Stanton brothers and sister, I'm glad that I finally got to read the final book.

Profile Image for Becky.
195 reviews2 followers
September 16, 2018
Asher Stanton had been in mourning for the loss of both his child and his mate, after they both died during childbirth. He has walled off his emotions to the point he is cold and emotionless. Until he feels the beat, as well as finding his One and it can't be denied. Samantha, an important scientist to the shifters, finds herself not only feeling the beat, along with Asher, but more importantly vital to the magic and the lore of the shifter world itself. This is Asher and Samantha's love story, as well as a tale full of betrayal, intrigue, love, pain and passion. A must read by Diana Seere!

Profile Image for Pansy.
1,722 reviews23 followers
September 18, 2018
I was a bit disappointed with this "final" chapter. (Although, there are other characters and potential for more.) I think I expected more from Asher. Thankfully, Sam had a few surprises for us. But Asher . . . He may have mellowed a bit in this book, but I still think he is a douche. Sam on the other hand is way too forgiving, but I am pleased she found a hea. I didn't feel all of the questions were answered here. This was mostly about Asher and Sam. Okay, the main villain of the books has been dealt with, but what about the rest of his family? The overall, continuing plot does not feel finished. Should we be expecting more?
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1,089 reviews4 followers
October 7, 2018
Just amazing. What an outstanding ending to the Stanton Family saga. It is Asher's turn to finally get his happily ever after. So much heartache in his life, and worry over being the leader of the shifter world. Now that he has his heart and eyes on Samantha, they both realize they are the beat of each others heart. Samantha, the science geek, and the woman who is saving shifter lives and shifter babies. Together they come together to fight the evil that will destroy their world and the Stanton family. I love that the Stanton family from the previous books all come together to fight for their future and the future of shifters. Great HEA
4 reviews1 follower
September 20, 2018
Loved the entire series

I absolutely loved this series I started with the free first book and was so engrossed with all of the characters that I had to get the rest. With each book my love for these characters grew and grew knowing each one and an intimate and personal level. I would recommend this series to anybody who likes romance love shifters and hot sex. Don't get these books if you are squeamish about explicit sexual details. The characters are so well thought out and so lovable each in their own way that is hard not to enjoy the entire series.
86 reviews1 follower
July 21, 2020
Diana is a new author for me. I found her Shifter series at book #2- The Billionaires Shifters' Virgin Mate which was a wonderful book on its own. I had to go back to book #1 - The billionaire Shifter's Curvy Match and read them all in order. I could not put them down.
Each book was better than the one before and this last book of Redemption is the best of them all.
Love, anger, fear, trust, tears, and sadness will all take you one a ride. the ending will make you very happy you read them all.
I can't wait to find more of her books.

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1,616 reviews10 followers
September 8, 2018
Diana Seere takes the shifter world and puts you right in the middle of it, feeling like you are living it. And what a grand finale we get with this last book in the Billionaire Shifters Club. Asher, always the strongest shifter with the biggest heart that he has hidden from his entire world has finally figured out his One is Samantha, only to begin the end of the fight between evil and good. Grab this awesome series and enjoy the best ride ever!!
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